Albert Dowling
by BobbyG


Chapter 28

I thought about my two options which became one fewer after I had entered Jonnie and shot my usual heavy loads into him. We laid wrapped together and kissing for quite some time. I looked at him and smiled.

“Rule three.”

“Yes Albert.”

“You bore the shit out of me with all this finance stuff but we are to remain cuddled up and kiss every half minute whilst you continue to bore me.”

“Yes Albert.” He then kissed me for ages.

“Rule four.”

“Yes Jonnie.”

“Don’t interrupt.”

“Yes Jonnie, or should that be no?”

“WE, my brother, own a huge rubber plantation in Malaya and rather large shares in a diamond mine in South Africa. As you already know we have the manor and estate. We also own just about every house and cottage in the village and our ten farms. You know all about the school which has already changed and is now a hospice and rehabilitation centre for returning wounded servicemen. Many of the men will die there but as pain-free as we were able to give to Ben in his last weeks. It’s not complete yet but it should all be done within a year.

Even though values will drop, land and buildings will retain a reasonable profit. Some land around the manor and Parkway will become arable farmland and I/we could attach the land to existing farms, I suggest we do not increase rentals but take 65% of the produce when they are sold.

My, and now our, financial advisor who has been with us for years and years has suggested we sell the rubber plantation and diamond shares and buy gold. Gold will also lose value but that will return in time as the whole world finances are based on gold. The value of our gold if we sell is estimated at two million! Any questions so far?”

“Yes, where the fuck are we going to put all that gold and can I borrow ten quid please!?”

“No you can’t and it goes into the Bank of England vaults and will be stored with the diamonds our great grandfather stored there years ago and worth another half million.”

“Bloody hell! What if someone tries to nick it all?”

“They would become very dead!”

I was bored and went down on him and began to lick and suck causing Jonnie to moan like a goodun.

“Albert we are supposed to be having an important business meeting!”

“Yeah and this is my contribution brother Jonnie.” I got up and fed him inside me and once I got the lot in I leaned forward to his mouth and kissed him while fucking myself on that wonderful cock until he exploded into me, as I came all over his face and chest. I laid down beside him still kissing that lovely mouth.

“Jonnie you once raised my wages to two shillings a week! NOW you are talking millions. How on earth do you think I can understand any of it? I want you to remain the financial half of our brotherhood and I want to find a job, I’m not going to sit on my ass for the rest of my life doing fuck all.”

“I THINK I may have the answer.”

“Oh you bloody well would, clever bugger!”

“Yes you’re right I am. I’m pinching this Idea from the Americans who have begun a flying postal service. I think we could do the same. Farnborough is a major postal collection centre for the area, we have the airfield who post tons and there is Aldershot and the huge army bases. We, you, could fly mail all over the country including the Channel Islands. How’s that?”

“How many aircraft are you thinking we have, four, five?”

“One. A BE2c which I know already can be converted because I asked the engineering chaps at Farnborough.”

“ONE flippin aircraft, is that all you tight sod! One of our gold bars could buy the whole fucking airforce! I won’t be able to carry much mail either even if it can be converted.”

“Oak trees come from little acorns remember, and you are wrong, with the front cockpit redesigned it will take a lot of mail and also with mail panniers either side of your cockpit you could take twice as much. If you want we can look into it further when you come home for good.”

“Mmmm, it actually sounds good, it would certainly keep me flying. Right business partner, what’s next on the agenda?” I smiled at and kissed Jonnie and the idiot didn’t take the hint and kept talking.

“We should think about converting the manor into twenty-five luxury flats to be rented to retired officers, businessmen and other rich men and their ladies. We cannot really live here it’s too big and I already know it will become very profitable if we convert.”

“And we move into one of them?”

“No my dear brother, you will remember “Paulet House” the large Georgian building just outside the airfield boundary? It’s up for sale and I have already put a bid in. It is much smaller than the manor of course but perfect for us and three or four living in staff. The attic has excellent servant accommodation with five self-contained flats, all we would have to do is appoint them.”

“What about Mathew, would he want to move and remain in your service?”

“No. Look Albert this next suggestion is one I know you will agree to. Mathew is 58 now and I found that he has a huge interest in gardening, Victor North OUR head Gardener told me so and apparently told Victor when he retired he hoped to rent one of OUR cottages and spend the rest of his life outdoors in the garden, Victor also told me that Mathew is very knowledgeable and even he had learnt quite a lot from him.” Jonnie kissed me then asked me if I would agree to Mathew moving in with us, become a part of us with his own flat and do what he hoped to do in retirement. “Paulet House has a huge garden which is in need of a lot of attention, I know Mathew will be in his own heaven if you agree with my thoughts.” I went down and sucked his cock for a few minutes to give me time to think then went back up. “And you want me to ask him don’t you?”

“Yes, now go back down, you need more practice.”


It was one of those glorious English summers days when Mathew and I strolled to the cemetery to visit Ben. We replaced the flowers in the vase and changed the water. I looked from Ben’s grave and around the Penton family plot, it was beautifully landscaped with lots of colour from the plants, bushes and flower beds, the grass was cut short and all edges trimmed neatly.

“It’s a lovely place to rest don’t you think Mathew?”

“May all the family rest in peace Albert. Have you seen your father’s grave?”

“Yes I stood with him for some time when I came here on my own, I just thanked him for giving me a brother, then went back to Ben and sat with him for an hour thinking about the times we were together… thank God my war is over Mathew.” …unfortunately it wasn’t.

We walked back with Mathew in rather a high state of excitement having been asked to live with Jonnie and me and work and develop the gardens as though it were his own.

“I may need help though Albert, I have seen the garden and it’s a bit of a jungle.”

“I will add that to the agenda to discuss at our next business meeting, Mathew.”

“Oh good, I will get help then!”

“You will, and I will be telling him who our next butler will be as well. I’m beginning to like our meetings.”

“I bet you both do!”


“I am comfortable so you can begin.” Jonnie said and kissed me one more time. We were laying on our sides facing one another and our cocks jammed together.

“It involved two black card boys this time. I was leaving a dormitory this evening after seeing one of the other 14-year-olds when a boy called Oliver Thorpe came out of his cubicle and asked if I would go inside and talk to him. Knowing he was a black card it would be just talking and not sex.

Oliver was a quiet, shy boy but, like all of them, very pleasant. He was as lovely looking as the rest of them as well, very slim with blond hair and blue eyes. We sat on his bed. “Albert all the school respects my black card but I would love to turn it to red with one boy, but I don’t think he will be interested as he is black card as well and although he is friendly, he is like me, very shy and I don’t know if I should approach him, BUT I just have this feeling that he would not mind. He is Shawn Dublin and his cubicle is four down from mine. We often smile at one another and we play games in the recreation room and sit together at homework class. I don’t know what to do because I am frightened to lose a friend if I talked intimately with him.”

“So you want me to talk to him?”

“Would you, it’s a bit cheeky of me to ask I know.”

“It will cost you a kiss!” He smiled at me and gave me a peck on my cheek! He was obviously saving the real thing hoping I could get him and Shawn together.

“Leave him to me and be ready to go out for a walk together after lunch tomorrow. “

“Thank you Albert so much.” And gave me another peck.

At morning break I found Shawn in the recreation room and went over to say hello.

“Haven’t spoken to you much Shawn just thought I would ask if everything is fine with you?”

 He had a lovely smile and when he spoke with that beautiful Irish accent I wished he would be interested in me!

He was built the same as Oliver but black haired and dark skinned with dark brown eyes, the complete opposite to Oliver.

We chatted a bit and all the time he was smiling at me.

“You have a message for me don’t you Albert!?” We laughed like hell and I told him Oliver wanted to go for a walk with him after lunch. “Thank you Albert, I will be there but please don’t tell Oli.”

I kissed Jonnie and stroked his cock.

“That it!?”

“Shut up and listen.

“They came back from their walk and had both changed to red cards and told me they would be visiting me the following night!”

“And who were you with after you had spoken to Oliver that first time?”

“I was the guest of Martin Cornish.”

“Ah, nice chap so I heard.”

“And Trevor and Namu were there as well!”

“Yeah Gods!”

After evening school there was a film showing and we went to watch but none of us had a clue what it was about. I sat between them with my hands down their shorts and both their hands down mine and kissed most of the time. They had lovely cocks, about four inches and they nearly shot when I kept pulling their foreskins back and then over the heads, they of course did the same and all three of us getting more worked up. We stayed for about half of the film then left and ran to my room. There wasn’t any fucking but we did everything else, and for ages we just kissed and licked. I put Oliver on top of Shawn and rimmed him which turned him into a jelly, then I swapped them over and got two jellies! After a bit they got me on my knees and took it turns to rim and suck me and now we had three jellies.

I got off the bed and watched them as they 69’d, rimmed and kissed until they both shot. I then got back over them and finished myself off over the pair of them.

We played a lot until it was bath time which was great fun and finally back to bed with me in the middle with my arms around their shoulders and like that we all kissed until we dropped off.

“Sounds very sweet, did you meet again for more of the same?”

“No, you never saw two of the shyest boys in the school suddenly becoming so confident and outgoing, it was my last week and I think they slept with half the school before you came to pick me up.”

“What about Martin, Trevor, Namu and you that night?”

“You will have to wait, we need another business meeting first.”

“You boring fart! What is it about?”

“As you know Mathew is coming to live with us but he needs two assistants in the gardens. Yes or no but I told him yes.”

“Yes then.”

“And I have a butler for us as well.”

“You do!? Who?”

“My batman Donald. He is a bit odd but really good. The only thing is he’s got a man and I haven’t met him yet but leave it to me to get it right my dear brother.”

“Fingers crossed then!”

Leaving was not so much a problem this time of course as I was only going back to London and would be home as often as I could. It was now June 1918 and Germany was on the brink of chucking it all in but the killing would not stop for almost another four months.

We had said goodbye properly in Jonnies bed and now stood outside the manor as I got into the car, Stanley Hicks would be taking me back to London. I waved to him and did not know it then but I would be back with him much sooner than we both thought.


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