Albert Dowling
by BobbyG


Chapter 18

Five hours later, which included a refuelling stop at Bridlington flying club, Albert called out to the captain that they were over Manchester airfield. Not, “we should be.” He just announced it. They landed and went to the crew room which was empty. Presumably other pilots were trying to find their way back!

“Right you devil, how on earth did you manage this. We three knew the route of course and could look over the side to check it, but you were blind and of course the weather wasn’t very kind.”

They sat together drinking a mug of tea before the direct flight back to Farnborough with Albert at the controls and navigating the flight.

“It’s the same as a ship’s navigator, know your course inside out, they are blind most of the time as well. All they have are charts and compass, a good knowledge of weather conditions and, in my case, a reliable watch, they have clocks, but most of all trusting yourself and confidence in your own ability. That may sound rather too simple but I don’t mean it to be, just sure of myself that’s all.”

Jonnie was desperate to hug him! Albert went quiet while the others chatted away. He knew he was different and it would seem he had been born with this ability and skill but without Jonnie it would never have come about in the first place. He was deep in thought and totally forgot himself and who he was with.

“Jonnie?” He suddenly realised his mistake but once again Jonnie had the answer.

“Yes Albert, that’s me!”

“I apologise, I just forgot myself.”

It was Gerald who helped out this time. “Albert, I am Gerald when we four are on our own.”

“And you Dowling continue to refer to me as… Archie!” Archie laughed and slapped Albert on the back.

“Oh well I might as well join you commoners. Call me Jonnie as well you two. What’s on your mind… DOWLING!?”

“It’s what Gerald said wondering how I got us here and I’m a bit confused about the whole thing myself. Have any of you heard of a photographic memory? Well I have read about it and that’s now what I am sure I have. I can just glance at the map and the route seems to get stuck in my head, in fact I could put the map away and navigate by memory and just use the compass and watch.”

“But Albert even if you have a gift in navigation and it’s obvious you have, you can’t possibly know exactly what the weather will do and today it was not that good, but you still got us here!” Albert looked at Gerald and shrugged his shoulders.

“I have absolutely no idea… all I know is I have always been able to read the weather and can forecast weather and get it right every time, oh sod it maybe I’m related to a bloody pigeon!”

When they stopped laughing Gerald said it was time to go. “And Albert, if you get us lost, and I hope you do, I will piss myself laughing!”

They landed back in Farnborough two and a half hours later thanks to an obliging tailwind and even that impressed the others. There should have been a refuelling stop but it seemed Albert had calculated the tailwind would get them back without the need to land.

“Flying is a wonderful invention isn’t it? Tea in Manchester followed by tea in Farnborough just a few hours later. Yes, no doubt about it, flying is the future.” They all agreed with Archie then got down to business.

“Albert, I would like you to carry out a few more blacked out flights with Archie before you go off to France and Germany. When you get back I hope to introduce you to a rather important man who, I hope, will fly a night exercise with you. As for me I am going to be away myself for quite a few weeks, I have some rather high ranking heads to bang together in London and elsewhere. You are on leave for most of the time we will be away is that right Archie?”

“Oh yes indeed, Prentice and I will be at the cottage for three weeks and I doubt very much that we will get out of bed that often! I bet you two won’t have separate rooms in France either!”

NOW Albert really did feel that he was an equal part of this rather unique bunch. With Archie saying what he had proved it. Jonnie just grinned and winked at Albert.

“So my lovely Lord are we in separate rooms at the Chateau?” They were laying naked in Jonnie’s bed.

“Not when we are staying with Henri and Claude, they have been together for years. I met them during a holiday in Paris and we became friends and NO not in that way. You would need a crowbar to get between them. Two very odd but lovely chaps. Henri is a pilot and Claude an artist, rather a good one as well. Both of them are massively rich and both flying and painting is more of a hobby than a means to earn.

“As for Germany, I have no idea.”

“You don’t have friends there then?”

“No but Henri does and he will make introductions and I would imagine he has already contacted people he knows, we will find out when we get there.”


“Ben Miller you lazy sod, where are you!” A smiling Ben came out of one of the stables and hugged Albert.

“Lovely to see you Albert. You cant be busy in this weather, no flying I guess.”

“You’re right but I have an engine rebuild to do so that will keep me from falling asleep… how are you and William?”

Ben smiled as he looked at his best friend.

“It’s going fine Albert. We are going away in the spring to the West Country for two weeks, he has found scenes he wants to paint. We have the use of a friends cottage down there and I just hope we can get out of bed in time for him to paint. After the two weeks we are going to London as he has an exhibition at one of the galleries.”

Ben was quiet for some time and looked as though he was miles away in his thoughts.

“Albert, William and I are moving to the school in June where I will become a riding instructor and build up a riding school, William will teach art and is going to start portrait painting. We would go sooner but I have to stay here to teach the new stable boy his job.”

“My word, you are both in for a very good time then, but I thought you said sex would only be with yourselves now?”

“We have spoken about it a lot and IF anything happens it will only be with us together and whoever.”

“You are in for an amazing time if you get involved, just don’t let it come between you.”

“It won’t, just like you and his Lordship, any way you can tell me about what happens and a bit about what you got up too. I bet you had sex with every boy and staff there.”

“Not quite all of them. There was a strict rule that over 13’s could not have sex with under 13’s.” Albert laughed and smiled at Ben. “But I know for sure that rule was broken a few times.”

“Including you?”


“My word, Albert Dowling breaking rules! Whatever next, peace on earth?”

“I doubt it and as for breaking rules, all us homosexuals break them every day, not that us homosexuals could give a flying fig. You and his Lordship changed me and I have been breaking rules ever since, we all have.

“Jonnie was taking me to my room to seduce me and of course, thanks to you we found it in a mess. That was the best thing that happened to me. Jonnie fell in love with me after the first time we had sex and you know what happened after that. Jonnie wanted me to go to the school and yes, I had heaps of sex, but at the same time knew I was in love with him. I got rid of my need to have sex with other boys and men and it’s just Jonnie and me now. Just like you and William.”

“Do you think his Lordship still has sex with others, after all he goes away a lot?”

“He tells me he has finished with others and I trust him, I love him that much. No, he would not go behind my back.”

“Let’s hope we are both right about our men, anyway tell me about breaking the rules at the school.”

“His name was Freddy Smith, a Londoner who’s dad was away serving in India, his mum died and he was sent to Parkway when he was ten. He loved it but was a bit frustrated that he could not have sex with older boys and had to go with kids in his own age group. Until he met me that is and when we did he was 12.

Even though we had the rule about junior boys, seniors were allowed to hold hands, cuddle and even kiss them on the cheek or forehead. I was to find out that with some it went further and only because that’s what both wanted. I know for a fact no junior was seduced… in fact if any seduction took place it was BY the junior!

“Freddy would seek me out and asked to go for a walk. We did that several times and always holding hands or with my arm around him. He chatted away the whole time and I found him such a nice boy. He was very slim but quite tall for his age. He had blond hair and the deepest blue eyes I have ever seen. In all, he was very good looking and such a sweet boy.

“It was on our third walk he steered us to the furthest summer house and when we went inside he turned to me and before I could stop him he kissed me on the mouth and there was no way I could get him off me. We kissed until it was time to go back for afternoon school but before he went to his classroom he made me promise we would spend time together after evening classes.

“I was pretty sure what would happen but I knew we could not go to our rooms. He led the way down a short corridor and suddenly produced a key and unlocked a door which was a bedding store that had loads of mattresses, beds and all the other stuff. He led the way to one of the beds which had a mattress on it and blankets. We just climbed on and kissed for ages. I then took over and got him on my lap and began to stroke his leg and finally went under his shorts and found a surprisingly bigger cock than I thought he would have. We were naked in seconds and just licked, kissed and sucked one another all over our bodies. I loved his perfect boy bum and although I wanted to fuck him, I knew it would hurt so I did the next best thing and got my cock into his crack and fucked like that.

“Fucking hell Ben, I shot a gallon. I then got him on his back and sucked him until he came his own gallon.” Albert smiled at the memory and then went on.

“It was two evenings later he asked me to go to the store again only this time when we went in there were five more boys from his year! I tell you Ben it was amazing, I didn’t stand a chance as all six stripped me off and got me on my back and for the next half hour they took it in turns kissing me, sucking my cock, two at a time, while the others ran their hands all over my body. As it went on each boy put their small cocks into my mouth and at the same time I held two of theirs.

“Finally Freddy arrived at my face and he asked me if he could enter me! I told him they all could if they were big enough.

“They turned me round so I was on my knees and they took it in turns trying to fuck me. Only four were big enough and as one boy fucked me, I sucked the others off in turn. One of them would be on his back also sucking me.

“The four who were able too, came inside me while the other two came in my mouth after which I was put on my back and all six wanked me off until I shot load after load, all over them and myself.

“We all laid down together cuddling and kissing and it was not long before I got worked up again and once again they jacked me off while I wanked them.

“I rounded them up three more times after that and I tell you Ben it was fucking great… lovely boys!”

“What about the staff, did you have much sex with them?”

“All of them and again it was brilliant. My favourite was the engineering teacher Martin Cornish. He was just 21 and a very clever bloke and a nice one as well.

“He asked me to help him in the boiler room which I knew would be a filthy job cleaning out the tubes. We got stuck into it and got really dirty which was a hell of a turn on as we were stripped to the waist and each of us liked the look of the other. Martin has a great body and as it was so dirty I got hard, but then so was he.

“We finish the work and after we had tidied up we had a great time play fighting and getting even more dirty and ended up naked so we could rub even more dirt in.

“Heck, I loved his cock, it was at least seven inches and quite thick. His balls were a nice size and hung low and swung all over the place as we fought. I could not keep my mouth off them and his cock. He treated me to a great suck and I almost came too early and told him so. He stopped and got me over one of the workbenches and got his cock to my hole after he had greased me up. Christ it hurt to start with but he was great and took his time. He gradually fed the lot in and he slowly fucked me for ages which bought me to a hell of a state and then he pushed once more and blasted into me. I lost count how many times mainly because I too shot all over the bench.

“We got dressed and he took me to his bathroom and had more sex as it was such a turn on washing one another. I slept with him that night and a few more times after that and the other staff, all of them in my room.”

“Fucking hell! How many times did you have sex in one day?”

“I lost count but it was at least two times a day and then night time with different boys or staff and very often three times. I had group sex a lot as well and I loved that. I was only there a month and I was determined to get as much of it as possible.”

“So, no regrets about finishing with all that sex with others?”

“None at all. Jonnie does for me what I want and the best thing was when we came back, I was even more in love with him. No Ben, I have had my times with other boys and men, I am very happy with my memories and of course my life with Jonnie. I just know we are for life now, just him and me.”

“Well he is a very good looking man and now I know him a lot better, a very nice person. We are lucky Albert having men who love us.”

“Ben, do you read the papers and what they are saying about Europe?”

“William talks to me about it and fuck knows what will happen and all we want is to have as much time together as possible. None of us can control what may happen anyway and so lets live life while we still have time. William is convinced something nasty will happen which could bring about war and he is sure it will be Germany who will start the shit.”

“I have to go Ben, his majesty will be waiting and I can’t wait to see him!” They cuddled together and kissed cheeks.

“Take care Ben, love ya!”

Ben stood there watching Albert walk away. “Yeah, love you too Dowling, but can’t show or tell you now.” He then thought of William and smiled. William had fallen in love with him and Ben was not about to tell him of his true feelings. “Lovely cock though!”


“Happy 16th birthday dear Albert. Please accept this with my love.” It was 5am and Jonnie had become used to Albert waking at that time and therefore so did he.

Albert kissed him and unwrapped the small package. Inside was a mahogany box which he opened and just stared at the contents. He had never seen an object like this before but worked out it would be worn around the neck. He was looking at a solid gold chain, about 18 inches in length, with plain links which were all hallmarked. The chain was connected to a round medallion, etched with the letters, “RFC,” all the way around the edge. It was the same size as a sovereign but it was what was on the medallion that made Albert smile and look at Jonnie who smiled back and kissed him. The RFC wings had been etched in the top half of the medallion and underneath them he read “ALBERT DOWLING, PILOT” and under that, 15-3-1913.

“Thank you Jonnie, I know what you are saying, YOU see me as an RFC pilot even though I’m not one… yet!” He kissed his lover and looked back at the medallion.

“Turn it over please Albert.”

Albert smiled as he read the tiny words of the inscription.

“To love, makes your life complete.

Albert, my life is complete.”

They kissed once more and after some time Albert handed Jonnie the chain who put it around his neck and secured it. Albert got out of bed and went to a mirror and stood there for some time inspecting himself smiling the whole time then jumped back in bed. He wrapped his arms around his man and kissed him for a very long time which causes both of them to become hard. Albert lent down to the side of Jonnies face and spoke into his ear.

“Jonnie, as a reward for your lovely birthday present and devotion, I will allow you to enter my bottom and stay there for as long as I wish, which will be for quite some time, I hope.”

“I intended to anyway, why else did you think I had this made!”

The ensuing fight was glorious as the 23-year-old Lord and his 16-year-old lover fought and rolled all over the bed for ages as they tried to outdo one another. Jonnie found that he had to produce all his strength in an attempt to hold Albert down but birthday boy managed to escape every one of them because the 16-year-old was as slippery as an eel and got himself out of every hold that Jonnie attempted. He said “bugger” and laid on his back with his arms above his head smiling up at Albert.

“It’s about time you gave in, anyway I need sex!” Having said that he sat on Jonnie’s cock and sat on it.

He rode the whole length very slowly which he knew would bring them to the inevitable together and not that far away either. Albert’s cock was massively hard and he knew, once again, he would cum without he or Jonnie stroking him.

Both of them were close and their breathing becoming more laboured as Albert continued to ride Jonnie. “Oh Albert… Here it comes dear boy!” Jonnie grabbed Albert around his body and held him tight and literally exploded into him and at the same time Albert offloaded all over his man.

“Phew! That was a lovely present! What an incredible year I have had! This time last year I was on my own, now look at me!”

“Thank YOU my 16-year-old, it’s been rather special for me too!” They cuddled in on their sides and kissed until both fell asleep again and would not wake until 8. After a bath they got dressed and went down for breakfast and talked about their trip to France the following week.

“You will love it, Paris is a beautiful city and where we are staying is absolutely stunning and I know you will love Henri and Claude. They are very unique.”

“In what way?”

“You will find out, I don’t want to say too much!”


The door opened and a servant came in. “Pardon me for interrupting my Lord. A Colonel Hunter-Fellows is on the telephone and says it’s very urgent and will not hang up until you talk to him.”

“I will take it in my study. Come on Albert, this will be important.”

“Good morning Sebastian, I thought you would still be in Belgium.” Jonnie listened and smiled. “That’s fine Sebastian, I will have rooms made ready for you both. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow.” He put the phone down and kissed Albert.

“Well that’s certainly a surprise, it seems Sebastian and Gerald must be working together. I knew something was up and we are about to find out, they are coming tomorrow and apparently will have quite a lot to discuss and most of it with you dear man. Let me organise their rooms and if you would like to run a bath I will join you in a few minutes.”

“Mine or yours?”

“Yours, it’s nearer. We have plenty of time before we got out.” A lot of kisses later Albert was about to go and fill his bath and get naked but as he left the study he saw his father standing outside, he seemed to have been waiting for him.

“Hello father, nice to see you. Are you well?”

“Very well thank you Albert. I would just like to wish you a happy birthday, I’m sure it is.”

“Thank you very much and yes it is, I am having a nice day. I am going out for dinner later, I just hope I can work out which knife and fork to use.” They smiled at one another.

“You will be fine, just order the same courses as his Lordship and pick up the same piece of cutlery as he does is my advice.”

“Didn’t think of that, thanks.”

“Perhaps you would like to visit me in my rooms sometime if that would suit you when you are free?”

“What about the day after tomorrow, around 7 in the evening?”

“That will be perfect. Albert, I would like to tell you all about your mother. I know I should have done long ago but I cannot put the clock back.”

“I would like that very much and I’m not just polite, I would love to hear about her, thank you.”

“I will let you get on, you will need to get ready. Have a lovely evening Albert.”

“Thank you again father and good evening to you, I am looking forward to spending time with you.”

Mathew Dowling watched Albert as he went to the staircase and once again felt so guilty in not having anything to do with him. “I must be the worst father ever and even if he is not my son, I should have treated him as such.”

They laid in the bath in their usual position with Albert twisted round so they could kiss.

“Jonnie, I spoke to my father when I left the study and we are going to meet in his rooms at 7 Thursday evening. He wants to tell me about my mother. This must be very difficult for him as he feels so guilty about not having anything to do with me. I just want him to try not too. What happened and I hope I can see more of him and build up a friendship.”

Jonnie squeezed Albert and kissed his head. “Yes he has a lot of guilt, but my dear you of all people will help him through it and at the very least you will become much closer I am sure.” There was a long pause.

“When we go out I want to take your seed with me please.”

“And in which bed would you like me to deliver it?”

“My birthday, my bed.”

“And when I have carried out that wonderful task would you deliver into me, in my bed?”

“We had better start now otherwise we won’t make it to the restaurant!”

“Mmm good point, let’s get out now and both fuck in your bed then, it will save precious time.”

WHAT a team!

Albert started a short fight and told Jonnie he had to win as it was his day and if he refused, he would beat him up! Jonnie just resigned himself to lose and when Albert deemed it was over Jonnie thought it best to be relieved it was, but he had a wicked plan.

It got a little bit more serious when Albert started to kiss Jonnies entire body and which wound the pair of them up so much so it got very serious and they began to thrash all over the place licking, kissing, fondling and rimming until neither could take it any more and Albert slipped into Lord Penton and two minutes later yelled out he was cumming. Half another minute he finished cumming and collapsed on his lover’s chest.

“Finished?” Jonnie kissed birthday boy, “I’ve got something special for you.”

“Oh good, what?”

“Follow me.” And dragged Albert to the bathroom and got them into the bath.

“Oh wonderful we are going to have a bath. VERY special Jonathan.”

“Shut up and grab the taps.”

“OH… Alright!”

“Turn them on.”


“Do as I say or I won’t let you beat me up again.” Suddenly water gushed out of both taps and Jonnie fed himself into the brand new 16-year-old and held himself into his bum as far as he could get it…and didn’t move.

“Oi, are you dead back there!” No answer but Albert was now held even tighter.

“I said your Lordsh… Oh fuck… What are you DOOOING… You bugger your pissing in me!!” Jonnie started to laugh and could not stop and eventually his dick fell out followed by half pint of piss which ran out of Albert’s ass and down the plug hole. Albert turned round and had no choice but to join in, Jonnie had to sit down he was weak and tears pouring down his face. On and on they went until Albert turned round and put the plugin.

“Ah well you get quality sperm, I get the remains of your fucking bladder! Happy birthday Albert!” Jonnie burst out again with Albert joining in. They were like that until the taps were turned off and the plug taken out.


“Good evening my Lord and Albert, happy birthday to you young sir.”

“Good evening Mister Hicks.” They said together. “Thank you Mister Hicks.”

Stanley Hicks opened the back door and Jonnie stood aside for Albert to go in first then followed him. It was dark and so they could hold hands.

“How are you Mister Hicks, I’m not working too hard I hope?”

“Not at all my Lord, but if you were I doubt I would say!” They all laughed and then made small talk but Albert was up for a bit of fun.

“Mister Hicks is it far to the restaurant?”

“Just ten minutes Albert.”

“Oh, that’s fine, you see I forgot to go to the toilet before we left and my bladder needs emptying!” He then dug Jonnie in the ribs. Stanley had no idea why they were laughing so much in the back.

It was a wonderful time, the meal was excellent and by taking his father’s advice Albert had no problem which knife, fork or spoon to use. They were in a private room and just chatted the whole time and often leaning over to kiss.

Much later in bed they cuddled up and for once not saying anything just content to be as they were. They eventually fell asleep, still cuddled up and would wake in the same positions in the morning.


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