Albert Dowling
by BobbyG


Chapter 15

Albert switched the engine off and both he and Jonnie were satisfied that the plane was in good shape and now it was time for a massive cuddle before going back to join the boys in the recreation rooms after their evening classes had finished. The boys would go to their rooms and get changed into evening uniform. Some who were in pairs would get into overcoats thick socks and boots to go out for a walk through the woods holding hands and a lot more when they got there.

Albert had already changed uniform and they went to join small groups playing games, talking with friends or sitting on a couch cuddled up or talking to a boy hoping he would change cards from yellow to red and then nip off to one of their bedrooms. They noticed that there were rather a lot of open legs for all to see what was between them. “Sort of advertising Albert, why are yours still closed?” Albert dug him in the ribs and told Jonnie he wanted to go to their room.

“Trevor, I would like to make a pupil request please.”

Every boy from age 13 could ask for one pupil request each term. Trevor smiled at the boy he would love to take to bed. “I am guessing it’s not to ask me for personal favours Namu?” The smile the boy gave was one of many reasons he was so popular and he had a fairly good idea that, in time, Trevor would get his wish.

“Sorry Trevor, my request is for an underwear-only day tomorrow.”

Trevor could not believe what he was being asked. “YOU of all people requesting that! How do you want me to announce it, anonymously or by name?”

“Anonymous please.”

Half hour later a party of six boys were going around the school yelling out informing the whole school of the request the next day. It was received with rather a lot of cheering, including staff and all wondering who had made the request. Albert’s introduction to the other boys in his class the next morning would be even more special.

They closed the door and just hugged and kissed as well as undress one another. “Who’s first Albert?”

Albert took hold of Jonnie and stroked the hard cock. “You first Jonnie and I would like you to stay inside me all night and then tomorrow we both make love, that way you will have my seed inside you when you fly home and I will have yours when you do. Would you make love to me now, the same way as last time please.”

They had a long bath with Albert sitting between Jonnies open legs and like that the kissing continued for many a minute.

Now dry and in bed they laid on their left sides with Jonnie behind Albert. Albert held his right leg high and Jonnie slipped into him all the way. He wrapped both arms around his boy and played with his balls and cock. Albert turned his head so that they could kiss as Jonnie slowly stroked into him at the same speed. He lowered his leg and settled down to a long and gentle session of lovemaking by the man who had first shown him his way onto the beauty of man sex.

“Albert, I am there my dear, oh my word, I am…”

Those words bought Albert to his own end and they called out their love as they came together, Jonnie into Albert and Jonnie catching all of Albert’s seed into his hand.

They laid still for some time when Jonnie reached over and wiped his hand and then they twisted round so that Albert was on his back and Jonnie on top without withdrawing. With Albert’s arms and legs around Jonnie and Jonnie holding Albert tightly in his arms they kissed for as long as it took Jonnie to recover enough to begin stroking once more. Albert had his legs on Jonnies shoulders and while still kissing Jonnie expelled another load into Albert who also blew up as Jonnies body reacted to every shot.

They managed two more times but after the last one they staggered onto their sides facing one another and fell asleep while still kissing.

They woke at the same time the following morning and after some time cuddled up they left one at a time to carry out required ablutions. This was going to be quite difficult.

Yes, Albert was looking forward to his time at Parkway, but no he was not looking forward to Jonnie leaving.

Yes, Jonnie wanted Albert to have this time at the school with others. No he did not want to return home alone.

“Jonnie, I don’t think I can perform, sorry.”

Jonnie did not reply but instead put Albert on his back opened his legs and began to lick Albert’s balls and then the whole length of his cock. He then shoved Albert’s legs over his head and attacked his bum button and tongue fucked him.  Albert was beginning to divert his thoughts from their parting in a couple of hours and fully concentrate on what Jonnie was doing to him.

That concentration became even more total when Jonnie moved up Albert’s body kissing as he went and when he got to his mouth continued to kiss him as he lifted his legs over his shoulders then fed his cock deep into his bum. This was going to be a repeat of the night before, slow tender and full of meaning.

“My dear boy, take this with my love.” He embraced Albert even tighter and then erupted into him expelling an enormous amount of sperm filling him to overflowing.

“Jonnie! I’m going to cum! Quick please!” He pulled out of Albert who dropped his legs trying to hold back as Jonnie rushed to straddle his body and take his cock in. He held himself still so that Albert could fuck into him but retained his hard-on as he felt every inch of Albert’s cock ramming into him.

“JONNIEEE… I’m going to cum… Oh my word!”

Albert rammed into Jonnie one more time… froze for two seconds, then blasted into him, time and time again.

They laid together with arms and legs wrapped around one another and of course kissing for quite some time.

“Thought you said you could not perform Albert!?”

Albert continued to kiss his love and then pulled away from him. “You are the only one that could change my mind, the only one… Come on its bath time then breakfast in half an hour and I need to get dressed.”

Jonnie picked up the underwear and looked at Albert. “That won’t take long… I can’t wait to see you in them, nor can the entire school I would imagine.”

They heard the buzz of excitement as they the went down the stairs. They turned to go down the main flight and stood looking at the 80 boys staring back up at Albert’s magnificent 15-year-old body!

Oh do fuck off! They were looking at two inches of loose cock as it and it’s owner came down the stairs!

It was a tremendous sight, 80 almost naked boys standing there looking up at Jonnie and Albert, but with all eyes on Albert and the aforementioned two-inches!

“Sweet man I feel somewhat overdressed, I will go straight to the dining room and will save you a place at table.”

Another good looking slim boy came forward and took Albert’s arm. “I am Simon Watts Albert and you need to be in form line.”

He led him to one of the lines and met his classmates for the first time. He didn’t know where to look next and what slim beautiful boy to look at. And then in a different line he saw Namu, NOT in uniform, but in pants only and getting a lot of attention from his mates!

Cards could not be used and so they had coloured ribbons hooked onto the pants cord. Namu was showing his black one and every classmate of his asking him why he was in pants only. Namu smiled at them and said nothing.

A whistle blew and all boys went quiet. Another blast and they all marched into the dining room and took their places.

It was a continuous babble of excited boys throughout the meal and when it was over, once again Trevor stood up showing off his magnificent 16-year-old body and the whole room staring at his hidden semi, Albert included.

“There will be a slight change before domestic work begins, all boys wishing to watch his Lordship take off may do so, don’t forget overcoats and boots. When his Lordship has gone we will all get stuck in and report to class at the normal time. Albert, Simon Watts will look after you and show you where your domestic area is.”

The BE2 had been pulled out and Jonnie and Albert had gone back into the hangar for a private goodbye, the boys were some distance away waiting and guessing what they were doing.

“Have a lot of fun Albert and I will see you at the end of the month.”

“Goodbye Jonnie, I’m going to miss you so much.”

It was awkward and they both wanted to say much more but did not trust themselves. They kissed one more time.

“Come on my boy, it’s best I go now.”

Albert swung the propeller several times and waited for Jonnie to call out “contact!” He swung one more time and the engine burst into life. Albert walked a short distance away and waited. They looked at one another one last time and then Jonnie waved the chocks away. He opened up and the BE2 began to bounce away. Albert stood still and watched as Jonnie took off and when he had got to about 200 feet he turned for home. Albert remained where he was until Jonnie was out of sight. He had never felt more lonely in his life, the tears proved it.

“Albert?” He turned and looked at Simon Watts and smiled at him. “I know how you must be feeling but if you make yourself busy, it will help. Let me take you to our work area.”

Even still affected by Jonnie leaving he got stuck into his domestic duties with the other boys and he had to admit working so closely to the other half naked boys was a joy. They all encouraged him by laughing and joking at one another and by 9 o’clock all the work had been done and now it was class time.

Thirty-year-old Paul Nugent, the class teacher stood in front of them with Albert at his side. Paul was a tall handsome fellow with what seemed a nicely proportioned body. He appeared to be an outgoing type with fun written all over his face and was always smiling.

“Right chaps, it is welcome to our new pupil time that I know we all enjoy and so all that needs to be said is, welcome Albert, we hope you enjoy your stay with us, even though it will be rather short but hope in that time you will experience a great deal to remember us by. Boys, let’s begin our welcome.” Paul shook Albert’s hand, then KISSED him! “Welcome to our class Albert.”

Next Simon Watts came up shook hands and then he too kissed Albert. “Welcome to our class Albert.”

And so it went on until every boy had given his welcome and he was then shown his desk sitting next to a boy called Darren Mitchell, a lovely 14-year-old who, like just about every other boy in the school never stopped smiling. The desks were bench type with just one seat and so the boys could sit touching if they so wished. It was obvious Darren wanted to and Albert felt Darren’s thigh against his and rather liked it.

He already knew that during class boys could touch and fondle but as he was still a black card boy he could not get involved until he had been at the school for 24 hours, there were two hours to go but he already knew he would stay black just to give him time to adjust to this rather unique establishment. He had no idea just how quick it would be!

As a black card, NOBOBY was allowed to approach a boy in a sexual way, everyone would have to wait for the new boy to change his card colour, but that did not stop boys and staff from looking to see if another colour appeared! Albert had already made up his mind that when he changed it would be to blue meaning that, “I require time to myself.” But by showing the blue card indicated that the wearer was waiting until he was ready to show yellow.

During lunch Albert looked over to Namu several times and he noticed that the lovely dark-skinned and perfect boy still wore a black ribbon and was slightly confused as to why he had bothered to get into underwear, he would ask at break time after lunch.

After the tables had been cleared it was announcement time. Paul Nugent, Albert’s form teacher was also a committee member and stood up, the room went quiet.

“Just one thing boys and it is directed at you Albert. You have by now completed 24 hours, may I ask on behalf of us all, are you about to display a different colour?”

Albert was without embarrassment and stood up and took the black ribbon off, huge cheers. He then held up the yellow ribbon, massive cheers! Then the blue one, massive boos which continued as he attached it to the underwear cord laughing all the time. He looked over to Namu and smiled at him. Namu smiled back and at the same time the beautiful Indian boy made his mind up.

He waited for Albert outside the dining room.

“Can we go for a walk please Albert?”

They got into overcoats, socks and boots then went out, it was raining so they made their way to one of the summer houses and would be private, not that Albert thought they needed to be, not in this school! Namu looked at Albert and gave him a somewhat weak smile, he seemed to be rather nervous. He took a deep breath and Albert waited knowing his new friend was struggling about something.

“Albert, will you please put your arm around me!?”

That was a huge surprise and looked down at Namu as if to make sure he wasn’t hearing things. Namu smiled back.

“And when you do, would you also kiss me?”

“Are you… are you sure Namu?”

“I would not have asked you unless I was. I knew I was homosexual since the age of 10 and of course I became certain when I arrived here 10 months ago. I love the other boys and want sex with some of them sometime and Trevor Deans will most probably be my second sexual experience. BUT Albert I would like you to be my first and when you are not having sex with others I pray you will keep having sex with me. I already know I will not go with others until you leave, I like you that much.”

“But why me?”

“You are not only the most beautiful boy in this school but you have not hoped for sex with me because you respected my black card. All the boys are lovely but I just wanted to see who would not talk sex just to get me in bed. Fine, I now know that is part of being homosexual, you see a nice looking chap and hope for lots of fun, well that’s what I want but only with you until you go back to his Lordship. Now Mister Dowling would you do as I ask please.”

Albert slipped his left arm around Namu’s shoulder and hugged him tightly and after a short time like that he lifted his chin with his right hand, smiled down at him and lowered his face to those full and beautiful lips and gently kissed them. Namu made all sorts of pleasure sounds which increased in volume when Albert opened his mouth with his tongue and for the first time Namu found out how fantastic it was to tongue lash with the boy he loved being with. They spent some time like that and as they kissed both became hard, not that it was obvious under those heavy coats!

It was a lovely sight even though a bit comical with both boys dressed as they were. All you could see were their heads and hands, the rest was covered in the long coat buttoned at the neck and all the way down to just above their boots. Just about as sexy as you could get in 1913!

“We had better go back Albert, times up, but before I go into class I will put a red ribbon on and I will have so much fun when the lads see it and try to get out of me why I am no longer black and who I am with. Would you show a red one as well?”

“Course I will but I think the boys will guess anyway. Let’s come together in the dining room after any announcements and leave hand in hand, at least everyone will know then.”

“Why can’t we go in holding hands now?”

Albert shrugged his shoulders and grabbed Namu’s hand, raised it to his lips and kissed it. That was noticed by just ONE boy, five minutes later the whole school knew!

When Trevor Deans got to hear about it he smiled and had a good feeling that he too could have Namu in his bed now he knew the lovely boy was indeed homosexual. Trevor did not know it then, but he was already in love with the beautiful Indian.

Albert was back in class sitting next to Darren Mitchell during their history lesson but his thoughts were not really on the subject as he kept thinking about later that evening when he and Namu would be in his room and what was going to happen, but not only that, he was looking around the room and could not stop staring at the almost naked boys around him and smiled as he noticed a few reach down and fiddle with his “desk mate.”

“Education is such a wonderful thing.” He thought. Darren could not help notice Albert’s erection poking out of his underwear and hoped he would get the chance for a fiddle himself very soon. He would get his wish much sooner than he expected.

“Albert? Did you hear the questions I asked you? Your answers please.” Albert didn’t have a clue.

“I am very sorry Mister Nugent, could you repeat them please.” Paul smiled at him as did the whole class.

“I asked you to tell us the years of the American civil war and the date of Lincoln’s death but we suspect your mind may be elsewhere. Give it a go Albert and perhaps Darren you could give Albert a hand to help him?”

Darren reached over and undid Albert’s cord to his underwear, then slipped his hand inside and held the massive erection. “I am giving Albert a hand Mister Nugent!” Big cheers from the class including Paul Nugent.

Albert, despite having his cock being stroked by Darren and all those that could watch, gave his answers.

“The civil war started in 1861 and ended in 1865. Abraham Lincoln died in the morning of April 15th 1865.

“I would like to thank Darren for giving me a hand but remind him that I am showing red.” Darren gave Albert’s cock a squeeze and withdrew it.

“Well done Albert. Quite remarkable under the circumstances!”

The afternoon dragged on but eventually it was over and Albert found himself in the dining room in a very excited frame of mind which was made even better when he was told to go and sit with Namu by Trevor.

“You lucky devil Albert, I will be thinking of you both all night!”

“I bet you won’t be on your own though Trevor.”

“Course not and maybe you and I can spend time together sometime?”

“I was thinking that as well.”

The whole meal was a form of foreplay as there was a strict rule that there could be no petting during it and both boys just wanted it to end and run to Albert’s room. Trevor came up trumps again when he got to his feet after the meal.

“I think it best that Albert and Namu leave now. We do not expect to see you until lunchtime tomorrow. Have a wonderful time both of you.”

They got up and held hands as they went out with the cheers ringing in their ears.

On a table next to the door was large canvas bag full of food and drink for the two of them, they would be able to keep their strength up it was hoped.

“I have to go to my room and get my toilet bag and a clean uniform for tomorrow, assuming I am staying with you tonight?”

“Not sure, I will let you know when we wake up.”

Albert got a slap on his bum and they giggled their way to the main staircase and went to the first floor, turned right along a corridor with doors to left and right. Namu got to one and went in. It was a huge room that had ten individual and separate oak panelled cubicles, five on each side. Namu went to his and pulled the heavy curtain back and went in followed by Albert. It was large enough to have a single bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers bedside table, armchair and writing desk. In the centre of the main room was a long table where boys could meet, play board games or just talk.

“Nice, I bet there is a lot of movement at night?”

“Not really, boys will be together long before bedtime and very often in another dormitory or with one of the teachers in their rooms. If a curtain is closed nobody is allowed in unless invited.”

“Like us now.” They smiled at one another and went together and cuddled in and kissed for ages and at the same time stroking one another’s backs, all the way down to the underwear covered bum cheeks.

“Oh my goodness Albert… Please…” Albert kissed him again.

“Come on Namu, let’s go to my room now otherwise we will never get there.”


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