Albert Dowling
by BobbyG


Chapter 14

The weather conditions were very good to fly, cold but not too uncomfortable. Albert allowed Jonnie to fly most of the way and then took over as they approached the school and flew over this most beautiful and very isolated “island.” Just this complex with fields surrounding it for miles. Albert looked down and it seemed the whole school was out to greet them.

Albert grinned down at them, “who’s first!” Suddenly he was looking forward even more to the next month!

He made a good landing and taxied to the line of boys and adults standing there waiting. Jonnie climbed out and walked away waving to him. He had been waiting for this day when he could show Albert off, he was that proud.

Albert turned into the wind and opened up to full power and took off. He flew the whole time within the boundaries of the grounds which meant tight turns and lined up to fly just above those watching. He then flew out to the far end of the field then turned back and dived at full speed passing over the ground at no more than ten feet, he climbed steeply, cut the engine and at the same time side slipped and made a three-point landing. He taxied to the crowd and switched off, now he could hear the applause. He got out and went to Jonnie and when he got to him was taken by surprise when he was kissed on the mouth, more applause and cheers!

Sixteen-year-old Trevor Deans, the head boy stepped forward and shook Albert’s hand, “Welcome to Parkway on behalf of us all. That was a marvellous exhibition Albert.”

Albert was looking at his first handsome boy and was about to see a lot more as well as staff. “Thank you Trevor. It’s lovely to meet you, but you must be freezing.”

They all had the same type of thick blue overcoat on which came almost down to their highly polished boots.

Everyone was talking at once and Albert had no idea who he had been introduced to but he did know he had shaken the hands of everyone there. At last they moved into the school and the first thing he noticed was how warm it was and as if to prove it every boy and staff took their coats off and for the first time he saw all the boys in their amazing uniforms, he hardly knew where to look next!

Jonnie rescued him. “Come on Albert, let me take you to our room and get ready for lunch.” Jonnie took him to the stairs and went up them with all the boys watching and no doubt thinking about the man and boy.

The room was quite large and clean with a fire blazing away, it was almost too hot. “That is so everyone is warm in just their uniforms and we need to take a bath so you can get into yours ready for lunch, that’s in half an hour.”

Jonnie opened a door which turned out to be the bathroom and went to turn the taps on. He came back out. “Right Mister Dowling it’s time to get out of those clothes, you won’t be seeing much of them for the next month.”

They both stripped off then went together in the bathroom and kissed and became erect while the bath filled. They settled down with Albert laying against Jonnies chest until it was time to stand up and wash one another’s bodies and shampoo.

After they had dried off Albert got a set of uniform out of his trunk and held it up. “It’s SO SHORT!”

Jonnie laughed and could not stop. “Oh you will keep me hard over lunch just looking at you and no doubt you will be as well looking at all those lovely boys and men! I never thought I would say this but please get dressed!”

A minute later Albert was in short shirt that showed his belly off and short baggy shorts that only just covered the head of his limp cock, all he had to put on now was his sandals. He stood in front of the mirror. “What do you think?”

Jonnie went to him and wrapped his arms around his boy. “You are the most beautiful boy in the entire school, you are simply stunning.”

Albert made a face at him.

“Your only saying that so I will sleep with you tonight.”

“True but I know you will anyway. Come on, time to give the whole school a treat and no doubt lots of yellow cards.”

They went down to join the whole school lined up in the main entrance in year groups quietly waiting. There was the sound of a whistle and group by group they went into the large dining room and stood behind their chairs. All very quiet and disciplined. Jonnie and Albert were shown to a table and stood the same as the others. One of the boys spoke.

“We thank you Lord for this food and for what we are about to receive, we promise to eat the lot! Amen!”

There was a scraping of chairs as they all sat down and a massive amount of chatter, happy chatter at that. They were sitting with four others, three boys and a member of staff who all introduced themselves welcoming Jonnie back and welcoming Albert as a student. The meals were bought to the tables already plated on a trolley by a duty serving boy. Albert watched their serving boy as he pushed his trolley towards them and he could hardly take his eyes off him, he was simply beautiful and he was also looking at the first Indian boy he had ever seen, quite short and very slim, his arms were lovely and when he looked at his tummy it showed the most lovely belly button. Albert risked a glance at his thighs and his dick woke up as he looked at them, perfect! Albert read his name tag, “Ramu,” and then to his face and saw a smiling boy looking back showing brilliant white teeth and deep brown eyes. His short black hair completed this picture of utter beauty. Ramu held Albert’s plate out which he took and put in front of him then looked back smiling at boy wonder… then noticed the black card! Fuck it!

The conversation was flowing and Albert felt good despite the disappointment about Ramu’s black card, there were so many lovely looking boys to get his mind doing overtime and wondering about the coming four weeks! And then he was in stitches as Jonnie lent to him.

“I bet you get Ramu into bed before you come home!”

The second course had been eaten and as soon as the tables had been cleared and all bowls taken away the room fell into silence. Another boy stood up.

“Oh Lord we thank you again for what we have received and as promised the lot has gone! Amen.” Then sat down.

Head boy Trevor got to his feet and looked over at Albert’s table.

“My Lord Penton on behalf of us all we welcome you back to your school and wish you a happy visit during your short stay. We also wish to repeat our welcome to you Albert and we already know you will have a wonderful experience during your stay with us. We also invite you to change your card colour as from midday tomorrow.”

A massive cheer went up and Albert turned bright red. He happened to look at Ramu again who was laughing his beautiful fucking head off!

“My Lord, you asked to speak to us. The floor is yours.”

“Thank you Trevor and thank you all for your warm welcome to myself and Albert. It is lovely to see you all again even if for me it will be a short visit but as you know blushing boy here…” Another cheer went up, “will be with you until the 30th. I just ask that he is returned intact, he will have a great deal to catch up when he comes home and all of it with me!”

Another cheer, the loudest of all. Albert’s face was in danger of melting with the heat.

“I have two more things I need to say, firstly your budget has been increased by £500 per annum.” Another massive cheer and now applause by everyone. When it died down Jonnie went on and Albert wondered what the hell was coming next.

“You will not know this but I wish to inform you of my great pride in announcing that Albert has gained his pilot’s licence, the youngest person ever to gain it.” Huge applause. “And he would like to invite five of you to take a short flight with him during your lunch break. I am sorry it cannot be more but I do need enough fuel to get back myself. Trevor perhaps we can leave it to you to select the lucky ones.”

Albert suddenly found himself on his feet and had no idea how he got there any more than where his next words came from. “NO! I will select them Trevor!”

Jonnie sat down and Albert went around the room and no guesses as to the first boy he chose. Ramu was all smiles and quite over excited! Albert then chose the other four which included the best looking member of staff, then sat down smiling at Jonnie. “You my Lord will act as ground crew which means you will have to get them into the cockpit, but I will see to the last passenger myself. I will do two circuits, one fast fly over then land.”

Finally, Trevor was able to calm things down. “I suggest those that are flying with Albert remain behind.”

He then dismissed the school while Albert left Jonnie to do all the hard work. He went to their room and got into his flying suit then went back to the dining room to meet his passengers. He selected in what order each would fly, leaving Ramu until last.

The whole school was out again to watch the lucky ones as they were helped into the front seat and told to put the lap belt on and firmly told not to touch anything.

Martin Cornish, a 21-year-old engineering teacher was the first to go up. Albert had seen him sitting at the next table and was very good looking, that’s why Albert picked him. The three boys were also lovely to look at and enjoyed their first flights. That left Ramu who Albert thought was the most beautiful of all and would get the longest flight.

It took half an hour to fly the three trips and as both Jonnie and Albert had buggered up the afternoon teaching lessons without really trying, it was an even happier school and with one more flight to go!

Albert was about to get out to help Ramu but Jonnie got there first and strapped him in grinning at Albert the whole time. Albert made up his mind that Jonnie would go back home without having sex that night… and rivers can run uphill, of course they can!

Albert took off with Ramu screaming his head off as the plane was twisted and banked so steeply Ramu thought he was going to fall out and screamed even louder, Albert could hear him over the noise of the engine. He then carried out two flypasts at full speed at just ten feet above the ground. Ramu maybe petite but did he ever have a pair of lungs on him! Albert saved the best to last and when he had done the last flyover he climbed and closed the throttle and let it stall, the nose dropped and they began to plunge to earth. Oddly Ramu went quiet but Albert found out later he was praying to his God preparing for an unplanned and early meeting with him. With great skill Albert pulled out of the stall and carried out a perfect three-point landing. He taxied back and switched off then got out and helped Ramu and was overjoyed when the boy clung onto him and would not let go until he had been assured he was in fact still alive.

The school tried to return to normal but it was all talk about the flights and the pilot in particular. Quite a few could not wait to see what card colour Albert would be wearing the next day. No lessons took place and in the end most teachers suggested “quiet time” which meant the boys could wander around the classroom and kiss, cuddle and fiddle. That is exactly what was happening in Jonnie’s room, well sort of.

“I hate you, I said I wanted to strap Ramu in.”

“I was just trying to protect you Albert. I think I should take you back home for your own safety these boys are going to be waiting in a long line to get at you. I was watching them at lunch and the looks you were getting were the same you were giving Ramu. Shall we go first thing after breakfast?”

Albert gave in and held Jonnie tight instead. “Shut up I need kisses… and anything else when you are ready, I know I am.”

It was all very beautiful, tender and full of joy and absolute love. There would be no more than holding one another tightly, softly kissing and as the time went by, they both reached the point when Jonnie would get on top of Albert still kissing him. Albert opened his legs and held them by his ankles giving Jonnie access. Still with their mouths joined Jonnie carefully got into position and equally carefully, entered Albert slipping all of himself into him in one movement. He held himself fully embedded for a long time as they told one another of their love and then kissed once again.

Jonnie began to stroke bringing sounds of great pleasure from both of them. With Jonnie still kissing Albert, Albert lowered his legs around Jonnies body followed by his arms and they would stay like that until the end, although that would not happen for sometime, they both wanted this to last for as long as possible, but the reality was it could never happen as they were both rapidly getting close and each began to breathe much quicker through their noses and held one another much tighter.

Jonnies cock had been in contact with Albert’s very sensitive prostate the whole time as Jonnie felt every inch of that silky tight tube he was making love to which bought both of them nearer and nearer to a glorious end.

The time had come and both lovers called out and froze for a few seconds and then the first ejaculations blasted out from both of them, followed by many more and as they shot out of man and boy they called out their love as their bodies recoiled during every one of them.

They remained tightly cuddled up and kissed for a very long time and from time to time just looked into one another’s eyes, smiled and then went back to kissing.

Meanwhile down in one of the recreation rooms Ramu was sitting quietly by himself, he looked down at his breast pocket and fiddled with his black card, he then pulled his red card out and fiddled with that one as well.

He had been at the school for 10 months now and was friends with every boy and member of staff and loved the fact it was so liberal but self-disciplined. Ramu looked at the clock, he had half an hour before he had to go and wait at the bottom of the main stairs.

“I have a meeting with the committee soon Albert and will be with them until tea time, Trevor has organised one of the boys to show you round, he will be waiting at the bottom of the stairs. Now whoever he is, don’t forget, no sex until tomorrow midday at the earliest!”

“I didn’t think you are allowed to have sex with anyone until after tea anyway and besides I only want you tonight and first thing tomorrow.”

They kissed some more then Jonnie slapped Albert’s bum, “Come on you, it’s time to try and get you handsome again to meet up with your tour guide.”

They fought and laughed a lot which helped to relax both of them and then got into the bath.

They stood up after a quick soak and gave one another a good clean up, got out and were drying off. “I wonder where my room is, maybe this boy I’m going to meet will show me.”

“He can’t, you are already in it, I told the school that’s what I wanted. I would like you to share our bed with your guests, that way you and I will still be close.”

Albert clung into Jonnie and kissed him. “My word you have thought of everything!”

Albert was still naked watching Jonnie get dressed and then went to the door with him, they kissed and Jonnie, who would always be ready to give Albert good advice, took him in his arms. “Do you know my love, I think it would be a good idea if you were to dress before you go and meet your guide?”

Albert put his head on Jonnies chest and put his arms around him. “Bloody spoilsport.”

He looked at himself in the mirror and was satisfied he looked as good as he could get and wondered who his guide was, he already knew whoever it was would be good looking, they all were. He checked his hair and went out making for the stairs. He went down the first flight and then turned to go down the second and then stood still as he saw Ramu standing at the bottom smiling back up at him.

Ramu watched as Albert came down looking at his handsome face, the lovely body shape and in particular his bare legs and wonderful thighs. He marvelled at his lightly muscled stomach, the developing shape of his arms, but what made his heart beat at double its normal rate was when he caught a glimpse of Albert’s cock head just visible up the left leg of his shorts. He felt movement between his legs as he gazed at this beautiful 15-year-old getting closer by the step which was the first time that had happened since coming to the school.

“Hello Ramu, I’m glad it’s you showing me around, was that you volunteering or were you told?”

“Trevor asked me if I would like to show you around, I suppose it’s because I am a black card boy, I think.”

“That makes two black card boys then. Do you have the other cards?”

“Yes but only because all boys have to have them.”


“Because a lot of black card boys sometimes change the colour.”

“Oh right.” He didn’t ask Ramu if he ever had which Ramu noted, every other boy he had spoken to had asked that and he assumed hoped he would.

Ramu led the way taking Albert to visit classrooms, workshops, the sports hall and kitchens. It didn’t take him long to work out he was being paraded to enable the boys and teachers to have a good look, mind you, so did he.

They ended up in one of the recreation rooms this one being quite large and had a stage at the far end. It was empty and so they were on their own.

“I assume you do plays in here?”

“Yes we do and as you can see it’s a games room as well.”

There were two full-size billiards tables, four darts boards, a wrestling mat and board games tables scattered around the room and plenty of seating.

“We do plays and have entertainment evenings when boys and staff get up and perform, it’s always a good time, not much talent but a huge laugh for everyone.”

“Do you perform?”

“In plays I do but I am one of the many who is talentless but everyone is very kind and always clap. What about you?”

“Can’t sing, can’t dance, can’t act so I should go down well!”

“Would you like to sit down for a while Albert?”

They went to one of the settees and sat at opposite ends and talked for some time. Albert found out that Ramu’s father had been a chef for the Governor of Bihar in the north of India and when he returned to England he asked his father and his family to come with him and that’s how Ramu ended up at Parkway.

“Do you like it here?”

“I love it, everybody is so friendly and respect my choice not to get involved with any of them. I am getting a very good education and hope to become a chef myself one day. I get extra time in the kitchens and I am learning a lot, mind you they encourage me to cook the Indian way and once a month I cook the evening meal for the whole school. What about you Albert, I suppose it will include flying?”

He told Ramu about himself and what his hopes were. “As you probably know flying is very new and there is a lot to learn but we think it’s the future.”


“I know a few flyers now but it was Jonn… His Lordship who gave me a start and because of him I gained my flying licence.” Ramu looked and smiled at Albert.

“It’s none of my business but I will say you seem very close and of course you are staying in his rooms.” It was Albert’s turn to smile at Ramu.

“Yes we are, I bet that disgusts you being a black card boy.”

“NO! Not at all Albert… in fact it’s nice that you and he are lovers. I would never think of anyone in a bad way if they like the same sex for sex. I would not be here if I did.”

“You seem to have a lot of friends and I think popular with the boys and staff.”

“All are friendly… but you are different in some ways.”

“How? I only got here today and even if we have spent this time together we hardly know one another yet.”

“I like that, yet! The reason I said you are different and although the boys are nice they have all tried to change my mind about sleeping with them, you have not suggested anything like that which is nice of you.”

“I had better stop talking in that case!” They laughed a lot and left the room to go to tea.

Why they called it tea was a bit odd as in fact it was dinner. Albert found Jonnie who had kept a place for him and after he had thanked Ramu for his time and hoped they would have more of it, he joined Jonnie and the whole table got into an in-depth conversation about what boy or staff they thought were the best looking! Jonnie did not take part and Albert couldn’t because he didn’t know anyone except Ramu, but was all ears.

There were no announcements and the boys were dismissed to go to the hours night school and Jonnie and Albert would join them in the recreation rooms after they had checked the BE2 over. They got overcoats and boots from the outdoor cloakroom and set off, it was lovely to be together, just them. They chatted the whole time as they walked slowly towards the canvas hanger, in other words a massive tent.

Jonnie asked about Ramu.

“He is such a lovely boy and we had a nice time when he showed me around and in some ways because he is a black card boy I know the limits and would never approach him.”

“Are there others you have taken a fancy too?”

“Well they all seem very nice but nobody stands out.”

“Let me assure you they will be round you like bees to the honeypot but I think they are waiting for me to leave tomorrow before they do.”

Albert hadn’t thought of that, he was in a bit if a dilemma, he knew he was going to have fun but at the same time he did not want Jonnie to go either.

“Jonnie, I don’t want to stay too long with the boys tonight, I want us to go to bed early and both of us become wives and the same tomorrow before you go.”

“That’s a brilliant idea, I will love that.” Jonnie stopped and took Albert in his arms and they kissed for some time.

Ramu was watching them from his classroom window walking towards the aircraft hanger holding hands and it seemed talking the whole time. Then he smiled broadly as they stopped, embraced and then kissed.

He continued to watch and as they moved off, his mind was finally made up and the first person he would look for was Trevor Deans, he needed to ask him if he would agree to have an underwear-only day tomorrow. If he got his way, Trevor and the whole school was in for a very big surprise.


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