Albert Dowling
by BobbyG


Chapter 13

The training that could lead to Albert gaining his pilot’s licence began in earnest the following day, it would be intense which made Albert even happier, if that was possible. Lieutenant Broadbent may have had his own agenda as far as Albert was concerned but he was to find that Archie was indeed a fine pilot. It would be Broadbent who would come to realise why Albert was so advanced in his ability to fly and it was all down to his reaction time which would influence the outcome of this week, but Broadbent would also find out a lot more about Albert by the end of it and no flying instruction involved when he did.

They spent long hours together in the office as Archie taught Albert all that he could in navigation.

“Being able to fly is one thing Albert but it’s all a bit useless if you don’t know how to get to your destination and back.”

Air navigation was in its infancy and at that time maps were the only means by which a pilot could fly from point A to point B and arrive at a particular destination and not get lost, but there was also a need to be conversant with the compass which took quite some time in instruction and whilst being instructed Albert took note that during those periods, Archie always had a hand on his shoulder or back and would often get close to his face with his. Albert smiled to himself, he guessed Archie would love to give him “instruction” in a completely different way! Well! He was very good looking and, it seemed, a nice man. He would be meeting other nice men, he hoped, when he went to Parkway school of course. But all Archie was to him was a means to an end.

They were now on day three and the next day Albert would have to fly on a course that would not be that easy. Archie had devised a route that did not include well-known landmarks, instead all Albert would be able to identify on his map was topographical terrain which included river bends, canal locks, hills, bridges, forests, farms, hamlets and the occasional village.

“During the flight I will raise my arms above my head which will indicate an engine failure and you will have to carry out an emergency landing. I will then cut the engine and you will only have one chance to land without doing any harm. I will take over if I think you are not able to land without actually killing me Albert!”

Albert looked at Archie and made up his mind to study the route inside out and determine the most likely part of the flight that Archie would raise his arms.


“Yes Ben?” They laughed like a couple of idiots which continued when Albert tried to beat his love up.

“Do you give in my Lord?”

“Yes my beautiful boy, just let me recover from your violent attack and then you can kiss me.”

They kissed and then settled down with Jonnie on his back and Albert taking up his usual place on Jonnies left shoulder.

“I will be flying a long cross-country flight tomorrow but Archie has told me I have to land as if it were an emergency… I think when we land he will try to seduce me.”

“How do you know he wants too?”

“He always puts his arm around my shoulder when we are together in his office and even gets his face close to mine when we have to be close looking at maps. And he has told me several times he thinks I am a very handsome young man.”

“He is right, you are. How will you deal with it, if indeed you do not want to be seduced anyway?”

“I most certainly don’t and will kick his bollocks in if he tries too! I know he is a good looking man but I only want one thing from him and that is his signature on my flying licence.”

“Good for you, do you want me to get involved?”

“No, because if you do, he and everyone else will wonder what we are and we must keep that very secret.”

“I will leave it to you Albert to resolve this in your own way, but be assured if he approaches you in a way you are not in agreement with, I will finish the business.”

“Good for YOU Jonnie, now will you stop talking please and fuck me!”

“Yes my dear wife, raise your bum please.”

He slipped into Albert in one movement and slowly began to fuck him which would take some time, neither of them liked a quickie and like this they would slowly bring one another to their ends.

Jonnie was in control and moved Albert all over the bed and taking different positions as he took them.

From behind he turned Albert on his back and after some time like this he raised the trainee pilot to his shoulders and carried out a more or less vertical fuck. From there to their sides with Jonnie once again behind Albert. After ten minutes like this he got on his back and with the boy on top looking down and would take over the fucking to completion and as they both shot they would have their mouths joined together.

Albert turned on his side followed by Jonnie without withdrawing, they would be there until either one of two things happened. They either fell asleep or wait a while and then Jonnie would start all over again. Albert made sure it would be number two by clamping his anus on Jonnies cock over and over again. Jonnie told him he was a very obliging wife and after some time emptied his balls into him once again. Albert turned and Jonnie took hold of Albert in both hands so his young boy could fuck himself in them.

After the usual handsome load had splattered on Jonnie they squashed together so they could share Albert’s loads which was followed by rather a lot of kissing. On this occasion they stayed cuddled up and fell asleep, very sticky, very smelly but very happy.

Albert woke at 5am as was usual having got up at that time all his working life which for him and most working-class boys began at the age of five and after a breakfast they would go to the fields to start the business depending what time of the year it was. He smiled at the face of a sleeping Jonnie and went down and took up his favourite position laying between his legs and burying his face into his crotch kissing his balls and playing with a rapidly hardening cock.

“Good morning Albert.” Jonnie mumbled and stroked his head. Albert took the cock out of his mouth and said good morning to his man, then went back to work.

“Albert, when you have finished would you come back up please.” Albert took the cock out again. “You will be waiting some time I’m pleased to say.” Many minutes later he went to Jonnie and fed him half of his own cum.

“Right, what can I do for you?”

“I could say you have already done it, but it’s about when you go to the school. I would ask you to go at the beginning of December for the month. I would fly back up on the 30th, stay that night and then you fly us back so we can celebrate the new year together and by that time I will have had your rooms made ready. Albert I know you will understand but I will have a house full over the Christmas, from the 23rd until the 28th and if you are at home I cannot see how we can get together but if you are at the school you will have a lot of fun instead of being here and us not seeing one another, I would actually hate that. What do you think?”

“I suppose it’s the best thing and I agree if I am at home it would be difficult for both of us. It just makes me wonder about future times when you have visitors.” He sighed. “Why the hell did I fall in love with a nob!”

“I have been doing a lot of thinking Albert.”

“I wondered what that smell was!”

“Shut up child. I know this is snobbish but being a qualified pilot will bring you up the social ladder and you will become a bit of quandary in some eyes as you have become something that many will see is the domain of the officer classes only and you are certainly not one of them because you are common, which is a shame, but I will live with it I suppose.” He waited for Albert’s reaction.

“Well, if I get my licence maybe that will make a few of your class take a second look at us commoners like me and realise without us you lot would not be able to survive and many of us in fact do have a brain and can use it. Most of your class could not boil water if you suddenly found no one to do it for you. You would all die off without us working classes looking after your every need.” He stopped and kissed Jonnie. “But I would die without you Jonnie and that must mean something. Two people from completely opposite backgrounds but being as we are and no barriers, we could teach yours and my classes so much… But it will not happen and maybe never will and all I can do is become the best I can as a pilot and maybe gain a bit of respect and make people think for a change.” They cuddled in but Albert kept thinking for some time.

“Your thinking, I can tell by the way you are holding my cock so hard!”

Albert laughed and soften his grip.

“I’m glad we said all that and the one thing I know for certain is that I will work even harder now. I am determined to become as good a pilot as you and the others. I WILL make people sit up and take notice that someone from my class can be as good or even better as them.”

With one last long bout of kissing they got up and went for an early breakfast.

Jonnie watched as they took off and wondered if Archie would indeed try to seduce Albert!

Before they went to the BE2. Archie had left Albert to study the map which gave him time to calculate the flight time from one point to the next and pencilled them in by that particular part of the navigation. He totalled it up and he was in for a two and a half hour flight but would take much longer as there would be the emergency landing and how long they would be on the ground. He knew Archie may like it to be a long time by what Albert was guessing. He had identified what he guessed would be the landing place Archie had in mind and knew there would be four legs to fly before they got there.

He set Jonnies pocket watch he had loaned him and would start it just before he took off.

“Right Albert, all set?”

Albert waited for the engine to warm up and then waved for the chocks to be taken away, started the watch, opened up, turned into wind and took off. They had glorious flying conditions and when he had reached 2000 feet, they were on their way and settled down to the first leg. Albert checked off the first one and altered course to begin the second, all was going well and the time was spot on and Albert was happy.

He was fairly confident where the emergency landing would be, but he had been grilled by Jonnie to keep looking over the side in case there was a real one and be prepared to select a landing spot if indeed an emergency turned up.

Albert ticked off the second leg and had to turn almost at right angles and fly over the middle of a forest towards the third one. As he turned he noticed a group of loggers cutting down trees and not far away from them a huge fire as they burnt all the smaller branches which would be of no use as firewood or planking if that is why they were being felled. Almost as soon as they had flown for another two minutes the engine suddenly began to splutter and backfire, then without warning stopped altogether.

It would be impossible to carry on or turn to port or starboard as all they had below them was more forest. Albert made an instant decision and without saying a word to Archie he turned back and headed for the foresters and that fire but losing height all the time. Albert knew there would be little chance of even clearing that part of the forest but the fire could possibly help him, he had to get above it and hoped the rising heat from the fire would give him more lift so he could attempt a landing just beyond the tree line. As he had been trained in observation, he knew there was a small clearing in front of the trees and that was his only hope to land even though he knew it would take all of his skill.

All they could hear was the wind as it rushed past the wings and bracing wires.

Albert concentrated as never before trying to work out if he could get above the fire before he ran out of height, it would be a close thing. He adjusted his angle of approach in the hope he could get more flight time, they were now down to 500ft and the fire still a half mile away.

He had not heard a word from the front cockpit and wondered what Archie was thinking. All he could see was the back of his head as he looked over the side and seemed to be concentrating on the fire as well.

Albert breathed out and realised he had been holding his breath virtually the whole time! They were now at 300ft and as they flew over the fire they could feel the tremendous heat coming from it, but not only that a huge amount of lift from the thermal. They soured back up to 1000ft and Albert now knew he could clear the tree line and make for the field.

They cleared them but now he had to make another instant decision as the landing site was very small and only one chance to get them down safely. He shoved the stick and rudder to starboard to get them to the edge of the field and then timed it so he could side slip to port and lose rapid height. The ground came rushing up with Albert waiting and at the very last moment levelled out and made a three-point landing. He held the stick back to keep the tail skid firmly on the ground to act as a break and stop the aircraft before it got to the bushes coming at them. It did with just three feet to spare.

They climbed out and Archie went to Albert and threw his arms around him. “Well done Albert, BLOODY WELL DONE… You, my man, have just got your flying licence!

They saw about a dozen or so men running towards them. “Well done sir, are you both without harm?” One of them asked Archie. “Indeed we are thank you and all down to this young man, he was flying the machine!” All of them looked at Albert who stood there with a daft smile on his face but could not be more happy, he had got them back down without any injuries, an intact aircraft AND, apparently, now a licenced pilot! But his flying day was far from over. “Archie we need to phone Farnborough and get them to bring a new engine, I think we can fly out of here.” Archie agreed and with one of the foresters went off to a farmhouse about a mile away to phone leaving Albert with the men. They took him to their workplace and gave him tea and sandwiches and asking all sorts of questions. For the first time in his life he was the centre of attention and was rather proud of himself as he answered.

It was a long wait but after two hours two trucks arrived with mechanics and Jonnie. The engineers got to work and after yet another hour a new engine had been installed and started up to check it. Meanwhile Jonnie, Archie and Albert talked about the possibility of taking off and who would fly it.

“Me.” The other two looked at Albert and neither could come up with a reason not to allow him to do it.

Archie went off to arrange a gang of men to take the aircraft to the far end of the field and lined it up directly opposite to where the bushes were at there lowest.

“Well done Albert, I wish I could cuddle you, but that will happen when we get back to the hotel. Are you sure you want to fly out?”

“Yes I do, this is still part of my navigation flight and I want to take the aircraft back. I will fly by myself to lessen weight and unless I get lost, I will be waiting for you in the hanger.

They stood a distance away as Albert got in and started up, they were joined by all the woodsmen who still could not believe this 15-year-old could fly this thing!

Albert and the ground crew went through the startup and with a wave from the pilot one of them pulled down on the propeller and the engine burst into life. Albert kept it at idle for a short while then waved again, he was off. He opened the throttle wide and he slowly went forward. The BE2 maybe somewhat underpowered but she had good lift and the tail came up long before he had reached halfway down the field. Albert was happy and knew he would clear the bushes with plenty of height to fly over them. Up he went and when clear he banked round and flew back over the watching crowd, wagged his wings a few times then altered course for Farnborough which was only half hour away as he was flying straight towards it.

He landed and taxied to the hanger and switched off and the third officer who had been observing Albert at the start of the week, Captain Tennant Williams.

“Well young man it seems you have had quite a day. Lieutenant Broadbent is full of praise. Now, why don’t you grab a mug of tea and by the time you finish I will have had the aircraft ready to go again only this time I will be your passenger. I want you to fly the reverse of the one Lt Broadbent had planned but not the whole flight, I will wave when I want you to fly back.”

“Yes, sir.” He got his tea and sat down looking at the route he needed to plan, making sure he knew where suitable fields were in case of an emergency!

He took off and turned on his course. It was dusk by now and he had to concentrate even harder and he was quite pleased when the captain raised a hand to tell him to go back. He banked over and set his course, half hour later he once again switched his engine off and climbed out. Jonnie, Archie and all the others were also back. “Gentlemen we need to meet if you are in agreement my Lord.” Jonnie smiled at Albert, he knew what this would be about, “Of course.” All four went to the same office as he and Archie used, but there was a huge surprise for Albert, A Colonel Horace Winchester of the RFC was also in the room. Jonnie and the two officers spoke to him while Albert kept is mouth firmly closed.

“Archie, you had better start this off.” Tenant Williams invited.

“My Lord, Colonel, sir. I was ordered to take this young man on as his instructor, a task I must say I was not looking forward too to be very truthful.” He was also lying of course! “But after our first meetings and followed by a number of flights, I quickly change my mind. It became clear he has retained all the knowledge his Lordship has given him and his flying ability was first class which has been proven today.”

Archie then gave a detailed account of the emergency and how Albert had managed it which ended in a safe landing.

“Gentlemen, Dowling carried out the emergency landing with calmness and confidence. He managed the whole procedure in an exemplary manner and I am sure I could not have carried out the same landing better than he did despite having so much more experience. His reactions were positive and without panic or fear and I now know it is not only because of natural talent, but an incredible reaction time between thinking out the problem and within seconds knowing exactly what to do about it and bring it to a successful conclusion.”

Archie looked at Albert and Albert loving what was being said. He may now let him seduce him after all! He glanced at Jonnie who was grinning at him and knowing exactly what his young man was thinking!

Captain Tennant Williams invited Jonnie to say his bit which was more than positive and then Tennant Williams gave his own positive opinion which bought the whole thing to an end and now everyone was looking at the Colonel. Albert held his breath.

“Bugger! This is most unusual. How on earth can I agree to giving him a licence at HIS age and he is not… oh my goodness… he is NOT…”

“Not in our social standing Colonel?” Jonnie asked. “Let me say this, Dowling is not needed in the RFC just now and therefore all of us from a higher standing need not fear him contaminating us.”

Albert swore to himself Jonnie would suffer for that remark!

“But we all know there is the distinct possibility he and many others will be soon. We already know this young man has an incredible talent for flying and I recommend he be given his licence this day AND if hostilities do break out, he is awarded his wings and made a 2nd Lieutenant of the Royal Flying Corps. Meanwhile, he should be given every help to continue to train both in flying and learn all he can about the advances in aircraft development.”

“Thank you my Lord, you also mean give him a place here at Farnborough don’t you.”


The Colonel let out a sigh and turned to Albert. “Well young Dowling, you might as well put your pennies worth in. It seems I am outnumbered here.”

“Sir, it is not for me to disagree with what his Lordship and the two gentlemen officers have said, even though I do in fact agree with them!” He paused and gave the Colonel a massive smile. “However, I will remain very humble and will not attempt to become someone other than what I am now, lower class, but now possibly flying class.”

They all stared at Albert who continued to look at the Colonel, still with that smile on his lovely face. The Colonel looked at Albert and JUST managed not to smile back. He sighed once more.

“Yea bloody Gods!” He said and picked his pen up and signed the licence. He stood up and went to Albert. “Well done my boy. very well done.” He held his hand out which Albert took. “Thank you Sir.” The Colonel grunted and left.

The three men also shook hands with him and Lt Broadbent and Capt. Tenant Williams also added their signatures and Tenant Williams handed Albert the licence. “Well Albert you have already made the record books, the youngest ever to earn his flying licence, make good use of it young man, we will be seeing a lot more of you from now on.”

Much later Albert laid in front of Jonnie who’s arms were wrapped around him. He pulled Albert in tight and kissed his head.

“How do you feel Albert? As if I need to ask.”

“One of my happiest days ever and all thanks to you, but what makes it even better is I have your cock inside me, please stay where you are.”

“I have no intention of removing it my fellow LICENCED pilot! Albert, well done today and do you know I think Archie deserves a clap for not taking over because I am sure I would have. He must have had a lot of confidence in you, well done to him.”

“He didn’t have a choice, he fainted!” They laughed so much Jonnie fell out. Albert turned round and cuddled into him. “I love you so much teacher, God I do love you.”

“You will be meeting more teachers soon and of course there is Archie should you wish to go with him.”

“I once heard someone say never mix business with pleasure, it can go very wrong but not only that I do not want anything to do with him in that way. The next sex I have apart from you is when I get to the school and by the way that’s a good idea me going there in December.”

“Fine that’s settled then but I have made a change to my plans. I will be going back to the manor tomorrow to meet with people who will be making a few changes to facilitate your new rooms. You have four more days here and by the time you go back everyone will know of your new status in that you will be following a career as an aviator and as such your previous status will be forgotten. Yes it’s all snobbish and not very healthy but these are the times in which we live and I don’t care anyway, I will have you living with me and that’s all I want.”

“No Jonnie, that’s what we both want”

He went back to the airfield the next day, still a student, but this time as a licenced pilot and that was a huge step for Albert who not long ago thought of himself at slug level. But there was one thing he had to address before too long and this day was the right time.

They flew out on Archie’s original navigational flight and when they got back went to the office and sat down going through it all, with Archie’s arm around his shoulder and stroking his arm.

“Archie… I like you a great deal. You put a great deal of faith in me during the forced landing, but don’t try to force anything else.”

Archie took his arm away and it was done and because it was, they became very firm friends.

During the time he had left it was all flying and having a programme of technical training organised for him which would start the following week as well as more flying, meeting aircraft designers and getting to learn a great deal about aircraft developments and why very often they failed.

William had gone by the time he got back to the manor and the first thing he did was to go to the stables to meet Ben. They cuddled and kissed.

“How did it go with you and William then?”

“Brilliant and he is coming back next week and he will sleep with me for another week. Well done about your licence, you must be really pleased you will be having new rooms as well you lucky sod.” Jonnie must have told everyone about Albert’s new status and living arrangements.

“Albert?” He looked at his friend, “um I need to say something and it’s difficult.”

“You don’t want sex with me again? Just with William, yes?”

“How the fuck did you know that!?”

“I didn’t, just a guess but I am not disappointed so don’t worry.” They parted and Albert made his mind up that he would ask Jonnie if Ben could have his old room.

The weeks rushed by and before he knew it he and Jonnie had packed his trunk which would be taken to the school by road the next day. The day after that they would fly to Parkway.

“I’m going to miss you so much Jonnie.” They were cuddled up in bed and could not get hard let alone have sex. “Suddenly I don’t want to go now.”

“Shush dear boy, we agreed to this long ago and when you come home we will be even more equal and hopefully start all over again and I can assure you we will be even more in love,” Jonnie closed his eyes and silently prayed Albert would be.

They were ready and walked towards the front door dressed in flying suits and about to go to the hanger to get the BE2 out.

“Albert?” He turned round and looked at his father. Jonnie did not stop and went out.

“Hello father.” They just stood there awkwardly looking at one another.

“I… I would just like to say that… that… I am very sorry I rejected you in the dreadful way I did. I do not ask for forgiveness as I do not deserve that, but if I may I would like to say your mother and now myself are very proud of your achievements and wish you a good future in your new life.” There was a long silence as Albert’s mind was racing.

“Thank you very much… I am going away for the month but may I wish you a very happy Christmas… and maybe we can meet if you so wish when I come back?”

“Happy Christmas to you Albert and yes I would like that… I would like that very much.”

Albert cried all the way to the hanger… but managed to smile through them, they were not angry tears, not anymore.


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