Albert Dowling
by BobbyG


Chapter 11

At the same time Albert and William had been engaged, in sex, two miles away Lord Penton laid naked in his bed playing with a soft cock and the reason it was he was worried sick and could not wake the thing up.

“What have I done? I am the most stupid man I know, I could very well lose Albert now he is going with others. DAMN!”

He forced himself to try to forget for a while in the hope his cock would respond but try as he might the image of Albert and William having sex would not leave him. If he had known that at that very moment Albert and William were going up the bolthole towards Albert’s bed with Ben in it, he would have had a heart attack!

“Oh well, I will be seeing my boy the day after tomorrow thank God!”

Jonnie was fairly confident Albert would not have fallen for either William or Ben, BUT it may have changed his mind about their own relationship now that he was having sex with others and free to do as he wished. Yes, he was now full of doubt but even if he had not encouraged Albert to go with others, it may have happened anyway.

“I love being in love but it comes with many risks.” He told himself.

He then made himself think about the other reason why he told Albert he was going to Farnborough and that was to fly in the training version of the new BE2 that would be introduced to the RFC in the near future. The BE2 was not that great and would prove to be so even after developments and only a few were ordered just before war broke out. The German machines were far superior but, typical of British thinking the BE2 and it’s variants served throughout the war and by 1918 over 3000 were built. It’s only two assets was: one, it was a fantastic flying platform and two, the high standards of airmanship and bravery of crews.


A naked Albert opened the secret door and went inside followed by a naked William and stood side by side looking at Ben who was on his back with the covers off and also naked. Albert reached over and held William’s cock who followed suit.

“Ben allow me to introduce William, William may I introduce Ben. Come and shake cocks Ben.”

He shot out of bed and hurried towards them, Albert released his hold on William which Ben took followed by William taking Ben in hand.

“I am very pleased to meet you Ben, you are a very handsome young man.”

They both shook cocks for some time. “I’m very pleased to meet you too, William, you are also very handsome.”

Albert loved watching them, even more so when William lent towards Ben and kissed him. Albert became as stiff as the other two and smiled as they embraced and began to run their hands all over the backs and bums. William put an arm out and pulled Albert to them and all three could now touch bodies and kiss. They went to the bed and you can forget the 1812 Overture, this would be more like Rimsky Korsakov’s “Flight of the Bumble Bee!”

There would now be an uncoordinated choreography of three beautiful bodies entwined as arms, hands, legs, lips and tongues searched and found a place of sexual interest. Two would place a body in a certain position and then give most attention to that body by kissing, rimming and sucking as well as fondle the other one. All you could hear were grunts, moans and “Oh my goodness!” as the trio performed on each other. By now all three were becoming worked up to a level that would see all three about to explode which meant one of them had to take control, it would be William.

“Ben, would you fuck me please I would like you to shoot inside me and then I will have your juices to mix with Albert’s.”

Albert and Ben smiled at one another and kissed. William opened his legs wide and held onto his ankles exposing his delightfully tight anus. Ben sank between his cheeks and began to rim causing many a moan out of William. Albert, not to be left out got above William’s face and sat on it, we now have two being rimmed!

After some time like this Ben, who was approaching his limit, licked William’s button one more time and then got to his knees and lined his cock up and then simply rammed the whole lot inside his new friend, right up to his pubic area. William cried out and rimmed Albert even harder and took his cock into hand and began to stroke. Albert meanwhile grabbed Ben’s neck and bought his face to his so they could kiss as Ben fucked William.

By now all three were approaching their individual limits but Albert needed more and moved so he could force his cock down into William’s mouth and after a few minutes being sucked off he moved again so he could kiss William and wank him off at the same time. Meanwhile Ben was making all sorts of moans telling the other two he was getting close but Albert was having none of it. Once again he moved and got behind Ben and stopped him fucking. He lined himself up and entered his friend in one stroke, Ben didn’t feel a thing, but found himself in two worlds as he resumed his William fucking and now fucking himself on Albert’s rod. Both boys got hold of William’s 9 inches and like that all three would take the others over the top.

Ben was yelling out by now and lent down to William and kissed him hard. “Oh fuck I’m cumming, oh shit I’m…” The 15-year-old rammed into William one more time and held himself deep inside him and shot out, many times.

Albert was also at his own end and he thrust into Ben, held his hips against himself and he too ejaculated with a great deal of force filling Ben to overflowing.

William having felt Ben’s massive contribution into his ass and the attention of both boys wanking him off, bought him to completion and shot out cum as never before, streams of it the first of which splattered all over the bed head and the other five over his face, neck, chest and finally dribbles on his belly.

All three remained where they were for some time, recovering.

At last Ben’s cock fell out of William’s bum as it deflated and laid on top of him, Albert followed Ben but still managed to keep his cock in place until it too went limp and flopped out. Both boys laid next to William, one on each shoulder. Albert stroked that massive cock while Ben fondled his two huge balls. William had been taken to a place even he did not know existed, nor did Ben, as for Albert? He was thinking about Jonnie and seeing him the day after tomorrow.

Albert kissed William and then Ben. “You both know I am going away on Wednesday don’t you.”

They both replied they were aware and William asked how long for.

“I don’t know, that will be up to Jonnie, but I’m thinking a few days, maybe a week.”

Ben stared at Albert and smiled at him. “Thought so, you lucky bugger!”

Albert kissed him again. “We have been lovers for quite some time Ben and I know I can trust you to keep it to yourself. I am hoping that when I am away you two will see a lot of one another but there is one wish I have and that is you use my room or yours Ben, I don’t think it would be right for you to use Jonnies bed as he is not aware of you being involved Ben, do you agree William?”

It was William’s turn to kiss both boys. “Thank you Albert for the invitation and I agree with you.” He turned to Ben. “After Albert goes away would you like to share his bed with me Ben?”

Ben in reply kissed William for quite some time while Albert looked on and got worked up again. He pushed Ben on his back and while William and Ben continued to kiss Albert had the time of his life blowing both of them. The longer he sucked the nearer both of them got to the edge and by the sounds coming out of both of them he knew it would not be long, he stopped alternating his sucking and took William in his left hand and Ben in his right and stroked them slowly until neither of them could hold back any longer and, once again, came, time and time again.

Albert was laid down between them and while one sucked the other kissed the lucky boy. As he approached the final furlong he started to moan and then shouted out he was near which gave William and Ben a good idea, they took their mouths to Albert’s cock who rewarded each of them with a mouthful of his cum some two minutes later.

With William back in the middle they all kissed for some time and one by one fell asleep. Albert was the last and his final thoughts went a few miles away, smiling the whole time. “Fuck I love you Lord Jonnie.” He turned his back to the other two and fell asleep himself.

After a mad scramble the next morning, William went back to Jonnies bedroom and the boys just made breakfast. They left for the stables and worked together for a couple of hours before Albert went to the hanger, he had a lot of writing up to do before he left the next day. “See you both later Ben, I expect William will stop off to visit you before he starts his painting.”

They embraced and kissed.

“Hope so Albert.”

By the time the day’s work had been completed and Albert and William had fucked one another, they all met in the stables when Albert made an announcement.

“I would like you two to share my bed tonight but I will not be with you, I am going to sleep in Jonnie’s bed. I will pack my bag tonight and leave it in my room and pick it up on my way out, I will see you both as I leave. Have a lovely time.”

William looked at Albert. “Are you saving yourself for Jonnie then Albert?” He kissed both of them.

“Indeed I am.”

It was a requirement that all staff have a “Sunday best” so they would be smart for church and other official events and that is what Albert had on now he checked himself in the mirror and made a face, he hated “Sunday best!”

The reflection coming back at him saw a completely different Albert as he now was dressed in dark brown suit and white shirt with that stiff collar. The red tie did not go with the suit nor did his black boots even though they were highly polished. He continued to look at himself with that look still on his face and then smiled broadly. “Fuck it, Jonnie will take the lot off as soon as I get to his room… I hope!”

When he went up to his room it was empty, he knew Ben would be having his breakfast anyway and assumed William was also having his. He got the piss taken out of him as soon as he went into the servants dining room.

“Fuck me Dowling! You getting married?”

“Nah he’s in front of the magistrate for being too fucking smart, hope you get 10 years Dowling.”

Halfway through their meal the door opened and his Lordships chauffeur, Stanley Hicks came in and looked at Albert. He was well into his 60’s and had been with the Penton family all his life.

“Good morning Mister Dowling, just to let you know, your car awaits young sir.” Stanley Hicks was a lovely bloke and popular with all staff.

“Good morning Mister Hicks and thank YOU, Sir.”

“My pleasure Albert. This your bag?” Albert nodded. ” I will take it to the car, there is no hurry so take your time.”

“Fucking hell Albert, you are really going up in the world.” One of the boys said. Albert turned to Ben.

“I need that book I lent you, can I get it from your room?”

“I better come with you, I can’t remember where I put it.”

Once in Ben’s room they cuddled in and kissed.

“How did it go with William then?”

“Brilliant! William’s 9-inch dick up my arse was fucking great. He likes cock up him as well you know, can’t wait for tonight Albert, bet you can’t either. I guessed you and his Lordship were… well you know.”

“Whatever we get up to Ben, let’s stay special friends please?” Albert looked at that special friend.

“Course we will. No other bloke will get between us. Now fuck off, Mister Hicks is waiting.”

They kissed deeply for several minutes then after a final “goodbye” Albert went out with a massive smile on his face thinking about seeing Jonnie very soon.

He went to the front of the manor and there it was, the magnificent Rolls Royce Silver Ghost of 1909 vintage. Mister Hicks was by the rear door smiling at Albert and opened it when Albert got to him.

“Would it be possible to ride in front with you please Mister Hicks?” Stanley could see Albert was a little uncomfortable.

“Of course young man, it will be a pleasure.” He opened the front door. “Welcome aboard Albert, the airfield next stop.”

Farnborough airfield was only two miles away and would only take half hour, but 30 minutes of sheer enjoyment. Albert laughed to himself, “I must be the only person who can fly an aeroplane, but can’t drive a car!”

“I thought we were going to the hotel first Mister Hicks.”

“That was the original plan Albert but his Lordship phoned last night to tell me to take you straight to the airfield.”

“Oh right.” He hoped he didn’t sound too disappointed, but he was.

Stanley drove through the gates and headed for one of the hangers with an aircraft outside. Albert noted it but his main attention was to that beautiful man standing near it. Albert’s heart leapt at the sight of Jonnie even though dressed completely differently, he was in the new RFC uniform. There were also three other men standing next to him.

“Good morning Hicks and you Dowling, welcome back to Farnborough.”

“Good morning your Lordship.” They said together. Albert stared at Jonnie wishing this greeting was somewhat different and he could go to him and throw his arms around his body and kiss him. This was all so formal and he hated it.

“I will be off my Lord with your permission. Albert I will drop your bag off at the hotel.”

“Thank you Mister Hicks, that’s very kind of you.”

“Yes, thank you Hicks, we will see you in a weeks time.”

At least that told Albert how long he was staying! They watched Stanley drive off with Albert feeling rather odd, here he was standing with his lover but three feet apart.

“Right, let’s start Dowling, you need a tour of the BE2.”

Albert was pissed off, at least Jonnie could have whispered his love as they walked to the aircraft!

Pissed off he may be but as soon as Jonnie began to lecture him about the aircraft he was totally absorbed and his interest at its peak. This would take an hour as Jonnie took him through all the technical side, construction and the operational function that the aircraft would perform. As Jonnie continued Albert became even more animated and asked question after question and at the same time became much more relaxed, he even forgot to be pissed off!

He stole a few glances at the three gentlemen who just stood there and wondered why, he was dying to ask Jonnie but thought it not a good idea.

“Right Dowling, into the front cockpit please.” Albert climbed the steps and got in and as soon as he sat down he felt at home. He was happy but soon to be even happier.

Jonnie started to take Albert around the cockpit, or so it would seem to the three men watching.

“My darling boy, just pretend I am still instructing you and DON’T smile.” Albert put his head down, smiled, then put his head back up!

“Those gentlemen are here to observe you, I will explain later when we are in bed. Albert I have missed you so much but I love you even more!”

Albert’s heart missed a few beats and then Jonnie really stuffed him up and said in a loud voice.

“Right Dowling, repeat all that I have just explained!”

Albert whispered back. “I hate you Jonnie but also love you SO much!” And then in his normal voice, but knowing those men could not hear, he made it up, with hand gestures to make it seem he knew what he was talking about.

“That’s a gauge, so is that one. That one here is another gauge and this thing is called a stick and when you move it, so does the aircraft, but you have to be flying first. This thing is called a throttle, push it forward and the plane goes faster, pull it back and you could stall the fucking thing and fall out of the sky.

“I am sitting in a seat but it’s a shame we now have separate ones but if you want I will still fly on your lap. Oh, by the way, that’s a compass. I think that’s all my Lord but I will repeat all of this in bed later if you are still in love with me. Now I dare you to put your hand in the cockpit and touch me.

It was lovely to have Jonnies hand back where it belonged.

“Albert, we are now going to the hanger, you are going to change into flying overalls and we are going on our first flight. Albert I am so sorry but I have to remain official in front of these men.”

“More like officious Jonnie my man!”

“Shut up and get out.” In a loud voice Albert thanked his Lordship for an interesting lecture, then climbed out. As the men where on the other side of the aircraft Jonnie pinched Albert’s bum as he got out and whispered he loved him. Albert had never been more happy.

They went into a side room in the hanger and Jonnie gave him a flying suit as well as canvas shoes. “You won’t feel the rudder in those heavy boots so wear these.”

He left Albert to get changed and went to talk to the men who must have been bored out of their heads.

Five minutes later Albert appeared in his suit, less that horrible stiff collar and tie, he was ready for his second favourite experience, flying. His first favourite experience would come a little later when he and Jonnie went to bed.

They got in with Jonnie in the instructor’s rear cockpit and left Albert to go through the startup with the ground crew. Albert was about to score many points when the engine refused to start. He told Jonnie he would help the crew with the engine and got out. They removed all the plugs and cleaned them. “We need to check the carburettor and fuel lines don’t you think? If she won’t start it may not be plugs at fault surely?” He asked the mechanics.

They looked at him and agreed.

Thirty minutes later the engine was firing perfectly after some airflow adjustments to the carburettors. Jonnie let it run for some time and once satisfied all was well, he waved the chocks away. They were on their way.

This flight was very much like Albert’s first one only this time he was in his own cockpit. After half an hour Jonnie yelled into the voice tube. “You have control Albert.”

The first thing Albert experienced was how well she flew, very stable and it would be some many months later before the BE2’s limitations would show up, in fact when war broke out.

He flew for his half hour and then Jonnie took control back and started practice landings and after shouting instructions to Albert he handed the aircraft back to Albert to carry out his first one. Jonnie put his hands over his head to indicate to those on the ground that Albert had control. He carried out five in all and by the time he did his final one Jonnies arms were aching like fuck!

After landing and switching off Albert thought he would do the usual and carry out after flight checks but was stopped by Jonnie. “We have a meeting to attend Dowling, come with us.”

The four men with Albert in tow went to an office and sat down.

Albert for the first time looked at these men all of whom were wearing the wings of the RFC as was Jonnie, he also noted the ranks of each man two were lieutenants the other was a captain and, much to his pride. Jonnie wore the crown of a Major. However, the Captain seemed to be in charge.

“Mister Dowling, there is not much point in a great deal of discussion or asking questions of you as we have been informed by his Lordship of your flying ability and during the time we have observed you flying this morning we have come to agree with the major of that ability. But it is not over by a long shot. You will now be invited to engage in much more flying training over this coming week. You will fly with his Lordship until he passes you to fly solo and after several of them and you fly satisfactorily, these two gentlemen and I will take over as both instructors and assessors. This may take you back a little Mister Dowling, but you need to know that by the end of this week and you satisfy all three of us of your ability, you COULD gain your flying licence and the youngest ever be awarded one. His Lordship has convinced us that you are worth looking at as the three of us and apparently you as well think war is on its way and we will very likely be looking for pilots as we are sure that many more will be needed and at this time there are not that many of us. You will be given navigational training and expected to study the subject whilst not flying. You will also work closely with our mechanical engineers to gain more knowledge, although after the problems experienced before your first flight this morning we are very happy with the knowledge you have already gained. Right Dowling, any questions?”

“Just one sir.”

“Go ahead.”

“I happen to know that to gain a licence it will cost seventy-five pounds. Sir, my total worth is two pounds ten shillings and sixpence. I realise that if I pass the seventy-five pounds would be returned, but sir I don’t have it in the first place and therefore a bit short by 72 pounds 9 shillings and 6 pence.”

As soon as he said it he could have kicked himself, the answer was bloody obvious. There was an awkward silence as the three looked at Jonnie.

“I think young man the answer will become clear very soon.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

Jonnie coughed, but only to stop himself laughing!

“Right, it’s time for your next flight but this time we will not be watching.” The captain then handed Albert a thick envelope. “Take this when you leave for your hotel. In there is the start of your navigational education, it’s all naval as there is not much flying navigation knowledge. Most of it is compass work but as an airman you will need to aquire a pocket watch as an important means to navigate while flying. When you fly you will know your time of departure and where you are flying too, you should also know how long the flight will take and therefore IF you run out of time, you may run out of fuel as well, very embarrassing… So Mister Dowling, tell me what do you think is a VERY important part of air navigation?”

“Knowing your course inside out, making sure you have enough fuel for the flight and the time it will take, but most important looking over the side for a place to land should you run out of both?”

The captain looked at Jonnie. “He is all yours, my Lord. Bloody good answer Dowling!”

The three officers stood up and left leaving Albert and Jonnie alone.

“Well Albert that went well don’t you think? Right, let’s go and fly.”

“NNNOOO!” He screamed out.

“No? Why not?” Albert went to the door and locked it.

“We are going nowhere until you kiss me. For Christ sake Major, kiss me.”

“Oh, why didn’t you say!” They came together wrapping their arms around the man and boy they were so much in love with. The kisses were all about that love in its true meaning.

“Albert we had better stop I am getting hard and it will get in the way of the control stick if we continue.” They were still laughing when they went back into the hanger.

They flew another two flights lasting an hour each, the second of which Albert took control of the entire flight from takeoff to landing. They were both more than happy and Jonnie knowing Albert would be flying solo the next day, but even more exciting for both of them? Hotel time was fast approaching!

Albert was taken to his single bedroom which happened to be next to Jonnies. No surprises there! The young man from reception took him to his room. “I hope you will be comfortable Mister Dowling.” He pointed to a door. “That door opens to the next room sir, both rooms are for family occupation but it is locked both sides when we get non-family guests. Please let us know if there is anything you require sir.” He left with Albert’s three pennies in his pocket.

As soon as the door closed he locked it then went to the communicating door and unlocked that one. He opened it and saw Jonnie standing by his double bed, stark naked and hard. Albert ripped everything off and hung the lot on the floor. They stood looking at the beautiful man and boy smiling at him. There was no hurry, they had hours now and slowly came together and embraced. Albert buried his face into Jonnies chest clinging onto him with all his strength… then burst into tears!


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