Albert Dowling
by BobbyG


Chapter 10

Albert and Ben woke at their usual time, 5am and after a long kiss and cuddle they got up and had a cold wash at the sink. After that he lit the fire and put water into the cauldron.

They made the bed and went down for breakfast.

“Why did you light the fire and fill the cauldron?”

Albert looked at Ben and knew he had to come out with what could happen later that day, well some of it.

“I am going to meet someone and I need the bum cleaner. I will get it out of your room after we have eaten and no, I’m not going to tell you who he is, you will find out sooner or later anyway I suppose.” Albert stopped and looked at his best friend. “Ben we have enjoyed being together like we did and I want us to meet like that again, but I like to be with others as well and I am sure you will be the same, that’s why I am taking you to the athletic club tonight. I already know there will be boys who would like some fun with you.”

An hour later Albert got to the stables and gave Ben a hand with his work before taking his notebook to the hanger to begin to write up his flying experiences so far, as Jonnie had asked him to do. He had work to do on one of the Avro engines but did not want to get dirty, he wanted to stay clean for when William turned up.

Albert sat in one of the armchairs but did not start writing, instead picked up the Times that Jonnie would leave him which was turned to an inside page that he had been asked to read.

It was a long column about the political uncertainties in Europe and, in the writer’s opinion, could eventually lead to war between Austria Hungary and Serbia but as Russia, Germany, France and Britain had a complicated set of alliances between one another it could very well escalate into total war.

Even the author of this column could not know how right he would be and after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife in Sarajevo on the 28th June 1914, many who thought the column was written with rather a lot of unqualified guesswork would come to realise how right he was.

Albert laid the paper down and thought about it wondering if it really could mean war. Jonnie was convinced there would be and that was one of many reasons he wanted Albert to go into flying, but even he could have no idea he could very well be encouraging Albert to enter a new military arm that would see thousands of aviators die from all sides. He was brought out of his thoughts when he heard his name.

“Hello Albert.” He looked up and saw William properly for the first time smiling at him. He stood up and went towards this really good looking man. Good looking? Not at all, he was bloody lovely! Any thoughts about possible war were forgotten, for the time being.

Albert returned William’s smile as he walked towards him. He guessed he was about 5ft 9/10 with long curly fair hair with a tanned face due to his regular field trips looking for scenes to paint. Albert had to think hard about what his face really was and could only come up with “angelic” which he knew he had got right when he got closer and saw his stunning lagoon blue eyes.

William was very slim without being skinny but both white shirt and shorts were a size too big so he would have to wait until he was naked to see just how slim he was, which Albert knew right then would happen, he even felt movement in his own shorts and he had not even got to William yet!

“Good morning Sir William, welcome to the hanger.”

They shook hands and Albert got gently told off.

“It’s William Albert and I know Jonnie told you to call me by name only.”

“Just being polite William, would you like a cup of tea?”

“That would be lovely thank you.”

“Have a look around and I will brew up.”

The kettle was already on and five minutes later he laid the tray on the table in front of the couch, sat down and waited for William to finish his tour. He watched William as he wandered around and smiled to himself as he thought how he would go about seducing this really handsome man! “ME! Seducing a member of the nobility and about to have sex with my second one!”

“Thank you Albert, you make a nice cup.” William took another sip.

“I’m sorry I cannot offer you biscuits, I forgot to bring them with me.”

“That is unforgivable, Jonnie will be most displeased when I see him next.” William looked at Albert with a massive smile on his “angelic” face. They continued to look at one another and Albert knowing what his next words would be.

“Will you tell him of my error when you sleep with him again?” That surprised William no end and he could not answer. Albert was having a great time and William was about to as well.

“William we both know why you came to see me and I must say I am so pleased you did.” With that the fifteen-year-old put his cup on the table and then took William’s cup and put that down as well.

“This may also be unforgivable, but Sir William I hope unforgettable at the same time.” With that he climbed over William’s lap and again smiled at him.

“Will you please take me in your arms and kiss me.”

“My word Albert, you don’t waste any time do you!” Albert felt William’s arms around his body which sent a shiver down his spine and put his arms around William’s neck, which sent one down his.

Albert lent forward and they gently kissed for a very long time, which became much more intense the longer it went on and then both man and boy opened their mouths and introduced their tongues to one another. They would be like that for many a minute, 15 of them to be exact.

Albert eventually pulled back and smiled at William.

“I love to kiss but it would be even better if we were naked don’t you think?” Albert rubbed his ass crack on William’s hidden but hard cock.

“Oh hells bells Albert I am going to shoot if you keep that up…! Please we have to get naked as you say.”

Albert stayed on William’s lap and watched the Knights face as he unbuttoned his shirt and took it off.

“Oh my word, you are beautiful!”

Albert then pulled William’s tennis shirt over his head and chucked it on the floor.

“So are you William.”

He was looking at William’s slim but perfectly formed torso and ran his hands all over it. He lent back into his new friend and kissed him and from there to his chest then nipples. He had to get off William’s lap as he kissed his way down to the belly and finally ended up laying his head directly on that hard but still hidden cock. He placed his right hand inside the right thigh and began to stroke upwards listening to William’s intake of breath as he felt Albert’s hand arrive at his cock and take it in hand.

“My God that’s huge!” He moved it to William’s balls. “So are these!” He yanked the short leg up and over this thick 9-inch weapon and now had cock and balls in both hands and just stared at this amazing sight. He smiled at William. “That’s going to be a challenge William!”

He pulled the shorts down and once again stared at William’s almost naked body still holding the “beast!”

“Albert please get undressed I need to see you.” There was a mad scramble as they briefly separated and ripped off the rest of their clothes. William laid back down and a second later Albert was between his legs with his face buried into William’s crotch and began to kiss, lick, fondle and finally suck the head of William’s enormous cock, he could stay like that forever!.

“Please Albert. I need you in my mouth.” Albert moved round and returned his attention back to William’s weapon and those amazing ball sacks, but now made even better as he felt William’s mouth around his own cock as well as William fondling his cheeks and pulling them apart. They would stay like that for ages.

At long last Albert turned and laid on top of William, he was on a mission. They kissed and as they did Albert felt under a cushion and got the Vaseline tub out and knelt between William’s legs and began to slowly apply a generous load on every inch as William looked on moaning as Albert worked.

“Are you sure Albert? It could hurt you so much dear boy.”

Albert smiled down at this beautiful man, totally in control. “I ride horses and Jonnies cock very well William and I know I can ride you as well.”

He lent down and kissed William and then adjusted himself and took William’s masterpiece to his backside and literally sat on him until the head broke through. He took a sharp intake of breath as the pain hit and then promptly ignored it, the term “no gain without pain” was not used in those days but that’s what Albert was determined to go through. He lent over William and wrapped his arms around his neck, he was in a good position and only because of William’s long nine-inch reach. He looked down and smiled.

“Over to you William, I want the lot inside me please.”

All William was capable of was doing as he was told and began to thrust his hips up slipping further inside Albert as he did so. He watched Albert’s face which was blank but knew it must be hurting.

It took some time but finally he was in all the way and as soon as he was Albert sat up and began to ride William and after a while the discomfort lessened and the pleasure took over, for both of them.

It was glorious and now they were both able to sink into the pleasure of this act of homo sex.

Albert kissed William. “Everything is fine William.”

He took Albert in hand and like that they bought one another to the edge and fell over it together. Their breathing came in gasps and as they locked their eyes together, they both blew up, William filling Albert’s tight tunnel and Albert covering William’s entire front. Albert collapsed on top of William and like that they waited to recover which took some time but they still managed to gently kiss their way through it, even though Albert had not finished his mission.

“Stay inside me please William.”

Ben had seen William going into the hanger leaving his trestle, stool, sunshade and all his other bits on the ground. Two hours later he smiled to himself as the trestle and other things remained as they were and knew that artwork would have been forgotten.

He went back into the tack room and wanked off thinking of the probable activities going on in the hanger and knowing he would be asking Albert about it when they next met.

Meanwhile, back in the hanger William called out for the third time that he was coming and delivered a much-reduced load into Albert while Albert himself sprayed William his own third load which was equal to the first and second ones.

“Albert dear boy I’m finished, please may I come out?” Albert got off William’s suffering 9 inches and they laid on their sides cuddled up and kissed for the next half hour until they had recovered.

“Will you sleep with me tonight Albert?”

Albert got hold of William’s limp dick and played with it. “I would never give up the chance of having this beauty back inside me William, of course I will be there.”

It was William’s turn. “And young man I also have a desire to have YOU inside ME tonight please.”

Albert thought of the Times article he had read before William pleasantly interrupted him and decided that if indeed war was to break out in the near future he was going to live his life to the full until forces unknown could fuck it all up. He also thought of Jonnie and despite just having sex with another man he knew without doubt he was totally in love with him.

They put all of William’s gear into the hanger and after a kiss goodbye and Albert promising to come down the bolthole at 8, William left. Albert stayed behind for a while then walked over to the stables to see Ben.

Ben had been looking out a lot of the time and when he saw William walking back to the manor he knew Albert would be over quite soon and smiled as he came around the hanger. He just stood there with a smile on his face and waved at Albert who waved back. Ben went into Prince’s stable and waited. Albert joined Ben and as soon as they were together they cuddled and kissed for ages. Albert couldn’t help himself and fondled the front of Ben’s trousers.

“You’re a sex maniac Dowling. Always up for it.”

Albert shrugged his shoulders and went to his knees unbuttoning Ben’s trousers as he went. They dropped to the floor and Albert took Ben’s half stiff cock into his mouth and tasted fresh cum. He looked back up at his friend. “You been wanking Miller, couldn’t you wait for me?”

“YOU fucking didn’t! You been fucking about with Sir William, the lucky sod!”

Albert stood back up and they laughed together and kissed.

“You have then Albert?” There was a long silence as Albert thought.

“Yes Ben I have and me saying that means I have to trust you.” Ben held Albert close to his body very tightly.

“Of course you can stupid. Do you think I would fuck up with you!? You have no idea what you mean to me Albert. Come on, let’s go to the hayloft.”

For the fourth time that morning Albert took a second cock up his ass and when Ben shot into him Albert had a mixture of William and Ben’s sperm to get to know each other in their millions!

Ben withdrew and got in front of his friend and sucked him off and nearly choked as a huge load blasted into his mouth. It seemed that no matter how many times Albert shot a load, it never got less in quantity.

“DOWLING! Where the hell are you!?”

The boys threw their clothes on in a panic and when dressed Albert called out to the unknown voice.

“I’m up here!”

Tommy Price came into the barn and looked up. “You are to go to the estate office at 6 o’clock, his Lordship will be phoning you. Don’t be late.”

Albert and Ben laid on a bed of straw kissing. “Wonder what his Lordship wants to talk about Albert. I bet he will be telling you he wants you to go into town and meet him in a hotel so he can fuck you.”

“Fuck you Miller, get your dirty mind cleaned up and stop fishing, it’s aircraft talk and you know that.”

“Bet you wouldn’t mind a fuck though!” Albert beat his friend up all over the hayloft laughing their lovely heads off and Albert hoping Ben was right!

“Hello my Lord.”

“Hello Dowling, are you on your own?” The estate manager had gone out of the office when the call came in, but they both knew the call could not include private talk because there was the risk of the telephone exchange operator listening in.

“Yes my Lord.”

“Good. Now listen. You are to come to Farnborough the day after tomorrow. You will be driven over as you may have to stay for a few days. I have booked a room for you in my hotel. Bring a change of clothes, you are going to be very busy but I can only tell you how busy when we meet. Oh, by the way did Sir William visit the hanger today?”

“Yes my Lord, he seems to have enjoyed his visit and he spent a long time with me which was very enjoyable given our differences in position. I think he will begin his artwork tomorrow. I will be here as well and I will keep Sir William refreshed with tea and biscuits and anything else he asks for.”

“Very good Dowling and thank you for looking after Sir William so well. Now just get yourself prepared to come to Farnborough on Wednesday.”

“Yes my Lord. May I ask when I should be ready to leave the manor?”

“Eight in the morning. Goodbye.”

Albert put the earpiece back on the cradle and stood there with the biggest smile on his face possible. He knew, whatever this was about, it would include private time with Jonnie. He left the office with a hard-on leading the way.

“So, you seeing Sir William tonight?” They were in Ben’s room naked on his bed facing one another.


“Lucky fucker, wish I could be there as well.”

Albert thought about what Ben had said and got excited.

“Would you like to be with us then?”

“Could be fun. You, me and him fucking… yeah it would be good. Why don’t you ask him?” Ben had come a long way since the first sex with Albert it seemed!

“I will ask him when we meet later and I tell you something else. I’m going away on Wednesday for a few days and it would be good if you and William could have time together then. Yeah, I will ask him. Now lay down.”

With Ben on his back Albert climbed on board facing his feet and took Ben into his mouth and at the same time Ben took Albert’s cock into his. Both of them held their heads still as they moved hips driving their cocks into the others mouths face fucking his best friend. They looked a delightful sight as these two beautiful boys joined together in lovemaking as their bodies reacted to every motion of their actions. This would not take long, they both knew it, not that either of them could care less anyway as they were sure there would be many more times and would learn to hold back and enjoy an even more sensational ending.

“BEN…! I’m cumming!” Albert rammed into his mouth once more but Ben could not answer, it was suddenly full of Albert’s multiple loads! Ben got his own back by filling Albert’s mouth with his equally vast loads.

Albert quickly turned around and both boys kissed and at the same time shared one another’s sperm into his friend’s mouth.

Albert laid on his back with Ben snuggled into him laying on his shoulder. Ben was in deep thought but had to keep it to himself. He “thought” he was in love with Albert but told himself at 15 he couldn’t possibly know.

It was time to go down for the evening meal. They washed and dressed one another, after a few sucks, and were about to leave Ben’s room. Albert held Ben close and kissed his ear. “Go to my room at 8 30 and get into bed, naked, I may come in with William if he wants us to get together, but we will come through a secret door by the fireplace so don’t shit yourself if we do. Oh by the way we will only go to the club for bath time. I will just say I was too busy to attend training and just came over to introduce you.”

They walked to the club and as it was all down a woodland track they held hands the whole way and would often stop for a kiss as well.

Albert and Ben stripped off and got into the bath and for the next ten minutes they joined the rest in play fighting which included rather a lot of cock play. Ben’s face was a picture and the smile could not get any wider… and then the lights went out. Albert found himself surrounded by several boys, whoever they were and held even more cocks, who’s ever they were, kissed even more mouths, who’s ever they were and his cock sucked by boys unknown! It was a great day and was not over yet!

They were walking back when Ben told Albert he had been surrounded by loads of boys and had hands all over his body as well as having his cock sucked the whole time as well as him grabbing any cock in reach “I just know Mister Masters was one of them because no boy has a cock that big. I can’t wait for next week Albert!”

Albert opened his bolthole door and went down to Jonnies bedroom just in dressing gown and slippers. Jonnies door, but now on loan to William, was ajar. He pushed it open and went in and the first thing he saw was William standing opposite him with just two things on, a dressing gown and a smile!

“Welcome back to Jonnies bedroom Albert.” And then slipped his dressing gown off.

Albert stood stock still and looked at this most beautiful man standing before him. He just stared and took his time looking over every inch of his body. Not as tall as Jonnie and very different in body shape. Not defined as he was no sportsman as Jonnie was but a body that was completely natural, slim and everything in tremendous proportion. He already knew William’s body was hair free except in the usual places but his pubic hair was the crown of his personal jewels, jewels that could not be matched even by Royalty!

Albert could not take his eyes off those jewels and what he saw was an 8 inch loose penis also for the first time. It hung down between his slightly open legs as if to ask him to take it to its full 9 inches! Albert would in time but he still looked at this incredible sight which was made even better as he looked at those magnificent balls that hung halfway down the length of William’s cock, they were huge and hair free.

William on the other hand was looking at a smaller and younger version of Jonnie. A teenager who because of his athletic training and daily exercising had a toned look with developing body definition. Everything about this boy screamed beauty including his slim 5.5-inch cock that he already knew would soon get longer, harder and thicker from the first kiss, which was now!

William held and kissed Albert then led him to the bed. The covers had been pulled back and they had the whole massive bed to play in, and play they did.

As soon as they had climbed on the bed they began their sweet “attack” on one another’s body which could be set to music as they twisted all over the bed and the overture that would have fitted perfectly would have been Tchaikovsky’s 1812.

The slow, tender beginnings as they kissed and fondled every inch of a body then leading to the licking of both bottoms as each tongue found it’s mark.

The passion would become more intense as they turned opposite ways and took each penis in their mouths and hands. That middle section would be long, sweet and tender.

They were now climbing towards the final act, an act that William had already planned and Albert was about to be taken to his end as he was placed on his back and William straddling him.

He reached behind him and guided Albert’s rock hard penis to his entrance and when lined up, slid down the whole length of Albert’s boyhood. Now both man and boy were joined together which would soon lead to both cannons firing off simultaneously.

Albert grabbed William’s penis knowing he was close and wanted to take William with him.

William lent down and wrapped his arms around Albert and they kissed as the first cannon exploded into William followed by even more cannons by both of them but this time with church bells sounding in their heads which completed this “overture” in all its wonder and beauty.

They laid together wrapped in one another’s arms gently kissing while they both came back down from that wonderful time.

Albert was more than happy because even though the sexual times with Ben and William had been wonderful, he now knew NOBODY could ever take Jonnies place. It gave Albert even more confidence.

“William, do you know Ben Miller from the stables?”

“Oh yes indeed I do… a very handsome young man, almost as handsome as you Albert.”

“Would you ever want sex with him… he is homosexual as well and we have had some really nice times together.”

“ALBERT! What on earth are you suggesting dear boy!”

“I am suggesting we three get together and have a great deal of pleasure Sir William.”

“Oh my word… Mister Dowling I know it would be great fun, but how on earth could that be arranged?”

“He is in my bed waiting for us William.”


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