Albert Dowling
by BobbyG


Chapter 8

The fire in Albert’s room was just about dead but the water in the cauldron would be warm and would give him a good stand up wash paying particular attention to underarms, cock, balls and anus.

Now dry he went to his bed and opened the parcel knowing exactly what was in it but even he was in for a bit of a shock!

“Oh my word! How the fuck do I get into these!?”

Albert just looked at the three items he had never seen before even having looked in male fashion magazines hoping to find pictures of men and boys modelling long johns and sportswear in the 1900’s.

He picked up the dark blue “shirt!?” It didn’t have a collar or long sleeves. But not only that he knew bloody well it was too short and would only come down to his belly button. Jonnie got it very wrong when he measured him he thought! He did smile when he saw the red card showing out of the breast pocket with the other three behind it, he took the black one out and put it in front of the red. “I doubt you will be there long.” He told the black one.

He now picked up what he guessed was cotton underwear having never worn any himself. They were white and again short which he knew would only just cover his bits, but also loose legged and kept up by a cord. There was a note pinned to them.

“Hello Albert, we have made a new rule and this garment will be only be worn on “underwear only” days which will be at least once per week, therefore other days will be just shirts and shorts. We are looking forward to welcoming you to Parkway Academy very soon.

Trevor Deans, Head Boy. (16)”

Albert had only trained in shorts that came down to just above his knees and socks that came just below them! He was now looking at shorts that were the same size as the underwear and held up by an elastic belt with a quick release buckle. He remembered what Jonnie had said about this uniform and could now see what he meant about showing your boyhood off! “Fuck I can’t wait to get there. One hundred boys dressed like this!?”

“OOOH my word…! You look fantastic! Absolutely stunning Albert!” Jonnie went to him and got on his knees and put a hand on one thigh and went up under the leg of the shorts and within a minute Albert was stiff which rather made wearing the shorts a bit pointless as it stuck out underneath the leg and could not be covered and to prove the point he took Albert into his mouth and sucked his lovely dick, he put both hands on the two beautiful bum cheeks and then a finger in that tight hole. Because of their lovemaking earlier that day, fondling Ben’s bum and the group sex at the club Albert would not last too long and after half a dozen more sucks he called out that he was shooting and delivered a handsome load into Jonnies willing mouth.

Albert was taken to the bed and leant over it face down, he felt the shorts being pulled down to his ankles and then Jonnies greased up cock arriving at his back door, he felt more pressure on it and then the glorious feeling as the cockhead broke through and began to slowly travel up that silky tunnel until the whole lot was buried into the him, right up to Jonnies forest as it brushed against Albert’s smooth cheeks.

Jonnie stroked firmly but slowly, he wanted this to last and knew Albert always wanted it like this. After some time both of them began to show signs they were approaching the final act as breathing came in gasps. Jonnie stood Albert up and bent his knees to be able to continue to slide into that exquisite tube, he took Albert’s cock and pumped it at the same rate as he was fucking. They were there and with one last thrust and still stroking, Albert turned his head and they kissed as they both shot at the same time gasping for breath while still clamped to one another’s mouths.

“So, you like me in the uniform then?” They were in the bath.

“LIKE IT!? Oh Albert I have seen all the boys and what a lovely sight, but my dear none better than you look, you are going to get so much attention believe me. However, do not think it will be all sex and nothing else, every day is packed with work and in any case sex is only allowed at lunch break during the day. There is always evening homework classes after tea but by 6 pm boys just do their own thing and I don’t have to tell you what that mainly comprises off but there are many evening clubs to attend as well. During class times boys can still give a quick kiss and a fondle as well as hold hands but that is not regarded as sex, just friendship.”

“What about the teacher during class?”

“All they can do is ruffle ONE boy’s hair, no kissing or anything. However, there is one exception to that and you will find out when you go to your first class.”

They were now in bed cuddled up and doing what the boys could do during class times, kissing and fondling.

“Have you touched Ben yet?”

“No but I think I will tomorrow evening.”

Jonnie drew him closer and kissed him. “Your first boy then Albert.”

He thought it best not to say anything about what went on at the club that evening. It wasn’t sex anyway, just fooling around.


“Yes Jonnie.”

“I go away the day after tomorrow for two weeks and William will not now get here until the day after I go.” There was long pause. “Have a lot of fun dear boy, I will be thinking of you a great deal.”

It was Albert’s turn to be quiet for a few moments. “Jonnie, I am going to miss you and regardless of what happens while you are away I will be looking forward to you coming back. We will see one another when I ride over to Farnborough anyway.” Yet another long pause. “Jonnie, I told you I do not know what being in love is, but I am sure I am with you… in fact I am positive I am.”

Still cuddled up they both fell asleep after long and tender kisses.

A naked Jonnie and Albert kissed goodbye at the bolthole door and Albert went up to his room and the first thing he did was soak his face cloth and wipe the dribbles on the inside of his thighs and bum hole, he then got dressed and went to the servants dining room to meet Ben for breakfast. They greeted one another with smiles and a tap on the shoulders.

“Good morning nurse, I have already had a bath so we can go straight to my room after this AND Albert my back and bum feel fine now.”

“That’s good to hear, maybe two more treatments then and let them clear up on their own.”

“I would like you to check it for a few days though Albert.” The two friends smiled at one another in a sort of knowing way.

“I will check it as often as you want Ben.”

Ben stripped off as soon as his door was shut. He made sure Albert could see his front for a while before turning.

“What do you think?”

Albert swallowed having seen Ben’s half stiff cock.

“Beautiful Ben. Just stay as you are.” He loaded two fingers up and gently treated the few remaining welds that needed attention but deliberately took his time and the message he was giving Ben was very clear as he fondled both cheeks over and over again.

Eventually he stood up and turned Ben around and saw his 5-inch erection. Albert looked from it to Ben’s face.

“Ben, would you like to have the last treatment in my room tonight?”

Ben had smiled a great deal since Miller had been chucked out of his life and this was the biggest one yet. “Only if you are naked as well Albert.”

He looked back down at Ben’s hard cock. “Too fucking sure I will be!”

Being bought up under such strict discipline stopped them doing anything right then even though it was a struggle and 15 minutes later they were in the stables working but this time more than excited, just like being small kids again. Everything they did was much different thinking about later that evening and what was bound to happen. They worked the whole time side by side and both not trying to hide their hidden hard penises, it was not only great fun it was almost like foreplay.

Albert had experienced a number of surprises of late, in fact his life had been full of them and this day was to prove no exception and once again all down to Jonnie.

He was working on the Avro getting it ready for its first flight when he heard his name being called.

“Oi, Dowling!” He looked round and saw Freddy Clark a farm hand standing there.

“Hello Fred, what you doing here? No work?”

“Cheeky fucker, got plenty of it. I’m here with a message from his Lordship and that is to help you get this string bag out and you are to wait here for him, seems you got a visitor. He is another fucking nob who is as daft as his Lordship and you flying in this thing, it just ain’t natural.”

They pulled the Avro out and turned it ready for startup.

“Right, that’s me done, don’t fucking kill yourself but if you do, don’t crash it on me Albert me boy.”

With that Fred went back to his work leaving Albert wondering who this “nob” was.

He saw them coming over the field and stood by the Avro waiting. He took his cap off.

“Good morning my Lord and to you sir.” Albert was looking at a short man, about 5ft 6 with a pleasant face and dressed in his flying suit, he had his leather helmet and goggles in his hand. Albert thought he looked very young to be a Captain and guessed not much older than Jonnie.

“Good morning Dowling, this gentleman is Captain Wiltshire and has come to take the Avro for a spin, is she ready?”

Captain Wiltshire nodded at Albert and then ignored him which was expected.

“Yes my Lord, all ready to go.” Albert went to the front of the aircraft and waited while Jonnie helped the Captain into the cockpit. They chatted for some time and then Wiltshire called out to start up. Albert turned the propeller a few times and then raised a thumb.

“Contact!” Albert now swung hard and was pleased when the Gnome engine burst into life. He got to one side and waited to be told to pull the chocks away. Captain Wiltshire raised a hand and Albert pulled them free and watched as the Avro was opened up and moved off. Jonnie and Albert stood together as they watched the Captain take off.

“Come on Albert, Gerald will be up for an hour at least and I need a another good morning kiss.” With that really nice order from Jonnie they went into the hanger and did just that, for quite some time.

“Is the Captain a friend of yours Jonnie?”

“He is more than a good friend Albert.” Albert wasn’t surprised. “He is an excellent pilot and dear boy he is here to see you fly when he lands.”

“ME… why?”

“I have spoken to Gerald quite a lot about you and although at first he was not interested and did not believe someone of your class could fly an aircraft, I was able to convince him he should at least see for himself and here he is, just don’t bend it when you go up! Oh and by the way, I love you and I still will be regardless of who you are about to sleep with.”

Albert’s thoughts went to later that evening and being with Ben.

“Jonnie, Ben is coming to my room this evening for his last treatment.”

“I thought he would. Will he be staying the night?”

“No, I want to be with you, unless the Captain is staying?”

“No he’s not. I am only free for you, you should know that. Come down when YOU are free please Albert.”

They kissed for even longer and then went out to watch Gerald Wiltshire flying and carrying out landings.

“I like his landings Jonnie, he is a fine pilot.”

“So are you, you really don’t know how good you are becoming Albert.” That was a massive boost to his confidence and just hoped the Captain would be as impressed when it was his turn. Mind you he would be under scrutiny for the first time and that bought about a certain tension.

Captain Wiltshire landed and taxied in and turned the Avro ready for Albert to take off. He switched off and climbed out.

“She flies well Jonnie and the engine I must say is very well tuned, well done to your mechanic.”

Jonnie must have told him Albert had serviced the Gnome.

The Captain walked away leaving Albert to strap in with Jonnie taking the piss. “Albert this could be the start of good things to come, OR a complete disaster, but I will not put too much pressure on you dear 15-year-old!” Albert whispered he loved him which made Jonnie smile even wider.

Albert was satisfied the engine was in good shape, opened the throttle and turned the Avro into wind, he opened up and took off. He would now carry out the order in which to fly as told by Jonnie.

He carried out several flyovers at various speeds and then climbed and when at 2000 feet he bought the aircraft into a stall and carried out a controlled spin for 30 seconds and then pulled out and at the same time lining up for a side slip landing. As soon as his wheels touched down he opened the throttle and took off and carried out other manoeuvres as directed by Jonnie which included four practice landings. When those had been done he now took the plane to just above tree height, turn back to the airfield and flew over at full speed but at no more than 20 feet. He bussed the field four more times and then finally lined up to land.

He was happy, the flight was over and the landing had been perfect. He taxied to the hanger and with one last boost on the throttle turned the machine back into takeoff position and then cut the engine.

Albert climbed out and put the chocks in place and then waited for Jonnie and Wiltshire to stop talking and come over to him. If he was hoping for compliments he was going to be disappointed as after the two men had spoken Captain Wiltshire turned and went back to the manor.

“Well done Albert, very good flying and don’t think Gerald was not impressed, I know he was, he just has to come to terms that you are not in the right class. Being able to fly is definitely a gentleman’s domain according to him and at the moment only cavalry officers can become pilots. He even criticised me for encouraging you in the first place but this has certainly given him something to think about. Well done Albert, I am so proud of you.

“Come on let’s get the old girl back in and then after we kiss I have to go back and talk more to Gerald. I am determined to change his attitude, I changed mine and so can he.”

They kissed goodbye for the last time before they would meet again when Albert would go down to join his lover later that night.

“Have a super time Albert, I love you so much remember.” One more kiss as well as a massive cuddle and Jonnie left.

The two boys sat together during their meal neither saying much but both thinking the same thing. It all seemed unreal knowing what was about to happen. Ben finished first and got up to leave, he whispered to Albert. “I’m going for my bath, see you in about 15 minutes and you better be naked when I get there.” He got up and left.

Albert shoved the rest of his meal down and ran to his room hoping the water was still warm.

When he got there he filled a jug and went to the crapper with Jonnies bum cleaner wondering if Ben would go there.

After a full body clean he dried himself and opened the door, he would hear Ben coming onto the corridor that lead to his room.

Ben took one look at his naked friend and smiled at the beauty coming back at him. “My word Albert you look even better than I ever thought.”

Albert told Ben to get his boots and socks off and after Ben did as he was told he got behind him and unbuttoned his shirt, he removed it and dropped it to the floor.

“Oi, watch it, I ironed that a month ago.”

“Shut up or I’ll iron your dick.” Albert looked at Ben’s back and declared it better. “Just a few marks but they will go in time.”

“Thank you doctor.”

Albert reached in front and undid the belt and then one by one opened his flies. He let go and they too fell to the floor.

“You have never ironed those so don’t say a word, just step out of them.” Ben did as he was told and then Albert got to his knees with his face no more than 6 inches away from an almost mark free bum and those that were still there did not spoil the lovely view he had.

“I won’t bother to treat it now Ben, your bum is fine.”

“What will you do instead then doctor?”

“If you call me doctor again, you will end up needing one. Shut up and leave it to me.”

Ben closed his eyes as he felt Albert’s hands touch each cheek and began to massage them as well as pull them slightly apart. He blew into the crack which made Ben jerk a bit. “Oh fuck, that’s nice!”

Albert dropped his hands inside Ben’s left thigh and gradually moved upwards between his legs. He bent down further and could see Ben’s bollocks swinging and simply moved his right hand two inches and took them in hand. “Oh fuck!” He repeated those words when Albert took hold of that lovely cock and began to stroke it and at the same time kissed both cheeks. “OH FUCK!”

Ben was in a different world, one which he had no idea existed and this experience was to get even better when Albert moved to his front and began to lick both balls and right into his crotch as well as stroke those firm buttocks.

“Ok fuck!” Ben said yet again, he seemed to have lost his entire vocabulary. Ben held his breath and gripped Albert’s head as he waited for his friend’s mouth to take him in and when his tongue began to lick underneath his cock head Ben lost it, screamed out “OH FUCK!” then rammed his cock all the way down Albert’s throat. Albert loved it and began a proper sucking by drawing back then swallowing the whole length of that glorious rod many times whilst listening to the lovely Ben shouting out many “Oh Fuck’s!”

Albert found himself in a very different place. He had quite a lot of wonderful sexual experiences with Jonnie and now happily sharing some of it with Ben. Albert was also at a very high level of sexual need himself, but a first for him was he had to take the lead role and therefore made it up as he went along, just like flying in 1910!

He slowly kissed and licked his way back up Ben’s body stopping off at his nipples and holding his cock at the same time with Ben calling out the usual.

Albert smiled at his friend. “You ok with all this Ben?”

He did not answer straight away but looked down at Albert’s throbbing cock and then took it in both hands. It was Albert’s turn now. “Oh fuck!”

He looked back at Albert’s face and smiled at him. “Too fucking sure I am!”

As soon as he said that the boys embraced and for the first time they kissed one another with a lot of tenderness. That would go on for some time but as it did the passion would increase and the kissing become more intense but when they introduced their tongues to one another, all hell broke loose.

Albert took Ben to the bed and what followed was an uncoordinated “attack” as both boys explored one another’s bodies with their hands, lips and tongues. Albert knew exactly what he was doing and took Ben to places he did not know existed and just followed Albert’s lead and copied his every action… and there were many of them.

They were a mass of legs and arms as they twisted this way and that, holding, kissing, licking and then after Albert had put Ben on his back he began to kiss and lick his body and all the time getting closer to Ben’s massive throbbing hard on and the head pointing at Albert’s face.

Both of them arrived at the same time and as Albert took Ben into his mouth, he felt Ben’s hand hold him and then that glorious feeling as Ben took him into his own mouth.

Ben again followed Albert as he felt his friend’s hand take both ass cheeks in hand and followed suit, they would be like that for some time and both 15-year-olds were nearing their ends.

“Oh shit Albert, I’m going to shoot… Christ Albert.. I’m..!”

Albert quickly turned round and put his arm around Ben’s neck and kissed him, he had his hand on the back of Ben’s so neither of them could part. Both boys took the other in hand and stroked to the finishing line and as they did so both of them tensed as their breathing became quicker through their noses… They both froze for a few seconds and then came together in great wads covering one another’s chests and bellies time and time again.

It took a long time for them to recover but while they waited they kissed and at the same time stroked each other’s backs.

At last Ben drew away smiling at Albert and then went back to kissing him. After some time like that he laid on Albert’s shoulder and, still playing with his cock, he finally managed to speak.


Albert kissed his head.

“Yes Ben.”

“This is not the first time you’ve done this is it.” Not a question, just a statement.


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