Albert Dowling
by BobbyG


Chapter 7

“Can you come back up please Albert.”

Albert stopped sucking and went back to Jonnies mouth and fed him the mouthful of the sperm that had just blasted into him.

“Thank you, Albert, that was perfect, just like you.”

They kissed for sometime and then Jonnie put them on their sides.

“So, how did it go with Miller?”

Albert kissed him again and told him all that had happened and no, they did not have sex and wouldn’t for a few days.

“I think Ben will want sex with me when he is rid of all the pain and discomfort.” It was Jonnies turn to kiss Albert.

“You will have some time with him Albert, I am going away at the end of the week and stay for a week or so at Farnborough to train on the new Avro and learn about other developments. I can now tell you William is coming to stay the day after I go and you will get to know him a little before you make up your mind if you want to go with him. I have offered him my apartment and bed. I have told him about us and you can both make use of the bolt hole if you so wish. William will introduce himself to you in the hanger and you both go from there but be assured he will not take you into anything you yourself do not want, in fact it will be you who will take the lead.

“I would like you to ride out with him as he is not a good horseman and he needs supervision. I also want you to come over to Farnborough two days after I go to see the new BE2 and take at least one flight with me. I want you to come over at least another three times whilst I am away to fly and work in the workshops.”

They stopped for a kiss before Jonnie went on.

“Albert I would like you to keep an eye on Ben by helping him out at the stables please as from tomorrow, I think he will need help with the heavier work until he is much fitter, perhaps you would work with him every morning and then go to the hanger, I know there will not be much to do and so there will be plenty of time for you to write up your whole experience of flying from your first flight, when you flew solo and every other time you flew as well as your technical training.

“Maybe one day I can present it to people I know will look at someone I already know will become a very accomplished pilot.”

Jonnie went silent for some time and then smiled at Albert but not a happy one.

“My dear Albert I cannot be sure when but I am convinced there is going to be war by all I read about what’s going on in Europe and in particular Germany… I am sure there will be a call to arms and if Britain becomes involved our 750,000 troops will be up against Germany’s army of over 3 MILLION. All I hope is the Royal Navy continues to dominate the seas and control the waters surrounding us, thank God we are an island. Albert even you may be called upon and if I can influence others I hope you will be able join the Royal Flying Corps, not because its any safer, far from it, we are making it up as we go along and will be for many years, no dear boy if you get into the RFC, it will keep you away from what I know will be hell on earth. I have listened to senior officers and all they talk about is cavalry charges, standing your ground at all costs, bayonet charges and have not looked beyond the horse as its main transport and fighting machine. None of them have even looked at an aircraft and thought how it could revolutionize warfare and Albert, IF you do become involved I would like you to become a part of that revolution, but the good thing is you are only 15 and far too young to join up, lets just hope it will all be over before you are 18.”

There was yet another very long pause as Albert thought about all Jonnie had said. He looked up at his lover and smiled at him.

“Jonnie I have also read accounts of what is happening in Europe and like you I know there is an uncertain future for all of us and I can assure you if it comes to war, I WILL try to join the RFC, with your help that is. Now please let’s stop talking about it and tell me about William!”

(It would not become clear until years after the war that some 250,000 boys aged between 13 and 18 joined the army and navy, some 20,000 of whom were killed in action.)

“You horrible young man, here is us like we are and both having time to make love and all you want from me is to tell you about another MAN! Oh my word… ah well maybe afterwards then.

The first thing to say is that when you meet William you call him that and not Sir William.  He is just 21 and an artist of some renown and very wealthy because of inheritance. He is a quiet man and unless he knows people well he keeps himself very much to himself. He loves to paint landscapes and will often tramp miles to find the scene he wishes to put on canvas and can be away for weeks, just himself and his paints and brushes.

Obviously you already know of his liking for boys but as far as I know he has only ever slept with his nephew and close friends like me.

He is just under 6 foot tall and VERY slim and when naked he is so very beautiful. He is not a sportsman but as he walks miles he is very fit and his body has a natural shape to it and my thought is he will never change. He eats like a horse and never puts weight on.

“Now dear boy you will want to know about his male parts! Well, you will be in for a treat should you ever wish to see him naked. His penis is 9 inches long when hard, I know I measured it and to make the sight of him even more attractive his testicles drop halfway down the length of his penis and are quite large. He has a wonderful collection of pubic hair which is fair, just like his head hair but other than those two areas, his body is hair free. All in all Albert, William is a lovely handsome man made even better because he is such a lovely person as well. Right, that’s it, no more telling you about William, it’s now our time.”

Albert laughed and kissed Jonnie, but he could not help wondering what it would be like having sex with William and knew very well he wanted it to happen.

Jonnie slipped into him and for the first time completely pain-free, Albert’s thoughts went back to William and his 9 inches and wondered if it would hurt very much. “Soon find out” he told himself and then shot all over the sheets.

The two boys met at 5am the following morning at breakfast and Albert told Ben they would be working mornings together until Ben was better and that he would be riding with Sir William. “Apparently he is fucking useless and I have been told to wet nurse him every time he goes out.” Albert said it as though it was something he was not looking forward having to do but of course the opposite was true.

Albert was more than excited about the prospects of having sex with William and more than likely with Ben very soon and what with that and having sex with Jonnie, he was one very happy 15 year old.

After breakfast they went to the bathroom and Albert filled the bath by the bucket load while Ben got undressed and stood with his back to Albert for his inspection. “Bloody hell Ben that shit is working already, I reckon you will be fine in a few days.” Ben got in and began to wash his front taking time to make sure his cock and balls were pristine.

“That thing will fall off if you keep that up, don’t forget your ass, I bet it stinks.” Ben looked at Albert and smiled. “One, my cock won’t drop off and two I wash my ass after every time I have a shit now, do you want to smell it!?” Ben got the shock of his life when Albert bent down to his ass and sniffed. “Ok, you’ll do!” They both laughed and then Albert chucked in half a bag of salt and began to pour water over Ben’s back for the next five minutes.

“I’m finished and it did not seem to sting as much Ben, that’s really good. Mrs Willis certainly knows her stuff.”

Ben got out and dried his front off and then Albert dabbed his back and bum. Nothing was said and Ben did not try to hide the semi-erection that came about as Albert worked on him. Albert had bought Mrs Willis’s potion with him and treated all the welds with Ben nowhere near the pain he had the first time. Albert got on his knees and treated Ben’s rear end making sure Ben noticed him taking his time.

“Thanks again Albert.” He turned to his friend again smiling. “I want to get better of course but I will miss this as well.” He grinned at Albert and then got dressed. They walked to the stables in silence but both thinking the same thoughts.

After working together for 4 hours they had a break before Albert said goodbye and went to service the Avro and wait for Jonnie to turn up for a flying lesson. He duly arrived and after the usual greeting they got the aircraft out and after more advice from Jonnie, Albert took off but this time he had a note for Ben wrapped around a stone and tied up. He took off and after he had carried out several manoeuvres as Jonnie had instructed. He flew over the stables and after several of them he saw Ben come out and look up. He flew over again and lobbed the note out just missing Ben! He climbed away and carried out several practise landings before an actual one. Meanwhile Ben had opened the note, it read; “I too want you to get better Ben but I will also miss treating you as well. Your friend Albert.”

Ben smiled and looked over at the airfield as Albert landed and said out loud. “Sooo Master Albert Dowling, the message is clear unless I’m very much mistaken.” All it was down to now is which one of them would make the first move.

They pulled the Avro back in the hanger and carried out after flight checks after which there was nothing more to be done and as Jonnie would be away very soon they both needed to spend as much time together as possible.

“Master Dowling.”

“My Lord?”

Jonnie went to Albert and took him in his arms and kissed him. “God I love you so much. Albert lets close the doors and undress one another please.”

Albert kissed his man and went to the double doors and closed them. Both of them thought of nothing but sex, Albert desperate to be fucked and Jonnie needing to give them equal pleasure.

They stripped one another off in the crew room and once naked Albert was taken to the couch and laid down with Jonnie on top of him. Both man and boy kissed deeply for a long time until Jonnie got on his knees and shoved Albert’s legs back over his head exposing his button, he rammed his face between those lovely cheeks and hit Albert’s button with his tongue. For the second time that day Albert nearly took off!

As Jonnie licked that special place the more both of them became even more worked up. He got the Vaseline tub and fingered a load into Albert and the boy looking at the beautiful body of his lover. For an outsider the sight of boy and man like this would have caused an instant erection and a wish to join in.

Albert had not yet worked out his favourite position but this one was either at the top or very near to it. He lay holding his legs wide open watching the magnificent Jonnie as he lined his iron hard cock up and after the lightest of thrusts his cock head popped into Albert who laid there with his eyes closed and a huge smile on his face. Albert knew he was just seconds away from when Jonnies cock would hit that very sensitive spot and send him into a different world.

“Deeper Jonnie… Please!”

Now for the first time Jonnie slipped slowly into Albert in one movement and Albert crying out as Jonnie hit the spot and at the same time felt that lovely thick bush against his ass. Jonnie got a cushion under Albert’s bum and then lent towards him and each wrapped arms around one another and their mouths joined, like that Jonnie slowly stroked fully into that tight tunnel and then back out right to the edge of that equally tight entrance before thrusting slowly back in.

Jonnie was determined to make this last to ensure the beauty of this act would not end before he ran out of control.

They smiled and kissed and told of their love and as they carried on like that Albert’s breathing came in gasps. “Jonnie I’m nearly there!” He called out. Jonnie went into his limit and stayed there. “JONNIE! You bugger!”

Jonnie kissed him. “I’m taking you to your end my dear boy.” And with that he withdrew just two inches and dived back in, he kept this up but as Albert began to swallow quicker and his breathing became even more intense, Jonnies cock became a piston as he doubled his fucking speed and listened as Albert screamed out in sheer ecstasy and both of them watched as Albert’s cock simply blew up as a solid mass of sperm shot out, right over his head. Four more lesser shots followed covering Albert’s face and chest. Jonnie stroked into Albert six more times before calling out the obvious.

“Albert… Oh my dear Albert!” And with that shot into him with such force Albert felt every one of them as the sperm filled his tight tunnel.

Jonnie collapsed on top of the 15-year-old and wrapped his arms around his shoulders, Albert in turn wrapped his arms AND legs around Jonnie so he could not withdraw and like that they clung on as they both recovered which would take some time.

At last Jonnie moved to Albert’s mouth and they kissed for ages. Sometime later Jonnie rose slightly and looked down at Albert’s cock.

“Oh my word your boy part is hard again!”

“So is yours, I can feel it all swollen in my bum. Can you go again?”

“You will be the death of me young man!” And began to fuck this beautiful boy.

Fifteen minutes later both of them erupted for the second time that afternoon.

Jonnie forced Albert on his side with his back to the back on the couch. “Well young man I never thought I would say this, but no more sex do you hear… well not until later tonight.”

Albert hugged him tightly and kissed him. “Jonnie I have to admit I love sex, is that a bad thing?”

It was Jonnies turn to kiss Albert. “How can it be a bad thing, if you choose to, you are about to have sex with young Miller and William as well as many pupils and teachers at the school and they will be willing participants. What is bad about that?”

Jonnie stroked Albert’s face and looked serious and knew of course Albert could very well fall for another boy or man, he had already told himself his boy would and it could very well be Miller.

“Jonnie just promise me you will fly to the school as often as you can please, I am going to miss you so much.”

“Miss me or the flying?”

“I did say you, but also flying and yes, I will miss flying as much as I will you.”

They got dressed and Jonnie kissed Albert goodbye and went back to his study, he had visitors and would be busy until dinnertime entertaining. Albert already knew he would not see him until much later. He finished up in the hanger and went to the stables to check on Ben and stayed with him until everything was done. They went to say goodnight to the horses in the field and went back for Ben’s next treatment.

“You nearly killed me chucking the note out of that plane you daft sod.” He smiled at Albert. “Nice note though.”

“I meant it, not nearly killing you I mean but the message. Ben this will be a quick treatment this time as I have got cross country training later and don’t get back until late but I could spend more time with you tomorrow night if you like.”

They were nearly at the servant’s door so Ben stopped and looked at Albert. “I would like that.”

Once again Ben dried his front off after the salt bath and handed Albert the towel.

“My word Ben your back is getting even better and your bum as well.”

They both giggled and Albert went to work with Mrs Willis’s treatment only this time he didn’t use lint, just his fingers and therefore personal contact on that lovely firm bum. He once again took his time and also held the front of Ben’s left thigh as he worked. He treated every fast healing wound and then stood up and smiled at his friend.

“Two more of these and I reckon you will be fine. Sorry mate I have to get going or I will be late for training. See you at breakfast tomorrow.” He gave Ben’s bum a light tap and went towards the door.

“And tomorrow night Albert, have a good evening.” Albert had no idea just how good.

The athletic clubhouse was in fact a disused barn and windowless. The doors had been sealed up and a normal sized door cut into one of them. All there was inside were wooden benches for the boys to leave their clothes, two shit cubicles and the huge communal bath. The water was heated by the steam boiler which was lit by Jim Masters an hour before the boys were due and in good time for it to get warm enough after the training was over.

The barn backed onto the football pitch and the boys would jog round it twice to warm up and then out into the countryside to run the five miles with Jim running with them calling out encouragement.

When they got back they played a 10 a side football match for half an hour and then back into the barn to bathe.

As always Albert put all he had into his training despite twice having sex with Jonnie earlier and getting worked up again while fondling Ben’s bum. Now looking at all the naked boys around him, he once again found himself thinking about Jonnie later that night and got semi-hard at the same time.

Jim Masters made up his mind and risked getting in with the boys, he knew His Lordship was busy and would not come to the club. “Fuck it,” he said to himself.

“Look out boys I am coming in!” He called out and was surprised when they shouted back at him as he was about to climb in. “GET THEM OFF! GET THEM OFF! GET THEM OFF!” He shrugged his shoulders, dropped his shorts and threw them away. For the first time the boys saw their coach naked and that thick 7 inch cock hanging between his legs. Not one of them looked away and most got hard as they looked at this handsome man.

Albert stood next to a 14-year-old lad called Timmy Lane. He was nicknamed “girly” because of his feminine mannerisms and rather quiet nature. He was liked a great deal but had to put up with some pretty mean stuff at school, but the boy was tough which brought about another feminine side to him, he would throw anything at hand at anyone giving him a problem. Albert loved that feminine side to Timmy.

“My word “girly”, he must be pretty pleased with that thing!” Albert looked at Jimmy who was smiling back at him and then felt Jimmy’s hand around his cock and kept it there.

“I prefer your’s Albert, I have always thought you have the best one in the club and, if I’m not much mistaken you will see Mister Masters getting VERY close to Charlie Smith, I know he likes Charlie a lot.”

Albert reached out and took Jimmy’s cock in hand and together held on and stroked a little. AND THEN..! There was a power cut and the barn was plunged into darkness. A huge cheer went up followed by almost complete silence. It was as if the whole group had been waiting for something like this to happen and suddenly Albert found several boys around him clutching at his body, going underwater and sucking his hard cock and fondling his behind. He found a mouth on his and he had no idea who was kissing him! He reached out and lost count of the cocks he held but knew Jim Masters was not one of them, he seemed to have disappeared! In fact Jim had got hold of Charlie and had taken him to the far corner of the bath and both man and boy doing to one another that they had wanted for many a week.

It all came to an end when the lights came back on and everyone separated including Jim Masters and Charlie. Apart from boys kissing, sucking and touching one another, not anything more serious happened but from now on during bath times, Jim would always switch the lights off and get in with Charlie while Albert and the other boys would have their own fun.

Albert ran back to the manor a very happy boy having been involved with other lads for the first time and could not wait to be with Jonnie again but also thinking about seeing Ben tomorrow morning for his next treatment and then later that evening when he was sure “something” would happen.

When he opened the door to his room the first thing he saw was a small parcel on his bed with a note attached.

“Albert, please wear the contents of this parcel when you come to me, I am waiting for you my dear boy.”


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