Albert Dowling
by BobbyG


Chapter 3

Lord Penton had over these past few weeks done a lot of thinking and had come to realise if Miller had not turned Albert’s room over, he would have carried out his original intention to seduce him but now all he wanted with this boy was in fact to make love to him, something he had never done to anyone before, male or female. It had just been sex with nothing attached.

He often shuddered at the thought of what he would have done to Albert when the door was closed. He thought again about what action he had intended that day.


Penton would have looked around and seen a neat and tidy room including the bed.

“Very good Dowling, I am pleased you take care of your room in this way, it just adds to what I have been told about you from other staff and that includes your personal care which is something else I wish to confirm, please remove your boots and socks.”

“As you wish my Lord.” His hands shook as he undid the laces realising what all this was really about and had to admit, hoped it would, but oh so nervous!

He stood back up and stared straight ahead into his Master’s chest. Penton began to unbutton his shirt from the neck down and as each button was opened his chest and belly was exposed for his Lordship to look at and admire.

Penton threw the shirt on the bed and looked all over Albert’s body smiling at the perfect definition of this boy’s torso and then for the first time Albert would have felt another mans hands on him and only just stopped himself expressing his thrill at the touch as Penton caressed his chest and belly. He then turned Albert round and stroked his back and at the same time lowered his head and kissed Albert’s neck.

“You are a beautiful boy, very beautiful. You are a perfect specimen of what a 15-year-old should look like.” Thoughts flashed through Albert’s head, should he reply? It was always expected from a Master.

“Thank you my Lord.”

Penton continued to kiss Albert’s neck and at the same time wrapped his arms around his body stroking his chest and belly once again.

The hands dropped further down reaching Albert’s trousers and the boy felt buttons being undone and two seconds later they fell to the floor. Albert was now naked and could not help leaning back into his Master waiting for those hands to arrive and when they did he could not stop himself calling out. “Oh My Lord!” Penton stroked all 5.5 inches of this perfect cock for a very long time and all the while Penton telling Albert how beautiful he was.

Albert was now nearing the point when he knew he would shoot and began to breath deeper. Penton hearing it suddenly sat on the bed turning Albert at the same time.

Albert looked down at Penton and watched as he began to take his shirt off.


“My Lord, is there something wrong?”

Penton found himself back in the hanger and realised he must have been standing there deep in thought for some time. He looked at Albert without expression.

“Yes and no. Albert I need to tell you something which I hope you will try to understand and I hope to make changes that you will agree to and one of those changes is that I call you Albert when we are alone and you will call me Jonnie as my close friends do. Come, I need to sit down.”

He led the way to a corner in the hanger that had an old carpet, a tea table, a settee, a wood burner and two armchairs that was called the “crew room” even though it was mostly only Jonnie who used it, until now he hoped. What Jonnie would not know is that when he was thinking about what could have happened in Albert’s room but didn’t, he would have no idea that Albert would have become a willing part of the seduction and therefore making the thought of seduction somewhat redundant!

He knew exactly what he wanted to say but now facing Albert he was struggling. He pulled himself up to his full height but thought that would seem to be too authoritarian, so he slumped back down again.

“Albert, I will just have to come out with it. There is a lot to say so please be patient even though you are about to find out about me in a totally different way than you may think. You will also know more about me than any other person in my life and the first thing for me to admit is that I find you very attractive and have done so since I first saw you two years ago.

“When I came to your room I only had one thought in mind and that was to seduce you and take your body. Of course it didn’t happen and all down to Miller and that was a stroke of luck because the last thought I now have is to come any where near you, unless that is what you want and as that is not likely I will hold my feelings at bay but I still want to train you both to fly and become conversant with aircraft, I simply know you are cut out to become a pilot and engineer.

“I moved you into your room, which you may not want now, because there is a bolt hole between that room and my bedroom which is directly below yours and my hope was that you could come to me or I to you and I had hoped we would sleep together as often as you would wish. However, as that is not likely to happen now I still want you to know because, and please forgive me for saying so, I have not given up in the hope you just might want that to happen.”

There was a long pause and Albert knew there was more than his Lordship wanted to get out and just sat there with a blank expression on his lovely face and could not believe what he was hearing!

“One reason I find you so attractive is because I adore boys of your age, your perfect unblemished skin, bodies that are still developing, the innocence of youth and your carefree attitudes towards just about anything important or serious.  Many men find boys so beautiful and I have to say I have experienced three times now when I was on one of my visits as governor of Parkway. I will tell you all about the Academy some other time maybe.

“Albert, I am homosexual and have had a number of liaisons with men and as I have said with boys.”

There was another long pause.

“That’s about it Albert, all I ask is even if you are horrified about all I have said please do stay on and allow me to train you in the way I would like, you have a great future in flying and aircraft development as I have… Oh hell! I just needed to tell you and at least I have got it all off my chest. Now, say what you want and be assured you are completely safe from any advances from myself.”

Penton leaned back and breathed a sigh of relief, he had got out all he needed to say and waited for Albert to either run out or ask questions even though they could be very awkward!

“My Lord may I say what you have just said could in fact been seen as another way to seduce me, but I must say you are very brave saying all that you have. My Lord whatever your thoughts are towards me I do trust that you will not make any advances to my person… but only if I did not want that to happen. I do want to carry on as we are and for you to teach me about air flight and becoming a pilot myself and my Lord, I have had so much of my own luck in having this opportunity to advance myself and all because of you, even though there would seem to be other motives that you hoped for.”

Penton looked at Albert and saw a huge smile come across that lovely face of the 15-year-old and suddenly he held his breath and just knew something was about to be said that would bring about his own huge smile, he just knew it!

“Jonnie, I too love to look at naked boys and wished I could touch them but never dared too. I also think Mister Masters is a finely proportioned gentleman but I do not think of him other than being a nice person even though he does pay me a lot of attention. However, you my Lord, are much more handsome and I have to admit I have admired your physique since I first saw you when you succeeded your late father and moved into the Manor permanently. I would very much like you to show me the bolt hole and yes, it is I who is seducing now and if you would like you to hold me in your arms, you will not find me struggling to get away!”

There would be no more than Jonnie carrying out Albert’s wishes and took him firmly to his body.

“My word Albert, you are a remarkable young man… and a very beautiful one at that.”

Another long pause. “Will you do me the honour of sharing a bed tonight?”

If there was a “jackpot” in those days, Albert would have just won it! Oh, and Jonnie of course.

“Yes Jonnie I accept, what will you do?”

“Nothing that you will dislike of that I am certain. I just wish to explore your body which I already know will be a delight and if you do the same to me we will reach a point we will both arrive at in all its beauty. Just allow me to show you the way Albert.”

Albert continued to look at Lord Penton and smiled up at him and at the same time got a bit cheeky.

“Okay me Lord Jonnie!”

“Okay….? What on earth is that word?”

“It’s American which means “agreement” and very often they say, “okay buddy!”

“Okay buddy?”

“A buddy is a friend who says “okay” a lot… to their buddy.” Jonnie laughed and cuddled Albert even tighter.

“Oh the poor souls!” It was Albert’s turn to laugh and cuddle into Jonnie.

They put new oil in the engine and started it up to run for a few minutes and then switched off satisfied that she was ready for the next days flying.

After the Avro had been checked over Jonnie left as would be normal only this time before he did he embraced Albert one more time and told him he would come to him later that night. “It will be around 9 o’clock Albert. I have to go into Farnborough to meet friends from the airfield soon. There is a hidden door to the left of the chimney and I will knock on it before I enter, so not to alarm you. By the time you get back to your room I will have delivered a dressing gown and slippers which belonged to me some years ago which I invite you to wear when we meet tonight.”

They clung together one more time. “I must be off, good afternoon Albert. How will you spend your time?”

Albert guessed what his Lordship was hoping for. “I will light the fire and heat water so I can clean myself thoroughly my Lord Jonnie.” He smiled at him and got another embrace and then left Albert to finish off clearing up.

Albert took his time and for most of it thought about 9 o’clock. He knew this would be a life changing event and something he never thought would happen especially with THIS man! All he knew was whatever happened he had been thinking about for a long time. He was sure his Lordship would treat him with respect when he took him to bed and maybe many times after that, he hoped so anyway.

He called in to say hello to Ben on his way back to the Manor.

“How is it going Ben, you happy here?”

“I love it Albert, I don’t like Moors, he’s a nasty piece of shit, but as you said he buggers off after his moans and leaves me alone most of the time, but look out for him, he hates you because he thinks you are too much in favour with his Lordship just because you work with him a lot now. Just watch your back.”

Albert’s mind flew off to 9 pm and grinned at Ben, he would have a fit if he only knew just how much he was in favour!

“Thanks for that Ben and I will keep my eyes open. I never knew what he got up to and only ever saw him when the family rode and suck up to them as if he had got the horses ready himself.”

Albert was just about to leave when Moors suddenly appeared and gave his usual greeting. “What the fuck are you doing here Dowling, get the fuck out you don’t work here anymore.”

“I just came to visit Ben Mister Moors, he is my friend.”

“And fucking one another I have no doubt! Right, visits over and only come here when you ride, now do as I say and fuck off.”

He turned to Ben and put his riding crop under his chin.

“As for you, you idle sod stop wasting time and get back to work or you will get this.” With that said he walked out, the two boys looked at one another and laughed.

“What a miserable shit Ben.” Albert slapped his friend on the shoulder, wished him good luck and left.

As he walked back he thought about what Moors had said about fucking and wondered if that’s what Jonnie wanted to do to him. He smiled and shrugged his shoulders. “Oh well, we will see” and carried on smiling.

The first thing he saw was the dressing gown and slippers on the bed but that was not all, there was a sweet smelling bar of soap which must have cost a fortune, a nail brush and four huge towels. Albert smiled, Jonnie wanted him as clean as he wanted to be himself it seemed.

He lit the fire and half filled the cauldron, it would take at least two hours before the water was warm enough for a strip wash, meanwhile he went to the panelling to the left of the chimney breast and tried to find the secret door but failed, he also tapped on the panelling and failed again, it all sounded solid. He gave up and cleaned his room instead and opened the window to get fresh air into the place.

After his supper he went back to his room to wash. The clock in the servants dining room told him it was 8 o’clock and would have to guess the time before Jonnie would turn up.

Now naked and the sink full of warm water he cleaned his body and hair using that amazing soap and by the time he had dried off in one of the towels he was ready. He got into the dressing gown and looked at himself in the mirror. It fitted quite well and liked the dark blue silk material with red collar and cuffs and an intricate gold pattern all over the gown. He got into the red slippers and all that was left was to light two candles, sit in an armchair and wait… then wait a lot longer.  Albert suddenly had an empty feeling that Jonnie had changed his mind.

He had hardly thought that when he heard banging behind the panelling and the next thing part of it swung open and there stood his Lordship lit up by his own candle, in his dressing gown. Albert’s heart was racing as he stood up looking at his Master, he could not be more nervous and knowing he was about to have sex for the first time.

“Hello… my Lord.”

“We agreed first names Albert! I am so sorry I am late but I had company to get rid of. Sir William is a good friend but oh can he talk! At least he has gone now.”

Albert wondered just how close the friendship was after all that Jonnie had told him.

Jonnie put his candle next to Albert’s and turned to him.

“How do you feel Albert?”

“Bit nervous… I hope this is…”

Jonnie held him in his arms. “Albert, I am a little nervous as well but I assure you we will be very comfortable and travel together tonight with such joy. Please trust me. Now all I have to ask is which bed?” Albert hesitated.

“My L… Sorry Jonnie, may I ask that we stay here tonight please?”

“Of course, I want you to be comfortable and not to worry Albert, we both need to relax before bed, please come and sit with me.”

Jonnie sat in the armchair and gently took Albert to his lap and got them both comfortable, Jonnie with his left arm around Albert’s shoulders and the other around his body. Albert laid his head on Jonnie’s shoulder and just stayed like that and as they were now cuddled together and the warmth of Jonnie’s body coming to him, he did indeed begin to relax.

Jonnie adored the feel of this beautiful boy’s body and began to stroke his cheek and after some time plucked up the courage to kiss his forehead. Albert loved it and put his arms around Jonnie’s body and held on tight and for the first time felt a very hard body which could only mean one thing, Lord Penton was extremely well exercised. Albert became even more relaxed and any small doubts he may have had were gone and needed to say that and then wait for Jonnie to take him to a place he could only fantasise about before this day.

“I am comfortable and my body is yours to take, my Lord.” He looked up at Jonnie and smiled. “I really mean that. I wish that we take our gowns off?”

Albert stood in front of him smiling all the time. He undid the cord around his gown opening the front exposing his body and then slipped it from his shoulders. Jonnie stood and as he did Albert released his cord and pulled the gown open and stood there transfixed at the sight of this mans magnificent body.

Albert already knew just how handsome his face was, perfectly structured with high cheekbones, strong square jaw, large brown eyes with black eyebrows and short black head hair to go with them, but what made Albert even more happy was Jonnie had taken the trouble to shave before he came to him and that told him his Master had taken care to look his best before he came up the stairs in the bolt hole.

Albert was a naked 5ft 6inch 15-year-old boy and was looking at a naked 5ft 11inch 23-year-old man, whose body would have graced any gay magazine of the present time, in all his magnificent beauty.

It only took Albert a few seconds to look at this man from head to feet, but would take much longer if he had to put it on paper!

He started at Jonnie’s shoulders and upper arms which were very well developed as was his strong looking chest with the light covering of black hair and proud nipples. Now down to his stomach which was absolutely stunning with, what we now call, a six-pack. Narrow waist, strong lightly covered hairy and muscled thighs and equally powerful lower legs, even his feet were perfect! Albert would soon find out Jonnie’s physique was due to his rowing and workouts on his own rowing machine in his gym. BUT, it was Jonnie’s penis that held Albert’s attention and he just stared at this huge stiff member and those large balls that hung below this amazing sight. Albert had never seen a man naked before and therefore would have no idea that Jonnie’s cock was in fact 6.5 inches and not too thick but in comparison to himself it was enormous.  The foreskin was pulled back showing a large purple head and some stuff leaking from the slit. He looked at those balls and could not believe anyone could have such massive ones and hoped he would be able to hold the lot very soon.

Jonnie’s stomach had less hair than his chest, just a light covering that led to a thin line just underneath the belly button that dropped down and literally exploded into a jungle of thick black pubic hair.

Albert swallowed and looked up into the face of this “Greek God” with his mouth open but not able to say a word.

Jonnie was looking down at Albert taking in the sheer beauty of this teenage boy, his perfect shape, his unblemished skin, his tight body definition due to his athletics and physical work, his throbbing hard 5.5 inch penis sticking up with that crown of pubic hair and the foreskin that was drawn back exposing a slim pink cock head. Underneath this hard rod were two tight balls which were surprisingly bigger than expected. Jonnie took his gown off and dropped it to the floor, both man and boy were now completely naked and the most beautiful sight imaginable.

Jonnie stood as he was with his heart beating fast and breathing deeply. Albert’s own heart was beating at the same rate and just hoped his next move was the right one! He stepped forward and wrapped his arms around Jonnie’s body and put his head on his chest.

Jonnie then took Albert in his arms and at the same time squashed his erection into Albert’s stomach. He kissed the top of his head and held him even tighter.


“Yes Albert.” He smiled down at him as Albert searched his Master’s face.

“I know what I want to do but I need you to show me the way… please.”

Jonnie stroked Albert’s back and at the same time lowered his face and gently kissed the boy’s lips, for a very long time. Albert responded by pushing his mouth onto Jonnie’s and at the same time tightened his hold as the passion grew and before long they both opened their mouths and for the first time tongues met as man and boy joined together in the beauty of male kissing made even more intense when Albert felt Jonnie’s hands slowly travel down his back and ended up holding both of Albert’s cheeks and caressing them.

Albert, full of confidence now, followed suit and took both of Jonnie’s fully developed cheeks into hand, both of them were in another world, just the two of them and class barriers non-existent.

At long last Jonnie broke away and smiled down at this beautiful boy, he lent down again and quickly kissed him.

“Albert, may I have your permission to make love to you?”

Albert smiled back up and was about to show how relaxed he was and quite comfortable with all that was happening, he would also show Jonnie he had a sense of humour.

“If you don’t my Lord, I’m sure Mister Masters will!” They both laughed for a long time and cuddled in again.

“You devil Albert Dowling and thank you for being you.”

Jonnie kissed Albert on the lips one more time and then to his shoulders… neck… chest… nipples and now on his knees… stomach. All the while his hands remained on Albert’s bottom,

Albert meanwhile closed his eyes and… waited knowing, hoping what would happen next.

Jonnie was just inches away from the head of Albert’s throbbing penis and slowly lent towards it and as he did Albert felt Jonnie’s breath on him but let out a huge gasp when Jonnie’s tongue arrived at the underside of the head and licked that most sensitive spot for some time before moving down the length of the shaft to the balls and as he went Albert took Jonnie’s head in his hands running his fingers through his hair… and then that glorious moment when Jonnie’s lips took Albert’s swollen tip and sucked the head which almost finished Albert there and then! He held back knowing there was more to come and cried out as Jonnie’s mouth travelled the length of the shaft and at the same time felt Jonnie’s hands fondle his thighs and then back to his cheeks which he gently pulled apart and fingered his anal button. Albert was in a place he had only ever thought about but now it was happening for real and was nearing his end.

Jonnie guessed Albert was not far from exploding and reluctantly stood up, took him in his powerful arms and kissed Albert.

Albert was still breathing heavily and not able to say anything, just stared up at Jonnie.

He smiled back down at “his” teenager. “Would you like to do that to me Albert… please?”

Albert didn’t have much idea what to do except follow Jonnie’s example but he was so worked up all he wanted was Jonnie’s cock and balls in his hands and mouth so bypassed the body kissing bit, sank to his knees and just cradled those huge balls in one hand and the cock in the other. He opened his mouth wide and just gobbled it down as far as he could get it and then, copying Jonnie, blew him.

No finesse, no technique, just holding, sucking and both rapidly approaching that time when neither man nor boy would have any control over.

Even for Jonnie this was a new experience as he had never been a with boy or man with any feeling apart from the need for sex, but THIS!?

Jonnie was approaching his end as this wonderful boy sucked him, stoked him but when Albert copied his actions by pulling his cheeks apart and fingering his inner anus, he almost shot there and then. He had to get back in control so they would cum together. He reached down and pulled Albert gently to his feet and kissed him.

Without a word Jonnie reached over and pulled the blankets off the bed and laid them both down into a position now called a 69. Jonnie took Albert back into his mouth while holding his bum and Albert following his lead, one sucking a 5.5-inch cock and the other a 6.5 inch one and like that both of them reached the point of no return.

“Albert! Look out! I’m… Oh my word!”

A second before Jonnie exploded he forced himself out of Albert’s mouth and pointed his cock at Albert’s chest and at the same time yelled out he was coming! His entire body tensed as if in suspended animation until he blasted out as never before. The first ejaculation erupted out of his iron hard cock and exploded onto Albert’s body with great force covering the young boy’s chest with his warm sperm and then followed by four more massive eruptions and with every one of them his entire body recoiled and delivered masses of sperm to join the first load.

Albert felt every one of them and that bought about his own cumming and before he knew it he in turn shot his own loads down the throat of his Master!

Jonnie swallowed every bit down and only just managed to keep up as Albert offloaded time and time again.

After some time and with both of them still sucking on the other, Jonnie eventually bought Albert back face to face and wrapped his arms around Albert’s body and held him tight into his own. Albert snuggled onto Jonnie’s shoulder and kissed his neck, but neither man nor boy knowing what to say about this amazing time. They didn’t have to say anything in fact but both knew that what had just happened was a “first” time for both of them.

Jonnie smiled as he felt Albert’s body totally relax and knew he had fallen asleep and for the first time in his sexual life, he was also totally relaxed, just like this beautiful teenager in his arms.


Six hours later Albert woke up and looked at the still sleeping Jonnie. He smiled at the memory of what had happened, took his Lordships limp penis in his hand and snuggled back onto his chest.

Lord Johnathan Fitzgerald of Penton’s cock was the first bit of him to wake up, followed by the rest of him a few minutes later.

“Mister Albert Dowling?”

“Yes my Lord?”

“Don’t ever stop doing that… Okay, buddy!?”


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