Jeff and the Yacht
by Ty Stoner


The first time I remember hearing his name was in the courtyard at school. I overheard a group of giggling girls saying, “…lets hold Jeff down and rape him!”.  I was 16 and attending a public high school in Australia.  I felt pretty comfortable in my skin, but I definitely wasn’t one of the “popular” kids.  In fact, I was the captain of the debating team and well known among the Drama kids.  I liked to think of myself as intellectual, but in hindsight I was as clueless as any 16 yr old kid.  The guy the girls were talking about was in my year – but not in any of my classes.  I saw him later in the day and understood exactly why the crazed 16 yr old girls wanted him badly.

Jeff was tall, dark and very handsome.  His brown hair and brown eyes might have been pretty ordinary if they hadn’t been attached to his strong, muscular 6ft frame, stretched tight with flawless, silky tanned skin.  He was a swimmer and it showed in his broad shoulders and solid chest and rippled abdomen.  He was also one of the most popular guys in school, but not in any arrogant “football star” kind of way, but in a “regular guy” way.  He seemed to be everyone’s friend with his perfect and genuine smile.  I was sure it would be impossible to get to know the most popular guy in school, until I learned  the most popular girl in school was… another drama enthusiast!

“Hey Liza, are you auditioning for the School Musical this year?”  Every year our school had a theater event of some kind, and to the drama kids this is what determined their cultural standing within the drama caste. Sure, no one outside the group cared about our bizarre “pecking order” – but getting a good part in the Musical was certainly worth the effort.  “I don’t know, ” she whimpered, “its really tough to get in.  Do you think I have a shot?”. “Of course I do!” I exclaimed.  This girl was very popular, she always had a nice smile and had a head of long flowing blond locks. She was outgoing and  fun to be around.  “Can you help me get ready?” she pleaded.  Of course I couldn’t say no.  During the many hours we spent together I learned she had recently been dating Jeff.  Most importantly, by spending time with Liza, I became part of the popular kids’ entourage.  Now accepted in their group, I made my move to get to know Jeff.

I had spent nearly a year watching him from a distance.  I had memorized his class schedule so I could see him walking between classes.  I knew where his locker was and how often he used it.  Yes, I was obsessed – but I never imagined he even knew who I was… until I approached him one afternoon during lunch.  I was sitting with Liza, so it was easy to turn to him, and get in the `conversation starter’ I practiced.

“Geez – how big are your feet Jeff?” I asked, looking at his massive flippers up on the bench.  “About size 12” said the smiling hunk waving them about a little.  Getting closer to inspect his feet, I said “Guess with feet like that its no wonder you’re the school’s best swimmer!”.  He liked the attention, having his ego stroked wasn’t uncommon for this well known student leader.  Being athletic and good looking had always gleaned him positive attention from other boys and girls, and of course the teachers (who always assumed the good looking ones were better than the rest of us).  “Yea, ” he grunted “they’re great for keeping me upright when I’m struggling to keep a 30ft yacht from taking on water in an ocean race,” he added with a playful smirk.  I knew he sailed with his dad often and was pretty good, good enough to have a career if he wanted when he was a little older.  “I’d love to see that,” I added hopefully.  “Sure, I’ll call you next time we go out.  It’ll be fun.” he responded.  And with that open invitation I was now on speaking terms with the man of my fantasies, the hottest guy in school.

Weeks passed and I knew I probably wouldn’t get an actual invitation to the yacht if I didn’t develop our friendship, so I took every opportunity I could to say “hi” and to talk.  I always had a comment when we passed in the hallways between classes or at lunch.  When I found out we were going to be in the new sports class together, I made sure I sat next to my new friend in the changing room.  I need to explain that Australian high school changing rooms are pretty modest places.  No one ever changed past their underwear.  We had showers – but they were never used.  I was happy just to have him close enough to talk to and build the friendship.

One afternoon however, it started raining heavily out on the soccer field. Most of us ran under the nearby trees for shelter, but a few others, including Jeff stayed in the rain and continued playing.  He ran circles around the other guys and playfully scored a goal!  When it was time to go in, he was soaking wet and laughing all the way back to the changing room.

“That was awesome!” he exclaimed as we met at our bench. “You pansies all ran off, but I took it all the way to the goal!” he was winded from the running and his chest rose and fell violently with each gasp of air. “Yeah, you looked great out there, ” I agreed. “But now you’re all soaking wet.”.  Not to be discouraged, he reached into his locker and pulled out a towel (not something any of the rest of us had).  “I’m fine, I’ve got this.”.  With his clothes all wet, his muscles were visible through his shirt.  I admit I could have watched him all day, but what came next changed my mind.  He stood up and whisked his soaking shirt off revealing his broad naked chest.  “Here, ” he offered me the corner of his shirt,” hold this while I twist ” he instructed.  I took one end while he twisted the water out of it and soaked the floor between us.  I drank in every inch of his exposed skin as he worked.  My eyes caressed his smooth tanned flesh, up his arms to the lovely bush of hair in his pits.  I wondered what his firm nipples would feel like under my tongue and what his armpits would smell like if I thrust my face in there.

Waking from my dream-like state, he pulled the shirt back and hung it over a hook.  Then in one fluid motion he tugged his own shorts and underwear down to his ankles.  I think I stopped breathing when I took in his full naked beauty.  “Here” he commanded again passing me a corner of his shorts for the same water removal technique.  I dutifully obeyed.  (Now that I think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever said ‘No’ to a naked man).  My eyes were drinking in his perfect form.  His full pubic black bush, wiry and unkempt in its natural form.  His full penis maybe 5.5 soft, and resting on a perfect nutsack hanging just lower than the tip of his cock.  His manliness framed perfectly by strong, muscular thighs that flexed as he continued to wring out water from his shorts.  His work made his dick sway hypnotically and I followed its every move.

Unlike the rest of us mere mortals, Jeff was totally comfortable being naked.  He appeared proud of his body and who wouldn’t be!?!  It was perfect.  When we couldn’t get another drop of water out of the shorts he pulled them out of my hands.  “Thanks” he said quickly. I shook my head briefly to clear out the fog and offered, “Yeah, no worries”, then turned my head away from him so I could get myself changed back into school uniform.  I quickly pulled on my pants and buttoned my shirt.  Then I turned back to him and sat down on the bench to put on my shoes.  Richly rewarded for my speed, Jeff was still naked, still drying himself with that towel.  Being a swimmer I guess he knew how to thoroughly dry every part of his firm body.  He turned away from me, and bent down to dry between his toes.  This presented his perfect arse to my adoring face.  Only a couple feet away his flexing glutes held my gaze.  The soft downy fur on the cheeks and the slightly thicker fur accenting his crack practically inviting closer inspection.  So painful to know I could be this close, but no closer.

Then he turned around and spoke, “Hey, what are you doing this weekend?” He asked, apparently unaware that his penis was now at my eye level, while he dried his hair. “Erh, um, nothing” I choked out, looking up past his man-meat, over his tight ab ripples, past his hairy pits to his face. “Great, meet me at my place 8 am Saturday morning and my Dad will take us out on the yacht” he said with a grin.  “Cool” I fumbled out the word, “see you then.”  I had to get out of there.  My dick was straining in my shorts and I’m sure I was starting to drool.  I was losing control of my faculties so I had to get out.  Its amazing to me that no one ever noticed how freaked out I was, as I held my backpack in front of my pants as I darted out the door.

Saturday came quickly.  If you’ve ever been very excited for something… but also dreading it… you’ll know how I felt. I had some serious feelings for this guy, as well as being completely mesmerized by his stunning looks. Like an obedient servant, I was there at 8 on the dot.

“Hey” he said greeting me at the door.  “Glad you made it on time, we gotta get moving”.  He had come to the door wearing sneakers (no socks), navy blue shorts and a white (almost skin tight) polo shirt.  His aviator sunglasses on his nose made it clear he knew how to dress for a day on the water and he looked great.  I on the other hand looked like a complete dork…cheap sneakers and white socks.  Plaid golf shorts, and loose tee shirt.  “No worries” I said following him into the house.

I followed him into the bathroom where he was finishing up brushing his teeth.  Grasping or something to say, I noticed the large tub beside us. “That’s a nice tub,” I said stupidly.

“Yeah – I love it.”  he spat out with white, toothpasty accents.

“I like soaking in a tub too,” I added “- except when the water gets cold” …another dumb thing to say.

“I can turn the hot water on with my toes” he said grinning (and rinsing). “I can regulate the temperature with my feet.” He sounded pleased with this talent.  My mind briefly imagined him lying naked in the suds, his leg out of the water working the taps, his penis bobbing in the bubbles.  The water covering his rock hard chest.

“I’d like to see that!” I confessed accidently…  oh no, did I say that out loud? I was panicked for a moment till I realized he thought I was talking about his toe dexterity.  “Sure,” he said, “I’ll show you how I can pick stuff up with my toes sometime.”

His dad drove us the short ride to the yacht club and their boat.  A few short preparations and we were away.  I admired the skill of my host as he worked the ropes and hauled the sails into the right position.  Its pretty sexy to be taken for a ride on a yacht by the hottest guy in school.  I just sat back and watched.  We exchanged smiles as he worked and I’m pretty sure he knew I was very impressed.  I think he enjoyed putting on the show and flexing his biceps as he worked.  He really was an incredible guy to watch.

About an hour into the trip we had cleared the harbour and were now in open seas.  He came over and sat beside me. “You OK?” he asked.  “Yeah” I responded “I’m having a great time. You really know what you’re doing… its impressive to watch.” I said in awe.

“I’ve been doing it since I was young, so it’s not too difficult.” He said modestly.  “But I want you to know, most people get a little sea sick their first time on a small yacht, ” he moved his hand to my back, “and its OK if you start to feel a little queezy” he said with a concerned look on his face.  Pressing his hand to my back softly, he added, “If you start to feel bad, let me know.  I’ll do what I can to make you feel better”.

I looked into his eyes and promised him I’d let him know if I needed anything.  Secretly I wished he’d keep his hand on my back.  But he removed it quickly and stood up to return to the business of piloting the yacht.  I continued to admire his precision, his muscles flexing as he pulled ropes.

All too quickly we arrived at the island and we dropped anchor.  Jeff’s dad took the jetski to the island, while Jeff loaded me and our lunch into a small dingy to row toward shore.  I had never seen this rowing technique before.  With one oar out the back of the dingy he waved his hand back and forth and propelled the boat. His firm hand grasped the pole and his wrist massaged a gentle figure ‘8’ in the water.

Lunch was delicious… but I was happy enough, they could have starved me and I wouldn’t have cared.  Jeff’s dad offered to clean up and bring the lunch items back to the boat on the dingy, and he offered the jetski for us to return to the boat.  Having never ridden one before, Jeff stood up front and drove, and I held on for dear life right behind him.  My arms clasped around his body tightly, he asked if I was OK – then he took off!  I pressed him closely to me (for safety and because it felt good), and he patted my arms occasionally to check I was ok.  As we pulled up beside the boat, he cut the engine and helped me up onto the ladder. “Just put your foot on the first rung and the ladder will straighten out making it easy to climb,” he instructed simply.  I did as I was told, but quickly became tangled in the rope ladder and fell into the water, banging my head as I went.  Immediately he was in the water after me.  His strong arms snaked around my body and he pulled me close to him.  “Are you OK?!” he yelled into my ear, “Are you alright? Talk to me!” he commanded.  “I’m ok” I croaked, “just a little stunned.  I’m really sorry I fell” I said apologetically.

“You have nothing to be sorry about” he stated , “I’ve told my dad to get a new ladder for ages and now this!  I hate that you got hurt on my yacht”, he said as he pushed me onto the boat.  We were both soaking wet, but it didn’t seem to matter.  He inspected my injuries. “You got a nasty bump on your head” he said feeling my skull, “I’m so sorry, I should have held you better” he added as he gave me a brief, one-armed hug.  Looking into his eyes, I didn’t care how much my head stung with pain.  All I thought about was being so close to the man of my desires.  It so filled me with happiness , when Jeff hugged me deep into his wet arms I started to laugh, but the chill made it sputter like an old model T with a block in the fuel line.  He pulled back, and queried, “What are you laughing at?  You’ve bashed yourself crazy!”  Quickly the laughter overcame him also and we laughed together.

“I’ll be ok” I insisted, “just let me get a few aspirin.”  Jeff looked me over and said, “We also need to get you out of those wet clothes, you’ll feel much better dry.”

I knew Jeff was right, but this was pretty scary.  I have never undressed in front of him before, and I was really worried I couldn’t control my desires.  He helped me down to the small cabin area.  I was a little unsteady, so his firm grip was welcome.  Putting me down on one side, he started to shuck off his wet clothes quickly.  I don’t know if it was my pummeled brain or the view of Jeff getting undressed but I couldn’t move. I just sat there watching him peel his wet clothes off his body.  His muscled flesh revealed like a prize stallion.  When he was naked he reached for his towel and started to dry himself.  Then he saw me, not moving.

“Hey, you look a little stunned.  Do you need a little help?” he asked with genuine concern in his voice. I couldn’t speak, so he gently knelt down at my feet and started untying my shoes.  Slipping them off, and then my soaking socks, my sad water-logged feet looked sullen and pale.  His strong hands rubbed my feet to bring blood back into them.  “Does that feel better?” he asked.  I could only nod a positive response.  He got up on his feet and lifted my shirt up over my head. “Let’s get this wet thing off you.” he said sitting down beside me.  Bringing his towel up, he mopped my face and chest.  Wrapping his arms around me to dry my body, he firmly stroked the towel across my front and back.  The whole time Jeff was sitting up against me completely naked and he’s not the least bit shy at all.  He acted as if drying my soaked body was as natural as hanging out with friends and drinking beer.

“Can I help you out of these also?” He asked gently tugging at my shorts. I was snapped back to the moment and was immediately aware I had a physically perfect male, sitting next to me, touching my whole naked torso and now wanting to remove my shorts.  I was so scared.  I knew my cock was hard as a rock, and I couldn’t let Jeff see me like this.

His hands guided me to stand up and like his puppet I complied immediately. Sitting in front of me, he undid my waist and zipped down my fly.  With a light tug, my wet shorts dropped to the floor, revealing my soggy boxers pushed out into a wet tent by my man pole.  I was so embarrassed I didn’t know what to do, but there was nowhere to hide.  Silently, tears began to well up in my eyes.  I was revealed and I knew today would be the day I lost my best friend.  This wonderful day with him, would be the day he realized what a disgusting pervert I was and he would hate me.

“Lets get this dry” Jeff said as he started toweling my legs and torso.  He was working with his head down looking at my toes, and I hoped he hadn’t noticed my condition.  “Ok, lets get this off too, then we can make sure you’re all dry” he added in a workman-like tone.  His hands went up to my boxers’ waist, and for the first time he seemed to act a little lost.  His fingers clumsily felt around my waist and he nervously started to slide them down my thighs. I couldn’t believe it, this was the most confident and assured guy I had ever known and his hands were shaking.  I was sure this was because he was disgusted by my nakedness and by this pathetic faggot. I was helpless as my boxers lowered past my pubes, and tugged my erect penis down against its natural desire to rise.  I knew that any second now it would be released and it would spring out announcing my deepest shame. I realized suddenly in horror that Jeff was sitting right at waist height and would surely be angry to get an eyeful of my uncontrolled desire.  At that moment I let out a soft whimper through my tears.  He looked up at me for the first time since I had stood and I could see his eyes were also filled with tears.  My cock leapt out of its thin material covering and reached out into the space between us.

“What’s wrong?” Jeff asked softly, “why are you crying?” he pushed for an answer.

“Why are you crying?” I countered through my tears.

“I didn’t hurt you did I?” Jeff probed, “I hope I didn’t make you feel uncomfortable with….this.” he said indicating our nakedness.

“No, “I answered, ” but I’m really sorry I can’t control that.  I’m so disgusted with myself.” I almost spat the words out.

“You are beautiful and perfect exactly as you are” he said, smiling through his tears. He rested his heavy hands on my thighs and held me firmly, letting me know I wasn’t to move away in shame.

“So, ” I continued, “why are you crying?”.  I was still a little surprised to see my idol acting so out of character.  He leaned back toward the side of the yacht and revealed the reason for his shame.  His cock was jutting straight out from his lap, every bit as firm as my own.  “I’ve wanted to share this secret with you ever since we met.” he explained.

We both moved together in unison, half sitting, half standing we locked lips and kissed for the first time.  I closed my eyes as I wanted to be sucked into him and feel him all around me, His lips were soft and warm, his tongue was like velvet in my mouth.  My hands reached up and caressed his face from his smooth cheeks to his square jaw.  The experience was much more *real* than kissing a girl had ever been for me.

His hands reached down and felt for my hard prick.  He slowly played with me as we were kissing, gently tugging on my dick which was already oozing precum.  Wanting to experience as much of him as possible I moved my hands to his sides and back and rubbed his smooth skin.  Feeling every muscle and sinew, my hands explored his naked torso.  My hands moved like a blind man reading porn.

Reluctantly, our lips broke as I wanted to bring my mouth to his neck and chest. Slowly I licked my way down his neck and rested on his firm nipples. He gasped as I tongued them making them glisten in the soft natural light of the cabin.  Jeff fell back into a seated position and I immediately went to my knees in front of him.  I had worshipped his body from afar for long enough but today I was going to worship him right here on my knees.  My mouth plowed on into his arm pit.  He smelled musty from the work of the day, his manly odour filled me with desire.  It wasn’t dirty, but fresh and mixed with a little seawater, I gave it a few licks to taste him fully.

Now I wanted to progress down his slight treasure trail to that beautiful dick I had seen before and had dreamt about.  It was still pointing the way to the sky as I nestled my face down beside it.  Again I sniffed deeply taking into my lungs the sweet smell of his crotch.  I pressed his dick up against my face feeling to wonderful warmth and smoothness of it.  He was nearly 7inches hard and my thumb and forefinger couldn’t reach around it. That didn’t stop me from pressing my moist lips against the base of his cock and kissing my way to the tip.  My lips gently touched the dab of precum rolling down the underside of his dick.  This was my first time and I didn’t know what to do… but I did know I wanted to suck that perfect cock as deep into my mouth as it would go.  My lips parted and I licked the head to get the taste of him. Then I held his cock with one hand and slowly started to devour his meat.  Shallow bobs at first, then gradually getting deeper.

While my mouth was working his shaft my other hand was alternatively working his perfect washboard abs then moving around to cup his low hanging balls. I gently massaged his ball-sack until it contracted, pulling his nuts tight up to his dick.  Jeff was audibly moaning now obviously enjoying this experience.  I never imagined sex with a guy could be this intense.

“I’m gonna cum” he almost shouted, and he tried lifting me up off his pulsing cock, but I got the first shot right in my mouth and I was pleased. The next shot hit my face and ran down my cheek while still more loads of jism landed up on his chest and drizzled their way to his perfectly cute belly button.  I thought nothing in the world could be more beautiful than the sight of Jeff naked.  Now I knew there was one thing more beautiful, Jeff naked and covered with cum.  Completely spent and grinning his amazing smile from ear to ear he took a few moments to breathe deeply and bask in the glow of great sex.

Then almost too quickly, he reached over and guided my naked body onto the bench beside him.  I lay back as he said, “Now your turn”.  I quickly responded, “You don’t have to if you don’t want”.  His eyes held a mischievous grin as he said, “Oh I want all right, I definitely want!”  His face came down on my willing prick.  Waves of pleasure overcame me as he sucked.  Gently at first, but building in intensity.  It was like every nerve in my body was on fire with pleasure.  My cock screamed out for release and it didn’t have to wait long because suddenly my dick started gushing with cum.  I could feel it erupting from a far deeper place than I have ever before cum.  It kept shooting and shooting, pasting myself and my partners face with the most sperm to ever come out of a 16 yr old boy.  All I could do was yell, “Argh,ahh, ahh oohhh FUCK!” as my body lost control.

Jeff’s cum covered face stared up at me and started laughing.  I was laughing too as I slithered up beside him and held him close in a warm embrace.  “You are amazing” I said, completely in awe of my handsome new boyfriend.  “You were better than I imagined” he replied, and kissed me on the lips.

“Hang on,” I said a little startled, ” you actually imagined doing this with me?” I asked.

“More than once” he said, with that confident tone of his returning.

“I guess its lucky that I fell in the water then, since that led to all this.” I offered thinking how fate had brought us together.

“Yeah, well.” He gulped “On that, you weren’t supposed to get injured, I’m so sorry I felt really bad about it.”  He looked apologetic.

“What?” I was startled, “you said ‘wasn’t supposed to’… you mean this was deliberate?” I was sounding a little shocked as the pieces started to come together. “You threw me into the water?”  I probed further.

“Well, yes.” he confessed. “How else was I supposed to get you out of your clothes?” he said making it clear he had been planning this.

“Well, it worked,” I admitted, “, and to be honest, I’d take a whack on the head in exchange for this time with you.”  I was starting to realize he meant more to me than a simple high school crush.

“You are a really awesome person, ” Jeff smiled at me, ” I see inside you, and I love the person I see.” Jeff said with an intensity I hadn’t seen in him before.  We held each other for another few minutes, and then I broke the silence by asking, “So where are the dry clothes we’re going to change into?”

“Actually, ” he sheepishly answered, “I didn’t bring any.  My plan only went up to getting you out of your clothes!”


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This is my first story – although I’ve been a reader here for many years. This is taken from a true experience of mine, but unfortunately the sex is fictional.  Enjoy.  Send feedback to

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