Three Hearts
by Andrew Todd


Chapter 7

The late morning light streamed into the bedroom. Brice was the first to stir. He had his arms wrapped around Justin’s muscular torso, while Cody’s arms held Brice from behind.

Brice could feel Cody’s morning erection nestled in between his ass cheeks. He thought back to last night.

They had started slowly, just exploring each others’ bodies. As the night went on, they all became lost in their passions until all three had been penetrated in every possible way by each of his lovers.

Brice lost count of how many times they had climaxed, but he knew they had not gone to sleep until somewhere around three in the morning.

He peered over Justin’s shoulder to look at the bedside clock. It read 10:19. So much for an early start for the beach, he thought. Oh, well, he’d rather be here nestled between the two people he loved the most than on a very public beach.

Brice drifted back to sleep. Sometime later he was awoken by the bed jostling and opened his eyes to the sight of Cody’s slim bare ass running into the bathroom.

Justin reached for Brice and pulled him closer to fill in the empty space left by Cody’s departure.

“’Morning,” Justin whispered in Brice’s ear.

Brice looked at the clock on the nightstand and chuckled. “Afternoon,” he laughed.

Justin peered over Brice’s shoulder. The clock read ’12:47’.

“Holy shit!” Justin groaned. “We slept till afternoon?”

“I guess we all needed the rest after last night,” Brice laughed.

“Amen,” Cody laughed as he walked back into the room and flopped down onto the bed beside Brice. “I think you two horny boys just about wore my ass out.”

“Oh Ho, and you were just a victim,” Brice laughed shaking his head.

“Well, a willing victim.” Cody grinned.

Brice pulled Cody to him and kissed him deeply. He pulled back and grinned. “You brushed your teeth,” he laughed. “Probably a good idea,” he said as he rolled over Justin and pulled him to his feet. “C’mon, Jus,” he said as he dragged Justin towards the bathroom.

Cody leaned back on the bed. He grinned to himself at the memory of last night. He had dreamed of being with Brice from the moment they met and he had fantasized about being with Justin since they had decided to pursue the relationship together, but nothing in his dreams had prepared him for the actual experience of being with the two people he loved most in the world.

Brice and Justin came bounding back into the room and jumped on Cody. Brice locked lips with Cody and then Justin did the same.

Cody grinned. “Much better.”

All three boys lay back on the bed.

“So now that we’ve lost half of our first full day, what do we want to do?” Brice asked.

“Why don’t we get our suits on and head across to the beach,” Justin suggested. “We can get in a few hours at least.”

Cody nodded. “Sounds great, let’s just make it a lazy day.”

The boys spent the next three days lounging on the beach during the day and exploring each other at night.

They spent Thursday morning on the beach and then went back to the cottage to await Ty and Brayden’s arrival.

A little before two, Cody’s jeep pulled into the small space behind Brice’s car.

Brayden had his seatbelt undone and was trying to open the back door of the Jeep before Ty had even stopped.

Ty popped the door locks and Justin yanked open the rear door so quickly his five-year-old brother fell into his arms.

“A little anxious are we, Bray?” Justin laughed as he lifted his brother into a hug.

Ty came around the car laughing. “A little?! That kid has been going non-stop since I picked him up. I was seriously considering stopping at a drug store to see if I could slip him a valium.”

Brice, Cody and Justin all laughed while Bray pouted at Ty.

“Justin, he teased me all the way here,” whined Bray. “He kept telling me we were losted.”

Ty laughed, “I wasn’t teasing, Bray, I was losted.” He looked sheepishly at his brother. “I got turned around at the Portsmouth traffic circle and ended up heading the wrong way. You know what it’s like–you go somewhere all your life, but you never actually pay attention to how you got there.”

The three older boys all nodded and grinned at Ty.

Justin put Bray down and the little boy ran over and hugged Brice and Cody.

“C’mon, little man, let’s get your stuff out of the back,” Ty called as he walked to the rear of the Jeep.

He opened the gate and Justin laughed when he saw all the paraphernalia that his little brother had brought.

Justin looked around the side of the Jeep at where Bray stood sandwiched between Brice and Cody. “Damn, Bray, you’re only gonna be here two and a half days.”

Ty laughed. “That’s what I told him when I got to your house, but he insisted he ‘needed’ all this,” he said as he unloaded beach toys, buckets, stuffed animals and assorted other items that Brayden had made him load into the Jeep.

Justin walked over and lunged for his brother, who hid behind Brice and Cody. The little boy stuck his tongue out at Justin and thought he was free and clear when Brice and Cody each reached down and took an arm and swung the boy at his big brother.

Justin caught Bray in his arms. “Gotcha!! Ya little monster,” Justin said. “C’mon, you wanted all this stuff, the least you can do is help lug it into the house.”

The five boys spent the next half hour dragging Bray’s worldly possessions into the cottage.

When they finished, Justin just shook his head knowing that Bray wasn’t going to even touch a portion of this stuff and they would just have to load it back up on Saturday.

“Ty, you’re a sucker, you know that don’t you?” he laughed.

Ty turned red. ”I’m used to being the little brother,” he protested. “It’s Cody’s job to say ‘no’, not mine.”

All four older boys laughed.

Thursday night, the boys piled into Cody’s Jeep and drove in to the York Center. They visited the Goldenrod and spent several hours at the Fun-O-Rama, leaving only when Brayden started to fall asleep on one of the skee ball machines.

Friday morning and early afternoon was spent on the beach. Around two they all went back to the cottage to shower and change.

By three all five had piled into the Jeep, with Justin behind the wheel.

“Where are we going so early?” Brice asked.

“There’s a great restaurant in Wells, about a half hour from here. They open for dinner at four, but you need to be there when they open or you’ll wait over an hour for a table.”

“Is it a small place?”

“Nope, it’s pretty big, but it’s so good there will be a huge line outside when they open.”

Brice figured Justin was exaggerating, but he sat back to enjoy the ride along the coast. It was still mid-June, and the vacationers were not in full swing, so while traffic was a little sluggish in parts it was not the nightmare it would be in a couple more weeks.

Justin turned the Jeep into a parking lot. The building looked like an old barn. The sign outside simply read, ‘The Steakhouse’.

When they parked at the rear of the building, Brice saw a line of about fifty people standing at the entrance.

“Shit!!” Brice exclaimed. “You weren’t kidding.”

Justin laughed, “Nope.”

He parked the car and the five boys walked over to the line.

“Cody, you guys ever been here before?” Brice asked.

Cody shook his head. “No. We usually don’t come up this far since traffic through Ogunquit is usually ridiculous during the summer. I’ve heard of it though; it’s supposed to be really good.”

“Best steaks around,” Justin declared.

They waited about twenty minutes for the restaurant to open. By the time the doors were unlocked the line snaked around the building.

Since the restaurant was just opening, they were seated rather quickly.

The guys deferred to Justin who insisted that they order two orders of the cheese fries as an appetizer.

After a few minutes their waitress placed two huge platters of homemade French fries smothered in melted cheese and crumbled bacon.

Brayden’s eyes were as big as saucers as he dragged one of the platters over to his seat.

The waitress had given them all small serving plates, but Brayden simply took a knife and fork and dove into the fries.

“Bray!” Justin chastised his brother.

Bray grinned, his mouth full of fries and cheese.

The four older boys laughed at the small boy’s antics and went about devouring the appetizer.

The boys enjoyed a leisurely dinner and took their time exploring Wells and Ogunquit on their way back to York.

Saturday was their last day at the cottage. Everyone woke up before dawn and piled into Cody’s Jeep. Cody drove them up to the Nubble lighthouse. There were already a few people up there. The boys walked over and sat on the rocks looking out over the ocean. They all sat and watched in silence as the sun rose over the Atlantic. Brice snapped picture after picture. This was the most incredible view he had ever seen and to be sharing it with the two boys he loved and two that he thought of as brothers made him feel complete.

They had to be out of the cottage by noon, so after watching the sunrise and stopping at a little beachside café for breakfast they drove back to the cottage and finished packing up.

Cody drove his Jeep with Ty and Brice had Justin and Brayden in his car.

The boys decided to drive through Durham and the University of New Hampshire campus. While they were in the neighborhood they decided to stop and see their house.

After they had purchased the house, the boys had decided to turn the barn into several separate living quarters that they could rent to other students. They hadn’t yet seen the finished product.

They pulled into the long driveway and stopped in front of the house.

As they all exited the cars, Cody said, “Brice, the contractor was supposed to remodel the whole barn for apartments, what are we gonna do with the horses?”

Brice grinned. “That was my first question to my dad. I guess Justin’s grandfather told my dad about giving us the horses, so my dad had the architect draw up a second set of plans. He said the loft area is as we decided, but the first floor is a surprise.”

“A surprise?” Justin asked.

“He wouldn’t tell me, but it should be finished, so let’s take a look,” Brice answered.

The boys followed Brice towards the barn. There was a keypad on the door and Brice entered a four-digit code and the door unlocked. They all walked in.

“Holy Shit!!” Cody whistled as he looked around.

“Hey!!” Justin chastised Cody as he looked at Brayden.

“Oops, sorry.”

The front part of the barn had been remodeled so that there were six large box stalls with sliding doors. There was a new tack room and feed room also.

“Why are there six stalls?” Cody asked.

“Well, Dad and the architect thought it worked better with six and they fit perfectly,” Brice answered. “Plus, there is an equestrian program at UNH, so if a student wants to board their horse or rent one of the loft apartments, we can accommodate them.”

“Wait, wasn’t there more room in here?” Justin asked. “It seems awfully small.”

They walked to what should have been the back wall of the barn and found a door. There was another key pad, so Brice tried his code again and the door unlocked.

The door opened into a small hallway. There was a bathroom off to one side with a full shower. At the end of the hallway was another door. Ty was in front so he opened the door.

“Oh, my GOD!!” Ty exclaimed. “You guys need to see this!!”

All the boys squeezed through the door and found themselves in a large carpeted room. There was a sixty-inch flat-screen television on the far wall. Large recliners and couches were spread around the room. In the back there was a large bar behind which was a refrigerator fully stocked with soda, water and snacks.

“Wow!!” Cody whistled. “He built us a ‘Man Cave.”

“I’m moving in with you guys,” Ty declared.

The three older boys laughed.

“You can visit, but your permanent address is staying the same,” Cody declared.

“Man, you suck,” Ty pouted.

“Cody, take a look at this,” Brice called from the other side of the room.

Cody walked over and saw that a ten-foot corner of the room was covered in a rubbery mat. There were four sets of bowls for food and water and a large collection of dog toys spread out on the floor.

Cody’s face lit up. “Did I ever tell you how much I love your dad?” He grinned at Brice.

Brice and Justin laughed.

After they finished inspecting ‘The Cave’ as Ty had dubbed it, they walked out of the barn and around to the side. There was a staircase that had been built to lead to the two apartments that had been built in the loft.

The boys climbed the stairs and checked out the apartments. Each was a one-bedroom with a small kitchen and living room area. They would be comfortable for a single student or a couple. Each had a separate entrance off the landing of the staircase.

When they finished inspecting the apartments, the boys went to check the house. The contractor had done some minor repairs and upgrading on the house. The biggest addition was the security system that was in place in the house and barn.

The boys showed Ty and Brayden the rooms that would be theirs when they visited.

The new furniture had been installed and Brayden was excited that there were bunk beds in the room. He scurried up the ladder at the foot of the bed and made himself at home in the top bunk.

After they had finished checking out the house, the boys all loaded into the cars. Ty was driving Cody’s Jeep so he could drop Brayden off. The three older boys were in Brice’s car so they could go to his house.

Brice pulled into his driveway a little past three. Cody and Justin were going to spend the night, so they could get laundry done and sorted. Monday they would start packing for their move to the new house. They didn’t have to start school until mid-August, but the sooner they moved into the new house, the sooner Brice’s dad could put their house on the market.

As Brice got further down the drive he noticed a blue convertible parked in front of his house. As they got closer he could see the Virginia license plate which read ‘LVRBOY’.

“Oh, Fuck!!’ Brice exclaimed.

Justin and Cody had been deep in conversation; both stopped and looked at Brice.

“What’s wrong?” Cody asked from the back seat.

“Kevin,” Brice stated.

“Kevin?” Justin asked. “That’s his car?”

“I guess so.” Brice shrugged. “The car is new, but I recognize the plates.”

“Lover Boy?!” Cody laughed. “High opinion of himself.”

“Actually, I got them for him as a seventeenth birthday present,” Brice stated. “At the time, I didn’t realize how appropriate they actually were,” he spat, recalling how he had found out about his former lover’s serial cheating.

Brice pulled up behind the other car. “Wait here,” he said to Cody and Justin as he stepped from the car.

Cody and Justin watched as Brice approached the car. A young man stepped from the car. He was about six feet tall, with wavy brown hair. He wore a pair of Ray-Bans which he took off revealing his dark brown eyes.

Cody and Justin couldn’t hear the conversation, but they could tell by Brice’s body language that he was pissed.

“Kevin, what the hell are you doing here?” Brice asked angrily.

Kevin grinned at Brice. “Hey, Baby, it took me a while to track you down. But I’m here now.” Kevin reached out and tried to take Brice’s hand in his.

Brice pulled his hand back as if he was burned.

“I told you a year ago, we’re through, Kevin. You came all the way here for nothing.”

“Oh, come on, Babe,” Kevin purred, inching closer to Brice. “You know I still love you and you know you could never resist me. I’ve been trying to find you all year to tell you how sorry I am and that we belong together.”

Brice shook his head. “You told me all that shit a year ago and it means even less to me now than it did then.”

“Brice, don’t be that way,” Kevin pouted. “You know there’s no one else for you besides me.”

Brice grinned. “Actually, Kevin there is. I found someone who loves me for me and not because I gave in to his demands for sex before I was ready. Someone who respects me, cherishes me and is a friend first and a lover second. Someone who is everything you’re not.”

Kevin scoffed. “So where is Mr. Wonderful?” he sneered.

“Right here,” Justin called as he exited the car.

“And here,” Cody said as he stepped next to Justin.

Justin and Cody walked up on either side of Brice.

“So which one of you is it?” Kevin asked.

Brice turned to Justin and kissed him long and hard.

Kevin rolled his eyes. “Of course, the jock,” he laughed.

Brice then turned and laid an equally passionate kiss on Cody.

“What the fuck?!?!”

Brice turned back to Kevin and grinned. “Kevin, this is Justin and this is Cody. They are my boyfriends.”

“Boyfriends!?!” Kevin exclaimed. “All the grief you gave me about being with other guys and you’re in some kind of kinky open relationship?”

“No. Not that it’s any of your business, but Cody, Justin and I are in a committed relationship. We don’t date other people and we don’t have sex with other people. We love each other and we are going to be together,” Brice answered. “After what you did to me I thought I would never find love, that I would always be afraid of commitment. Then I met these two great guys and we became friends first and then realized that we all had feelings for each other. These two guys, my guys, are so much more than you ever were or ever will be. Now, please get in your car and get the fuck off my property before I call the police and have you arrested for trespassing.”

“You wouldn’t,” Kevin dared.

“Maybe he wouldn’t,” Justin said. “He may feel a bit sorry for you, but I would and Cody would, because we know how you treated Brice and we don’t have any sentimental attachment to your cheating ass. So get in your car and get lost or I will call the Chief of Police, who happens to be the father of one of my best friends.”

Kevin put his sunglasses back on and yanked the door of his car open. He started the car and pulled out of the driveway as quickly as he could.

As he watched Kevin’s car fade into the distance, Brice grabbed Cody and Justin tight to him.

“God, I love you guys.” He sighed. “Seeing him just made me even more positive that we made the right decision. I couldn’t survive without either one of you.”

The three stood in the driveway holding each other knowing they were just beginning their lives together.


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