Miles of Smiles
by Alexander


Chapter 10

Things moved rapidly over the next few days. Sheila dropped by a couple of times for her usual coffee break, but said nothing about the underwear incident. In fact we didn’t talk of Miles at all except the occasional word in passing – it was almost as if we were back to the friendship we had before things began to go wrong for Miles and me. The only thing of note was that she asked if he had any clothes here. “I’m not being nosey or anything, it’s just that he seems to be missing some. Jeans and T-shirts, that sort of thing.”

I felt comfortable enough with that and had no hesitation in showing her the chest of drawers in the spare room that Miles had sequestrated for himself. “He’ll need a few more shirts and things,” she finished by saying. “I’ll bring some over.”

True to her word, she turned up on Friday morning with a bag of clean shirts and some more underwear. I felt a bit embarrassed watching her put them away, knowing what must be at the back of her mind – I even felt slightly guilty, knowing that she and I were, in a way, sharing her son between us.

“Tell Miles I’ll see him sometime over the week-end,” she said as she left, leaving me open-mouthed.

Being a half-day, Miles appeared just after lunch, replete with over-night bag and a smile stretching from ear to ear.

“Told you it’d be OK, didn’t I?” he said cheerfully, dropping his bag where he stood and giving me a hug.

“Yeah, but you didn’t tell me that she was moving you in here, did you?”

“What?” he replied, puzzled.

“Your mother was kind enough to drop by this morning and bring half your wardrobe with her.”

“You’re joking!” he said, truly surprised.

“Look in your draws,” I told him.

“Christ!” he muttered as he checked out what she’d brought.

“So what did you say to her to bring this about?”

“Dunno. Just told her last night that I would be staying here tonight. That’s all I think.”

“Well, it’s done the trick. All she said to me was that she’d see you sometime over the week-end.”

For once, Miles was left speechless as the full import of what she’d said struck home. “Fuck me!” was all he could managed to say in awe.

Miles being Miles, it didn’t take him long to get over the shock and before long he was helping himself to a snack from the ‘fridge.

“We gotta go shopping,” he told me once he’d fed himself. “I need toothbrushes and stuff if I’m staying here, and you need some more food!”

Half an hour later we were wandering around the supermarket food hall doing our best to fill a trolley with food and drink – enough for a month rather than two days I thought to myself as I queued up to pay.

“You wait here a bit,” Miles suddenly said as I neared the check-out. “Forgot my toothbrush and stuff.”

With that he shot off, leaving me to cope with the bagging up. It wasn’t long though before he was back, throwing another little bag in with our shopping. “Come on,” he said gaily, “Time for coffee. My treat!”

We’d only been sat down for a little while before Miles stood up and said, “I just gotta go and make a ‘phone call. Back in a few minutes.”

Only slightly puzzled, I watched as he made his way the the public ‘phones across the other side of the cafeteria. True to his word, he was back in a little while, but with a strange look on his face – one I hadn’t seen before.

“What’s the matter?” I said, slightly worried.

Miles just shook his head and said nothing. He didn’t seem angry or upset or anything, just thoughtful if anything and so I left him alone. It was only later in the car on the way home he told me what had happened.

“I thought I’d better call home and tell mum thanks for the clothes and stuff. And, you know, tell her thanks for letting me stay over.”

“That was thoughtful of you,” I said carefully, waiting to hear the rest.

“Yeah. Well. Then she said that I was a young man now and could start making my own decisions about things and that I could stay with you whenever I wanted as long as she knew where I was. And that she thought I was old enough to know what I was doing.”

“Christ!” I mouthed in amazement.

“Yeah. It sorta shook me a bit to hear her tell me that straight out like that. She must really love me to say that.”

“I’m sure she does. That’s why she’s let you go. She also knows that you and me are, well, ‘partners’. She just wants the best for you.”

Miles looked at me with tears in his eyes and grabbed my hand firmly. “I love you both,” he said quietly but with firm conviction. “It’s not just a game, is it?”

“No, not any more,” I said.

Miles was still subdued even after all the food we’d bought had been put away. I left him alone for as long as I could, but once we’d settled down in the sitting room, I pulled him over and sat him down. Before joining him, I grabbed a bottle of wine from the cupboard and a couple of glasses.

“Drink?” I said.

“Yeah. Thanks.” he mumbled.

Although not regular or frequent drinkers, both Miles and I enjoyed a glass or two when out for dinner or something. It had always acted as a good relaxer and social lubricant and I hoped that it would do the same now.

Half a bottle later and he was definitely feeling better. With a belch loud enough to waken the dead, he broke out into a fit of giggles and wrapped himself round me, very much back to his old self.

“Got anything planned for the week-end?” he asked.

“Nothing special,” I said. “Unless there’s something you want to do.”

That earned me a ‘what do you think?’ stare and a long kiss.

As the evening drew in, Miles and I hardly moved from where we were and it wasn’t until one of us had to get up to turn the lights on that we disturbed ourselves. Once the curtains had been drawn and the wall-lights gave out their warm glow, we settled down again.

“This is just about perfect,” I sighed, running a finger round Miles’ face.

“Mmmm,” he agreed, eyes closed.

I was aware of a strange feeling as we cuddled up and watched TV, one I had difficulty in pinning down at first. Then it dawned on me like a thunderbolt – I was perfectly happy in a way that I hadn’t been for years, if ever. I had a nice home, good job and no major problems. Most of all though, for the first time I had someone to share it with. For most of my adult life I had come to terms with the fact that I would always live alone, and was quite content with it: I couldn’t ever imagine living with anyone else, I valued my freedom and independence too much. But that was before I met Miles. Even then I never really thought seriously about the two of us sharing a home – it was never on the agenda as far as I was concerned and I’d never allowed the possibility to cross my mind. Until now. I’d always been worried about what his parents (among others!) would think if they ever found out about us, and now they had it was as if a great load had been lifted off my shoulders. OK, it was only a tacit approval, unspoken yet accepted, but it was good enough for me and far more than I deserved or expected. Unbeknown to Miles, he had given me a reason to live, to take care of myself and more importantly a reason to think of someone else apart from me. Don’t get me wrong: it wasn’t a maudlin or depressing thought, it was a deeply satisfying one. The place I lived in was now a home and not just a house.

Leaning down, I kissed Miles long and passionately, letting my love flow freely. Miles broke the kiss and stared at me curiously – he could sense that there was a change in me. There was no way I could put my thoughts into words that would make any sense to him. Instead I simply said, “Welcome home!”

The significance didn’t escape him and he returned the kiss just as passionately.

“Stupid bugger!” he muttered, half smiling at me.

He was on the verge of tears I could tell, but rather than let me see him cry, he slid to his feet and headed for the bathroom. “Need a piss!” he mumbled.

I heard him pattering about the flat for a while after he’d finished and then the shower running. Before long he returned to the living room freshly scrubbed and shining bright, wearing nothing but his undies.

It didn’t take him long to reduce me to the same state, but instead of kissing me as I expected, he insisted that we lay together on the sofa, with his back to me and my arms crossed over his chest. Placing his hands over mine, he wriggled himself closer and sighed happily.

It was midnight before either of us moved, and then only because it was my turn to visit the bathroom. Reluctantly Miles rolled over to let me up, yawning as he did so.

“Ready for bed, yet?” I asked when I came back.

“Yeah, I supposed so,” he said lazily.

I looked at him quizzically – I’d never know him refuse an offer like that before.

Grinning, he replied, “If we go to bed, then the next thing we know it’ll be morning and the week-end will be half over. I want it to go on for ever!”

I empathised with him completely, but I was also bushed and despite the attractions his almost naked body presented, I wanted my bed.

“OK,” I said. “Make sure you turn the TV and lights off before you come through.”

He lasted all of three minutes. Almost before I’d climbed into bed he followed me in the room and watched as I made myself comfortable. Without a word, as if it was the most natural thing in the world, he lifted the covers and slid in alongside me.

“Goodnight,” he said and turned his back on me.

I was stunned for a moment or two, until reality kicked in and I stayed where I was, waiting.

“Oh, fuck it!” he giggled, rolled over to face me and scooted up as close as he could.

He kissed me lightly on the lips and lay his head on the pillow, leaving his arms round my neck. His eyes stayed open though and he simply looked at me. Down below under the covers I felt him push his groin into mine, gently, with hardly any pressure at all. We kissed each other again, running fingers through our hair and taking the simplest of pleasures in each other’s company. Very slowly, almost imperceptibly I felt his dick hardening, separated from mine only by the pants we were still wearing. The more we kissed, the harder they got. For some reason Miles was playing a game, trying his best to ignore the perfectly natural event taking place between our legs.

“Bollocks!” he eventually burst out, laughing.

Letting go of me for a few seconds, he reached down and slid first his and then my, pants off and threw them on the floor.

“Why is it that I always get a hard on when I’m in bed with you?” he stammered out.

“Because you’re a teenager and because you’re randy!” I laughed. “Leaver it alone and it’ll go away.”

“Never in a million years,” he giggled. “I don’t want it to anyway. Feels nice.”

As if to emphasise the point, he began to pull on his dick, but quickly shifted his hand across to mine and let his fingers run up and down it.

“Will you love me?” he whispered quietly.

“I already do,” I whispered back.

“I didn’t mean that. I meant would you make love to me properly?”

There were a thousand reasons why I shouldn’t, and a thousand reasons why I should. I struggled with the problem for a few seconds, trying to think of a good reason why I should say no.

“There’s nothing more I’d like to do,” I said quietly. “But I’m not sure you’re ready for it yet. It’s a big step for us both and I’m not sure about it at all. In any case, we haven’t got any lube.”

“Oh, yes we have,” Miles sniggered.

He leaned over and ferreted about in the bedside cabinet, eventually pulling out a tube of KY.

“If you think I went to all the trouble of buying this for nothing, then you’ve got another think coming,” he laughed. “If only you knew how embarrassed I was asking for it. I’m not going through that again for anybody!”

“When did you get that?” I asked, dumbfounded.

“When we were at the supermarket, you know, when I got the other stuff.”

“Didn’t they ask you why you wanted it?” I grinned.

“She asked me if I was sure KY was what I wanted and so I said that’s what my dad told me to get him. I think she was even more embarrassed than me then!”

I took the tube from him and opened it, squeezing a tiny bit onto my fingers and rubbing it between them thoughtfully. Miles did the same, but examined it carefully before experimentally trying it out.

“Amazing!” he said quietly to himself. “Wonder what’s in it? It’s really slippery.”

Once he’d had enough experimenting, I took the tube from him and lay it on the cabinet. Pulling him to me, I embraced and kissed him, feeling for his tongue. I knew instantly that Miles was extremely aroused: he returned the kiss with an almost feral passion, his arms and legs wrapping themselves round me as tightly as he could, his chest pressed against me hard enough to make breathing a problem.

We carried on like this until I felt he was ready. Using my already slickened finger, I eased it between his cheeks and pressed the tip against his ring softly. It only took a couple of attempts before it opened up for me and I slid in, far more easily than I expected to.

I felt as much as heard him groan in ecstasy as I worked my way deeper in, adding another finger as I did so. Before long he was matching his rythym with mine as I worked back and forth, opening him up as much as I could. He was writhing with sheer lust by now, his mind a complete mess. Deciding the time was right, I grabbed the KY and using one hand covered my dripping cock as best I could.

Taking my fingers out of his butt, I told him to lay on his back and lift his legs up in the air. Carefully I smeared the jelly all round his rosebud and as far inside as I could reach easily.

Kneeling between his legs, I looked at him carefully, checking that he really wanted me to carry on.

I got a slight nod as he looked me straight in the eyes. “Please?” he mouthed.

I touched my cock against the hole. Firstly it clamped down tight, but as if at some signal, it relaxed and opened up just a little. As gently as I could, I eased forward and increased the pressure. Nothing. I pressed harder, still nothing.

“Please! Please! Please!” I heard Miles mutter to himself between clenched teeth.

Suddenly, I was in. Miles yelped at the shock and stared at me, wide-eyed and in obvious pain.

“Want me to stop?” I whispered.

He shook his head ‘no’ .

I gave him a couple of minutes to get used to me and then eased down, slowly and carefully, not stopping until I was in as far as I could go.

“You OK?” I asked quietly.

“Yeah!” he sighed, unclenching his fists and opening his eyes. “Just do it slow.”

With infinite care I pulled in and out, using almost the entire length of my cock until I discovered exactly where his magic spot was. Then I went even slower, concentrating on just that one place. By now, Miles was well and truly spaced out. Not only was his head thrashing about like a thing demented, but his hands were everywhere: first rubbing up and down my back, then round my butt, then round his throbbing cock, then back to my …

Suddenly his body froze and he orgasmed painfully and massively, his cum shooting over his head, ending up God knows where.

I began to pull out, but was soon stopped by Miles. “No, not yet. Keep going!”

I started again, but this time using my full length as slowly as I could. Not for long though: there was no way could I stop myself. With ever-increasing force I bucked backwards and forwards until with one final lunge, I dropped my load deep inside him, passionately and painfully.

Once my dick had wilted enough, I rolled off him and lay back, breathing heavily and sweating like a pig. Miles was still totalled, his eyes glazed and mouth wide open. I hugged him to me and kissed him on the forehead, waiting until he came down to Earth.

“Fuck me!” he said at last, his eyes shining. “We did it!”

“How was it?” I asked, still concerned for him.

“Hurt at first. Hurt like fuck, but then it got better and better. I ain’t ever cum like that before. You made me cum at least twice,” he sniggered. “Bet my balls are really empty now!”

“You’re OK then?” I laughed, as much with relief as anything else.

“Oh yeah. Brilliant!” he sighed. “We gotta do it again!”

“When? Now?” I giggled.

“Naah, not just yet. Give me a few minutes though!”

Ten minutes later he was fast asleep, curled up in front of me and still with that ever-lasting smile on his face.


He was still in the same position the following morning when I woke up. In my early morning fugue between dreams and reality, I wasn’t at all sure whether or not I’d dreamed the whole event, but the sight of the KY tube on the cabinet convinced me that it had actually happened. I looked at the sleeping form beside me and stroked his hair lovingly, not for the first time being overcome by his beauty and remarkable personality. I was sorely tempted to wake him just so we could talk and share our bodies again, but reluctantly I decided that he needed the sleep and I needed a shower, the exertions of the previous night leaving their unmistakeable odour.

I was sat having my first coffee of the day and still mulling over the previous night when Miles came into the kitchen and made himself a drink. I glanced at him and got an early morning ‘I’m not awake yet’ look back. He was wearing nothing but a pair of skimpy briefs which left absolutely nothing to the imagination.

“Mornin’” I mumbled.

“Yeah!” he agreed.

“You OK?” I asked, the obvious uppermost in my mind.

“Bum’s a bit sore, but I’m OK.” he replied, squirming a little as he sat opposite me.

I was about to say something, but he stopped me.

“Don’t spoil it,” he said, staring into his cup. “I’m glad we did it, so don’t go getting all guilty on me.”

I nodded back.

“And I wanna do it again. But not just yet though!” he giggled

This time he came across and sat on my knee, resting his head on my shoulder.

“I’m OK, really,” he whispered. “It was good.”

We kissed lightly and hugged for a couple of minutes.

“Come on,” I said a little reluctantly, “We gotta move.”

“Why?” he mumbled.

“ ‘Cause if you don’t, I’m gonna wet myself.”

Once we’d got washed and dressed, Miles asked if we had any plans for the day. I explained that usually I spent Saturdays cleaning and tidying the flat and just lazing around.

“Sounds good to me,” he said. “What do you want me to do?”

“You get the kitchen and bathroom,” I said, “And I’ll do the living room and bedrooms.”

My place isn’t all that big, but it still took a fair amount of work to tidy it up. Usually it would take me most of the morning to do it, but with Miles help it was more or less finished in an hour or so.

“There’s only one more thing to do,” I said as we looked around a (fairly) sparkling flat.

“Washing. Throw everything you’ve got that needs washing in the basket and we’ll get the machine going.”

As Miles was gathering his bits and pieces together, not that there was very much anyway, I stripped our bed and threw the sheets out. To my surprise, he added the unused ones from ‘his’ bed, which hadn’t been used.

“If ‘she’ comes round, she’ll expect to see two sets of bedding, not one,” he smiled.

That hadn’t occurred to me and I mouthed a grateful ‘thanks’ at him, pulled out a new set and threw them over to him.

I disliked shopping on Saturdays and so Miles and I decided that we’d drive out to the countryside and have pub meal somewhere for a change. There were only a few essentials I had to buy and I could get those almost anywhere I decided.

Within the hour we were sat in the garden of a picturesque village pub I knew, waiting for our meal and having a couple of drinks: beer for me and shandy for Miles. The place was fairly full as usual and I glanced round idly. Most of the customers were families I noticed, their kids either in the play area or feeding the ducks in the pond. ‘Just like Miles and me’ I thought with a start. Our meal arrived as I was contemplating this and we set to with a will, both of us hungrier than we thought. We ate in silence until the plates were cleared and I asked if Miles wanted another drink.

“No, thanks,” he replied. “You have one though, I’m gonna feed the birds.”

I nursed my pint and watched Miles sat on the bank casually throwing bread into the water. From his posture I could tell he was deep in thought, but of what I had no idea. I guessed that he was thinking about him and me, and what had happened in the past 24 hours. It was hard enough for me to come to terms with, let alone a lad of his age. I needn’t have worried though as he turned round, flashed me a smile and went back to feeding the ducks.

Being such a nice day, we look the long way home, exploring the country lanes to our heart’s content and enjoying the fresh air. I don’t suppose we exchanged more than a dozen words all the way home, just the occasional contented glance at each other once in a while.

It was a pity that we had to go home eventually, and although we’d stretched the time out as much as we could, we had to make our way – it was getting dark anyway.

Once we’d closed the front door behind us, Miles quickly kicked off his shoes and turned the TV on.

“Leave the lights off,” he asked as I made for the switch. “Let’s just sit in the dark.”

“Had a good day?” I asked as I sat down alongside him.

“Brilliant! It’s been ages since I been on a country drive. Not since I was a kid. Thanks.”

“ ‘s OK,” I said. “I enjoyed it too.”

We gave each other a quick kiss and settled down to watch the film on TV. Before long Miles had drifted off to sleep, his head in my lap. I too was tired, but managed to stay awake until the film finished. The sound of the end credits stirred Miles and he opened his eyes blearily.

“I’m buggered!” he managed to say. “Would you mind if I slept in the spare bed tonight?”

“Good idea,” I told him. “It hasn’t been used yet, and it is your room sort of anyway.”

“OK. Thanks. Goodnight.”

I was glad Miles had elected to sleep by himself for once. If nothing else it would make him feel more at home if that were possible, and in any case I didn’t think it was a good idea for us to share a bed every time he slept over – it wouldn’t do either of us any good.

About two am, I was woken from a deep sleep by Miles climbing in alongside me.

“Couldn’t sleep,” he whispered as he cuddled up to me.

I half-expected him to start something, but he simply pecked me on the lips and closed his eyes.

It was my turn now to find it hard to sleep, but I must’ve done as the next thing I knew was that the sun streaming in through the window woke me up at seven o’clock. Miles was already awake and laying on his side, arm across my chest.

“Morning!” he smiled chirpily.

“Morning angel!” I grinned back. “How long you been awake?”

“Not long. ‘Bout half an hour.”

“Mmmmmm,” I sighed and closed my eyes.

Any thoughts I had of grabbing an extra few minutes were quickly vanquished when I felt a hand snaking into my underpants.

“You got a boner!” he sniggered.

Without opening my eyes, I felt around until I found what I wanted. “So’ve you,” I muttered. “And you’re not wearing any pants.”

That earned me a giggle and a whispered, “So? What you gonna do about it?”

The slowly moving hand on my dick left me in little doubt what he had in mind. Still not fully awake, I slid my undies off and turned to face him, our cocks meeting head on. That brought me fully awake and I opened my eyes to find myself staring directly into his.

“That’s better!” he said, far more cheerfully than he had a right to this time in the morning.

He rolled over on top of me and pressed his lips against mine, his tongue searching for mine. I was left in no doubt as to how he was feeling as he started to thrust himself against me and emitting low moans of satisfaction.

“Alec?” he said, breaking our kiss.


“Where’s the KY?”

That brought me to my senses instantly and I looked at him questioningly.

“Come on,” he repeated. “Where is it?”

“Cabinet,” I stuttered.

Scrambling across the bed, Miles reached for the tube and whipped the cap off. Taking a large fingerful, he smothered my solidly hard dick first and then reached round and did the same to his rear-end.

“Don’t move,” he said, putting his hands on my shoulders and holding me down.

With a mixture of determination and lust, Miles straddled my torso and knelt up. Gritting his teeth and looking up at the ceiling, he held my cock in place and slowly lowered himself. To my utter astonishment, there was only the slightest resistance as my dick first touched his hole and then slipped in as far as the head. Sighing with pleasure, Miles gently slid down my pole until I was embedded as far as I could go. For a couple of seconds Miles stayed where he was, unmoving. I watched as a slow smile spread across his face and all traces of pain vanished. He took hold of my wrists and stared down at me as he gradually began to work himself up and down, wriggling his hips until even the slightest movement stimulated his prostate.

I contributed what little I could to the steady rhythm he dropped in to and watched his face keenly.

Miles cursed very rarely, and even then mostly in jest, but every move he made was accompanied by an oath of sheer ecstasy, and a tightening of the grip he had on my wrists.

“Oh shit!” he squealed as a jet of jism flew from his cock and shuddering body. Didn’t stop him though as he carried on after only a moments hesitation.

“Christ!” he yelled out as his second orgasm struck and his cock tried to spit out stuff that wasn’t there. I too climaxed and thrust myself up into him as hard as I could, my balls almost climbing inside me with the effort.

Slowly he ground to a stop and rolled off me, his sweat-glistened body heaving with spent passion.

I needn’t have worried about him though as one look at his self-satisfied smile and shining eyes told me exactly how he felt.

“That was almost scary!” he said once he’d recovered. “I nearly fainted when I came. Jesus!”

“You OK now?” I asked, concerned for him. “You frightened me a bit.”

“I’m fine. It all happened so quick it took me by surprise, but it’s much better doing it that way than the other.”

Despite having cum twice in the space of a couple of minutes, he was still on a super-high, excitement giving his skin a rosy-red tinge from his head to his chest. He kissed me playfully and whispered, “We gotta do it that way all the time in future!”

I wasn’t at all sure that I could cope too often with this over-exuberant young man in his present mood, but what the hell, it would sure be worth a try! We laughed and joked for a while until he’d calmed down enough to hold a proper conversation.

“What time have you got to be home?” I asked, stroking his soft cheeks.

“ ‘Bout lunch-time I think. I’d better go home for dinner otherwise mum and dad will get pissed off with me. I wish I didn’t have to go.”

“Me too, but you know the rules. We don’t want to give ’em any wrong ideas, do we?” I half-joked. “Talking of which, don’t forget to take a shower, will you?”

Miles pulled a face at this and laughed, “I seem to have spent the last two days in bed or in the shower!”

We lazed around in bed for as long as we dared, but at last decided that it was time we parted, albeit reluctantly.

I offered him a lift home, but he declined the offer for once, saying that he needed the walk. We did however chat for a while longer, fixing some rough sort of plans for when he could come and visit next without causing any problems. As we hugged goodbye at the door, I suddenly remembered a small gift I’d got him over the week-end. Reaching into my pocket, I presented him with his own front door key. He looked at it thoughtfully for a moment or two, realised it’s significance, then reached up to kiss me softly before he turned and headed homewards.


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