I Know What’s On Your Mind
by Alexander


Chapter 9

I awoke the following morning to find David still in my bed with his legs entwined with mine, his head on my chest and raging hard-on digging pleasantly into my thigh. I panicked for a moment until my eyes found the bedside clock and learned that it was only just after six am, thank goodness. Turning over to face David, I looked at him and felt a surge of warmth and tenderness flow through me. I realised, not for the first time, how lucky I was to have him. There can’t be many brothers, I mused, who are as close as him and me and I was incredibly fortunate. I ran my fingers through his hair and stroked the back of his neck softly, letting my other hand rest on his swollen dick.

It took him a few minutes to wake up, or at least to let me know he was awake. His eyes opened slowly and stared into mine.

“Don’t stop,” he sighed as I pulled my hands away. “Feels nice.”

I giggled quietly at him and kissed him on the forehead. “We’ll be in deep shit if mum and dad find us like this.”

He looked at the clock, snuggled closer to me and whispered, “We got an hour.”

These early morning chats were the best ones we had, that strange twilight period between sleep and full wakefulness being the most relaxed part of the day when we often shared our deepest thoughts and problems. In fact there was very little we didn’t know about each other of course: I knew that he was still messing with Derrick on an almost daily basis, and that he was the only one. I don’t think he was actually ‘gay’ in the modern sense of the word, it’s just that they satisfied each other’s needs as and when they wanted. David, on the other hand, knew that I was much more inclined towards a more lasting and permanent relationship. It was slightly amusing to realise that just at the moment, Derrick was getting more than me. Amusing for him at least.

“Hey,” I said as we struggled out of bed. “I almost forgot. Alan’s coming round today. Wanna hang around?”

He looked at me and grinned. “Naah. He’s all yours, I’ll keep out of the way. You’d have no chance if he saw what I’ve got to offer him!”

“Bollocks!” I laughed and threw my pillow at him.

I knew Alan was about to arrive way before he strolled up the garden path with his bike. I’d felt a greyish sort of sensation for ages, the feeling I had when someone was trying to make contact.

“Hiya!” I eventually picked up. “You home?”

“Course,” I flashed. “Waiting for you.”

To my surprise I instantly got a delightfully happy response, tagged on the end of which was an aura of undoubted lust. Underlying these feelings though was one of one of trepidation: he was already a bit scared of his own psychic abilities, and was very wary of mine, not knowing how powerful they were. Thus it was that he came into the house nervously, almost as if he was expecting to be attacked or something. Because I too was just as apprehensive as he was, we just stood and looked at each other for a few seconds without speaking. I’d just decided to offer him a drink or something when he gave me the answer before I’d even opened my mouth.

“Yes, please,” he said.

Or did he? Was it actual words I heard, or thought-transference? Either way, he wanted a drink, so I went to fetch one, already confused by him after what? Thirty seconds?

We sat at the big dining table not saying a word – in fact we’d both switched our minds off as much as possible and no communication was taking place between us at all. The tension was becoming unbearable as neither of us wanted to be the first to let our defences down, but then I remembered he was a guest in my house and it was up to me to start the ball rolling.

Gently I began to probe his mind, trying my best to radiate a feeling of friendliness and openness.

“Hi!” I suddenly got back.

Not a joyful ‘I’m glad to see you’ sort of thing, but a quiet, nervous greeting.

“Hi! I sent back, smiling a him. “Bit scary isn’t it.”

“Yeah. I ain’t done much of this sort of thing before. Not two ways anyway. I’ve read lots of other peoples minds though.”

I laughed back at him, noticing the blush flushing across his face and the bit of thinking he’s blanked me off from.

“You’re telling me!” I answered. “You learn all sorts of things, don’t you?”

He didn’t answer this, but blushed a little deeper and nodded at me.

Slowly we opened our minds to one another, little by little until we were ‘talking’ more or less properly, but still with most of our deeper thoughts blocked off.

“Oh, come on,” I said at last. “This’s silly. If we’re gonna be friends, we gotta relax a bit. It’s stupid trying to hide things from each other, we’re gonna find out stuff anyway, sooner or later.”

Alan smiled grimly at this and after a moments hesitation nodded at me.

Now much more at ease with one another, we thankfully dropped the barriers and opened up.

The thing uppermost in our minds, not unsurprisingly, was sex – after all we were both young boys and sex is never very far from their thoughts anyway! But this was different of course: we already knew enough about each other to know that we’d crossed a sort of line that took most boys ages and ages to cross, if they ever did. We knew what sort of things we liked – or would like to know better. My thoughts were echoed instantly by Alan who let an image of a naked me slip past his guard – a slightly blurry one as we’d never actually seen each other without clothes. I returned the favour of course and we both broke out in giggles. We were about to explore our minds a bit further when I sensed a marked reluctance from Alan.

“What?” I asked.

He looked round the living room nervously.

“Good idea. Let’s go up to my bedroom.” I sent back.

There was no real need to of course: the house was going to be empty for some time, but I understood his apprehension and led the way upstairs. Once in the privacy of my room, he relaxed completely. For a good few minutes we exchanged a whole mass of stuff about each other in a hurried, confused and illogical pattern, but enough to realise that we had no problems at all in understanding each other. The initial rush once over, we looked at each other and giggled.

“So, what do you wanna do?” I asked.

“See you undressed,” he flashed back instantly, but then tried to cover his tracks by changing it to a less provocative one.

“I will if you will,” I signalled, thanking the stars that psychic communication was a definite advantage!

Despite the directness of the requests and the certainty that it was something we both wanted, it was with a strong sense of nervousness that we stood up and faced each other.

Shrugging my shoulders mentally, I started to strip off – first my shirt and then shoes and socks, then … all the while watching Alan perform the same ritual not two feet away. I was conscious of two strange emotions coursing through me, one of sheer excitement at the prospect of seeing Alan as nude as the day he was born, and another, less identifiable one. It took me a couple of minutes to work out what it was, and remembered much to my surprise that no one except my brother had seen me completely naked before – not since I was a little kid anyway. I didn’t count the couple of times Mark and me had done stuff – after all, we weren’t going to do it again and in any case it wasn’t all that exciting, not as much as it was now anyway.

I suppose every boy is worried about what he looks like naked, especially in comparison with others. You know the sort if thing: Am too fat? Too thin? Too small? What about my dick? Is it normal? Alan was no different. Apprehensively he covered his dick and balls with his cupped hands, trying to hide his boner. It was only a split seconds work to get him to put his hands behind his back.

What stood before me was a picture of delight. OK, I’d known boys who were better looking, boys with more muscles, boys with bigger (and smaller) dicks, but none of them put together in a package that was as good-looking as Alan. He must be about six inches or so smaller than me, had a pale, flawless skin and fair to light curly hair. He had a few wisps of hair under his arms and a little moustache at the base of his cock. A cock which was perfectly formed, standing out from an equally perfect set of balls. My own dick is about five inches long I guess, with a foreskin which just about covers the head when I’m hard. Alan’s was an inch or so shorter and thinner as well, but the head was well and truly hidden by a magnificent fold of skin.

“Wow!” I flashed once I’d got my brain back in gear. There were a few other thoughts too, but even I am too embarrassed to put them in writing. Alan didn’t miss them though and he blushed delicately as he absorbed them, grinning happily.

In return I was graced with an equally gratifying analysis of my own under-sized body, but nevertheless one which had Alan entranced, much to my embarrassment. When I tried to read his mind, I was surprised to find it was almost frozen – empty of all thought other than an image of me.

“What we gonna do now?” Alan flashed gleefully, the thought accompanied by a virtual slide show which would’ve got us both locked up for life.

I looked at the bed and back at him.

“Thought you’d never ask!” he laughed as he scrambled onto my bed and lay on his back, his dick pointing skywards.

That first time we touched each other, skin-to-skin, will be seared in my memory for ever. As we embraced, his warmth and sexual excitement flushed through me instantly, so much so that I thought my blood would boil. I shuddered with the emotion and we hugged even tighter, willing our bodies to unite in the same way our minds did.

“Oh fuck!” Alan whispered.

I didn’t answer – I couldn’t. In fact neither of us could say or do anything for a good few seconds, our minds having given up the struggle to think of anything except the overwhelming sense of shared ecstasy.

Slowly, very slowly, we became accustomed to the feelings and relaxed our embrace just a little. I leaned back and looked at Alan, still flushed with excitement. Delicately I ran my hand through his hair and stared into his eyes almost lovingly. Gradually Alan’s head approached mine and we rubbed noses, giggling as we did so. Then, without any further thought, we pressed our lips together: softly, experimentally to begin with but rapidly mashing them together with a passion born of sheer lust. There was no need for communication, verbal or otherwise, it was just the only thing we could do. Hands began to roam, caressing and stroking everywhere they could reach: necks, backs, thighs, faces; all were explored sensuously and magically. By and large our dicks were left untouched apart from an occasional brush en route from one pleasure zone to another: we knew that if even a finger were rested on the painfully hard pieces of flesh, the eruption would be instantaneous and violent. In fact there was no need to touch them at all as Alan suddenly arched his back, pressed his groin into mine and orgasmed massively. At the same instant his mind turned white with uncontrolled passion and he embraced me with a force fit to break my back. I reacted in the only way possible, and fired off what seemed like a life-time’s supply of love-juice.

Shocked into silence, we fell apart, breathing heavily and staring sightlessly into space, our fingers entwined in support of each other.

“Bloody hell!” Alan stammered out eventually. “I don’t believe it!”

“Never done that before!” I stuttered. “Fuckin’ brilliant!”

We gripped hands a bit tighter and giggled nervously, still in a slight state of shock.

My mind was still screwed up when I felt Alan shaking with suppressed laughter by my side.

“What?” I said, looking at him curiously.

He flashed back a scene from his bedroom, not two hours ago when he’d just finished having a wank, thinking of me and what the rest of the day promised.

“That’s twice today already,” he sniggered. “And the best two I’ve ever had!”

“Me too,” I agreed. “Mind-blowing!”

With an exuberance which surprised even me, Alan rolled over, slipped his arms round my neck and gave me a quick kiss, backing off instantly to stare at me with glistening eyes and a beatific smile.

“Let’s do it again!”

We didn’t. If fact, we couldn’t: neither of us had the energy. Instead we satisfied ourselves with a smooch-fest and another round of touchy-feely, this time taken far more leisurely and with more feeling. Our hands gravitated to our groins eventually and we jerked one another off, slowly and pleasurably, joining our minds together at the last minute to ensure we blew our loads, such as they were, simultaneously.

By now we were both seriously exhausted and we ended up ‘talking’ about ourselves. Uppermost in our minds of course was the question of how experienced each one of us was. We were both curious as to what we’d done with other boys, and how often. I felt a lot of questions from Alan about the relationship between David and me, but I avoided answering most of them, explaining that we should at least try to keep some things to ourselves. Luckily, Alan saw the sense in this and backed off. In terms of experience, I was surprised to learn that Alan had been with more boys than I had, but only on a ‘once-in-a-while’ basis, restricted to a few hand- and blow-jobs with mates. Just like me, what he really wanted was a long-term friend, but up until now hadn’t found one, partly because he hadn’t seen anyone he liked enough, partly because he was afraid of being ‘outed’ but mainly because of his scary psychic abilities. He was slightly jealous of David and me, but not seriously so, and only because he liked the idea of having a brother for ‘sex on tap’ as he put it.

Thinking of David reminded me of where he was now, and what he was probably doing with Derrick. Carefully blocking Alan out for a while, I tried to contact David. I found him riding his bike homewards. He was deliberately riding slowly I found out, mainly because he didn’t want to disturb whatever Alan and I were doing. He was also thinking of the butt-fuck he’d just had from Derrick. It’d been a good one, so good in fact that David was having trouble sitting on his saddle. He smiled to himself, wriggled his butt on the seat as if to remind himself of why it was so sore and carried on.

“David’ll be home soon,” I told Alan, glancing at the clock as if it meant something.

“Shit! That mean I gotta go?” he asked petulantly.

“Naah, not if you don’t want to. Be a good idea if we got dressed though.”

“Oh, yeah,” Alan giggled. “I forgot.”

Ten minutes later, the back door slammed closed, followed by a shout of “Jason?” from David.

“Upstairs,” I yelled back. “Alan’s up here as well.”

Hurriedly, Alan and I grabbed a couple of books off my desk and started to skim through them.

Seconds later our bedroom door opened and David walked in, still suffering slightly.

David and Alan exchanged friendly greetings and began chatting. My brother had no choice but to sit on the hard chair at his desk and I caught a wince of pain as he lowered himself down. I looked at him, grinned broadly and threw him a pillow from my bed. For an instant, he looked at me angrily, but then smiled back knowingly and mouthed a ‘thanks’.

Alan was a bit confused at this wordless exchange and looked from one to another of us. Whatever comment he was going to pass was soon stopped however when David wrinkled his nose and said, “Smells like a brothel in here. Best you open some windows!”

That shut Alan up, who blushed yet again – any chance we might have had of keeping our activities secret blown right out of the water along with it. I flashed a message to Alan to ignore the comment as it was ‘just David being a dickhead’.

After a quick make-shift lunch of sandwiches and Coke, we all three wandered down to the park where the usual game of soccer was taking place. Both Alan and David joined in, leaving me to watch from the side-lines. Normally I would’ve taken the chance to perv on some of the other boys, but for the first time my eyes were kept mainly on Alan and David, the two loves of my life. Almost absent-mindedly, I shifted my growing erection to a more comfortable position, closed my eyes and daydreamed.


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