Gareth and Phil
by Alexander


Chapter 8

We decided to stay camping in the field we’d found by accident, at least for a few days. One reason being that after we’d explored the area the following day, there was quite a lot for Gareth and me to do. Apart from the walking, which we both enjoyed, there was a riding stable close at hand, some good fishing (which Gareth was into, but I couldn’t stand!) and, much to our surprise, the sea was only about ten miles away. It was also good for us in that we’d manage to sort ourselves out with respect to our relationship. I knew that we’d got closer and closer over the weeks, and had a good friendship. Now that he and I had spent some time alone together, we found that not only had we become better friends (as well as lovers!), but also were perfectly comfortable in each other’s company. We didn’t feel the need to be in each other’s pocket all the time: we both spent a fair amount of time doing our own thing: Gareth fishing or clambering over the rocks, me horse riding or simply lazing about.

Our sex life also settled down to a contented, mutually enjoyable important part of our day-to-day lives. At first, we were both fairly demanding of each other in many ways I suppose, wallowing in our ability to do more-or-less what we wanted when we wanted. It gradually changed over the two weeks from a rather selfish self-gratifying relationship into one of compassion and a want to please one another. We indulged ourselves less frequently as well; often being satisfied with holding each other or even just being close. The night-times were the best and the hours we spent cuddled up together, kissing and hugging and merely being there for each other were truly spiritual.

Somewhere in the middle of our hedonistic holiday, we even managed to take dozens of pictures to show the family, not I hasten to add, any which might even hint at the special and very private aspect of our vacation! Well – there were a couple I wasn’t sure about. We’d spent most of one day swimming in the river, naked for a great deal of the time it goes without saying, and Gareth decided to take some pictures for home. Reluctantly he’d put his swimming trunks on for the benefit of the photograph, although he did express a desire for me to take a couple of nude ones just for us. I would’ve too, if I thought I could have them developed and printed without being arrested! Anyway, when I collected the photographs from the local shop, I showed Gareth the two of him swimming. At first he didn’t see what I was getting at, which was a good thing as far as the family were concerned, but when I pointed out that you could most definitely see his beautiful boner clearly outlined through the trunks, he thought it hilarious. And gifted the pictures to me as a souvenir.

One thing we discussed at length one evening was the possibility of our living together. To begin with he was naturally excited, ecstatic even, throwing his arms round me and giving me a deep kiss. I gave him an hour to get used to the idea and calm down before I outlined some of the problems we faced. Firstly, there was his parents of course. I was almost certain that they would agree with a bit of persuasion. I knew they found him difficult to cope with, and had already hinted to me that as he got older, they would find it more and more stressful. Gareth wasn’t aware of this of course, and I didn’t tell him. He knew, though, that things could be better for him than they were at present on the home front. The other major issues were finding a suitable house or flat for us; finding a school for him and the losing and making of friends. Another problem was money: I hadn’t even got a job yet! Hopefully that one would be solved soon though as I had a couple of promising interviews lined up.

Even with these awesome downside difficulties, Gareth was exuberant at the prospect and was behaving as if it had happened already – a fait accompli. Our love-making that night was one of the more memorable times we were to have. Gareth’s ebullience was infectious and we were both dreaming happily of what the future held for us as we nestled up closely under the blanket.

“One day, we’ll be doing this in our lovely, warm comfortable bed,” he sighed, “Miles away from Milton Keynes.”

I noted the ‘our’ with interest. It appears that he’d already made his mind up that we were to sleep together as well as live – an assumption I had a few reservations about, but so far was content with.

His cock was steel-hard as he obviously ruminated on life in our nest-to-be.

“Do it to me, Pleeeeeease!” he begged, kissing me lightly on the cheek. “I really want it.”

Him asking me to fuck him was a bit unusual: normally, if it happened at all, it was a natural follow-on to whatever else we had been doing and was taken at that level. Only once or twice had we actually started out with that in mind.

Not wishing to disappoint him, I asked how he wanted to do it.

“I like it best when I sit on you and hold your hands. I can look at you properly then.”

I grinned broadly at him. “Your wish is my command, O Master!”

I lay on my back, watching as he carefully positioned himself over my eager dick. Taking hold of my wrists, he slowly lowered his butt until he felt my cock touch it. I was just about to remind him about the Vaseline when, letting go of me for a moment, he pushed my cock between his cheeks and without pausing, pressed it firmly against his rosebud. In one smooth move he squatted down and slid all the way down my shaft. There was no grimace of pain, no hesitation, no reluctance. Taking my wrist again, he grinned at me impishly and said, “That was easy. I’m getting better at it!”

I agreed absolutely and was glad for him. He must genuinely enjoy being made love to this way, just as much as I did: the amount of pre-cum already leaking from his adorable dick confirming it. I unwrapped my hand from his, swiped up as much of it as I could and licked my finger clean. Gathering up what was left, I proffered my finger to him and leaning forward he let me put it in his mouth.

Stretching up as much as I could, I kissed him solidly on the lips, my tongue urgently searching for his. The taste of his pre-cum mingling in our mouths was supremely erotic and I felt my cock, buried deep inside him, swell with excitement and anticipation – no less than his which was still dripping wet.

Closing his eyes and smiling rapturously to himself, my little angel began to ride up and down my achingly hard tool. I felt that Gareth was trying his best to make our intimacy last for as long as possible; he was gloriously and completely absorbed in what he was doing, relishing every second of it. He couldn’t do it for ever though, much as he would like to. There comes a point where hormones take over, and my young lover had more than enough of those! Gradually he sped up and was soon bouncing up and down frantically, almost howling with sheer animal passion. I was in no position to comment however as by now I was thrashing about all over the place, head spinning and mouth agape, struggling for breath. Up and down he went, up and down, I’ve no idea how long we lasted but it couldn’t have been long. With a final, desperate groan I rocketed my cum into him, the last painful dregs being sucked out by his clenching cheeks. Gareth’s prick, bright red and shiny wet, pulsed violently and ejected a solid stream of juice vertically. Even after his balls had emptied themselves, his prick continued to pound as if desperately searching for more of the intoxicating fluid.

Once again, Gareth yelled out and froze solid, eyes staring sightlessly in front of him. Gently I disentangled us and hugged him closely until he eventually came round. We were both sweating heavily as we lay on the floor, gazing into each other’s eyes, smiling contentedly.

“That was the best ever!” Gareth exhaled, “Bloody brilliant! Can we do this every day when we get a flat?” he asked, thoughtfully after a while.

“If you want,” I answered, “I think I could get used to it! But remember what I said about using it all up if you do it too much.”

He laughed at this and replied, “I don’t care as long I can give it all to you.”

“It’s not you I’m worried about. It’s me! I’m an old man and I can’t have much of it left. What you gonna do then? Leave me and find someone else?”

“Never!” he said, seriously, “Never! It’s gonna be you and me for ever and ever and ever!”

I hugged him tightly and kissed him before saying, “That’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me and I love you.” I wasn’t joking either.

“I love you too. I really mean it,” he whispered. “Really, really mean it.”

We were both getting a bit tearful and maudlin by now and the atmosphere needed lightening.

“Well, when I say ‘I love you’, I only mean a bit of you – not all of you,” I grinned. “And I’m not telling you which bit!”

“I bet I can guess, though,” he giggled, cupping his cock and balls in his hands.

“Wrong!” He looked puzzled as I continued, “It’s your brain. So far it’s guaranteed unused and empty except for dirty thoughts!”

“Bollocks! And if it is, who put ‘em there? I was a pure and innocent little boy until I met you, and you made me do naughty things.”

“Complaining?” I questioned.

“ Naaah. Just wish we’d met sooner, that’s all”

The conversation carried on in this vein for a while, but gradually we drifted into a fitful sleep just as the sun was rising.

Today was going to be the last day of our holiday, and a rather melancholic atmosphere settled down on us as the day wore on. Reluctantly we put our bits and pieces together, cleaning and packing away the things we wouldn’t need. Very few words were spoken as I think we were both depressed about the unwelcome separation we were to have forced on us shortly.

In an effort to cheer ourselves up we drove into town that evening and went to the cinema. Thankfully there was a comedy showing and we both thoroughly enjoyed it, forgetting our problems for a while. To cheer us up even more, I bought giant pizza and a couple of tins of weak lager on the way home, planning to have us a midnight feast.

It was such a warm night that we sat on the grass outside the tent to have our last hot meal together. When Gareth prised open the pizza box, he broke into fits of laughter and showed me the contents. Artfully, the cook had sliced some sausages lengthways and laid them radially on top of the cheese. Instantly I knew what had amused him so much, and I laughed with him at the memory, hugging him round the shoulders.

“You don’t need me tonight now, do you?” I giggled. “Grab ‘em while they’re hot. They go all soft and soggy when they’re cold!”

He picked a slice up and delicately sucked on it, smiling at me with his eyes. “Naaah. It’s no good, there’s no stuff gonna cum out. Waste of time.”

My adorable little angel had done it again! With only the silliest of comments he’d managed to give me another bloody boner! I tried my best to ignore it, at least for the time being, but it was spotted. Just a simple nod in that direction and an evil grin from lover-boy was enough.

It was followed in double-quick time by a tell-tale little tent appearing in Gareth’s trousers.

Knowing what would inevitably follow sooner or later from the banter, we took our time with the food and drink, taking some sort of perverse pleasure in stretching it out as for as long as possible. Once in a while we would glance at each other, grinning slightly, fully conscious of what was happening, both our dicks remaining solidly prominent. The al fresco meal was eventually finished and we sat cross-legged looking at the stars, draining the last of the lager. It was only a matter of time before one of us snapped and gave up the pretence.

Unsurprisingly, it was Gareth who lost it first.

Without warning, he leapt up and rather painfully launched himself into my lap. Throwing his arms round my neck, he kissed me quickly and said, “Sod you!”

Laughing, we rolled over and over on the grass, relieved that the game was over.

“I hate you!” he grinned, “And I’m gonna get you for it!”

Somehow he managed to slide his hands under my T-shirt and tried to pull it off. Not having the heart or desire to stop him, I allowed my shirt to be removed and thrown aside. Instantly he moved down to my waist, and in a mock frenzy unbuckled my trousers and dropped the zip. My trousers and pants soon joined the T-shirt and I was naked. Sitting up and folding my arms round my knees, I watched impatiently as Gareth stripped, which in his mood, I swear took less than five seconds! Sadly, I only managed to get a very quick and all-too-brief glimpse of Gareth’s nicely erect pride and joy before he dragged me to my feet, cuddled e and relaxed into my waiting arms. Instantly the mock hysteria evaporated as an exquisite serenity overtook us.

“Let’s stay outside on the grass,” he whispered. There was an erotic lustiness to his voice which I hadn’t heard before. We swayed, locked together under the twinkling stars, with his head nestled on my chest and hands stroking the back of my neck. Our pricks were resting side by side between us, as if joining in our moment of togetherness. Yet again we found that it wasn’t the sex that drew us close; the sheer inexplicable, simple pleasure we drew from just touching and holding one another was enough. Just for those few supernatural seconds, we couldn’t have cared less if we never had sex together again, just so long as we could always, until the end of time, be this close and hold each other.

But thank God, real life isn’t like that, and sex was very much on the agenda tonight!

Lazily, we sank to the soft ground, and amid the sweet aroma of grass and country air, let ourselves be drawn into the welcoming embrace of Eros.

There is something very special making love in the open air – I don’t know what it is, but certainly every sensation seems to be heightened and you are aware of every fibre in your body. Gareth and I made sure that each and every one of those fibres was given its fair share of attention. Hands roamed freely and sublimely, every touch feeling like fire, yet cool and soothing at the same time. Tongues were entwined and hair was stroked; genitals were lovingly caressed, and faces nuzzled.

Almost inaudibly, and from a million miles away, I heard a voice ask if he could ‘do it to me’. It was ignored at first, the obscene interruption to my enjoyment resented.

“Well, can I?” it said again more insistently.

With infinite reluctance I forced myself to pay attention.

“What?” I managed to say.

“You know, can I f… . Put it in you?”

In all our frolicking and experimentation, it dawned on me that Gareth had never actually screwed me. We’d been very close to it several times, but never quite did it. I’d put it down to Gareth’s not liking to be a ‘top’, and pushed it to the back of my mind – it wasn’t that much of a big deal. But now? I discovered that not only did I not object, but I physically wanted him.

“Of course you can, if that’s what you want.”

“Yeah. I’ve not done it before, and you’ve done it to me lots. I wanna do it to you.”

Gareth had got so used to me doing it to him that there was no longer any need to use a lubricant: between us we made enough of nature’s own to manage. I’d not had it done to me for years, and was sure that I’d need some sort of help.

Damn! Stupidly, I’d packed the Vaseline away and it was now at the bottom of the already packed Landrover. Shit! Gareth was almost in tears when I told him, and I saw his dick start to wilt. But then he grinned wickedly, his cock hardened again and he dashed into the tent. I watched curiously as he up-ended his rucksack, emptied to contents on the floor and scrabbled around. Waving something or other in the air, he ran back and said, “Got it!” It was a bottle of shampoo!! Green herbal shampoo!

Sniggering like a two-year old, I told him to go for it!

Smoothing the soapy liquid all over his dick, I watched intrigued as the shampoo, mixing with his pre-cum turned into a frothy monster. Gareth was too anxious to take much interest, he was hopping about from foot to foot, unable to contain his excitement. Once my part of the ritual was completed, I asked him what he wanted me to do.

“Lay down on your front. I wanna try it that way.”

So, I was to be deprived of the luxury of seeing his face during the supreme act of our love. I was at bit pissed off at this, but then justified it by thinking there would hopefully be other times in the future when it would be different. In the meantime, it was Gareth who had to be satisfied. Doing as I was told, I stretched out, legs apart and waited.

I held my cheeks apart as he carefully touched his dick to my hole. Reflexively it clamped tight shut, but with an immense effort I willed it to relax. Gareth, feeling the movement, put a little pressure on and his cockhead slipped in. Thankfully he stopped. The instant of searing pain came and went, and I told him to carry on.

I’d long since forgotten how it felt to have someone inside you. Certainly my memory told me that it should have been a great deal more painful than it was. In fact I felt wonderful, and even better when he sank the frothy monster fully in.

I couldn’t see his face of course, but the ‘oooh’s’ and ‘aaah’s’ told me he was well satisfied.

“You OK?” I whispered.

“Yeah. Fantastic!” he stammered out. “Christ! It feels good.”

With infinite care he started to fuck me, making long slow strokes outwards, pausing for just the right length of time and then sinking back, just as slowly. I could feel every inch of his fabulous dick, rock hard and red hot. I even felt it grow a fraction, to become even harder and bigger as he settled down to a steady rhythmic pace. We were in heaven as our deep-seated adoration for each other was demonstrated in the best physical way we knew. No matter how much two people love each other, and show it in a myriad little ways, there is nothing to compare with the actual physical act of love-making once in a while. Or even twice!

I was conscious of Gareth exploring and experimenting, trying to derive as much rapture as he possibly could, and in so doing managed to hit my prostate time and time again, on each and every occasion forcing me to moan loudly. He yelped with sheer joy when he discovered that he could excite himself to an incredible height if he withdrew just enough to stimulate the underneath of his cockhead against my tight ring before sliding back.

Neither of us could take much of this, it was way too much. With screams loud enough to waken the dead we climaxed simultaneously, huge quantities of boiling sperm erupting from our pricks in a never-ending stream. The pain from my cock was awesome, causing me to grimace, but once I started to lose my erection, the ache diminished. Gareth had collapsed on my back, a shivering, trembling wreck of a boy, sobbing with the shocking, intense release of his nervous energy. I could feel his warm tears wetting my shoulders as he struggled to pull himself together.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry,” he kept repeating over and over again.

Turning over, I held him close to me and offered what little comfort I could. Despite all his attempts to appear as grown-up as possible, I’d almost forgotten he was still very much a little boy underneath and the experience of such intense emotion as he’d just had was way too much for him. A million thoughts raced through my brain as I petted and stroked him. Had we gone too far? Would he ever forgive me? And most worryingly of all, will he ever trust me again? In oh so many ways, he’d matured enormously over the past few weeks, behaving and acting as a perfect little man. What we had been doing must have been like a game in some ways, but tonight reality had probably hit home with a vengeance – pay back time.

I picked his head up and looked at him, red-eyed and damp.

“That was fucking ace!” he said. “Bloody Hell!” And this from a young man who very rarely swore!

Overjoyed with relief, I squeezed him more tightly than I should have, driving what little breath he had left out of him. “You fucking frightened me to death, you little rat-bag!”

“Sorry,” he grinned, “but I couldn’t help it. Did I hurt you? You yelled like I did.”

“No, not at all. It was you made me do it, it was so perfect.”

The explanations made and understood, we cuddled up and rested, eventually falling into a deep contented sleep under the twinkling, all-seeing stars.

We were woken up by the sun rising over the distant hills and warming us. Gareth, who apparently had been awake some time without moving greeted me with a kiss.

“Morning grandad,” he quipped.” ‘Bout time you woke up.”

“Piss off!” I replied sleepily, “talking of which, I think we both should.” I was looking at two morning boners which obviously needed taking care of. Shambling down to the riverbank, we emptied our bladders and sighed contentedly. Both cocks deflated to their normal size – more or less – and I walked back to the tent before anything else happened, which, knowing Gareth, was highly likely.

We had a lazy breakfast, dressed for once. The tent was emptied and folded away, the rubbish cleaned up and dumped in the back of the car, and lastly the tent was thrown in to join it. For the last time this holiday we lay on the grass looking at the water flowing by.

“Had a good time?” I enquired.

“Yeah. It’s been terrific. Thanks very much.” he said without looking at me. “Can we do it again sometime?”

“Of course. It’s been fantastic. I’ve really enjoyed it.” I said.

A comfortable silence fell as we each remembered our favourite bits.

We were still in a reasonably good mood as Gareth drove the car up the hill out of the field and down the lane. I took over when we came to the main road and headed towards home. It would be early evening before we reached Milton Keynes and the end of a perfect holiday.

Gareth adopted his normal position when I was driving: head in my lap, one hand down his shorts and a thumb in his mouth. I glanced down at him, lovingly. Such a handsome boy, such an angel. Such a randy little …….. Well, you know. I gently pulled his thumb from his mouth and replaced it with my finger. A little thing, but it comforted us both immensely.

We stopped twice on the way. Once to eat and use the bathroom, and once more, at Gareth’s instigation, on the airfield where it all started.

“Did you really mean it when you said I could come and live with you?” he asked nervously.

“Absolutely,” I confirmed. “But remember there are lots of things to sort out first. And that’s assuming your mum and dad agree in the first place.”

He leaned over and kissed me, placing his hand on my cock as he did so.

“Thanks,” he said seriously. “I’d really like that.”

“Good. But … ,” I grinned, “Don’t for God’s sake mention it to anyone just yet. And don’t even think of having a bust-up with your dad and walking out. I know you and how you think, and that wouldn’t work.”

“What do you think I am? Stupid?” he smiled, “But you’d better not take too long or I’ll run away with another man!”

“You’d be lucky to find anyone who’d take you. You scream too much, and at the wrong times!” He laughed at this and punched me on the arm, hard. I was about to add ‘and you wet the bed’ as a joke, but suddenly realised he hadn’t done it once all the time we’d been away. The rubber sheet hadn’t even been unwrapped. I reminded him of this, and for a split second he looked acutely embarrassed, but quickly recovering simply said, “I know. And thank you.”

“Tell you what,” I continued, “I’ll make a deal with you. We’ll leave the stupid thing tied up, and if it’s still tied up when I see you next, I’ll buy you a present.”

“Deal!” he grinned as he shook my hand. Somehow, I knew he’d never need it again.

We sat in the car, nestled together and chatting for ages, kissing occasionally and fondling each other through loosened trousers and shorts when we felt like it. There was no real sexual overtones: in fact we didn’t even want to jerk each other off. The simple delight in each other’s company was sufficient. It was nice thinking that we could if we wanted, and even nicer knowing that there was no need to prove anything by doing it.

All too soon the time came when we simply had to leave. With very mixed feelings I drove the rest of the way to his house, and parked outside.

I spent as little time as possible with his mother and father, and as soon as I decently could, made my excuses and made to leave. Just as I was about to go, Gareth asked me to come up to his room with him as he said he had a ‘thank you’ present to give me. Wondering what it was, I followed him up the stairs. Once in the room, he kicked the door closed and leapt on me, wrapping his legs round my waist and kissing me, deeply and passionately. It was as much as I could manage not to undress him there and then and have some fun, but luckily stopped myself!

“I love you,” he whispered. “Promise you’ll do what you can?”

“Promise. I’ll tell you as soon as I know anything. And I love you too, more than anything else in the world.”

We broke apart before we both started to cry, and as a parting shot he thrust a hastily wrapped parcel in my hand, and said, “For you. It’s very special, so open it later. Sorry about the paper though.” I glanced at the Father Christmas paper scrunched round the gift.

“You never change, do you?” I taunted with a grin.

Within a few minutes I was on my way, feeling very lonely and depressed. I unwrapped the parcel, curious to see what he’d given me that was so important.

It was a dirty T-shirt and a pair of unwashed underpants of all things. They were the ones he was wearing the day we left his house I remembered. I turned them over laughing to myself at his glorious sense of humour when I noticed some felt-tip writing on the pants. There were two badly drawn hearts, enveloping what were obviously cum stains, marked ‘Yours’ and ‘Mine’. A third, bigger heart on the back, just said, “I love you!”

I cried openly as I folded them carefully and wrapped them in the T-shirt.

Most certainly I would start job- and house-hunting straight away. It was his thirteenth birthday in three weeks time, and I knew exactly what sort of present to give him.


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