Gareth and Phil
by Alexander


Chapter 6

The camping trip had been agreed to and I spent the next few days gathering things together, making sure that there was enough equipment for two as I usually camped by myself. I was thinking of Gareth all the while I was doing this, and inevitably had to stop part-way through to lay on my bed and pay my respects to him! Once done, I packed my things away and settled down to some proper work. My finals were coming up in a couple of weeks, and although I was sure of passing as my course work was more than good enough, I wanted to do as well as I could in the exams. Turning this over in my mind, I let my mind wander to the future. I’d given very little thought as to what I would do when I’d graduated and the need for a job was getting desperate. And also somewhere to live it suddenly struck me! I’d always lived at home before coming up to university, and had spent my entire life since then living in college, but now I was soon to be out on my own. I could of course go back home to live: that would be OK, but having left once, felt reluctant to go back. I was picturing the sort of place I would like to live in when suddenly an image of Gareth intruded itself. Now there was an idea! If only Gareth and I could … but no, it could never happen, there were too many if’s and but’s for it to ever become reality. Nevertheless, it was a lovely idea. Yet again, I had to take time out and attend to my little soldier!

I’d given Gareth my mobile telephone number the last time I was down in case there were any urgent changes to our plans, but asked him not to use it unless he had to. I didn’t want his parents finding out he’d been talking to me without their knowledge. It was surprising then that when the phone rang about ten o’clock one evening, just as I was thinking about going to bed, I heard Gareth’s voice.

“Hiya!” he shouted, “What you doin’?”

“Hi yourself! What’s wrong?”

“Nothing! Mum’s bought me a mobile for our holiday so’s I can ring her if we get into trouble or something. But Dad hasn’t got to know about it though. And I gotta pay for the calls myself.”

I was pleased for him – it was another step on the way to independence.

“Where are you?” I asked as I lay back on my bed, my spare hand slipping unbidden to my crotch.

“In my bedroom, and I haven’t got a thing on – except, well you can guess!”

I laughed at the thought and unfastened my trousers.

We chatted about nothing in particular for a while, both aware of what was really on our minds.

“What you doing now?” Gareth asked with a lusty edge to his voice.

“Same as you I expect,” I giggled.

“Great. Good isn’t it?”he laughed back.

“Yeah. Wish you were here though, I miss you.”

“Me too. Still, this is nearly as good. Hey, listen, you remember that I asked you if we could, well, sometime try to get your thing up my, you know …?”

“Yes,” I replied cautiously.

“Well, I’ve got something up it now, and it feels nice. If I wriggle about, I get a tingly feeling all over and my dick gets bigger.”

“What you got in it?” My stroking took on a new intensity.

“One of my felt pens, a big one.”

“Don’t for God’s sake lose it, will you?” I laughed.

I heard the phone bouncing around in sympathy against his hair as he got down to some serious wanking. It was fantastically erotic hearing him jerk off so far away, knowing he was doing just the same as me. I closed my eyes, concentrating on every tell-tale sound from him and the bliss emanating from my cock. I could hear his breathing increase in speed as we both neared our climax.

“Phil, Phil, I’m cumming, I’m ………………Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!” There was a long sigh and a strangled sort of scream as he ejaculated as intensely as only he could. Sympathetically, I came with him, watching fascinated as the wads of cum fell in an almost straight line down my chest, picturing Gareth recovering from his orgasm. The experience was truly awesome, not least because it was totally unexpected. Struggling even to talk, I managed to ask Gareth how he was.

“Bloody marvellous, but missing you lots,” he stammered out. “And I’ve christened my new phone, I hope spunk don’t stain it!”

Laughing at his joke, we spoke for only a few seconds more before I reminded him that very much as I’d like to carry on, the call was costing him money and that we aught to stop. With a quick goodbye and lots of kisses, we hung up.

Dropping the phone to the floor, I spread my legs out and fondled my balls as I thought how very lucky I was to have such a good-looking and randy young boy like Gareth for a cousin: my semi-soft cock gave a twitch of agreement but gave up the struggle to re-erect itself so soon.

My mind returned to the plans I had so quickly discarded about living together – they really were deserving of some serious thought.

That would have to come after our camping expedition however. Time was passing: I had a lot to do before the end of term and the days were passing all too quickly. Gareth phoned me about every other day, usually late at night when I would tell him how far I’d got with arranging things, he would tell me about his doings, and we would end in what was becoming our usual way! Talk about absence making the heart grow fonder!

I left college finally on the Wednesday morning and drove straight to Milton Keynes, fitting in some last minute food shopping on the way. It was lunch-time (and three phone calls from Gareth) before I finally stopped outside their house. The front door was open and he was standing in the frame looking out for me. With an ill-disguised saunter he walked down the path to meet me. I’m sure it took all the strength of character he had not to jump for joy and hug me as I clambered out of the Landrover. Giving him a quick squeeze of his hand, out of sight of the house, I let him lead me into the kitchen. Typically, his father was in the living room reading the paper and smoking that awful pipe of his. Turning his head towards me, he nodded a ‘hello’ and returned to the paper. His mother was just finishing some sandwiches for us and smiled as I greeted her.

“He’s been jumping around like a firecracker since nine o’clock this morning,” she said cheerfully. “He’s packed and unpacked at least four times!”

Gareth was hopping from one foot to the other in his excitement, and we grinned at each other light-heartedly.

“OK, then throw your things in the back and we’ll be away.”

I was asked to stay for lunch of course, but declined the offer. For one thing, I don’t think Gareth could have kept the lid on things much longer, and in any case I wanted to get as far as we could before we had find somewhere to stop for the night. With a final hug from his mother on the doorstep, and a shouted “ ‘Bye, and behave yourself!” from his father, still buried in his paper, we set off.

As I manoeuvred the car through the heavy lunch-time traffic on the by-pass, I put my hand on Gareth’s thigh and squeezed gently. “Better now?” I asked.

“Yeaaaaaah!” he sighed, happier than I’d seen him for a long time. I looked at him out of the corner of my eye and bathed in his radiance. He was wearing a loose-fitting T-shirt, baggy cotton shorts, white ankle-socks and trainers. A picture of sheer heaven and enough to tempt a saint.

Once we were on the open road, he lay down on the bench seat thankfully Landrovers are blessed with, jammed his feet against the door and rested his head in my lap. Teasingly he rolled his head backwards and forwards, knowing full well that it was pressing on my cock and balls. He smiled widely up at me as he felt it stiffen up, and I slid my hand under his T-shirt to stroke his slim chest and abdomen. His hands worked their way into his shorts and I half-watched as he started to play with himself, occasionally lifting the front up so I got a tantalising glimpse of his pride and joy, already shining from the small amount of pre-cum he was making: something else which was new to me. The scene for the holiday was set: I only hoped I could keep up the pace.

About an hour later, I noticed that Gareth hadn’t moved for quite some time, and looking down at him, saw that he was asleep. He had a thumb in his mouth, the other still down his pants cupping his adolescent prick and nuts, and a beatific smile. I don’t suppose he’d slept much last night: that, and the excitement of the morning had just plain worn him out. I kissed my fingers and pressed them against his lips, which raised a little smile and moan in return.

We’d planned to go to South Wales, which has terrific scenery, lots of empty space and plenty of campsites. There were also pony-trekking centres, beaches, rock climbing and a host of other things to do if ever we got bored; after all we had to do something to tell his parents! About seven o’clock we started to look out for somewhere to stay for the night and luckily soon found a site not too far off our route. There was also a fast food joint nearby so we didn’t even have to worry about making a meal.

The field wasn’t too busy and we chose a spot well away from the others, most of whom were families with cottage-sized frame tents and luxurious four-tracks. In any case, we would have definitely looked out of place with our beaten-up army Landrover and very much-used ridge tent. Our little home was quickly set up and as I began to arrange things inside, I allowed Gareth to drive the car across the field to where I spotted the water supply. This was very much the icing on the cake as far as he was concerned. I had to calm him down quite a lot before he was sensible enough to get behind the wheel: I didn’t want a catastrophe on the first evening! I watched, only slightly nervous as he negotiated his way there and back. He raised one or two eye-brows, but nothing serious as mostly they grinned at an obviously capable boy enjoying himself.

Darkness fell and I turned on the small light I’d rigged up from the car battery. I’d also brought along my little portable television which we switched on. The overall effect was quite good, even though I do say so myself. We were warm, comfortable and happy. It was only half-heartedly that I suggested we aught to go and get something hot to eat down the road. Thankfully, I was rejoined with, “Oh must we? I don’t wanna move, and I’m not hungry anyway.”

I didn’t believe him, but nevertheless conceded that we were too cosy to move and made do with the sandwiches his mother had made, as well as some chocolate bars I’d bought. It was with some surprise that I noticed it was only nine o’clock when the film ended that we’d been watching.

We’d spread the sleeping bags out over the floor (we had four altogether, God knows why!) and I’d been sat up with Gareth ensconced between my legs, my clasped hands resting in his lap. I felt my back twinge as I reached over to get a drink and so, reluctantly I disturbed Gareth as I stood up.

“Bed time?” he asked, hopefully.

“No, not yet, it’s early. Look at the time.” I answered as I stretched.

The look of disappointment on his face was almost too much for me: much as I was looking forward to our night together, I thought it was much too early to start our fun and games. But then, what the hell! As a sort of compromise, I suggested that it would be alright to get ready for bed as we weren’t going out anywhere tonight. As far as he was concerned, this consisted just of taking off his T-shirt and shorts. Ten seconds flat and he was ready, kneeling in front of me. He was about to strip off his underpants when I taught him one of the first lessons of camping. Putting my hands on his waist, I nodded at the light. He looked puzzled for a minute or two before I asked him if he wanted to go outside and look at our tent. Then he caught on and giggled, “Sorry! Never thought about that one!”

To save him from any further embarrassment I turned the light off, leaving the tent lit only by the dim glow from the tv. He then finished undressing and sat on my lap, resting his head on my shoulder, arms round my waist.

“Happy?” I whispered.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm! Couldn’t be better!” he cooed in my ear. “But you gotta get undressed as well.”

I couldn’t think of anything more I wanted at that moment, and so struggled to get my shirt off without disturbing him too much. Seeing the trouble I was having, Gareth did it for me and determined to have me as naked as he was, continued on to unfasten my trousers and in between bounces on my lap managed eventually to work them and my pants down and off my legs.

It really struck me then, for the first time, that we were going to be absolutely alone together for the entire night! Hell, for an entire fortnight! We’d spent many hours together over the past weeks, most of which were hurriedly snatched during the day, or fervently hurried late at night, always thinking about the noise we were making. My cock rose instantly at the thought and pressed urgently into Gareth. His prick was already fully aroused – I expected nothing less of him! Cuddling him closer to me I held him tightly and buried my head against his neck. We sat like this for ages completely wrapped up in each other, simply enjoying the closeness and feelings we had. We hugged and petted and stroked each other, oblivious to everything else. I ran my fingers down his back, through his hair, across his face and everywhere else I could reach, matched move for move by my soon-to-be teenage lover. It was sublime. I’m not normally an emotional person, but for those never-ending minutes I was as close to tears as I’ve ever been. Gareth too seemed to be in a world of his own, just as much as I was. Not once did he touch my dick; he wasn’t in for a quick feel and a ‘funny half-hour’ this time, he knew we had all night and was determined to make the very most of it.

Slowly and almost imperceptibly he moved his face in front of mine and looked deep into my eyes, his arms draped casually over my shoulders. I held him round the waist, my hands clasped in the small of his back, gazing back at him.

There was nothing to say, and nothing was said. He leaned forward and pressed his open lips against mine, urging his tongue into my mouth. Knowing that we had as much time as we wanted, and there was no-one around to hear or disturb us, gave a new and exciting feeling to us both. We could take our time getting to know each other properly, exploring one another’s feelings, and learning all those little secret things about each other that make friendships special.

Lazily we kissed and cuddled, revelling in the peace and tranquillity of our temporary home, aware that there was no-one else in the world except us. Gareth was squirming around, still sat in my lap when he whispered in my ear, “Can we get more comfortable?”

Reluctantly I let him go as I knelt up to re-arrange the tent for us. Moving the odds and ends to the sides, I lay two of the sleeping bags on the floor and left one to wrap ourselves in. Snuggling down together, I pulled it over us and took him in my arms once more.

“That better?” I asked.

“Yeaaaaah!” he sighed, wriggling himself closer to me.

I felt his hand searching for my prick, and having located it, he took it gently and squeezed it: not moving, just taking a simple pleasure in feeling its heat and strength. I did likewise, grasping his feverishly hot rod in my palm and running my thumb over its sensitive head, already bathed in pre-cum. Lovingly, I moved my tongue down to his adorable nipples and licked them softly, watching as they erected themselves in response. Gareth tightened his grip on my dick and arched his back at the incredible sensation. I’d never done this to him before and it was thrilling to see him react so wonderfully to it. He was moaning and groaning at the sensations coursing through him, his prick throbbing in my hand with a desperate urgency.

“Oh, Christ! Oh! Oh!” he almost shouted, “Please! Please! Don’t stop!”

But I did. He was getting very close to having an orgasm, and we hadn’t done anything yet! I swapped my tongue for a finger and thumb and rolled his outstanding little buds between them. He calmed down just a little and looked at me, eyes watering, not believing the astounding feeling he’d just had. I stopped and looked closely at him, unsmiling. He was spaced out completely: an emotional wreck. I suppose that he’d waited so long for us to get together to do things properly that the imminent release of his sexual frustration meant he was on an extremely short fuse. The best thing I could do for him was to give him what he wanted. And now!

Taking the opportunity, I kissed him gently on the lips and whispered, “Wanna cum?”

The question was pointless of course, but it stirred him up to an even higher level of delight. I started sucking on his nipples again, and this time also move two fingers backwards and forwards over the rim of his cockhead, with just the slightest of pressure. He was in serious danger of getting an overdose of sexual stimulation as he writhed and wriggled beside me, his moans of rapture getting more vociferous. Even at the distance we were from the other campers, I was sure it wouldn’t be long before he could be heard. I put my lips on his, absorbing his screams as I used my full hand to take him over the top in just three strokes. His cum shot ferociously from his raging cock in one solid stream, with heart-stopping force. His whole body went rigid with the effort and a long, low, atavistic moan escaped into my mouth. I held him very tightly as he spasmed and trembled in the after-shock.

I was worried that he’d done some damage to himself as it was a long time before he lost that glaze in his eyes and his muscles relaxed once more: the film of sweat covering his face and body causing him to shimmer in the glow from the long-forgotten television as he gasped for breath. He looked at me, astounded, as he eventually managed to stammer out, “Bloody Hell! That was fucking amazing!”

I grabbed a handy towel and carefully and lovingly wiped the perspiration off his beautiful body, cradling him in my arms.

We lay there curled up together, rejoicing in our joint nakedness and wallowing in that glorious inner glow you get after love-making. I ran my fingers through his hair and round his still tender nipples, and loved him. He lay there, silent and unmoving, simply looking at me and smiling softly, his hands resting on my chest.

“You haven’t cum yet,” he mumbled sleepily.

“Yes, I have,” I said smirking, “I came when you did, but you were too busy to notice!”

He smiled, half-embarrassed at the remembrance. “But we didn’t touch it ….”

“No,” I interrupted, “It happens sometimes when you’re with someone you like a lot and you’re, well, sort of doing things together. Bit like a wet dream, but real!”

“Oh! I see, I think. At least I know all about wet dreams,” he giggled.

Our conversation was having its effect as I saw out of the corner of my eye, his prick start to harden again. Unconsciously his hand slipped towards it and pulled the foreskin back over the head, leaving his fingers to gently roll it around.

He stared down at my soft member as if ensuring that he would fix every fibre of it in his memory. “It’s a lot bigger than the felt tip pen,” he murmured just loud enough for me to hear as he lifted my cock up and examined it closely as it filled up.

“That’s what I thought. Did it hurt when you pushed it in?” I asked.

“A bit, but then I used my fingers to make the hole bigger and then it went in.”

I asked him whether he liked the feeling or not and how much it hurt. He replied that it hurt a bit to begin with, but once he’d got used to it, it was a nice feeling. He’d done it two or three times more since the first time, he went on, and each time it was easier. The direction he was leading me in was blatantly obvious: subtlety wasn’t Gareth’s bag!

“We’ve got a whole two weeks in front of us; let’s not rush things shall we? I want to do it as much as you do, but we’ll only spoil it if we do it wrong.” I’d no idea what the ‘right’ way was, but Gareth had had one almighty cumming tonight, and was thinking that another might be too much.

He didn’t show too much disappointment at my suggestion: he may have even been grateful in an odd sort of way. He was fully aware of the way he reacted to a full-blown orgasm and I think it worried him just a little, not that he would admit to it of course, and neither would it stop him in the future.

It was almost midnight by now and we’d been chatting and messing about for the best part of three hours by now. After his majestic experience of the early evening, he was quite happy to settle down under the sleeping bag, cuddle up to me and just fiddle around with each other. There was something very special about being together like this, with no possibility of anyone spoiling it for us – the slow pace we were allowed to take just cementing our relationship further. For Gareth, it was a new adventure, being able to explore his feelings and emotions without being restrained in any way – or being beaten. For me, it was like re-living my teenage years again, re-learning things I’d forgotten and remembering people and events long since past.

There was a silly horror film on the tv, which we were half-watching as our hands roamed freely, but after seeing half of it, we decided that it was too stupid to watch and the set was turned off.

I’d half-hoped to snatch a bit of sleep whilst Gareth was watching the film, but I should have known better. Once the tent was in complete darkness and the only sounds were those from the wildlife outside, I lay my head on the rolled-up blanket we had for a pillow, pulled Gareth’s head onto my chest and dozed. I was dimly aware of his hand still holding my soft cock as I slipped away. Gareth had other ideas. He let me sleep for no more than ten minutes before I awakened when his mouth closed around my rapidly hardening dick. Smiling resignedly to myself, I stroked his hair and whispered, “Don’t you ever give up?”

“Nope.” He grinned, his white teeth shining in the little moonlight filtering through the canvas. “I like this. Go back to sleep if you want.”

That, without a shadow of doubt, was impossible and so I decided to join in the fun.

“You’ll kill me if you don’t slow down,” I laughed quietly at him. “Oh, and by the way, did you know that when you’re born, you only have a certain amount of sperm inside you, and if you use it all up when you’re a kid, you’ll have none left for when you’re older.”

He stopped sucking but left his mouth fixed half-way down my shaft and peered up at me, his eyes questioning. Then he realised I wasn’t being serious, sniggered and nipped my cock with his teeth as punishment. I’d been gently massaging his gorgeous boner while we were talking; not masturbating him exactly but indulging myself in its silky-smooth hardness. I shifted my spare arm over his body and let my hand rest on his butt cheeks, pushing my middle finger between them and stopping at his hole. Once again, Gareth paused in his ministrations, but only to check my finger didn’t move away. He pushed his butt back onto my finger, letting me know that it was alright for me to go further if I wanted.

I did. His little bud spasmed slightly as I increased the pressure, and timing it right, pushed it in as far as the first knuckle when he was relaxed. I felt an “umph!” from my lover as it entered so I stopped and rested it where it was. I waited for the initial wincing pain he must have felt to subside, then I allowed Gareth to push back at his own rate. Incredibly he hardly faltered in his sucking. Once I was as deeply embedded as I could get, I wormed my finger around, searching for ‘the spot’. Not having any success, I eased a second finger in and continued.

I must have found it because Gareth suddenly stopped what he was doing, arched his back and moaned loudly. His cock, already hard throbbed in my fingers.

“Jesus!” he shouted quietly, “Jesus! Do that again!”

I obliged and wriggled my fingers delicately in his inside, massing his magic button with every movement. Letting go of his cock, I put my hand behind his head and almost viciously kissed him, forcing my tongue between his teeth, desperately searching for his.

Entwined together, we twisted and rolled all over the floor as simultaneously we rapidly flew towards Nirvana. Gareth’s mouth was replaced by his hand on my cock, and before rushing to jerk me off, covered my hand on his tool and frantically encouraged me to speed up my hitherto gentle massage. Delirious with erotic hunger we lost all connection with reality as we rode the wave together. A sharp, searing pain from my balls and I shot a massive load of red hot cum, most of it landing on Gareth’s face. At exactly the same time, his iron-hard rod throbbed and released his pent-up sperm like a bullets from a machine gun.

This time there was no scream, he was much to far gone to shout out. A final gasp, exhausting all the air from his lungs, and he froze solidly in my arms. Hugging him securely, I waited anxiously for him to come round: I would never get used to this; it scared the shit out of me every time. I once asked him if he remembered anything when ever this happened and he replied that he did, he just couldn’t move a muscle, that was all. Laughingly, I told him that he’d better warn any girl he made love to about this, otherwise she would think she’d killed him! The only sign of life was a solidly hard prick that didn’t soften until he came down!

Despite our exhausting night, neither of us slept that much. I was dog-tired, but it seems I was woken every few minutes with Gareth exploring some part of my body or other. Where on Earth he got the energy from I don’t know, but he must have been awake nearly all night I guessed. Even at eight o’clock when I eventually woke up properly, Gareth was laying with his head on my stomach, watching bleary-eyed as he fondled my prick and balls. His own dick still as solid as ever!


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