Gareth and Phil
by Alexander


Chapter 3

The rest of the day passed reasonably well. I even managed to hold some half-way decent conversations with my Uncle and Aunt, Gareth laying face down on the floor watching television in silence. At about seven o’clock his parents disappeared to get ready for their evening out. I couldn’t help but give Gareth a gentle kick on his side and grinning wickedly at him when he turned to look at me. Returning his gaze to the TV, I’m sure he gave his butt a little wiggle for my benefit.

Eight o’clock came and my Uncle and Aunt re-appeared, ready to leave for wherever they were going. Without a glance in Gareth’s direction, they informed me that they wouldn’t be back until after midnight, and not to wait up for them. Nodding in assent, I wished them a good night and said that everything would be OK.

Gareth didn’t move for a quarter of an hour or so after they’d gone and so I ran my foot up and down his spine, causing him to shiver with the tickling. Rolling over and sitting up to face me, he said that he was going to get ready for bed. It was only half-past eight, nowhere near his appointed bed-time and I surmised happily that in fact going to bed was the last thing on his mind – or maybe the first. When he came back downstairs he was wearing his almost-too-short dressing gown. Without asking he came across and sat on my lap, rested his head on my shoulder and put him thumb in his mouth. Wriggling around to making himself more comfortable, he put an arm round my neck and stared, unseeing, at the TV. He couldn’t help but feel my growing boner under his butt. Reaching down, I moved it so that it lay more comfortably between the cheeks of his butt.

“That’s better!” I whispered in his ear and kissed him on the forehead.

“Mmmmmmm,” was the only response I got.

The atmosphere in the room soon became warm and tranquil, neither of us interested in watching whatever was on the box: we were perfectly content to stay as we were, forever if possible. Suddenly I felt the urgent need for a piss. I ignored it for as long as I could, but eventually I had to destroy the peace and tranquillity we had created and ask Gareth to get up. Reluctantly he did as he was asked, giving me a questioning look. “Gotta go piss,” I said by way of explanation. A little while later, I returned to the living room having got undressed as far as my undies. Turning the main lights off and leaving only the glow from the TV to relieve the gloom, I sat back on the sofa and patted the space next to me. Gareth took the hint and parked himself alongside. He made no attempt to replace the dressing gown which had fallen open, displaying not only his beautifully smooth chest, but also his glorious legs. At least his legs were on display as far as his groin. The belt was still tied, stopping it from falling completely open thus ensuring that just about the only part of his body I couldn’t see was the bit I was most interested in. Slipping an arm round his shoulder I pulled him closer to me, allowing him to nestle his head on my arm. At the same time I placed my other arm on his waist and took hold of the knot holding his belt together.

“Alright?” I whispered.

His mouth still being full of his thumb, he look at me with his brown eyes half-closed and nodded. Slowly I undid the knot and exposed his body for my inspection. Despite our earlier experiences, I’d never actually had the opportunity to look at him closely and so took full advantage of the situation.

His prick, already half erect, soon rose to full mast as I ran my fingers over his chest and abdomen; something which obviously pleased him as he shivered with pleasure. Deliberately I avoided touching the area below his navel, delighting instead in watching his cock twitch every time I touched some spot which pleasured him. I also had an ulterior motive – the more I could get him excited and yet not touch the one thing he wanted, the better it would be eventually.

Turning over slightly so his body was sideways on to me, he smiled and said, “Time for a funny half-hour?” Not so much a question as a statement.

I sighed as if I was too tired to bother. “Dunno. I want to watch this programme,” nodding in the direction of the box.

Gareth wasn’t fooled for an instant. Not so gently he dropped his hand into my groin and grabbed my boner through my shorts hard enough to make me wince.

“Don’t think so,” he said.

“Oh, all right then,” I grinned back at him. “If you insist.”

Within seconds I’d shrugged off my only piece of clothing, and stretching out full length on the sofa, allowed my young cousin to climb on top of me. Wrapping our arms round each other, we lay forehead to forehead, happy in the knowledge that we had almost as much time as we wanted to enjoy ourselves.

We looked gravely into each others eyes, this simple act somehow or other mutually confirming that our relationship had become more than just one of friendship, but a much deeper and more meaningful one. With an obvious effort, Gareth broke the almost hypnotic eye contact, and suddenly lowered his head, gave me a swift peck on the lips before resting on my chest. Our two cocks, now fully hard again rested side-by-side between us. Neither of us wanted to move very much in case the spell was broken. The only movement I allowed myself was to run my fingers up and down his spine, occasionally taking time out to play with his soft mouse-coloured hair. Slowly Gareth began to slide his body up and down, rubbing our dicks together, just like before. This time I decided that neither of us wanted a re-enactment of the previous episode and so I rolled over on to my side, taking him with me. Holding his head with both my hands, I leaned over and kissed him on the lips. This time I lingered just a little to see if he would allow my tongue entry to his warm mouth. It took a second or so before he realised what I wanted, and nervously parted his lips. Slowly I probed and searched inside his mouth, his tongue quickly learning what to do.

Within just a few seconds I felt Gareth tense up, his arms tightening round my neck and the unmistakable signs of another emotional storm building up. Gareth, I realised with a blinding flash, was either on an emotional roller-coaster, or an incredibly passionate young man. Either way, I knew it had to be brought under control, for his own benefit. With no little difficulty I managed to break our embrace and look into his face, which was already suffused bright red.

“Slow down a bit,” I said quietly. “We’ve got all night. Almost anyway. Take your time and loosen up.”

“Can’t help it, ” he grinned widely, “We’ve only got a couple of hours.”

“No we haven’t. I’ll use my magic box to slow time down for us.” I grabbed hold of the TV remote and turned the sound off. “There we are. Time stopped.”

It worked. We lay facing each other, arms around our shoulders, but this time with Gareth distinctly more in control of himself. We took hold of each other’s cocks and slowly began to masturbate.

“Wanna cum yet?” I asked

“Not just yet. I like doing this. Just messing about.”

And so we did, for a timeless eternity. Eventually, nature (and passion) took its course and we found ourselves gradually spending more time jerking each other off than feeling each other’s body. I was just about to resume running my hand through he hair when, hoarsely, Gareth managed to stammer out, “Don’t stop, I’m almost there.”

More than willing to do as I was told, I went back to the job in hand. Within just two or three strokes, Gareth exploded with a massive ejaculation, his body spasming violently with the pleasure of relief. Yet again I was taken completely by surprise by the sheer, naked passion of his release. (This, I came to know later was always the case with him. His ejaculations were always violent and hugely intense.)

I hadn’t cum yet, but that didn’t occur to me just at that moment. Once I’d got over the shock of his reaction, I took an immense pride in being able to give him such a splendid and obviously satisfying orgasm. There were no tears this time, simply a contented sigh and a wicked grin. His recovery time was just as quick as his climax, or so it seemed. My cock was still hard, and expecting some relief when Gareth opened his eyes, smiled slightly at me and took my problem in hand. This time, he lay with his head on my navel, watching intently as he started to jerk me off. Try as I might, I just couldn’t hold out. I wished and hoped that the ministrations Gareth was giving me would last for ever, but the supreme eroticness of the situation, combined with the heavy odour of his earlier efforts ensured that I wasn’t going to last long. There wasn’t even enough time to warn him before I shot six or seven globs of spunk high in the air, the last two or three ending up in his hair and on his chest.

“Awesome!” was his only comment.

I was spent – emotionally and physically drained. Laying back, I sighed and closed my eyes, my erstwhile lover cradled in my arms.

I hadn’t quite dropped off to sleep, but was very close to it when I felt Gareth move. Opening my eyes, I saw him idly toying with his one-again erect organ. There was no way could I get hard again so quickly after coming, but Gareth was a lot younger than me, and almost certainly much more excitable, given the recentness and intensity of his sexual awakening.

“Jesus, Gareth!” I sighed, grimacing at him jokingly.

“What?” He laughed, staring down at his own tool. “Can’t you get it up then, old man?”

“Give me a minute and I’ll show you who can’t get it up.”

Before I could do anything about it, Gareth rolled over and straddled me, a leg either side and his cock a tantalising few inches from my mouth. I’d never had a cock in my mouth before, and was anticipating what it would be like when Gareth moved to sit back on his heels. The expectation of his cock between my lips had, unknown to me, brought my own tool to rigid attention. Gareth found this out too. As he sat back, my cock-head made contact with his butt. For a split second he sat there, shocked. Then as realisation dawned on him, I saw in his eyes a flash of something I recognised, a new thought had hit him. Shaking his head as if to clear the wicked thought away, he inched forward slightly and sat on my stomach. This put his pride and joy just that little bit closer to my lips.

I couldn’t resist it. Looking into his eyes, I raised my head as far as I could and stuck my tongue out. I was still just a few frustrating inches short of my goal. Gareth, realising my predicament smiled broadly and moved his hips forward ever so slightly, deliberately judging the distance so I was still not quite able to reach him. We played this game for two or three minutes when, unable to contain myself any longer I grabbed his butt and pulled him towards me, at the same time opening my mouth to receive him.

At first, he was probably as surprised as I was at this new game. We both paused for a moment before I tentatively began to lick his lovely, soft shaft. It was wonderful. I’d never done this before and I was delightfully amazed at how good it was. I didn’t suck, just took pleasure in feeling him with my tongue. Gareth, for his part was also enjoying it as he gradually began to fuck my face. He put his hands on my shoulders, leaned forward and began to work himself in and out seriously, concentrating on the novelty of the situation.

Amazed by his ability to recover, I allowed him to work at his own speed and was entranced to watch the various emotions cross his face as he pleasured both himself and me. Despite his efforts to prolong his enjoyment for as long as possible, he was soon thrusting in and out with familiar urgency. There was a deep thrust, his cockhead almost making me choke, and a couple of drops of his salty, warm cum slipped down my throat. They were accompanied by a loud animal-like scream from Gareth and a powerful tremor wracked his body. When he cums, I mused, he certainly cums!

Once again totally spent, he fell off me and said, just loud enough for me to hear, “Christ!” From a boy who never blasphemed, that in itself was amazing.

We both fell asleep in each other’s arms, blissfully content.

I awoke with a start some time later and in a state of minor panic looked at the clock. Thankfully I saw that it was only 11 o’clock, but it was still late enough. And I realised that I’d been particularly stupid to allow this to happen. I didn’t want to even think about what his parents would say and do if they’d come home early and found their son and I in what could only be described as ‘ in flagrante delicto’. I shivered at the thought, and in so doing disturbed Gareth who woke up, bleary eyed.

“What time is it?” he yawned, stretching out alongside me.

I don’t think he’d realised quite where he was in those first few seconds he came too as he stared at me aghast when he looked around. Then he grinned that evil grin of his at me and said, “Wicked way to wake up!”

“Yeah,” I smiled, “But what if they’d come in while we were sleeping?”

“Oh. Yeah.” he said seriously.

“Come on, I think we’d better head on up to bed.”

He didn’t disagree. He was probably tired after the emotional highs and lows he’d been through during the evening. Together we tidied up the room, making it more presentable before we made to go upstairs. The last thing he did, thinking more clearly than me, was to spray a deodorant aerosol in the room to hopefully dissipate any unusual odours his parents may detect! We were still naked as we closed the bedroom door behind us, Gareth carrying his long discarded dressing gown and me holding my shorts. We dropped them on the floor by our respective beds. Before I could climb into my bed, I felt Gareth wrap his arms round my waist from behind. Turning to face him, I looked down into his smiling face.

“Thanks,” he mouthed, “Thanks for …. everything!” and with that stood on his toes and kissed me lightly on the lips. Before I could respond, he grabbed a comic from his bedside table, bounced into bed and lay on his back reading.

I don’t suppose either of us was particularly tired, after all we’d dozed for at least an hour downstairs. In any case, I was pondering over the events of recent days and wondering where we were going from here. If I was to continue with the relationship Gareth and I were building up, and I was certain that I did, then I had a lot to think about. It wouldn’t do for me to visit every week-end, it would soon become obvious to his parents that it was Gareth I was visiting, and not them. They may not be particularly good parents, but they certainly weren’t stupid. And in any case, I couldn’t afford either the time or the money. There must be another solution. And then there was Gareth himself. What did he feel? How much did he understand? How far along this road did he want to go? These and a hundred other imponderables wandered through my mind as I stared at the ceiling.

It was just after midnight when I heard the car pull up outside. I could tell from their voices that they were both in happy moods as a little while later+ they climbed the stairs to their room, probably alcohol-induced I guessed. I also noticed that they didn’t bother checking in on their son before retiring. Turning over to look at him, I was surprised to see that not only was he not asleep as I assumed he would be, but he was laid on his side staring at me.

Not in the slightest way embarrassed, he winked at me and smiled. I smiled back, mouthing that he should get to sleep.

“Can’t.” he mouthed back.

He then pointed a finger at his chest and then at my bed. The meaning was dangerously obvious. I shook my head no, as forcefully as I could. In reply he nodded yes, threw his bedclothes off and hurriedly clambered into mine before I had chance to stop him. Something like ‘sheeps and lambs’ crossed my mind as we wrapped our arms round each other to make room in the rather narrow single bed we were now sharing. We both knew that it would be far too risky to do very much in the way of sex games – we were far too likely to make enough noise to inform his parents that all was not as it should be. We contented ourselves with a gentle smooching session until we were satisfied and comfortable. It was then we started chatting, in low whispers. I explained how I’d first met his family, what awful things I’d seen and heard, how I felt now and so on and so on. Gareth, for his part explained his side of things to me. I learned that, although not as violent as he’d been with his other two sons, Gareth’s father was still bad-tempered and aggressive. His mother was asthmatic and quickly became breathless under any sort of stress. They were also over-protective, not allowing him to bring friends home, or have sleep-overs etc. But neither did they offer anything else to balance the missing part of his life. The net result was a young, adolescent boy living a life of almost total social isolation. No wonder he was a shy, timid, emotional wreck.

Slowly an impossible, totally unrealistic idea began to form at the back of my mind. But it might be practical and workable given the right circumstances. We fell asleep nestled together.


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