A Cautionary Tale
by Alexander


This story, O best beloved, is a tale of what may happen if you don’t keep your mind clean and pure. You must always keep a watchful eye on your thoughts, lest some naughty and dangerous ones worm their way into your brain and try to corrupt your innocence. One little boy didn’t, and look what happened to him ….

“You must always be on your guard against impure thoughts,” his mummy and daddy had often told him when he was younger, especially when they were bathing him and the little thing at the top of his legs got hard. He didn’t know why it got hard, and he didn’t know what impure thoughts were either. When he asked his mummy what sort of thoughts were impure, and why his thing got hard, all she did was to go red and said, ‘Ask your daddy.’ By the way she said it, he just knew that it must be something bad and so he decided that he wouldn’t ask.

Time went by, as time has a habit of doing and a few years had passed since his mummy and daddy had last bathed him. They stopped when the thing between his legs, his peter they called it, suddenly seemed to grow more than the rest of him did and it turned from a tiny little-finger sized thing into one which looked more like a baby carrot. And when it got hard, it got even bigger. Sometimes when he washed himself down there, it got hard all by itself, which made it easier to clean, so he didn’t mind. It also felt nice as well.

In his mind he was a bit mixed up though. Sometimes it got hard without him touching it, and when it did, he used to put a hand on it to try and make it go away, but if his mummy or daddy saw him doing it, they would tell him to ‘move his hand’, ‘stop it’, or ‘leave it alone’ as if he was doing something wrong. But he had to touch it sometimes so’s he could clean it or go to the bathroom. It was ages before he worked out that he should only touch it when he was by himself and no-one else could see him. That was OK because he found out that he always felt good when he held it and he could hold it and even play with it for as long as he wanted if he was by himself. It felt even nicer ‘cause he knew it was naughty as well.

When he was eleven and went to the big school, he had to get changed for PE and stuff with all the other boys. He liked seeing all of his school friends getting undressed ‘cause he could look at their peters to see if they were all like his. He was glad to see that they were: some were a bit bigger than his, some were a bit smaller. Some even seemed to be missing a bit of skin at the end of them, but they looked OK anyway. Some of them even got hard, but no-one seemed to care, they just carried on getting changed as if nothing had happened.

When he got to be twelve, some of the boys began to hide their peters when they got changed and got a bit angry when they saw someone looking at them. That was funny because some of the same boys liked playing games in the playground when they tried to grab each other between their legs. He liked that game because it made him feel good when he was caught, or someone caught him. It was also a naughty game which made it even better. He also learned a lot of new words for his peter, but he didn’t like any of them ’cause they all ended in ‘k’ and sounded dirty. In any case, peter was a nice name.

When he was bored in lessons, he would sometimes think of the boys he liked to play the game with the most. Those who let him hold on for just a bit longer than the others, or those who held on to him the longest. One of these boys was his best friend Jason. He liked Jason and went to his house a lot when they played games on his computer up in his bedroom.

It was one day when he was playing on the computer with Jason in his bedroom that he suddenly thought that it would be nice to hold Jason’s peter again, just for a minute. He put his hand on top of it and squeezed just a little bit. Jason was surprised at first, but grinned at him and opened his legs a little more so’s he could feel it better. Jason reached over and held his as well, which was good and they both got hard.

“Can I see it?” Jason asked.

They’d seen each other lots in PE at school, but they’d never had a proper, close-up look. He knew this was very naughty, and probably one of those ‘impure thoughts things’ that his mummy and daddy had told him about, but as there was no one else in the house, and no one would ever find out, he said, “OK, but just this once.”

When they showed each other their peters, both of which were sticking out ‘cause they were hard, he felt all tickly and warm inside. When they touched each other, it was much better and they both liked it a lot. It felt so good that they stopped playing the computer game and played with their peters instead. They did this for ages until it was time for him to go home.

Later that night when he was in bed, he let his hand hold his peter and waited until it got hard. It did this when he thought of Jason and the fun he’d had at his house today, in fact it even got harder he thought. He didn’t care that he was having some of those impure thoughts, they were nice ones. He was rubbing his hand up and down his peter, thinking that Jason might like to do it again tomorrow when suddenly his whole body seemed to light up and he saw stars and all sorts of other things. It made him a bit scared at first, but when he found out he hadn’t hurt himself, he decided he liked the feeling and did it again. Then he got tired, and last thought he had before he went to sleep was that he must tell Jason and see what he thought about it.

He was a bit annoyed to find out that Jason already knew about the funny feelings and wondered why he hadn’t been told about them. Didn’t really matter though ’cause he’d found out anyway. They both got on the bed and played with each other until the feelings came. It was so good that they did it three times and then had to stop ‘cause their peters felt sore. He knew he’d said they could only do it once, but he just couldn’t help himself. It felt so much better when someone else was rubbing your peter and you were rubbing theirs.

They did it to each other lots of times after that, deciding that even if it was very naughty, they liked it so much that they couldn’t stop. It was like having a bag of your favourite sweets, you just can’t stop eating them after you’ve had only one.

They didn’t even stop doing it when the other boys made jokes and said nasty things about boys who did ‘things’ to each other. He just thought that they didn’t know what they were talking about, but he knew enough not to tell them that, after all they were impure thoughts and you shouldn’t ever talk about them.

When they got to 13, they were still doing things to each other. Some of them were real dirty like when you rubbed for long enough, this stuff came out and you felt a bit tired. But the feelings you got when you made the stuff squirt out were so really, really good that you didn’t care. It was even dirtier when you put each other’s peters in your mouths and licked and sucked until the stuff came. Dirtier, but real nice. Sometimes when he stayed all night at Jason’s they did things all night and slept late the following day, but they didn’t care ‘cause they felt so good. In any case, they had to look at each other a lot to see how much hair they’d grown since the last time, and whilst you were looking, you might just as well do the other stuff as well ‘cause that’s what made your hair grow. At least, that’s what Jason said and he seemed to know all about that sort of stuff.

One day, he told Jason about the impure thoughts that his mummy and daddy had warned him about ages ago. After they’d talked for a bit, they agreed that they didn’t matter provided that no one else knew what they were doing. In any case, they reasoned, they’d only been warned against them ‘cause their parents didn’t want them to enjoy themselves and get the good feelings. “Parents always wanna spoil it whenever you have fun,” Jason said. “And we’re not little boys anymore.”

He agreed. In any case he worked out, he didn’t have impure thoughts anymore. They were just for kids. He just knew he liked what he was doing with Jason and they wouldn’t ever stop. That didn’t take any thinking about at all. He even thought about doing it with other boys, but only those who didn’t know what impure thoughts were. Or those who knew, but didn’t care anyway.


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