Shades of Gray: A tale of the 1950’s
by Solsticeman


Chapter 5

Gray’s mum was as good as her word.

It took her a fortnight to work out a way of making it possible for us to meet regularly.

Her solution?…

We joined the Boy Scouts!

They met on Friday nights in a hut in the park just up the hill from the Hanbury Square. Meetings started at 6 o-clock and ended at 9, but by 9 o-clock it was dark and soon the nights would be cold. My mum resisted the idea at first. Someone was in the local paper having fallen in the dark on the pit-hill. She relented when Gray’s mum assured her that I was welcome to stay overnight on Fridays, so she would know that I was safe.

Gray’s mum was a bloody genius. Without any fuss and without embarrassing Gray she had solved his problem at a stroke. I gave her a hug after tea on the first night of Scouts. I told her I loved her, and then blushed!

We were Tenderfoots and not expected to wear the uniform until we could at least tie a few knots or something. So, Gray and I turned up at the hut in sweaters and our older school uniform trousers. My mum wanted me to wear my good ones but I told her that the games were rough enough to rip pockets and things. She didn’t look at all reassured!

Skip was nice and when the Scouts lined up in their patrols he stood us in front and introduced us by name. He even said Jeff and Gray instead of Jeffery and Graham. I thought that was nice, Gray’s mum must have been working her magic again!

Until 8 o-clock we (Gray and me) were taught knots and laws and the meaning of badges and so on, by one of the patrol leaders while the others played games. He said it was important for us to catch up as soon as possible, then we could go camping with them. There would be one more camping trip before the winter started. We studied hard!!

We broke at 8 for tea and biscuits. I asked the patrol leader who had been teaching me knots where the loo was, and he said they used the public one near the gates and said he would go with me as it was dark. I accepted his offer, it was bloody dark out there by this time. I didn’t know the area well enough to know if rough kids hung about in the park.

His name was Cal, and I knew him from school, he helped in the library. He was a sub-prefect in the First-Year-Sixth which made him sixteen. We went into the toilets, they were just like the bogs at school with a long wall for peeing and two cubicles for the other.

As if reading my thoughts Cal said…

“Just like the lower-school bogs, but not so over-looked, more private if you get my drift.”

We stood there and opened our pants. He looked down at me, made an approving noise and said… “A good recruit, you’re big enough to join in the fun after if you want.”


“We… the older Scouts… go round the back of the hut after Skip has locked up and… you know…”

“Play, you mean?”

“Yeah, play… I mean…”

He tugged on his cock. It had grown quite a bit while he was talking.

When I was done I thought it a lark to rub my cock a good bit more than necessary just so that he would know that I wasn’t green and was up for some fun.

“Knew you were OK,” he said, But he put his cock away. “Best get back.”

“Mustn’t worry Skip” he said “He probably knows what goes on, but you know… ”

“Clean in thought word and deed.”

“Does that mean we wash our hands after?”

He giggled… “Come on, you’re terrible!”

I followed him back to the hut. I was thinking about Gray… was he up for a bit of naughtiness. I certainly was, and I didn’t think of it as cheating or anything like that. Any sort of open, public wanking was just a lark, a bit of sport. It wasn’t cheating… like kissing your mum wasn’t cheating on your budgie. It was the same but different.

But, I wasn’t sure that Gray would see it that way…

He didn’t… but not for any romantic reasons or anything like that… at least he didn’t say so. It was purely practical. When I raised the subject of going round the back with them afterwards… he said…

“Fuck no! If we do that what the fuck are we going to use at bedtime!”

Of course he was right! We were only thirteen but even at that age you know that the second time is possible, but not as good!

I felt a complete prat, and said so.

“Don’t be daft, we’ve not been doing this long enough to get it right all the time. Maybe we can stay just long enough for them to know we’re OK and then split back home, we’ll say mum has supper on, or something.”

He laughed and punched me on the arm… I thought maybe he hit me just a little bit harder than he needed to!

I would certainly think that sort of thing through more carefully next time.

Then he looked serious and said…

“Whatever they say… We don’t do it together in front of them. Doing it together is special, we don’t share that!… ever!”… He looked very fierce.

I understood… what we did was special… we didn’t have a wank for fun or because it was naughty… We made love!  That wasn’t something that could ever be part of a group wank behind the scout-hut!

At a few minutes to nine Skip called us to attention, assigned Gray and me to a patrol, and dismissed us.  He asked us if we had enjoyed it and we said yes, we would be there next week, if that was OK. He said we had fitted in fine and looked forward to seeing us again.

Then we all drifted outside.

There was a group of mums to collect the younger ones. The rest of us hung about while the mums fussed. Then we went behind the hut where there was a sheltered corner, trees on one side and a grounds-man’s shed on another.

The older boys quickly dropped their shorts and started wanking. The younger ones watched for a moment and then when the horniness of it all overtook them and the pressure in their shorts got too much, they furtively slipped a hand up the leg of their shorts and got their cock out that way, like the first-years at school that wore short trousers did for a pee.

Cal stepped forwards and said…

“Jeff and Gray are new, so they need to show us they can make cum, only cummers here! ”

“Everyone gets a go at them!”

“Oh shit” I thought, but Gray had obviously anticipated this and said… “Sorry guys, no time for all that, my mum has supper ready.”

“But, tell you what… Jeff and I will do two of you … oldest and youngest, is that fair?”

There was a murmur of approval and Cal and a gorgeous young red-head stepped forward.

The red-head was nearest so I went for him. That left Gray with Cal.

I positioned the red-head so that my back was to Gray, later Gray told me he did the same. Fun was fun, but we didn’t want to see each other doing it!

The red-head shyly whispered… “I’m David, Davy!, I’ve never done this before!”

“It’ll be OK, you’ll like it, everyone does…”

Then I remembered Saturday and the two old men on Sunday and said seriously…

“It’s your first time… Just try to remember every moment of it!”

He stood there, everyone watching him and unsure what to do next.

I saw the uncertainty in his eyes, and before he could panic I quickly opened his flies and put my hand inside. Thank goodness for baggy scout shorts! I slipped through his underwear and found his cock. It had hardened somewhat so it wasn’t that easy to get it out, but we managed. Once it was out I could see that it was quite a decent one. Either it was big for his age or he was small for his age. Either way at five inches it would be worth the effort that lay ahead.

There was a bit of bustle going on elsewhere. I assumed Gray was well into his task, so I had better start on mine. David’s eyes were fixed on whatever was happening behind me, and his hand went to his cock. I moved it away, placed my mouth over his cock and then closed my lips down onto him. I was looking at his face as I did it, and I swear his eyes rolled up out of sight.

I started sucking and sliding back and forth. His face lit up as he realised the wonderment of his first blow-job.

At that age even a five inch cock doesn’t last very long and he was quickly gasping and thrusting his hips in a parody of fucking.

To slow him down a little I took my mouth away and asked him if it was as good as he had hoped.

“Oh yes Jeff, its super, I never thought…  don’t stop, please don’t stop!”


“Can I?, do you mind? is it OK?…”

“To come in my mouth?”

He nodded.

“‘Course you can, be my pleasure, be my guest… In fact, fuck my mouth once you are ready, that’s even better than being sucked… OK?”

“Oh yesss!”

So that’s what we did, I sucked him until he started gasping, then when he began urgent thrusts of his hips I stopped sucking and held him in my mouth in a firm but soft grip.

He started to whimper and make little cries and thrust harder and faster and then…

“Oh Jeff… its great, it’s … oh Jeff… I’m gonna…  now!”

And he did.

Sweet tasting, he filled my mouth and I swallowed and swallowed. He might not be the largest or oldest in the troop but he had an older boy’s load to blow!

His knees gave way and he fell forward towards me. I stood and caught him in my arms.

“Shit!” someone said… “Davy’s fainted!”

“No he hasn’t…” Gray said, “He’s died and gone to heaven… He’ll be back in a moment!”


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