Talking Dirty
by Rodder52


You never know when the urge will hit. This was a typical workday. The client was unhappy with the magazine ads – the muscleman photo wasn’t dynamic enough, could I touch it up?


So there I was, sweating over the image of a semi-naked muscleman and the heavy, longing ache for the touch of a man took possession of my mind and banished any other thought.

To touch and be touched; to inhale the secret scent and savour the private taste of another man; to put my lips once more on muscular flesh – the urge – invading my consciousness as I tried to work.

I picked up the phone.

“Yeah it’s me. Put me through to the modelling agency.”

An hour later I’m pacing round my apartment cursing myself for having got into this situation – already deciding to cool it off – tell the guy it’s been a mistake and send him on his merry way. But the thing has a momentum of its own. The doorbell rings and I open it to the most beautiful male I’ve ever seen in my life.

“Hi, I’m Alex.”

I momentarily lost the ability to speak. I had to signal the guy into the room.

“Hey – I want to thank you for the gig man. I really appreciate it.”

He’s looking all around. I know he’s wondering where everybody is – the photographer, makeup, wardrobe, assistants, caterers, lighting crew.

“It’s not exactly a shoot, Alex. It’s pick-ups really for reference. I’m touching up your shots on the computer and just a few digital shots will really help me get, you know, what I want.”

“Oh. OK. Will that affect the rate at all?”

“No, no – full rate.”

“Cool! How do you want me?”

Any idea of sending him away died with that question.

“Basically I want to repeat some of the poses for the print campaign.”

“Cool. Do you have the wardrobe?”

“The wardrobe?”

“You know – the underwear?”

“Well, I haven’t, because the hero shot’s already good. So would you be comfortable posing in your own gear?”

“Sure. Is there somewhere I can get undressed?”

“Well – you’re stripping to your undies anyway.”

“Oh – yeah.”

I’m starting to think that Alex isn’t the shiniest penny in the purse but God – he’s gorgeous. He strips off the sweatshirt and his muscular chest and flat belly shine with a dull glow. The muscles move under his skin with an independent life of their own.

I’m hypnotised.

When he drops his jeans I forget to exhale – his own underwear turns out to be a black g-string, the pouch of which struggles to contain what might be a sleeping boa constrictor. He has huge pale thighs and smooth, bare, uptilted buttocks.

“I usually like to tone up with a few exercises first. Is that cool?’


“Only I don’t want to sweat all over your nice carpet.”

“I’ll get a towel.”

“I never did a photo shoot in an apartment before.”

“No – neither have I. Does it bother you?”

“Nah. It’s cool. I like it. I would’ve brought some exercise gear is all.”

“That’s my fault. I didn’t think.”

“It’s OK. I can do some isometrics.”

He is completely uninhibited as he goes to work on his body. He locks his fingers together and begins to flex.

“See? You can do lats against pecs then delts against triceps. We’ll be fine”.

His obvious pride in his body and the implicit invitation to look sends a rush of blood to my face. He leans towards me and indicates to his breast.

“Feel how hard that is – give it a squeeze. Feel that? Cool huh? We just do the same for the quads and the glutes and we’ll be good to go. You got film in that camera?”

“No – it’s a digital camera.”

“I know. I was making a joke.”

“Oh! Sorry.”

“Sometimes, if somebody’s nervous, I try to make a joke to lighten things up.”

“Well thank you Alex. You’re right – I am a little nervous.”

“Don’t worry. I get it all the time. Lotsa guys want to look at me but they think they shouldn’t – but then they want to anyway. It’s a real bind.”

“Yeah it is.”

“I don’t mind. I spend all this time working on my body you know. Be a waste of time if people didn’t want to look.”

“That’s a great attitude.”

“So, you know, it’s cool. Help yourself. Maybe you can buddy me while I do a few sit-ups.”

“Buddy you?”

“Yeah. Just kneel down here and hold my ankles.”

The view from my position at his feet was devastating. A vast expanse of perfect skin interrupted only by the black mountain of his crotch and the dark pink nipples perched on the hard breasts. At each sit up he exhales a puff of warm, sweet air which I time the rhythm of my own breathing to catch.

“Do you enter competitions?”

“Not any more. No time. It’s hard work.”

“You still shave though.”

“No. I wax. Sometimes I pluck. Now you’re looking.”


“No. I told you. It’s cool.”

He springs to his feet and I’m left kneeling in front of him. Now his body glows with a smooth sheen of sweat.

“Feel those abs. Don’t slap – it’ll leave a mark. Just rub your hand over them soft like. Yeaahhh. Nice huh?”

I run my hand over his hard slippery stomach and my thumb reaches the top of his g-string. I pause and look up at him.

He smiles.

My hand intrudes under the band to the rising mound below. There’s something hard and metallic.

“You can look if you like.”

“What’s this?”

“It’s a cock ring. Do you like it?”

“I love it. What’s it do?”

“Nothing really. It’s just decoration.”

“It’s tight.”

“Keep stroking my balls like that and it’ll be a lot tighter.”

“Do you mind?”

“What do you think?”

“Your cock is wonderful.”

“Thank you.”

“It’s huge.”

“That’s because of what you’re doing to my balls.”

“What? This?”

“Uh huh.”

“I love the way you smell.”

“I don’t use cologne.”

“I know. That’s what I like. I’ve never sucked an uncut cock before.”

“I think you’re a natural.”

“The extra skin is so sexy.”

“Would you do me a favour?”


“Take off your clothes too?”

“ Oh – sorry.”

“Don’t apologise. It’s just that you’ve got me all sexed up. Do you have any condoms?”

“Yes. Do you want to fuck me?”

“Well I was kinda hoping you might want to fuck me.”


“Uh huh. Do you have like a big mirror? ”


“I like to watch myself getting fucked – and you’ve got a really nice dick.”

In my bedroom I have a large three-panel screen made from mirror glass. My eyes were glued to his gorgeous naked body as he arranged it beside the bed. He took the dogstyle position on the bed and checked the mirror before rearranging it and checking again. When he was satisfied he got on all fours, reached behind with one hand to pull his cheeks apart and watched himself as he rolled his big muscular bubble butt.

“Come and fuck me baby.”

I joined him on the bed but the sight of him was too beautiful to waste on a quick fuck. I knelt behind him and inhaled the strong, warm man smell of his arse and balls. I bit the goosebump flesh circling his coral pink asshole. I put the tip of my nose in his bum and sucked his perfect balls into my mouth.

“Suck my fucking balls baby. Lick me – lick my fucking arse.”

I reached round and slowly stroked his big fat cock while sucking back on his balls. The cock ring cold on my cheek.

“I can see your mouth around my balls. Fuck! That’s so horny.”

I took his balls in one hand and pulled back on them while I worked two spit-lubed fingers into his open pink bumhole. My sheathed cock bounced spastically in front of me.

“Cock! Give me cock! Put that big fat fucking cock in my arse. Fuck me!”

He supported himself with one arm while he sensuously jerked his cock with his right hand. His arse rolled steadily with the motion and bumped into my face as I positioned myself to push my tongue into him. Once my tongue was in his hole, I sealed it with my lips and sucked hard. The puckered flange drew outwards into my mouth and my tongue was forced deep into the slimy interior of his arse.

“Oh fuck! Lick me! Fuck me. I’m a dirty slut. Fuck me!”

At last, I got myself behind him and between his legs ready for fucking. The broad planes of his muscular back stretched before me as I slapped his muscle butt and pushed my cock to the first pucker. Our eyes found each other in the mirror.

“You like that cock in your arse Alex?”

He pushed back hard and impaled himself to the hilt.

“Ohhh shit!!!” In the mirror I saw a long white cable of cum jet from his spasming dick. I grabbed his hips and violently plunged my cock into the depths of his arse – five – six times and a volcano of cum erupted from my balls and spewed into the straining tip of the condom.

I pulled out of his hole and gently rubbed it with my thumb as it slowly closed back to shape.

I crawled up the bed and fell down beside him. He leaned over and kissed me full on the lips, licking into every corner of my mouth.

“So that’s what my arse tastes like,” he said.


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