by Rodder52


I told myself this was only because I was drunk – not something I would normally do. Then I put the swollen purple cockhead in my mouth and started to suck. It wasn’t the first time – in fact the taste of Tom’s dick was becoming familiar to me. It felt comfortable to slide more of it into my mouth and swirl my tongue around the rim of the head. I adjusted my position on the bed to get more of it in.

“Tastes good, doesn’t it?” Tom joked.

I didn’t answer. My mouth was otherwise engaged and, besides, I was still at the stage of denial – still pretending that I was just another strait guy helping a buddy out.

That’s how he put it to me the first time – just helping out. “C’mon bud – just stroke it,” Tom had said. That time I put it down to being drunk but, God, the whole wonder of that tense, demanding cock and the beautiful way it responded to my hand until it was spewing hot pearly cum over my hand – I’ll never forget it.

It didn’t take very long before I realized how much I liked it – another night on the booze and here I was worshipping my buddy’s meat with both hands and then shamelessly licking, kissing and slobbering with my mouth and tongue. It was a whole different dimension.

Whatever inhibitions I might have had were forgotten as I gagged myself repeatedly with Tom’s big fat cock as I struggled to get it down my throat.

It was no good denying it, the only thing that mattered to me now was pleasuring my mate by sucking his dick. If everyone I ever knew burst into the room I wouldn’t have stopped jerking his dripping dick while I sucked on his sweaty ballsac.

Tom knew very well he was training me and he didn’t hesitate to let me know.

“Down on your knees like a real fag,” he said. He stood up so I had no choice. If I wanted to continue sucking his cock I had to get down on my knees in front of him in the classic position. It was a real moment – he was forcing me to accept the fag/cocksucker label – no more denial possible.

Thing is – that turned me on more than anything else.

The reticence I’d been experiencing was completely gone. I shucked all my clothes and got into the classic cocksuckers’ kneeling position before him. I now reveled in the joy of the feeling I’d been fighting against. I marveled at how this pose allowed him a whole new range of action – and how feeling like a fag slut was the most powerful emotion I’d ever felt. I mewled contentedly and bobbed my head up and down on the slick, rigid bone.

I grasped his thigh with one hand and rolled his balls with the other. I had never felt so right in my entire life. Tom grabbed my ears and fucked his cock down my throat. His buttocks clenched and I knew he was about to shoot. I struggled to pull my head back and he pulled me on to him even more.

He must’ve thought I was trying to get away from his cock but there was more to it than that. I didn’t want him shooting straight down my throat. I wanted his cum in my mouth.

His knees buckled with the first spasm and I managed to get his cock into position to catch the first spurt of hot, tangy starch all over my tongue and lips and I sucked at it like a starving man.

When the storm had passed, he sat down on the bed with me still between his legs on my knees with my face streaked with cum. He was like a man coming out of a dream and he didn’t seem to recognize me at first.

“You’re turning into a real slut,” he said. “Turn around. Show me your arse.”

I put up an argument. “I’ll suck dick but I’m not going there.”

I knew I would, of course – couldn’t wait – but it’s so much better to be seduced.

Tom wants to fuck me. We both know it but neither of us will say it out loud.

I guess you could say our relationship is based on duplicity. On the surface we’re a couple of good old football mates who spend a lot of time together drinking and talking about pussy but for the last month, anytime we’re alone, he gets me to suck his cock.

I make out I don’t really like it but I’ll do him the favour because I’m a little bit drunk, it’s no big deal and I’m a good bud. He makes out he’d rather have some chick slobbering on his meat but every weekend he comes straight to me and he always brings booze.

Friday nights we watch the game and when we’ve had a few shots Tom makes his first move – he stretches, growls and rubs his package through his shorts. “Fuck,” he says, “I’m so fuckin horny. Haven’t had pussy for weeks.” We both know this is crap – he doesn’t even try to get pussy.

Then he slides his cock out of the leg of his shorts. “God, I need suckin so bad.”

He waves his fattening cock in front of me because he knows, whatever I might say, I love it. Just the sight of it takes my breath away and I go into a sort of lust-induced trance. “You’ll suck my big fat cock won’t ya buddy?” he says.

He’s changing the game and we both know it. He used to wheedle and beg while I resisted and put up arguments but these days he uses crude terms because he knows it excites me so much. These days my resistance is pathetic but I keep it up because it’s kinda sexy to have your willpower crumble.

“Man I don’t wanna do it if it’s all smelly with deodorant.”

“Nah nah – it’s all funky from work – gonna be good – come on buddy, come and taste my dick.”

Just as I’m about to take it in my mouth he stops me. “Wait, wait – get your gear off first. Wanna look at you.”

This is the change-up. Once it would’ve been a deal-breaker but he’s working me now – “Wanna watch your sweet arse while you suck my dick.”

He knows exactly how far to go with me. My breath is ragged, my heart is pounding like a trip hammer and I feel his eyes devouring me as I strip my clothes. He has me on the edge of the abyss and he prolongs the ecstasy.

“Fu-uck – you’ve got a bum like a schoolgirl. It drives me fuckin wild.”

Every instinct tells me to deflect the advance. I’m terrified of the idea of that big cock in my hole but the attention is sincere. He’s positively drooling at the sight of my arse. I can’t resist giving him a little show, looking over my shoulder and caressing my rump. I make out like I’m joking but my cock is rigid. I have never been so aroused in my life. He’s seated on the couch with his hard dick standing strait in the air. I kneel between his legs to suck him.

“Get sideways so I can feel your arse.”

“You can’t fuck me.”

“I know, I know. I just wanna feel it.”

I get sideways beside the couch and smell the manly waft from his cock and balls, feel the perfect fullness of his cockhead on my tongue. At last – cocksucker heaven.

There’s a kind of unconsciousness where the only thing in the world is the wonderfully complete sensation of cock in mouth but this time there’s more. Until now there had only been one point of focus – his dick – but now for the first time, he’s paying attention to my body. His two big hands cup each globe of my arse. They gently squeeze and move in a slow circular motion perfectly in time with the ministrations I’m applying to the head of his cock. We gently rock up and down in this way for what seems an eternity. We’re in unison. It’s as if the two of us have become one throbbing sexual entity as we abandon ourselves to the infinite world of sensation.

Somewhere in the deepest recesses of my mind I’m feeling a warm gratitude towards him for resisting an assault on my bumhole. This patient approach is paying off. I’m increasingly aware that the caresses on my buttocks are having a secondary effect – my rosebud is feeling warmer and more receptive with each squeeze. I find myself hoping that it might get some attention soon.

I begin to deepthroat his dick. I’m something of an expert now and love the sensation that he is fully in me and I can fondle his balls against my chin. In perfect harmony with this move I feel, at long last, his broad finger enter my back passage and the sinuous stretch of my hole as I welcome the entry with all my heart. I remove his dick from my mouth, push back with my arse and emit a long, sensuous moan to show the effect he’s having.

“You like that don’t you,” he says and I just moan in reply.

“I bet the tip of my cock would go in easily,” he says.

His timing is perfect. I’m naked, on all fours and sucking on his cock. Tom, on the couch, leans over on one elbow so the other hand can explore my exposed and vulnerable arsehole. My plan was to make him beg for my cherry – to withhold that prize until he was crazy with lust for it.

But now that’s changed – I’m the one on the verge of begging.

I thought I’d be in control of the situation but the unimaginable ecstasy of his finger in my hole has brought me to a delicious level of submissive lust. My nipples burn, my rigid cock slaps hard against my stomach and my bumhole strains to retain the withdrawing intruder. Tom casually rubs my balls and rides his cock into my mouth to remind me to keep sucking. I suck his cock and massage his balls but most of my attention is on my own wanton hole and the need for his touch.

“I love the way your arse is so faggy,” he says. “ It needs cock doesn’t it?” he says.

I don’t want to say the words. I moan around his big plummy cockhead and ride my hips like a demented slut He rubs my balls and squeezes my bum cheeks. I twist and turn under his caress to try and get contact on my hungry hole. He teases me though – never lets me have the touch I want. I’m flexing my hole open and shut and writhing left to right, up and down. I squeeze my balls between my thighs. I can hardly breathe.

Some separate part of me stands aside and views the scene. I am completely abandoned to lust. Naked and kneeling with a cock in my mouth and my hips spasming like a rutting dog – I’m completely under his control.

“You want some cock?” he says.

I moan and do everything I can with my spastic body to indicate yes. He rubs his hands up my back and under to tweak my nipples. This sends a surge of electricity through me and triggers an involuntary girly moan. His hands run the cleft of my bum and his finger touches my ring again. I’m moaning and pushing back, wanting it all inside me. He owns me.

“What do you want?” he says and works his finger hard round the rim of my arse. The searing pain is so welcome – it burns my tender rosebud and my cock is hard and bouncing. I think I’m going to cum.

“What do you want?”

“Fuck me.”


“Fuck me. Fuck me. Please fuck me.”

He stands me up and runs his hands over me. I’m as limp as a ragdoll. I can’t meet his eye but take in the sight of his big hard dick bouncing in front of him. He grabs my face and forces me to look at him.

“What do you want?”

“Fuck me up the arse – please fuck me up the arse”.

All resistance is spent. I’ll do anything for him now.

I go to bend over the couch but he pulls me around and sits me down facing him. He hauls both my legs up so my knees are on my chest and I’m presenting to him. I am so turned on by offering myself like this. He holds my eye as he licks his fingers and wipes a lubricating arsewipe. The sensation is amazing. I’m feeling wonderfully, sensationally degraded by my own hunger for this. He lubes the head of his cock with another wipe and pushes the head against my hole. I’m not the least bit frightened – I want it. He pushes and the pain is immediate and glorious. We stare into each other’s eyes as he determinedly pushes forward. I groan like a girl but I push back. There is a releasing of tension and slowly – wonderfully – his big fat cock slides all the way up my arse. I put my hand behind his neck and stare into his face and he begins to fuck me – a slow, rhythmical, radiating cramping in my bowels. We look into each other’s face as we get into the rhythm.

I think I’m falling in love.


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