Educating Darren
by Rodder52


Just about a year after I figured out I was gay I realized my buddy Darren was a closet fag. I don’t know how I knew – maybe you get gaydar. Straight guys are always talking faggy shit. It’s a thing. But when closet guys do it, you can tell. Well, I could. Darren really was dying for cock – he just didn’t know it yet.

So this day I got him up in my room and started talking about how horny I was. He took the bait.

“Hay Rod,” he says. ”You ever get horny enough to do it with a guy, pick me,” he said.

‘Get your pants off then,” I said.

His face flushed. His eyes widened. I had him.

“You know you want to,” I said – real sleazy.

I could see how nervous he was but I recognized the powerful urge rising inside him too. He started unbuttoning his shirt. He went real slow and looked at me to see if I was going to back down. I was naked before he even got his shirt off. I let him see me stroking my dick just to help him make up his mind.

I don’t even know how I knew how to do this shit – it was my first time too – but I already knew I was going to talk Darren into a fuck and the feeling of power was awesome.

“Come on dude, it’s just us.”

I laughed like it was no big deal and it had the desired effect. The urge was starting to overcome the fear and his shirt came off.

I’d been in the locker room with Darren heaps before but I wasn’t into guys then. I never really looked at him. But fuck – he was a good-looking dude! He was taller then me with a thicker build and the nubs of his nipples were really big for a guy. He was nervous as hell and he could only manage to get his jocks below the cheeks of his butt and caught on his straining dick. Fucking sexy.

I walked up to him and touched his nipples. He took a deep breath and let out a sigh. I touched his nipples real gentle and careful, just rubbing them. He had his eyes closed and he rubbed back against my fingers. His nipples got real hard. I ran my hands over them and moved so our chests were touching. I ran my hands down his back. I humped my hard cock against his. Then I touched his ass.

I groaned as I felt the soft smooth skin covering his butt. His eyes had that dazed look you get when you’re super horned up. I moved my mouth to his neck.

This scene was so super horny. There I was, my hands exploring another guy’s butt cheeks, humping my cock against his, rubbing my chest against him and giving him a big lovebite! 

He was moaning. His eyes were shut. His head was tossing around. Fuck! – He loved my mouth on his neck! I was using teeth, tongue, and suction to give him a big purple hickey! His eyes opened when I bent and pulled down his jocks. His dick was rock hard.

“Step out of them Darren,” I said as his jocks fell around his feet. My cock was so hard it was hurting. I put one hand on his shoulder and guided him towards my bed. He moved real slow like he was in a trance.

“Yeah buddy,” I urged him. “This is what you want.”

I got him to lie on the bed – face down. His head was resting on his hands and turned towards me, his legs apart. 
I was in a trance of my own. It was so weird to know I was going to fuck him – fuck another guy – up his ass!

It was weird how I knew what to do. I’d never fucked a guy before – or a chick – but somehow I knew. His ass cheeks had me hypnotized. I couldn’t stop staring. Damn they looked nice!

“You got a fucking great ass!”

I told him.

He looked back at me with that dazed look. I sat beside him on the bed, and touched his ass. It was so soft, so smooth. God it felt so good just to touch it.

I probed between his cheeks. The warmness of his hole met my fingers before I even touched it. I spit on a finger and gave it a rub – a hard moist ring that was closed real tight but I felt it quiver as I tested the tension around the rim. Darren whimpered but I knew all his attention was focused there and he was flexing to give me total access.

I moved between his legs, massaged his ass cheeks and parted them. I moved my face close down to his crack to spit on it. A waft of warm smells met my nostrils. It wasn’t nasty at all! It was ripe and rich and earthy. I laid the tip of my tongue on the tangy trembling ring of his ass. 
I licked once and heard Darren moan. Licked again and felt the quivering ring loosen. I pressed hard with the tip of my tongue until it entered the interior of my buddy’s

When I came up for air he was moaning and doing a little rolling motion. I got up close and whispered in his ear:

“Your fuckin’ hole is awesome dude, so tight – so fuckin pink – so fuckin hot!”

I pressed my middle finger hard on the spongy spot and it penetrated. Darren let out a load grunt!

“You okay bud?” I asked.

“Ohh.. Yeah,” his voice was husky and he was groaning. I wriggled my finger inside him. His ring was so tight it was squeezing but his shit chute was moist and warm and wider inside.

Fuck – I was finger fucking him. I was feeling inside Darren’s body!

For the first time I doubted that my dick would fit inside this tight thing but I had to try. 
He was breathing real funny as I climbed on his back. I laid my rigid cock against his soft butt and rested my body on his back.

“You okay?” I asked.

“Yeah, I think so.”

He felt good and warm under me. I licked his ears and the back of his neck and hunched my cock against his soft ass. 
I raised myself on my arms and looked down between our bodies. His ass was white and creamy. My cock was swollen purple.

I shifted and guided my dick to his hole, felt the warmth of his tight ass band. I pushed and felt it stretch but it didn’t open. I rubbed some more then pushed harder. Darren groaned as the tight band began to open. I knew he was hurting but I pushed even harder and something gave way.

“Fuck – fuck – fuck!”

Darren whimpered.

I felt him tremble. Waves engulfed me. My cockhead and half the length of my shaft were inside him! I held still.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!”

Darren said.

I knew he was in pain but the urge to fuck him was much too strong. I held tight and waited until he quieted. Then I began to move again, slowly riding more of my dick up his ass. I kissed his shoulders and back and got up close in his ear.

“You OK?” I said.

“I think so,” he said, “just go easy.”

I was so close to cumming I had to take it easy anyway. The entire scene was so wild. I was lying on top of my buddy with my cock in his ass! He was lying under me and accepting a fuck. My bedroom smelled of ass-sex. Just lying still was so fucking hot.

When I started riding him again, Darren seemed to adjust to my dick and he wasn’t so tense. He seemed to get in rhythm with me and rode back on my dick. It was so much better thinking he was loving the way I fucked him.

“You love it don’t you?” I said in his ear.


“Say it.”

“I love you fucking me,” he said. “I’m cumming,” he said.

That’s when I creamed his ass.


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