Dennis and Lissa
by Rodder52


A lot of guys talk about how they discovered they liked dick. Some guys say they always knew and some say it was a growing realization. For me it happened in a blinding flash. It happened at the pub one Friday night after work. For some reason it was just me and Dennis. He was same age as me, we’d done our time together and were pretty good mates. Anyway we’re having a beer and he told me he’d bought a VCR. This was back in the day when VCR’s were cutting edge technology so I asked the first question on any young guy’s mind.

“You got any porn?”

Den shoots me that shit-eating grin and says, “What do you think? Heaps.”

It’s hard to imagine now how rare a shot at actual motion picture fucking was in those pre-internet days. I started to bone at the thought.

“Anything interesting?” I say.

“What do you mean?”

Fuck I didn’t know what I meant. I was just trying to keep the conversation going so I could get around to asking for a look.

“You know – anything different.”

Dennis looks at me real intense and doesn’t answer for a long time.

“Yeah,” he says, “I got a couple of gay and a couple bi ones. Do you want to see them?”

And that was the moment. Swear to God and all the Saints until that moment I had never entertained one single thought about having gay sex. My heart started to pound in my chest and I could hardly breathe. Some sort of adrenalin rush made me go weak in the joints. Just six words and I knew.

“Fuck yes!” I said.

“Lissa’s playing golf Sunday arvo,” he says. “Come round then.”

Lissa is Den’s wife. I knew her from schooldays. She had a bit of a reputation as a slut in those days but she was a good chick and I envied their relationship really – they were like a couple of good mates rather than husband and wife.

Anyway she was in the car ready to take off when I rocked up.

“Hay Roddy,” she says, “Don’t go leading my husband astray.”

“OK,” I say, but there was some kind of extra buzz in the air that I couldn’t quite figure. I put it down to my excitement at seeing my first-ever gay porn.

“See ya,” says Dennis, “Don’t go flashing your pussy.”

“If you keep your dick in your pants,” she says and drives off.

“What’s that all about?” I asked Dennis as we went in but he shrugged it off. We got into their little lounge room and I realized that Dennis might have been thinking about this moment as much as I was. The curtains are drawn. The sofa’s pulled up close to the TV screen. There’s a little table with an ashtray and two neatly rolled joints. My heart started pumping harder when I saw the shopping bag with the cassettes spilling out.

“Fire up a joint and I’ll get us going,” says Den. He didn’t give me a look at the videos – he was all ready to set up. He pushed a cassette in the carrier and the screen spluttered until the image settled down to a movie called “Coverboy”.

A handy man was walking up a slope to the door of a house. A young guy was waiting in the kitchen. Porn music played.

Dennis sat real close on my left-hand side and I passed the joint. Our legs touched. Both of us were glued to the screen but I was totally aware of Dennis. We were both wearing T-shirt and basketball shorts – those days they were short, loose and silky. I started to bone.

The young guy met the handyman at the door and showed him into the kitchen. They were flirting innuendo and the handy man told the young guy to stay and help.

Dennis handed back the joint but instead of handing it strait to me he held it upwards with thumb and fingers and rested the back of his wrist on my leg. It seemed an unusual thing to do but it felt nice and I left it a bit before I went for the joint. When I did, I had to curl my fingers round his hand because of the awkward positioning. It felt strangely intimate. When I raised the joint he left his hand where it was but kept his eyes on the screen – innocent.

The handyman had scooched under the sink on his back and the young guy knelt beside him eyeing the big bulge in his jeans.

I was fully stiff and sharply aware of how close Den’s lazy hand was lying to the head of my flexing dick. I took a toke and gave myself a little thrill by deciding to hand him it back his way. I focused on the screen and casually laid the back of my forearm on his thigh.

The young guy gave the handyman’s bulge a tentative stroke and he shifted position to indicate approval. The young guy took free access to rub, stroke and worship the still hidden dick.

Dennis’ fingers lingered across my hand as he took the joint. He removed his hand from my thigh and, before I could withdraw from his leg, captured my wrist. He held my hand very gently and drew it upwards until I felt contact the warm and slick head of his cock. He stared fixedly at the screen and so did I but all of our focus was down there.

The young guy finally freed the handyman’s dick from his jeans. It rose from the denim like the head and neck of a sea serpent rising from the depths.

I turned my hand and took my first hold of a cock. It was the same grip I’d just held on his thumb and fingers except his cock was infinitely more sinuous, mysterious and compelling. It felt hot and wonderful in the palm of my hand. All my reservation left me in a rush and I closed my eyes to concentrate on the mind-blowing sensation of the fat, hot cock.

The last thing I saw on the screen was the young guy’s mouth engulfing the head of the handyman’s huge prick.

Like the boy in the movie I knew I was free to explore. I turned towards Den and switched hands. His eyes were half closed and he was grinning at me with a purely depraved grin. He put the joint down, raised his hips and pushed the shorts down to the floor. His stiff cock loomed towards my face and bounced round in front of my eyes. I was caught. He pulled something from behind a cushion, held it to his nose and inhaled.

The whole scene was impossibly sexy. I stripped my shirt and shorts just because the urge hit me. I needed to be naked. I slipped onto the floor between his legs to explore.

He had a beautiful good-sized cock sticking straight out from a thick thatch of black pubes. Stiff as it was, the foreskin still covered half of the head. It had a strong musky odour. I had a compulsion to smell his secret places and the urge was overpowering. I pushed deeper between his legs to the mysterious dank pit behind his balls then I heard him whisper something.

“Hay Rod. Hay Rod,” he said, “ Smell this.”

It was a little black wad of silk. He held it to my nose and I inhaled.

“What is it?” I said.

“Cum,” he said. “From Lissa’s cunt.”

That’s when he put his hand behind my head and gently guided my mouth towards his cock.


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