A Helping Hand
by Rob Thomas


It’s been about two years now since Mike bought the house next door, and about a year since we became jacking buddies.

And what an incredible year it’s been.

Mike is straight; however, as I’ve shared in some of my other my stories, he comes over every other week or so and we masturbate together.

Mike is in his early 30’s and is very cute. He is about 5’10, 180 lbs., with black eyes and black, close cropped hair. He has a nice size dick, and his erection is very firm with a slight curve towards his belly. It also has a nice head that is several shades darker than the shaft, and when he strokes, the head swells, turning even darker.

Mike usually lets me know he’ll be dropping by, but sometimes he just shows up at my door with his erection already bulging in his pants. Either way, I always look forward to seeing him, and I especially enjoy the surprise visits.

This story begins about two months ago when I received a phone call from Mike. This was unusual since our relationship had never been more than just jacking friends. But, being good neighbors we had exchanged numbers in case of emergency.

I hoped it was an emergency request for a jack, but instead, he told me he had been in an accident at work.

Though Mike normally works from home, he had been touring one of his company’s plants the day before when he leaned against a railing that suddenly gave way. He said he fell about five feet, instinctively putting his hands out to break his fall. His hands then took the brunt of the fall and he broke bones in each. He also fractured a few ribs. He said he spent one night in the hospital, but was now home and would be out of work for a few weeks.

I asked if there was anything I could do for him, but he explained that his brother had run errands for him, but that he appreciated the offer. I offered to come over and keep him company, but he said he was going to nap and would be in touch later.

Mike called again a few hours later and asked if I would get beer for him the next time I went to the grocery store. I lied and told him I was just then heading out and would pick some up.

I hurried to the store, also picking up ice cream, guessing about flavor. Or if he even liked ice cream.

I then headed over to Mike’s house, gently tapping on the back door and letting myself in. Mike yelled to me from his bedroom and told me to come on back. I put the ice cream and beer away, opening two beers for us before heading for his bedroom.

Mike was sitting up in his bed, but he looked pretty rough. His face was bruised and scratched, and I could see that his upper chest was wrapped. Both hands were also heavily bandaged, wrapped from his forearms down to mid palm, with just his fingers exposed.

However, Mike’s face lit up when he saw me with the beer, giving me that sexy, lopsided grin I love so much.

He then reached out for a beer, wincing as he did. I handed it to him and he held it with both hands, just like a baby holding its bottle. He then eagerly tipped it to his beautiful lips and chugged it down.

Like a man.

“God, I needed that! I’m going crazy lying here all day.”

“I also have a surprise for you in the freezer.”

Damn. That smile again.

I sat down on the edge of Mike’s bed and we chatted for a while. He assured me he was fine, promising he would call if he needed anything.

I didn’t hear from Mike the next day, and didn’t notice any visitors going by, so I decided to go over and check on him.

With more of his favorite beer in hand.

I knocked on the back door and he immediately answered, giving me that beautiful smile.

I opened two bottles for us and he told me to follow him to the bedroom. He said he had been in bed most of the day due to his sore ribs.

So we chatted for a while and drank our beer.

After a while our conversation slowed, and just as I was preparing to leave, Mike surprised me by saying he missed our time together.

He also said he was horny.

He explained that because of his hands he couldn’t get a firm grip on his dick to jack-off.

I know Mike pretty well by now, and I know he is a daily ‘bator just like me. So I knew not being able to masturbate for the last few days was frustrating for him.

Then he laughed and asked, “You don’t have one of those rubber dolls I can use do you?”

Holy hell!

I paused as I imagined his beautiful ass rising and falling and bucking as he thrust his cock in and out of a hole.

I smiled, telling him I didn’t have one, but offering to buy one for him if it would help.

“And if you’ll let me watch.”

We both then laughed, although we both knew I was serious.

So we drank our beers in silence, as my cock, and I suspected Mike’s, began to harden.

Finally, I said, “I have a firm grip.”

Then, without waiting for a response, I held my arm out to Mike, helping him off the bed.

Make stood very still, watching me.

And waiting.

I looked down and saw the familiar outline of his erection in his jeans, so I stepped in front of him and gave his bulge a brief caress.

When I looked at Mike for further direction, he gave me a slight nod to proceed.

I began to unzip him.

As I reached my hand into Mike’s jeans, touching his cock for the first time, his precum had already begun to flow. I gently pulled him through his fly, and then poured lube into my right hand.

I then stepped to his side and began to gently stroke him.

After a moment Mike closed his eyes and began to relax. We stood with me facing his right side, my own bulge almost touching his hip. I had never been this close to Mike, and our faces were just inches apart.

I breathed in his exhaled breath.

Then I, too, began to leak.

My left arm was in an awkward position, just hanging behind his back. So as I continued to stoke him I raised my arm and placed my palm between Mike’s shoulder blades. As I did so he shuddered, and then slowly exhaled.

Now I had better leverage. I had watched Mike masturbate many times and wanted to replicate the speed and pressure he liked.

I stepped closer to Mike, positioning my own bulge so that it rested just slightly against his hip.

As his moans turned into a whimper, I saw the telltale bead of sweat that always precedes his orgasm begin to flow down his neck.

As I’ve seen Mike do as he approaches orgasm, I slowed my stroke, and as I did I felt his dick stiffen even more.

My beautiful boy was ready.

I then stepped even closer, fully pressing my erection against him.

With just a few more strokes his whole body spasmed, and he came, sending one, two, three shots onto the floor.

I continued to slowly stroke him as his last spasms ended, and then continued to hold his cock as his breathing slowed.

Then we both watched as the last of his cum flowed from his slit and into my hand.

When I finally released Mike he brought his own hand up, gently placing it around my shoulder, and pulling me into him.

He then kissed my neck and whispered “thank you.”


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