by Ricky


Chapter 3

The boys jumped up in a panic. The one they were supposed to avoid.

“Are we in trouble?” Ty asked.

“Trouble? No. That’s not dad. But we will talk about it. Come on, best we not keep him waiting. Besides, I’ve worked up an apatite.”

“I’ll be blamed.”

“Look, you are assuming something is wrong. There has to be something wrong for there to be blame. We didn’t do anything wrong, so there is no blame to be had.”

“Yeah? I’ll bet Oggie will see plenty wrong and it’ll have come with me. You weren’t like this, doing these things before I came, were you?”

“With who? Lord knows I would have, if there was anyone to do things with. The others never showed an interest. I was this way long before you showed up. Maybe he didn’t know it, heck I don’t think I knew it . . . well, who am I kidding. I think I’ve known since I was at least eight. Maybe earlier. Anyhow, don’t sweat it. My pa’s the best. He is good at not jumping to conclusions. And when we talk, I’ll let him know the truth. You cleaned up? I’m starving.”

“Yeah, but I’m scared too.”

Nick giggled, “Imagine my surprise. Come on, you’ll see. It’ll all work out fine.”

The boys headed down for breakfast, Ty back in his nightshirt as his clothes were still in the washer. Nick dressed in his jeans and a shirt. They headed to the kitchen for breakfast. Nick entered, “Morning pa,” he said, wrapping his arm around him and giving him a hug with one arm as he grabbed a plate with the other. “Smells delicious. Can I have some coffee too?”

“Sure son, top me off again too, would ya? Where’s Ty?”

“Right here, sir.” Ty said, hugging the door frame, ready to bolt if it didn’t sound like it was going well.

“Good morning, how do you like your eggs?”

“I don’t know, the regular way I guess. I only know how the state makes them.”

“That would be scrambled, you want them that way or you want to try them a new way?”

Ty shrugged.

“Nick likes his turned over easy so the yolks are still runny. He likes to dip his toast in it.”

“Ok, I’ll try that.”

“Good, come on in and have a seat.”

“You aren’t angry?”

“Should I be angry? What should I be angry with?”

“You know, what you saw us doing.”

“Oh, that. No, I’m not angry. I’m assuming you were both doing it because you wanted to. Neither one of you was being forced, were you?” he said, looking back and forth to both of them.

Nick grinned, “No sir. We were both free not to do it.”

Oggie looked at Ty. “Is that how you saw it too, Ty?”

“Yes sir.”

“Then no, I’m not angry. But there are some things we need to talk about, but not at the breakfast table. What would you like to drink? Orange Juice? Milk?”

“Orange juice please, sir.” he said, coming in and sitting down behind his plate of eggs, bacon and potatoes.

As he set it down, he set the pitcher in front of him. Oggie laid his hand on Ty’s arm. Ty looked up at him. “Son, there is plenty of food. If you eat it all I’ll make more. You’re not going to leave the table until your tummy is happy. No one will take your food from you here, ever. So, eat slowly and enjoy the flavor of it. Chew a little bit. Savor it. Don’t rush it. Alright?” he asked, smiling.

“Yes sir.”

“And we’ll have to work on that sir stuff. Makes me feel older each time you say it.”

“Sorry sir, I mean Sorry Oggie.”

“Ty, you mind if I ask you a question?” Nick asked.

“Sure, go ahead,” he said, mouth half full as he shoveled more in.

“Slow up son,” Oggie interrupted. “This isn’t a race.”

“I know you spent the last two years, you know, in jail. But still, that leaves twelve years that you still should have seen things like eggs that weren’t scrambled, a lake and just a whole lot of things that it seems like you just sorta missed out on.” He took a bite of toast and waited for an answer.

Ty paused for a moment and set his fork down. He stuck his hands under his legs and just sort of rocked forward and back on his hands as he thought of an answer.

“My Mom, well, she was always busy making money. My pa just sat around and did drugs. I stayed inside my room for a long time. I only got out to go to the bathroom. They gave me food sometimes, but I had to eat that in there too. One day, dad didn’t come home and I was really hungry. I yelled a lot but nobody heard me. The neighbors heard me when I broke my window. They called the police. They came and took me to the doctors. I found out my dad was in jail. My Mom was . . . she was gone. Her boss beat her and she went away. They put me in a foster home and that’s when I learned how to pay for things like my mom did.” Ty picked up the fork and started eating again. Tears gently rolled down his cheeks as he ate. Nick looked at his pa and tears were rolling down his face too.

He placed his hand on Ty’s shoulder, “I’ll start the dryer so you’ll have some dry clothes in a bit.”

Nick set his fork down and walked around the table and took his arm and pulled him up out of his chair. “I’m so sorry I asked you. But look at me.” Nick lifted his chin so their eyes met. “Those days are over. You’re here now. You are safe and you are loved.” He kissed Ty. Ty just laid his head down on Nick’s shoulder. “Better finish your breakfast. Don’t want it to get cold. You want some more eggs?”

“Yes please. I’ve never had them so good. You’re right. Doing that toast thing is the best.” His smile beamed. Oggie came back in to find Nick cooking more eggs.

“You got’em or you got more eat ‘en to do yourself?”

“Oh, no I’m good. I’ll keep cooking, unless you want to and I’ll start on the dishes.”

“Sure, I’ll take over. You know how much I love doing the dishes.”

Nick grinned, handing him the spatula. He collected his plate and cup as well as Oggie’s and placed them in the sink and started running water.

“Why don’t you just put them in the dishwasher?” Ty asked.

“We have a leech bed. That means what ever we put down the drain goes down in the ground. I don’t like to dump a bunch of soap and stuff in there when it’s just a few dishes. I mean look, three plates, forks and one glass and two cups. That thing uses about twelve gallons of water. It will take thirty minutes, I’ll take about ten. And I’ll do a better job.”

“You really thought about all that.”

“The truth of the matter is that I like doing things that help. When I shove them in the dishwasher I don’t feel that way. Pa does a lot of things for me. There’s a lot more ways for him to show me he loves me than for me to show him. This is one way for me to do that. I know he hates doing them so it’s double for me.”

“Can I dry?” Ty asked.

“Sure.” Nick said, taking his plate and glass. He leaned over and whispered, “I hate to dry.”

“Double for me,” Ty said, more to himself than to anyone else.


“We’re done in the kitchen pa.”

“Good, sit down and let’s talk a bit.”

Ty sat down with his knees up under his night shirt. His clothes were still in the dryer. He could feel the fear welling up inside himself again. Nick sensed his fear and sat next to him and put his hand on Ty’s knee.

“Well, I have to say that I wasn’t ready for what I saw this morning. I mean, it took me by surprise is all. Was that the first time?”

“No paw. It wasn’t. Yesterday, when we went out to fix the fence, well, it just sorta happened. But we talked about it and he told me that was how he got protected when he was in jail. At first, he said they forced him, then he said he got to like it. But I knew it wasn’t right, because it should only be when you have feelings for someone, so I told him we wouldn’t do that again. He said it was the same as love. He had some twisted logic. It kinda ran in circles, so I didn’t think about it. I wanted to put it out of my mind for a while until I could get alone to sort it all out.

“We went to the lake then, and well, I scared him pretty bad and he was actually going into shock, so I did like you said, I held him. That sun was so warm we dozed off. When Smoky woke us up, well, one thing led to another and damn if we didn’t end up doing it again. I was really upset with myself ‘cause I felt like I was taking advantage of him and, well, that’s just not me. Then he kissed me and I knew I had feelings for him. When you brought him to my bed last night, I realized how much I loved just laying next to him. His warmth. His skin against mine and when he rolled over and snuggled in, I cried I was so, so . . . I don’t know the word. Like at peace.”

“Content?” Oggie asked.

“That’s the word, content. I think a tree could have crashed through the roof right then and I wouldn’t have moved. I know we never talked about this pa, but I think I’ve known I was different than other boys since I was real young. I remember the fires and the firemen. They would come in all sweaty and dirty. I loved to gather their laundry to wash it, because I loved the smell of them. I didn’t mind the scenery when I went collecting them, either. Just the smell of the bunk house shower room was enough to bone me up for the night. And that was when I was too young to do anything but wish and shiver. I did my share of that too.”

“I’m sorry son, I just feel like I’ve let you down some way. I should have taken you somewhere with other kids for school, maybe with some girls around, things would be different.”

“Pa, you’re not listening. This is how I am. There has never been a choice for me. You could drop me in an all girl’s school and I’d do my best to date the janitor as long as it was a guy. Girls don’t make me bone up. In fact, I find them pretty gross. I mean, they don’t think like us and they don’t smell like us and they bleed twenty-five percent of the month.  Pa, I love my life here. There was only one thing missing for me and well, I think that’s been taken care of now, too. You have nothing to apologize for. If anything, it’s me that should apologize. I know I’m not turning out like your idea of the perfect son. But you taught me that together we can do anything. I expect we’ll get through this too.”

Oggie was on his feet and over to Nick, pulling him into his arms. “Son, don’t ever think that way. You are still the perfect son. You’re just a little different in your perfection than I was able to see. I’m sorry you never felt you could talk to me about it.”

“Really pa, I didn’t even realize there was anything to talk about until recently. More specifically, yesterday.”

Oggie released Nick and squatted down to look Ty in the face. “Are you alright? You look a little scared.”

“I live that way.”

“I know, that’s one of the things I want to talk about. I’m a little scared too. I mean, you’ve slept with a lot of people for a lot of reasons. Have you been tested to see if any of them had anything?”

“Once a month for the last two years. They said I was high risk, so they checked every month. The last was a couple days before I came. The doctor’s name is in the file. You can call him for the results.”

Oggie went and got the envelope and handed it to Ty.

“What?” Ty said, taking the envelope.

“I told you I never wanted to see the file because it doesn’t matter to me what was in it. I still don’t, but we should call the doctor for the results. If you get it out, then the records are still your secret.”

“You really don’t care. What if it said I was a mass murderer or was a sex offender?”

“Ty, what I care about is who you are today and what kind of man I can help you to become. And I gotta tell you that right now, I’m pretty proud to have you in my home. I know this has been scary as hell for you. You have been removed from the environment you know how to survive in and thrown in something that is so completely different that everything is scary. You haven’t given up trying and we won’t either. You watch, every day it will get easier and easier. Pretty soon it will feel right to you.”

“Will it? I wish I had as much faith in me as you do. Everything scares me. Everything, from the flying grasshopper that attacked me, to the Saccade sounding like a bunch of rattlesnakes. Even your rain scares me. I’ve been here a little over twenty-four hours and I don’t think I have ever spent a more terrifying day in my life. If it wasn’t for you and for Nick and his smile I don’t think I would still be here. I think I would have called Bill myself.”

“You wouldn’t be the first that happened to. So far, you’re the bravest.” He pulled Ty forward and hugged him tightly. “Don’t lose faith in us. We’ll keep you safe, I promise.” Oggie looked him in the eyes. “I promise,” and he kissed him on the forehead. “Now, while we are waiting for his clothes to be done, take my card and get him some clothes. Make a list. Get his sizes and order them up.”

Oggie looked at Ty, “Can I ask you something?”

“Sure. So far I haven’t shocked you.”

“Well, I hope that’s not a goal.”

“That’s when I find out if you’re lying to me. Today it’s easy to say you won’t send me back. The test comes when I screw up bad. And I will, I know it. I never try to, but I always seem to screw things up. It’s another reason to stay scared.”

“That’s honest. I can appreciate that. We all screw up Ty. You remain that honest if it happens and we’ll get through it together. But what I wanted to ask you is simple. Do you love my son?”

Ty stood up and walked over to the window and looked outside for a minute. “I thought you said it was an easy question. Until a little over a day ago, I thought I knew what love was. I’ve watched Nick and listened to the way he thinks and the things he says. The absolute love he has for you. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen that before. Truthfully, I’m a little jealous of it. I’m a little angry that I never knew it, even for one day, before now. I want to feel that more than I can possibly tell you. But I don’t know how to love someone that way. Oh God, I wish I did, because I would give it back to you both so much.” The tears poured from his eyes as Oggie took him and held him. “Show me how and I will love him. Until then I can only love him the way I know.”

“One day at a time son. Just love us the best you can, one day at a time. And we’ll do the same.”

“Pa, I can answer your question. Yes, I love him a lot. The more I get to know who he is inside, the more I am growing to love him. And Ty, you hang on ‘cause I’ve got some lessons in loving that you’re gonna like a lot.”

Oggie looked at Nick with a raised eye brow and a smirk.

Nick blushed bright red, “Pa, get your mind out of the gutter. But I have a bit of that for ya too, now that he mentioned it.” Nick was now brandishing a bright red face as he had to readjust himself. “Don’t we have some measuring to do?” Nick said, pulling Ty out of Oggie’s arms and heading for the stairs. Oggie now was full on blushing too as he looked at the two of them all worked up. Oggie pointed at Ty, “Looks like he’s ready for measuring. He’s got his stick out.”

Ty looked down at his tent and lifted his shirt to show it off.  Oggie waved them both off up the stairs and was glad they went so he could straighten his own bulge out. He was figuring it was about time for a trip into town.


Nick walked into the craft room at the end of the hall. “Let’s see, I used to have a cloth measuring tape around here someplace,” he said as he opened drawers in the small sewing kit. “Ah, here it is.” He took the rolled up cloth tape and holding an end snapped his wrist and the tape rolled out to its length.  He laid it around his neck and took Ty by the hand and led him to his room.

“Strip!” he said, smiling.

Ty smiled as he crossed his arms and grabbed the only garment he had on, which was his sleeping shirt. Making music with his mouth, he wiggled his cute little butt in a circular motion which immediately caused Nick to adjust himself.  Nick retrieved a piece of paper and pen from a drawer. He took the tape off his neck and stood up, walking around behind Ty. He kissed the top of his shoulder and placed the dummy end of the tape there.

“Hold your arm up, bent in front of you.” He commanded, kissing his arm down to the elbow and continuing to kiss little kisses down to his wrist. “Thirty-two inches,” he declared out loud, pausing to write the numbers down. He turned Ty to face him and licking the point of his left nipple, he again placed the dummy end on that nipple, holding it with his thumb as it became rock hard. Ty giggled as Nick left the tape pinched against his nipple and started slowly kissing around his upper torso.  As Nick went from his left nipple, he planted little kisses on his chest, then moved under his arm, where he planted more kisses on the side of his rib cage.  As Nick kept moving around Ty’s body, the tape slowly moved after him.  As Nick got to his back, he spent a few extra kisses in the small of his back, still pinching the tape measure against Ty’s hard, pointed nipple.  He then began moving around his right side, lingering under his arm to enjoy the sweet scent of boy that lingered there.  As he moved past his right nipple, Nick stopped to lick and then suck on that hardening piece of boy flesh as well.  He finally finished where he started, at the left nipple, with another long, slow suck and kiss.”Twenty-eight inches,” he announced, scribbling on his pad. He stood and kissed his neck and kissed his way around, Ty wincing with every kiss.  Nick followed with the tape measure. “Sixteen and a half,” he continued, Ty now throbbing hard in anticipation.

Nick dropped to a knee and grabbed Ty by the hips and pulled him forward. His tongue probed his navel and then surrounded it, Ty’s pounding, rigid, dick hitting Nick’s chin as he kissed away from his naval towards his mound. Upon reaching the midway point he kissed caressingly around his hip bone. He kissed across the mound pausing at the top of the crack of his ass to breathe in the flavor of his essence. He licked down to the top of his crack. Ty thrust forward as he giggled. Nick returned to his path around his waist, breathing hot breath across his bare waist. He shivered as Nick moved slowly around his other hip following with the tape measure until he met the other end.

“Twenty-eight inches,” he said, almost in a whisper. His breath causing Ty’s uncut staff to twitch.

Nick sat back on his heels and took Ty’s foot in his hands and leaned forward, pulling his foot out to the side, he kissed the inside of his heel and breathed out as he ran his lips across the arch kissing just before the ball of his foot and licking the joint between the ball of his foot and the big toe. He lightly licked and then sucked each of his toes, beginning and ending with his big toe. He paused to measure. “Eight and a half inches,” he said, pausing to write his waist and shoe measurements.

He leaned over again, kissing his arch, he moved up his calf, kissing around back of his knee. Ty gasped when he did. Nick again kissed the inside of his knee and started to kiss up his thigh, licking in between each kiss. Approaching his scrotum, he licked first and then sucked first on one, then the other. He paused to measure his inseam, “twenty-eight inches,” he murmured, his lips brushing against the head of his dick behind the shroud of his well stretch foreskin. He took the head of Ty’s boy toy in his mouth and pulled the foreskin back as his lips sucked the gland. His lips being revealed to his dick head as the skin was slid back with his hand. Ty grabbed Nick’s head with his hands and began to rock, trembling as his super sensitive dick brushed the top of his mouth and slid across Nick’s pallet and down his throat. Ty being surprised at the depth he could and was willing to take his cock. He had no gag reflex and Ty could feel his nearly naked firm mound meet Nick’s face. Nick breathed heavily as Ty shifted into high gear, moving his ass in and out at a higher rate of speed. He whimpered with each stroke. His breathing became feverish and Nick could tell he was almost ready to blow as he came off of his staff and kissed up his belly. Then pausing at his nipples, he was still rocking forward but against nothing. He was coming back down. Nick kissed up his neck and followed his neck around to the front and worked his way back up. He kissed his mouth, his tongue fighting with Ty’s for real estate. He pushed Ty back toward the bed. Ty was warm putty in his hands. Nick rolled him over on his side and pushed one foot up towards the back of his thigh. His knee coming up and allowing Nick to begin his administrations to Ty’s already dripping rod of boy love.

Nick took it in deeply, rapidly bobbing up and down and then slowing as he started to squirm. He wrapped his arm around the upturned leg, his hand finding his rose, his finger pushed and wiggled.

“Oh shit,” Ty muttered. Nick pushed again and his finger penetrated his ring and he went in all the way with out waiting. He probed until he found the button that turned his lover on high. As he grabbed Nick’s head, he pumped his hips forward. His hard mound slamming against Nick’s lips as Nick sucked, twisted and fingered. He felt Ty swelling in size and the heat filling his staff traded places in Nick’s mouth. Nick started breathing heavy too. Ty started to gasp for air as he yelled out, “Shit! Oh! Oh! Fuck.” He froze, pushed forward until Nick’s bobbing was no longer fruitful. He came off, allowing Ty to collapse.

Nick crawled up his body, having drank every drop he produced, he whispered in Ty’s ear, “I love you Ty, I really love you.” Ty cried softly, pulling Nick into him. He sobbed, huge tears and louder cries, gasping for more air.

“Shush my love,” Nick whispered into his ear. “Its alright, I am here and I’m never going to turn you loose. You’re mine and I will take care of you.”

Ty’s cries turned into soft tears and Nick kissed him just before sleep overtook him. Completely boy spent.

Nick got up and studied the sleeping boy for a moment before getting up and turning on his computer. While it was slowly booting, Nick turned his swivel chair so he was facing his boy-sicle. “Seven firm inches,” he said, quietly grabbing his pad to fill in the rest of his measurements. His computer beeped, signaling it needed input from its master. He turned and began to type.

“Hey,” he said, nudging him awake. “We’re down to the part you have to tell me about. What kind of underwear do you want? Boxers, briefs, brief shorts? What?”

“Boxers, except when it gets really hot out, then the chaffing sucks.”

“Ok, so two packs of boxers and two packs of briefs? You like whitey tighties or bikini briefs?”

“I don’t care, whitey tighties I guess.”

“Ok, I ordered you some Jean’s and shirts, but we have to pick out some shoes. Here, take a look. Cross trainers work for most stuff. I wouldn’t recommend name brand ‘cause it really pisses you off when you step in something. How about these?”

“Sure, I don’t care. They’re just shoes.”

“Alright, now we got to talk about boots. You need two pair, hiking and cowboy. I was thinking about these Rocksports for hiking. I have a pair and they are super comfortable.”

“Sure, like I said, they are shoes. I’ve seldom had any, let alone three pairs. I can only wear one pair at a time.”

“Trust me. Out here, you want the right kind of footwear. Now, cowboy boots you have to figure out for yourself. They’re a personal thing. Lots of things to consider. Pointed or square toe, raised arch, short heel. Lot’s to think about. Take a look.”

“Like, I know anything about boots? I could barely keep sneakers. Someone always liked mine better than theirs.”

“That’s ok, I’ll help you. First, look at the toes. Do you like pointed or square?”

“Them pointed ones look like they would hurt. I think I like the square better.”

“Alright, let’s look at the height. I like the taller kind. For me, they are easier to get on and off and if you run into snakes, they offer a lot more protection.”

“High! Definitely high,” he said quickly, like, why are you asking me this stupid question?

“Now it is down to looks. You have these eight to choose from. How about the snake skin ones?”

“How about the cheaper ones like the black or brown ones.”

“I think the snake skin ones would look hot on you.”

“Yeah, and what happens when another snakes see them and it turns out to be a cousin or something and wants revenge. No thanks. One cow looks like another once you shave the fur off right?”

“Yeah, I guess. We wouldn’t want a mad cow after you.”

“You think they could tell? You know, I don’t know if cowboy boots are really me, you know?”

“Look Ty, I’m pretty sure they are Mexican or Chinese cows. I think you’re pretty safe.”

“Ok, you pick, I really don’t care.”

“If I pick then you’re getting the snake skin.”

“I like the brown ones then, those right there. Number seven.”

“See how easy that was?”

“Are we done?”

“Are you kidding? We have to pick out the absolute most important part. A hat!”

“You pay money for a hat? Dude, you can get a baseball cap from almost any sporting goods store for free.”

“No, not a baseball cap, man. Don’t get dumb on me, a cowboy hat. Now, you need a summer one for working and a felt hat for kicking back.”

“Dude, that’s two hats, not one. Those aren’t cheap. You need to go easy on Oggie’s wallet.”

“He said to get you outfitted. I know this is what he meant.”

“Yeah, but I’m not really the cowboy type.”

“I don’t know about that, you like to ride the wild pony!”

“Not wearing a hat!”

“Alright then, how about this one here for the summer? Lots of vent holes to let the heat out and keep the sun from baking your brain.”

“I’m getting the impression that you’re not listening to me.”

“Sure I am. I’m listening carefully before I order you one anyways. Now look at this. It is gray felt. That is so hot looking.”

“No, thanks. I’ve already got one coming I won’t wear.”

“Why not? You will look so hot. How about this black one? It’s a Stetson, how can you go wrong?”

“Look, can’t we just measure some more? I am really not enjoying this at all. I mean, underwear and jeans and shirts I can live with. I need clothes. But I don’t need five-oh ones. I don’t like the idea of spending money I don’t have. And just because it’s plastic doesn’t mean someone doesn’t have to pay the freaking bill.”

“I really appreciate that too Ty,” a booming voice sounded from the door. “Here I thought you might like to have some clothes. I could be mistaken, but I thought I would bring them up in case you might like to put some on . . . sometime . . .but apparently not right now. You seem to be naked more than you are clothed.”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing, pa?”

“Uh, right. Sorry, my mistake. So what have you ordered so far?”

“Everything but the felt, pa. Got him a nice pair of square toes, brown.”

“What, he didn’t like the snake skin? I would have thought they would look hot.”

Nick turned and glared at Ty, “See!”

“I was torn between the grey felt and the black.”

“Well the grey would really accent his face, but you can never go wrong with black.” He looked at Ty, “So what was he wasting my money on?”

“All this extra stuff. I don’t need a hat, let alone two. And cowboy boots. Do I look like a cowboy to you?”

“Wait a minute,” Nick said, jumping up and grabbing his hat and setting it on his head. “Yep. What do you think pa.”

“Yep, sure looks like a cowboy to me, too.”

“Oggie I can’t pay for any of this stuff. He has spent a fortune already.”

“Ty, I appreciate your concern. Let me explain. Riding a horse naked may sound sexy, but I am here to tell you it is not as soft as it looks.” Nick laughed. “Really though Ty, I look at this two ways. First, I look at it like an investment. When a man looks good, he tends to feel better about himself and his life. You could use a good dose of feeling good about yourself. And second, I think you deserve to have nice things. You’ve never had nice things before and I want you to have them.”

“When you have nice things, then people will want them. I always had state stuff but even that went away as soon as somebody could get me away from the guards view. The guard usually got something for looking the other way. Sometimes, a naked me was what the guard got. One guard even took the stuff home in a gym bag every night and E-bayed what they stole to supplement his income. If I don’t have nice stuff, then there is nothing to take. They leave me alone. It’s not safe to have things. Especially nice things. If you got to get me stuff then get me plain stuff.”

“Ty, you have to stop thinking state. You are free here. Let us help you enjoy life here a bit. I’ll tell you what. If you feel you have to go back we’ll get you some stuff that they won’t want. We’ll keep these that you came in. Is that a deal? And if for some reason you feel you want to go back, then you can have the other stuff to trade for your safety of cigarettes or whatever. I don’t care about it Ty. I care about you. Let us do this for you.”

“Fine,” Ty said as he grabbed the clothes off the dresser and donned his torn jeans and t-shirt. He went out the door.

“Better have them ship it all next day air or he may not be here to wear any of it.” Oggie said as he followed him out of the room. Nick finished the order and also added another pair of boots, snakeskin. He checked out and ticked the Next day air option and then the card information. Pushing the order confirmation button, he waited for confirmation and then exited.


“Ty, what’s wrong with someone trying to do nice things for you?”

“Because they always come with a price. And when you have something nice, you become the center of the radar. I like to stay under the radar.”

Oggie pulled him into an embrace. “Let me do this for you. It’ll be alright. I promise.”

Ty hugged Oggie, then releasing one arm, he slipped it in between them and found Oggie’s stump. He rubbed it. Oggie stepped back.

“Ty, there is no price for this. You can earn it by just trying to make it day by day. I don’t want your body, as sweet as it is. That’s not who I am son.”

“But I need to pay you.”

“Not like this. If you want to earn it, then work. I’ll pay you a fair price and deduct it. How does that sound?”

“Unrealistic. I’ve seen your eyes. You like what I have. I can see it.” He moved in on Oggie and rubbed his leg. “Let me say thank you.”

Oggie was back peddling, “Look son, if you want to thank me, I’ll take a hug, but that’s as far as it goes. Ty, what you are doing is wrong. You don’t pay debts in the real world with sex. Don’t you see, what you are doing would really hurt Nick. For him, you are his world. Sex isn’t a tool, especially for Nick. If he saw you touching another guy like he touches you, then he would be heart broken. Please, you want to do something extra for me, then do this, don’t break his heart. Love him. And most of all let him love you.”

“I don’t know how.”

“Let him show you. Try living without sex as a tool, save it only for him and only when he wants it or you want it together. Just try it, Ty. That’s all I’m asking. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

“What do you mean I have nothing to lose!? I’m scared to death here. I want this so much. I want to be here forever. I don’t know how to keep it. If I can’t use sex, then how will I keep it?”

“Ty, listen to me. This is your home now. You are part of our family. Now, we are three. We both love you. You don’t have to do anything. If you sat on the porch day in and day out doing nothing, you would still be here. All I want you to do is try not to be afraid. This is a special place, just for you. God made it just for you to be safe. Think of it that way. You’ve only been here a couple days. Just relax and enjoy life here. Your way has been paid. Your debt has been cancelled. Sit here and think about it, Ty. You don’t have to do anything to keep it. Just relax and try and be the kind of person you want to be. The kind of person I know you can be. Just try and be a boy. Have some fun and enjoy life. My God, you’ve had an awful life and you’re a sweet kid. You should have had someone loving you every day of your life. I’m sorry I didn’t have you then, because you would have. But I’m here now and you’re here now. Let’s try and pretend that nothing existed before yesterday. Yesterday started a new life. You were reborn yesterday. Just take it one day at a time son. I’m here to hug you and to love you like a good father. Not like a lover. Like a friend.” Oggie turned around to go back in the house. “I’m going to go start lunch. Nick has to collect eggs this morning. Maybe you’ll want to see how that is done.”

Ty sat there on the steps of the porch for a while. He had a lot to sort out.


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