Roll Call
by Ricky


Chapter 16

“There he is. Hi, Mr. Steiner!” Karen waved to get his attention.

“Ok, so I’m here. What?”

“Have a seat Mr. Steiner. Please, let’s talk a bit.”

“What’s to talk about, he’s queer isn’t he?”

“No, he’s gay.”

“Queer, gay, fudge packer what’s the difference?”

“The difference is how it makes your son feel or isn’t that important to you?”

“Look I know this is tough on you . .”

“You don’t know shit! Either one of you have a husband?” He looked at them, they looked at each other momentarily. “I thought not. Look there are no men in your boy’s lives. It’s natural that they should turn out limp wristed. But not Jeremy! I’ve been a good father to him. We’ve done all the things a father and son should have done. I don’t understand any of this.”

“I’ll say you don’t!” Renae had enough already. “You aren’t concerned in the least about how your son feels as long as your golf buddies don’t see how you’ve failed. Is that about it Mr. Steiner? Well I got news for ya,” She raised her voice as she started to rise out of her chair, “Your son is gay, he was born that way so you must have the defective genes eh? No matter what you do, the whole world will know about the queer boy you made. No wonder your wife left you. You’re self-righteous, egotistical and stupid. It’s all about you isn’t it. No thoughts to your son, how it will affect him, how concerned he may be about shaming you. You know what, you don’t deserve a great kid like him. He’s sweet, sensitive and loving. He has tried to do everything in his power to be something he isn’t, just for you. Let me ask you something Mr. Steiner, what is it that you want? You want him to pretend that he is straight? Maybe go fuck a girl he doesn’t love? What will make this all go away for you? Because that isn’t going to happen. He’s gay and if you can’t accept it you may push him into killing himself is that what you want? Will that fix it for you? You’re a piece of shit Mr Steiner, you know that!” Karen pulled her back into her seat as the manager approached.

Karen intercepted him with a wave of the hand indicating that they got the message.

“Look, Mr. Steiner, we didn’t come here for this. We came here to see how we can help you save your relationship with your son.”

“It’s Jared.”

“Excuse me?”

“Jared, my name is Jared. Look, you’re right. And my wife didn’t leave us. She left the world for good. She took an overdose of sleeping pills about two years ago. Jeremy found her. I. . . I can’t face losing him too. He’s all I have left. Damn her! She is the one that knew how to do this stuff. If she was here . . . Look I don’t know what to do here. I am at a loss. I figured it was just a phase or something, I mean boys go through them sometimes don’t they?”

Karen reached across the table and placed a hand on his, then taking his in hers she spoke. “Some are looking for clarification and ya, some just experiment to see who they are inside. Jeremy is done experimenting and from this day forward your son is gay. There is nothing you can do to un-gay him. What you have to do now is decide if it is something you can live with. He is alone and scared and he loves you so very much. I know he is hoping you can come to terms with it.”

“But how did he get this way?”

“Jared, it doesn’t matter. There is no blame to be had. Gay’s have been in society since time began. Estimates vary from ten to twenty-five percent of the population depending on who’s numbers you want to look at. It is hard to tell because of societies taboo’s towards it. Jared, your son is a normal healthy boy who happens to have a boyfriend instead of a girlfriend.”

“He has a boyfriend? Who is it? Is it your son? I was warned about your Elliot.”

“Wait, hold your horses. Who warned you about what concerning my son?”

“Ellen McAllister, she warned me about your son turning Jeremy queer.”

Karen was breathing heavily as she tried to calm herself before speaking. “Jared look me in the eyes, I want to make sure you hear every word I am about to say. First of all, Elliot is not your son’s boyfriend, I don’t even know that he has one, only that he would like to have one. Second and you need to get this straight because it is the last time I am going to say it. Your son was born gay, no one made him that way except God, you and your wife through genetics. And if anything happens to my son I will come looking for you right after I am done with Ms. McAllister do I make myself clear Mr. Steiner! You are so wrapped up in how you will look that you have lost all concern for your son. Here are some pamphlets Mr. Steiner for all the good they will do. I suggest you get some professional help, you seriously need it. Such a big man with such a tiny mind. I think I can guess why your wife checked out. I would too. Hell, I would have given her the sleeping pills if I had known what she was up against. You don’t deserve either of them. And it looks like you’ve chosen to push them both out of your life. Well don’t worry Mr. Steiner, I intend to contact CPS and get him into a LOVING home with some stranger! Good day!” Karen stood throwing five dollars on the table and pulling Renae out behind her as she stormed out of the building.

“Why don’t you let me drive Karen you seem to be a little upset.”

“I’m not upset, that stupid cunt, I’ll break her in half. Why are you just standing there?” Karen snapped at Renae.

“Because you haven’t unlocked the doors for us yet.” She moved around to the driver’s side and pulled Karen into her arms, she kissed her and rested her face against her shoulder as she wept. She wept for losing her temper, she wept for anger at the small minds she wept at her fear for her son. “Come on, I’ll drive. Get in, let’s go home.”


“So my dad says to tell you that we will be there this Saturday. God, that’s almost scary. Your parents and my parents getting together to talk about us being boyfriends.”

“Cool, ya a little scary too. I mean what exactly are they gonna talk about? Can you imagine my dad talking to yours? ‘Ya know I got ta admire your son’s courage I mean Mark’s hung with a fuckin’ salami.’ And my mom, ‘Oh yes well he’s always liked a challenge.'” Gilbert laughed as they both broke into a roar.

“Hey, I’m supposed to ask what we can bring.”

“Tell him a king size tube of K-Y lubricant should be good for a start.”

Mark punched him in the arm. “Butthead, now get real.”

“Hey I was, while they are cookin’ I figure we can sneak away and do a little cookin’ ourselves.”

“I’m in. Hey my dad and I talked. I was telling him it was hard for me to say the “G” word or the boyfriend word. I mean it just feels weird you know like you are saying something you shouldn’t. He told me it was conditioning and that I needed to get over it. He said if I feel like kissing you that I should just kiss you. People will get used to it sooner or later.”

“Ya but it might also get us killed at school too.”

“He said we might have to fight small minds and that when that time comes, then fight and that he and Mom will be there to make sure our rights are not trampled. Want half of my sandwich? Peanut butter & strawberry jelly. Got Smuckers and Jiff!”

“You sold me. Here you can have half of my smoked turkey, lettuce and tomato.” He handed half to him, Mark studied it a moment, “Wait Miracle Whip or mayo?”

“Mayo.” Mark said as if there were no other answer.

“No thanks, hate mayo, love Miracle Whip.”

“What’s Miracle Whip?”

Gilbert looked stunned, “Tell me you didn’t say that? Have they kept you in a cave?”


“You honestly don’t know what Miracle Whip is?”

“No seriously, clueless.”

“I’ll have to educate you I can see. But hey, you will share that brownie with me I know.”

“Nope sorry.”

“But I love you and you won’t share your brownie with me?” He said making pouty lips.

“Not a chance.”

“But if I had a brownie I’d share it with yoooou!”

“See, that’s the difference. I’d plan ahead and bring one for you. That’s why I have this other one right here.”

“You’re rotten. Why didn’t you just come out and say that.”

“Because I love it when you make those pouty lips.”

“Ya how about when I make those pouty lips wrap around your sugar-pole?”

Mark’s breathing changed slightly, “I really like ’em then,” he said blushing as he felt a rise down below.

“Maybe we can sneak off to the boys room over by Music 206 before lunch lets out.”

“Dude you’re wrecking my head. We’ll get caught.”

“Nah, that bathroom never gets used. You almost done?”

He slipped the brownies in his pocket and ditched the rest of his sandwich in the trash as they hastily exited, Mark concealing his raging hard on behind his backpack as they made their way towards the boy’s room.

Slipping in they took notice that all the stalls were empty, picking the cleanest one, they closed the door and Gilbert sat down and went to work undoing Marks jeans before pulling them down with the boxers in one movement. He slipped his hands around his perfect mounds as his fingers grazed his crack. He leaned in pressing his nose into his mound taking Mark’s scent in deeply. Mark was ready, he could tell because of the aroma of his precum. He rubbed his face against him trying to preserve the scent for later as he grabbed Marks staff, his fingers just barely touching as he squeezed and began his up and down movements, one hand above the other, and he worked it squeezing firmly as his tongue swiped the drop emerging from the top. Mark gasped as he did. Gilbert tried to take as much of his head as he could but he was so engorged that it wasn’t happening. Gilbert ran his tongue around the top and sucked down as far as he could twisting his lips around as he stroked him into oblivion. Neither noticed the door to the boys room open. Oblivious to anything but the task at hand they continued and as Mark neared the top, little whimpers came out of his mouth as he started to work his hips towards his waiting love. Then with a gasp and a succession of rapid whimpers he reached his orgasm. Gilbert kept slurping as the almost overwhelming measure of boy-honey crossed his lips and tried to escape the corners of his mouth.

“Come on, we gotta go it’s almost time for the bell.”

“No I need to take care of you first.”

“You just did, trust me. I love your smell, your taste.” They kissed and then heard the water running. Someone was washing their hands.

They opened the door to find another freshman. A quiet mousy boy with black framed glasses. He was shorter than most. He looked at them out of the corner of his eye and tried to pretend that he didn’t see them.

“Um, how long have you been here?” Gilbert asked nervously.

“Uh, I didn’t hear anything, I just had to go to the bathroom.”

Gilbert extended his hand, “I’m Gilbert, this is Mark.”

The boy just looked at his hand then at Mark’s bulge. He glanced back up at Gilbert and blushed. Looking away he said, “I don’t mean to be rude but could you maybe wash that before I shake it? I mean I think I can guess by the slurping and moaning that I didn’t hear, where it’s been. Really guys just let me go. No one will hear anything from me. Honest.”

Gilbert blushed crimson as both boys washed up and the boy made his way to the doors, “Wait, what’s your name?”

“Thomas Rex. They call me T-Rex.”

Gilbert smiled, ”Thanks T-Rex, see ya around.”

“Probably not, I blend in pretty well. Later.” He closed the door as the bell rang.

“Damn, that was close.”

“Ya really, I hope he doesn’t blab it all over. I mean it’s one thing to know we are boyfriends but to know we were caught teasing the boy-geyser in a stall might be a little difficult to explain.”

“Remind me to buy that kid an ice cream the next time we see him at lunch.”

“At least. Hey, why do you think he was ok with it?”

“Who said he was ok with it. Maybe he was just afraid we’d kick his butt if he said anything.”

“Nah, I don’t think so. I mean how long was he in here; he was awful quiet. He must of enjoyed what he was listening to for him to not clear his throat or something.”

“You saying you think he might be like us?”

“Stranger things have happened.”


“So why do we have to go to this ‘stupid people’ meeting?”

“Well Elliot you are the one they chose to uphold in this thing you know? And I think the press might be there too so it would be best if you were there, if for no other reason than they can’t get to you if you are with me.”

“Oh, why would they want to get to me anyhow? I mean it’s not like I’m the first freshman in history to have a boyfriend.”

“I’ll bet you’re the first a whole school rallies behind to have one.” Jan said sneaking a kiss on Elliot’s neck as he snaked his hands around his waist. “You’ll do fine. And I’ll be right here when you get home.”

“INNNNNK Wrong answer buddy boy. We are family, so you’re going too.” Renae said smiling.

“Why do I have to go. This whole thing is stupid. Why is it any of their business anyhow?”

“Hey, you want your lover to go and face this angry mob alone?”

“Hey I told him when this all started it was a bad idea. Now look at it. Oprah for crying out loud.”

Elliot looked at Jan, “You’re right you did. You didn’t ask for any of this.” He smooched him on the lips. “You don’t have to come. I’ll be alright.”

Jan looked his boy in the eyes, “No, you’re mine and I want the world to know it.”

Elliot beamed and kissed him long slow and deep. “I love you Jan Teagle. You know that? I love you more than air.”

“Ya, save it for the paparazzi.”

Elliot smiled, “I will.” And he pranced out the door.


“Now you will call us as soon as you know they are both there right?”

“Absolutely, and you’ve got that, um little surprise ready out in the parking lot too?”

“Oh yes maiam and that is going to be spectacular. I promise you it will be one you will remember for the rest of your life.”

“Great I’m sure it will put us on the map.”

“Ya, if’n we ain’t blown clean of it anyways.”

“Well I hope there isn’t any chance of that happening?”

“Oh no maiam, no chance in hell. I was just joking with ya. So we’ll wait fer your call then.”

“Um, yes well I’ll talk to you soon.”

“And Mrs. McAllister you are really a true blue American. I want you to know that. The sacrifices you’ve made will go down in history.”

“Yes, well that’s very sweet of you, thank you. Bye-bye.”


“Hi Jeremy, come here.” Jess’s dad pulled him into a firm embrace, “I’m sorry you’re having problems with your dad. I just want you to know that we are here for you as long as you need us to be. We’ll get through this with you.”

Jeremy reveled in the embrace of Jess’s father. Taking in the manly scent and the firm arms. His smell was much like Jess’s. He wished his father could be this loving. As Jess’s father spoke the words, the flood of emotion spilled over and his body shook as the sobs wracked his soul. Jess’s dad shushed him and held him like a small boy who skinned his knee.

“Um, Dad?”

“Ya, Jess?”

“Um, well some things have changed, um you know?”

Not releasing Jeremy his dad looked up. “What is it Jess?”

“Um well have you ever heard of something called, um . . ., bi?” Jess’s dad froze for a moment looking at his son then looking at Jeremy, then back at Jess. A large smile appeared on his face as he extended an arm out for his son and pulled him into an embrace.

Jess’s mom walked in to find the three hugging, she smiled at her husband. “French Blue, and it better be the convertible.” He looked up as he mouthed, “bitch” still grinning ear to ear. She won the bet.


“Ladies and gentleman if you could take your seats I’d like to begin. My name is John Peticone and I’m the superintendent of schools. I would like to thank you for your willingness to have a dialog regarding this most controversial subject. Let me begin by saying that it will be an orderly discussion. Outbursts will not be tolerated and anyone doing so will be asked to leave or will be removed if necessary. Hate speech and name calling will not be tolerated in any form.”

“The reason we are here is to discuss the curriculum. Not whether homosexuality is right or wrong. Let me explain the reasons behind my choice for this program. Last year at Ed Hyde High School a boy was bullied for being gay. He never made advances towards anyone, never even stared too long at anyone. He kept to himself. It seemed fine. He was just quiet. He was quiet right up until he took his own life. He left behind a letter which his parents allowed to be made public. I want to read it for you now.”

“I’m sorry mom, dad. I know you wanted a son you could be proud of. As hard as I tried, I couldn’t be like the rest of them. But I couldn’t be me either. I’m hated and alone. I think it is a double kind of hell. Sometimes I wish I could be totally invisible but at least the hate is some interaction. There is nothing as awful as walking into the lunch room and looking around to find there are no tables that will welcome me, no smiling eyes to say, sure, sit here. And no tables that are empty. And when I am lucky enough to find one people will stand and wait for an opening somewhere as long as they don’t have to sit with, . . ., sit with the queer. I know there have to be more out there. I know there must be. But they, the other ones, have painted me with the pink brush so no one will ever approach me. I can’t stand the loneliness. I can’t do it anymore.

I’m sorry, tell Jimmy I love him. Try to help him understand when he’s older.

I love you, but you can’t stop the pain, no one can.”

“This poor boy saw no release, he saw no end to the suffering. Now you may say that this was an isolated case. One boy or girl in a thousand. Well in 2001, for ages between 10 and 24 there were 30,622 suicides. That was a greater number than homicides and it was the 8th cause of death in this age bracket. We have a large campus. Nearly 1200 students. Statistics say that anywhere from 120 to 240 of the students here were born gay.”

“That’s crap!” A voice hollered from the audience.

“The good book says we are born pure, that it’s man’s evil ways that make them stray from God’s path.”

“Yes and your name is?”

“Why do you need my name?”

“So I can show you the proper respect when I answer you.”

“I’m Gloria Reynolds and I’m not ashamed I said it.”

“Ms. Reynolds first let me say that I am pleased to hear you say that. Because at least I know you are speaking out of conviction and not out of blind ignorance or hate. But Ms Reynolds if it was a choice, there would be no suicides. They would just choose to be straight. As for someone turning someone else gay, well if that were possible then just sleeping with a girl would turn them straight. Look how many fathers have come out in the last twenty years. They got married to please someone else. Many were good fathers anyway, many however resented it and were not only bad fathers but bad husbands. No, Ms Reynolds, the evidence does not support your statement. And Ms. Reynolds you can’t pray gay away either. So, we needed to do something. We needed your kids to realize that gay is normal. It is not thee norm because there are more straights than gays. But it is normal nonetheless.”

“I still say crap! All they need is Jesus in their life! That and keeping boys of bad blood like that one,” pointing at Elliot, “away from the good boys.”

Elliot stood up, his blood boiling, his fists stiff and at his sides. He looked at her as he turned and walked up to the steps of the stage. He seethed as he walked slowly upward, his eyes in a feral gaze. His anger such that he could not even hear Dr. Peticone admonishing her. He walked up to the podium and his glare told Dr. Peticone to just move. He stepped up to the microphone.

“My name is Elliot and I’m gay. I have been gay my entire life, I knew it when I was small. All I want in life is to live it. I want the same things in life that you do and did at my age. I want to hold hands with the boy I love. I want to kiss in the back of a movie theater. I want to hold hands on the street. That’s all I want. What is it you think gays do to turn your sons and daughters? Hold them down and pull down their pants? Then what? Where I come from that would be called rape. Tell me something Ms. Reynolds if you were raped by another woman would it make you gay? Look I don’t want to argue with you about your religion but your own Jesus walked around with 12 really hot boys and even kissed them and nobody said squat. So I guess you aren’t any better in your hate than the ones who crucified him.”

Elliot looked around the auditorium at the people. “Look, I didn’t ask the boys to help me like they did at the soccer match, but I am honored that they thought I was worthy enough to make a stand for me. Now I know they all acted with good hearts and open eyes. Many of them your children. They got that from all of you someplace. I have a great mom. She’s my best friend as well as my mom. But she’s mom first and foremost. She has always supported me, she’s here now, that’s her right over there.” He said pointing and she stood up.  Elliot was quiet for a moment looking at Jan sitting beside her. He stood up and walked to the stage and up the steps and walked over next to the podium. He placed his arm around his waist and leaned in and kissed Elliot on the cheek as he leaned in and spoke into the microphone.

“I’m Jan Teagle and I’m his boyfriend.” A lot of parents applauded. Jan leaned into the microphone again, “And yes Ms. Reynolds, he turned me.” The audience gasped.

“He smiled at me the first day I saw him and I fell in love with him in that very moment. But he had me in his spell before he ever kissed me. And I hope I’m never away from his side for even a moment. I’m so lucky. You see before I met him I wasn’t sure if I was gay or straight. I wasn’t really interested in girls but I wasn’t interested in boys either. It was when I saw his eyes that I knew for sure, and I have to tell you that in truth, I think I knew deep down that I was gay. I was just afraid to be that alone. I didn’t want to be gay because gay people are never happy in high school. At least that was what I thought until I met Elliot. He spoke to me totally unafraid. He said things I would have if I had had the guts. But here he was a little girly-boy saying what I was afraid to say.” Elliot slapped him playfully when he said it and blushed crimson. “I mean here I was a big soccer star and I had it all going for me. But I was lonely. And the girlfriends I had just never touched my heart. He was the braver of the two of us. I’ve never told him that til just now.” He looked out over the audience, and took a breath, “I love Elliot, I am proud to stand beside him and tell you that. And one more thing, coming out to my mom was really hard but I have a really great mom too and it has brought us closer in ways you can’t imagine. So do this for yourself, do this for your kids if you really love them. Come to terms with the possibility of them being gay and tell them, well tell them that you will love them if they are gay or straight. They can live through anything if you support and love them. Thanks.”

A man stood up and clapped loudly and his wife joined and a few more stood and pretty soon better than half of the audience was standing. Ms. Reynolds stood up and stormed over to him pointing, “You need Jesus in your life!”

Jan started to step in between them but Elliot pulled him back, “Thanks for caring for me. But I have one God in my life and I’m happy to say it isn’t yours.” Just then an explosion was heard in the parking lot. Everyone ran out to see what had happened. The Crown Victoria that was parked on the street well away from the lot was in flames. As the crowd watched her crown Victoria burn Mrs. McAlister’s phone rang.

“Hey Ellen, I can call you that right? Was that spectacular or what! I mean, I saw that someone parked their car in your space but I knew your car and saw that you even parked it far enough away so as not to hurt any others around ya. Tell the truth now, did you ever see such a fireball in your life? WooHoo!”

The color drained out of her face as she ran out to see her car ablaze, “You stupid moron! You blew up the wrong car! I’m not the principal you idiot!” The Sheriff who was standing behind her overheard everything and placed hand cuffs around the wrist that held the cell phone.

“Oh, no not again, no you don’t!” And she pulled her hand away from the Sheriff as he pulled his taser and tased her ass to a twitching pile of incontinence before placing her other hand into the cuffs.

Jim Clayburn walked up and spoke to Renae, “Are you alright?” He asked.

“Yes, but what are you doing here?”

“My Job, I saw the news and hired Ned Branick an investigator to check out Elliot and Karen Glicksman, when I found out about the soccer game I became concerned and so I had Ned stake out the trailer and your house just to make sure you were safe. Good thing too. The rednecks that blew up her car set dynamite to blow up your old trailer. Ned’s guy called the Sheriff and they are in custody.  I guess there were a couple more that were over here doing the car. Look I’m going to have them check out your cars before we leave. Just in case. Ned here can take you guys home if you want. We can get the car tomorrow. I think it’s pretty certain that there will be a police presence here for a while yet.”

Jan walked up to Jim Clayburn and hugged him. “Thanks.”

Jim pulled back slightly and asked, “So you want to introduce me to your boyfriend and his mom?”

“Ya, sure.” But Renae cut in, “Why don’t we do that at the house, you’re coming too right?”

“Ya, sure.”

“Great then why don’t you drive me and Karen home and Ned can drive the boys.”

“Sure, I think that would work just fine, Let’s go.” But as they started to leave they saw Ellie Petrie run over to the Sheriff, she knelt down and picked up the taser still attached to Ms. McAllister.

“Oh Sheriff here we can’t have something like this laying around where children are,” and she handed the gun part to the Sheriff as she pulled the trigger once more, Ms. McAllister screamed and twitched as the 75,000 volts reminded her of the deep shit she was in. “Oh! Sorry, my bad.”

“Oh yes, I guess I didn’t re-engage the safety. My bad.” The Sheriff laughed.

Ellie grinned and winked at Karen bringing a wide smile to all of them. Jim Peticone squatted down, “Ms. McAllister, you’re fired. Don’t bother to clean out your desk, we’ll have it delivered to your house.”

“No need to do that, she’s not gonna see her house for a lot of years to come. Conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to commit terrorism. She can be held in perpetuity on that one without even charges being filed. No, she’s not looking at free sky again as long as she draws breath.” He looked at Jim Peticone and smiled, “Smelling better out here already. Hey, how’s Rob doing these days?”

“You knew?”

“Rob and I were in a lot of the same classes back when we went to school here. Ya, I knew and one of the boys he dated is my partner of eight years. So ya, I knew.”

“Maybe we can get together and the four of us have dinner some night.” He said extending his hand. I think Jeff and I would be delighted.”


“Here, take my books and I’ll go get in line for a couple of bagels. We still have like fifteen minutes before the first bell.” Elliot said giving Jan a quick peck on the cheek after glancing around to see they weren’t being watched.

“Hey Teagle!” The shout came from Dan Lennox, the captain of the football team.

“Shit!” Elliot whispered not turning around.

“Uh, ya?” Jan said stepping away from Elliot towards Dan.

“I hear you’re his boyfriend, is that right?”

Jan turned and looked at Elliot. Elliot just looked away like he wasn’t associated with him. Jan turned back, “Ya, what of it?”

“Well I don’t know about how the boyfriend thing works out in comparison to a girlfriend, but does that mean your time is tied up or can you and your boyfriend come to a beach party with a bunch of us next Saturday?”

Jan smiled extending his hand to Elliot, “Well she can be a little possessive,” He dodged a sissy slap. “But all in all we’re pretty ok but this Saturday is out. We have a Bar B-Q to go to. But another time we’d be glad to come. Thanks.”

Dan smiled, “You guys are funny, a little odd but funny. Ok, we’ll give you a rain check on the beach party. See ya around.”

Jan looked at Elliot, “I can see this is going to take some getting used to.”

“Come on,” Elliot said taking his hand and running into the cafeteria, they got breakfast and set it down with their backpacks. Jan started to climb in to his seat, “Wait!” Elliot said rushing over to him, “stand up.”

“What?” Jan said concerned.

“This,” He took Jan and pulled him into him and threw a lip lock on him that made him squirm. The cafeteria broke out in whoops and whistles as the blushing pair broke their embrace, “I’ve wanted to do that since the first second I saw you.”

Mark and Gil walked over and sat down. “Damn, why not just do him right here in the cafeteria. You guys are almost celebrities. You sure you want your friends sitting here taking up your lime light?”

“Nah, I’ll take friendship over fame any day. Fame only lasts until something comes along to take the attention away. Friendship is forever.” Elliot just stared at Jan open mouthed. “What?”

Elliot looked at Mark and Gil. “That from the soccer star?”

“Hey, I never asked for any of that. I sorta liked the back seat really. Less pressure. I just played my best. I loved the game not the cameras.”

Jan’s phone interrupted their talk. It surprised him the only people who call are the mom’s and Elliot and Elliot was right in front of him and the mom’s were still snoozing. He looked at his phone and opened it, “Hey! Ya dude, it’s been like forever.”

Elliot nudging his arm, “Who is it?”

“Really! Cool! When?”

“Who is it?”

“Sweet, how long can you guys stay?”

“Who is it?” His nudge getting harder.”

“Ya well I have some surprises for you guys too.”

“Who is it?”

“I’ll tell ya when you get here.”

“Who is it?”

“No way, you’ll have to wait until you get here. I’m not tellin but I can tell you it is huge!”

“Who is it?”

“Too bad, suffer. Hey I gotta get to class. Laterz! ” Jan closed his phone.

“Who was it!”

“That was my crazy surfer cousin Tanner. He and his boyfriend Ryan are coming to stay for a week while he competes in a surf contest. And get this, he doesn’t know I’m gay yet OR that I have a boyfriend too. Won’t that be a shocker!”


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