Roll Call
by Ricky


Chapter 7

“Oh Look, Gilbert found a fire hose already!” Jan laughed.

“Come on guys, the pool first, then the showers to get the chlorine off.”

Mark’s eyes got large as the thought of the two of them alone in the shower took hold. “Uh, maybe we should start there. I mean, we’re supposed to shower first, aren’t we?” he giggled. “You know, to get off all the oils and stuff.”

“Oh right you are, merci! Let me show zou to zee shower suite. Will messieurs be dining alone or on a partner?” Elliot said in his best fake, French concierge, kind of voice.

“Oh, we’ll be eating each other I think,” Gilbert said, pushing Mark through the door and closing it behind them.

“Uh, there is some lube under the sink!” Elliot said through the door.

Elliot turned to go out to the pool.

“Holy sweet mother of Jesus!” It was Mark. Obviously something made him very happy.

Elliot laughed, glancing over his shoulder as he went out to the pool to join his boy.

“Where’s the god and the Incredible Hulk?” Jan mused as Elliot slid into the waiting arms of his boy.

“They decided to explore the inner workings of the shower first. Mark must be really religious. Just after the door closed, I heard something that sounded like prayer.”


“Yeah. I think it was something like, ‘HOLY SWEET MOTHER OF JESUS!'”

“Hmmm, must be Catholic.” Jan managed to get out through his iron grin.

“Well, I can tell you he ain’t Jewish.”

“Have you noticed how every time Mark get’s hard, his eyes just sorta bug out a bit? At first, I thought it was shyness or just being stunned at a thought. Now, I have to wonder if it is something else. Ha ha”

“You mean like a deer caught in the headlights? He has to pause for a moment to see which way it’s going to lean?”

“Yeah, or something like that.”


“No. Look, you guys are being stupid. You’re sounding like a bunch of back woods red necks out of some bad 1980’s movie. What’s it to you if the kid likes guys?”

“Conrad, they’re taking over. What’s it going to look like, having a queer on the soccer team? Guilty by association.”

“Oh, so that’s it. You’re so unsure of yourselves that you can’t take a little ribbing? Let me ask you Stan, does that mean that if you went to that all gay high school in New York, that instantly everyone there would be considered straight the second you walked onto the pitch?”

“Of course not don’t be stupid; But the kids a flower. You saw him prance around with the ball. He’s an embarrassment.”

“Right now, you’re the embarrassment. Do you have any idea how much courage that kid had today? Think about it. He knew he’d be made for gay before he ever stepped foot in the gym. But he came anyways, even with the big fucking sign on his chest that the coach gave him, and then, to go and shower, knowing that we all knew. He’s got guts.”

“Yeah well, it sounds to me like maybe your kinda sweet on him yourself,” Stan shot back at Conrad, amidst the laughs and chiding of the rest of the band around him.

Conrad stood up and grabbed Stan by the shirt and picked him up eye to eye. “My brother was gay and too afraid of ass holes like you to let anyone know.” The tears now welling in his eyes but he didn’t turn loose of Stan. “He didn’t have the courage that this kid does. He killed himself rather than come back to school and be afraid and alone. I loved my brother, gay or not. And I wish I could go back and tell him, but I can’t. But I can damn well do my best to make sure no one else has to go through what he did!”

He pushed Stan away from him as he released him, then looking around, he continued his outburst.

“I’ll be god-damned if I will let you, or anyone else, do anything that will make this kid feel anything but free to be who he is. You have a brother, don’t you Vic? How about you, Jess?” he said, pointing at him. “Eric, you have a baby sister. Vince, you’re an only kid, but you got cousins and your best friend Steve has a little brother. He’s your best friend. What if it was his little brother or maybe even Steve? Could you live with it? Would you rather he was dead than know he was gay? Would any of ya? Look, they can’t help who they are any more than you can help being straight. It’s just who you are. It’s not a choice.” Conrad turned and looked at most of the faces looking down as he went over and snatched up his shirt and started to leave. “I came here to play basketball, not for this bullshit. Let me know when you guys grow up, I’m out of here.”

“Wait,” Stan said, getting up. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know. I didn’t see it that way, you’re right.” Conrad gave him a nod and he started to leave again. “Wait. Where are you going? We’ve got plans to make.”

“Didn’t you hear anything I just said, Stan?”

“Yeah, I heard everything you said.”

“Then what plans? This is over. You do anything and you’ll deal with me in a bad way.”

“Relax, I’m with ya.” He looked around, “I think we’re all with you, 100 %. But, if we’re going to make him feel free to be who he is, then we better figure out what we are going to do when the other side finds out, because I don’t think they are going to see it the way we do.”

“We do?” Conrad said, questioningly?

“Look, when you’re right, you’re right and when I’m wrong, I’ll admit it. I was wrong. They should all be free to be whatever they want. So how are we going to enforce it?”

Conrad smiled. “You want to turn this into a political statement? Is that what you are saying?” He looked around at the group. They all nodded, smiles starting to appear as the rebel in them was starting to come out.

“Well, some of us are juniors and some are sophomores and two are freshmen. If we can sway a few seniors, then I think we could make a change that could be heard all over the state. What did you have in mind?”


“Shit, this thing with Granger could get out of hand. The landlord has said that there have been reporters all over the trailer park.”

“I’ve been thinking . . .  you and I really click together and so do our boys. Let me check with the lawyers and see if they have any objections. If they don’t, then how about you and the kid moving in with us? I mean, they are stuck to each other like they’re made of Velcro or something, anyways. What do you think?”

“Are you sure? We could work out something for rent, you know. But, I couldn’t afford much. You know what the rent is on the trailer.”

“Look, let me talk to the lawyers, I think I can make this work. I just wanted to know if you were okay with it. They aren’t in this late and on Friday night, but I’ll give them a call Monday.”

Karen smiled, “Does this mean that I get partial custody of the triple X toy box?”

“And all the toys, as long as I’m driving. Why not give the boys a call and tell them to stay at our place and not to go back to the trailer park. Those reporters would eat them alive.”

“You want to, or should I?”

“I better, I’m management. I can get away with having a cell phone on the floor.”

“Ooh, would you punish me if I did?” Karen said, coyly.

“Oh, I might have to spank you. A lot!” Renae said, glancing around as she gave Karen a little pat on the rump.

Karen whipped out her cell phone, speaking a little louder, she said, “Shush, I, am, making, an illegal phone call from the floor on my cell, can you hold it down a bit?” She went back to her normal quiet voice as she spoke on the phone. “Elliot, hon, don’t go back to the trailer court. There are reporters all over the place. They can twist a word better than a preacher. So stay away from there for tonight. We’ll just stay at Jan’s ok?”

“Sure mom, hey is Renae around? Jan wants to talk to her.”

Jan just looked at him, “I do?”

Elliot covered the phone, “Yeah, ask her if we can have a couple friends sleep over?”

A devilish grin formed on his face, “Give me the phone. Hi Mom. Can we have a couple guys sleep over? Please?”

“Um, are they, uh, you know?”

“Yeah mom and Elliot just outed one of them, so they just found each other tonight.”

“So, you are basically asking me if you can have a boygie? Is that even a word?”

“It is now. Would that be so bad?” He whispered into the phone, “My god mom, the one kid is so small and he’s got this thing the size of a fucking trophy trout,” Jan said, giggling.

“Well, that sounds like it could hurt someone.”

“Mom, he is with Gilbert and Elliot and I are together. I don’t think we are doing anything with the other. So can we mom? Please?”

“Alright, make up the guest room for them, if their mom’s say yes. Order pizza, use your trust card.”

“Thanks mom, you’re the greatest. Look, if their mom’s need to talk to an adult, can I give them your mobile?”

“Sure honey, no problem. What are their names?”

“Gilbert Holland and Mark Waverly but mom, it’s important . . . they just came out to each other today. Their mom’s don’t know anything.”

“No problem, their secret is safe with me. But, we’ll need to talk you know.”

“I’m counting on it. I really love you mom, you’re the best.”

“Thanks sweety. I know you are right, but keep telling me anyways.”


“Hey Paul, how are ya?”

“I’m great dad, what’s up?”

“Nothing really, just some stuff came up at school that made me think of you and Ken. How is he? Everything good?”

“Yeah, everything’s great. We’re half way through the semester and holding our own. Are you alright?”

“Yeah, I just missed ya and wanted to hear your voice. I won’t keep you. I know you guys have life going on too. I just wanted to call ya and tell you I love you and how proud I am of you.”

“Thanks dad, I love you too. What’s going on? This doesn’t sound like you.”

“Well son, I have three kids in one class that are tripping all over themselves and are out, through no choice of their own. So, I have taken some steps that I don’t know if the school board is going to like, but it seems to be working. I just hope it doesn’t backfire or you might be supporting your old man.”

“Like what?”

“Like, telling a kid to bone up and make the rest nervous, telling every kid that they should look and compare. See the differences, just look, but don’t touch. I figured they are all going to bone up and rather than fight it, show it off. I told them that if they have nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all. So far it seems to have relaxed things a bit, even though they know for sure one kid is gay.”

“Wow dad, that is some ground breaking stuff. What made you think of that?”

“Do you even have to ask? I’ve used you as an example to one boy who is half out. He still needs to come out at home. I was wondering, could you and Ken maybe come down and spend a day just talking to my classes about what it is like to be gay and an adult? I think it would help. You know, they need to know the high school mentality doesn’t extend beyond high school.”

“Well, you know there are still some serious challenges out there, right?”

“Yeah, but I also know you are a lot more free. I think they need to know that too.”

“I’ll talk to Ken, but I’m game, anything to help. I think he will be game too.”

“Alright then. Look, I love you and Ken too.”

“I love you too dad. Look, while I have you on the phone, I need to take Psych2 next term but the book is 200 bucks.”

“I’ll start saving for it now kiddo, but understand that when I’m old and worn out, you’re taking care of me. Got it?”

“Sure dad, I know you just want to hear us make wild and passionate sex in the next room.”

“Wait, second thought, put me in a home, but a nice one!” the coach laughed.

“No problem dad. I know a few gay homes on the West Coast. Love you, too. Bye.”

“Wait! You little shit. I love you too. G’nite, son.”


“Yeah son.”

“You’re the best. You’re probably saving lives. I know you saved mine. I never told you but, that night when I told you, I saw the disappointment in your eyes. I had made up my mind to rid you of your shame the only way I knew how. But then you woke me up and told me you loved me. You have no idea the life those few words breathed into my soul that night. Your love launched me from hell to fly in the heavens, free as a bird. I love you for that dad, never forget it.”

The tears flowed from the coaches eyes. “I’m sorry, son. I’m sorry that you felt you couldn’t be free to be who you were. I don’t know what I would have done if you had followed through with it. I’m so glad you didn’t.”

“Dad, you didn’t do anything wrong. It’s not like you were a gay basher or anything. It was the new hormones in me. They just make ya stupid and blow things out of proportion. It’s a really hard time to be a kid. I’ll let you go now. I hear Ken pulling up. You gonna be alright?”

“Yeah, I’m fine son. I love you. Hugs to Ken too, alright?”

“Sure, g’night, dad. Thanks for being the best.


“Oh look! It’s the guy from ‘Dial-a-God’ and the Hulk.”

“Hey guys, looks like you have worked things out. I’m so happy. Jump in,” Elliot said, still entwined with Jan.

“Oh wow, the whole thing is, like five and a half feet deep. Perfect!” Gilbert said, jumping in.

“Yeah, great for you, I’m only four feet eleven.”

“That just means I have to hold on to you,” Gilbert said, pulling him to him. He automatically wrapped his legs around Gilbert’s waist. “See, told ya. Perfect.”

“Hey, do you think your mom’s would let you spend the night? My mom said it was fine. She said we could fix up the guest room for you.”

“She knows, we’re . . .  you know?” Mark asked.

“You can say the word. Come on,” Elliot said.

“You’re right, I better get used to saying it. She knows we’re . . ga, gay. Right?” his voice going to a whisper as he said the word gay.

“Our mom’s both know you are ga, gay and they are alright with it. If I can quote her,” Jan raised his voice to sound like a girls, “‘Are you asking me if you can have a boygie in my pool?’ and of course she said yes. She likes catching us naked in the pool.”

“I thought you said you guys have only been together a few days yourselves. You make it sound like they have caught you a lot.”

Elliot and Jan grinned and blushed. Jan spoke, “Well, they have. I’ll share that story over the pizza.”

“Damn. That would be the first grown up that knew and it’s ok. It is so weird,” Gilbert said, seriously. “She won’t say anything, will she? To my parents, I mean?”

“No, she’s pretty smart about these things.”

“I’ll have to call. They might want to speak to your mom.”

“No worries. It is all arranged. Mom knows not to out you to your parents and you can give them her cell phone. She gets off work at eleven.”

“Damn, I’m not even used to it. You know, I’m still sorta outing myself to myself yet.” Mark said, quietly.

“I’ve known for some time. I think my mom might know. I don’t know about how dad will take it. I mean, does anyone really know how a dad is going to take it?”

“Look, I was lucky. It’s just been me and mom since the accident. We’ve been through so much together, that I guess this wasn’t so big of a thing to get through. But, I got to tell you, I did my share of sweating bullets. I was going to tell her when I finally realized, but I just didn’t have the time to even figure out how I was going to do it, before Granger did it for me.”

“How about you Elliot? When did your mom find out?” Gilbert asked, with rapt attention.

“Well, with me, it’s just always been mom and me. Dad was gone long before I showed up. Apparently, as soon as he found out mom was pregnant, he disappeared. I think mom always knew. She may have known before I did.

“I remember Cory Summerfield. I grew up next door to him. We were the same age and so we played together all the time. Where ever I went, he went. I would hold his hand and lead him to where ever we had to go next. He’d spend the night and we’d always play in the tub and end up naked in bed in the morning. We both liked doing things, you know. On my ninth birthday, all that changed.”

“What? At nine they couldn’t have caught you guys doing anything much, could they?”

“Nope, it wasn’t anything really. Mom and I got back from the store and were carrying in the cake and groceries. We just had a few kids coming. I really didn’t care if anyone came over, except Cory. Anyways, he and his dad just got back from getting me my birthday present and they were getting out of the car and Cory stopped to watch me carry in groceries. His dad noticed his son’s stare at me and I guess he noticed my wiggle too. But then Cory adjusted himself and his dad asked him if he thought I was cute. Not even thinking, Cory said, ‘Yeah, I love watching his butt do that wiggle thing. It makes my rooster crow.'” All eyes looked at him.

“Well, you know how kids name their thing. Well, he referred to his as his rooster, because he wasn’t allowed to say cock. But his dad didn’t freak or anything. He still came to the party, but he wasn’t allowed to spend the night anymore and eventually his dad got a transfer and they moved away.”

“So, how did you find out that his dad knew?”

“Oh, mom pried it out of Cory’s mom one day when she had no good reason for him to not spend the night. She didn’t tell me until much later. I really missed him. They still let us play, but we were watched all the time. I think that is when she really knew for certain that I was gay. When she told me and I leaned my head on her shoulder and cried big, quiet, crocodile tears. I just couldn’t understand how the feelings we had could be wrong. By ten, I had Ricky Schroder posters plastering my room and ‘Silver Spoons’ on TV every night.”


“Re-runs. You wouldn’t know him, but oh my God, he was so hot. Mom watched him when she was little too and she thought he was so hot, too. Of course, I didn’t understand that video preserved his age. I was heart broke when I found out he was old already.”

“We better call your mom’s before it gets too late. Who’s first?”Jan asked, holding the phone out to Mark and Gilbert.

“Look, you don’t have to stay if you don’t want to, but how many chances will you have to . . . you know, be with each other?”

Mark took the phone. “Look, play up the wheel chair thing. They think a kid in a wheel chair couldn’t possibly get into trouble.”

“Oooh, that might just work.” Mark dialed the phone. “Hi Mom, I’m still over at Jan Teagle’s house. He’s having a pizza night with a couple other guys from school and was wondering if I could spend the night.”

“Is there a grown up there?”

“Jan’s mom get’s home at eleven.”

“So, you would be on your own until then?”

“Yeah, but there are two other kids here. He has a pool too, mom.”

“Do you need a suit?”

“Uh, no, we’re the same size and he let me use one of his.”

“Well, I don’t know Mark. I mean, his mom doesn’t get home until real late.”

Mark cupped the phone and whispered, “Mom, Jan was a soccer star and lost his leg in an accident. He’s in a wheel chair and really responsible. I don’t think we’ll get into much trouble. You want his mom’s cell? She said she would be happy to talk to any of the moms.”

“Well, alright. Give me the number there and give me the mom’s number. I’m really trusting you, so don’t blow it!”

“Uh, uh, right mom. I’ll try not to. I love you.”

“Love you too, hon. Do I need to bring you night clothes or anything?”

“No, like I said, we’re the same size. I’ll just wear my school clothes home tomorrow. But, thanks.”

“Alright now, if you need anything you’ll call, right?”

“Of course, mom. I have to go. Another kid has to call his mom yet, too. So, love you.”

“Love you too. Bye-bye.”

Mark pulled a fist from the air, “Yes!” he smiled. “Your turn.”

Mark giggled, “She told me not to blow it.”

“I hope you told her you’re coming home. If you can’t blow him, then why stay?”

Jan laughed with Mark, “Shush!” Gilbert said, with a finger to his mouth, “Guys, I’m calling . . . Hi Dad! I’m over at Jan Teagle’s house. He’s got a pool and his mom invited me and a couple other guys to spend the night and just pizza out and watch movies and stuff. Can I stay?”

“Did you get the garage cleaned out like I asked?”

“Uh, no, I didn’t, but I promise I’ll get it done this week end. Please dad?”

“Hang on, let me ask your mother, hold on a minute.” His dad covered the phone with his hand. Gilbert crossed his fingers. “Whose house are you at?”

“Jan Teagle’s.”

“Do we know him?”

“No dad, he’s a new friend. He’s in a wheel chair, dad.”

“Why’s he in a chair? Is it something contagious?”

“No dad. He was in a car accident and lost his leg. He’s even got a fake one he’s learning to use.”

“Oh, well I think it’s nice that you are friends with a little crippled boy. You go ahead and stay. Call us in the morning and hey, I expect that garage to get mucked out this weekend, do you understand?”

“Yes sir. I will, I promise.”

“Alright then, have a good time.”

“Good night dad.”

“Yes!” They all high-fived after he set the phone down.

“Gawd, my dad can be such an ass sometimes, I swear. First, he wanted to know if you are contagious cause you’re in a chair, then tells me that it’s good to be friends with the little crippled kid.”

Jan winced when he said it. “Hey, I’m sorry. Like I said, he can be an ass sometimes. Truth be told, you are probably the coolest kid of the bunch. I mean, you’re hot and a soccer star and all.”

“Hey, no biggie. I told you to use it. I’m glad it worked. See, what trouble can a . . . a crippled kid get into, right? And dude, the soccer thing is old news. It’s over.”

“Hot is he? I’ll have to keep an eye on you. You called him hot and he thinks you came from Dial-a-God. I’ll have to watch both of you.”

“I don’t know, let ’em go. I think you’re pretty hot too and that wiggle thing you do. . .”

“Mark, I’ll have you know I don’t wiggle!”

In unison they all responded, “Yes you do!”

“Ok, well . . . maybe I wiggle a little.”

Jan looked at Mark, “I’ll have you know, that wiggle belongs to me! You just keep Dial-a-God happy and I’ll stay with wiggle-me-to-heaven, thank you very much.”

“So maybe you guys can help me with a mystery,” Elliot grinned, lifting himself up to sit in the scupper.

“A mystery? I love a good puzzle, spill it,” Gilbert said, his eyes lighting up at the prospect of a mystery.

“How can I find out who had my locker in gym last year, or the year before?”

“Can’t you just ask the coach?”

“He doesn’t know. He throws the sheets out at the end of the year.”

Mark piped up, “Why’s it so important to find out?”

“Because, who ever had it, was madly in love with Jan.”

“What? How can you tell?” Jan was more than a little interested.

Elliot turned to Jan, “Remember when I was mad because you lied to me about how you lost your leg?”

“Yeah, like I could forget that!”

“That’s how I found out. The locker I was assigned in gym class is plastered, like a shrine with articles, about super soccer boy, Jan. The last article plastered over all the others was about the accident. So who ever had that locker had a huge crush on him.”

“He lied to you about losing his leg? How does that work? Seems he would be found out as soon as you looked down.” Gilbert asked.

“No duh!” Jan said. “I told him a kid swept my feet playing soccer. It sounded cooler than my drug dealing dad wrecked the car into a dumpster and the fracture got infected. I mean, I didn’t know him from Adam then.”

“Adam? Who’s Adam? Is he cute?” Elliot asked.

“Duh! It’s a figure of speech.”

“Then, he’s not cute?”

“Well, he might be. I’ll let you know, if I ever meet him.”

Elliot grabbed Jan as he leaned forward into the pool from the scupper, dunking him. As they came back to the surface Elliot said through his smile, “You’ll only meet him if he’s an ambulance driver!”

“Help!” Jan hollered as Mark and Gilbert looked on in hysterics.

After the drowning had subsided, Jan looked at Elliot, “So, exactly how did you out this latest batch of homo’s Elliot?”

Mark blushed wickedly, “Oh God. This is so embarrassing.”

“Look, it can’t possibly be more embarrassing than how I found out about Elliot,” Jan said, through his giggles.

“Wait! I’m pruning up. Let’s order the pizza and continue this inside. Oye! Girly boy, why don’t you go inside and get us all some towels.”

“Again with the ‘oye girly boy’ stuff. You’re not anywhere close to British.”

“I know, but it sounds so cool with your wiggle and all. Does it really bother you? If it does, then I’ll stop.”

“No, not from you.”

“Oye Girly boy! Were pruning up too! And I think me bum’s got a new wrinkle in it, right here!” Gilbert said, jumping up on the scupper and pointing to his ass. Both his smiles were wide.

“Ooo, are you asking me to kiss it and make it better?” Elliot said, with a giggle.

“I got it!” Mark said, jumping up behind Gilbert. “Hey, that thing shrivels up to a near normal size.”

“Hey, you guys laugh, but it’s not easy being . . . uh, large.”

“Yeah, I should have such problems,” Jan said, jokingly.

“Dude, you have no fucking idea!” Mark’s voice lost all its joviality. “How often do you bone up a day? Three, four times, at least? And when you do, it’s a simple adjust most times, right? Now imagine trying not to out yourself, but every time you get a boner, your dick escapes out of your skater shorts and tries to lift the pant leg up as it does. Or, when it can’t escape and you can’t adjust it without being obvious, for me, that amounts to pretending you’ve been nutted. And find a bathing suit that comes up high enough! Christ, I have to have one that pulls up almost to my nipples! Yeah, you should have my problem. What I wouldn’t give to have a normal sized one. And the fucking jokes in the shower. ‘Hey, did you get a mitt with that thing?’ or, ‘Hey, if you’re here for the limbo contest, I’m not holding the other end!’ Christ, that one almost outed me right then.”

“I’m sorry Mark. I didn’t mean to. I mean, I knew I was in trouble and I figured to draw attention away from me. I didn’t know that it would out you, or embarrass you. I really am sorry.”

“Yeah, no problem. Look, it turned out great, didn’t it? I mean, thanks for what you did. You have no idea what it was like to be so alone and with this . . . thing, I mean who wants a piece of that?”

Gilbert blushed wildly, “Me!” They all looked at him, wide-eyed.

As he surveyed the stares, “I like a . . . challenge.”

Like a ping pong match, all eyes instantly went back to Mark.

“Oh shit. See what I mean. The thing has a mind of its own. God, how embarrassing, and I don’t have anything left! I mean, you know . . . we just. You know . . . in the shower.”

“God, what a fucking rod!” Jan just stared.

“Hello Jan, Earth to Jan? This is Gilbert, it’s getting uncomfortable.”

“Oh sorry, I was just thinking.”

“Yes, we can see that,” Gilbert said, pointing at Jan’s now throbbing erection.

“Oh gosh, right, I understand now Mark, but God, just thinking about you two and . . . that rocks me up pretty damn hard.”

Gilbert grinned, “Me too.” They were all in a hard throbbing blush now.

“Be right back,” Elliot said, jumping up and running into the house, returning with towels a plenty. Each dried off and placed the drying towel over their shoulders and wrapped a dry one around their waist.

“Ok, what do you like on your pizza delivery man?” Jan asked, grinning.

“I’d like mine with nothing on it. But, I want to eat in!” Elliot laughed

“Oh, sorry, that’s just too gay for me yet. I mean, what if the guy comes to the door and is all gross and stuff!” Mark said, with a scrunched up nose.

“No tip! Or better yet, don’t give him any of it.” Jan said, smiling.

“Oh, gross! You must have a better looking pizza delivery guy than we do,” Mark said, still scrunching his face up.

The boys decided on two large pizzas, one a meat lover’s pizza and the second, cheese and pineapple on half and half with pineapple and pepperoni.

“So, you don’t eat any meat?” Elliot asked Gilbert.

“Nope. I mean, I’m not vegan or anything. I still eat eggs, fish and dairy. Meat just grosses me out. I mean, I watched this documentary on slaughter houses and since then, I just can’t do it.”

“You’ll tell me if you see that I’m about to turn that channel on, right? I don’t think I could make it without cheeseburgers,” Elliot laughed. “And please don’t tell me anymore about it. I’ll let the burger places have the nightmares.”

“No problem. I wouldn’t want you guys having sad, cow-eyed dreams about standing in line waiting for the sledge hammer.”

“Okay, stop! That’s more than I wanted to know,” Jan said, cutting him off. “You just enjoy your vegetables and we’ll enjoy our sad, cow-eyed burgers, thank you very much.”

“Guys, lighten up. He’s just jerking your chain. I know for a fact that he eats meat.” The blushing Mark Waverly said, grinning as his towel started to untie itself. “Oh damn,” he said, trying to adjust himself and still retie the towel as the door bell rang.

“Why don’t you get it?” Jan said to Mark.

Mark, still struggling to keep his cover, looked at Jan and pursed his lips in a tight smile and a glare. The door bell rang again and Elliot got up for the door. It was obvious that Mark could easily keep the entire room hard with just a blush.

Elliot opened the door to find a delicious looking pizza guy standing before him. He had beautiful green eyes and his face had that muscular, chiseled look. With large, thick, full lips that formed that pronounced ‘M’ shape in the middle. He looked at the slim boy who had lost the towel around his shoulders. His eyes dropped to Elliot’s little nipples and briefly to his small bulge before his eyes returned to meet Elliot’s. He grinned, having been caught.

“You guys call for pizza? I thought I was at the wrong place for a minute.”

“Nope, right place. Come on in, I’ll get Jan. He’s got the card.”

“Well thanks, but we’re not supposed to come in. Company policy, you know. Less of a chance of getting robbed or beat up I guess.”

“No problem, just give me a second. Jan’s in a wheel chair, he’s got the card.”

“Oh, if he’s handicapped, then I can go in to him. We try and accommodate people in disadvantaged lifestyles.”

“Then come on in. The kitchen is right here and the naked boy in the wheelchair is right in there.”

“He’s naked? Why’s he naked?” The pizza guy hesitated.

“We all are,” Elliot said, opening his towel just enough to flash him with the pretence of refastening it tighter. “We just got out of the pool. He’s in a towel anyways, so he’s really not naked, now.”

“Oh, you all swim naked? Don’t your parents have something to say about that?”

“Yeah. Usually, it’s something like, ‘oo cute buns’ but they haven’t seen Mark yet. He’s got one the size of a freakin’ trophy trout. Go ahead, I’ll put those in the kitchen.”

The pizza guy handed Elliot the pizzas and stepped into the room with the towel clad boys. His eyes quickly scanned each one, pausing to take in all the eye candy before resting on the cute boy in the wheel chair.”You must be the guy with the credit card?”

“Oh, yeah, hang on a minute.” He rolled over to the writing desk and opened a small drawer and pulled a credit card out and turned to the pizza guy who was looking at each one, but his eyes came to rest on Mark and Gilbert.

“Hey Gil. How’d you get mixed up with this group of partiers?”

Gilbert froze. “Mitch? Is that really you? Shit, I haven’t seen you in like, forever. Damn, I didn’t even recognize you.”

“Yeah, you seem to have grown a bit yourself,” he said, looking at Gilbert’s hands folded, trying desperately to hide his bulge.

“They’re all friends from school. Just having a pizza and swim night, you know.”

“Yeah, I’m beginning too,” he said, looking first to Mark’s eyes then to his obvious problem. Too much Mark, not enough towel.  He took the card from Jan and laid the thermal receipt over it and took his pen and rubbed over it, making the imprint on the receipt. Then he handed it to Jan who signed it, looked at the worried look on Gilbert’s face and then added a ten dollar tip. As he handed it back to him, he held on to it making Mitch’s eyes meet his.

“You don’t have to mention anything or anyone you’ve seen here tonight to anyone else, right?” His eyes glancing briefly over to Gilbert and back.

“Thanks for the tip, but it isn’t necessary for my silence. Gil and I go way back. I’d never rat him out, especially on something like this. You want to change it?”

“No. And thanks.” Mitch walked past Gilbert, stopping to run his hand through his hair. “I’ve missed ya. Look, you take care, I’ll see ya again. I’m going to the local college.” Glancing at Mark, who’s problem was, by this time, disappearing. He grinned and said, “You be careful, this little guy looks like he could hurt ya.” He smiled and headed for the door. “See ya. Thanks again,” and he was gone, out the door.

Elliot walked back in the room, “Pizza anyone?” He looked at all the worried faces. “What? What did I miss?”

“The pizza guy knows Gilbert.”

“Oh shit, do you think he knows?”

“Yeah, he knows. And he delivers to my house, too.” Mark said, with a worried look on his face.

“Shit,” Elliot said, quietly. “So, we don’t have as much time as we thought. We all hang together though and we’ll get through it. Like mom always says when I start to worry about crap, ‘Let’s not borrow trouble.'”

“He won’t say anything. Everyone relax.” Gilbert said in a reassuring tone.

“Gilbert, how can you know that for certain?” Mark asked, taking his hand.

“Let’s just say, I’ve always liked a challenge.” He looked around at the many slacked jaws. “Now, where’s that pizza? I’m starved.”


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