Roll Call
by Ricky


Chapter 1

I hate new schools. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if you weren’t measured by every set of eyes in the place when you walked in. Points given for your looks first. I wonder what they give for far too short, homely with Dumbo ears. Nex,t they look at your clothes. Gap would beat the hell out of Joe Camel and 501’s over K-Mart’s Hustler. Oh and the crown of apparel, the shoes. Doesn’t matter. Mac Gregor is a negative number. They have me pegged as poor trailer trash before I ever open my mouth. No points given for personality, loyalty or love. Not much chance of anyone seeing any of those things anyways. Perhaps I can find a spastic gay leper that will let me sit near them. Fuck, this really sucks. Take a breath, here we go.

“Class, we have a new student today. This is Elliot Glickman. I am sure you will all make him feel welcome,” she paused with her hands on his shoulders. “Elliot, why don’t you tell us a little about yourself?”

What the fuck? Oh shit, a new twist to the torture of being measured, he thought. “Hi, I’m Elliot. I just moved here. I suck at sports, don’t have cool clothes and have ears that stick out too far. If I missed anything I’m sure one of you will let me know.” He looked at gaping mouths all over the room. He looked back at the teacher, “Is that enough, or can I sit down someplace now?”

“Elliot, I’m sorry if I’ve embarrassed you. That wasn’t my intention. Why not take a seat at that table back there.” She pointed to a table with three other kids.

Two girls and a boy. The two girls were not ugly but not part of the pretty crowd either. They had a look on their face like I had an AK47 sticking out of my backpack. Fine, just as well. The other kid was cute but obviously preppie and could afford the nice pull over that framed his much too small body. He must be a real brain to be that small and in here. He must have jumped a grade or two. He will be cute as hell in a year or two. Blond curls, perfect nose, small,l very kissable mouth. Six, no eight freckles. If those are angel kisses then give me my wings now and let me get started. And, oh shit, sapphires and they are looking directly at me. Oh fuck, busted and I didn’t even get my books on the desk, they’re still in my lap. Look down. Sneak them up; pretend like you are reading the bindings or something trying to get the . . . fuck what class is this? I looked up, my eyes met his. He looked up towards the front of the class as he lifted the top of his book up so I could see which one it was. I fumbled setting it on the table top and dropped math and science trying to get them back into the bag. Shit, keep the notebook on your lap stupid or that girl beside you is going to think she caused it. They hit the floor. Everyone looked. I sat up and fumbled to open the book. Without looking at me the boy twisted his book around and shoved it over towards me so I could see the page number and his finger tapped on the right hand side, second paragraph down. His hands even look perfect. He spun the book back in front of himself, still looking towards the front of the class.

“Thanks,” Elliot whispered. “I owe you.” He responded with a glance and a smirk. Elliot’s heart fluttered at his perfection. What are you doing you idiot; setting yourself up to get outed the first day? He’s untouchable anyway. Your mother works at Walmart, part time, no benefits. You couldn’t afford the mortgage on a Big Mac combo meal.

The class wasn’t bad and I really like science so Biology was going to be one of my best subjects. This boy could make it a lot more difficult though. I think sitting across from him will get me an “F” in Biology because I’ll never see or hear anything in the class

“OK class, read through chapter 6 and answer the odd numbered questions at the end of the chapter. Use the rest of the period to read or talk ‘Quietly,’ amongst yourselves until the bell.”

As I read, a hand reached across my book. It was a perfect hand. I just stared at it for a moment taking in its smooth perfection.

“Heeelloooo, Elliot? Anyone in there?” I looked up. “I’m Jan Teagle.” I stared, not moving until he looked down at his hand, “Oh sorry?” I said, taking his hand and shaking it, perhaps longer than I should. How many is considered the right amount, 1, 2, 3, 10? Shit, I’m not good at this.

“Mind if I have that back?” he said. God that voice, a symphony on my heart.

“God, what a dork!” The girl behind me said. My eyes shot at her.

“Don’t pay attention to her. That’s Patricia Hammond. People that know her just call her bitch.” Elliot laughed out loud. She glared at him. Jan went on, “She’s convinced her ass is a cream puff and everyone wants a bite. What class do you have next?”

I grabbed my schedule and stared at it, trying to sort it out.

“Here, let me see. Today is a gold day, so you have math next with Mr. Franco. Cool, me too. Mind if I collect that debt early? Grab my book bag and follow me,” he said, lobbing his book bag on top of the table. He fiddled under the table for a minute and glided back. He flipped up a controller and rolled backwards. He was in a wheel chair. I just stared. He cleared his throat and smirked when I caught myself.

“Come on, I’ll get us out early. Follow me.” He rolled to the front. “Ms Fenster, I need to swap books in my locker and Elliot has the same class next. Mind if he helps me and I’ll show him to his next class?”

“Sure Jan, I think that would be great.” She smiled a small smile at Elliot as if to apologize again and Jan moved the control which moved him across the room faster than Elliot could walk. He leaned forward and turned the knob and gave the door a nudge with his right foot to open it all the way, causing it to bang against the doorstop and bounce back. He caught it with his hand as he wheeled out into the hall. It was then that I noticed why he was in the chair; his left leg was missing just below the knee.

“Where’s your locker?”

“Don’t know, I haven’t found it yet. Number 1652.”

“Shit, that’s on the other side of the building.”

“It’s what they had left.”

“Here, put your books in here.” As I did, he grabbed my hand and pulled it to him. Pulling out a pen he wrote on my palm. Jan Teagle 329-1406. Elliot giggled from the pen tip tickling his hand.

Jan paused, “You’ve got to be the only person I’ve ever met whose palm is ticklish.” Then underneath he wrote 1134 / 7-9-32-4 “There, don’t lose it.” He said as he rolled back a foot and stopped. He stood and turned around resting the knee of the amputated leg on the seat of his chair and grabbed his backpack and slung it over the handles of his wheel chair as Elliot watched. Turning back around, he ignored Elliot’s stare and reached inside his pants and adjusted himself. “Damn chair gives me wedgies,” he said, blushing.  Elliot turned crimson as Jan sat in his chair and was face to crotch with his more than obvious problem. “You sure know how to make an entrance, don’t you.” He didn’t wait for an answer as he rolled down the hall. Elliot almost had to run to keep up. He went down three classrooms past biology and backed up against the wall. “We still have three minutes,” he said, looking at his watch. “It’s the only thing I really hate about this damn chair. It sucks trying to get through the hall and nobody gives you a break. And my face is right at fart level. I never realized how many people save it for when they get through the door.”

I laughed, “How long have you been . . . you know?”

“I know you weren’t going to say crippled, right? The word itself just pisses me off.”

“No actually I was going to say beautiful. . . I mean, in the chair.” He stared at me and the bell rang. As the students poured out of the classroom his eyes were still locked on mine. My face flushed, and he smirked. The path cleared, he pushed a control and turned into the room.

He glanced over his shoulder, “Only since Tuesday. Before then I was downright homely. Come on, this is a sit anywhere class. I have a space over here.”

I couldn’t believe I just outed myself to a perfect stranger two hours into a new school. But I wasn’t in control and I knew it. He did too. But he was still smiling and he didn’t start screaming queer or faggot. I began to think how insane this was, at any moment he was going to whisper to a neighbor and the entire school would know before the day was out, then he would laugh and smirk with the rest. I put my head in my hand as my mind swirled. I was almost dizzy, what if he tells? He hit my arm. I looked at him, he nodded to the front.

Mr. Franco was looking at him, “Your Elliot?” he asked.

I stood, “Yes sir.”

“Elliot, I looked at your entrance testing and I think we are a little ahead of where you were in your last school, so if you need help, see me or maybe one of the other students and maybe they can bring you up to speed.”

“Like trailer trash bothers with homework.” A voice said from a couple rows over.

“Umm, Elliot?”

“Yes sir,” I said, rising again.

“Don’t seek help from Jeffrey. He wants the ninth grade to be the best four years of his life.” The class roared, jeered and pointed at Jeffrey who looked like he would have to cut his wrists for his face color to come back.

I laughed and sat back down. Jan leaned over, “Relax, I’ve got math wired.” I just looked at him. He still spoke to me. He has to know, he saw me hard. I know he saw it, he had to. His face was right in it. Jan glanced and saw me staring and smirked again. He stretched and took his fingers and pushed my chin up, closing my mouth. I felt the heat rise in my face and in my crotch. That was the hand he had just adjusted himself with. I could smell his scent and my heart was doing triple beats. I flushed as the aroma made things happen in my body that I had no control over. I slid my notebook into my lap. He looked and turned red. I had to turn away to the wall. I was dyeing a thousand deaths as my piece drummed a throbbing beat on my notebook.

He was enjoying himself and I was dyeing. Mr. Franco glanced over and saw that Elliot had a lost look on his face. Silently, Jan motioned to him with his finger, pointing first to himself then to Elliot as if asking permission to help. Without breaking the rhythm of the verbiage he was delivering to the rest of the class, he nodded his approval. Jan moved his chair closer and placed his hand on my shoulder. I turned my head to see who was there and his fingers were inches from my nose. I breathed in his musk and shivered as I delivered a load in my boxers. My jaw dropped as I looked down and then to his eyes. His hand was still there. Fuck! He’s clueless what he did to me. I’ve got to go. I can’t stay here, but how do I get out of here. Tears welled up in my eyes and Jan looked panicked. He saw me tilt my notebook up and saw that I was wet and he understood.

“Oh!” He screamed grabbing his stump as if the missing leg was attached and causing great pain.

Mr. Franco rushed over to him. “Are you alright?”

“Damn ghost pains, hurts like the damn things still there. I gotta go. Can Elliot help me get my things in the van? I’ll get him caught up, he’s behind anyways. I just gotta get some pain meds.”

Mr. Franco noticed the wetness on Elliot’s pants, but only smiled. “Yes, of course. Elliot, would you mind?” He pulled a blue pad out of his pocket and scribbled on it and tore off the top and gave it to Jan. Elliot slid off his seat and faced the wall as he stuffed everything into his backpack which he held in front to hide his shame. He followed Jan out into the hall.

“Follow me,” he commanded and he rolled to the side door and out of the building, navigating the ramp like he had done it a million times. Numbly, Elliot followed him down the zigzag ramp instead of the three steps he could have taken. He was in numb mode. He rolled over to the handicapped parking area and pulled a remote out of his pocket and pushed a button. The alarm chirped and the side door opened and a large mesh platform pivoted out and then lowered itself to the ground. Jan rolled himself onto it and looked at Elliot, “Get on.” Elliot did, his face a tortured mess. “Hang on to me,” he said as he raised the platform. “Go ahead, get in the passenger seat.” Then he rolled his chair in between and slid his butt into the driver’s seat and started the engine.

“Wait!” Elliot said. “Where are we going?”

Elliot smiled, “My house or yours.”

“My mom’s at work. The trailers locked. I can’t get in. She hasn’t made a key for me yet.”

“Then it looks like my house.”

“Why are you aloud to drive?” Elliot asked, realizing they were both kids.

“West Virginia. Driving age is 14. I was held back a year. Missed a lot of school when this shit happened.”

Elliot was quiet, Jan looked at him. “I was playing soccer. Kid swept my foot out from under me and I fell just right and fractured the bone. Normally no big deal, kids break bones all the time. They did the surgery and put the alignment pins in and got it all nice and lined up the way it should be and infection set in. Either they didn’t act right or quick enough or didn’t sterilize something right. I don’t know, it was all technical, but it spread and they had to make a choice, the leg or my life. No brainer. That was about fourteen months ago. Best thing that could have happened to me.”

Elliot looked at him like he was insane.

“You’re staying over at Shady Palms right?”

“Yeah.,” Elliot said quietly.

“Which one?”

Which one, what?”

“Which trailer?”

“Number 12.”

“You’re kidding me, right?”

“Nope, number 12. Big, brown and tan.”

“Yeah, the toilet runs unless you jiggle the handle and the front door you have to slam or it won’t close.”

“How do you know that?”

“I should. I lived there for the first thirteen years of my life. My mom works at Walmart. I got a three million dollar settlement. That paid for the van, the chair and a better place to live and my clothes. The money was put into a trust fund and our lawyer puts it into investments and stuff. I can get it if I need it. It is really hassle, but this trust thing is supposed to protect the settlement until I turn 18 to keep my mom from pissing it all away.

“So, we have to show that it is something I need to get the money. When I was in rehab, mom got a paycheck to drive me around and take care of me, but when I finished, then she had to go back to work. I mean, that part sucks, but get this, we had a pool put in because I needed it for the therapy and exercise. Ain’t it a bitch? I get an allowance and mom is given a budget for clothes and upkeep, but she has to show she is supporting herself. I mean, they treat her like she’s a criminal just because she is my mom and controls the money.

“Sometimes it is really fucked up, but we find ways around it. We got her a car in case I hurt too bad to drive or in case she needed to get to me quickly. For this, she could get a car. But to just go get one, that wasn’t happening. And get this, the car is in the trust’s name. This is too cool. I can’t believe you are living in our old place.”

“So what about your dad?”

“Loser crack head. Mom caught him in bed with this slut. She gave him the boot. About a week later, they busted him with possession for sale. He ought to get out in about twelve years.”

“I can’t believe your mom works at Walmart.”

“What the fuck man. I told you, she has to make it look like she is supporting herself. It’s a joke really. No one can live on what they pay. It’s just for looks. So what about you? Your mom work?”

“Yep.” he said, looking away.

“Where at?”

“Infants and shoes. It’s just for food though. And rent, clothes, gas and ass wipe.”

“Oh shit man, sorry. That was fucked up.”

“Yeah it was, but you’re right. Nobody can live on what they pay.”

As they pulled into the driveway of a small ranch style home and Jan shut the engine off, he looked at Elliot. “So uh . . . what made you . . . you know?” He motioned, moving his finger up in his crotch and then making a mock explosion on the end of it with his other hand as he made an explosion sound.

“Gee you’re subtle. You don’t know?”

“Well, you know, I know, I mean, I’ve had like, dreams and stuff and when I, you know, beat my meat. But I’ve never had it happen during class or when I wasn’t even touching it.”

Elliot got quiet. Jan pushed a button as he slid into the wheelchair and rolled back, pausing for the platform to deploy. “Come on,” Jan prodded, bringing Elliot out of his deep thought. They rolled up the ramp and onto the porch. “Grab the door, would ya?” he said, more as a command than a request. Elliot couldn’t believe he was actually in this beautiful boy’s home. “Mom works Wednesdays so she won’t be home. We have about two hours before we have to be back, so strip down.”

“What?” Elliot said, wide eyed.

“We have to wash and dry those, times a wasting.”

“You have a towel or something?”

“Sure, in the bathroom. Are you gold plated?”

“No, just shy.”

He handed the clothes to Jan who put the pile in his lap and rolled into the utility room and stuffed them into the washer, pausing momentarily to breathe in the scent. Starting the laundry, he rolled back. “Come on, it takes about fifteen minutes to wash. We’ll grab some lunch,” he said, rolling into the kitchen. He opened the freezer, “Marie calendar pot pie alright?”

“Yeah, sure. Why are you doing this?”

“Didn’t know I needed a reason. So you gonna tell me?”

“Tell you what?”

“What made you cream your jeans?”

Elliot noticed Jan’s bulge was a bit on the large side. Elliot walked over and sat down on the kitchen chair next to him. “Give me your hand,” he said, reaching out. Jan gave him his hand and Elliot took it and brought it up to his face, almost like the prince would to kiss it. He breathed in deeply. Then, grabbing his wrist with one hand, folded all of his fingers down except one. He looked Jan in the eye and took his remaining index finger into his mouth and sucked it up and down, looking at Jan’s stunned face as his breathing instantly went ragged and he shivered and looked down.

“Damn,” he shouted, snatching his hand back out of his mouth and rolled himself into the laundry room where he opened the washer lid to stop it and stripped out of his clothes. Wiping himself down, he stuffed them into the washer. Sitting down naked in the chair, he rolled into the bathroom and grabbed a towel and wrapped it around himself before returning to the kitchen.

Elliot just sat and smiling like a Cheshire cat at Jan in his towel. “Gold plated?”

Jan blushed scarlet as the microwave went off. “Saved by the bell,” he whispered. Taking the first pot pie out of the microwave and putting the second in. “That was a nice trick with the finger but it didn’t answer the question.”

“Jan, when we put my books in your locker, what else happened?”

“I don’t know what you mean?”

“What else did you do?”

“I don’t know. Uh, I wrote my number and stuff on your hand and you giggled because your hand was ticklish.”

“Then what?”

“Dude, I don’t know?”

“Do you remember adjusting yourself?”

“You shot because I adjusted myself?”

“Well, yes and no. What did you do to me in math class?”

“I got your ass out of there with out the world knowing what you did in your drawers.”

“True enough. Jan, do you remember pretending to yawn and closing my mouth for me?” he said with his face almost bleeding it was so red.

“Yeah, well you were sitting there with it open.”

“Jan, you closed my mouth with the hand you adjusted yourself with. Your scent was so strong and then your touch. You made me ‘cream my jeans’ as you so delicately put it.”

It was Jan’s turn to sit there with his mouth hanging open as the pictures of what happened played in his mind. His towel was now trying desperately to escape him. The microwave went off. Lunch was ready.

The two towel clad boys sat across from each other stealing glances and blushes at each other until the washer stopped. Jan rolled into the laundry room and stood on his good leg and propped his stump against the side to stabilize himself as he transferred the laundry to the dryer. He sat back down and returned to the kitchen. “It’ll take about forty-five minutes for those to dry, let’s go for a swim.”

“No suit!”

“Don’t worry about it, we have a privacy fence” He said, grinning and raising his eyebrows a couple of times. “Had them install it so that I wouldn’t be . . . um, how did we have to say it? Oh yes, so that I wouldn’t be mentally disturbed by the stares of the general public while I performed my rehabilitant exercises.”

He rolled out in the sunlight and waited. Elliot came out and looked around. It was a nice sized pool. It had a scupper that ran around it that was about ten inches wide. It was a tapered ledge that allowed the leaves and debris to slosh over into it, only to drain in the baskets in the corners. It made a nice ledge to sit on as well. The thought of being naked in front of Jan brought all tubes to bear and he dropped his towel and dove in, swimming to the other end of the pool. Jan stood and also dropped his towel, diving in from the edge.

Jan swam leisurely over to where Elliot was standing on the other end of the pool. He stopped behind him letting the crystal clear water calm so he could look at the beautiful boy ass in front of him. Elliot remained motionless, one foot resting on the other in a relaxed cross legged stance. He had his eyes closed and his head was resting on his crossed arms in the scupper.

He really wanted to park his boy whistle between those two perfect boy mounds and hug him. He drank in the smoothness of his skin and the even more beautiful, perfectly present boy legs in front of him. The fact that he had two perfectly good legs and didn’t play soccer was almost a crime in Jan’s mind. He moved up next to him on the side of the pool.

“I like to just stand in it sometimes too. I like the fact that the water makes it so I can almost stand like I could when I had two good legs. The sun feels good on your back here too.”

Elliot didn’t say anything. He began to shudder. It became apparent to Jan that he was crying. Jan was uncomfortable.

“Hey,” he said, nudging him with his shoulder. “Why all the water works? Did I say something?”

Elliot shook his head no, still not looking at him.

“Then what’s wrong?” Jan pushed himself up and sat in the scupper on the side of the pool and placed his hand on his shoulder. He leaned over to try and see his face. He studied him for a moment. His hair was pasted down from the pool. He didn’t think his ears looked that bad. In fact, they were rather cute. He had a cute frame, just a little taller than Jan and his build was thin, almost a malnourished thin Jan thought. He leaned his forehead against the top of Elliot’s. “Talk to me,” he whispered.

Elliot slowly lifted his head, but Jan did not pull back. They were nose to nose. Elliot could smell his sweet breath.

“Why did you help me?” he asked. “People get beat up even speaking to me. I made it plain when I came into the classroom. People have seen you help me. It won’t be long before they know about me. It never is. You can’t be near me.”

“What the fuck man? Nobody tells me who I can and can’t be around. I like you, you’re alright.”

“No dude, you don’t understand. When they find out I’m a . . . when they find out I’m . . . gay. Then the shit starts. You know how they are. I’m not the first.”

“Why do they have to know?”

“They find out. I don’t even have to do anything and they find out. Sometimes I move kinda different than other boys. I don’t mean to, but I just do. I don’t even know how or what movements I do but there is something. I know because they tell me that I move like a girl and they make exaggerated movements with their hands and wiggle their asses saying that’s how I do. Look, I really like you. Nobody ever did to me what your smell did to me.”

“You mean you’ve smelled other’s . . . umm smell, and it didn’t make you . . . you know?”

“Jan, that has never happened to me before, ever!” Elliot blushed wildly, smiling as he tilted his head, making him appear coy.

“Well, you’re stuck with me for math anyways, so fuck them. Hell, if I have to, I’ll tell them I need a bodyguard because they are picking on the cripple.”

“I thought you hated that word.”

“I do, but sometimes it’s useful.”

“God, what a fucking day. I outed myself to a strange kid, started a new school, creamed my jeans over the smell of . . . someone and made an awesome new friend.”

“You think I’m strange? Why, cause of the chair?”

“Wha,t are you stupid? Of course you’re strange. You helped me when anyone else would have fed me to the dogs. You don’t think that’s a little strange? And what’s with you and the chair? That’s like the second or third time you’ve said that that way?”

“Well, a lot of people look at me like my stump is contagious. They hang out with me and theirs is bound to fall off too.”

“That’s stupid. Get over it, I have.”

“Come on, we have to wash the chlorine off. I lost track of the time.” He dove in and swan for the place where he left his chair. Pulling himself up on the scupper, he turned and sat, then pushed himself up on the pool deck. He grabbed for his chair. “This is always the hard part. People don’t realize how much they depend on that second foot for balance when getting up off the floor.”

Elliot climbed up on the scuppers with a foot and then stepped up on the pool deck. He grabbed Jan under the arms and picked him up and steadied him.

“Grab my shoulders for a minute while I dry you off so your chair doesn’t get soaked.”

On the way up, Jan was eye to eye with Elliot’s dick. He liked the view of his four and a half or so inches of perfectly cut, yet thin dick and it showed in a half hard and growing stance as Elliot grabbed his abandoned towel and quickly dried the backs of his legs and his butt. He quickly toweled his back and then down to his now fully erect staff. He paused, studying it for a moment. Also perfect he thought. Four inches and the skin was almost see through. The moment was turning pregnant and the lack of movement was noticed. Elliot decided he was dry enough and leaned him back in his chair.

Jan was hard and for some reason really embarrassed now. Elliot smiled, noticing that Jan couldn’t take his eyes off of his now rigid staff pointing directly at his face. Resisting his other urges, Elliot took his fingers and closed Jan’s mouth for him, making him blush again. Jan decided now was a great time to move and in one swift motion flipped his control up and commanded the chair forward making a break for the house. Elliot followed him back, hopping on one foot as he hurriedly dried himself off so he wouldn’t drip running through the house.

“Come on,” he said, turning his chair towards the bathroom by the laundry. “Let’s get a quick shower together, it’ll be faster. Normally I do a bath because I can’t stand that long and I also might slip. There’s a portable bench I use in this one but we won’t both fit, with it in there. So just give it a quick yank and set it over to the side. So maybe you can give me a hand if I get too tired to stand or start to slip?”

“Sure, let’s go.” Elliot moved the bench out of the way and stepped in, turning the handle for the water. “You like it hot or warm?”

“I like everything hot,” he said, grinning impishly. His elfish eyes and naturally slanted eyebrows made him adorable and Elliot’s heart did a back flip at his smile.

Oh God he’s so . . . so scrumptious; was the only word he could think of.

Jan turned his chair to face the tub-shower enclosure and draped his leg over it and reached for Elliot who helped him into a standing position. Their two rigid staffs of boyhood mashed together. Jan felt an electric jolt as they touched. His rod began to mimic his heartbeat, which had just doubled. Nose to nose, Elliot reached down and cupped both perfect round mounds and pulled him tightly against his body as he turned him around. Jan could not remember his dick ever feeling so stretched. He thought he was going to tear skin he was so hard.

“Hold on here,” he said to Jan, placing his hand on the hand pull of the soap dish. Elliot grabbed the liquid soap and pumped a couple squirts of soft soap into his palm and lathered Jan’s chest. He gasped when Elliot ran his lathered fingers slowly and gently over his nipples. They were now so hard he felt he could cut glass with them. Elliot’s hands moved deftly across his midsection and his muscles rolled at his touch and Jan shivered as Elliot knelt down and he felt his hot breath wave over his pride.

“Cold?” Elliot asked, grinning and pausing. Jan couldn’t speak, he just shook his head no.

Elliot made the water warmer and continued on his journey. He bypassed his fully engorged twitching hard on and washed his good leg. His hand running up and bumping his balls as his other hand washed off his ass. He moved to the other leg and washed the end of the stump and soaped his hands again moving them up his thighs. Their eyes met. Jan’s pain was obvious and it wasn’t from standing too long. He bit his lower lip and gasped with a whimper as Elliot’s finger tips brushed over his pucker.

Jan winced and almost slid. Elliot pushed back on the good knee, locking it in place and calmly grabbed the knee of his stump and draped it over his shoulder. The water was coming down on Elliot’s head so he could not look up. But everything else on the boy’s body told Elliot what he needed and wanted so badly. Leaning in, his lips ever so slowly covered his flaming hot statue of boyhood, sucking it down to his small, but rock hard mound. Jan gasped and his free hand went to his head as he whimpered. Elliot began to slowly bob up and down as his finger probed against his ring of fire. Jan let out a yelp as his finger pushed and went in to the first knuckle. He thrust forward and his ass dimpled and his muscle tried to pinch his finger off.

Elliot came off his head. “Breathe out, relax.” He returned to his administrations and Jan began to rock gently and started to breathe heavy. Elliot moved the embedded finger and Jan shivered.

“Oh, Elliot, I’m gonna. Oh Shit!” As he said it, Elliot pushed his finger firmly against his prostate and rubbed it. Jan pumped almost violently against his waiting mouth, screaming of boy release and religion. Jan sucked him down like a starving calf on his mother.

“Elliot!” he said, panic stricken. “I can’t stand any more, you gotta stop!”

Elliot came off his rod and quickly slid his leg off his shoulder as he took him in his arms and pulled him to him. “I got ya, let go.”

“Just set me down in the tub.” Elliot lowered him to the tub and then stood up and soaped himself and rinsed. His own rod still firmly awake. He didn’t want to jack off in front of Jan, regardless of what he just did to him. In fact, he wasn’t sure how Jan was responding to what just happened, so he glanced back. Jan’s eyes were glued to him.

“You alright?” he asked. Jan just nodded, expressionless. Worry took over Elliot’s thoughts. It took the wind out of his sails. He rinsed and shut the water off. “I’ll dry off and then we’ll get you dry and into your chair.” He looked very small sitting there in the tub looking up. Elliot got out and quickly dried himself. He placed a dry towel over Jan’s chair and re-entered the tub.

“Grab me around the neck,” he said, bringing him to full height. He turned, “I have you now. Put your foot outside the tub and I’ll set you back in your chair.”

Having leaned him back into his chair, Elliot climbed out and tossed him another towel, then went to the dryer and got his boxers out and on then dressed himself. He grabbed Jan’s clothes and ran back into the bathroom. “We better hurry or we’re going to be late getting back.”

The ride back to school was very quiet, each stealing glances at the other. Jan pulled into the reserved parking space. “It looks like we made it with a couple minutes to spare,” Jan said as he pushed the button for the lift to deploy.

“Jan, are you alright? You’ve been really quiet.”

Jan looked down for a moment as if thinking. “What you did in the shower, well, that was brand new to me. That was really incredible,” he said, grinning. “But there was something else to. And that is what I am sorting out in my head.”

“What? What did I do wrong?”

“Did I say wrong? You didn’t do anything wrong. I just have to sort out how I feel about it before we talk about it. That’s all.”

“But if I knew what it was, maybe we could talk about it and that would clear it up.”

“There isn’t anything to clear up. You did nothing wrong. I just need to sort out some shit in my own fucked up mind. Come on, we don’t want to be late.”

“Then, are we still friends?”

“Dude, I think it’s safe to say that we are at least that.” Jan delivered an impish grin as he pushed the button to close the van and made his way to the school.

Elliot froze in thought for a moment, obviously analyzing what he just said, got a huge smile on his face and ran to catch up. “Hey, what exactly does that mean, ‘at least that’?”


“Well you have P.E., that’s down that hall to the left.”

“Where do you go next?”

Jan looked down, “Home Economics. It’s something I can do in the chair. I’m excused from gym.”

“Oh, sorry.”

“Hey, I don’t need your fucking pity!” Jan pushed his controller and spun left and down the hall just as the bell rang for the change of classes.

Elliot got caught up in the barrage of students filling the halls and he turned towards the gym. He didn’t know he had gym today as he had just received his schedule this morning, so he didn’t have gym clothes. Gym was an enigma for him. On one hand, he loved to see all the boys and he loved the smell of some when they were done, but he really hated boning up and he was always afraid of getting caught looking.

Knock, Knock, Knock. Elliot knocked on Coach Russell’s door. Elliot could see the squat, balding man sitting behind his desk on the phone. He motioned for Elliot to come in and have a seat as he finished his conversation.

“Yes Mr. Steiner, your son is very gifted and he works very hard, but it is important that he learns teamwork. If he wants to play, he better learn how to work with others. If he wants to have a chance to be seen by the scouts, he better learn something besides hogging the ball. It’s a sport sir, not an exhibition. Thank you and good day. What? You can call or write to who ever the hell you want. This is my team and I decide who plays and who doesn’t. Perhaps you should take your son to a different school where he can be fielded by himself as a whole team. Once again, goooood day!” He slammed the phone down and realized he just lost his temper and probably scared this poor new kid half to death.

“Sorry about that,” he smiled, accepting the forms from the boy and then extending his hand towards the boy. Elliot awkwardly shook his hand. That may have been a first for him, being asked by a grown man to shake. He liked that. Taking his hand he felt like he had just shaken hands with a pipe wrench. “New, here. Welcome. What sports are you into?”

“None, sir.”

“None?” he asked.

“No sir, I’m not terribly athletic.”

“Why is that? You need to be. Now is when you are building the body you are going to have to live in for the rest of your life. Now, through the next five or six years, is critical. How do you want to look when you are an adult?”

Elliot’s brows furrowed. He had never considered it. “I don’t get you.”

“Hang on a minute.” He walked over to the door, opened it and yelled, “Coach Johnston?”

“Yes, Coach?” the boy came running. He looked like a student, but maybe a senior.

“Elliot is new here, could I trouble you?” He gestured to him, pointing at his chest.

Coach Johnston smiled, “Sure,” and he crossed his arms and grabbed his polo shirt and in one swift motion removed it over his head. Elliot’s jaw dropped. He had a six pack that had a six pack! He looked like he just climbed out of a muscle magazine. He smiled at Elliot who realized he was not just staring, but his jaw was open and his dick was becoming very uncomfortable. He closed his mouth and blushing, turned away.

“Thanks Coach Johnston. Would you mind taking my guys through warm ups while I get Elliot processed in?”

“Sure, Coach,” and he disappeared. Coach Russell closed the door and came to stand in front of his desk. “You could look like that, or…” he paused and began to cross his arms and reach for his shirt tails and saw Elliot’s eyes grow in terror.  “Well, you get the point. I chose not to look like that,” he said, never having removed his shirt, but grinning.

“Coach, look, we need to talk. Better now because you will find out anyways. I’m gay. Sometimes when I move, I am told that I move like a girl. I don’t run worth a crap and I’m rather plain. I have two left feet and never make a lot of friends. You put me on a team of anything and they will not be happy to see me.”

“Well, that took some courage to say. I respect that. Have you had problems?”

“You know, the usual.”

“Does your mom and dad know?”

“Mom knows and she is alright with it. There is no dad to worry about.”

“Well, maybe sports will help you develop a natural gait.”

He saw Elliot’s questioning look. “That’s your walk. We can work on your adaptive behavior. Your movements. Will you trust me and try soccer? You have the build for it; you could be good I think, if you’ll give it a go.”

“That’s a lot of running, isn’t it?”

“Yep, that gets easier too, with practice. Like anything else new in life, it is difficult to get started. Some of these kids have been playing soccer since they could stand. We also have some cross overs from other sports and some that just started.”

“Does it cost a lot of money? My mom works at Walmart. We live in a trailer.”

“I can help there, too. We have some used equipment and some gift certificates for such occasions. We can make it happen, if you are willing to give it a try. It’s important that you do something now to look more like him and less like me!”

Elliot smiled. I like this guy, Elliot thought. He likes me and doesn’t look down because I’m gay.

“Now, about being gay, are you sexually active?”

Elliot blushed, “I can’t believe you asked me that. Do you expect I will tell you?”

“Elliot, I coach Physical Education. It is my job to ask you those questions. What you say to me remains between you and me. If you think you are the first kid to come through here who is openly gay, then you are mistaken and quite frankly, it makes no difference to me, other than the fact that we have to talk about safety differently because you will be placing your dick in a different place than a straight guy. And the exchange of bodily fluids is more often done between gay lovers than straight. So you want to answer me?”

“Well, I haven’t been anal with anyone yet, but hopefully soon.” He smiled.

“Well, don’t rush things. There is plenty of time to figure those things out and to still enjoy yourself safely.” He opened his lower desk drawer and pulled out a box and slid it over to Elliot. “Put these in your back pack and keep one with you always. I don’t care if you are going to church or to Walmart. Always have one with you.”

Elliot took them and seeing the word Trojan©, blushed and said, “But coach, I haven’t done this yet.”

“First rule of sexuality Elliot. Remember this – there will be a test on it later,” he said, grinning. “When it comes to tie game, the hormones win every time. Better safe than sorry. You may meet the right somebody pushing a shopping cart or flipping a burger. Be ready and be safe. Wait if you can, but be safe if you can not. And use a condom even if giving head. Do not swallow someone else’s cum until you know that person is going to be a life partner and is safe. Now look at me. Look in my eyes, because this is really important. You can not screw this up even once! It can mean your life and the life of every person you have relations with for the rest of your life. Don’t play in the rain without a raincoat!

“Now, soccer is on Tuesdays and Thursdays with a game every third Saturday. Do you have some running shoes?”

Elliot looked down at his Mac Greggors.

“Right, what size are those?”

“Sevens, sir.”

“Great. Now, one more thing. Showers. I have said this to each of the other kids too. At your age a glass of Kool Aid or a torn bubble gum wrapper can cause you to bone up. Everyone showers at the end of gym. No exceptions. You are encouraged to look at others in the shower or in the locker room. Yes, I said encouraged. Now, you have permission to look and compare without feeling weird because I assure you everyone else will be doing the same thing. You will soon see that everyone has one. They come in all sizes, shapes and colors. But! You may not touch! Or in some people’s preferences, taste, fondle, stroke, rub, frot or smack dicks together. And this is also important. If you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all. No one is to be put down for the size of their appendage or lack thereof. Size does not a man make. Do you understand? They will all be checking you out so expect to get boned up and know they will too. It is normal. Everybody get’s boned with someone gawking at your dick. It’s just that now you can look without worrying about getting that way.”

“Yes sir.” he said. Oh, God he has given them license to look!

The coach opened his top right desk drawer and pulled out a notebook and pulled out a chart and looked at it. He took a piece of paper out of the little pocket on the cover and wrote some numbers on it and handed it to Elliot.

“Here is your gym locker.” He moved the chart out and turned it around and pointed to a small square on it. “These are the showers. Your locker is right here.”

Elliot looked where he was pointing. It was right in front of the showers. “Sir, don’t you have something a little off the beaten path, so to speak?”

“Sorry son, everybody is shy at first and they fill those up first. Look at it this way,” he said, leaning in and looking around. “No matter which way you turn, there will be eye candy for you. Bone up and make them feel uncomfortable for a change.”

Elliot grinned and blushed.

“You go and try your locker and make sure it is all ok, then just go and hang out until class. Come see me the day after tomorrow and I’ll have a kit for you.”

“Coach?” he said, looking back.

“Yes Elliot?”

“Can you watch and tell me when you see what movements I make that are, you know, kinda not masculine? That’s how they usually catch me.”

“You mean you don’t tell them?”

“You mean I should?” Elliot looked at him with fear in his eyes.

“Well, that’s up to you. But if everyone who was did it, then it wouldn’t be so damn difficult. It would be more common.”

“Coach, why are you so alright with it? Are you gay?”

“No way in hell. But my son is. He and his partner are both really great people. They make each other happy and seem to bring out the best in each other. For me, as a Dad, I couldn’t want more for my son. I love him the same.”

“I’ll think about it. I have to wait and see who the gay bashers are here first.”

“I’ll see if I can pair you up with people who I know are alright with it. You should be free to be happy in your own skin, at least in my class anyways. You have any problems just let me know. If you have to, send me an email. They don’t have to know you told me, but that will help me end it before it gets out of hand. I’ll know to watch them.”

“Thanks coach.”

“Now, why don’t you go check your locker and try the combination to make sure it all works.”

“Sure coach. Thanks.” Elliot made his way down the long rows of lockers and found his. He spun the dial a couple of times to the right and began to work the combination. He opened his locker and was shocked at what he saw. The inside of his locker was wallpapered with pictures and articles of a very handsome boy playing soccer. It was a boy he knew!


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