Blind Sensations
by Ricky


Chapter 11

The boys retired to the bedroom as Chet laid sleeplessly in the dark wondering what has kept his beloved Charlie from calling.

Sebastian slept with a bare leg draped over Will’s and his arm across his chest. He nuzzled his nose into Will’s neck as Will’s arm pulled him in close to him. His little rod lay limp against Will’s hip. They had played hard and the rest was a result of exhausted boy lust satisfied. The grins on their sleeping faces say that they continue in their dreams. They continue to dream the road maps of boy love for tomorrow and the tomorrows of tomorrow.

Miles snuggled into Jamie who was butt to butt with Sebastian. Enjoying the warm breath as Miles slept deeply, but his dreams were not of boys and their lust. They were of darkness and danger.


Shileesh was a young, well-built man around thirty years old of Pakistani Arab descent. His eyes were brown and his hair black and bushy. His eyes bloomed in rampant insanity as he spoke to Charlie.

“You promised us weapons and rockets, but you produced nothing. Perhaps you have decided to sell them again to someone else,” Shileesh said.

“You’re over reacting. You know as well as I do that things don’t always move as smoothly as we anticipate. Relax, it will be here. If the authorities had it I would know about it. You know I would not sell to those pigs.”

“You’ve said it before and I’m getting tired of hearing it. You have our money and what do we have? Empty promises!”

“We will wait five more days. If they are not here by then you are a dead man. Until then, you will be our guest.”

“If you keep me captive how am I to operate? I have to create new paths for the transport as the government tries to recover the goods I have relieved them of. You can’t expect me to operate from Cheshunt. It will bring the authorities to your doorstep. They monitor everything. Is that what you want or do you want your toys? My people won’t even know where to bring them without me being free to move about and to guide them, check point by check point.”

“Then perhaps we should not wait the five days and we should just kill you now.”

“Or perhaps you should let me go and take care of business. Send one of your trusted goons with me to keep you updated. I just need to be able to move around and make my contacts where I need to in order to insure delivery. I can’t let them pinpoint me from cell tower triangulation. I have to keep moving. It would be disastrous for the authorities to get hold of your weapons. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

“Except losing you! No one has ever cheated us and lived to tell about it.”

“Right, so what would make you think I would be stupid enough to try?” Charlie said, smiling. “I come with references remember? I have proven myself. If you kill me, you lose the best source of weapons and information on the planet.”

“References! Sadam is dead! Did you know?”

“Of course I know. He decided to bite the hand that fed him. Never a good idea. He was greedy and unthinking. He reacted instead of planning and evaluating the cost of his greed for power. He was stupid. You don’t look to me to be a stupid man.”

“What you say is true. But I think I’ll send two of my best with you just to show you I am not so stupid. You could possibly kill one, but two, you could never escape. And make no mistake; I will take my time killing you personally.” He smiled an evil, insane smile as he turned and spoke again, “It’s what we do and we’re very good at it! Unlike the Brits and the Americans, I love my job. Every night, you will come back to stay here. When you have to make contact, you and my two friends will drive to a different area to make your call. I’m not letting you out of my reach until I have my merchandise.”

Miles woke with a start, out of breath. “Miles, what’s wrong?”

“I have to see Chet.” He got up and ran for the door, brushing his shoulder against the wall in his haste.

“Chet! Chet!” He yelled as he ran down the stairs.

“Miles! What’s wrong?” Chet said, taking him in his arms as they met at the bottom of the stairs. Jamie was right on his heels, placing a hand on his shoulder. When he did, Miles acted like he was shocked and froze before collapsing in Chet’s arms. Chet picked him up and carried him to the couch.

“Jamie, get a glass of water; quickly please.” Chet said, putting him down on the couch and pulling a blanket off the arm of the couch and covering him. Jamie returned a few moments later with a glass of water.

Miles became lucid and sat up as Chet proffered the glass of water.

“Here Miles, take a sip of water.”

“Chet, it’s Charlie. He’s in trouble. We have to go as soon as we can.”

“Slow down Miles, tell me what you know.”

Miles explained all he could from the dream and then he added, “When Jamie touched me, I saw us in London. Call Uncle Cavendish and see if we can stay with him. I’m sure he will let us. He’s always liked Charlie. Book a flight for us as quickly as possible. First class, of course.”

Chet stood up and paced for bit, his hand on his chin, thinking. He stopped, reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone, pushed #1 and waited.

“Yes,” came the familiar voice on the other end of the phone.

“Charlie is in trouble. I have information to help find him. Have someone call me. This is Chet.”

There was a momentary pause before she replied. “Thank you,” and hung up.

“O.K. guys, back to bed. There is nothing we can do until morning. I know it will be hard to sleep, but try. We’ll make the arrangements in the morning Miles.”


“What do you mean, they called and wanted Will to stay? You let our son stay in a house full of queers!? Don’t you know what they’ll do to him!? I can’t believe you led the lamb to slaughter. Now we have no sons. You stupid bitch!” Jamie’s dad slapped his wife and she fell back against the refrigerator and slid to the floor.

“You can tell them to keep him! I’m sure they’ve made him a queer too, by now. You stupid woman. FUCK! I can’t believe you did that.” He opened a cupboard and got out a bottle and poured himself a glass of whiskey and downed it in one. He threw the glass against the refrigerator and it shattered into pieces as his wife winced and shielded herself from the barrage of broken glass. He left the room to sit in his chair in front of the box. “Make me some dinner!” He yelled from the front room.

His wife weakly rose and grabbed a broom and swept the glass into a pile which she scooped up and put in the waste can before opening the refrigerator and began to prepare dinner.


“Miles, are you serious?” Jamie asked.

“Of course I am. I’m serious enough to tell Chet to get us tickets on the plane and you have no idea how much I hate to fly. It terrifies me. The floor moves and it feels like your falling. Being blind removes your point of reference. It’s even hard to walk.”

“I’ve never flown anyplace before. I’ve always wanted to.”

“Well, your about to fly to England. Perhaps you can keep me sane on the flight.”

“Who is Uncle Cavendish? I’ve never heard you mention him before.”


“Peregrine Andrew Morny Cavendish. 12th Duke of Devonshire. I’m his successor as his son was lost in a car wreck. I will be the 13th Duke of Devonshire. I am currently titled the Earle of Burlington.”

“You’re an Earle? Get out of here!” He said, laughing and giving Miles a shove. “Well, that explains why you’ve never learned to speak proper American English. But what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be Earling in Burlington or something?”

“Don’t be stupid Jamie. It’s a title and other than filling in less zeros on the tax form each year, it can’t get you much more than a table ahead of the cue these days. There is an estate, but as I am so young, my regent occupies the property. There is a small stipend that comes with the title but it goes directly into the family trust. That trust that now covers you and William as I mentioned before.”

“So why haven’t you told me this before, Lord Miles?” Jamie said, with an obvious smile in his voice.

“For that exact reason. I didn’t want you to make sport of me over it and I needed to make sure you weren’t a gold digger.”

“A gold digger? I thought you said it was a small stipend.”

“Well, to some, just having a title immediately throws pound signs in their eyes like a cash register.”

“Then I passed?”

“I think so.”

“So if we get married then I would be what?”

“Lady Cavendish I suppose.” Miles said with some amusement.

“I think Lucky would be better. Lucky Lord Cavendish”

“Well that would describe me quite well but I think it would still make you Lucky Lady Cavendish.”

Jamie rolled over on top of Miles and sat up and started moving his hips forward and backward on Miles now rock-hard, throbbing piece of boyhood. “Can’t we compromise here a little? Maybe Lucky Lord Lady Cavendish?”

Miles was starting to squirm under Jamie’s administrations. Miles grabbed fists full of blankets and brought his knees up pending the forth coming explosions and Jamie stopped.

“Blackmail! You haggis wench you! Yes, you can be Lord Lady Cavendish. Just don’t stop.”

Jamie squirmed forward and back once or twice and he could see his face scrunching up and he paused again. “I believe it was ‘Lucky’ Lord Lady Cavendish.”

Miles rolled Jamie over on his back and said in a husky voice, “Yes of course, Lucky Lord Lady Cavendish.” Miles kissed him as he rubbed his raging hard on against Lucky Lord Lady Cavendish’s stalk of feminine boyhood. His kiss became wild with his tongue seeking a back passage to his naval. His breathing became ragged as the moans of the boys’ lovemaking became more vocal. Jamie’s moans became louder as it was his turn to grab fists full of blankets. But no pause for negotiating came. Just more writhing boy as the two became one squirming in rhythm to each other. And they both were prompted by the break in their kisses and the screams of passion as they blasted cream between each other in massive quantities before lying calm in each other’s arms.

They lay there in silence until a little voice said, “Damn! I did too and I didn’t even touch it.” Which was followed by slurping noises and Jamie glanced over to see Sebastian’s little bum up in the air as he playfully lapped up Will’s unsolicited seed. Jamie couldn’t resist running his hand over the sweet buns presented before him. Little whimpers were made until Miles rolled off Jamie and Jamie came up on one elbow and proceeded to lick the little bum before him. Squeals rang out as Jamie savaged his pucker with his long pointed tongue.

As his squeals grew louder and then softened to rapid trembling whimpers, Will reached up for his little twig which twitched at his touch. Sebastian had finished lapping up his belly and found Will’s straining steel piece. Placing one hand on his mound, he supported himself while taking the other hand and began rubbing his perineum. He stopped sucking a moment to lick down the side and to lick his balls. Will parted his knees fully to allow access as the boy breathed in his musky boy scent. He brought his fingers up to his nose and sniffed deeply and paused. He licked his fingers and paused to evaluate the flavor and the scent.  He dove back on his dick like a starving child as his now damp finger found its way to Will’s pink rose and entered him without further delay.

Will began to protest when his finger moved inside him and a shock of pleasure rolled through him. His hips lurched forward as his sphincter muscles tried to clamp down on Sebastian’s invading finger. Will’s protests turned quickly into whimpers and that brought Sebastian up even higher. He worked his finger across his magic button over and over again as waves of pleasure rolled over and over in Will. He was no longer on this planet. His whimpers and cries became non-stop.

Sebastian could take Jamie’s licking no more, so he pulled his finger out quickly and stopped sucking Will as Will began to panic. Sebastian reached behind him and guided Will’s white hot steel into his little bum hole and sat back all the way down to his mound.

Sebastian cried out, “Oh!” as his stem split his tight little sphincter and then quickly brushed his prostate. He slid his hips forward to find the spot and having found it instinctively rocked his hips forward and back, short stroking himself on Will’s piece as he bucked and squirmed into orbit. Sebastian chirped as each stroke wracked his magic button. Will’s feet reached for more length as his body became rigid and tried to gain leverage, pushing his ass up on his outstretched heels, his toes pointing. Will screamed as pulse after pulse after pulse caused Sebastian to twitch with delight. Grabbing his twig, he pumped as he blasted his very first come up Will’s chest and across his face before falling flat on his chest, breathing heavy. The room became silent again until a voice was heard in the dark.

“Damn!” and then Chet closed the door wishing Charlie was there in his arms.


“You can’t be serious. Are you sure?” Chet said into the phone. “I can’t believe they mean that little to you. This will break his heart.” He paused for a moment, listening. “We will be there in about an hour. Have all of his paperwork ready, just like you did for his brother. Of course I will tell him, but you will have to watch the tears you have caused when he comes to get his shit. Why do you stay with him? You could come too, ya know. Leave him to his own misery. . .” Chet was in tears. “I hear what you are saying, but I can’t imagine it. Longevity does not give him license to treat you and the boys this way. How far would he have to go before you said or did anything to stop him?”

“We’ll see you in about an hour. Yes, good day.” Chet closed the phone and tears fell from his eyes. He composed himself and called out for Jamie.

“Yes, Chet?” Jamie said, coming down the steps.

“We need to have a talk.” Everyone was forming at the top of the steps. “Boys,” Chet said looking up at them. “Everyone needs to get dressed. We’re going out to McDonalds for breakfast.”

The boys screamed in delight as they ran back to the room to dress. Chet took Jamie by the hand and walked back into his room and closed the door.

“Jamie, there is no easy way to say this, so here it is. Your father found out Will spent the night here and has deemed him now a queer and doesn’t want him back. I am afraid to send him back now anyways, but we have to tell him and quickly as I told your mom we would be over in an hour or so to pick up his things. I’ll have to call Margie to come home as we don’t yet have a passport for Will, unless your parents have one for him.”

“No, they don’t. I only had one because of a school trip. Maybe he can stay with Annie and Sebastian until Margie get’s back. I don’t know how long before they are supposed to go back home. Sebastian just said they were visiting his Grandma.”

“Oh shit, I forgot she is due back at nine o’clock. Damn it, I wish Charlie were here.”

Jamie grabbed Chet and pulled him into a hug and just held him. “We’ll find him, don’t worry. Miles wouldn’t have a dream warning us if nothing could be done. I’ll tell Will. You get ready and call Annie. Maybe she can keep Will and Sebastian after breakfast. You, Miles and I can go to the house and get Will’s things. We should have plenty of time. Dad doesn’t get off from work until three.”

“Right then, no time for tea. Hurry and get changed. Bring Will here and I will be with you or I can tell him. It’s my fault he now has no parents.”

“Why do you say that?”

“If I hadn’t pressed your mother into letting him stay then he would still be at home.”

“Thanks for doing him the favor. Do you think he would go on to be as sweet as we see him here if he had stayed? I know what I’m talking about. We may still be able to sneak home for hugs from mom while dad is at work. Don’t worry. It’ll be alright.”

Will turned and left the room, headed for the stairs just as the boys came bounding down the steps.

“Will, come with me. Sebastian, help Miles out to the SUV, would you?” Miles snapped his head around in the direction of Jamie’s voice. “Thanks, very much. We’ll be right down.”

Miles permitted Sebastian to help him out to the SUV, only to find it locked. Sebastian said, “Wait right here and I’ll get the lock thing from Chet.” He ran back into the house only to find Will in tears and Jamie and Chet consoling him. He froze. “I need the lock thing to unlock the SUV so we can get in.” Chet smiled a half smile and reached in his pocket to find the alarm fob and handed it to him. “Are you alright?” Sebastian asked Will, ignoring the proffered alarm fob and placing a hand on Will’s knee.

Will scrunched up his face and blurted out, “My mother and dad don’t want me anymore because I’m gay!” He wailed and Sebastian pushed his way past Chet and sat on the steps and held Will.

“I want you Will. Don’t worry. I won’t let you be alone. And you’ve got Chet and Miles and Jamie. Come on, we’ll get some food in you and then we’ll go hug my mom. She has lots of hugs and she doesn’t mind sharing them.”

They all ambled out to the car where Miles could hear the sobbing.

“What’s wrong? What’s happened? Is it Charlie?” He said with some urgency.

“No Miles.” Jamie whispered. “Come here and I’ll fill you in while they get in.”

He pulled Miles out of earshot of the boys. “Mom called this morning. When dad found out she let Will spend the night in a house full of queers he said he no longer wanted him there. He was sure we turned him into another queer. We have to go over and get his stuff while dad is at work. Will isn’t taking it very well either. I had to tell him that’s why I asked Sebastian to help you out to the car.”

“Shite!” Miles said, the anger welling up in his voice.

“Wait, there is more. Chet is blaming himself for it because he pressured mom into saying yes when he asked for Will to stay the night.”

“Double shite!” Miles said, getting into the SUV. He placed a hand on sweet William after he buckled up in the back next to Jamie. Will and Sebastian were directly behind the driver’s seat. They rolled down the hill to Sebastian’s grandmother’s house. Annie was waiting out front, having received the call from Chet.

“Off to McDonalds then,” Chet shouted as if he were commanding a team of horses. He was trying to lighten the mood.

Having ordered the food and received them on trays, Chet and Annie sat apart. “Annie, I have a problem. Miles, Jamie and I have urgent business in England and have a flight in the morning. We won’t be back for a week. My problem is that Will has no passport and he can’t go back to his mom and dad’s place. I’ve got a call in to Margie. She can come and get him and take him up to her mother’s place, but he has never met Margie and he has met you. He also gets on well with Sebastian.”

“Yes, of course he can stay with us. We aren’t in a hurry to get back to anyplace. I just told Sebastian that we were visiting but the reality is, I lost my job and couldn’t afford the rent, so we came to stay with mom.”

“Well, I could use a nanny, say $400 a week to start? I’ll give you a key when we get back and money for groceries. Does that sound alright?”

Annie’s face glowed. “I just . . . I just don’t know what to say!” She jumped up and kissed Chet right on the lips.

“Uh, we need to talk a moment. There are some things you need to know.”

Chet explained the relationships between him and Margie and him and Charlie. She had a stunned look on her face.

“Are you alright?” Chet asked.

“Yes, it’s just a bit much to take in all at once. So he really is, a you . . . know . . . what.”

“Oh yes, one of the best.”

“And you are taking a blind, twelve year old Earle who is psychic to rescue your lover who is a, you . . . know . . . what.”

“Well, when you put it all together like that, I’ll admit it does sound like putting on the dog doesn’t it. But I assure you it is all true.” He turned to Miles and asked. “Miles, have a mo?”

Miles got up and caned the few steps to him. “Sure Chet, what do you want?”

“Yes, well, Annie is having a little trouble believing all that I’ve told her, especially regarding matters concerning you. I was hoping you could clear some things up for her.” Charlie stood up and placed his hand on Miles’ shoulder indicating that he should sit.

“Chet, how much have you told her?”

“Everything Miles. I held nothing back.”

“Right then, he told you that I am the Earle of Burlington and will be the 13th Duke of Devonshire someday. I am blinded from a car accident where I lost both of my parents. Chet and Margie got married so they could keep me out of the wretched child protective system.” Miles held out his hand and Annie took it. Miles paused for a moment. He motioned to Chet to come closer and whispered in his ear. Miles turned back to her, “Wait one, won’t you?”

Chet asked who wanted to go into the play area for a bit. Will and Sebastian jumped at the chance. “Well, off you go then,” and he followed them out to watch them.

“Is Sebastian outside?” Miles asked.

“Yes,” Annie replied, not sure of why he had to wait.

“The man that died in the war was not Sebastian’s father was he? You were married, but he wasn’t the father. Did you know he went to the nursery at the hospital and saw him? He wept at his loss. Mitch is still single and loves you very much.”

Annie’s jaw dropped open. She started to speak but couldn’t find words. She just stared at him. Finally words found their way to her lips.

“I never told him it was his. I couldn’t. It was an accident. We didn’t mean for it to happen, it just did one day. If I had told my husband, he would have gone ballistic and it would have ended our marriage. I didn’t think he knew.”

“Right then, I would say you don’t have to go on alone unless you wish to. And your secret is safe with us. But you are a believer now, I trust?”

“Totally.” Annie confessed. “Good lord, this is like a grand movie. I never thought things like this happened in real life.”

Jamie chimed in. They don’t normally, but with Miles, every day is an adventure. Jamie nodded the all clear to Chet, who herded the laughing, giggling boys into the SUV while Annie and Jamie cleaned up.

“So, what now?” Annie asked.

“We need to go to the ogres and get Will’s personal things. So we will drop you and Sebastian off at your place or ours which ever you choose, and we’ll run over to get his things. I suppose Will should go. He knows what is important to him, but it won’t be a fun trip.” Chet said, dreading the mess. “But we must be off. We are later than I told her.”


“Ok, take the trash bags and put all your clothes that still fit you and get your toys and Will. . .” He said, getting Will’s attention. “Get pictures of your parents.”

Will started to tear up when Jamie stepped in.

“Hey Will! Look at me. You don’t have time to cry now. Get angry and use that to get through this. You have done nothing wrong, do you hear me? It is the same as getting punished for being right handed. You are what you are. They made you, so if they want to blame someone then it should be themselves, not either of us. I love mom and dad too and I know this hurts, but this is wrong. So let’s get your things.”

Chet asked, “Jamie do you think it would be best if we come along or wait out here?”

“Wait here, this is something we have to do as brothers. I’ll holler if we need help.”

Will sucked it up and took his hand as they walked up to the door and tried the handle. It was locked. They knocked and they could see their mother vaguely through the lace curtains. She opened the door and then stepped into her sitting room and closed the door. Will and Jamie went in and ran up the steps, hurt that their mother didn’t even care enough to say goodbye. She just hid in the room while the boys got his things. Jamie went into his parent’s room and got the box of pictures out of the closet.

“I’ll be right back, you keep stuffing bags.” He grabbed a bag and carried it and the box of photographs out to the SUV, then returned. He noticed the door to the sitting room had opened a crack. Upon returning, he found Will in tears just sitting there.

“Come on Will, there is plenty enough time to cry later. Help me here.” Will just dove in his arms.

“Why can’t they just love me?” He sobbed over and over as Jamie carried him down the steps.

His mother heard her boy’s cry and came running and opened the door. Taking Will from Jamie she wept, “I love you baby.” She pulled Jamie into her arms and hugged him too, but he pulled back. Then he pulled Will from his mother’s arms.

“Even while he beats you and throws your kids out on the street, you still take his side. Look at the bruises on your face. He doesn’t love you any more than he loves us. And now you are as alone as we are. If you love us then come with us.”

“I can’t,” she wept. “Who will take care of him?”

“Who will take care of us?” Jamie stepped by her and went out to the SUV. “Will you stay here with Miles. Chet I need your help.” Chet looked at the broken woman before him as she returned to her room and closed the door once more. Chet and Jamie finished the gathering and took the bags out to the SUV.

Jamie took Miles by the hand, pulling him towards the house saying, “I need you for a minute.” He turned to the SUV, “Chet, we will be right back.” Jamie led him through the house and up the stairs. He took him down the hall to his parent’s room and took Miles to the side of his dad’s bed and dropped his pants.

“Jamie, what are you doing?” Miles protested.

Jamie grabbed his dad’s pillow and parked it in front of Miles and kissed him in the hollow of his neck. Then moving around to his ear, he sucked his ear lobe. Miles’ breathing changed dramatically. Jamie reached down inside his own pants and rubbed his perineum then placed his fingers in from of Miles’ nose. His response was immediate and with the guidance of Jamie’s free hand on Miles’s cock, right on target. He spooged all over his father’s pillow. Jamie put the pillow back in place at the head of the bed and pulled Miles’ pants back up.

“Did you just make me cum all over your parent’s bed?” Miles asked in a whisper.

“No, just on my dad’s pillow. Come on, let’s get out of here.”

“You really are evil you know?” Miles whispered. “Can we do it again?”

“Sure, just not now though. We better get while the getting is good.”

After descending the stairs, Jamie stopped briefly and opened the doors to the drawing room. “Mother, this is Miles, my lover and my partner. He will be the one raising my brother with me. I thought you should at least have a face to go with the name. We are done. You are welcome to come to us. Forgiving is easy, forgetting is another matter. We do love you. Will still loves dad, too. I feel only pity for him. He beat every drop of love I had in me out.” He paused for a moment to see if she would turn around and look at him. He took a breath. “Goodbye.” He took Miles by the hand and led him out to the SUV.


“You guys gonna be alright?” Chet asked.

“Yeah, it’ll take a bit, but we’ll be alright. We have each other and we have you all. We aren’t short on love. We’re just sad.” Jamie hugged Will and kissed the top of his head as his silent tears filled the back of the SUV and dripped a trail of love lost, back to the place he now called home.

Arriving back at the house, Chet turned to Jamie. “Look, I’m really sorry about all this but we still have a lot to do. Pack for 3 days clothing. Anything else, we will pick up there.”

Will sat up. “Where are we going?”

Jamie took Will’s face and turned it towards his. “Will, we have to go help find Charlie. He’s in trouble and only Miles can help him. That means we have to go to England for about 5 days. It means that you can’t go because we don’t have the special papers needed to cross the borders. You would be like an illegal alien. So you’ll have to wait here.”

“Are you going?”

“Yes, I will stay if you tell me you need me to, but Miles really needs my help to find Charlie.”

“What about me? I don’t want to be all alone. It would be scary and what if something happened?”

“You won’t be alone. Annie said you can stay with her and Sebastian until we get back. It’s just 5 days.” Will thought for a moment.

Jamie whispered, “You and Sebastian can fool around all day and all night. You won’t have to quit and go home.”

Will’s eye lit up. This was not something he had thought about.

“So you tell me. Can I go help Miles or do you need me to stay with you? You are my number one important dude. I know this is hard right after this mess with mom and dad but it can’t be helped. Charlie is in real trouble.”

“You go find Charlie with Miles. But tell him he owes me a hug when he gets back and so do you.”

“I’ll bring you back a thousand hugs!” Jamie said, smiling. “And you’ll mind Annie and do like she says right?” Jamie asked.

“Sure, I like her.”

“Sebastian says she has really good hugs too and doesn’t mind sharing. Why don’t you grab a bag of your stuff, drag it upstairs and then try a few of those out.”

“Take the stuff to the room at the end of the hall. Miles’ room is getting a little cramped. You can still sleep in there if you want Will, but you’ll have a room to yourself to put your clothes and toys in. You’ll need to keep it cleaned up so that Miles doesn’t get tripped up when he comes in to tickle you at night.”

The night passed quickly as Chet made a list for his new nanny. He handed her a check made out to her for six thousand dollars. “Use this to outfit his room with the furniture and things he should have. Get him some new clothes and some play things. Go through his old stuff and get rid of anything that no longer fits, is torn or worn, unless it has special meaning to him, of course. Have the store deliver and set it up and you supervise. Decorate it anyway that he likes. Will has a cell phone and we are on speed dial. They are global phones so they will work anywhere on the planet. I’ve also written the numbers down. Get him a computer, because he will need it for school and of course a few games. Use the same rules you have for Sebastian.”

“Ahhhh man! That stinks. Mom won’t buy any games with blood and stuff. Those are the cool ones.” Sebastian pouted.

“It’s a tough life Sebastian,” Chet said, with some levity. “Perhaps she will let you kill something for your next birthday.” Annie covered her smile with her hand and turned away slightly.

Chet returned to his conversation. “Use the money for anything you need. If you need more call me. Here is my banker’s card. I can access funds with a telephone call. Don’t skimp, get quality stuff and have a good time doing it. I’ve called Margie and told her we have this handled, much to her relief and great thanks to you. So she will stay at her mothers to try and fix that mess, but she is a phone call away. She is on the list.”

“Wait, this is her house. Won’t she be upset that another woman is dressing out her home?”

“Quite the contrary. She hates doing it. She loves a well done job as long as she doesn’t have to do it. And she never goes upstairs anyways because the boys are permitted to run around naked upstairs. They can be downstairs too, but not if we have company and we always have clothes on when in the kitchen or for meals.” With those words, Sebastian jumped up and took Will’s hand and was last seen dragging him upstairs while removing clothing with the free hand. A string of boy giggles announced their naked arrival in upstairs.

Annie looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

“Miles is blind and has never been aware of the word modesty. If he can’t see himself, then he naturally assumed no one else could. It was easier to make the upstairs a clothing free zone than to try and put one more useless burden on a boy who was just trying daily to be happy. Remember, his gift is also a curse. He touches someone, brushes up against someone and he can see a lot of things he should never have to see. The upstairs is his free zone. He is free to be how he is or how he wants to be.”

“I never considered it. I can see the logic to it.”

“Margie likes to see the little streakers now and then too. It really is very sweet. ‘Innocence set free.’ Take it from me; enjoy the giggles while they last. They are replaced by tears all to fast. Well, back to it. If you want, you can take us to the airport and use the SUV while we are gone. Otherwise, I will leave it in the long term parking lot.”

“No, I have one that runs just fine thanks.”

“Here are copies of our tickets and where we will be staying. It’s the Devonshire Arms. Uncle Cavendish is on the board so they give us special rates.”

“Right, let’s see now. Oh, look at the time. We better make tea. Wait, better yet, let’s do take out. How about pizza? Annie, would you find out what they want and here is my wallet. Just take what you need. I’ve got to get packed and to check the papers to make sure we’ll pass customs.”


“Right, get in the car. We’ll be late for our flight,” Chet said, getting in and warming the engine as he popped the back and loaded the two bags into it. They grabbed their carry on bags and Chet told Jamie to stay put inside the door while he parked. Jamie was excited by all the new sounds and the way things worked. Miles, on the other hand, was dreading the flight and walked like his feet were covered in lead.

“Miles, this is too exciting.” Jamie said, smiling and you could hear it in his voice. Jamie still had Miles by the hand, but as Miles had a white cane, it went mostly unnoticed. But it still drew looks from many. Jamie didn’t care. He turned to Miles and placed his forehead to Miles’. He leaned in and kissed his pointed little nose. “It’ll be alright.”

“Easy for you to say.”

“Miles, it’s the safest way to travel.”

“I know. I just don’t like the feel of it.”

Jamie leaned in and whispered in his ear. “Ever done it in an airplane?”

Miles smiled. “Not yet!”

Chet was amazed at how eager Miles had suddenly become to get onboard.

“Miles, what has gotten into you? Ten minutes ago, you were in a right state over it. Now, you can’t wait to be on with it.”

“Uh, yes, well. Jamie made me see the error of my ways. Can we go now?”

Chet gave Jamie a look like, ‘what are you up to?’ Jamie shrugged, but his crimson blush told Chet it was going to be an interesting flight.

Having passed security and boarded the plane, they waited as everyone in business class and coach entered and found their seats.

Miles complained bitterly to Jamie, “I’ll never understand why they board first class first and then traipse everyone through. You have to dodge the luggage and have your nose in everyone’s arse as they pass through. Wouldn’t it be a better service if we could stay in the presidents club until the plane was loaded then the ten or twelve first class passengers could walk in the door, sit down and be on their way.”

The stewardess saw them holding hands and noticed it when Jamie stole a kiss. She smiled to herself. The door of the plane finally closed and the gantry was pulled back when the plane started to move backwards with a jolt. She saw Miles wince and he grabbed Jamie’s hand so tight his knuckles were white. She leaned over and asked, “So, what takes you to Thailand?”


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