The California Zephyr
by Joe Butterman


Chapter 10: Dino’s First Time

We were pretty somber after the war talk. It had been very moving, and we’d think about it in the future. But, you couldn’t really expect us to stay somber for long. Davey started ragging Tomas about starting his boxing lessons. Tomas didn’t think he needed any lessons to kick Davey’s ass. Davey smiled hugely and muttered something about “licking.” We rode again that afternoon. I’d suggested that we go for a drive in the Cornbinder, but Tomas always preferred to do everything possible by horse, so that’s what we did.

Margarita pulled out all of the stops at dinner.  It’s not like it was a special holiday feast, or anything, it’s just that somehow, it was special.  We had: navy bean soup with ham hocks, roast beef with gravy and new potatoes, home made tortillas, green beans from our garden that Margarita and Mommy had canned themselves, and, not one, but two desserts – flan with brandy sauce and blueberry pie.  We just kinda lazed around in the living room after dinner.

As we were going upstairs, Davey announced that he got the shower first.  I didn’t argue with him or anything because I didn’t think it mattered.  Davey made a big production of giving Tomas a good night kiss in the hall, then he disappeared into my room.  I told Tomas that I’d be in to see him in a minute, and followed Davey.  Davey was half naked when I got in, naked in a few seconds more, and started pulling my clothes off just after that.  “I’m gonna go start the shower and I think you should bring Tomas in.”  I smiled, “I wondered what you were up to,” and I untangled my legs from my Levis and boxers that Davey had managed to get all snarled-up around my ankles.  I heard the shower start as I tapped on Tomas’ door and entered.  He was standing just in his socks and underwear.  We smiled and I was in his arms for a kiss.  “Come on, we’re gonna take a shower,” I  knelt before him as I pulled his shorts down, nuzzled his manhood with my face, and got his socks off as he supported himself with a hand on my head and got rid of his t-shirt.

Did I tell you that Tomas was not circumcised like most of us?  Well, he isn’t.  Him and Tonio aren’t. But it doesn’t matter because Tomas looks even better than the statue of David in Tonio’s yard.  More like Antinous now that I think about it.  I like to play with his foreskin, too.  However, he gets hard really quick, and it pretty much disappears.  So I nibbled on it just with my lips for a little bit.  It was starting to disappear, I stood-up and grabbed his hand and we went down the hall to the shower.

When we go in the bathroom, Davey immediately springs into Tomas’ arms, kissing and hugging him.  “I think you’re great, and I think you’re muy bonito, and I’m really glad I got to know you,” Davey told him between kisses.  Then he pulled us both into the shower and closed the door.  This shower was very modern and had been added to the bathroom a few years ago.  My folks wanted this part of the house to keep its aura of age, so there was still a big claw footed bathtub that was really great if you were sore from riding or something and wanted a nice hot soak, but there were also all of the modern conveniences like a glass enclosed shower.

Davey was on his knees in front of Tomas, and was rubbing and massaging all of him from the waist down.  I moved so that I was touching Tomas, and massaged his shoulders, arms, back and chest.  Pretty much everything of him that I could reach.  I felt Davey licking and nuzzling my balls.  Then he would be gone, presumably to attend to Tomas, then he would be back.  This was great.  Warm water.  Naked lovers.  Fondling hands.    Moving lips.  This is what heaven is all about.  Davey stood-up and turned off the shower.  “That was shower number one,” he grabbed the soap and started lathering Tomas all up.  He handed me the soap and I started lathering him all up.  “My turn,” from Tomas, and he started lathering me all up and Davey helped.  There we were, all warm and wet and soapy.  So then Davey turns the shower back on, announcing, “now for shower number two.”  And we rinse the soap off each other, relaxing and enjoying the hot water and the hot hands all over our bodies.  Then Davey turns the shower off.  I guess he appointed himself shower monitor, and we stepped out to start drying.  Davey told Tomas that he was going to dry him with his mouth, so he started nuzzling him and trying to suck the water out of his pubic hair.  We thought this was pretty neat.  I started toweling Tomas, when I got to his butt; he opened his legs so I could get all the water out of the crack of his butt.  Davey, already down there, took the towel and started on Tomas’ legs.  While this was going on, Tomas had grabbed a towel and he pulled me over and started drying me off.  Very slow with lots of kisses.  Davey jumps-up, “and now for shower number three,” and he reaches in and turns the shower back on.  Then he steps between me and Tomas and says, “I need to be dry too.”  So we both start drying him, like I said, very slow and with lots of kisses.  Tomas dries Davey off, by taking him deep into his throat.  Davey moans and thrusts.  I step in behind him and hug him from behind, thrusting my cock between his cheeks, and pinching and rubbing his nipples from behind.  We dry him off like this for a few minutes, then he wiggles free, and turns the shower off.  “There,” he announces in triumph, “three showers.”

So there we are, in the steamy warmth of the bathroom, all naked, all rampant and straining.  But Tomas is giving Davey THAT look.  The one he reserves for people who walk or run when they could be on horseback, or have demonstrated some comparable collapse of good sense.  “Okay,” he says, one hand on his hip, head tilted back, naked and imperial.  “What’s with the ‘three showers’ thing?”  Davey grins hugely and steps into him, rubbing him gently with his boner, “well, just in case anyone was listening to the sounds of the house, they heard the shower run three times.  Once for each of us,” he kissed Tomas.

I laughed with delight.  There were undreamed of depths of practicality in darling Davey, who was usually late, and could insert a “Wow” into the conversation at the worst possible time.  It reminded me of the time in Anaheim when we all went to the beach, but never got our swimming suits wet because we were always naked.  When we were packing-up to come home, I took the suits down to the surf and got them all wet and sandy just in case anyone in authority would see them.  I laughed again, kissed them both, “I love you guys.”

We went into my bedroom where we arranged ourselves in a triangle on my bed.  We finished what we had started in the bathroom.  Before sleep:

“Hey, Davey.”


“Mess my bed up in the mornin’ so the house’ll think I slept there.”

“Kay.”  Davey’s all serious as hell.

Next day, we’re driving back to Reno.  It’s been a great weekend and I’m daydreaming out the window about what we’re going to do for Dino’s First Time, which is going to be next weekend.  I already have permission to spend the weekend in town.  Davey and I had concocted an excuse, about starting a running program for him and going to the movies with some other friends and, and his folks were thinking about going out of town, all like that, but I didn’t even need to go into any details.  Davey was okay with my parents.  It was overkill in a good cause.

“So are you thinking about buying a car with your profits?”  Daddy asks out of nowhere.  And it’s not like he’d been checking up on me, or anything.  I always show him my monthly statement from the brokerage so he knows how much money there is in the account.  Actually, I hadn’t thought about doing anything like that. I had the truck at home; all I had to do was hint to Dino and he’d take me anywhere I needed to go in town – so who needs a car?

“No, Daddy.  I don’t think I need a car just yet.”

“Aw come-on,” Davey pipes up, “we need a new Chevy.  They’re the coolest.  Those fins are just right.”

I stifle my first response, which would have been something like: what’s with the ‘we’ shit?  But I don’t say, “shit,” because Daddy’s right there, so there’s no point saying something that’s guaranteed to produce a correction.  And then it dawns on me that “we” is kinda right anyway.  But, “Nope.  I don’t think I’d be apt to buy a Chevy even if I were considering a car.”  I really am a snob.  I can’t help it.  And it’s no big deal because I’ve got a lot of friends and lovers who are okay with it. I mean, a lot of the time they just ignore it.

“Well,” Daddy wonders, “If you were going to buy a car, what would it be?”

“My Aunt has a De Soto,” Davey offers, “It’s a nice car.”

“Oh.  Wow.”  I give him THAT look.

“Just tryin’ to help,” Davey has his huge and beautiful smile going full blast and was not in the least intimidated by THAT look.  Of course, it’s hard to get any real effect with THAT look when, just last night, I was giving him a blowjob.

I return to Daddy’s question.  “I don’t know for sure.  They don’t make Packard’s anymore, or that would be it for sure.  Probably a Buick or a Caddie.  No, not a Caddie, I don’t like their fins at all. Now that I think about it, I don’t care much for the Buicks looks just now, though it’s a great car. The Lincoln’s look good.  Something like that.”

“Naw.  Gotta be a fifty-seven Chevy, man,” Davey’s not been moved in the least by my snobbery.

“Well okay, I’d consider it if I was gonna buy a car, kay?”  Davey wins another round.  But it’s really all right; he’s pretty special.  Anyway, I don’t have to buy one, just think about it.  I’m not really all that sure exactly what a ’57 Chevy looks like anyway.

When we get to Davey’s house, he gets out and looks at my Daddy for the longest time and you can tell he’s working up to something important; he’s sorta gulpin’ and fidgety and anxious.  Then he gets it all together and, looking my Daddy right in the eye, he says, “Thanks for the great weekend, Daddy,” and then he walks quickly up the path and disappears into his house.  We sit quiet for a long minute and I start thinking of ways to explain to Daddy why Davey would need to say something like that, but Daddy needs no explanation.  “When you see Dave next time, please tell him he’s welcome, and I hope he can visit us again soon.”

Then I was dropped-off at the Arndt’s with a hug and a kiss and it was time for another week of school and, of course, Dino’s First Time.

Next day, was your typical Monday at school.  Which is to say, nothing of any interest happened.  There was this one girl in English who kept inventing reasons to talk to me, and I think she may have been harboring some notions that wouldn’t interest me in the least.  But I was always civil and tried to be as helpful as possible without her getting any wrong ideas.  I saw Dino briefly in the hall and asked him if he was gonna pick me up after running this afternoon and he grinned his off-center grin, lipped “sure cutie” silently, and then said, “Yeah, man,” in a normal tone of voice and we went off to our respective classes.  During P.E., Davey grabbed me and told me he would be running with me after school.  I said “great” without really thinking.  Then I remembered that Dino was gonna pick me up after running, which meant he would probably be waiting in the locker room for me to come out of the shower naked and glowing for him; then I decided it would be just fine for Davey and I to come out of the shower all naked and glowing for him, since Davey had said he wanted to help with Dino’s First Time.  Might as well bring them together soon so there’d be no surprises.  Davey was waiting for me just outside the building and we walked down to the gym together.  I told him that Dino would be meeting us after our run and would offer him a ride home.  He said, “Wow.”  Then I launched into a lecture about running and how not to over do it, and why he shouldn’t wear a jock strap for running, but should for boxing; that I was gonna run four miles today and he shouldn’t try to keep up as he was just starting, and so on, and so on…and on.  I think, sometimes, that I try to take too much care of those I love.  So I changed the subject and told him that my Daddy really liked him and that he was welcome at the ranch any time.  He looked real thoughtful and said, “Gee…that’s great.”  We said “good afternoon sir” to Coach Schwartz as he was walking up the hill from the gym.  His response was, “Hi guys.”  I thought that was pretty lax.  But I didn’t say anything about it.  When we had our running clothes on I had to reach up Davey’s shorts and feel him-up thoroughly.  “Just making sure everything’s okay,” I grinned.  He grinned back and groped me right back.  Then we went up to the track.  I started my run, in the course of which I noticed that Davey had listened to me, he did a slow jog, then a fast walk, then jog, then a slow walk.  I slowed down and cooled down my last two laps and then we started to the shower together.

It’s always best to take a shower with a lover.  Even if you don’t actually do it in the shower, it’s nice to have help washing and it’s nice to help wash.  Davey and I have taken lots of showers together so it was easy for us to get each other clean with all of the right little rubs and fondles and tickles that are so pleasurable, yet because they are so intimate, are a real statement of passionate love and sincere friendship.  We helped each other dry off so when we left the shower we both had semi-woodies that were reaching out before us, as if to lead the way, but were not yet pointing to heaven.  Because we were so intimate, when we went walking back into the locker room, we were just carrying our towels, not wearing them.  There was Dino, waiting, he thought, just for me.

This was electric.  Davey and I, fresh from the shower, a little damp, a little hard, and naked; Dino standing with one foot up on the bench, all manly and strong, smiling a greeting that slides into surprise as he, expecting one boy fresh from the shower, now faces two.  He doesn’t know quite what to make of this; he’s still manly, strong and beautiful – but he’s unsure of the situation and not in control.  I stop and smile at him and Davey stops beside me.  We stand naked before him and I can feel my cock growing and reaching.

“Do you remember me?”  Davey asks, “One time, at the DQ, you made these two guys who wanted my money leave me alone.  I’ve always thought you were pretty neat.”  Dino just gulps and looks from one of us to the other.

Now, for about a week, I’ve been planning a date with Dino, that’s supposed to have sex, and candlelight, and room service, and more sex.  But this is way too much.  I’m not in control either.  There’s about to be sex.  But there won’t be any candles or room service.  Davey starts toward Dino; I admire his butt as he moves to Dino.  Dino watches him advance and he’s transfixed by Davey’s beauty.  Davey walks up to him and wraps him in his arms and gives him a serious kiss.  I follow him up and wiggle into Dino’s arms too.  When they break their kiss, I move in and kiss him deeply.  Then Davey and I, as if we’d planned it, start pulling off Dino’s clothes.  Davey goes down on his knees and works off his boots and socks while I unbuckle him and open his fly so that his pants are loose; then I start getting his shirt and t-shirt off.  Dino is just sort of gasping and panting.  I hear him say “Jesus” once but that was the only actual word.  Now we’ve got him all naked and we sit him on the bench and Davey is already on his knees and he has Dino in his mouth in an instant.  Dino’s eyes are closed and he sighs with joy.  I stand beside him and slowly pull his head over and onto my boner and he takes me eagerly and fully.  It’s great.

So Dino never got a first time.  At least not the kind that I’d been thinking of with a hotel room and candles, bubble baths, room service, and all the trimmings that I’d imagined would be appropriate.  But he had a weekend with Davey and me at Davey’s house.  I’d been staying there as his folks were again gone for the best part of a week and since Davey and I’d not destroyed the house that first time, and the neighbors had not summoned the police, it was now considered just the thing for me to stay with Davey when they were out of town.

We got dressed once when we went out for pizza.


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