The California Zephyr
by Joe Butterman


Chapter 8: Goddamn It Dino

I was surprised, after school the next day, to find Dino waiting to give me a ride home. I thought this was odd because, I’d spent almost two hours after school running laps and then showering casually, alone, and completely unhurried in the locker room. It seemed he’d done some serious waiting in order to offer me a ride that I didn’t really need, or for that matter, even want. It’s strange in the locker room when you shower alone. It’s usually so boisterous and alive with boys and all their busyness and concerns. When only one shower is running, it seems kinda forlorn and lonesome. Of course, once I started thinking about it, I could see some potential: what if I was alone in the shower with Mike? Interesting thought. At least it wouldn’t be alone and lonesome.

Anyway, there was Dino smiling, Ford rumbling, “Come on, I’ll take ya home.”  Well, when he smiles, he is really beautiful, I had noticed this yesterday when we were making peace.  So I said, “Okay.”  We started off.

“You’ve been smoking in here,” I indicted.


“Don’t’cha know that’s not good for you,” I rolled on.

“Geez…Charles.  I didn’t smoke yesterday when ya were in the car…”

“That was yesterday.”

“An I’m not smokin’ now am I?  Geez…whadda ya want anyway?”

“Well, since you asked, I want’cha to quit smokin’ is what I want’cha to do!”

He regarded me as if in the presence of some strange new phenomenon.  Which, perhaps, he was, “And I want’cha to watch where your drivin’!”  His attention snapped back to the road, we weren’t in any danger, but he had been looking at me.  We went on in silence for several blocks.

“Why don’t we go get a pizza?”  Dino suggested.  I pondered this for a moment.  I was really curious to find out what all of this was about.  Yesterday, you know, he was all set to kick my ass and here we are today: he waits hours after school, without me knowing anything about it, to give me a ride home and now wants to go have pizza with me.

“It’s almost dinner time,” I hedged.  I was hungry.  “But okay…if ya stop at the Arndt’s so I can tell ‘em that I won’t be home for dinner.”

“Swell,” he enthused, and seconds later we were stopped in front of the Arndt’s.

“I’ll just be a minute,” I said getting out with my books and gym bag.  As I went up the driveway, I saw Larry and Two Shoes in the garage.  They have become virtually inseparable.  They were staring at Dino’s car.  Two Shoes waved me over.

“Its’ gonna be another one of those nights,” he sadly said.  I put my hand on his shoulder and squeezed gently.

“I’m sorry for you – you’re one a the good guys.  But I guess it won’t be a problem me goin’ out for pizza then,” so I went on into the house, told Mrs. Arndt what I was about, dropped my stuff in my room, changed jackets, and went back out and waved to Larry and Two Shoes as I jumped in the car with Dino.  They looked pretty amazed at all this.

At the pizza parlor, I was considering the menu and Dino looked kinda sad.  Beautifully sad, but sad nonetheless.

“They won’t serve ya beer no matter what kinda ID ya got,” he commented as if this might somehow be important.

He really is beautiful when he lets himself be.  And he was certainly letting his beauty show here.  I almost called him ‘sweetheart’ as I responded, “Dino, I’m fifteen; I have no ID except a passport and I don’t have that with me, and even if I did it wouldn’t work cause it tells the truth; but even if I did have phony ID, Dino,” here I almost slip again and call him ‘dear’, “I wouldn’t be ordering any beer because I don’t drink.  I don’t smoke and I don’t drink.  And I’m not a Mormon or anything neither.”  I paused a moment for effect and then charged on, “And anyway you started this.  You asked me here and while we’re here you aren’t gonna drink because we both know that you’re only nineteen and you’re not gonna smoke because it’s bad for you and I hate the smell of it.”  He still looked beautiful.  He had a little smile.  His smile is really fine, and it seems just a little off center because of an extra laugh line on one side of his mouth.  He’s pretty cool when he’s not trying to look dangerous.

But what’s up with me?  He waits way late for me at school.  Asks me to have pizza with him: and all I do is chew his ass the whole time.  He smiles me a beautiful smile.  I relented and smiled broadly back.

This pizza parlor was just your basic place with dark paneling, dim lighting, and tables that would mostly seat four.  There were the regulation red and white checked tablecloths, that aren’t really cloth, and there were metal chairs that were in that old ‘bentwood’ style, but since they weren’t wood, they weren’t real ‘bentwoods’.  We were sitting on opposite sides of a table.  I point all of this out because I had become aware, as I was lecturing Dino, that his right knee was firmly alongside my left knee.  This is interesting.  I didn’t move my knee first, and I’m not gonna move it now.

I continued to smile at him.  I wasn’t forcing the smile either.  I hadn’t raised my voice or anything, but I didn’t want my lecture to sting too much.  “Why’d ya ask me to come with ya anyway,” I wanted to know.  His smile widened and the laugh lines deepened, “Cuz I like ya.”  Then the waitress came by and he ordered a medium pizza with pepperoni, sausage and mushrooms like we had decided, and then hesitated for an instant, long enough for me to butt in, “And two large cokes.”

Experimentally, I shifted my knee a little so that he would know that I knew that our knees were touching.  “Wait a minute!  Yesterday you were gonna kick my ass for no reason that I know anything about.  You got us dragged into the VP’s office where you were threatened with expulsion or being drafted.  And Mr. Comeskilling now knows who I am.  Today.  Well today you say ya like me.  Can ya maybe understand that I’m not getting it?”

I looked at him steadily.  He was still beautiful, so I knew we weren’t going to fight, but his smile kinda drifted away.  Then he shifted his knee a little, so that I would know that he knew that our knees were touching.  “I’ll try.  My Mom left us a long time ago.  She left becuz my Dad’s a mean drunk.  At nine tonight I’ll go to work at the downtown Chevron station for three hours.  I’m a good mechanic and the owner likes me.  But the main reason I’ll be working is so’s when I get home my Dad’ll be passed out.  He’ll still be passed out when I get up for school.  That’s how I live.  I’m always trying to avoid a mean drunk when he’s drinking…it can be kinda hard to do.  Cuz he’s always drinkin’.”

The pizza came and we gave it some attention.  Pretty good, really, not too tomatoey, good crust.

“So…then,” he continues, “Here you come down the hall.  And there’s some kinda glow, or sumthin’, about you.  Like, ya know, here I am and my world is perfect.  Or sumthin’ like that.  And then I start thinkin’ all kindsa thoughts like I never thought I could think before.  About you.  So, yeah, I wanted to kick yer ass.  What else?  I mean, ya know, that’s kinda me.  But it wasn’t really you, I think, ya know what I mean, it wasn’t you at all.  I mean it wasn’t you, Charlie, I was mad at.  Mebbe it was me, or my old man, or sumthin’.  I’m sposed to be such a bad ass and all, but I ain’t really.  Last night it came ta me that I’d like to get to know ya: I’d like to get to know Charlie.  And ya know what else,” he rolled on, “ya keep tellin’ me not to smoke cuz it’s bad fer me.  You,” slowly and solemnly, “are the only person I kin ever remember, who ever said I shouldn’t do sumthin cuz it was bad fer me.  ME.  Am I makin’ any fuckin’ sense at all?

We worked some more on the pizza.  “It’s okay,” I said.  “I think I see.  Ya know, you’re a really good lookin’ guy when you let yourself smile.”  I smiled.  I moved my left foot forward and hooked my heel around his right heel so that we were in contact from knee to heel.  It wasn’t an accident and he knew it.  He smiled all sparkly in the dim light of the pizza parlor.

Then the pizza was gone and it was time to go.  Mr. Arndt would be gone by now, and soon Dino would need to go to work.  I was going to pay for the pizza, but something stopped me, and that was the right thing to do.  Dino paid for it as if he expected to all along, and left a dollar tip on the table.  I thought well, here’s another first: I’ve been taken out to dinner by a handsome young man.  Somehow, this pizza and a coke was every bit as important as a fancy lunch with Tonio.  We started toward the Arndt place.  He drove slowly and the Ford rumbled almost happily.  I reached down and felt his thigh.  I moved my hand up and down over him and lightly massaged his thigh.  He pulled up at Arndt’s and killed the engine and the lights.  He turned toward me.  Here we go, I thought, and I moved into him and kissed him full on the mouth.  I ran my tongue in and our tongues sparred.  I broke the kiss.  I ran my fingers through his hair.  “Let’s do this again,” I whispered.

“Okay, Charlie, that sounds great.”

“And another thing,” I whispered, “when we’re together, ya know, when it’s just us, please call me Carlos.”

“Okay Carlos.”

I kissed him again.

I got out and went toward the house.  The driveway was empty and the bedroom light was on.  I stood there for awhile and felt badly for Mrs. Arndt.  Dino’s Ford rumbled into the darkness on his way to work.  I went to my room.  I was pleased that I had no pressing schoolwork to do.  It had been a most interesting day.

I had just hung my jacket up when Two Shoes and Larry came into my room.  They were both naked.  They weren’t hard, so I suspected that they’d already done it.  “What a day, Two Shoes.  You’d better undress me.”  He grinned and they both started taking my clothes off.  I already had half a woodie from kissing Dino, but Larry and Two Shoes both started taking turns on me as soon as they had me naked.  I was hard as steel in an instant.  It was kinda neat, standing there while the two of them worked on my dick.  But I always felt that sex needed to be fully shared, if it were to be really good.  So I knelt down facing them and grabbed a wiener in each hand. They were both mostly soft.  “Have you guys got off tonight?”  They smiled and nodded, so I stood back up, and they went back to work until I exploded down Larry’s throat.  Then they took me to the bathroom and gave me a shower.

I’d spent some time and energy in teaching Two Shoes how to give me a shower and it was really neat to just stand, luxuriating in the warm water; relaxing as four hands soaped and washed and rinsed and massaged every inch of me.  Two Shoes had taught Larry well.  They managed to get me hard again, and this time we had to wait for Two Shoes to work on my dick, while Larry washed my ass with his tongue.  I came again for Two Shoes.  And to think that only a couple months ago I’d thought you could only come once a day.

When dry, we all got into my bed.  They had to ask all about Dino before we got to sleep.  So I told them the whole story, from fight to kisses.  Then I made them tell me everything they knew about Dino.  Ferociously, I swore them to secrecy about Dino, too – he had a rep.

Goddamn it Dino, I thought as I drifted off to sleep between two naked boys.  You’ve certainly complicated things.  I felt that with Dino, things needed to be taken seriously.

The next day at school was a really good day.  Something interesting happened in all of my classes.  Even history was good because we were just getting to the Civil War.  I had a lot of questions lined-up for Mr. Stanford about General McClellan, the Crimean War, saddles and things.  I already had the answers, of course; I’d be asking the questions to embarrass the tedious fuck as I felt sure he wouldn’t know the answers to any of them.

Davey and I had lunch outside because it was a clear, crisp and altogether beautiful day.  He was coming out to the ranch for the coming weekend.  We were gonna do a lot of riding. Horses too.  I told him a little about what had been happening with Dino. There were too many people around to go into any real detail.  Davey and I’d been doing it regularly since our first time and I told him all about Anaheim and all of my friends, so he wasn’t all jealous or anything; but he told me that once, when he was in 6th or 7th grade, a couple of punks were gonna take his money at the DQ and that Dino had stepped in and stopped it.  Davey went all coy to tell me he’d like to get to know Dino better, too.  Then he got serious and told me that he loved me and to call him if I ever needed anything.  He squeezed my knee.  “I love ya too Davey,” just before we parted.

I was a little surprised because a couple of upperclassmen, who wore their 501’s like Dino, nodded ‘hi’ to me though I had no idea who they were.  Being a friend of Dino’s was not going to be all problems.

After classes, I started down to the gym.  Today was only going to be a four mile run.  I was really beginning to enjoy this running.  I felt light and free when running.  Running is great, kinda like riding Dragoon.  I thought it must be what Dragoon feels when he’s running.  Three days of the week I would run only four miles, on the other two, I would push it further, and then, later, I would bring it up another mile on the other days.  I’d been doing this since the beginning of school.  I was thinking about track, though I wouldn’t be wearing any sexy running shorts today.   I was also very interested in baseball, which is a great game, a combination of skill and science.  While we’re on the subject, I think that basketball is the dumbest game of all time.  When they make us play it in PE, I always double dribble just to piss everyone off.  It’s almost as bad as diagramming sentences. The only thing that makes a basketball game worth watching is the boys in their short shorts.

As I come down to the track I see Mr. Schwartz walking toward me.  All I know about him is that he’s a PE teacher. I’ve noticed him watching me run laps before. “Good afternoon, sir,” I say as we near, but as I prepare to go on by, he says, “Hold on a minute son.”  So I stop and face him.  At fifteen, I’m an inch taller than he is; but he’s built like a bulldozer and is almost as wide as I am tall.  None of it is fat either.  His hair is so closely cut that it’s hard to tell the color against his tan and he’s thinning on the top.  His eyes are a shade that I can only describe as “granite blue.”  But he doesn’t strike me as a cold man.

“You run here regularly don’t ya?”

“Yes sir,” I was a little surprised to hear him say “ya”.  I didn’t expect that from faculty.

“How far ya runnin’?”

“Four miles on Monday, Wednesday and Friday – unless I have to leave early on Friday.  As soon as I get to eight miles comfortably on Tuesday and Thursday, I’ll start doing five on the other days.”

“Are ya freshman?”  I hope he knew his PE because his English left a lot to be desired.

“Yes sir.”

“What’s yer name?”

“Charles Scott, sir.”

“They call ya Chuck?”

“No sir, they do not.”

“Well, enjoy yer run, Charles Scott.”

“Thank you, sir.”

He walked off and I started around the track.  I mulled this curious encounter for a couple of laps and then began to think about Davey and the coming weekend.  I picked up the pace.

I finished my shower in the echoing quiet of the shower room, and started drying my hair as I went into the locker room to dress.  I halted abruptly with the towel and my hands in my hair.  Dino was standing by my locker, one foot up on the bench.  He was smiling.  He had his jacket off, and was holding it over his shoulder with one hand.  His eyes were roaming all over me.  I continued drying-off as I walked toward him.  I stretched a little; I worked the towel to accent my nudity as well as to get dry.  Well, actually, I was posing for him. “Hi cutie, er, I mean, Carlos,” he was a touch flustered it seemed.  You may remember that I’ve been paid to pose naked and I enjoy it.  I walked right up to him, dropped the towel, grabbed him with both hands and pulled him into a kiss.  It was a very long and very intense kiss.  He dropped his jacket and started feeling up my butt.  I broke the kiss.  “Cutie…I mean Dino…you haven’t been smoking today.  You taste really great when you don’t smoke.”  I kissed him again, running my tongue in real deep and all around to show him how good he tasted, and as I did so, I felt his crotch where I discovered, no surprise really, a thundering boner.  I broke the kiss again, and stepped out of his arms.  I opened my locker and started to dress.  He looked pathetic.  I had my boxers and my undershirt on.

“Put your coat on, Dino.  We’re going to my room.  I’m gonna tutor you a little.”

“Tutor me?”  He looked a little dazed.

“Yeah.  We’ll tell ‘em it’s English, but it’ll really be PE.”  I pulled my semi-boner out of my fly and waved it at him.

As we were driving to the Arndt’s I asked him if he’d ever done it with a boy before.  “No…in fact, yer probably the only person I’d tell this to, but I’ve never done it with anyone before.”  This startled me; I mean we all imagine, I guess for no reason at all, that the bad asses on campus get all the sex they could possibly want.  Clearly, this wasn’t so. The way he made this confession gave it the ring of complete and total truth. It was his first time.  It ought to be more than a quickie in my room.  I considered this.

When we got to the Arndt’s, I took him to my room.  I went upstairs and told Mrs. Arndt that I was tutoring a classmate for a while and that I’d eat at the DQ later.  She thanked me.  I think Two Shoes and I were the only ones who ever gave her the courtesy of consideration.

Back to my room where I locked the door behind me and stepped up to him putting both hands on his waist.  “Sweetie.  Your first time ought to be more than a quickie in my bedroom in this dump.  You should know that it won’t be my first time.  If you wanna wait until weekend after next, we’ll get us a hotel room and we can do it right.  I hafta go home this weekend.”  I kissed him on both cheeks and on the mouth.

“Oh Baby,” he sounded like he was singing the ‘Blues’.  “Can we maybe do a quickie here, and a pretend first time later?”

“Sure,” I laughed and surrendered to his eyes.  “And just think, then we can do a real third and fourth time if we want.  THIS, will be your second time, cutie.” I pulled his jacket off and sat him on the bed.  I knelt before him and slipped his boots and socks off and massaged his feet and calves.  I stood up and then leaned into him pushing him back onto the bed while we kissed furiously and I loosened his shirt and undershirt.

“You are really beautiful when yer naked,” he whispered in my ear.  So I stood back up and stripped all of my clothes off.  I really like being naked, and it’s even better when I know that it pleases my boy.  I moved back onto him and got his sport shirt and undershirt off.  I nuzzled the hair under his arms.  Stuck my tongue in his ear, in his mouth, and gave his nipples a serious licking.  I moved up and sat on his chest, moving my balls around in the light fuzz on his chest.  He started to lick my boner.  But I slid back down and whispered, “Me first sweetheart.”  I continued down and unbuttoned his 501’s and just continued pulling them down and off.  He wore white Jockey shorts.  I made a real production of getting those off him and he was in a light sheen of perspiration and was really breathing hard and kinda moaning low when I had him fully naked.

Most of my men have been about my own age.  Tonio, of course, is in his early fifties, so he’s the oldest; but Dino was next oldest at nineteen.  He had a full and beautifully defined thatch of pubic hair that was as black as the hair on his head.  He didn’t have a lot of hair otherwise, but you could see where it was coming in, and he did need to shave regularly to avoid looking straggly.  Somehow, I can always find the time to fuss about matters of complete unimportance.  His boner was long and slim and hard and I dove onto it until my nose was in his thatch of pubic hair.  I loved the smell of him.  I had barely begun, and he started thrusting and going, “Unh…Unh…Unh” and then he was gushing into my mouth.  I got every drop.  And I held him in my mouth as he slowly softened.  He petted my head, smoothed my hair, stroked my shoulders and said, “Oh God, Charlie, Oh God Angel.”

Then he whispered, “My turn now Angel” and he swung me up and around on the bed.  Kissed me long and deeply, and then started licking down my neck, and all over my chest and nipples, and then he started working on my boner.  He licked up and down; he worked on getting more and more of me into his mouth and throat.  I told him to lick my balls, and he did, and then to take them in his mouth, and he did.  Then he went back to work on my dick, and he kept at it until I started losing control.  Since it was his first time, I warned him that, “I’m coming,” but he kept right at it like a trooper and sucked and sucked until I gave him the same gift of love that he had just given me.  He held me in his mouth until I was soft, too, just as I had done to him.  We lay entwined on the bed.  I kissed his nose.


“Yes, Angel…”

“You should start wearing boxer shorts…”


“Because they are looser and more comfortable, they let your sex move when you walk.  Plus, suppose we’re driving along in your car, and I decide you need a blow job or something while you’re driving, I can get at you much easier if you’re in boxer shorts.”

“Oh…okay.  I never thought of it like that before.”

“These things are important.”

“Yes, Angel…”


“Yes dear…”

“Will you fuck my ass when we do my real first time?”

“We will do all the things that we want to do.  Some of ‘em may have to wait for the third or fourth time.”




“I wish we could stay like this for hours, but we need to get up and get you something to eat before work.”


So we got up, punctuated getting dressed with tender kisses, and went to the A&W for cheeseburgers and fries.  Dino brought me back to the Arndt’s and stopped at the foot of the driveway.



“No smoking tomorrow.”

“Oh God!”  And he pulled me into his arms for a really passionate kiss goodnight.  “You’re the greatest.”


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