Catalina Cherries
by Joe Butterman


Chapter 13: The First Goodbye

Roberto and I spent most of Friday working on the Astimendi’s yard.  We kept a sharp eye on Johnny’s house hoping to catch his Mom and ask her if we could all camp in their backyard Sunday night.  We were becoming quite the backyard campers.  I’d rehearsed a number of reasons why this idea should sound attractive to her.  Clearly implied was the fact that when Johnny had left, none of us were with him, though I certainly wasn’t going to say as much.  Hopefully, she’d like the idea of him with all of us, no further away than the backyard.  As we were cleaning-up and putting everything away, Mercedes called Roberto into the house, I finished up and waited for him on the front porch.

He wasn’t in there very long.  He came bursting through the door with a pleased expression on his face.  Miss Astimendi wanted him to paint the house and the fence; she’d supply all the paint and supplies and pay him one hundred dollars.  This would solve all of our problems with respect to train fare, and we wouldn’t even have to use our work for Emily as a source.  This job, alone, would provide more than was needed for his train fare, plus he had his other wages too.  Papa would see him off with money in his pocket.  We rode over to see Gary, thinking that he would like this news, and an afternoon swim would be nice. But he was “gone downtown” according to Miss Jean, but he “bettah be home for suppah.”

We went to my house.  Grand Belle had lemonade for us, which we took out into the arbor to enjoy in the shade.  I wanted to drag Roberto back into the Catalina Cherries and have sex, and was thinking of various ways to suggest this to him; sometimes, I can make the simplest things hopelessly complicated, and I don’t know why I do this.

“Carlito, querido,” Roberto grinned, “let’s go back in the jungle and do it.”  We went.

This time, we went to the second nook, the one that was behind the arbor, Roberto was right behind me, one hand on my waist and the other unbuttoning my fly.  I helped him by stopping so that my butt was against his boner, he used this opportunity to get the rest of my buttons un-done and to pull me out of my cut offs so that he could stroke me while we continued, moving slowly together, into the jungle.  I turned around into his arms and his kiss, kicking my cut offs down and off.  I unzipped his cut offs and got him naked.  We kissed and embraced and our boners rubbed together, and against our legs and stomachs, and then we would kind of poke and prod each other with our boners until they were straining and leaking and vertical.  Roberto knelt before me and swallowed me, his mouth and tongue working their magic; he would explore all the folds of my sac, roll my balls around on his tongue one at a time, lick up and down my shaft, lavish the tip with his tongue, take me into his mouth and throat from tip to root for a few long pulls, and then repeat the process.  It was a hot summers day; but it was twice as hot as that in the jungle.  He would have me cuming soon, but I wanted this to last, so I pulled out of his mouth and knelt down so that I faced him, we kissed, then I spread his knees apart.  I started licking down his neck, licked his firm pointed nipples, moved down and took him into my mouth and slowly bobbed up and down on his shaft several times.  The taste and smell were glorious; we were a little sweaty from passion and from work, so we were bathed in a sheen of spit and sweat.  I made him lay back and spread his legs wide; it was difficult to get to his balls when he was kneeling like he’d been.  I considered fucking, but by now I was a little spoiled, I thought it was much better with some kind of lotion and we’d forgotten that.  I liked his sac and enjoyed running my tongue up and down that ridge of skin that separates the balls.

It was really hot there.  Roberto took charge again, he pulled gently away from my mouth, “not too fast” he whispered and he helped me lay down there beside him.  He ran one hand all over my body as we French kissed, and then he kissed my nipples and I ran my hand through his hair, tousling, and arranging it.  I stroked his boner with my free hand and rubbed a little droplet of pre-cum that was on his slit all around his tip with my thumb.  We were about to explode.  As if we were of one mind, we swung around into one of our favorite positions and took each other in our mouths.  It didn’t take long after that, and we were tangled and relaxed on each other’s limbs, savoring our cum, remembering our passion, gently kissing and nuzzling our sex.

Saturday morning, being the closest to Johnny’s house, I caught his Mom well before she was ready to leave.  I outlined our plan to her, told her that I’d be happy to bring Roberto and Gary around to confirm it, mentioning that Johnny might want to help Roberto paint the neighbors house.  You could see that she was considering this carefully.  She agreed with the sleep over plan almost instantly, including dinner there for all of us; but said she thought Johnny should have some say in the painting project, though she clearly thought it would be a good thing.  She said she’d take my word for it, and I didn’t need to bring the whole gang over to confirm it.  I thanked her and told her she could “count on us” and dashed for Roberto’s.

Roberto and Alejandro were getting ready to go to the paint and hardware stores for all of the supplies necessary for the Astimendi project, this was scheduled to begin on Monday, I had just time to tell Roberto the outline of my conversation with Johnny’s Mom, but he said he’d come get me as soon they were done at the store and then we would go talk to Gary.  I went home and made myself useful around our house.

Roberto got to my house just as I was finishing lunch.  Grand Belle, of course asked him if he’d had his lunch, the hesitation that preceded any answer from him, was sufficient for her to accurately conclude that he’d had no lunch, and he was ordered to table where he soon had a grilled cheese sandwich, with coke and all the trimmings, just like me.

We roared off (well, bicycled off, though we were in a great hurry) to Gary’s.  Upon arrival, we assured Miss Jean that we’d already eaten, it was necessary to itemize the menu, and then waited for Gary at the pool with Seven Up’s.  It didn’t take him too long to join us and receive our news; we decided that the best thing to do since Miss Jean would keep an eye on clock and pool for the next hour, was to move all of the camping stuff over to Johnny’s, so we got dressed, and spent the next two hours dismantling the camp in Gary’s backyard, loading it onto bicycles, and taking it over and setting it up at Johnny’s.  Several trips were required to accomplish all of this.  During this time, Gary informed us that he had spoken with Joshua, who wanted to go to the beach with us on Tuesday.  Gary was anxious to make this trip because he would be leaving for Japan on Saturday.  Roberto, of course, would be involved in his house painting project and would not be able to go; I didn’t want to go without Roberto as I felt that he needed my help, and besides, I wanted to be with him more than with Joshua.  Roberto wanted me to go to the beach with Gary, and pointed out that Johnny could help him, as his Mom would certainly not let him go to the beach again after his last adventure with the beach.  We dickered amiably, but it was clear that Gary really wanted to make a beach trip before Japan, and though he would never admit it, he did not want to go with Joshua by himself.  I thought of Dave, too, and was torn between wanting to be with Roberto and wanting to protect Gary.  We put off any resolution of the matter until we could consult Johnny.  We finished setting-up the camp, and returned to Gary’s where we swam and sunned for the rest of the afternoon.  It’s interesting how, when you have sex regularly, you don’t feel that you have to seize every opportunity to do it, a few weeks ago, we would have swum and then repaired to the dressing room for sex; today, we all relaxed naked together and discussed all manner of things from Japan to Nevada, the end of summer, what the school year might bring, and the four of us and our friendship.  We all went our separate ways for dinner.

Sunday after church, at Bobbin’s behest, I waited for Johnny and his Mom to get home from their Presbyterian services and then I escorted him to our house for his talk.  He was still wearing his Sunday suit, as was I, and I thought that this was good as he would seem more grown-up than if he was in cut offs or shorts.  I called him “sweetheart” and he said he wasn’t “gonna argue or anything – just take it.”  It was a short walk so we didn’t have time to talk about anything else.  Bobbin was waiting for us on the front porch and he escorted Johnny into his den and closed the door behind them.  I went to my room and changed out of my suit, dressing as I usually would except I added a t-shirt because it seemed the right thing to do.  I stationed myself in the living room, where I could hear Bobbin’s sonorous tones, although I couldn’t make out any of the words; he went on and on, inexhaustibly.  After a seeming eternity, Johnny and my Grandfather emerged; they did not seem the least tense or angry.  On our way to Johnny’s house, he said that my Grandfather really cared about him, and us, and was totally sincere.  I thought that was excellent.

When we got to Johnny’s his Mom was fixing lunch for both of us.  I went upstairs with him to help him change out of his suit. I told him we were going to have a great time tonight.  When he was naked, I gave him hugs and kisses, and gave his cock and balls a quick tonguing.  I would have done him right there if we hadn’t been called to lunch.  His Mother was very pleasant at lunch and Johnny told her about his talk with Bobbin.  She approved of the part about the evil effect of Demon Rum on Abraham; but seemed more interested when Bobbin was talking about the importance of being an “upright” man in the here and now.  She had already agreed to let Johnny come swimming in the afternoon, but we were all to be at her house at 6:00 (1800 hundred) for spaghetti.

Gary and Roberto, no surprise there, were swimming when we arrived at Gary’s; we quickly joined them and spent a lovely afternoon in and around the pool.  We took Johnny into the dressing room twice to relieve the pressure.  We discussed the beach expedition: Johnny was quick to volunteer to assist Roberto with prepping the Astimendi house, which meant that I would be off to the beach to protect Gary.  Johnny had so far only the sketchiest of details about our adventures at Emily’s and with Walt and Tony, so we spent a lot of time filling in the holes.  I thought it was sad that he had missed the painting of Roberto and I on the beach, but told him that he’d have to come with us to see the second one when it was ready, and assured him that Emily wanted to meet him too. He was fascinated by all of these possibilities.  I told him about Roberto posing nude on a horse.  Johnny thought this was a neat idea, but Roberto, as before, was less than enthusiastic.

We spoke at length about Gary’s pending departure.  We all wanted to see him off and considered a number of arguments in support of our position.  We tried to consider every argument that might be leveled against us, so that we could be prepared.  It was dinnertime.

Johnny’s Mom had made spaghetti and meatballs.  There was. I noted disapprovingly, a shaker of Kraft Parmesan cheese on the table.  The meatballs were undistinguished.  There was a tossed green salad, bread, and ice cream sundaes for dessert.  Johnny asked his Mom if he could work with Roberto on the house-painting project and she agreed to this very pleasantly.  Likewise, she had no objection to Johnny coming to see Gary off to Japan.  Gary, had already arranged with the Commander to drive us all to the air base and back, the only problem was getting the necessary approvals.  This should make that simpler for Roberto and I.

After dinner, we hung out in the living room and listened to The Shadow on the radio, and then some rock and roll music.  We were required to keep this turned down pretty low.  Johnny’s Mom made some fairly critical comments about rock and roll music, and one song, about a “purple people eater” earned some scathing commentary from her.  I though she was little harsh about rock and roll in general; but she was pretty much right about the “purple people eater” song.

It was time at last.  Johnny and Gary repaired to Johnny’s room to shower and change into pajamas.  We’d all had to bring our own pajamas because Johnny only had one pair, which he told us, “I only wear to say ‘goodnight’ in when one of you guys sleeps here.”  He smiled merrily when he said this, because when one of us slept over, they didn’t stay on very long anyway.  Hard to wear something out when it’s practically never on for more than five minutes.  Roberto and I were waiting in Johnny’s room, and when the shower turned off the second time, we stripped and went into the bathroom for our shower.  Johnny and Gary were drying each other off and were having a lot of fun doing it, they both had half woodies on, and it wouldn’t take much to make them full.  We got in the shower and got thoroughly wet, kissing and massaging each other under the warm spray; we turned the shower off, and soaped each other thoroughly, and then rubbed against each other, the feel of flesh and soap was delicious, but there wasn’t too much kissing going-on as soap, after all, always tastes like soap.  We rinsed off, dried each other off, and went back to Johnny’s room to put our pajamas on.  Gary and Johnny were not waiting for us.  We adjusted each other in the waistband of our pajamas, said goodnight to Johnny’s Mom, and bee lined for the tent.  When we got there, Johnny had lit several candles in corners of the tent, there were a bunch of sodas in a bucket of ice in one corner, Johnny was sitting on his knees and feet, with his knees spread wide, Gary was between his knees, sucking on him hard.  It was a great scene, kind of like two Arab warriors, naked in their tent, after a hard day crossing the desert; the flickering candlelight highlighted their sex, their pleasure, and the shadows made it even sexier by seeming to hide the promise of more.

Roberto and I pulled each other’s pajamas off.  We stood together and enjoyed the scene.  Roberto put his arm around my shoulder and I snuggled up close with my arm around his waist.  I watched Gary and Johnny, as our boners grew proudly erect.  Johnny was looking at us, and he waggled his tongue and licked his lips, so we moved over to stand on either side of him and he took first me, and then Roberto, into his mouth and worked on us in turns, making it really great.

“Not yet,” Johnny whispered and wiggled around making Gary stand up in front of him, Johnny rose to his knees and now he was talking turns on all three of us.  Very loving and passionate, he would work our boners, and then our balls, and then move on to whoever was next, and it seemed like he would be willing to repeat the process all night.  I had an idea, so as soon as he was done with me, I went around behind him and got down on my hands and knees so that I could kiss and lick his butt; he enjoyed this a lot and he would try and press his bottom back into my mouth, but this would make it harder for him to suck on Roberto or Gary.  I guess it wasn’t such a good idea: I kept pulling him out of position, and even then, he was really a little low for me, so I was in an awkward sprawl trying to lick his butt.  Roberto solved the problem.  He got down in front of Johnny and started licking and tonguing his drooling boner and this left Gary to maneuver his cock right into Johnny’s mouth; he rose straighter as this happened which made it better for me.  Neat-o!

After a few moments in this delightful activity, Johnny again disengaged himself from our lavish attention, saying, “God, we need to slow down.”  I looked around at the scene: there were the four of us, naked and aroused, in the flickering light of the candles, I again thought of Arabs in a tent in the far desert, we only needed some silken hangings, and some huge pillows, maybe a fountain would be nice, and some of those Persian carpets.  Then it would be a proper harem for boys only.  I wondered if any of the Sheiks of Araby had ever had such a harem; I knew that I’d have one were I a sheik.  But Roberto was moving toward me and as I anticipated his kiss and embrace, I noticed that Johnny had done down on Gary; he didn’t wasn’t to cum yet, but he certainly wanted to help Gary along. Then I was in Roberto’s embrace and we kissed with fervor.  I pulled him back and onto me so that he was lying on top of me and I could relish the feel of him all along my body while I trailed my fingernails along his back, massaged his butt, scratched his back with vigor, and then trailed my nails up and down him again.  All the while, our boners rubbed against each other, poking and prodding with increasing demand.  I could hear Gary starting to pant, “yes…yes…yes,” as I reached around for the bottle of lotion I’d noticed earlier and put it into Roberto’s hand.  Roberto sat back and began to apply lotion to me. I raised and spread my legs to make it easier for him, dreamily enjoying the feel of his hand and fingers as he spread the lotion on and into me.  I smiled at him as he rubbed lotion onto himself, but his eyes were closed, though he was smiling through open lips and I could see the tip of his tongue.  I looked over and saw that Gary and Johnny were now in sixty-nine position, which was why I was hearing nothing from them except slurping and heavy breathing.  But Roberto was coming onto me now, I reached down and helped him position himself, then I closed my eyes and tingled as he slowly entered me. I moved my legs up and over his shoulders so that it would be easier for us to move together, and move together we did, with increasing speed and passion.

I don’t think that I was the only one affected by the glow of the candlelight, the almost palpable love, the beauty and joy of the entire scene.  Roberto had never been smoother or more passionate in his approach and his rhythm; he was gently insistent and steadily bringing us both great pleasure.  Never had the feel of him within me been richer or more satisfying, he was moving with steady expertise and the feelings were so wonderful that I mostly had my eyes closed, but I’d peek up at Roberto every once in a while and watch his face and read his passion as he thrust steadily into me.  It was great; he was building slowly and steadily toward his climax but he was making sure that I got maximum pleasure too; his eyes were closed, his mouth partially open, his upper body flexing as he moved in the candlelight, a harmony of muscle and shadow.  Now he was starting to breath more rapidly, almost panting, and thrusting with more and more speed, though always tender and loving.  I wanted to watch his face as he came, as he started to cum, though, I couldn’t help but close my eyes as I clutched him into me with arms and legs: reveling in all of the feelings and in the knowledge of having given him great pleasure.  I thought we would remain entwined, as he softened, but he wanted to pleasure me too, and so he slowly withdrew and then, after he kissed me deeply, he started licking and kissing all down my throat, onto my chest, on and around my nipples, down and over my stomach, until he took me into his mouth and throat and started sucking me wildly.  I was primed and ready and came gushing into his mouth almost instantly; he held me in his mouth until I was completely soft.  I felt like I was cradled in his love.

As we parted, I noted that Gary and Johnny were sitting on either side of us.  They both had sodas and had obviously enjoyed our performance.  Johnny reached around and gave us each a soda.  We sat and sprawled with each other, sated with love, warm with companionship.  We rearranged the air mattresses, and made ourselves a bed.  I saw us gain as warriors of the Sheik of Araby, after a hard day of conquest.  We went to sleep entangled with one another.  It was too good.

After breakfast, we spent all day Monday working with Roberto on the Astimendi house. About an hour or so before dinner, we all went over to Gary’s where we showered and swam.

Tuesday, of course, was beach day.  We were to meet Joshua downtown.  I dragged Gary off a little early as I wanted to buy a book downtown, if it was still there, to lend credence to the half truth I was going to present my Grandparents.  I intended to neglect all mention of a trip to the beach.  I was in great luck; it was still on the fifty-cent table, a 1936 edition of Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible.  The clerk liked me so she gave me the book for free, apparently believing that it would do me great good.  Which, of course, was my intention, but not, I think, the same sort of good that the clerk envisioned.

I then followed Gary, who had arranged all of the details, to a small park, where Joshua was waiting in a Plymouth station wagon, which apparently, was the car he used for all of the household chores and had the use of when he felt the need.  He opened the back and we put our bicycles and my new book inside.  We had to all sit in the front seat because the back seat was full of stuff.  I think this was Joshua’s plan.  We were, however, clearly on an expedition.  There were not one, but two hampers, both wicker.  There was a beach umbrella, a large cushion, a blanket, a large cloth bag full of stuff, and two wooden beach chairs.  “Jesus H, Christ,” I observed maturely, using the favored, and to the best of my knowledge, only blasphemy that Matt, my Dad’s foreman on the ranch, liked to use.

“Whose gonna carry all this crap?”  Gary wanted to know.

“We are,” Joshua smiled sweetly, “I’ve brought nothing but the necessities.”

Gary sat in the middle and gave Joshua directions to “our” beach.  Joshua was not a good driver, partly because he didn’t know what he was doing, and partly because he was talking constantly and looking at us frequently.  I counted the months until I would be able to get my drivers license.  At length we arrived at our beach and the parking area was again deserted.  Joshua got out and rhapsodized about the view and the beauty of the day.  He was right about that at least: it was a beautiful day with a light surf, some scattered clouds, very light breeze, already warming.  We then unloaded the expedition and started carrying it down to the spot we liked.  Joshua made one trip while Gary and I made two.  Then, when we had everything down at our spot, you would have thought we were gonna settle in and build the Great Pyramids of Egypt, or something comparable.  We had to lay the blanket out, just so, next arrange the umbrella to shade just the right amount of the blanket from the sun.  This took three tries.  I kicked my shorts off.  When Gary noticed this, he did the same, so the two of us were naked while Joshua strove to bring all the lights of civilization to the beach.  Since Gary and I had carried most of the stuff down to the beach, we announced that we were going for a swim.  Joshua warned us about riptides and currents.  I looked at him in silence; I had this vision of my Grandfather as a young man.  Not for a moment did I suspect that Bobbin had ever gone to the beach to be naked with young men, but I was struck by the notion that some people might just be old by nature.  “Yes dear,” Gary observed with patience.  I expected that this would generate a reaction from Joshua, but he apparently considered it to be perfectly appropriate, nodded to us in a way that implied that since we had heard, we would naturally obey, and returned to fussing with the proper positioning of the large cushion.  We trotted down to the beach and plunged in.

When we returned, Joshua had brought order to the natural state of the beach.  Both hampers were on the edge of the blanket where they were shaded by the umbrella, but not taking up too much space on the blanket; one of the beach chairs was set-up in the sun to one side of the blanket with two towels neatly folded on it, the other was partially shaded by the umbrella and was occupied by Joshua who had a towel wrapped around his waist with a suspiciously large bulge to the front.  Gary grabbed one of the towels and thoroughly dried me off, he handed me a towel and I returned the favor.  I was going to toss it on the blanket, but I thought better of it, and folded it in quarters and set it on the corner of the blanket.

“Here boys,” Joshua announced, and poured us two small glasses of grapefruit juice from a metal pitcher with a screw top, that he’d recovered from the depths of one of the hampers.  I looked at the glass with the vague alarm with which I always greet the totally unexpected: glasses?  At the beach? Crystal glasses?

“Are you guys ready for lunch,” continued Joshua smoothly.

“Not for a while yet,” Gary replied.

“Good, would you wear these for me and walk around a little,” he wondered, went to the large bag, and removed two pieces of fabric handing one to each of us.  Mine was leaf green and Gary’s was navy blue.  They were silk, had been neatly hemmed all around, and were wider at one end than the other.  Some thought and effort had done into this.  This, in comparison to rummaging for rags in Johnny’s kitchen, was serious costuming.

“Those are capes,” we were told, “these will hold them in place,” and he removed these two gold chains that were attached to these clip medallions at each end.

“This is like what Hadrian was wearing,” I observed.

“Well, no, not really,” Joshua lectured.  “Hadrian would have worn a full length cloak, or a toga, you guys are like ephebes.”  So now I needed to know all about ephebes.  I liked the costume fine, but I wasn’t yet committed to the role.  Joshua explained that ephebes were upper class boys who went to school with each other, loved each other, and learned to be the rulers of Imperial Rome together.  I found this to be eminently satisfactory and relaxed into the role, petting Gary on the butt.  Joshua came up to Gary and took his cape and put it over his shoulders, he then clipped the chain to the cape with the medallions, and there was Gary, looking very sexy, with this cape over his shoulders, coming down to just above his butt, and matching his beautiful sapphire eyes. The chain was heavier and its weight kept the cape in place.  This was lots better than the flaps that we wore when in Indian mode. They didn’t cover up anything interesting but somehow enhanced our nudity.  While Joshua was putting my cape in place, Gary reached over and tugged at the waistband of his towel, which fell to the sand, and there he was, with a very handsome boner. It was thicker than any of ours, a little longer than Gary or I, but a little shorter than Roberto or Johnny.  It stood proudly from a handsome thatch of pubic hair that formed a bushy triangle above his manhood that trailed off in a line toward his belly button.  His balls hung loosely below his boner were also dusted with blond hair that glittered in the sunlight.  His tan was not as rich as ours, but he didn’t have any distinct tan lines either.  Joshua just smiled and stroked himself a few times.  The gentle breeze lifted and dropped our capes; the whisper of silk against my skin was almost as sexy as a lovers flesh.

“You have beautiful eyes,” Joshua told me, “and this color really brings them out.”  Joshua ignored his towel, but reclaimed his seat, sipped from his glass of juice, and admired us with his great smile.  “You guys are beautiful,” he told us, stroking himself.

“Whadda’ya want us to do,” Gary wondered.

“Just…be yourselves…be beautiful for me.” Joshua smiled reaching for the sun tan lotion, which he began to apply.  I grabbed Gary and posed him for Joshua.  I had him stand on one of the hummocks surrounding our spot as if he were climbing something.  I carefully arranged him so that Joshua had a full frontal view of him, and being higher, the wind would catch his cape every once in a while and flap it over his arm and shoulders.  He looked both romantic and dramatic in my opinion.  Gary struck a pose.  I paused to admire him.  It was exactly right for an ephebe, a combination of arrogance, youth and beauty.  Just right for a born exhibitionist who loved to be naked.  I liked this ephebes idea more and more.  I went around behind Gary, and then knelt beside him so that I could put one hand on Gary’s knee and the other around his waist, I was looking straight at Joshua over Gary’s sex; I carefully arranged my cape over a shoulder and made sure that Joshua had a full view of me too.  I wanted to look sultry, and since I felt that way, I don’t think I had any trouble conveying the mood.  I ran one hand along his calf and with the other stroked his waist, flank, and butt.  Joshua looked dreamily at us and continued to apply lotion, much of it to his boner.  I brought my hand up and started plucking and arranging Gary’s pubic hair; I stroked and tickled his cock and balls.  I smiled hotly at Joshua, licking my lips; slowly, I stood up alongside Gary and rested my cock on his leg, I stroked the inside of his calf and ran my other hand up and down his body from shoulder to ass.  Both of our capes were ruffled by the breeze.  Gary looked at me and we kissed.

“Let’s let him suck us,” Gary whispered.

“Kay,” I murmured back, lashing his tongue with mine.  We held our pose for a few moments longer and I stroked both of us until we had nice half woodies on.  We moved slowly across the sand to where Joshua was sitting enrapt by our little show.  We stood on other side of him with our woodies waving invitingly, the breeze in our hair and capes, sighing over our flesh.  Gary started stroking Joshua’s head real gentle.  Joshua would stare at one of us, and then the other, his mouth slightly open.  He said not a word.  Gary moved Joshua’s unresisting head into position close to the tip of his cock, then he touched Joshua’s lips the tip, and Joshua sighed and took the head into his mouth and started tonguing him.  Gary thrust gently into his mouth and Joshua took him eagerly.  I rubbed my boner over his shoulder and up his neck and along his cheek.  Joshua released Gary, sighed again, and took me into his mouth, licking and sucking expertly and bringing me quickly to thundering hardness.

“Let’s get on the blanket,” Gary said, moving onto the blanket and kneeling, facing Joshua, hard-on erect and straining.  I stepped back a little, and Joshua moved to the blanket and went down on Gary again, with his ass pointed provocatively at me.  I picked-up his sun tan lotion and moved into position behind him.

I played with Joshua’s ass.  I spread his cheeks and licked his crack and hole, but it was pretty salty down there so I applied a film of lotion and then inserted my finger into him and thrust and wiggled as he worked on Gary.  Joshua was slurping and sort of growling way down deep in his throat.  He was enjoying his beautiful ephebes and they were enjoying him.  I applied more lotion and began working him with two fingers.  Gary came, and I reduced my tempo so that Joshua could fully savor Gary.  Then Joshua rolled over on his back with his head in Gary’s lap, he raised his legs, I needed no further invitation.  I didn’t even bother with any more lotion; I moved onto and into him and he closed his eyes, gasping, and clutched my ass cheeks with both his hands.  I started really pumping him hard.  He kept saying, “come-on.  Harder!  Harder!”  So I did.  I grinned up at Gary who was supporting Joshua and had propped himself so that he was holding us in place on the blanket as I thrust.
”Harder baby,” Joshua told me, “yes baby, yes!”  Now I slowed way down, and repositioned my knees, and then I started taking real long slow thrusts into him and he really gasped, shuddered, clenched, and came between us.  I continued these driving thrusts until I came.  It was great.  We relaxed in a tangle of limbs and capes in the sun and the breeze.

“Time to eat,” Joshua decreed disentangling himself from us.  He went to the hampers, one of which contained plates and cutlery, the other food and drink.  We watched as Joshua prepared our lunch.  Both hampers seemed to be inexhaustible.  At length he provided us each a plate that contained a piece of fried chicken (each of us had a breast), smoked oysters, pate, crackers and three different cheeses, an assortment of olives and pickles, and a small cup of mixed fresh fruit.  There were two knives, a fork and spoon to go with each plate. They were silver.  He offered us wine.  I declined imperiously and looked at Gary, who after a moments hesitation, also declined.  We got grapefruit juice again, though this time in stemmed glasses.  I looked daggers at the wine bottle and Joshua.  He put it back with some reluctance.  I told him an edited version of the adventures of Johnny and the whiskey; let him know that we were under surveillance and did not wish to have our liberty threatened by any involvement with liquor.  He kinda surprised me when he said we were “very lucky.”  It was a wonderful lunch.  We napped and swam.

On the way back to town, Joshua said that Tony and Walt wanted us to come over to the house again.  I gave him Roberto’s phone number, since Gary would be leaving, and told him to ask for Roberto and explain the possibility of some work.  I stressed the importance of this little subterfuge and he understood.

When I got home, Bobbin was so enchanted with my purchase of the concordance that no one thought to ask me any questions about what we had done and where we’d been during the day.  Grand Belle only asked if we’d had lunch, which could truthfully be answered “yes,” and didn’t even ask what we’d had, which was okay.

Then it was time to take Gary to the airplane.  Roberto had spent the night at my house; Johnny had spent the night at Gary’s.  Before we left Gary’s, we all contrived to be in his room where we kissed and hugged him and swore undying friendship.  We knew that all we’d be able to do at the base would be to shake his hand.

The Commander was in a very impressive white uniform with epaulettes and braid and her medal ribbons.  Miss Jean was in a conservative dress, a string of pearls, and a formidable hat.  Gary was in a tan suit with a navy blue necktie, and the rest of us were in sport shirts and long pants.  There wasn’t a lot of room in their Chevrolet, so as the smallest, I had to sit in the front between Miss Jean and the Commander.

When we got to the base, we were admitted with much saluting and precision.  When we parked, there was a man waiting for the Commander.  He saluted her crisply.  He was every bit as old as she, and was wearing a uniform similar in color to Gary’s suit.  He had a swarm of medal ribbons on his chest and his left sleeve was covered with blue stripes and insignia.  He was a very handsome man with a square jaw and twinkling brown eyes.  The Commander returned his salute with every indication of being genuinely glad to see him.  With all due respect, she introduced us to Chief Gunners Mate Bowman, he had served with Gary’s Father in two previous ships, and he was obviously held in high regard by the van der Leyden’s.  He was currently something called the “Master At Arms” at the base and had evidently been of great assistance in arranging Gary’s flight.  We were quickly and efficiently escorted to the airplane, a gleaming DC-7.  We all shook hands with Gary and he boarded the plane, stopping at the door to wave to all of us, then he disappeared into the plane.  One by one, the four engines came complaining to life.  The great plane taxied away.  It came roaring back down the runway and lifted for Hawaii just in front of us.  I watched it diminish.  Silver.  Smaller into the vastness of the blue.  He was gone.


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