Ryan’s Turkish Delight
by Jay Jones


Ryan Anderson aged 16 and his parents Phil and Angie were on holiday in Bodrum in Turkey, Ryan as usual was bored, 8 days into a 3 week break and he had had enough lazing around the beach and pool, the endless days of sunning himself had given into boredom and him mooching around his room listening to his Ipod. His parents were no help in just suggesting he take part in hotel activities, although he was very sporty at his school in playing soccer and in the swimming team he didn’t feel that what he called “little kids games” were his sort of stuff and as there were no lads his age around he tended to slope off on his own to the beach or town.

You see Ryan had a big problem and that was that his parents kept trying to steer him to girls and Ryan was not really into girls although he had had a couple of girlfriends in the past that only really got to the low petting and giggling stage, Ryan had been having very strange feelings about boys, in particular one boy at school named David Shaw a tall slim lad in his class a bit of a geek really as David wasn’t into sport at all and a butt of many of his classmates jokes about his lack of sporty attributes, but he had helped Ryan with his computer studies for his A levels and in doing that Ryan had been up close to David and had begun to get real sexual feelings towards him so much so that he fantasised in bed at night and wanked his cock thinking of David and then felt very guilty about what he had done.

He lay on his bed in the hotel and stroked his erect cock through his shorts, it pressed hard against the inner brief of the shorts and begged to be let out, Ryan stood up and admired his swimmers body in the full length mirror, he flexed his well tanned torso, standing at just short of 5 foot 8 inches and weighing in at around 110 lbs he was a picture of teen boy fitness with a firm bubble butt and strong legs with swimming, he slid down his swim shorts and his hard teen cock slapped up on his firm belly, the whiteness of his hard shaft in contrast to his tanned body, his foreskin still over the head of his 6 inch erect cock ending in a small tassel of pink foreskin, at the base of the shaft was a small bush of brown pubic hair with just a light dusting around his low hanging testicles, not big but pigeon egged shape and in perfect symmetry with his body and in full working order according to the doctor he had seen just a month ago for his annual medical check up, indeed he felt that the doctor had lingered a tad long in feeling at his teen boy balls and also had pulled back on his long foreskin to see in the doctors words “his foreskin didn’t hinder his ability to erect properly” a fact that Ryan had found strange and his cock had responded to the foreskin being pulled back roughly and had semi-erected in nano seconds, Ryan had blushed and the doctor muttered that it was normal and that he was infinitely fit and well and to get dressed and he would see him in 12 months.

Ryan stroked his erect cock and moaned slightly as he pulled back on his long foreskin and exposed his purple swollen cock head to the warm air, precum was leaking out of his slit and he rubbed his fingertip over it and massaged it into the sensitive head glans and caused him to moan and close his eyes as he envisaged David putting his lips over his swollen glans “arrggh oohhh arrgghhh” he moaned as his legs went weak and he gushed thick teen sperm that splashed onto the cool tiled floor “oohh ummm ohhh ” he moaned as his foreskin rolled back over his inflamed cock head and he caught his breath and lay onto the bed coming round after his short masturbation session, he drifted off to sleep for a few minutes until a sharp knocking on the door awoke him in a start, “Ryan, Ryan dear” his mother called and he answered lowly “yes mum” ” we are off to the pool son, see you there ok !” his mother went on, “ok mum be there a wee while ok” muttered Ryan and he climbed off the bed and put on some clean shorts with inner brief and positioned his softening cock, slipping on a tee shirt he grabbed his wallet and stood preening himself at the mirror for a few minutes and then went to join his parents around the pool.

As he got to the pool he looked at the air temperature gauge on the wall and it read around 85 degrees at 11 am, quite warm for early May, his parents were chatting to another couple on the next sun beds to them and they introduced Ryan and he smiled at the elderly couple, his Dad told him they were going to a Turkish evening that day and did he want to come, Ryan shook his head and said he wanted to have a quiet night so would just read after dinner, his dad frowned and said it would do him good to get involved but Ryan just shrugged his shoulders and said he wasn’t that interested in Turkish dancing. He sat quietly for a few minutes then said he was going to walk a bit into town and would be back after lunch if that was ok, “do you need money?” asked his mother ” no I have plenty for today mum” answered Ryan “ok then be careful and we will see you later son” said his mum and lay back down on the sun bed to top up her already ample tan, his dad mumbled his goodbyes and Ryan got up and took himself off and walked through the gate to the beach and along into town, he took off his shirt and let the sun caress his teen body as he walked along the mostly deserted beach, just a few odd couples tanning and families with young children gambolling in the calm warm sea. He had been walking for around 30 minutes when he came upon a deserted beachside caf‚ and he flopped into a chair under an umbrella and a few moments later a waiter appeared and took his order for a cold orange juice, soon he was back with a small pitcher of ice cold fresh orange juice and a small glass, he greedily gulped at the cooling drink and stared out over the blue ocean and day dreamt of David, he was awoken from his day dream by a Turkish voice asking if everything was ok “oh yes thanks” said Ryan “the juice is excellent and nice and cold” he went on and smiled at the Turkish guy of around 40 in his Turkish robes, “thank you young sir, they are my own grown oranges” the Turkish guy said “permit me to introduce myself, I am Timon and the owner of this humble caf‚, may I sit and chat to you?” “yes of course and I am pleased to meet you Timon and my name is Ryan and I am from London in England” answered Ryan feeling very bold, Timon took the chair opposite and called to the waiter inside to bring him some cool water and he chatted to Ryan about this and that as the waiter came with a long cool glass of iced water and more orange juice for Ryan “my treat” said Timon and smiled at Ryan who was by now feeling very relaxed and chatted about himself and his life to Timon. Time went on and Ryan felt hungry and asked Timon if he did food and he nodded and called for a menu and recommended the lamb kebab with side salad cooked by his young nephew, he shouted something in Turkish to the waiter inside and a few minutes later a young lad of around Ryan’s age came out dressed in khaki shorts and red tee shirt and wearing a small chefs hat and greeted both of them, “this is Ahmed my nephew he is 16 also and looks after the kitchen here, he is a very fine chef and wants to work in a top hotel on day” “hello Ahmed” said Ryan as he gazed at the sexy slim Turkish lad well tanned like himself with the start of a teen moustache above his full lip and he felt a twitch in his groin as he stared at this young Turk, he was around the same height as Ryan with deeply tanned legs and a slim body with a firm bottom, he grinned at Ryan and his eyes sparkled deep blue as he took in Ryan’s tanned body and Ryan blushed when Ahmed commented how tanned and fit Ryan looked, Ryan ordered the kebab and Ahmed departed to cook it, giving Ryan a wink as he turned and went back to the kitchen.

After about 20 minutes his kebab arrived along with a small mixed salad and he tucked into it with relish and soon polished it off and then a waiter took the plate away and he sat back and relaxed and finished off his orange juice gazing over the deep blue ocean. Soon he called for the bill and a waiter came over with a small slip and Ryan paid him and tipped him generously, Ahmed came out and asked if he had enjoyed the kebab, “yes it was great thanks and my compliments to you” said Ryan and he smiled at him “have you ever had a Turkish bath and massage?” asked Ahmed Ryan looked at him bemused and said no he hadn’t “would you like to try one, my uncle owns one not too far away and you could be my guest there if you want” went on Ahmed “ermm well I was going into town but don’t really fancy it now” said Ryan “but I would love to try one but have no swimming trunks with me” he went on. “Its ok no need of trunks they have all the clothing you need there, come follow me please, its only about 10 minutes walk away” said Ahmed so Ryan walked with Ahmed along the beach a few yards then onto a small road into the town and they chatted about each others lives as Ahmed guided him down narrow alley ways until they reached a gate in a wall and he took a key out of his shorts pocket and opened the gate into a courtyard leading to a small building. He ushered Ryan in and then locked the gate behind them and bade him follow him up the path to the building, he unlocked the door with another key and they both stepped inside a darkened room and Ahmed switched on the lights and Ryan saw that it was a low tile room with benches around the sides and doors going off and curtained cubicles placed in parts around the room, “take a seat please ?” said Ahmed and showed Ryan to one of the benches and he went briefly into a couple of the rooms and then into one small one and came out with a pile of towels. Ryan looked around the room bemused and saw several hoses and taps and a small marble table in the middle with a what looked like a wooden head support and buckets around it and several coloured bottles, Ahmed came back out of a room “ok Ryan you can undress in one of the cubicles and wrap this towel around your waist please” said Ahmed “take all my clothes of then?” questioned Ryan “yes please” grinned Ahmed “oh ok” answered Ryan and went into the cubicle and drew the curtain across behind him and began to undress, quickly slipping off his tee shirt and stepping out of his sandals and taking a deep breath he undid his shorts and slipped them off and stood naked and then quickly picked up the towel and wrapped it around his waist and tied it firmly not wanting it to slip down and embarrass him, he looked down and saw it came to just above his knees so it would hide his modesty as he was beginning to firm up between his legs. “Are you ready yet?” came Ahmed’s voice from the other side of the curtain “yes I am ready now” answered Ryan and swept the curtain across and stepped out of the changing cubicle and saw that Ahmed had stripped off his tee shirt and shorts and was just in his white briefs showing a nice bulge which caused Ryan to catch his breath as he looked at the semi naked boy and his cock to twitch under the towel. Ahmed explained that the bath house wasn’t really open yet as it was early season but as he had a key and often worked here as well as the caf‚ he could use it as he pleased, “now please climb on the table Ryan” said Ahmed and pointed to the marble table, Ryan did as he was told and climbed up on the cool slab and lay on his stomach with his chin on his hands and Ahmed filled buckets with water from the taps and then put in some liquid from one of the bottles and stirred the buckets, he grabbed big sponges from another bucket and soaped them up and splashed it over Ryan who took a sharp intake of breath as the cool water splashed on him and Ahmed giggled and continued to soap up Ryan’s taunt body making Ryan moan softly until his bare back was soaped up and then his slender legs also.

Ahmed muttered something about having to undue Ryan’s towel and before Ryan could protest Ahmed undid his towel and threw it over the edge of the table and exposed Ryan’s bare white bottom in contrast to his tanned upper body and legs ” ooh so white you are Ryan” said Ahmed and Ryan turned his head to look at him and saw that Ahmed had a rather pronounced bulge in his white wet briefs and too his horror he felt his own cock firm up underneath him to full erection and try as he might he couldn’t get it to shrink by thinking of something else as Ahmed was now washing Ryan’s bare bum with the soapy sponge and it was sending Ryan into sexual ecstasy as it slipped between his bum cheeks and he cooed and screwed up his eyes trying to will his throbbing cock to go down. “Turn over please Ryan?” said Ahmed “what? said Ryan startled and he looked at Ahmed who was grinning “over please, I need to soap up your front now” went on Ahmed, Ryan gulped and said “can I do it in a minute or two please?” and looked pleadingly at Ahmed “no, now please as the steam room and dry rooms are hot now and I need to massage you first with the rough towel and then hose you off before we go into the rooms. “oh ok” muttered Ryan and slowly turned over and gulped as his erect cock came into view and it lay up his tight stomach still with the foreskin over the swollen head, Ahmed took a sharp intake of breath as he looked at Ryan’s erect cock he felt it was the most beautiful thing he had seen in ages and his own teen cock throbbed in his tight white wet briefs, ” im sorry about this Ahmed ” and Ryan’s voice tailed off and he blushed profusely “no need to apologise Ryan we all get hard, I am no different” said Ahmed and took a step back and showed Ryan his tented briefs then in one fell swoop he slipped them down and bared his erect 16 year old cock, he stepped out of his briefs and stood naked and erect as Ryan gazed at Ahmed’s 7 inch long thin circumcised cock, the swollen head looked immense on the thin dark brown shaft and Ryan licked his lips at seeing his young friends cock.

Ahmed stepped forward again and soaped up Ryan’s front paying particular attention to his erect cock causing Ryan to moan and groan and make no attempt at stopping the Turkish boy as he himself gazed at Ahmed’s throbbing teen cock and low hanging brown ball sack and he longed to reach out and feel it, Ahmed was by now pulling on Ryan’s long foreskin up and down his shaft and making Ryan twitch and moan “ooohhhh arrgghhhh” Ryan moaned “oohh yes yes! wank me Ahmed! wank me!” he screamed and arched his back as the young Turkish boy wanked his cock hard, Ahmed’s cock was rigid also with a slight upward bend on it and Ryan reached over and grabbed it and wanked it hard causing Ahmed to cry out in ecstasy at the teen boys hand gripped it tightly, he thrust his pelvis forward so Ryan could get a better grip and in unison they wanked each other to climax, Ryan spurting first, his thick teen sperm shooting up his heaving bare chest as Ahmed shot his sperm onto Ryan’s bare leg.

Both boys shot a good few squirts of teen semen and then Ahmed stood panting for breath as Ryan let go of his softening cock and Ahmed hand was pushed off Ryan’s cock because Ryan cock head was so sensitive, after a couple of minutes recovery Ahmed finished off washing Ryan and asked him to stand up and go over to the wall, puzzled Ryan did as he was told and stood naked and soapy against the wall as Ahmed grabbed a hose pipe and turned on a tap and showered Ryan with cooling water to wash off the soap. After a short showering Ahmed asked Ryan to follow him and grabbed two towels and both naked boys went over to a door and Ahmed showed Ryan into a steam room and bade him sit on the warm tiled seating on the towel and they chatted about what had happened “I find you a very sexy boy” said Ahmed and Ryan blushed and said likewise they looked at each other and Ahmed leaned over and pulled Ryan’s face towards his and kissed him deeply, their tongues twirled and Ryan pulled back and caught his breath “oh wow!” he said “you kiss really great” he went on and Ahmed thanked him and told him it was easy with a sexy boy.

The looked down at each others cocks and saw they were both hard again and Ahmed said ” your cock is gorgeous Ryan, I love the feel of your loose skin on your cock head” and he reached over and gave it a rub ” well I love your cock as well and feeling your bare cock head” said Ryan and he knelt down and took the young Turkish boys bare cock head into his mouth “oohh argghh mmm” Ahmed moaned and lay back and held onto Ryan’s head as he sucked hard on his cock “oohh yes ohhh suck me hard !!!” he exclaimed and pushed Ryan’s head down further onto his throbbing teen cock “arrghh oh hmmm” he moaned then he pushed Ryan’s head off his cock, Ryan looked at him and asked what was wrong, “nothing at all, I was close to shooting and I don’t want to do that yet, I want to have you!!” Ahmed said and grinned at Ryan “me! you want to fuck me?”said Ryan “yes if you want me to” went on Ahmed “oh ok but please take it easy as I have never done that at all” went on Ryan.

Ahmed left the room and was soon back with some liquid soap and soaped up his cock and asked Ryan to lay on the tiled floor on his side and he pulled Ryan’s right leg apart and soaped his teen boy bum hole “arrgghh ooohh mmm arrgghh” Ryan moaned as his boy hole was invaded by Ahmed’s soapy finger “arrggh oohh yes that feels good” he moaned as his cock jerked and Ahmed reached over and pulled back on his foreskin and bared his cock head and leaned over and sucked on it deeply “arrgghh oooohh mmm” Ryan moaned as also he was fingered in his hole, Ahmed pulled back and positioned himself at Ryan’s side and lifted Ryan’s leg up and pushed his own hard cock at Ryan’s boy hole and positioned his bare cock head at the entrance and pushed slowly in “arrgghh oohhh ohhh arrgghh” Ryan moaned as Ahmed’s hard cock entered him easily helped with the liquid soap and he thrust his hips into him “argghh oohh yesss oohh yesss fuck me hard Ahmed” Ryan screamed and Ahmed quickened up and thrust hard into him his breathing getting very laboured as he powered into Ryan’s bare bum. Soon Ahmed felt the familiar feeling in his balls and he cried out “argghhh oohh im cumming” and he thrust hard into Ryan’s bum and shot spurts of his hot teen sperm into Ryan’s bowels, Ryan cried out that he was cumming as well and without touching his cock he shot three good squirts of his sperm onto the tiled floor followed by a couple of lesser squirts and then both boys collapsed in a heap their bare chests heaving, soon they recovered and looked at their soft cocks and Ahmed said it was time they showered and dried off as he had to get back to the caf‚.

They both shared a shower and kissed and washed each other off and then reluctantly they dressed and left the bath house and walked back to the caf‚ chatting in the hot afternoon sun and then they stopped short and embraced and made a date to meet again tomorrow and carry on where they left off. Ryan skipped off back to the hotel and met his parents by the pool and they asked if he had had a good day “oh yes it was very good” said Ryan and smiled “I am off to have a nap and then will be back to have a swim before getting ready for dinner” he went on and left them there to their sunbathing and headed for his room and a well earned rest, he stripped naked and lay on the bed and looked down at his soft teen cock, he decided not to wank off as he suddenly felt very tired and drifted off to a dreamless sleep in the cool room.


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