Knowing I’m Gonna Get Fucked
by Devon Campbell


I walked into the shower, casual as could be, and turned on the shower closest to the entrance. I was foolish to think I would be safer closer to the door but that’s the one I took. But the shower didn’t work. I tried another and another, till I found one near the back that brought forth a spray of warm water.  Justin was there, under a shower on the opposite side, and I almost left. But it would have been too obvious, and when I gave a furtive glance in his direction, trying not to look at his magnificent, muscular body, but looking anyway, I stayed. I adjusted the temperature and stood with my back to him, my head tilted up into the spray.  I soaked up the warmth for several minutes then punched the soap dispenser. It was empty. I reached over to the next dispenser and punched it, but it was empty too and I swore under my breath. I heard the rapid punching of Justin’s dispenser behind me.

“Here, I tried `em all, and they’re all empty except mine,” he said, his voice suddenly closer behind me. “Gonna have to get on Billie’s ass about that.”

I knew how he and the other guys would do that. Billie was the towel boy; that’s what they called him. He was the coach’s assistant. He laundered the towels and whatever else he found laying around the locker room, and cleaned the place and kept the soap dispensers filled, or was supposed to. I thought they abused Billie but he didn’t seem to mind all the indignities they heaped on him. He worshipped the hunky athletes, and reveled in their attention; in a way, much the same as I did. I turned to find Justin standing close, holding out his cupped hands full of liquid soap. I put my hands out for the soap but much to my surprise he put his hands up and dumped it on my chest and quickly rubbed it over my chest before it all ran down.

“Thanks,” I said in a hoarse voice.

“Yeah,” he grunted as he turned away from me.

My chest tightened at the sight of him walking back to his shower; his round, tight butt, his incredibly muscular legs, the wide, muscle-heaped shoulders. He took my breath away, and I think he knew it. He was so intimidating; both his overall size and muscularity, and specifically the size of his cock. I turned to face the wall again; I felt safer if I did not look at him.  I didn’t hurry so it would be noticed, but I didn’t linger unnecessarily.  I waited for the suds I’d worked up to wash down my body.  I waited…I waited, to see if he was going to do anything. If he did, there was nothing I could do about it. He out-weighed me by a good forty pounds, and it was all rock-solid muscle. Rippling, beautiful, hard muscle.  If he did, well, I would submit like I always did. Part of me wanted him to; maybe that was the reason I didn’t rush. Truth, I said I didn’t linger unnecessarily, but I could’ve left the shower sooner than I did. A lot of me wanted him to try something; despite the risk and the pain I knew he would cause. If he got rough, it could be worse, but I had endured it before.  I heard a noise from the locker room and jumped.

“It’s just Coach Baldwin coming in,” Justin said.

Yes, Coach Baldwin. I was sure he knew about what sometimes went on in the showers. He never came back to the showers, but more than once he had seen Justin come back into the locker room, dripping wet, and me, a few minutes behind him; just the two of us back there, too often to be coincidental. Yeah, he knew what went on back there, and in that, gave his approval, just like he never said anything about the way they treated Billie.  I was pretty sure the coach knew I was gay, but he chose not to make an issue of it, and I think that was partly because he thought I might be handy to have around for his players to get their satisfaction and work off their frustrations. I wasn’t doing that; so far, it was only Justin, but I think he thought I was. I jumped at the feel of Justin’s hand on my butt.

“Didn’t mean to scare you,” he said huskily.

Nothing else was said. I knew what he wanted; what he was going to do. He smoothed his big hands all over my butt, squeezing the taut muscles with his big, thick fingers that wrapped so easily around a football, now probing between my buns. His hands were slick with liquid soap. I let out a little gasp when he touched my asshole with the tip of his finger.

Dreading it or wanting it, I was ready for him. Okay, I guess I did linger on purpose; hell I had even flushed out for him, just in case. He would find me squeaky clean, as always. He didn’t like it if he pulled his cock out of my ass and he wasn’t clean, so I began coming to the showers prepared for any eventuality. He shoved his strong, thick finger deep inside me, probing for the spot that he knew would drive me crazy and get me all primed for him. I gasped and whined like a baby when he found my prostate.  He knew right where to go and what to do to get me going. In no time, he had me squirming around on his long, meaty finger, twisting my hips around, moaning and thrusting my butt back against his hand.  I waited for him to use the second finger.

Fuck! I whispered to myself when he shoved them both inside me.  He had big, long, thick fingers. Two of his fingers felt like a small cock. His cock would feel like a stallion. He probed my ass with both fingers, gouging deep, then found my prostate again.  I was practically dancing on the balls of my feet, squirming around on his hand.  I could hardly stand it when he did that. He could make me come just doing that to my prostate but he didn’t know that, and he didn’t ever spend enough time doing it to get me off, for which I was glad. If he did, he would go right ahead and fuck me even if I shot off. He pulled his fingers out and I glanced over my shoulder to see him walking back to his shower.

He’s not leaving me like this, I thought frantically.  I was scared of being fucked, and of being caught, but God, I would go nuts if he left me high and dry.  But he punched the soap dispenser and came back with a handful of soap that he spread over his cock and between my buns. I looked over my shoulder to watch him lube up his cock. It was huge and beautiful; awesome, thick.  The size…it was at least nine inches long, and as thick as my wrist. I was glad that it wasn’t as thick as Justin’s wrist. The head was enormous; fuck, it looked the size of a baseball.

He gently kicked my feet wider apart and pressed his hand against the small of my back, urging me to take my stance. I knew how he wanted me; we’d done it enough times. I stood with my hands against the tiled wall, my back arched, my butt jutted out to him. He liked for me to arch my back because he said it tilted my butt up just right. He rinsed the soap off his hands and clasped them around my hipbones to hold me fast as he shoved his cock between my slick buns. The head found its way–it had been there many times–and pushed anxiously at my hole. I braced myself, cringing already in anticipation of the pain that I knew was coming. I tried to focus past it, to the intense pleasure that would follow, but always the fright of the pain stood in the way till it was past. He pushed hard and with a soft grunt the head of his cock slipped through my hole.

“UUUhnnnnnnn,” I moaned softly, throwing my head back. No matter how many times, I was never prepared for that initial burst of pain.

“Yeah, you know it’s gonna hurt going in,” he said apologetically.

It always hurt like hell when he shoved it through my hole; so bad I thought I might pass out. But I knew it would pass and then start to feel good in a minute or two when he buried it in deep. I prayed for the seconds to pass, and counted them down. I cringed with my eyes tightly shut, sucking in quiet gasps of air, trying to ride it out as his huge cock burrowed up inside me. I never ceased to wonder where it all went, but he was skilled at dodging any obstacles in his way and lodging it hard and deep in my guts.  I counted the seconds as I was slowly impaled on the big club, till I felt his hard, hairy lower abs pressed against my spread butt, for I knew when I felt that, the pain would quickly subside.

“Fuck, yeah, you’re hot and tight as ever,” he said as he pulled back on my hipbones to lock us tightly together. He held us tight for a moment, causing his big cock to buck and throb inside me; so tight that I couldn’t move, and I wanted to. He was in me and the pain was subsiding and I wanted him to fuck me, or me fuck him. I wanted to move around on his cock, to make it rub against all the nerve endings, and to slide across my prostate. Finally, he loosened his grip, eased back and drove his cock back in and began to fuck me.

“Ohhh, Godddd,” I gasped as I rode back on his cock, clawing at the cool tiles on the wall.

“Yeah, you like it, don’t you?”

“You know I do,” I said.

“You always act like you’re afraid of me; afraid I’m going to come over to you.”

“Wouldn’t you be if you had that horse cock of yours facing you?” I said.

“But you like it,” he said as he sloshed his cock in and out of me.

“Yes, but I dread it going in.”

“I could use some of that stuff that numbs your ass but it would also numb my cock and we would be here till Tuesday,” he said.

“I don’t think my ass could take that much drilling with your cock,” I said.

“Then we gotta do it the way we do it,” he said. The way he said it, it was like fucking my ass was his God-given right, that I was put on earth for this purpose and he was preordained to fuck me any time he pleased.  Maybe he was right.

Little by little I leaned over, clawing my way down the tiled wall, hunkering back onto his cock, till I was bent over with my shoulders against the wall.  I grabbed one of my ankles and pressed my right shoulder against the wall to keep my balance. I was able to watch Justin’s hairy legs between mine as he thrust his cock in me. I reached back between my legs and grasped one of his calves. It was rock-hard, bulging as he rose up on the balls of his feet with each thrust.  I took hold of his heavy balls with my other hand.

“Aww, yeah, squeeze ’em,” he groaned.

“Hey, when you’re done back here, Justin, I need to see you before you take off,” came the voice from the doorway.

I cringed at the sound of the coach’s voice. It was the first time he’d ever come back to the showers when he knew Justin was back there and I wondered why this time. I was appalled to see his frame in the doorway.

“Yes, sir, coach,” Justin said without missing a stroke.

The coach stood in the doorway and watched us for a moment. I saw his hand drop to the front of his jeans but it didn’t linger. Then he turned and left.

“So he does know,” I said.

“Sure he knows. Does that bother you?”

“I would’ve preferred to believe he didn’t,” I said.

Justin laughed. “He’s known for quite a while. He says it’s good for us, to get our rocks off and relieve the pressure. Which by the way, I’m gonna have to do,” he said as he increased his speed and started slamming his cock into me. “Coach says he wants to see me, he don’t like to be kept waiting.”

“Ohhh…Ohhh…Ohhh, fuck!” I groaned with the sudden roughness.  Justin was usually gentle, but I liked his rough side as well. It was like he owned me; like I was his slave and he could fuck me any way he damn well pleased, and I didn’t mind that.

“I’m gonna come in a minute,” he warned.

“Can I have your load this time, if you can pull out?” I asked.

“You want it in your mouth?”

“Yes. I haven’t had it that way for a long time.”

“Sure, any way you want it. I like shooting in your mouth and on your face, and watching you swallow it,” he said. “You gotta swallow it if I give it to you that way.”

“Yes, I will.  You know I will,” I said.

I hadn’t planned on swallowing his come but I would now because that’s what Justin wanted and he would be watching to see that I did.  One thing he didn’t like was to see his precious semen washing across the floor and swirling down the drain. I thought it odd that he thought it was so precious; fuck, he got it off so often, wasted it much of the time. When I sucked him off, on my knees under a shower, I liked to get a mouthful of warm semen and work it around in my mouth then let the shower spray gurgle and wash the come out, but he didn’t like that. Swallowing it pure, I had a hard time getting the stuff down; it was so thick, and there was so much of it. Even when he shot on my face, he quickly scooped it up with his fingers and fed it to me before the shower spray could wash it off.  I always tried to keep my hands off my own cock when I was doing Justin because I got too hot and excited and I didn’t want to go off before he did, because without the desire, it was even harder to swallow his semen.  Now, I wrapped one hand around my cock and started jacking off. I wanted to come with him.

“Ohh, fuck…fuck, here it comes!” he announced as he thrust harder.

“Give it to me,” I reminded him.

“Yeah…fuck…just a couple…more strokes…Ohh, Ohhhhhhh.”

Suddenly he pulled his cock out of my ass and I quickly turned around and dropped to my knees in front of him. He clasped one hand on top of my head and thrust his hips forward as he pounded his big meat with his fist. I opened my mouth wide to give him an easy target. Suddenly his cock erupted, sending a thick rope of semen sailing across the space between us that landed squarely in my mouth.

“Fuck, bull’s eye!” Justin exclaimed.

He hit another bull’s eye, and another, then his legs began shaking and his hand was unsteady and he was splattering come all over my face.  Several more shots landed in my mouth then he shoved his cock in my mouth to finish off. I wallowed his warm, thick semen around his belching cock then opened my mouth for what was left that he’d scooped up to feed me.

“Oh, fuck, man, you really know how to bring a guy off,” he gasped.

He didn’t linger as he usually did, to let me suck and drain every drop of his precious man juice out of him. He pulled his cock out and walked back to his shower to wash off. I knelt there with my head laid back, jacking myself off as I savored the taste of the big stud’s semen. As I got closer, I jacked harder, and I started groaning and whimpering with the pleasure that was building up in me.  I wasn’t going to open my mouth and let the shower spray gush in and dilute the precious nectar that was left on my tongue. I wanted to savor it. Finally, the dam burst and I started coming and swallowing the last of Justin’s load at the same time. I was in a dark, steamy cloud of ecstasy as I trembled through my climax, oblivious of all else around me.

“Fuck, you really shoot.”

I blinked my eyes open as I was aware of Justin’s big hand squeezing my shoulder, to see him still standing right beside me, watching me jack off and shoot my load. I was glad he’d stayed to watch me but he didn’t linger.

“Be sure and rinse down the shower floor before you leave; that stuff’s slick and somebody’s liable to fall,” he told me as he left the shower room.

After a moment to recover I managed to get to my feet and stagger back under the spray of water to finish my shower. I took my time, washing my ass good, shoving my fingers way up inside. Even after I’d shot my load, my fingers still felt good. I wouldn’t have minded all that much if Justin had come back and wanted to fuck me again. Or, hell, one of the other guys. I fantasized about that, being gang fucked by a bunch of the jocks. I wondered if they ever did that to Billie.


Several weeks later…weeks without any sex or even overtures from Justin…I found myself in the shower with a bunch of the other jocks. Nothing unusual about that; it was the times when Justin and I were alone that were unusual. With the rest of the guys everything was normal; I was as straight as any of them.  There was the usual banter, the vulgarity, the talk and lies about sex and I was quickly caught up in it.  Till suddenly I felt a hand on my bare ass.  I jumped and snapped my head around to see Justin standing there, under my shower with me, smiling. I blinked with surprise, gaped at him, thinking, no, he can’t be serious…not here, not now…not with all the guys around. But his hand was still on my butt and he was squeezing it and his thumb had found its way deep into my ass crack.  And to top it off, I saw the way his other hand was cupped, full of liquid soap that he fully intended to use.

“No,” I said quietly, shaking my head.

“Yeah,” he said. “It’s your fantasy. You’ve mentioned it more than once. Let me get it started and you can live out your fantasy.”

“No, man,” I said again. I didn’t know when I’d mentioned to Justin that I would like to have the experience of being had by a whole locker room full of jocks, but he had gotten the idea somewhere.  “It’s just a fantasy,” I told him, admitting to it.  We were having this conversation in undertones, as if we were the only two in the shower, but in fact there were…I quickly glanced about to count…nine other guys in the showers and that frightened me. It would turn into a nightmarish gang fuck. I wanted it to remain a fantasy for the time being, something I could jerk off to in the quiet and safety of my room. But Justin wasn’t having it.

He dumped the liquid soap into his other hand then rubbed it into the crack of my ass, deep, so his slick fingers penetrated my hole. He used the other slick hand to lube up his cock.

“Don’t do this, Justin,” I said quietly, still not wanting to attract attention to us. I was too scared to look around and see if anyone was watching us “Please, man, don’t.”

But he wasn’t listening. Next thing I knew, he had his hand spread out across the small of my back and was pushing down.

“Arch your back,” he said, his voice a little louder.  He was trying to attract the others’ attention!

“Hey…take a look!” someone said quietly, and I knew we had been noticed. No way we couldn’t be, even with all the thick steam.  Two guys just don’t get that close in the shower without being noticed, especially if one of them is bent over.

“Fuck, what’s he doing?” someone asked.

“Looks like he’s gonna do just that…fuck him.”

“No way.”

“Looks like way.”

I was bent over with my face and hands pressed flat against the tile wall; the stance that I was all too familiar with.  I felt tears streaming down my face; tears of embarrassment, humiliation, hell, maybe even joy.  I should’ve escaped…I could’ve, I was close to the door, and Justin would not have come after me…but something held me there; a force that I was powerless to fight.  I defined it later as gay lust.  Yeah, gay, because it had to be obvious to every guy in the shower that this wasn’t the first time this had happened; I wasn’t fighting Justin off.  I wasn’t even protesting that much.

I closed my eyes to block out the reality of nine other guys in the shower, and braced myself for the onslaught of Justin’s huge cock penetrating my hole. I was about to get fucked in front of nine other jocks and within an hour word would be all over school.  But I couldn’t worry about that now, and closing my eyes gave me the feeling that I was safe and alone with the big jock like all the other times; if I could not see the other naked athletes, they could not see us.  But I could hear their lewd remarks, now closer, as well as their body heat as they gathered in closer around us.

Justin shoved and my asshole spread open against the pressure and he was suddenly inside me. I was no stranger to Justin’s cock and I took him easily, determined and able to hide the initial pain.

“Holy Shit!” somebody said.  “Did you see the way he took that?”

“Damn, Justin, how long have you been fucking that?”

Justin just laughed.

“Fuck, man, I want some of that.  I never fucked a guy’s ass before.”

“Does he suck?” someone asked.  “Maybe he would suck me while you’re fucking him, and get me all primed.”

“You can try it.  I don’t know, myself, I’ve always used this end,” Justin said.

It sort of hurt that he said it like he was using me, but it was the truth, and I never minded.  Not even now, that my fantasy was coming to life.  I could sense that they were all gathered around us. Bravely, I opened my eyes to see a wall of muscular, naked, wet jocks with cocks of every size and shape being stroked, or standing out, throbbing. I didn’t put a face to a cock, or body, for that matter; I didn’t look up. I didn’t want to see their faces.

One of the cocks came closer and rubbed against the side of my face.  I could feel the slick precum. From the other side another cock more boldly rubbed across my lips and I could taste his precum.

“Wanta open up for me?  Please?”

I barely hesitated.  I didn’t open my mouth but I let my lips go slack and he shoved his cock through.  He put his hands on the side of my head and began thrusting in and out. The tears, now, were tears of happiness as I let him fuck my mouth.  I was suddenly in heaven; I was in my fantasy.

Justin got off in my ass and pulled out.  Another jock took his place.  I surprised myself, wishing he was bigger, like Justin.  I didn’t know I had become so used to, or even addicted to the size of Justin’s cock, and even the way he moved. I was so focused on my ass that I was taken by surprise when I felt come spurting in my mouth.  I might’ve started to jerk away but the hands held my head in place and I became what would be the depository for all of them.

It was a gang fuck in its purest sense.  I was being skewered from both ends. As one cock emptied into my mouth or my ass another quickly took its place, and I found myself anticipating the next one. I was sure I took them all at both ends, some more than once because I know I got fucked more than nine times.  I lost track of the number of cocks I sucked. A couple of them tasted like cum when they where shoved into my mouth and I knew they had just pulled out of my ass and walked around in front.

It was a wonderful, exhausting time. While it was happening I gave no thought to the aftermath; what they might do or say when they were finished with me. I began to be concerned about that as they began to go back to their own showers and I was left with one cock still ramming my ass and another in my throat, which had been forcibly opened up. Moments later, I stood bent over against the wall, alone under my shower.

I straightened up, still facing the wall and punched the soap dispenser.  I felt cum running out of my ass and I reached back for a feel, and found a gaping hole. I shoved two fingers through it; I think I could’ve shoved my fist inside my ass.  I squeezed my ass muscles but it didn’t close up around my fingers. I wondered how long it would take to close up.

“Man, that was fuckin’ hot,” someone said.

“Yeah, that was some fuckin’ hot ass,” said another.

They talked as if I weren’t there.  It sort of hurt, yet I was glad for the anonymity.  Gradually, the shower emptied and I was indeed alone.  Then I wasn’t.

“Hey, Coach wants to see you when you’re finished.”

I glanced around to see Justin at the door, dressed now in his gym shorts and T-shirt and sneakers, and his baseball cap pulled low over his face.

“Okay,” I said, suddenly very nervous. I couldn’t imagine what he wanted; what his reaction would be to what had just gone on in the shower, for surely he knew.

“Hey…thanks. I hope you enjoyed it,” Justin said. “Thanks from all the guys.”

“Yeah, it was good. You’re all welcome,” I said, without meaning.

I lingered under the shower as I listened for the banter and the noise in the locker room to die down.  I didn’t want to be out there among them. When it was quiet, I turned off the water and grabbed a towel on the way out of the shower. I dried off haphazardly as I walked back to the locker room and wrapped it around my waist before I began gathering up my uniform. I folded and stacked everything neatly in a pile, set my cleats and helmet on top then I went into the coach’s office.

“You wanted to see me, Coach?” I said as I walked up and set my uniform on the corner of his desk.

He looked at it, then at me, with a confused scowl.  “What’s this?”

“I figured that’s what you want to see me about.”

“No, not if this is what it looks like; looks like you’re turning in your uniform,” he said as he rubbed one hand over my helmet.  “When I want it, I’ll ask for it.”


“Sit down, Ace,” he said.  Coach called everybody Ace when he didn’t remember their names. “Well, I guess you know, now, that I know what goes on back in the showers.”

“I’ve thought you probably did all along, but I preferred to think you didn’t,” I said as I sat on the old couch across from his desk. I adjusted the towel, but with one ankle cocked up on my other knee, I knew he could see under it. I had a sneaking suspicion that since he knew and he was okay with it….well, I wasn’t sure what I thought.

“Well, I wanted you to know for sure that I know,” he said.

“That was the first time with all of them,” I said.  “It’s only been with Justin.”

“I sort of suspected that. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable about it,” he said. “I want you to know I’m okay with it, whether it’s just Justin or the entire team, whatever you boys do, as long as nobody gets hurt.”

“I’m glad to hear you say that.”

“It’s good for the guys to relieve the pressure, you know how that is,” he said with a smile.  “As long as nobody gets hurt.  What I mean is, you’re not being forced into anything, are you?  Justin’s never forced you, has he?  You weren’t forced just now, were you? I wouldn’t want that to happen.”

I knew that what he did not want to hear that I was being forced, because then he would have to deal with it.

“No, Justin has never forced me,” I said.

“They ganged you. What about that?” he asked.

“Well, I wasn’t expecting it when Justin started fooling around in front of everybody and I told him no.”

“Then he should’ve stopped.”

“I could’ve gotten away from him,” I said in Justin’s defense.

“Not from all nine of them. Why you would’ve been fighting off a ton of muscle,” he said.

“I was close to the door.  I could’ve gotten away,” I said.

“And where would you have gone? They likely would’ve come after you if they were horny enough.”

“Maybe, but I didn’t even try,” I said.

“So…you…more or less let it happen.”

“Not more or less. I did let it happen. It was going to happen sometime,” I said with a shrug. “It was a fantasy of mine. Justin knew that.”

“Oh, really.”  He leaned back in his chair with a smile.  “Can’t tell you how happy I am with the way you’re dealing with this.”

“How else am I supposed to handle it?  I’m gay, Coach. Everybody knows it now.”  I could see the muscles in his arm flex as he was rubbing his hand casually over his crotch.

“Well, I just want you to know I respect you for who you are, not what you are,” he said.  Then he shoved my uniform to the corner of the desk. “You can take this with you when you go. When I want it, I’ll ask for it.”

I nodded and stood up.  I went over to get the uniform, and got what shouldn’t have been a surprise. He wasn’t just rubbing his crotch, he was stroking his cock! It was sticking out the leg of his PE shorts. I picked up my uniform and helmet without taking my eyes off of his cock. He shoved his hand down to the base and held it straight up through his fist, tall. thick and throbbing about eight inches. There was precum streaming down the shaft.

“Think you could handle a little more,” he said.

Looking back now, I think that was my defining moment that I was more than just gay; I was a slut.  I had just been fucked by nine guys, and sucked most of them off, and my mouth was watering at the sight of the coach’s big cock, and I had to swallow my spit. I didn’t really like the man, but he had always treated me okay and right at that moment I was liking him more. I glanced around at the door. I hadn’t closed it.

“It’s okay, there’s nobody else around,” he said.

“But someone could come in,” I said.

“Close the door then,” he said.

I walked over to close the door, still with my uniform and helmet in my arm. I had a fleeting thought that I should leave, walk away from it.  But it was out there between us now and it would be there the next day, and the next and the next, every time I saw the coach, just like it was out there with all of the guys, and probably the whole damned school by morning.. I closed the door and flipped the lock then laid my uniform and helmet on the chair. When I went back around the desk, Coach’s PE shorts were down around his ankles, his big cock standing tall and proud.  I went to my knees and pulled the shorts off and tossed them aside.  Then I moved between his knees with my arms laid across his massive, hairy thighs and took hold of his cock.  I swallowed, audibly loud.  I was already licking my lips.


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