The Hut
by BobbyG


Chapter 9

Ordinary Seamen “Spike” Smith and Brian Freeman were in bed and with still an hour before they had to get up. Only Spike could talk if he had wanted to say anything, which he didn’t and Brian couldn’t because he had Spike’s cock in his mouth. Spike laid back with his arms behind his back enjoying the action, but at the same time knew this would be the last time like this until……? Well, until, neither of them had a clue as to the next time which made the pleasure of this moment even more special. Brian stopped what he was doing and kissed his way back up Spike’s body.

“Hello sailor, wanna 69?”

“Work work fucking work.”

He grabbed Brian’s head and kissed him and wrapped his arms around his body. Brian opened his legs so that their cocks ground together and Spike pulled Brian’s cheeks apart and stuck a finger in which caused Brian to melt in a heap. He got up and guided Spike’s cock to where his finger had been and sat on him. He fucked himself on it and at the same time lent forward, kissed his Ordinary Seaman and bought them both to yet another massive orgasm.

They had done this many times over the 10 day leave and both knew they would cum together, Spike having Brian’s tight tunnel to bring him to the end and Brian having Spike’s cock to do the same for him. Since Spike had first convinced Brian he “would love it” and after Brian had cussed him for the pain he had to endure, things settled down and he had begun to enjoy himself so much he was demanding a lot more of Spike’s 7 inches. These two were already half way to becoming excellent gunnery artificers.

They said fond farewells to Brian’s family and began the five hour journey to Plymouth. They had to wait outside the station for another hour and by the time the three tonner turned up there were 20 others waiting as well. As soon as the Petty Officer got out of the cab it was like being back in basic training again as he screamed at them to get on board.

“Good to be back Brian?”

They were about to cram in a year’s training into six months and drilled into the operation of every naval weapon of the time and all the various types of ammunition, shells, propellant packs, depth charges, torpedoes, flares, rockets and mortars. From the first day all 100 of the new intake would be assessed and during it they would be given the various action stations that was thought they were at the most proficient. Spike and Brian would be directed towards the operation of main guns, the 15 inch monsters and because of the intense training on them, they both came to realise they would eventually be posted to a battleship and hoped the same one. They would find out at the end of the course.

The mail would be given out at the end of each day and Spike listened out for his name to be called, but it never did. He had written to his mother and father not long after joining up and again when he was on leave with Brian. He was desperate to make things right and had hoped his father did as well, but it seemed he didn’t. That was the only blot in his life so far and wondered if his father would ever forgive him even though he knew he was right in what he had done, even if it was wrong in the way he did it.

“Are you packing your binoculars?”

“No, there is no point, but I will when I get my ship.” Andrew smiled at him.

“What’s funny?”

“That’s what I told granddad when he asked the same question. Sort of deja vu I suppose.”

Simon was packed and ready to go the next day and to stop long periods of silence between them, they went to the pub for a few pints and sat there saying nothing. They were on their second pint when the Major came in and as he could talk the hind leg off an old donkey they at least had some sort of conversation and after the forth went back to the cottage and finished off with a couple of doubles. Despite the drink, sleep was difficult for both of them as they tossed and turned just about all night.

“Goodbye son, stay safe and hope to see you Christmas.” They embraced and Simon got on his train feeling just the same as thousands of sons did saying goodbye to their fathers.

He had to endure the same as all new recruits regardless of who they were on the parade ground although being an officer cadet the drill instructors treated them slightly differently than Spike, Brian and Tony had got when they were doing their square bashing.

“You fucking useless, CUNTS!” was toned down a bit with, “You fucking useless, GENTLEMEN!” Apart from that it was just about the same.

After four weeks of this and hours in the gym they were all able to march more or less in step and the training proper began. Simon found himself in his element and felt a bit guilty as he was thoroughly enjoying himself and did not think he should be. After the first month it became clear Simon was well ahead of the others and would pass with flying colours. All that his instructors and Commanding Officer looked for now was to see if any arrogance or an air of superiority showed up, it didn’t. What he did not know was, Spike and Brian were doing as well in their own training, so was Tony.

Being a fully functional hospital Tony was getting firsthand experience as he trained and there was a lot of it. With the army increasing its numbers by the day, so there was an increase in soldiers being admitted with various injuries including some with gunshot and grenade wounds all sustained on the firing range when things went a bit wrong. Although no one wished it to happen, it was good experience for the likes of Tony who would be a spectator in the theatre looking on at the operating procedures and then afterwards in the wards nursing them up to the point of discharge. He would eventually become part of the operating staff in the theatre himself, which was all good training and experience for the future.

He loved the hours spent in the classroom learning the basics and then the more advanced lectures on the human body and how it functioned and why sometimes it didn’t. He would spend hours on his homework and after it was complete, at least once a week wrote to Simon. They were in contact a lot and hoped to get leave at the same time over Christmas. Gary hoped for something quite different.

Gary was giving Tony all the support he could give. He had made sure Tony was in his class of ten and it was no small thing that Tony benefited by Gary’s excellent ability as an instructor, but Gary got something wrong in that he thought Tony was warming to him as he was so wrapped up in his work and training simply because he was so keen and focused on becoming a first class medic. He simply thought Tony liked being with him for the same reasons he wanted him there and was convincing himself it would not be long before Tony would forget about Simon. Tony in fact would have done just as well, regardless of who his instructor was. That did not even enter Gary’s head and he decided to push it a bit.

“Tony, I know we are divided by rank at the moment and that will change, I just want you to remember what I said to you in Dover?” Tony  said nothing, just smiled and Gary got that wrong as well.

Spike and Brian had not had sex for weeks and both were feeling the strain of it, there was no opportunity of them getting together until that is, they got lucky one day. They were paired up to go and service 10 new 20mm Oerlikon’s that had been delivered to one of the armouries.

“Here you are lads, take your time and have a day off!” The PO left and because it was a weapons store they had to lock themselves in and knew they would be private the whole time they were there.

Never had ten Oerlikon’s been serviced and stored so quickly as now and after two hours they had the next four to themselves. They found a toilet with hand basin and soap and each helped the other get clean after they had stripped off. After that they went into the small office, put the heater on and got stuck into one another. It wasn’t exactly making love, more like two rampant and horny rabbits going at it for three of the four hours. It was still beautiful though, but the pair of them had cum so many times they were too knackered to do anything else except cuddle and kiss their way through the last hour. Two of Britain’s finest trainee sailors slept well that night.

It was now the 15th Dec 1940 and four young men were about to have an interview with their respective Commanding Officers.

Simon stood to attention with his cap tucked under his left arm in front of Lieutenant Commander Watts, a navigating officer of WW1 vintage and every bit as good as Simon’s father had been. The classes had been lectured by Watts a few times and had been nicknamed “Excellent” as it seemed it was his favourite word.

“Stand at ease Mr Walsh.” Simon stood at ease. Watts was going through all of Simon’s reports.

“Excellent.” He read on.


“Very good.” Simon thought he had fucked something up, no “excellent” that time. After a few more “excellents” he took his glasses off and stared at Simon.

“Mr Walsh, having read through all of your reports and listened to what the instructors have told me, you are every bit as good as your father was in the Great war.” You could knock Simon down with a feather!

“Sir?” Watts smiled at Simon.

“Mr Walsh, I was trained by your father during the Great war when I was on his ship and if I was good, it was all down to him. I am so pleased I have had a small part in training you. How is your father by the way?” Simon gave the CO a quick update which included their part at Dunkirk.

“Excellent! Thank you Mr Walsh. Please do give him my regards when you go on leave on the 20th. You will return on the 5th of January and complete your course after which I will have your ship for you to report to. You, Mr Walsh, will be on Atlantic convoy escort duty. That is all.” Simon came to attention and left. He ran to the phone in the cadets mess and rang his father and after that wrote to Tony and hoped he could get some of the Christmas off as well.

Tony was standing to attention in front of his Commanding Officer, Surgeon Major Felix Banks MC. He was nicknamed rather unimaginatively, “Banksi.” He was a very serious man not known to smile that much.

“Stand at ease.” It would seem that Commanding Officers only read through reports when the subject was standing in front of them, that was what Banksi was doing now. He read the lot and removed his glasses and looked at Tony and, SMILED!

“Bloody fine set of reports Private and in particular from your section instructor Sgt Masters, he is very impressed and has even recommended that if you continue as you are, you should be considered for promotion. Well done young man. You will be given leave from the 20th and return on the 5th of January, you can thank Sgt Masters for that as well, dismiss.”

“Well, how did it go?” Gary was all smiles. Tony was happy and concerned, he needed to get a few things sorted out.

“Thank you for your reports Gary, but we need to talk and when we do it may change everything.”

“Ok, talk then and after we do, think about Christmas, I am inviting you to spend it with me and my family.”

“Christ,” Tony thought, “this is getting worse.”

“Gary I am very grateful for everything you are doing for me. I know I’m good at my training and equally sure I will become a very good medic, but that’s the only reason why I am here. I told Simon some time ago I could never go to war and kill, but since Dunkirk and being involved with the wounded with you, it was then it all became clear and what I could become in this war. Gary, I’m not interested in anything other than my training and if that means you are going to make things difficult for me, then I will ask for a transfer.” Gary had to think hard.

“Tony you can’t blame me for trying……….” He hesitated for effect, “My feelings for you are more than strong,” he lied,” and…….ok I may have pushed too hard, I’m sorry. I messed up a couple of times before and hoped I would have a chance with you. I know we would be perfect together.” Gary was confused, this had never happened before, blokes would just drop their pants after he had paid them this amount of attention.

“It can’t happen. I’m flattered you feel that way about me and I just hope you and I can be friends. If that’s not good enough, tell me now, then I will ask for that transfer.”

Gary thought about it and knew that even if he did not have a chance now, it could happen as he had thought before, but now he would have come up with another plan. At least if he agreed that they would only be friends, he would stay and still be together at the hospital. He smiled at Tony and he knew he would have to agree.

“Ok Tony, friends only, but I tell you I won’t stop hoping or trying. You will just have to except that.”

“I do and thanks Gary. I don’t want to leave and I know we will work well together, we already have.”

Gary left Tony who was satisfied for the time being, he knew Gary would not stop trying, not that he had a problem with it now. Gary must know he had no chance in anything personal between them. He allowed himself to relax a bit, “mind you,” he told himself, “he is fucking good looking and a nice body I should think!” He laughed out loud and told himself off, he knew Simon would slap him all over the place for that. He got to his room and wrote him a letter and while he wrote and despite he was missing Simon so much, he could not be happier. He just hoped Simon could get some of the Christmas as well.

Spike and Brian stood to attention in front of their Commanding Officer, Commander Wilfred Bustard DSO DSC. No prizes as to what HIS nickname was! “Bastard” was far from one, but tough, rough and took no prisoners, but a great leader of men, he  knew them inside out and if there was anything good in any of them, he found it. An ex regular Royal Navy Gunnery Officer who had been bought out of retirement after a 25 year career and had been decorated for his gallantry during the first world war. He was somewhat different to other commanders.

“Stand easy and stop shitting yourselves, you’re not in trouble, yet.” Spike and Brian stopped shitting themselves and stood easy.

“So you two, from what I read and have been told you are apparently the dogs bollocks. I have a lot of respect for my officers and instructors and it’s not for me to disagree with them, but I know people fuck up, I did so why shouldn’t others? Tell me gentlemen why I should believe them?” Spike and Brian looked at one another and from that look Spike knew it was him to answer the Commander.

“We just like to be in the navy and hope to serve on one of our battleships, the best in the world, but we also like anything to do with armaments from small arms to the guns we like best, the main guns sir. To be honest we are like a couple of kids when we train and can’t wait to fire the guns for real. I know that sounds like bullshit, but that’s how we feel.” Bustard looked at the pair of them.

“Good answer, VERY good answer and you are right, bullshit, but I don’t quite understand, why do you like small arms AND the big boys? It’s usually one or the other or something in between.”

“We had to service 10 new Oerlikon’s a few weeks back and really enjoyed doing it, sir.” Commander Bustard turned to his Chief Petty Officer.

“You have two volunteers to service and maintain our little guns it seems Chief.”

“I will keep that in mind sir.” Spike and Brian hoped he would.

“Right, well done lads I have selected you both for Christmas leave and you will go on the 20th and return here on the 5th of January. You will complete your training and assuming you keep up the standards, you just might get what you want. Dismiss.” They came to attention and marched out.

“You two report to the armoury at 09 00 tomorrow and check the whole fucking lot. THAT will keep you busy all fucking day. NEVER tell a commanding officer you like something! Twats!” The Chief Petty Officer had delivered his order and rebuke and then told them they were, “good lads!” That is the way of the Royal Navy. Two very happy sailors went to their barracks and when they got there Spike found a letter on his bed, it was from his father.

Spike read and reread the letter and finally, knowing every word of it by heart he tucked it into a pocket and looked up at Brian.

“Brian, would you like to come to my place and spend the Christmas with me and my mum and dad?” Brian looked around him, they were alone and crossed the gap between his bed and Spike’s and kissed him, he took Spike’s face in his hands.

“Yes Spike, I would love that………… and I love you as well, you homo cunt!” Spike wrote a long letter to his father and a shorter one to Simon, hoping he would get Christmas leave as well.

Two fathers and one mother stood on the platform at Hamble station waiting for their sons and shook hands as they met.

“Seems like our boys are doing well Andrew. I was very angry when Edward left in the way he did and I was as angry with you for taking him to Dunkirk, but I have learnt a lot since he joined the navy and we are very proud of him. You must feel the same about your lad.”

“I have always been proud of my son and even more so now. Our lads and many like them will see us through, have no doubt about it.”

Simon was on the platform as the train pulled into Portsmouth. He and Brian were already on it and as soon as Spike spotted Simon he had his head out of the window screaming his name out. They threw their arms around one another and Spike dragged Simon into their already overcrowded compartment.

“This is Brian, my oppo and the best oppo you could have. Simon and Brian shook hands and Simon knew what Spike was telling him.

“Nice to meet you mate, really nice.”

“Good to meet you too Simon. Spike has told me about a hut you two used to go to? Hope he and me get there sometime, seems like a nice place to relax in.” The overcrowded compartment wondered why these three were busting themselves.

Brian, Spike and his mum and dad said goodbye to Andrew and Simon and hoped to meet up over the Christmas. Spike and Brian made a date to meet up with Tony and Simon the next day. Tony would not get there for another three hours. Father and son got home and opened a bottle of rum.

“Cheers dad, good to be home.”

“It will be even better when Tony gets here and I mean for all three of us. Cheers son, welcome home.”

Simon was at the station an hour before Tony’s train was due and stood there cussing himself for being so early, but then  loving it as he knew that every minute he stood there, Tony was getting closer to him.

The train pulled in with Simon waiting at the end of the last carriage thinking that’s where Tony would be. Tony was in the front carriage thinking that’s where Simon would be waiting for him.

Ten people got on and five got off and by the time the train pulled out, there were only two people left on the platform, Simon and Tony. It was like a Hollywood film clip as each saw the other and, as if in slow motion, they ran towards each other and virtually slammed into the man he had missed and loved so much. They hugged into one another, holding on with all their strength. After a long time like that Tony looked up at Simon and saw blood pouring out of his nose, he had broken it with his forehead!

“Fuck off, both of you.” Simon was in the cottage hospital in Hamble with an ice pack on his nose. There was no permanent damage and his nose had been reset, but had to endure his father’s piss taking and Tony laughing his head off.

“If I had to choose who my father would be and “whoever,” it would not be either of you two.”

“Say that again Simon, we can’t understand what you are saying.” Simon gave up and fell asleep. Andrew went out leaving Tony to cuddle into Simon as best he could and an hour later Simon was discharged and they went back to the cottage.

“God you look ugly, the black eyes don’t help either.” It was Tony’s way of making it up to Simon. “Still, very fuckable I’m pleased to say.”

“Thank you man beater. Wait till I get you home.”

“It’s free, Andrew is already at the yard. We will have to book the hut though as it seems Spike and Brian will be using it.”

“We could always go with them, Brian is a good looking bloke.”

“Do you want another broken nose?”

They got in and went to the settee and realised the first problem was the kissing had to be very gentle because of Tony’s over enthusiastic launch at Simon.

“Tony, be honest, have you ever had a patient who lived to get discharged?”

“Think so. I got good reports so I’m guessing some survived.” Simon thought for a while.

“And how’s it going with Gary, I’m guessing all the good reports came from him?” Tony would not tell Simon about Gary’s feelings for him and all that he had told Gary, there was no point, he was in control anyway.

“I would have done well who ever my instructor is. Gary is good at his job, so are the other instructors, but I know I’m good as well and when this is all over I’m coming home and hope to get a job nursing and even think about becoming a doctor.”

“Good to hear all of it and hope it stays that way.” Simon didn’t know how he knew, but he was sure that Gary wished he and Tony were closer, he had seen the looks he gave Tony on “Peace” during the trip back to Dover and then of course working together on his father after the attack. Neither he or Tony would give another thought to Gary for the rest of the leave.

It was a brilliant time for all four of them. Both families visited one another a few times although Christmas day they spent on their own. Spike took Brian to the hut four times. They were on a trip down memory lane for Spike and four memorable times with Brian as they spent a few hours making love. It all ended up with both of them expelling vast quantities of cum, Spike into Brian and Brian all over Spike’s hand or straight onto the blanket. They would stay as they were for ages afterwards and just cuddle up and often slept.

Simon and Tony booked their sessions to visit the hut and more or less did the same as the other two on each visit. Tony’s domestic abuse on Simon hampered things a bit to start with, much to Tony’s amusement and Simon’s threats not to fuck him if he did not stop laughing.

“Ok, don’t then.”

“Fuck off and get naked.”

Simon held Tony tightly as he exploded into him and Tony finished himself off over the same blanket that Brian had the day before. Like Spike and Brian, these two did the same and cuddled in and slept for an hour.

Before they left they took the blanket to the river to wash and after twisting as much water out of it as possible, they hung it in the hut to dry out.

On the 27th Dec the four met up in the “Tea for Two” café and chatted about their training and all of them realised that they were all doing very well. Simon and Brian went to the counter to choose cakes and another pot of tea.

“How is it with you and Gary Tony?”

“Its fine Spike don’t you have a problem with it, nothing will ever happen.”

“It would finish Simon if it did Tony, you know that don’t you?”

“Nothing ever will Spike. If you think about how much you love Brian and double it, that’s how much I love Simon.”

“Sorry, I should not have said anything, none of my business. I just love you two and when all this is over we will meet like this loads of times.”

“We will Spike and I don’t have a problem with you caring about Simon and me, in fact, thank you FOR caring.”

They finished their tea and started back up the street towards Spikes home, but they would call in the cottage and help themselves to a couple of doubles of Andrew’s rum. The phone rang, it was Spike’s mum. They could not hear what was said and had to wait for Spike to tell them. He put the phone down and looked at Brian.

“Come on the CO has been trying to talk to us, he is calling back in an hour. Guess we are being called back.” They hugged together and the two lads left.

“Fancy another rum or me Tony?” Tony handed Simon his glass and got told some dreadful things. Half hour later there was yet another cumming, doubles of course.

Spike took the call and when he had finished told Brian and his parents what was said.

“We have to go back tomorrow and pack up. The CO will tell us then what ship we have got, he won’t say over the phone. We can then come back on leave until the date he gives us tomorrow.”

“It’s the real thing then boys, let’s have a drink.”

“Cheers dad.” It was a very quiet evening. Spike phoned Simon to tell him what it was all about.

“See you in a couple of days Spike, hope you get what you want. Tony says hello and we will keep the hut warm for you two.

A naked Simon laid on top of a naked Tony. They had made love and now that Simon’s face was back to normal was able to kiss Tony properly.

“Love you.”

“Love you too. One more log on the fire then we had better think about getting home, Spike and Brian will be coming later.” It didn’t QUITE work out that way and all down to Tony who paid far too much attention to Simon’s body. He had turned him over and told Simon he was practising doing male medical examinations.

“I was told I needed to improve doing them.” The “examination” centred mainly around the bum and cock areas and was a little unusual in that most of it was carried out by Tony’s tongue. Let’s cut the bullshit, they had sex and ended up in a 69 which ended any hope of carrying on any medical examination and they would have to peddle like hell to meet up with Spike and Brian.

“Okay, don’t keep us in suspense. By the looks you are both happy with your ship.” Simon and Tony smiled with them.

“Only the best ship in the navy boys!  HMS HOOD!


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