Matt & Me
by BobbyG


Chapter 2

Matt held me as tightly as he could and kissed me for the millionth time and then asked me if I would fuck him.

“I know it will hurt Simon, but I REALLY want you to do it.” Yeah God’s didn’t I want too, but the last thing I would allow myself to do is hurt him. Ok, so I’m fucking stupid and stupid I will stay, but as this is true fictional life there is no way I would physically hurt Matt, I could not go there, but of course there was a way.

“We are going for a bath, we badly need a clean up and after we have washed one other I want to ask you something.”


“I said AFTER we have cleaned up thick Scotsman.” Matt pulled away from me and “beat” me up while I creased up laughing and then tickled the life out of him. Matt was a whippet and I had a job keeping hold of him as he twisted all over the bed with me trying to pin him down, not that I tried that hard, this “fight” was a huge turn on and as an indication of it, we were both as hard as we could get again. I allowed him to pin me down with me on my back and Matt straddling my body. He lent down and kissed me.

“Give in dopey Englishman?”

“Only if I can take us for a bath.” He kissed me once more and told me I was lucky not to be beaten to a pulp, but agreed to have a bath with me. I picked him up with my arms around his slim body, his arms around my neck and legs around my waist. His hard cock was squashed between us and my own hardon sticking out some way below his bum touching nothing!

“Drop down a bit,” I told him. He did as he was told and his cute bum was now resting on my 6.5 inches. I dropped my hands down to hold both of those lovely cheeks and like that I took him into the bathroom and turned the taps on then poured the bubble bath in. I then sat on the edge with Matt’s legs over the bath and kissed him, for a very long time.

“Simon, if I moved a bit I could get you inside me.”

“Shut up and I couldn’t anyway, not without lube.” “OH…! So if you had lube you would then!” The fucking tosser was too quick and all I had left was to dump him in the bath up to his cute neck.

“Give in, drown or kiss me.” He put his arms behind his head and smiled up at me. “Ok and I give in!” I pulled him up to my mouth and kissed him, then got into the bath and wrapped him in my arms and there we stayed until I had to put more hot water into the bath… Some time later:


As a reply he kissed me and looked into my eyes expectantly waiting for the next bit.

“Would you like to come home with me on Sunday and spend your school holiday with me? You have eight weeks and plenty of time to take you to see what the army is all about, we could go to London to military museums and watch parades. I guess you have shit loads of homework to do and you could bring it with you and do it in my office while I work, we would both be naked as well as have plenty of time for us.” I paused smiling at him. I had hoped for a positive reaction but not like the one Matt gave me. He was sitting between my open legs with his over mine and our cocks jammed together and both of us cuddling in as I spoke to him. He may have been of slight build but my word he was strong. He pulled me in tight with all his considerable strength and buried his head into my chest.

“Yes, yes, YES!” He looked up at me with tears running down his face.

“Oh God yes Simon!” He clung on to me like a limpet for ages then pulled away.

“What do you mean naked in your office? Bit embarrassing if someone comes in don’t you think?”

“I won’t call you a thick Scotsman again, I don’t want another beating. I work from home, thick shit!” He clung back into me.

“This is getting better and better!” I got him on his hands and knees and shampooed his hair and played with his bum at the same time which made him very happy, me too. I then stood him up and slowly washed his body, still playing with his bum. I dried his hair off with a towel then we changed over so he could shampoo and wash me, including bum play.

“I haven’t sucked your cock yet Simon.”

“Let’s go back to bed, we still have two hours, so plenty of time for a lot more fun.” I knew what I wanted to do for us and one of those things would show Matt there was more enjoyment to be had than just sex.

All nice and clean and dry, I pumped the pillows up and laid against them keeping one for Matt to lay on. “Put your shorts on and come and lay on my lap.” He just looked at me and opened his mouth to say something but I cut in.

“You will look so sexy with them on.” He grinned at me and retrieved them from the pile on the floor and climbed into them. “Ok, what now boss!”

I pulled him back on the bed and laid his head on the pillow which covered my lap with his body at right angles to mine and just stroked and kissed his face then on to his lips and body and at the same time caressed his hidden cock but could not stop myself from running my hand into the leg of his shorts. I took hold of his rampant rod and pulled his foreskin all the way down and teased his head with pre cum pouring out of his slot. This went on for ages, both of us were in a very special place. I removed his shorts and the pillow from my lap and got us into a 69, Matt was about to suck his first cock and now he would also to be able to take my own foreskin down and suck my swollen head. I wondered how many more he would have in his throat in the future and tried to dismiss it.

It quickly became very clear that Matt had found something beyond his wildest dreams as he licked the whole length of my uncut rod then under the head before finally taking in as much as he could. He was copying me as I worked on his lovely shaft with my willing mouth.

I took a peek at the clock, one hour to go before we had to get ready and so plenty of time for what I wanted for both of us. We were both happy to continue 69ing and stroke each body as well as climb back up to kiss for sometime before going back down.

“Simon, I’m not far away now.” I stopped sucking and turned round to face him.

“You are going to cum again but not in the way you thought, just lay there and let me take you to another first time.” He smiled back up at me then pulled me down to his lips. As we kissed I felt under the pillows and bought out a tube of lube and then sat up and flipped the top off.

“You bugger, this was your plan all the time wasn’t it!” I smiled back down at him.

“Not quite in the same way you thought Matt.” I then covered his cock with Matt looking on with an expression I wished I could photograph. I adjusted myself and took his cock to my hole and gently sat on his head and once there I lowered myself until it broke through, he was now just inside me and the look he was giving me was a look of total disbelief and that continued as I took more and more of him until finally had all 5+ inches of his 14 year old cock buried inside me. I lent down to him and put my arms around his shoulders and kissing him while I fucked myself on that beautiful cock. His arms were around me and I could tell he was getting close as he pulled tighter and tighter.

“Now YOU fuck me Matt.” I raised myself slightly and stayed there while Matt’s hips took his cock into me and the more he fucked the faster his hips thrashed up and back down. His breathing was becoming more laboured as he was approaching his end and when he did his entire body tensed as he rammed into me one last time, held himself hard into me.

“Oh fuck, oh FUCK…!I’m coming!” And with that he exploded into me at least five times and I felt all of them as they blasted out. We stayed as we were for a long time just gently kissing until I got off of him and laid us on our sides cuddling in close. Matt just could not take the smile off his face.

“We need a shower and get ready, we have only got half an hour now.”

He got up and moved between my legs blowing and kissing me, holding me and bringing me to my own end and when I did he held his head to just above my cock as I exploded covering his entire face. After the last flow came out he looked up at me smiling as my cum dripped off him.

“Oh my word that tastes nice!” I pulled him back up and we both had a taste of my offerings.

Twenty minutes later and now all clean and dressed we left my room to go out. The receptionist smiled as I handed in my door card.

“Will I see both of you later gentlemen?” Before I could reply Matt did.

“You might, I have forgotten my bag and we are in a hurry so I can’t go back, the taxi’s waiting.” As we left to get the taxi Matt spoke.

“I’m going to talk to mum later and come out to her but I won’t be saying anything about this afternoon, she will know anyway and I think she will be ok about me coming back with you. I know Dean will be ok as well and my sisters. Are you worried Simon?” To be honest I wasn’t even though this was about as weird as it could get. Matt’s mum and stepdad asking me to find out about his sexuality, taking him to my hotel when they must have known “something” would happen and then meeting up with the whole family for Matt to come out to his mum and at the same time ask her if he could spend the next eight weeks at my home! All pretty normal stuff really.

Tables had been placed together so we could all sit together. There was Dean and Mary and their three kids, Dean’s two brothers and their wife’s, a couple of family friends and me. Matt was sitting between is older sisters opposite his mum who I was sitting next to, we had agreed not to sit together. “I can’t eat and fiddle at the same time Simon.”

It was a lovely time, everyone happy especially Matt, he was animated and full of fun, laughing, joking and generally having a great time. Mary leaned over to me. “I don’t know what you two got up to this afternoon but I can guess, whatever it was it must have been a great time for Matt. He is never miserable but I have never seen him so fucking happy. LOOK at that smile! He told me he needs to talk after the meal, but I already know what its all about and I won’t have a problem.”

“Are you sure Mary?” She lent over and kissed my cheek. “Whatever my son is, he is my son and being gay will make no difference to my love for him and he will know all the family will support him and if any outsider has a problem, they will have ME to deal with and when I have finished, Dean will take over.” She screamed out laughing.

Matt indeed did take his mum away from us later and as he spoke I could see the smile getting even wider as he beckoned me over.

“Mum is really happy and says its fine to come back with you so long as I take my homework and even said I could go back to the hotel tonight if that’s ok with you.” I could not agree.

“As much as I would like that, we have to be careful, that guy in reception already knows you spent time in my room and if we go back it could raise eyebrows as you are not booked in until tomorrow. We will have time together after the wedding reception and you are coming home with me anyway Matt.” Mary called Dean over and we sat and talked. Dean was over the moon and hugged both me and Matt. He looked at Mary. “Why can’t Uncle Simon stay in Matt’s room tonight?” She laughed and her whole body shook, with her massive tits trying to keep up, she lent into Dean and kissed him.

“Bloody hell it’s us getting married tomorrow and these two are having a honeymoon to fuckin night!? Matt’s only got a bunk bed but I’m sure you two will manage somehow. Right, let’s get home I need to talk to the girls about all this, not that they will have a problem so you two go straight to bed when we get back.” Once again she burst out laughing.

“Oh MUM… do I have too!?” Matt’s smile and laugh was a killer, we all laughed with him and I even risked putting an arm around his shoulders, more smiles.

Mary telling us we had to go straight to bed was a relief, I had been wondering when Matt and I could go to bed without seeming too keen. As soon as we entered the house Matt grabbed my hand, shouted his good nights, followed by me shouting mine and led me upstairs to his room.

“Good night you two, no noise, we are right next door Matt remember.” Once again she broke down laughing.

As soon as the door closed we melted into one another’s arms and for the first time kissed knowing the whole family now knew Matt had come out and I was the one to help him do it. At that time I was just not thinking, I was so caught up in the moment and of course this lovely boy was absolutely beautiful, not just in looks either, his character was perfect. I was falling in love with him and the family it seemed had excepted us as a couple. A bit dangerous to say the least, my heart was ruling my head and it would be sometime before I gave it any serious thought.

“Let’s clean our teeth and get to bed, I want a cuddle and anything else you got in mind.” He said.

We stripped off and put our clothes on Matt’s desk chair then went to the wash basin, Matt gave me a spare toothbrush and after a fun time cleaning our teeth whilst holding on to a cock we rinsed off and kissed. Matt broke away and shot up the ladder. I watched this naked beauty climb up and get under the duvet on the left side.

As soon as I joined him we once again cuddled in and kissed for ages. I stroked his chest and belly, then to his bush with his hard cock on the back of my hand. I took it in hand and gently stroked it but knowing at the same time the young man was getting very tired, it had been an extraordinary day, for both of us. I let go of him and told him to turn round and when he had, I got my arms around that wonderful slim body and held on to him tight. “I can’t wait to get there Sunday Simon and do you know what, I will be 15 on the 18th and by that time my bum will be ready for 15 fucks!”

“With 15 different cocks?”

“Shut up, just yours.”

“Ok now go to sleep, night night .” I kissed his shoulder and at the same time thought about the 18th August.

“Night night Simon.” He raised a hand and kissed that, as soon as he did, he gave out a deep sigh and then fell asleep. I followed sometime later but before I dropped off I thought about what had happened in such an incredibly short time and Matt’s families acceptance of the situation, an amazing bunch of people.

We woke several times during the night, both hard but stayed as we were with my cock jammed between Matt’s bum cheeks. He lifted his right leg, reached behind him and put my erection between them and dropped his leg back down trapping my cock. It felt great! I kissed the back of his neck, he pushed back into me and we dropped off again.

I must have been in a deep sleep because when I woke in the morning Matt was facing me with my morning stiffy in his hand smiling at me. I kissed him and also took him in hand. I put my left arm around his shoulders and he laid his left one over my body. Like that we continued to stroke one another knowing we were not going to stop until we had both covered each other with our combined offerings. We just smiled at one another and as we approached our final lap I lent into Matt and kissed him deeply and stayed there until our breathing increased and the kissing became even more passionate. We both stroked a few more times when suddenly our bodies froze for a few seconds before we came together, shooting over each hand and belly. Like that we cuddled in again and finally managed to say “good morning.” It was 8 o’clock.

“That was the best sex so far today, I hope it improves!”

“Cheeky shit. I had better go soon, you have a busy day.”

“I could do you breakfast before you go?”

“No, I can have that at the hotel, you have a busy time coming up and I really want that to be family. Are you in a kilt?”

“Maybe, you will just have to wait and see.”

“Ok, but if you are I will be checking for no knickers!”

“In that case, yes all males will be in kilts.” I said goodbye properly to Matt before we left his room and he rang a taxi for me. The family were in high spirits and it was turning into a free for all as everyone was talking at once and getting more than excited. Dean opened a can and sat in a corner. I said goodbye and got a lot of smiles back. They were all over Matt with hugs and kisses from his mum and sisters, I just stood there watching this really close family and knew it was going to be a great time for everyone. Matt saw me off and stood waving to me and both of us knowing we would be back together after the party had finished later that night but I hoped we could get together for a walk around the grounds as well and check if he had underwear on! I certainly wasn’t even though I would not be wearing a kilt!

As soon as I got back to the hotel the same receptionist was behind his counter.

“Welcome back sir, I hope you had an enjoyable evening?”

“Yes thanks it was great and lovely company, a really nice family. My nephew is the groom and about to marry a very sweet lady.”

“And a very sweet stepson as well I’m sure you agree.”

“Three very sweet children actually.” This twat was fishing.

“I look forward to meeting them at 3 o’clock sir, there are quite a few guests in now including a couple of really good looking much younger men as well as you. I must say you and Matt look great together.” Yep, he was. Time to get back at him.

“Really? In what way do we look great together?” He did not expect that. I had put him down as a possible but not now. I laughed at myself wondering why the hell I would not go behind Matt’s back. He smiled at me.

“I have been in this work for some years and know the signs. I have seen it enough times and have enjoyed some lovely moments with youngsters his age.” I just looked at him and held my hand out for my door pass. But I was fucking annoyed and the words just came out.

“Go anywhere near that lad and I promise you, you will be wearing your balls as earrings, his mum and new dad will make sure of it.” Bloody hell, I was getting jealous! Not good.


It was a great time, Mary looked lovely as did the girls. All the men had identical dark blue traditional Scottish dress. Jackets, waistcoats, white dress shirts with bow ties, kilts, long white socks and black shoes. Matt was stunning, he looked absolutely beautiful and the smile on his face when he saw me was wonderful. He was as happy as you could get. I whispered to him. “Knickers?”


“Nor me.” That smile would stay on his face for the next nine hours.

I have to say I’m not much for weddings but this was quick and quite funny. Dean was as nervous as a kitten as he read his marriage vows to Mary, this “hard” man who had spent a year in youth custody with some real tough guys, was jelly. I smiled and wondered if any of his former inmates were as soft as this lovely man. I felt good in that I had played a part in his rehab. The reception went on a bit and I was glad when it was all over some two hours later, mind you I was rather pleased when I got a mention in Dean’s speech saying some nice things and how I had stuck by him. I smiled to myself and thought that because I did I had met Matt and all that had happened and what was about too.

I was sitting with a nice bunch of people and many others I would meet at the wedding party, but to be honest what I really wanted was to get Matt outside or to my room for a bit of private time.

At last it ended and we all trooped outside for the photo’s to be taken and typical of all weddings, it took ages, still there were some nice moments for me.

“Might as well get the two queers together, one of them is my son and I could not be more pleased.” She hugged both of us and for the first time wondered if Mary was thinking we were a couple!? A twenty three year old and a fourteen year old!? Oh do come on!

Matt was busy wandering around being a good host and I noticed that two of the lads his age were also very good looking and realised who Alex, the receptionist, was referring too. I only had eyes for one of them and he was coming towards me with that constant smile on his face.

“This is an order, go to your room and I will follow in five minutes.”

“Watch that fucking receptionist, he is trying to get his nose in about us.”

“And his cock?”

“Shut up and that’s an order.” I smiled at him and went to my room leaving the door ajar. Five minutes later Matt arrived.

“I know your mum looks amazing but you are the most beautiful person at this wedding.” He put his head on one side with a suspicious look on his lovely face.

“You’re after my arse aren’t you.”

“I told you, not until we get to my place.”


I took him to stand in front of the mirror with his back to it, I wrapped my arms around him and kissed for ages and at the same time pulled the back of his kilt up. He looked absolutely gorgeous as those perfect cheeks were exposed, I put a hand on each one and just held them like that as I put my lips to his ear.

“You are the most beautiful man I have ever met, there is no one more beautiful.” Matt pulled away from me and just looked into my eyes and I assumed looking for signs of piss taking, his face remained serious as he continued to look at me.

“Does that include the person as well Simon? I have seen many good looking boys and men, but some have turned out to be ugly people inside.” I just stared back at him with a smile on my face.

“I could say a hell of a lot, but this is not the time or place but I find you a beautiful person as well as handsome with a lovely face and body… Matt do you mind if we just lay on the bed and cuddle before we have to go back down?” He led the way and still fully clothed, we laid on our sides with arms around one another and gently kissed and for the first time I wondered where all this was going, but then laughed at myself. It was going nowhere except for both of us to have a great time and at the end of it I would continue my life as would Matt who would meet other guys and have, hopefully, a lot of fun and experience different lovers over the next few years and possibly army guys as well.

Like me he would have to deal with rejection as well and it could be very difficult for him as I had found out myself. I had taught myself to control every aspect of my life and always found a way out of a problem and all down to my partner two years previously, Norman.

We had been together eighteen months and SO deeply in love, we had had so many good times and not just in bed, we went on holidays and had marvellous times both in the UK and abroad. We went to London to see shows and loved going to gay bars and clubs and meet other guys but never go home with them even though there were many offers, we never took up those offers. Now I knew Norman would have liked to I guessed. I now know there must have been a lot of swapping phone numbers and secret meetings as without any warning he suddenly buggered off with another guy leaving me with a short typewritten note as a farewell when I got home from work one day, how lovely. To add to his commitment to our relationship, he raided our two joint bank accounts leaving me almost broke and him richer by over £20,000 and his demand for his half share of the flat we had bought together. Had it not been for my own investments I would have been fucked, as it was I had to cash the lot in just to survive.

I looked down at Matt as he snuggled onto my shoulder and wondered what laid ahead for him, all I was sure about that whoever he met, the guy or guys would be the lucky ones and then surprised myself as I wished he was my age because if he was I just knew I would fall in love with him. I forced myself to dismiss that thought. Matt looked up at me and smiled. “Simon, I had better get back down, my fans will be wondering where I am.”

“Yeah right but you are going nowhere until we wank one another off.” I slipped my hand under his kilt and took hold of his hardon. He unzipped me and took out MY hardon as I lifted the front of his kilt exposing his belly and then put him on his back.

“I’m going to get the lot then!”

“Yep, it will keep the fan club away from you smelling like you will.” We kissed as we wanked and the closer we got so the breathing got deeper. He pulled me even harder onto his mouth groaning all the time, his tongue lashed mine and then froze as his cock erupted four times followed by a few dribbles as his balls emptied all over his belly as well as his cock and hand. I was a few seconds behind him and literally exploded onto him six times. He was a mess! I rubbed our joint cum together and looked down at him giggling like a kid. “Shit you can’t go back like that.” I jumped off the bed and got a towel to cleaned him up. Matt just stared at me and opened his mouth to say something but then shut it again.


“Nothing, just me thinking stupid thoughts, forget it.”

“How can I forget it if I don’t know what you were going to say?” He continued to look at me then smiled.

“I am loving this day, my mum is so happy and so am I but I know I will be even happier tonight and tomorrow. There, now try to work out what I was going to say Simon.”

“I think I know but won’t press you.” I kissed him again and we both reluctantly got up and made sure we looked decent. One more kiss and Matt left.

I followed him a few minutes later still thinking and wishing he was more my age.

By midnight just about every guest was fairly well oiled and a few had left to collapse in bed and a sure hangover the next morning. I sat with some new friends chewing the fat, I had my last drink and looked around for Matt wondering what time he was turning in, well turning into my body. He chose that moment to come in the bar and beckon me over grinning all over his face.

“Mum’s just told me I have to go to bed now and you are to take me for some reason.” His eyes were bright and the smile would melt ice.

“Yours or mine?”

“Fucking idiot.”

“Mine it is then, we need a good soak but I want to undress you. If you go up to your room I will say my own goodnights and bang on your door in about two seconds.” We both rushed off in different directions but saying goodnight to some pissed adults was not a quick affair. Dean and Mary clung on to me to stop falling over and telling me I was not to behave myself and both kissed me. Looking at them I assumed they would not be having anything like sex this night. Ah well their son would that was for sure. As it turned out I was wrong about Dean and Mary not having sex!

We got to my room and closed the door, locking it and as always got together and kissed. Our own private part of the wedding was now ours. I led him to the bed and dropped to my knees and put my hands on the backs of his thighs and slid them up slowly until they rested on those fantastic cheeks. I pressed my face on the front of his kilt and took his hidden hardon in my mouth, fondling his bum at the same time. I looked up and smiled at Matt and then ducked under his kilt and attacked his balls with a very active tongue.

I could not suck his cock because a kilt was quite tight and so I had to lift the thing up over my head to get at it. I heard his sharp intake of breath as I kissed and licked the lovely head and then slowly sank my mouth down the whole length of that beautiful rod and blew for some time until I felt his body tense and his cock swelled up and bang, five shots exploded out of him as I swallowed the lot. Matt clung on to my shoulders. I licked up all the residue as it leaked out and then stood up and took him into my arms and gently kissed his sweet mouth.

I looked down at him and saw the tiredness in his eyes, he could hardly keep them open and I felt a selfish shit.

“Come on love, get out of those clothes I’m going to run the shower.” I stripped off and went to the bathroom and turned the shower on and by the time it was warm enough Matt was with me. We climbed in and I quickly washed him, then myself and after drying us both off I took him to bed. We cuddled in close with Matt’s face buried into my neck kissing it and my arms wrapped around that wonderful slim body. I stroked his back as he took my limp cock in his hand. “Nite Nite Simon, thanks for a lovely day and for calling me “love.” Then he was gone. I laid there and absolutely loved having him in my arms listening to his steady breathing. I gently squeezed him against me but knew I too would be asleep soon. “Nite nite love.” I whispered. “But I can’t go there… No way!”


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