MV Lady Jean Peterson
by BobbyG


Chapter 18

Brenda showed the police officers into William’s study who shook his hand and introduced themselves.

“I am Detective Chief Inspector Rodger Brownlow from the Serious Crime Squad and this is Detective Sargent Tim Goodman from the same unit, thank you for your time Sir William.”

“Good to meet you, its William by the way, right obviously a problem, how can I help?”

“It’s concerning two of your ships officers who are on the Ocean Six, First Officer Jeremy O’Brian and Second Officer David Hammond. Are you familiar with them?”

“I am familiar with all our officers Rodger and most of the crews, why these two exactly?

The policemen told William that they had been under surveillance since they had been seen with two Somali’s who have been also under surveillance for some time.

“The Somali’s were seen with your two officers at a meeting in a hotel in Southampton and followed back to their ship and after looking at your Company’s web site we managed to identify them. Your officers stayed overnight but the Somali’s and left in the morning. Because of the interest we have with the Somali’s we needed to keep an eye on the two officers as well, just in case there is any connection to the offences we are investigating with the other two. We know they are at sea now and understand they will be back in a month and as soon as they are, they will be kept under surveillance again. Of course we don’t want you to say anything to them or anyone else. What we would like from you is your assessment as to them as people and their professional work.”

“First of all I will be telling my son who is my business partner, he knows these two better than me anyway as he has sailed with both of them. What I know about both officers is that they are extremely competent and highly thought of by their Captain, Captain Bob Taylor who is Master of the Ocean Six. Bob has recommended both of them for promotion and they would have been offered it if there were positions available, but at that time there weren’t any. However, Scott and I have been looking at the possibility of taking on one more ship within the next six months if we can complete the deal we are negotiating, Jerry will be offered the Captaincy and David First Officer. When the O6 gets back I am going to offer them the new ship just before they sail again, it will give the pair of them a huge boost. The only thing I will say is Jerry has made it known he has felt as though he has been passed over, but that is not the case at all as I have just told you and I can only assume if they were that unhappy they would have gone by now. My son Scott will be able to tell you more about them. He is due back in two weeks and after two more weeks at home he will be off again.”

“That is Captain Peterson who is captain of the Lady Jean Peterson William? We have read a lot about him and what his ship is getting up to protecting your ships. Doing a pretty good job as well by all accounts.”

“I am extremely proud of him and the entire crew and worry about all of them at the same time. Thinking about it that was one of Jeremy’s issues that I made Scott a Captain when he was so young and his own ship as well and possibly he was pissed off about that, he certainly made his feeling known to anyone who would listen, but I simply cannot see either Jeremy or David being involved in anything criminal, but as you are here tells me there is a big problem, I just hope these two are not involved in any way.”

“William, this is a difficult question, but we have to ask, are these two homosexual and a couple?”

The whole bloody company knew they were and had known for at least a year, maybe eighteen months. William was more than angry, but mainly because the next question COULD be about Scott’s sexuality. Why he thought that was all down to him wanting to protect his son’s privacy, there had been a lot of speculation about it in the press.

“What the hell this has got to do with your visit God knows, but yes they are and they are together not that’s any of your business and for what it’s worth the Company is totally supportive of them.”

“William, we cannot go into too much detail but we are investigating the blackmailing of a very well known male and our enquiries so far have bought about several suspects including these two Somali’s. We have reason to believe one of these two is our man and is top of the list, but we need more evidence. We will not search your ship or interview either men yet, but we would like to talk to your son when he returns. May I ask we do that here?”

“Yes of course. What about Captain Taylor?”

“Not yet William but we will if we find out your two officers are involved, they will be under surveillance and investigation until we can eliminate them from this enquiry but also want to find out why they have had contact with the two Somali’s.”


Scott was on watch thinking about his navigating qualification sailing when he took the ship well out into the Atlantic to avoid a weather forecast that told him there would be a massive storm through the Bay of Biscay. It had worked out despite being criticised about the ships course he had worked out to avoid a storm that may not happen. It did and Scott was off the hook! But now although he knew a storm was forecast and he had ignored it and the Jean was being tossed all over the place as she ploughed through massively heavy seas. Paulina didn’t help a lot as she held onto a “storm rail” trying not to visit the other side of the bridge in two seconds.


“Yes Paulina.”

“Did you check the weather forecast?”

“Yes of course I did, but this bugger is worse than I thought it was going to be and I’m going to be late and get told off when I get home. Still, the Jean is doing great don’t you think?”


“Yes Paulina.”

“I’m going to throw up any time soon.” As soon as she said that breakfast reappeared and splattered on the deck.

“Sorry Paulina, shall I alter course?”

“Bit late to think about that now, I just fucking hope Andrew’s plane is delayed for a week!”



“I’m going to ask Andrew to marry me.” Paulina melted and waited for the next wave, let go of the storm rail and ended up in Scott’s arms.

“We, meaning the fat bitch indoors and I will FUCKING LOVE IT!” She screamed out and caused Scott’s left ear a problem for a while. Paulina let go of Scott and picked the mike up.

“All crew, or what’s left of it. Captain Fucking Gorgeous Skip Peterson is going to ask Second Engineer Fucking Gorgeous Andrew Bushman to marry him!

She screamed out a lot more and went below to cuddle “fat bitch” leaving her captain to navigate his ship. He cleaned Paulina’s sick up and afterwards settled into his chair and thought about how he would ask Andrew to marry him, it had to be just right and the words absolutely “on the button” as did the place he wanted to ask him. “Bugger, that won’t be for a few weeks yet. Why the fuck did I open my mouth?” He picked the mike up.

Ok you all now know I’m going to ask Andrew to marry me, thanks Paulina and ok I don’t mind you telling the other guys, but PLEASE don’t let Andrew into this, I have picked my spot and time. I think you will work out what time and where it will be.” It would of course be at the same place and time when his mother was taken from him.

The Lady Jean Peterson came to rest as soon as Scott asked for “finish with engines.” She fell quiet and Scott thanked his mother for her ship and the way she had protected all of them.

He had spent quite a lot of time with Theo and Royston on this last leg and got to know them a lot more. During off watch time they had spent a lot of it looking at job prospects at home and Theo found one at a ship builders constructing yachts for the rich and famous and had at least got an interview when he got home. Royston would wait until the outcome of the interview and then look for a medical post near the boat yard. Nothing was certain of course except where one of them was, the other would be with him.

They shook hands and Scott thanked them for their work and wished them all the best. “You are to keep in touch, we would love to know how you get on.”

“Thanks Scott, the Jean will always be in our thoughts, she got us back together, with a lot of help from you and the guys. We will never forget you.” After lots of cuddles with the crew they left the Jean and went about their new lives.

Scott and the crew carried out the work they needed to do and the next day they left with their partners to have time together for the next two weeks. Scott was the last to leave and toured his ship before handing her over to the dockyard to carry out work that was required.

Andrew opened the door looking at his watch as Scott got out of the car as if to say, ”where the fuck have you been?” Scott was late by almost two days. They flew into one another’s arms and stayed like that for a very long time.

Andrew eventually dragged Scott into his own home and once the door was closed he told Scott how much he had missed him and how much he loved him, which was rather stating the obvious.

Scott looked at Andrew as though he was trying to remember who he was and got told, “fuck you Peterson be serious for once.” Scott didn’t and pinched Andrew’s behind and ran to the kitchen for his dad’s protection.

Andrew watched as father and son embraced and forgave Scott at the same time. William had said goodbye to his young son before he had left to protect their ships. He had come home, still a young man but a different man and one of the most assured and confident men he had ever known. William looked at Scott and thanked his late wife for being the person she was and together had produced the young man he was now listening too and all that he and her ship had experienced.

After bringing William up to date and all of them discussing the new works to be carried out on the Jean, William told them about the police visit and them wanting information about Jeremy and David.

“Goodness knows what it’s all about as far as our two are concerned, but blackmail is being investigated and the two Somali’s maybe involved and the police are trying to find out what connection Jeremy and David have with these two. They are coming back to talk to you Scott as you know them, they will be here the day after tomorrow in the morning some time.”

“Maybe it was a sex date, it does happen dad, but being Somali it would surprise me, they are not that keen on gay men over there or I would imagine in their communities here.”

“It could have been, the police found out that Jeremy and David were already booked in at the hotel and the other two only booked a room after they had met and talked for some time.”

“Just checking that’s what they wanted, I except, mind you they could have used Jeremy and David’s room for sex without having to get a room of their own.” Scott said.

“Or split up into pairs, then swap over?” Andrew laughed at William’s look of utter surprise.

“Yeah God’s you two know too much. I hope you haven’t done this sort of thing?”

“No William, it’s just a guess, promise.”

“Oh well, they will get back to us if they need too, I’m going out to the club and won’t be back until late. I’m sure you two can think of something to do, but don’t forget we have Steven coming tomorrow midday.”

They had had many lovely times together while at sea, but this was different in that no alarms would go off and no ship to sail.

They slowly undressed one another and went into the shower and for the thousandth time got wet and after turning the water off soaped one another’s bodies which took some time. Now covered and smelling wonderful they cuddled in and kissed for ages working one another up to the point that the water was turned back on and after a rinse and drying off they hurried to the bed and with Scott on top of Andrew they spent ages in one another’s arms kissing. Scott finally got them on their sides and, still kissing, they took a cock in hand and slowly stroked for a very long time until they both reached the top together and after expelling volumes onto each other they cuddled in and fell asleep. The love making would get more intense during the next few days.

William, Scott, Andrew and the head of their legal team, Steven Bradshaw sat in the kitchen talking general stuff while Brenda made the coffee and got her fruit cake out of the oven.

“There we are my handsome men, all ready. I will do waffles, eggs Benedict and fresh fruit and yogurt for your breakfast tomorrow Andrew.” She kissed the top of his head.

“Thank you Brenda.”

“What about us?” William asked.

“Toast and you can do that yourselves.” Brenda went out giggling, she was that type of person that when she giggled, everything wobbled. She was also a very large part in helping William and Scott through that dreadful time.

“All I’m going to say is most of what you already know, but this is the official notification and there are some additions. The powers that be have been following your progress Scott and there are many who think the same as you in that if British registered ships had armed security on board it is very unlikely that pirates would attempt to board and because of your successes during the time you have been engaged in pirate waters, this is why you are being backed and will now have weapons.

They include one GPMG you already have and 400 rounds as well as the Sniper rifle. Four 9mm Glock hand guns and 5 magazines each and the stun/flash grenade launcher in the exact design to the one your lads submitted, only with one change. The launcher will have 12 vertical tubes as in your original plan to make any nosey sod think they are for fireworks and you will need to buy some to convince anyone that is in fact why they are there. As your lads planned, the launcher will be hinged so it can be raised to 30 degrees so that grenades can be loaded to be able to be fired at 300, 200 and 100 yards. Now for the changes. There will be three types of grenade that will have the amount of propellant to fire to those ranges and four tubes will be able to take all three. You will be issued with 12 of each range. You will also be issued with 50 much smaller stun/flash grenades to be used from your helicopters, but the fixing and release system your lads will have to work out. You will be given eight dummy grenades to practise with.

Your First Officer Paul Smith will be the only person with authority to fire the GPMG and rifle, but he will train and name four crew who he feels will qualify to use the Glocks. As you will already realise there will be a mountain of forms to fill in and sign as well as instruction manuals to read and also sign. I will come back with a government official and witness all signatures when Paul and the crew come here to stay before you sail again. Both you Scott and Paul will be required to sign for everything when it is delivered to the Jean.

The one manual you will both have to read and understand to the letter is your terms of engagement and when you can allow Paul to open fire. You will be required to video EVERYTIME the rife and GPMG are fired and the recordings sent back to London. Think that’s all, any questions?”

“How will it know its Paul firing and not me or someone else?” Scott asked.

“Good question and easy to answer, I don’t have a fucking clue! But just remember Scott it will be all down to you and Paul to answer if and when it’s fired at pirates and the outcome of the shooting. IF there are any injuries or worse it will automatically become an enquiry and charges could be made against both you and Paul. My advice is fire the fucking thing but don’t hit anyone! Just put the shits up them and make them think that the next burst will hit.”

“That’s precisely why I want the weapons Steven.”


All the times Fahmi had been visiting clients he had never wanted to kiss, he hated it but as it was all part of the expected “service” he had no choice. BUT of some reason David was different, one he was not a paying client and two over the months they had spoken on line he had come to like David quite a lot. He had no idea why, but was beginning to think he must be bisexual because he really did fancy this guy. Homosexuality among his culture was severely dealt with and that is why he and Dayib had to be most careful, being male prostitutes could lead to an early funeral, theirs. Fahmi hated what he was doing, but the money was worth the risk, or so he thought.

Fahmi could not stop himself and went to David and wrapped his arms around him and for the first time in his life, properly kissed another man.

David had also been waiting for this moment and kissed Fahmi back and as they did, David new this was the best ever, even kissing Jerry did not come anywhere near what was happening to him now. It was the beginning of an incredible time.

One floor below Jerry was leading the way to his room with Dayib’s arm around his shoulder and Jerry thinking about what would happen as soon as he closed the door. Dayib kissed Jerry in the same way as he kissed all men he was booked to service. As they kissed so each of them began to get naked until Dayib was down to his boxers and Jerry down on his knees with both hands inside the boxers playing with his massively hard cock and playing with his balls. At last he pulled the boxers down and gulped at the size of it and then took as much as he could of the thick eight inches into his mouth as he could get down. Dayib may hate what he had to do, but with Jerry sucking on his cock like that he started to enjoy himself like all the other times.

One thing lead to another and before long they were engaged in full sex which lasted a long time with both men exploring the others body and all the time becoming more and more worked up and by the time Dayib got round to rimming Jerry, Jerry was ready.

“Fuck me.”

Dayib fitted the condom and with Jerry on his back and legs wide apart he waited for the next step, pain! Jerry took a huge snort of popper and relaxed. Slowly and as gently as he could Dayib put pressure onto Jerry’s button and stayed like that for some time and then increased it until suddenly his door opened and Dayib was in and began to feed all eight inches while Jerry crunched up the sheet in his fists as the pain increased. Dayib stayed as he was so Jerry could get used to his invasion and then began to stroke out and then back in and all the while the pain become much less.

Dayib knew with experience Jerry was now ready and stroked himself into Jerry became relaxed and his sort cock woke up and got hard again, he stroked himself in time with Dayib and after five minutes they came together.

It was all over and it seemed Jerry totally satisfied. They had both had sex and now laid on the bed and Dayib telling Jerry it had all been the greatest sex ever, he didn’t mean it of course, he had never had great sex with any man. Sex with a man was for one reason only, payment which he always insisted was paid up front.

The sex he had just had with Jerry wasn’t even for payment this time, but that would come after a few more meetings like this. He laid Jerry on his back and continued to kiss, suck and massage his body, Jerry was in his own heaven as Dayib slowly bought him to his second coming.

Directly above them two rather excited men were not having sex, they were making love to one another, the smiles, the looks, the kisses and the touch of one another’s bodies was something Fahmi had never experienced before and as for David, neither had he, he knew that as they continued to undress each other and they were now able to look at this man in all his fantastic beauty.

Fahmi, 6ft 3 of slim natural build, the long stunning hairless torso, tight and in perfect shape, the long tight curls topping his handsome face and head, dark brown eyes, almost black, those stunning thighs so strong and what was between them, a 9 inch dead straight rod with the foreskin pulled back exposing a magnificent dark pink head, hard as nails and throbbing in time with his heart beat. His plumb sized balls hung low and would swing in time with Fahmi’s movements. At the belly button a fine line of hair ran down and seemed to explode as it ran into a thick black forest that crowned this amazing sight of male excellence. David just stood there and stared at the most beautiful man he had ever seen as Fahmi stared back and smiled at the man standing in front of HIM.

David, 5ft 9 inches, he too was slim with a natural build, not defined in anyway and to be accurate a smaller white version of the man he was now admiring…, with a few differences. His short mass of very fair hair, deep blue eyes, Quite good looking, gentle face, perfectly shaped legs and that lovely 6.5 cock with a large pink head stood up at a 30 degree angle which exposed a pair of hairless balls that would hang almost the length of his cock when it was soft. His crown was a slightly darker shade to that of his head and short, because he trimmed it and very soft.

“Christ you are beautiful Fahmi, absolutely beautiful. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone so bloody lovely.” Fahmi was stuck, nobody had ever said that, ok his clients may have said something like it, but it was ignored, but coming from David? All he knew right then he could not be more happy.

“You look pretty good yourself David, really good.” He thought that was a bit of an understatement, but had no idea how to express himself anyway, this was a MAN for fucks sake! A fucking homosexual, I’m not, I’m just making some money fucking other men. But he had hardly thought that when suddenly he found himself on his knees and with his hands on David’s hips, he took him into his mouth and never tasted anything better!

David found himself the leader in this wonderful act and took Fahmi to the bed and for the next hour each of them kissed, licked and fondled every part of one another’s body and all the time becoming more than worked up, but it was when David turned Fahmi onto his front and lifted his hips was the moment that Fahmi nearly ejaculated there and then when David parted his fantastic cheeks and buried his face between them and his tongue lashed out and touched his button. The sensation was fucking amazing and as David continued to rim so he began to groan and pushed himself back onto David’s face. Fahmi was nearing the point of no return and David realised he was close. Taking full control by now as he too was getting close he stopped and lead Fahmi to a chair and sat him down. He condomed Fahmi up and lubed the pair of them. He leaned to Fahmi’s face and they kissed once more and as David kissed he straddled facing this amazing man and began to feed Fahmi’s cock into himself. It took time, a long time, but with one final push he got Fahmi’s cock head in and there they were joined together and after a few minutes, the whole 9 inches was buried up to the pubic hair and Fahmi just staring at David as he began to stroke himself on this masterpiece.

It would not be long for either of them as the passion rose to boiling point for both of them and as David stroked so they were approaching the summit.

Fahmi was now at the very edge and his breathing became more and more intense which had a huge effect on David. Suddenly Fahmi tensed his entire body, David stopped for just a few seconds with Fahmi deep inside him and then slowly withdrew and as he did Fahmi blew up and with his arms tight around David he rammed upwards and kept himself fully embedded into this man and ejaculated time and time as never before and as he did his entire body recoiled to every one of them. David also could not hang on any longer and as Fahmi reached the top, so did he and volumes of his own juice exploded out of him six massive times and covered both of them. David had not touched himself once since he had Fahmi inside him.

Neither of them could move for a very long time, but instead gently kissed with their arms holding one another tight and now and again looking at the other and smiled, it had been incredible and at the same time incredibly confusing for Fahmi in particular, it was as if this was the first time he had experienced sex, but with a MAN? Fahmi had just found out something about himself and although the whole thing had been so wonderful, he world was now in a bit of turmoil.

They went for a shower which was another delight for both of them and after drying off they went back to the bed and cuddled in, not a word was spoken, they were both in deep thought. Then the phone rang, it was Jerry.

“Hi, are you guys ready for a swap?” David looked at Fahmi and smiled when he shook his head and whispered, “I don’t want to, I’m staying here.” As an answer Fahmi kissed him.

“No we are staying here, we will see you in the lounge later.”

By now the police officer in the lounge was bored out of his head and was relieved when two of them appeared and followed by the other two ten minutes later. He called the other copper back and each were fairly sure this had been a sex date and it would not be the last time these four would meet, now they were sure it was a sex date, what else are they up too apart from blackmail?

William and Scott sat with the two officers while Andrew twiddle his thumbs elsewhere, this was one time he could not be with his man. They had gone through the whole situation again and said that although they were sure the blackmailing was done by just one of the Somali’s and knew who it was, they were not in a position to charge him yet.

“The victim only reported it because he wanted us to know about it and there could be others in the same situation. He has paid over £2000 and so far no more demands. The threat was that if this guy was charged he who would release a video, he did not know had been taken, to the press and it would destroy him, his marriage, reputation and businesses. We have to say apart from being very unlucky and some would say stupid for allowing himself to get himself in this because of his fame, he has a lot of guts in coming forward. He did say that if there were more demands he would reconsider, but at this time he would not press charges.”

“How do you know it’s one of these?”

“The victim showed us on the “Escort dating site” and although the face is pixeled out you can just make out he has a goatee beard and of course the victim knew his body well, there had been three meetings before the blackmail started. We found out where he lives and have kept him under surveillance and have followed him to other addresses and we know who they are as well. It all sounds a bit sordid us doing that, but we have to know. The other guy is also followed and the same happens, we have quite a list, but we are sure the other guy is not involved in blackmail.

It would seem on the face of it they are well behaved, never go out and get into trouble, they have good jobs in a Bank and run a genuine charity for kids back in Somalia.”

“How can you be sure its him, this guy may have several “escorts” visit.”

“He does actually, but we took fingerprints at his home and they matched the ones we have on him. Both of these men entered the UK claiming political asylum because of the situation in their own country and were being forced into drug and arms smuggling but escaped. They were granted asylum and up until now there was no reason to suspect any criminal activity and, as I say no reason to have doubts about them. When being processed fingerprints and DNA is taken, that’s how we know he was at this man’s house.”

“I won’t ask how you got his DNA, dad would have a fit, but as far as Jerry and David are concerned I just cannot see them getting involved in anything like your investigating. As you know they are gay and a couple and all this was, was a meeting for a sex date and I’m confident that they are not part of the blackmail thing, they would have too much to lose. The guy has handed over two thousand only, that’s not a lot to share round. My bet it’s just these two, but not our men, I’m convinced of it. As dad has already told you Jerry is up for his own ship in a few months’ time and why risk that? But at the same time I think we should think the worst possible scenario.” Scott looked at the others.

“I think we should be looking at the possibility that this could be about capturing the O6 AND us when the O6 starts to sail in pirate areas and that all four are involved, think of the ransom demands! It’s also, possible that Jerry and David are being set up. This guy Dayib has blackmailed one guy and threatened him with exposure if he didn’t pay up, it could be he and the other guy will do the same to Jeremy and David if they don’t cooperate and could even threaten their lives.”

“I’m glad that came from you Scott, we have also thought along similar lines but only the O6, now you mention both ships it’s a bigger issue and you could very well be right. This takes on a new approach and I will be arranging for more men to work with us. Meanwhile I think the Captain of the O6 should be informed William, do you agree?”

“Yes.” William said. “And I will be informing Bob Taylor myself, he needs to keep his eyes open.”

“The more I think about it, I know this is the plan, I just hope our two are not involved in anyway, just being sucked into it. Still whatever the situation is, this is going to end in tears, I know it.” Scott said, he was right.


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