MV Lady Jean Peterson
by BobbyG


Chapter 7

It was a sad farewell as the whole family saw them off at JFK, but it had been a fantastic week and knowing they would all meet up again very soon, it made it all the more bearable.

They finally settled into their seats and Scott smiled when he saw Simon again who smiled back and now knew the reason why Scott did not take the hints he was showering on him on the out ward flight. “They look SO good together, darn it!” Simon gave them loads of attention during the whole flight.

After a wonderful meal they settled down and Scott took out a few sheets of paper and gave them to Andrew. “There my love, meet the crew, you will be seeing them all tomorrow.” He leaned over and kissed Andrew. It’s in English so point out the hard words ok?”

“Fuck off captain.”



Paul Smith, 35 years old. Royal Navy Special Boat Service and Thomas Goodyear, 31 years old, computer and electronics engineer.

Paul Smith stood to attention before his Commanding Officer, Commander Jason MacFee. The Scot was sat at his desk reading through the letter in front of him. He had read it many times, but it did not make anymore sense now than the first time he had read it. He looked up at Paul knowing for the first time in his life he didn’t have a clue what to say, but he had too.


Chief Petty Officer Paul Smith, Military Cross, looked at MacFee knowing full well his CO was in difficulty and he would give his right arm for that not to be the case. They had served together for 5 years and both men had nothing but respect for one another.

“Sir, you know me well as a member of the SBS but with respect, you don’t know me as an individual or a man. I am gay as you now know sir. I have a partner and have had for nearly two years. I have had to lie for all that time and long before I met Thomas. I won’t anymore. I am 32 and have a long life in front of me. I don’t know what I will do, but don’t care as long as it involves my partner… Sir!

“Paul. Please sit down.” Paul sat.

“Paul as soon as I sign this form you are no longer a member of Her Majesty’s Navy. Do you still want me to sign because I’m buggered if I want too?”

“I do… Jason.”

Reluctantly he picked up his pen and signed the form. At that very moment Paul became a civilian after serving Queen and Country for 18 years.

Jason stood up followed by Paul, they shook hands. “Thanks sir, I would do anything for this not to happen, but I hope you understand why.”

“Believe me I do, I have just learnt a big lesson. Good luck Paul and if there is anything I can do for you, just get in touch. Thanks for being with me and for what it’s worth I could not care less what you are, I have just lost the best man I have ever served with.”

“Thank you Jason.”

It would take four hours to drive back up to Yorkshire and for most of that time he had a massive smile on his face knowing that every mile was taking him to the one person in his life he could not live without.

During the drive home as a civilian his thoughts went back to the time when his ship was on a courtesy visit to Singapore when at long last a trip to a brothel confirmed what he was sure he was when it all went wrong. Normally during a visit he managed to keep away from the red light districts, but on this occasion was tempted, just to find out, or at least find something out, he was still very unsure about.

She was a lovely girl, beautiful in fact and because Paul had a body to kill for she tried even harder to get him interested, but she finally said the one thing that joined all the dots. “My lovely friend, you don’t need woman, you need man.” She even gave him an address of a men only club and a card that would get him in.

He just made it back to his ship in time for sailing after enjoying end to end sex for eight hours and many cute Chinese, Malay and Indian young men would be telling stories for years about Paul and his eight inch cock.

He was at sea for eleven years raising to Petty Officer when he applied and was accepted into the SBS after months of grueling training. After a year still training but now in the SBS proper he and others were sent off the a Middle Eastern country and over a period of another year was engaged in various “jobs” as they called them and finally went back home now promoted to Chief Petty Officer and with the Military Cross, all very butch and straight. The first thing he did when he went on leave was go to a gay sauna and made up for a bit of lost time in the world he wanted to be in when was he was on his own. He had now became a weapons instructor and after some time involved in this and going to America to train with their Navy Seals he once again went on leave when he got back.

He was standing at the vegetable counter filling his bag with potatoes and as he did became aware of a guy standing next to him. He was about to look when a whole load of the potatoes fell on the floor, both men laughed and looked at one another and, ping, something clicked in both of their heads. They picked the spuds up and Paul asked him if he fancied a drink after shopping. After two drinks Paul asked Thomas if he would like to go back to his place for a meal.

Thomas never did get his shopping home.

They had been together almost two years when Paul realised military life and Thomas did not mix, not that Thomas made any demands on him to quit. Paul was away from Thomas far too long and that was why he was driving towards him a free man.

“THOMAS! I’M HOME!!” He stood inside the front door, all 6ft 6 of him. “THOMAS!”

Thomas came running down the stairs dripping wet and naked, all 5ft 6 of him and literally threw himself at Paul from two steps up. Paul caught him, wrapped his arms around his petite love and kissed his sweet mouth.

“I’m free Tom, it’s just us now, no Navy to get in our way. I love you my man, let’s go to bed! Tom had been waiting for this order all day!

Later they laid together recovering from the last hour or so. Thomas reached over to his bedside cabinet and handed Paul the Gay Times. “Have a look at this advert Paul.”


Neil Brown, 36 years old, 20 years Merchant Navy and 1st Engineer. Colin Broadbent, 34 years old, professional Chef.

“Colin! I’m coming sweet man, Christ I’m…” Neil’s cock exploded into his love and it was as wonderful as the first time it had happened 5 years ago when they had first met at the restaurant where Colin was head Chef.

It was a very different first meeting. Neil had sent his meal back and Colin had come out of his kitchen to confront the “low life” who DARED to question his expertise. Two days later Neil exploded into Colin for the first time.

Rather remarkably neither of them had been in a relationship and would just have casual affairs and make infrequent trips to the local gay sauna. They both had quite a number of gay friends and slept with most of them, but that all stopped after their first fuck and realising they had fallen in love, neither could be more happy.

“Welcome home my fuck machine I’m so pleased you have a month off, saves me wanking myself to sleep.”  Neil laughed, “Glad I have my uses,” and kissed his man. Colin had prepared their meal and they sat eating. “Send this fucker back and your dead!” Neil went to Colin and gave him a kiss. “I have said this so many times now chef, sending that meal back was a mistake, but the best mistake I ever made!” Colin smiled and returned Neil’s kiss.

“I love you so much Colin.” Every time I look in the mirror I tell myself just how lucky you are.” Neil dragged him back upstairs, after the meal of course.

They laid together for some time recovering from their second coming. Neil sat up and saw the Gay times on the table next to him and flicked through it.

“Oh, I meant to tell you, I was reading an advert in it yesterday.” Colin said, he took the magazine and found it.

“Have a read, it’s quite interesting.”


Marcel Freeman 18. A very bright lad who loved anything with an engine in it and fantastic model maker as well as a very good radio controlled helicopter pilot. He had recently met a guy who owned an RC helicopter and they met regularly which convinced Marcel to start saving for his own. He never did save enough, but as he was so good his friend allowed him to take it out as often as he wanted. His friend also hoped for a lot more but Marcel was so wrapped up in flying he failed to pick up the heavy hints coming his way. The guy then found another friend who was completely disinterested in RC helicopter flying and Marcel found himself the happy owner of a radio controlled helicopter!

Marcel looked around him. “Fuck, too many people.” He pretended to be searching the magazine racks looking for the one he could not find. He knew exactly where it was, on the top shelf. After a while he gave up and joined the queue to pay for his model making magazines.

“Oh great now the guy serving has gone off.” He watched him go to the magazine racks, reach up and take a magazine down.

When it was Marcel’s turn he charged up and then reached under the counter and got the “Out Gay” magazine, he charged that up as well and put it with the rest of Marcel’s things.

“£15.93 please. You were looking for the OG, right?”

“Yes, thanks.” and smiled at the guy. By now there was no one else in the queue.

“My names Tony I’m free at 6 if you would like to meet for a coffee and chat.” Tony was 24 and very good looking. Marcel looked at him and panicked and got out as quickly as he could. He could feel the guy’s eyes follow him out of the shop.

Back home and in the safety of his bedroom, he opened the OG and thumbed through it while playing with himself and by the time he had got to page three he was as stiff as he could get, he stopped at an advert and read it over and over again and after the fourth time he was holding a limp cock but thinking at the same time. He went down and phoned the number the advert gave and asked if he could go to the office to collect an application form.

“I can send you one if you would prefer sir.”

“No, its best I collect it myself if that’s ok?”

“That’s fine, no problem.” Marcel did not want the form sent to his home, his dad may see it and ask too many questions. He had already been beaten up by his father for being gay two years ago and only because he forgot to get rid of a picture he had ripped out of a magazine of two young and beautiful eighteen year olds having sex. His mother found it and showed it to his father. They kept him off school for a week to allow his face time to return to normal.

Marcel had been waiting for the day he could just walk out and this just MAY be the get out he was looking for.

He went back upstairs and picked up the magazine and threw it in a rubbish bin on his way to meet the guy Tony at 6 O’clock. “Hi, I’m Marcel.” It was not exactly a mistake as Marcel learnt a lot. Tony thought birthday and Christmas had come together as he looked at this incredibly beautiful young man. Marcel’s family line included black and white relationships over the years and although his parents were West Indian the interracial past produced in Marcel a 5ft 7inch of absolute perfection, even his dreadlocks that framed this wonderful face made him even more beautiful. They sat drinking their coffee’s with Tony telling Marcel all that he wanted them to do together once they got back to his flat and although it was causing a certain amount of excitement in Marcel he was becoming unsure. It seemed he was being told what Tony expected and never once was Marcel asked if that’s what he wanted as well. He thanked Tony and got up and left.

Marcel made up his mind there and then that the bloke he met and wanted to have sex with would be a bloke who would not just expect a fuck without first knowing that’s what Marcel wanted as well.

“I will know when it’s right, I’m sure I will.” He laughed out loud. “Bet I just missed a good fuck though!” On the way back home he called into a Chemist and bought condoms and lube. “There, all ready. NEXT!” There had never been a first let alone a “next.” Marcel was a very patient young man and also very confident, he would know when he was first kissed by the right guy and where it would end up. He did not have long to wait and in the most unexpected way as well.


Janet O’Conner 25, 5 years Royal Navy, Communications. Paulina Manning 26, 8 years nursing and most of them as a Staff Nurse in the Accident and Emergency Department.

They had met two years before when Janet needed hospital treatment after a fight late one Friday night with a broken finger. Some guys should really think before they open their mouths to take the piss out of a lesbian, especially one the size of Jan.

“That’s that then, think we got it right. I will post it tomorrow.” Paula said. They reread the application forms making sure the reference number on them was correct from the advert in the Gay Times and both signed them.

“Bet they don’t even look at them Jan. Still I guess we have as much chance as anyone else.” Paula went on, “If you hadn’t broken that guys jaw we would not even have to look at adverts. You don’t know your own strength you dip stick.” Jan reached over the table and kissed her partner.

“It’s all finished Paula. The guy insulted you, I got mad and smacked him. End of.”

“But you had to resign from the Navy Jan.”

“Their loss.” Jan shrugged and not for the first time cursed herself and her quick temper.

“Come on nurse, you will be late for work and I have to get to “Bugger” King. For fuck’s sake, from sailing on a £200 million warship to flipping burgers, quite a promotion!”

Staff Nurse Manning had gone into the cubicle to look at the latest Friday night visitor.



“Did you do this or the other person?”

“Me, he only managed to punch me on a tit and that’s when I decked him.”

“And you came out worse it seems, still having tits those big have their advantages.”

“Good pillows as well, so a few told me.”

“Men or women?”

“Both, but the men are always pissed, so women really.”

“The women were not pissed then?”

“Some were, but the others were on them because I wanted them there.”

“Fancy a pint sometime?”


It got a bit more romantic as the relationship developed.


Jerry Forsyth 28. Financial Adviser, fitness freak and photographer.

Jerry hated his job, but even he had to admit he was good at it. He had dozens of clients which at least gave him a good return in his own bank accounts and investments.

His sole release from the boredom of making himself and other people much better off was the gym which he attended three times a week and his passion for photography. He was also training to become a fitness instructor which gave him even more time in the company of men, some of whom were ready participants in extra sessions, now that he was single again.

He had split from his second serious relationship five months ago and like many others around the country he had the current Gay Times magazine and it was opened at the page where the advert was. He thought he would have no chance as it was asking for people with sailing experience and he had none, but looking at the list of other skills an applicant would be considered for was photography, a good knowledge of video camera use and also a candidate who could take over the crews fitness programme. “Well, I’ve got three of them, why not?”

But there was something else that Jerry had which he did not consider to be an asset and that was his loyalty. He was the most loyal person on two legs. Both of his relationships ended because they weren’t.


Dr Reginald Small 58, Senior Surgeon at the Intensive Care Department at St Nicholas Hospital.  Frederick Jones 55 Linguist and was conversant in eight languages, he worked freelance for many government departments and in particular Special Branch at Scotland Yard. Both of them were fanatical sailors.

“Freddy, have you seen this?” Freddy grumbled something in Swahili and pulled the duvet up. It was a Sunday and they were having a lazy one, or so Freddy thought.


“This advert in the Gay Times. Sounds interesting.” Freddy, still moaning, forced himself up and took the magazine from his partner of 24 years. Reg got out of bed to go and make coffee. He knew it would take Freddy an age to read the advert.

“Well?” Reg had returned to the bedroom with two mugs, put Freddy’s on his bedside table lent over and kissed the top of his head and got back in his side.

“Seems interesting, do you want us to apply then?”

“Could at least think about it, we have talked about doing something different and this could not be more so!” They read the advert again and talked about the advert requiring applicants with medical qualifications but, not surprisingly, nothing about linguists. After some time Freddy got bored and threw the magazine on the floor and demanded sex from Reggie.

“Oh DO get your priorities right why don’t you.” They made love and afterwards cuddled in together. No two men could love one another more than these two.

“Right, get your ass out, we are going for a run.” Freddy groaned again, in English this time and did as he was told. Reg picked the GT up and put it beside the phone. He would call for application forms tomorrow.


George Baker 29 chef, ex Royal Navy.

George sat on a park bench and the only good thing about his day it was the weather, a lovely English summer’s day. It was three months now since the funeral of his mother and he was still mourning her passing, but as much the way she had died. He did not even know who had killed her, but then a hit and run driver was not about to advertise were they?

They had been so close. There was just the two of them, his father had left the home years ago and they had no contact with him. There were no siblings.

“Christ mum what the hell do I do?” He glanced around him and saw two young and very handsome guys walking towards him. “God you two are beautiful.” They were in deep discussion and holding hands. George loved to see that. As they passed the men glanced at George and nodded a greeting. George smiled back.

Suddenly one of them stopped and went towards George, his heart beat shot up a bit, but was dashed when all the guy did was to dump something into the rubbish bin next to where he was sitting. “Ah well, what did I expect?” He laughed at himself and watched the lovers walk off and to himself wished them all the best. Maybe that will be me one day.

It was time to go home and get ready for work. He stood up and for no reason he could think of he looked into the bin to see what the guy had put in it. It was the Gay Times, he reached in and took it out. Something in it to wank over later maybe.

George laid in bed after work and opened the GT and was naked as usual. He was in good shape although he had let himself go a bit since his mother’s death. He look down at his body and took in the sight of his 8 inch hard cock. It had had quite a lot of attention over the years, but never met a guy who wanted anything other than what it offered. He was looking through the GT and come across the advert. After he had read it several times he was in deep thought, so much so he realized his cock had gone back to sleep.

None of the above knew it then of course, but it would not be long before they were all to meet and train together and become the crew of the M/V Lady Jean Peterson.


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