MV Lady Jean Peterson
by BobbyG


Chapter 6

The next three months would indeed be a very busy time for both of them but thank goodness for video calls which allowed them to see one another and speak every day for an hour before they had to get back to being busy.

Andrew submitted his last paper which took the first month to complete and then went off to a US Naval base to get practical experience and then write that up as well which would end his formal marine engineering education. He would get his results and grades two weeks before graduation and in his case, he knew they would be good as he had already been invited to enlist in the US Navy sometime before going on vacation to Iceland and meeting Scott. That of course changed everything.

“I am Lieutenant Theodore Harding and I will be supervising your training during your two weeks with us on the good ship USS Rockall.” Theo looked around the class of ten and his eyes settled on Andrew and what he saw was to him one of the most handsome young man he had ever seen. He “undressed” him in his mind and knew the guy would have a beautiful body when he got them off. He had two weeks to do that and, as happened a few times before this course, he was confident it would happen and he did not care how he went about it either. As a son of a serving Admiral there was little risk if things got a bit sticky, so long as father didn’t find out about his preference for cock rather than c**t.

The Rockall was in port for another four weeks before sailing to destinations unknown at that time and would only be told when the Rockall was at sea and 24 year old Lieutenant Theodore Harding would go with her as one of her engineering officers. He could not wait to sail as by now he knew a certain Lieutenant Doctor Royston Fortune would also be sailing with the Rockall as well. They had been together for three months and the times they had were wonderful although he tried hard not to get too close to Theo, Royston was falling in love with him and Theo realised he too had become more than fond of Royston, but at the same time he could not help play the field and it all ended with Royston calling it off after he caught Theo with another guy.

Theo Harding maybe a fantastically handsome guy and a body to drool over, but as a person he was a very unpleasant one with a lousy attitude who considered himself to be far above anyone with whom he associated with. He was disliked by fellow officers of the same rank who served with him but they were also careful as they knew of his family connection and the damage that could come their way if anyone dared to challenge him. However, Theo knew that he had to be careful with more senior officers when he was cornered in a bar one night by a civilian who he worked out later had been “hired” to approach him.

“Lieutenant Theodore Harding right?”

“Could be, who are you?”

“Not important. Go back to your quarters and think about who you are pissing off. Some rather important people are getting pissed off with you Harding.” The man left and Theo dismissed him as a nut, that was until he got back to his room and found it trashed and a note on the mirror. “The Oceans are SO deep.” Theodore worked out that some senior officers must have set this up, but he could never prove who they were and made up his mind to only deal with people of his rank and below but also young students who he was instructing and, in a very few cases, fucking.

After the first two days he made his first move on Andrew by keeping him behind after class and pretending Andrew had not fully understood the last lesson. “Andrew are you keeping up with all this? I feel you are falling behind a little and from now on I will be giving you 1 on 1 instruction to help bring you up to my level. Report to me after dinner, in my cabin.” Theo smiled at Andrew assuming he could not wait for dinner to finish. Andrew smiled back and as he did Theo was thinking it was a done deal.

“Lieutenant, can I ask something?”

“Of course, asking questions is one of many ways to learn.”

“Are you in fact asking me to your cabin so you can fuck me?” That took Theo a little bit by surprise and he had to think quickly.

“WELL! I wasn’t expecting you to be that keen! Still now that you mentioned it, why not Andrew? I can tell you now, you will never forget it or my 9 inches.” Andrew stood up and looked down at Theo.

“Fuck off Harding. Fail me if you want, I don’t give a shit. I have already qualified anyway. I have a ship and I have someone on that ship who is my life. Maybe one day even a cunt like you will be as lucky as me.” Andrew went to his cabin and locked it. He video called Scott.

“He came on to you? Just tell him I will be over there and sort him out and his fucking ship. Tell the cunt to back off otherwise I will…..”

“But he is very good looking Scott, I mean you’re not here and it would only be a bit of fun anyway and you never know he might teach me something and I could try it out on you when I come back.” Andrew’s smile could not get any wider as he watched Scott’s face getting more and more angry. The shit stirring was having a great effect.

“That’s not fucking funny…..just shut up. You are in so much shit when I see you Andrew bloody Bushman.”

“Oh I can’t wait Scott bloody Peterson. I love you so much and not long now, just another month and it’s all finished.” Andrew needed to change the subject otherwise Scott may blow up!

“So, sea trials next week? Wish I was there, anyway I hope everything goes well.”

“I’m sure it will be fine. After the important bits are done, all the rest of the fitting out will be carried out as well, cabins, galley, crew lounge, sick bay and a final sea trial. After that and all the crew are settled in, we are off to Iceland for a month’s familiarity cruise, stop off in Dalvik and then back home. Then we will stock up and go and fuck the pirates up.”

“What about crew? Have you got what you want?”

“We have appointed six crew and they will be on board during sea trials and I’m still interviewing for the rest, but Andrew, there are great people. The six I have are three couples and tomorrow I’m going to interview single guys, it just happened like that, but do you know I’m certain who I will take on…..Andrew I have just got a great feeling that I will have what I hoped for and we have had a few hundred to choose from, AND even more in reserve if they fail.”

They said their goodbyes with a warning from Scott. “Go anywhere near the guy and……”

“Shut up Brit boy……I have my man and nobody gets anywhere close and I promise not to take the piss anymore, well about him anyway. See you on here tomorrow, bye for now Scott. LOVE you.”

Scott sat looking at the blank screen and smiled to himself. “You my love will be seeing me a lot sooner than you think.” Andrew’s mom had phoned him inviting him to attend Andrew’s graduation and to keep it from Andrew, just turn up and watch the reaction.

“He has not stopped talking about you Scott. Walter, the kids and I will love to have you here.”

At 5am Scott stood on his bridge for the first time as the ship’s Captain. She was still called the “Hauksson” and would not be referred to in her new name until she was in fact named at the launch in a few weeks’ time.

The engines had been running for two hours with the Rolls Royce engineers checking them and other equipment. Other specialists were at their various stations to check their installations and making any adjustments. The six new crew were on board as well as well as crew from the ship yard. Everyone was excited and keyed up and, like Scott hoping there would not be any problems showing up.

Scott was given the all clear from the engine room and for the first time ordered the ropes in and took her away from the mooring. He felt elated and so confident. This was the first step towards going off to protect his father’s ships and he knew it would be just another three months before he was sailing the same area that they had been in when the 06 had been attacked.

“This is for you mum.” He said to himself and ordered 10 knots as they sailed up the Southampton Water and from there into the English Channel when the trials would start proper. Four hours later he was in a position to begin to take her to maximum speed. He shoved the throttles open and they all experienced for the first time her rapid acceleration and stared at the indicator as it rapidly climbed to 20 knots and still climbing. “Twenty five knots! Yea God’s that’s awesome!” As soon as he said “awesome” he thought of a certain guy in America. That word is SO Andrew!

“Going full astern.” Scott announced over the intercom. He pulled a small lever back and everyone hung on as she literally came to a stop in under a minute. There was another “awesome” from the whole crew that time. From that moment and for two hours Scott threw the ship all over the place, testing her to her maximum and as she responded Scott knew his mother’s ship would give a good account of herself. All he had to do now was convince a few others of his belief. But that would be in the future.

It was dark before they finally got back and with the lines secured Scott called for the engines to be shut down. There followed a meeting and agreed that no major issues showed up and the ship had got to her final stage of fitting out.

A week later he left the yard to go back home and pack to get ready to give Andrew the shock of his life.

“Bloody hell dad I don’t want to take this, it’s so OTT!” He held up his uniform still on the hanger.

“Janice asked you to wear it, she knows Andrew will be more than chuffed, just go along with it. They love uniforms anyway and you will get a lot of attention.”

“That’s another reason I don’t want to take it, its Andrew’s day, not mine.” Scott looked at the jacket in the style that his father insisted they used. It was a copy of some WW2 British and American officers jackets which only came down to the waist and had a belt made of the same material and secured to a clasp on the left hand side. The rank insignia would be worn on the shoulders and of course in Scott’s case four gold rings with the crossed anchors above them. On the left breast was embroidered in gold the silhouette of the Scott’s ship and her name underneath, “M/V Lady Jean Peterson.” Scott had a problem with that as well. “She has not been named yet dad and here’s me wearing her uniform and she is not even ready to sail.” William of course shut him up.

“Mum would be terribly proud Scott and you will be taking her name with you to be a part of Andrew’s celebration.” End of argument and Scott folded it up into its cover and packed it. He shouted to William who was down stairs. “Do I take my hat as well?”

“Off course!”


“I heard that!” He didn’t, but knew Scott would say it anyway.

He was belted up as the aircraft approached JFK after a good flight and being spoilt rotten by the steward in first class who paid Scott a lot of attention which he lapped up and milked it. Simon was indeed a great looking bloke and Scott wondered just how many male passengers he had introduced to the mile high club. He would not be adding to the number and thought how easy it would have been for Andrew to get involved with that guy on the US Navy ship and now him on this BA flight, Simon was being offered it on a plate until Simon asked him, again, if he would like more champagne, “Or maybe something else Scott, we have plenty of time?” Scott declined, “I mustn’t have anymore Simon, I have to keep a clear head when I meet my boyfriend, we have not seen one another for almost three months and I just hope his house foundations are in good order, but thanks anyway.” A dejected Simon turned his attention onto another passenger and Scott silently wished him luck.

He sat back and looked through his window as the aircraft landed and also thought about what he was going to ask the Bushman family and in particular Andrew’s mother, Janice. He had this idea floating around his head for a while and spoke to his father about it the day before he was due to fly and it was to invite Janice to name the new ship as by tradition it was usually a lady to do it and neither of them knew any, well not that close anyway.

“Bloody good idea, Janice will be perfect. We will fly all of them over and I will get Brenda to start organising everything. How many of them again?”

“Seven, and we have six bedrooms. Walter and Janice in one, the boys in theirs and the girls in another. That leaves a spare one for Andrew.”

“Shut up and get me a drink.”

Scott did not have to look for a name board when he finally got clear of all the official bits and picked out Andrew’s older brother David as soon as he saw him standing there, the family resemblance was clear to see. David saw Scott at the same time and smiled as he got to Scott and shook hands. “Welcome to the United States Scott, there is a brother who is about to get one hell of a surprise. God, it’s been shit trying not to let the cat out of the bag, but I can tell you now he is really pissed off. I passed his room when I was leaving the house to come here, he was shouting at his computer wondering where the hell you are!”

“I can’t wait to see his face when he opens the door David, just hope he doesn’t tell me to piss off!”

“That’s about as likely as England winning the World Cup again!”

“It’s going to be a long relationship in that case.”

“We all certainly hope so Scott, right, this is my car, sorry it’s not a Jaguar.” Scott already knew the rest of the Bushman’s and now he had met David he was more than comfortable.

After an hours driving David stopped. “We are just ten minutes away, I had better call mom and she will get Andy to answer the door when you ring the bell.” This apparently was very well planned.

“Hi David, Andy is still in his room. I will go dig him out of there and get him to answer the door when you two get here.”

“Ok, here we are, let me go in the back and then you go to the front door, I want to see this. Don’t worry about your things we will get them later.”

Scott got out and walked slowly to the door, counted to ten and then rang.

“Andy! See who that is please honey.”

“Ok mom, I don’t suppose it’s………….” Andrew was rooted to the spot just staring at Scott with his mouth open.

“Hi Andrew, you look good even if your mouth is wide open and nothing in it. Can I come in?” Scott didn’t just go in he was yanked in (no pun intended) and at the same time hugged by a rather speechless boyfriend. They kissed briefly, Andrew pulled away and looked at Scott again and kissed again, briefly. After two more of these the kitchen door burst open and the rest of the Bushman’s came pouring out, Janice led followed by Walter, 25 year old David, 18 year old Shawn, 16 year old Lynda and last but not least 14 year old Sandra. A Labrador called Lincoln waddle out followed by two cats, Rough and Rougher who, David was sure, were gay as they were never ever more than a foot away from one another and spent a lot of wake time licking one another and when they slept, which was most of the time, always laid in a 69 position. Lincoln went straight up to Scott expecting he had bought something for him as it seemed most visitors did and not being offered anything, sniffed and went back to bed. The cats were busy licking and oblivious to what was going on.

Indeed there was a great deal going on in the hall as they all welcomed Scott by handshakes, hugs, kisses and everyone talking at the same time, except Andrew who had still not said anything and Scott who stood there overwhelmed by the reception. Janice took control as she saw her son was struggling with all that was going on.

“Ok you guys get to Andy’s room and only come down when you’re ready, I’m sure if Scott came to see me I would want private time as well!” She creased up and shoved her family into the lounge leaving the two of them standing there. Scott pointed to the stairs.

“Does that take us to your room?”


At long last he had spoken, even if it was just one word! Andrew led the way and as soon as the door closed they were back where they belonged, in one another’s arms and Andrew pulling Scott into him with all his considerable strength with his head on Scott’s chest.

Scott had his arms around Andrew’s body and stroked his back and waited until the hold on him relaxed a little, but at the same time knew Andrew was in a bit of an emotional state as his body shook in Scott’s arms. Scott waited until finally he could bring Andrew’s head off of his chest with both hands either side of his lovely face and lift it up. He looked down and smiled at Andrew.

“Those tears had better be because you’re pleased to see me and not…..”

“Shut up.”

Scott lowered his face to Andrew’s and kissed him again.

“We had better get up Andrew and go back down stairs?” They had been laying on Andrew’s bed for an hour, both still fully dressed and neither of them had touched any part of a body below the chest, just holding and stroking a face following it up with a kiss and then holding tight before going through it all again.

“Guess you’re right, but you have to get off me first, fat Brit!” Andrew smiled up at him knowing full well what was about to happen, but not quite in the way Andrew expected and with Scott on top of him he was somewhat at a disadvantage and found Scott’s fingers in his pits and there was nothing he could do about it and was reduced to a squirming mess, all over the bed and then onto the floor screaming for Scott to stop.

Down below the family looked up and by the noise Andrew was making they knew their son and brother could be in trouble.

“Anyone want to go up and stop that?” Walter asked.

“No way! They might be naked.” David said.

“I’ll go!”

“MOM!” They made as much noise as the two upstairs were making, laughing.

When they eventually came down the stairs Scott found his luggage in the hall that David and Shawn had bought in including a massive box which he picked up and took into the lounge and put it down in front of Walter.

“So glad you two came down, it maybe a bit quieter now.”

“Sorry about that Walter, Andrew had a fit and it took me ages to get him out of it, I hope you don’t mind me saving his life?”

“Shawn, go and get the beers, I need one or six. What’s this then Scott?””

“Dad and I had this made for you, hope you like it. Do you want to open it Walter?”

Walter was like a kid as he got on his knees and began to unwrap it helped by Shawn as his dad was too slow. It was held together by duck tape and when the last of it was removed, the front back and sides dropped down and there was a three foot long model of the Lady Jean Peterson on a cradle. They all spent the next couple of hours removing each deck and Scott explained everything to a captive audience, well the males were anyway. All Janice seemed to be interested in was Scott’s and Andrew’s cabin. After having a good look at where her son would be for the next goodness knows how long, she went to get ready to go out and told the girls they needed to as well.

They were back in Andrew’s room unpacking Scott’s cases before showering to get ready to go out.

“This your suit then?” Asked Andrew.

“Yes, do you want to get it out?”

“What, suit or cock?”

“Behave yourself before I don’t.”

“Bloody hell, It’s your uniform!”

“Your mom asked me to ware it and my dad insisted, he said mum would be pleased, so that’s what I will have on. I just think it’s a bit over the top, hope you’re ok with it.”

“Too sure I am. You will go down a bomb, just don’t get that far from me ok, there will be quite a few guys wanting to get close and I know all the girls will.”

It was a lovely evening and Scott felt really comfortable, it was as though he had known them for years and to meet David’s and Shawn’s girlfriends and Lynda’s boyfriend as well and being accepted by all of them as Andrew’s boyfriend was indeed very special. The conversation flowed as did the drinks by those allowed too. Great fun and in the company of great people.

Some time later they laid naked together and cuddled in talking their heads off mainly about the Graduation in two days’ time and of course the “Jean” but Andrew had a plan which would stop all conversation as soon as he had kissed Scott and told him he was clean. He kissed Scott again and turned his back on him and waited. Scott snored and got a dig in his belly for his trouble. They were both hard and all Scott had to do was line himself up and gently push himself into Andrew, all the way and as he fed himself into him, he was told how much he was loved.

Scott had to take it very gently so as not to make any noise which was an even bigger turn on knowing there were family just yards away although David, Shawn and Lynda were at their respective girl/boyfriends homes and quite possibly trying to be as quite as these two were now.

Scott slowly bought himself out the seven inches to the head and equally slowly travelled the seven inches back in and after each stroke he was bringing himself and Andrew nearer and nearer to the time when there would be a need to clamp their hands over their mouths as each of them froze for a brief moment and erupted huge amounts of thick white cream, one inside his boyfriend and one all over his boyfriends towel!

After some time Andrew turned round and kissed Scott. Andrew had lit a candle which allowed them to look at one another which they did with wonderful smiles from both them.

“This has been one of the best days of my entire life Scott.” Andrew started to laugh and knew the next thing he said he would be quite safe. “Fat Brit!” They laughed as quietly as they could, but it was still heard in the bedroom opposite them. Walter and Janice smiled at one another then Walter blew their candle out and they cuddled in together and after a goodnight kiss fell into a happy sleep. Two minutes later Andrew also blew his candle out and peace and quiet descended upon the Bushman household.

The whole week was brilliant and by the end of it the Bushman’s had another son and brother and Scott a new family. He was introduced to friends and neighbours some of whom also had sons and daughters also graduating and that of course was the highlight of the week.

They stood looking at one another in Andrew’s bedroom, Andrew in his gown and Scott in his navy blue uniform and both of them feeling a bit over dressed. Scott went to Andrew and put his arms around him.

“You look amazing Andrew, but do you know something? Not only do I see you looking so good dressed like that, I also see my boyfriend and this is the first time we will be together with hundreds of other people and they also knowing we are a couple. I may not see you too much today, but I will meet and speak to so many people knowing I’m only here because of what we are. When mum died I never thought I would be happy again then we got back in contact………and here we are. Christ I am SO happy!” Andrew looked up at Scott and smiled.

“I want to take something of you when I go up to get my diplomas.” He got on his knees and opened Scott’s fly and took his cock out and bought it to attention. When he knew Scott was ready he stood up turned round and lent forward hoping Scott would know exactly what he wanted to have inside him when it was his turn to go on stage. Scott lifted his gown over his back and fed himself into wonder man and gently stroked himself and at the same time stroking Andrew’s cock.

Five minutes later Andrew had his “something” in his bum and a stain inside his gown. Dirty buggers!

When Andrew was called to be awarded his diplomas the Bushman family went wild and Scott joined in knowing the love of his life was taking his “diploma” with him as he was handed his scrolls.

After the presentations and countless speeches the party started and Scott found himself chatting to just about everyone there. He became much more relaxed as many young men were also in uniform to support a brother or sister graduating and at the same time he found himself quite popular and wondered if the attention he was getting was because he was in an unfamiliar uniform and they needed to know what he and it was. He lost count of the number of photo’s that were taken and not just with Andrew and his family either, quite a number of guys came up to him and lots more photos were taken and after a few of them he was handed a name and phone number and asked to get in contact.

“You Captain fucking Tuna, stay close to me. I knew you would be popular, but not like this. DONT go out of my sight understand?” Andrew could not help himself and burst out laughing and a few more photos were taken of them both.

“Don’t fuck with me junior officer, I have quite a few phone numbers for back up so don’t mess with me, ok?”

“Yeah right and I bet they are the same numbers I got as well. See you in a foursome later?”

“Maybe I will stay close to you after all.”

“Good idea Limey. Oh by the way, I love you so much.”

“You have no idea just how much I love you Andrew Bushman.” They looked at one another and smiled the smile that told the world of the love they had for one another and even more photos were taken.

Another party started when they got back home and the house was full of friends and neighbours and Scott was happy to be a large part of it, but at last just the family were on their own and Walter was able to make his speech.

“Mom and I have so much pride in all of you, but this is Andrew’s day and we just want to say to you Andrew that mom and I and your brothers and sisters are so proud, not just because you became the top student at college, but also because you came out to all of us and that must have been a real bad time for you even though mom knew what you were long before you did son. Now you have Scott and because of the guy he is, that makes us all even more happy. You two are going to sail together and we know you will keep one another safe, at least that’s what we pray for.” Walter raised his glass.



“There are times when even I find it hard to say what I want too and we would be here all night if I said all that is so important. Today I finished a chapter in my life and now another one begins and I only got this far because of you all. We Bushman’s can be proud of ourselves in the way we have been and given encouragement to every member of the family to follow their course and the reason why is because of our parents who are the centre of what we have achieved so far and will continue to do so with their support. There is someone else as well.” He turned to Scott. “There is something that you may not know Scott. I nearly didn’t go on the vacation to Dalvik and if I had not gone I would never have met you. I am lucky to have been born a Bushman and the luck continued when you made me go for a walk that evening. Thank you.” He went to Scott smiled at him and kissed him.

“Yuck! Shawn said and got a slap from his eldest brother.

“Give him another one Andy.” Said Sandra giggling.

“I will!” Said Janice and was told to behave by Walter.

“May I say some thing?” Scott asked.

“Of course you can son, you are family now.”

“Thank you Walter. At least once a year I manage to have one good idea and I got one just before I came here. You all know the reason why the Lady Jean Peterson is being converted into a search and rescue ship and of course her main role in escorting our ships through pirates’ seas and she will be ready in six weeks. I now have the crew and that includes Andrew, but there is a slight problem and only you good people can help us. The ship will be officially named in five weeks’ time and we need a lady to carry out the ceremony and dad and I would like to invite you, Janice to carry it out and we would also like to invite all of you to stay with us for a week and celebrate the new arrival.” Scott finished and waited while all this sunk in. There was silence for a few moments, then it hit them and all hell broke loose and a great deal of excitement was shown by them all. At last when it had fully registered Janice went to Scott and put her arms around him. “Dear man I and all of us would be delighted, it’s such an honor thank you so much. Everyone was talking at the same time and it only finished when Scott told them they would be contacted by the company who would make all the arrangements.

Walter went to Scott. “Scott that was a great idea and thank you son. In five weeks you say, it will give us time to learn how to speak English, English.”

Much later Andrew snuggled into Scott as they laid naked in bed, they did not say much just cuddled and kissed.


“Yes love.”

“Got any good ideas for next year?”



“Marry you.”

“Hoped you would say that. Any idea when?” Scott thought for two seconds.

“You will have to wait, I haven’t asked you yet and you might say no.”

“Fat chance.” Andrew kissed Scott goodnight and turned round so he could be cuddled. Scott wrapped his arms around his love.

I’m getting married in the mornin, ding dong the bells are goin to……….”

“Shut up.”

Get me to the church, get me to the church…….”

Scott slipped all 7 inches into his man and Andrew stopped singing until the whole lot was inside him.

Get me to the church, ON TIME……!Oh fuck that’s good!”


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