MV Lady Jean Peterson
by BobbyG


Chapter 6

He sat in the first class departures lounge and for once enjoyed being pampered as his glass was topped with more champagne and platefuls of nibbles was offered him none of which he had a clue what they were, but by heck did they taste good!

“Mr Scott Peterson?” He looked up and smiled at a very good looking young steward.

“Hello, that’s me.”

“Very nice to meet you Mr Peterson. My name is Simon Ward and I am your steward throughout the flight. If there is anything you require do please ask and it will be done. We board in 15 minuets.”

“Well there is one thing I want already. Can we drop the surnames, it’s too formal.”

“Yes Scott and so much more friendly.” He lent down with a huge smile which made him even more handsome. “I can drop anything you like Scott!”

“Oh right but just the surnames will do thank you.” Simon winked and went off to chat another passengers up Scott guessed! “Bet that type of welcome is not in the stewards training manuals!”

It was a great flight and very funny, all down to Simon and although he knew he could not get Scott to join the “gay mile high club”  he still wanted to have some time with Mr Drop dead gorgeous and  try to change his mind.

Simon was on a half hour break and asked Scott if he could join him.

“Sure, no problem.”

“Is this flight business or pleasure?”

“Pleasure with my……with my….”

“Boyfriend?” Scott got his mobile out and went into photo’s and showed Simon the first one of Andrew’s face.

“Very nice,”

Next, Andrew’s face and torso with developing six pack.

“Oh my word!”

Next, full frontal in speedos.

“Fuuuckin hell!”

Next, Scott and Andrew’s face photo.

“Ah, lovely.”

Next, Scott and Andrew together and naked, but with the private bits covered by their hands and with massive smiles.


“Oh shit! Be back in a mo.”

Next. Simon running to the rest room for his first “mile high club wank! There would be no more “Next!”


Scott cleared all the official bits and was now slowly walking out looking for Andrew who would be copying him when he had come to England!

But then he saw a guy who looked so much like Andrew! The guy waved and smiled at Scott, Scott waved back and at the same time realised Andrew had no idea he was about to have Scott back in his life!

“Welcome to the United States Scott, there is a brother who is about to get one hell of a surprise. Hell it’s been shit trying not to let the cat out of the bag, but I can tell you now he is really pissed off. I passed his room when I was leaving to come here, he was shouting at his computer wondering where the hell you are!”

“I can’t wait to see his face when he opens the door David, just hope he doesn’t tell me to piss off!”

“That’s about as likely as England winning the World Cup again!”

“It’s going to be a long relationship in that case.”

“We certainly hope so, right this is my car, sorry it’s not a Jaguar and the crap weather.” It was chucking it down.

Scott already knew the rest of the Bushman’s and now he had met David he was more than comfortable and chatted away as though they had known one another for years. He and Walter worked together in construction and run their own company. “It’s going well and we are about to hire more labour. We offered Andy a job but for some stupid reason he wants to desert us and go sail.” David glanced over and smiled then back to the road. “I know I don’t really have to say this but just you guys look after one another, he is the only brother I got and when you two get married, I want to keep my bro in law as well.”

“Thanks David we will and just to make us even more safe we will most probably sleep together as well.”

“Yuk!” then laughed.

After an hours driving David stopped. “We are just ten minutes away, I had better call mom and she will get Andy to answer the door when you ring the bell.” This apparently was very well planned.

“Andy is still in his room. I will go dig him out of there and get him to answer the door when you two get here.” Scott had this daft smile on his face as David pulled into the drive.

“Ok, here we are, let me go in back and then you go to the front door, I want to see this. Don’t worry about your things we will get them later.”

Scott got out and walked slowly to the door, counted to ten and then rang the door bell. He heard Janice calling out.

“Andy! See who that is please honey.”

“Ok mom, I don’t suppose it’s…..The door opened and he was rooted to the spot just staring at Scott with his mouth open.

“Hi Andrew, you look good even if your mouth is wide open and nothing in it. Can I come in?” Scott didn’t just go in he was yanked in (no pun intended) and at the same time hugged by a rather speechless boyfriend. They kissed briefly, Andrew pulled away and looked at Scott again and kissed again, briefly. After two more of these the kitchen door burst open and the rest of the Bushman’s came pouring out, Janice led followed by Walter, 25 year old David, 18 year old Shawn, 16 year old Lynda and last but not least 14 year old Sandra. A Labrador called Lincoln waddle out followed by two cats, Rough and Rougher who, David was sure, were gay as they were never ever more than a foot away from one another and spent a lot of wake time licking one another and when they slept, which was most of the time, they always laid in a 69 position. Lincoln went straight up to Scott expecting he had bought something for him as it seemed most visitors did and not being offered anything, sniffed and went back to bed. The cats were busy licking and oblivious to what was going on.

Indeed there was a great deal going on in the hall as they all welcomed Scott by handshakes, hugs, kisses and everyone talking at the same time, except Andrew who had still not said anything and Scott who stood there overwhelmed by the reception. Janice took control as she saw her son was struggling with all that was going on.

“Ok you guys get to Andy’s room and only come down when you’re ready, I’m sure if Scott came to see me I would want private time as well!” She creased up and shoved her family into the lounge leaving the two of them standing there. Scott pointed to the stairs.

“Do those take us to your room?”


At long last he had spoken, even if it was just one word! Andrew led the way and as soon as the door closed they were back where they belonged, in one another’s arms and Andrew pulling Scott into him with all his considerable strength with his head on Scott’s chest.

Scott had his arms around Andrew’s body and stroked his back and waited until the hold on him relaxed a little, but at the same time knew Andrew was in a bit of an emotional state as his body shook in Scott’s arms. Scott waited until finally he could bring Andrew’s head off of his chest with both hands either side of his lovely face and lift it up. He looked down and smiled at Andrew.

“Those tears had better be because you’re pleased to see me and not…..”

“Shut up.”

Scott lowered his face to Andrew’s and kissed him again which went on for some time. Scott broke away to take his coat and shoes off then got them both onto the bed. They continued not to say much and opted to kiss the crap out of one another instead.

“We had better get up Andrew and go back down stairs?” In the hour they had laid there they were both still fully dressed and neither of them had touched any part of a body below the chest, just holding and stroking a face following it up with a kiss and then holding tight before going through it all again.

“Guess you’re right, but you have to get off me first, fat Brit!” Andrew smiled up at him knowing full well what was about to happen, but not quite in the way Andrew expected and with Scott on top of him he was somewhat at a disadvantage and found Scott’s fingers in his pits and there was nothing he could do about it and was reduced to a squirming mess, all over the bed and then onto the floor screaming for Scott to stop.

Down below the family looked up and by the noise Andrew was making they knew their son and brother could be in trouble.

“Anyone want to go up and stop that?” Walter asked.

“No way! They might be naked.” David said.

“I’ll go!”

“MOM!” They made as much noise as the two upstairs were making, laughing.

When they eventually came down the stairs Scott found his luggage in the hall that David and Shawn had bought in including a large box which he picked up and took into the lounge and put it down in front of Walter.

“So glad you two came down, it maybe a bit quieter now.”

“Sorry about that Walter, Andrew had a fit and it took me ages to get him out of it, I hope you don’t mind me saving his life?”

“Shawn, go and get the beers, I need one or six. What’s this then Scott?””

“It’s a model of our ship and this is what she will look like when she is completed. Each deck comes off so you can see inside her and see where Andrew will spend a lot of his time when we are at sea.”

Walter was like a kid as he got on his knees and began to unwrap the parcel helped by Shawn as his dad was too slow. It was held together by duck tape and when the last of it was removed, the front back and sides dropped down and there was a three foot long model of the Lady Jean Peterson on a cradle. They all spent the next couple of hours removing each deck and Scott explained everything to a captive audience, which included Andrew as this was the first time he was looking at his new home! Now all the males were like kids as they listened to Scott explaining what was on each deck and the function of all the equipment. All Janice seemed to be interested in was Scott’s and Andrew’s cabin. After having a good look at where her son would be for the next goodness knows how long, she went to get ready to go out and told the girls they needed to as well.

They were back in Andrew’s room still talking about the ship. “I want us to have a real good look at her later and get familiar with each deck. Oh and our cabin of course.”

“We could do that when we come back after we eat.”

“We will get neighbours coming round later because they are nosy and want to check you out. You will love them, we are like a big family. David’s present girl is two doors down, Shawn is still looking! We think Lynda may have a boyfriend but she’s saying nothing.”

“And there’s you, a guy sleeping with a guy.”

“And no problem. When I came out at 18 I got a million hugs and even more in Dalvik when they realised we were an item. They all love you Scott, God knows why. Sad bunch really!”

“I can’t be assed to beat the shit out of you again, come here.” Once again they proved that kissing stops fights.

After separate showers they helped one another dress and went back down to join the family.

It was a lovely evening and Scott felt really comfortable, it was as though he had known them for years. David’s girlfriend was with him and she too was a lovely person as well as being absolutely beautiful. The conversation flowed as did the drinks by those allowed too. Great fun and in the company of great people.

Ten minutes after they had got back the house was full of friends and neighbours and Scott trying to remember all their names.

The model proved to be very popular particularly when an older gentleman who turned out to be a retired US Navy Commander introduced himself and he, Scott and Andrew spent sometime going over the ship. “What do you hope to get out of her Scott?”

“We are sure we will get at least 25 knots and hope for three more.”

“Well let me tell you with that hull shape and those engines you are looking at 30 and if I am right, you owe me a beer, if I am wrong, two beers! Yep, she is a good looking lady and I am sure she will serve you well because I know damb well you aint just a search, rescue and fire fighting ship, not with that level of equipment. That piece up on the bridge top is an LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Device) and is only use against rioters and of course pirates and having read a bit about your circumstances Scott, I think your ships will be safe with you guys escorting them. My best wishes and my sincere condolences, I know what it’s like to loose but nothing like you and your father have and are still going through. Your mother and father will be very proud of you and your ships company.”

“Thank you sir for your nice words and yes you are right and with the likes of Andrew and more like him, our ship will give a good account of herself.”

Some time later they laid naked together cuddled in and two rather stiff members due to much kissing and a certain amount of cock stroking on said members.

“Love you Andrew.”

“Yeah I bet you do especially if you get more like me as you told the Commander. If we have a row all you have to do is go to another cabin and fuck someone else like me. I’m going to rename you Captain Randy.”

“Didn’t think of that, shall we practise having a row?”





“Are you two having a row!” Janice call out.

“No mom just practising in case Scott wants one.”

“Oh right but I’m sure dad can tell you how, can’t you honey.”


They got sensible eventually and Andrew asked about crew. “Do you think there will be much interest, you only got me so far and that was by being told I was anyway. Who are you hoping to get, yeah ok gay, but will they know by reading the advert you want a crew to go and get shot at?”

“Cleaver you, I have been thinking about that and what I’m going to do is advertise in one broad sheet and one tabloid and two of the most read gay magazines out there just to keep anyone getting upset about inequality and people knowing the truth about what I want if it only appears in gay magazines.

It’s obvious it will include the skills I’m looking for and although I wont be too specific it will mention sailing in the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, Arabian Sea and passages between South Africa, India, Sri Lanka and visa versa. If anyone can’t workout that means pirate areas then I don’t want them any way.

Every applicant will get a phone interview and then if we think they are a candidate they will be long listed and if we still think they are worth a third go short list them. That’s when I will get involved. The short listed will be invited to attend a talk by me and then they will be told all about what we are about and told to withdraw if it’s not what they want.”

“And how many will you interview applicants applying from the news papers?”


“Good. But I’m getting bored. He had a plan which would stop all conversation as soon as he had kissed Scott and told him he was clean. He kissed Scott again and turned his back on him and waited. Scott snored and got a dig in his belly for his trouble. They were both hard and all Scott had to do was line himself up and gently push himself into Andrew, all the way and as he fed himself into him, he was told how much he was loved.

Scott had to take it very gently so as not to make any noise which was an even bigger turn on knowing there were family just yards away except David who could be possibly as involve as these two were.

Scott slowly bought himself out the seven inches to the head and equally slowly travelled the seven inches back in and after each stroke he was bringing himself and Andrew nearer and nearer to the time when there would be a need to clamp their hands over their mouths as each of them froze for a brief moment and erupted huge amounts, one inside his boyfriend and one all over his boyfriends towel!

After some time Andrew turned round and kissed Scott. Andrew had lit a candle which allowed them to look at one another which they did with wonderful smiles from both them.

“This has been one of the best days of my entire life Scott.” Andrew started to laugh and knew the next thing he said he would be quite safe. “Fat Brit!” They laughed as quietly as they could, but it was still heard in the bedroom opposite them. Walter and Janice smiled at one another then Walter blew their candle out and they cuddled in together and after a goodnight kiss fell into a happy sleep. Two minutes later Andrew also blew his candle out and peace and quiet descended upon the Bushman household.

The whole week was brilliant and by the end of it the Bushman’s had another son and brother and Scott a new family. He was introduced to friends and neighbours some of whom also had sons and daughters also graduating and that of course was the highlight of the week.

They stood looking at one another in Andrew’s bedroom, Andrew in his gown and Scott in smart casuals. “You look amazing Andrew, but do you know something? Not only do I see you looking so good dressed like that, I also see my boyfriend and this is the first time we will be together with hundreds of other people and they also knowing we are a couple. I may not see you too much today, but I will meet and speak to so many people knowing I’m only here because of what we are. When mum died I never thought I would be happy again then we got back in contact… and here we are…  I will never get over what happened, but mum would want it like this and I know dad does. I love you so much Andrew. NOW, you got some bits of parchment to collect.” They kissed some more then went down to join the family.

Scott had been told how the day would go which would begin in the huge hall and applaud the students in as they entered behind the University’s pipes and drums. The students would sit at the front while more music was played followed by the first of many speeches. Then on to the presentation of diploma’s which would take forever and constant applause by a couple of thousand proud parents family and friends yelled out as each student was presented with their awards. This would go on for an hour and a half and not one person sitting down, they were all on their feet clapping, singing and dancing and much to his surprise, Scott joining in!

“A student who has made our great University record books in gaining the highest possible scores in, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced marine engineering and has already attained a Second Engineer appointment on a British Search Rescue and Fire ship. This student has also been voted the prestigious award of…… Engineering Student of 2005………


The family went mental, clapping, shouting, “ANDY! ANDY! ANDY! And tears of joy and pride. They all hugged one another Scott included as they all grabbed hold of him and hung on tight but with one huge surprise as Shawn clung onto him last and shouted into his ear. “Scott, the day before you and Andy go back to the UK I am coming out to the family and I’m pleased you will be there!” He kissed Scott’s cheek. “And you are the first man I ever kissed!” He broke off smiling at his brothers boyfriend then went back to cheering, Scott joined in, even happier if that was possible.

After the presentations and at last the speeches came to an end, the party started and Scott found himself chatting to just about everyone there. He got lost in the crowd but every one were on such a high it had become one massive family.

He was eventually found by the Engineering Student of the Year and cuddled in which was noticed by just about everyone and now they all knew what the relationship between them was. Many photos were taken of them and Andrew now no more that two feet from Scott. “You are too popular, stay with me.” Scott was going to have more fun and sang into his second engineers, ear. “I know something you don’t know…I know something you don’t know… I know somethhhhing you d…” Andrew punched hard which stopped his captain (even though he didn’t have ship yet.)

Scott gave his boyfriend a middle finger, “you don’t know what I know!” and got behind Janice laughing his head off!

Now back home to another full house the party continued for some time until Walter asked every one to  go into the large entrance hall and stood two stairs up. Andrew and Scott were together holding hands. It went quiet and Walter cleared his throat.

“Firstly let me thank you all for being here today to celebrate yet another great day in the lives of the Bushman’s.

Mom and I have so much pride in all of you, but this is Andrew’s day and we just want to say to you Andrew that mom and I and your brothers and sisters are so proud, not just because you became a record breaking student of the year but also because of your determination to work your guts out throughout your University years and that determination will serve  you well in the years to come…..And we all know the future is even more sound now you have Scott and because of the guy he is, that makes us all even more happy. You two are going to sail together and we know you will keep one another safe.” Walter raised his glass.

“Our toast to you son, from you dad, your mom, your brothers, your sisters and last but not least, Scott…! ANDREW!”


Once more this day of applause continued only Andrew and Scott could only clap with one hand on the other as they continued to hold hands with the other one and neither wanted to let go. He squeezed Scott’s hand and after a cuddle into his dad he took his place on the stairs.

“There are times when even I find it hard to say what I want too and we would be here all night if I said all that is so important, but I understand we all have to sleep sometime.

Today I finished a chapter in my life and now another one begins and I only got this far because of my parents support and my brothers and sisters love. We Bushman’s can be proud of ourselves in the way we have been  given encouragement to every member of the family to follow their course and the reason why is because they are the centre of what we have achieved so far and will continue to do so with their continued support.

As you all know, there is someone else as well.” He looked at Scott. “There is something that you may not know Scott. I nearly didn’t go on the vacation to Dalvik and if I had not gone I would never have met you. I am lucky to have been born a Bushman and the luck continued when you made me go for that walk.

Thank you for taking me for that walk Scott and becoming my entire life along side my family.” And then he smiled the biggest ever still looking at his man and Scott knowing shit was on it’s way. “It just shows how supportive us Americans continue to be towards the less fortunate of this world!” Huge laughter and while it continued so did the looks and Andrew knowing he was in his own shit later!

The party continued for ages but soon friends began to drift off after long goodbyes until it was just the family sitting in the lounge talking about the day. Scott waited and timed it so he could say his bit.

“Walter may I say some thing please?”

“Of course you can son, nobody would dare stop you.”

“At least once a year I manage to have one good idea and I got one just before I came here and spoke to dad who could not be more pleased as to what we would both like.

Both dad and I would like to invite you all to come over a few days before the ship is named and celebrate her launch with us. Our company people will be in touch and organise the whole thing. The ship will be ready to be named by 15th March next year, so you should have enough time to bump off work, schools or whatever. Dad and I just hope you can come and be with Andrew on yet another great day for the Peterson’s and Bushman’s. Thanks very much.”

All hell broke loose and yet more hugs, handshakes and kisses. Scott even got his second cheek kiss from Shawn.

“That’s great Scott and we would love to be a part of yours and Andrew’s day. And it gives us plenty of time to learn how to speak English, English!”

Much later Andrew snuggled into Scott as they laid naked in bed, they did not say much just cuddled and kissed.


“Yes love.”

“Got any good ideas for next year?”



“Marry you.”

“Hoped you would say that. Any idea when?” Scott thought for two seconds.

“You will have to wait, I haven’t asked you yet and you might say no.”

“Fat chance.” Andrew kissed Scott goodnight and turned round so he could be cuddled. Scott wrapped his arms around his love.

I’m getting married in the mornin, ding dong the bells are goin to…”

“Shut up.”

Get me to the church, get me to the church…”

Scott slipped all 7 inches into his man and Andrew stopped singing until the whole lot was inside him.

Get me to the church, ON TIME…! “Oh fuck that’s good!”


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