MV Lady Jean Peterson
by BobbyG


Chapter 5

They stood together at the side of the enclosed dry dock looking at a ship that did not look as though it would ever put to sea or indeed float if ever got there. It was in fact organised chaos as engineers worked on the hull and superstructure inside and out. The noise was deafening and Andrew’s interest was at its peak.

For the next two hours they toured the ship with Scott showing Andrew everything in detail of what was happening now and what was to come. “When we get home I can show you better on the plans.” Scott shouted out. “It may look a mess now, but everything is here from the engines down to the last nut and bolt, it’s all in the warehouses waiting for the ship to be fully treated. She has already been shot blasted and covered with Epoxy Primer. I tell you Andrew the hull is in great shape and will be even better by the time she has been strengthened.”

“Why does she need to be strengthened anyway?”

“She was being converted to sail in the Artic and possibly Antarctic which means ice, but the whole hull will be strengthened as we could be fired on. The superstructure is aluminium and that will be bullet proofed. Come on let’s get out of here and go to the warehouse.”

Andrew took one look at the dozens of boxes and unwrapped equipment including the two Rolls Royce engines, generators, three water cannons, propeller pods, fuel tanks, pumps and racks full of piping, wiring and associated equipment that would bring the whole ship to a very high standard.

“Yea Gods it will never fit in Scott.”

“There’s more next door, all the domestic stuff like galley equipment and everything for the 12 cabins, crew lounge and sick bay.”


Another two hours later they were back home and all three of them pouring over the dozens of plans, deck by deck. William went to bed long before Scott and Andrew did and by the time they were wrapped up together Andrew knew as much as his boyfriend and William about the conversion and how it would all be put together and the order in which it would be done.

The first would be a new fuel system that would mean the ship could be at sea for three times longer and there would be a facility to refuel at sea from any of the cargo ships they would be escorting and also restock food and spares if they were required. The new engines would take less room than the original one and would weigh a third less and four times more powerful. Two propulsion pods would replace the original single screw and the rudder as they would steer the ship and could be rotated 360 degrees, at the throw of a lever on the bridge the ship could go full astern while the ship was at full power by turning outboard until facing the opposite way.

One of the biggest advantages would be the ship could reach its full speed, estimated at 25 knots, and maximum revolutions in under 4 minutes and come to a stop in less than that. She would be extremely maneuverable and could keep her stern towards any pirate boat regardless of their much greater speed. They would have great difficulty coming long side and therefore come under fire from the massively powerful water cannons that much longer. There would be three of these, one at the bow and two either side of the stern and would cover the whole ship at a distance of 150 yards. It was thought that boarding the ship would be almost impossible and there would have to be a multi boat attack to be of any threat and even if anyone got on board they would have to withstand the force of all three cannons because they would cover every inch of fore and aft decks. However, there was one distinct disadvantage, pirate boats were armed with AK 47’s and RPG’s and could stay out of range of the ships water cannons for as long as they had fuel. One lucky hit from an RPG was a huge threat and the reason why the whole ship was being strengthened and that was why Scott was hoping they would get authority to carry CS gas that could be released from the helicopter far beyond even the pirates firing range.

At the stern there was a huge door that could be raised quickly to allow the launch of two boats from the boat hanger. One boat was a scaled down model of pirate ships and would be used to “attack” the ship and for the crew to practise defence tactics. The other was an RIB that could be used in search and rescue.

Another important change was the aft gantry that most net fishing trawlers have. The gantry would be cut to half its original height and would take one of the two ships video cameras similar to those used on police helicopters and would rotate a full 360 degrees every 30 seconds for additional cover. If there was something to focus on, like a suspicious boat, a crew member would take over control manually. The other one would be housed on top of the bridge to cover 360 degrees around the ship. Once the cameras were manually taken over the images would be recorded and could also be sent direct to the company offices in London and also to Scott’s father. The gantry would also have two very powerful search lights and several communication aerials. Two more searchlights would be secured to the top front of the bridge.

That then is a very brief detail of the ships conversion and some of its level of equipment and for the rest of his time in England Andrew would be at the yard with Scott every day and learnt a huge amount which was all good stuff for the future.

When they got back home this particular evening William had some news for them.

“We have got visitors tomorrow boys, we have our legal, Steven Bradshaw coming, a chap from the Home Office, an Arnold Smart and a Brian Watson from the Foreign Office as well as a Royal Naval officer, Commodore Fellows, I have agreed simply because it will all come out soon enough and, as we already know, we will have our critics, particularly from the press and pass it off as a revenge thing and Daddy’s boy having nothing better to do and a quick route to having his own ship.” Scott thought about that for two seconds and gave the answer William expected.

“And have a great time when they realise we will be an all gay crew no doubt, fuck em. Anyway, why are they all coming?”

“Steve says it’s to hear firsthand about what we are up to and what our real agenda is and how we are going to go about it. They could be very critical Scott and no doubt a lot of it because of your age.”

“Hasn’t Steve told them then?”

“Yes he would have, but I’m assuming they want to see for themselves and I think I know why, I’m guessing of course, but its making me think.”

“Think what?”

“If they like you Scott and understand why we are escorting our ships, I think they will find a way for you to carry CS gas. Just a guess as I say, but why else come all this way and pretty high up chaps as well?”

“Of COURSE they will say yes and for one obvious reason, I’M on board and you both should know an American with you will make all the difference. We are so much more advanced than you Brits and if you don’t agree it’s only because you lot are not so advanced as us.” Scott and William looked at one another and then at Andrew.

“Fuck off!” They both said together.

“I’m off to get ready for bed and I guess you two will be in yours long before I get to mine. Andrew come here please.” He got up and did as he was told. Scott watched as his father took Andrew’s hands and looked up at him. “Jean was the best thing that ever happened to me and when Scott came along, he was the best thing that happened to both of us. Now you have come into our lives, I thank God you did, thank you Andrew.” Andrew and William cuddled and hung on for some time and then smiled at one another. “Mind you it would be even better if you were a Brit! Take him upstairs Scott and……and…..? Oh shit get the hell out of here!” William pressed the bell that would tell Brenda he was ready to go to his room.

As they crossed the large hall towards the stairs Scott was telling Andrew just how much trouble he was in when they got to their bedroom when Andrew stopped in front of a chair and wrapped his arms around Scott much to his pleasant surprise and even more so when Andrew kissed him.

“What was all that about?”

“William told you to take me to bed, well almost and it gave me an idea.”

“Ok, what?”

“After a count of three we run up the stairs and the first one to the top gets to fuck the other one. Agree?”

“You know you will lose don’t you.” Andrew ignored that and started counting.

“One….Two….” He pushed Scott into the chair. “THREE!” And ran like the wind. Scott scrambled to his feet and gave up any thought of catching the sod. He walked slowly up the stairs and looked up at Andrew. Andrew stood looking down at Scott with a massive smile and a look of triumph all over his beautiful face, he raised his arms above his head and called out; “Looser! Who’s the Daddy NOW!” He pulled his arms down and thrust his hips forward at the same time. “Go to the shower Brit boy and prepare your ass for a life changing experience!” He laughed out one more time, turned round and came face to face with Brenda and to make things even better he uttered those immortal words, “OH FUCKING SHHHHIT!” And ran to the bedroom.

Scott had no idea how long it took him to get to the bedroom, he was weak with laughing and laughed even more when he finally arrived and saw Andrew sitting in a chair with his head in his hands looking at the floor hoping a hole would open up and he could fall into it.

Scott was by now on his hands and knees and crawled to Andrew still unable to control himself, but finally arrived and got his arms on Andrew’s lap kneeling in front of him.

“Now let me think, what was it….? Oh YES! Something about us Brits not being so advanced? Think that’s what you said. Christ Andrew I just can’t wait to catch up and get to your level.” He wrapped his arms around the best man in his world, clung on tight and bust out laughing again.

“I love you so much Andrew.”

“I am in so much shit….STOP laughing!” Scott managed to control himself for a while but it all started again as they could hear screams of laughter coming from down stairs.

Finally Scott took as much control of himself as he could and did the one thing that would stop any laughing at his boyfriend’s expense, he pulled him to his feet and undressed him and then himself.

“Time for a shower Daddy?” Andrew pretended to be angry and forced Scott onto the bed where they spent the next half hour kissing, but every now and then breaking off so they could both have a good laugh.

Once in the shower they cuddled up and kissed while the water cascaded over them until Andrew turned the shower off and they soaped one another for a very long time, paying a lot of attention to the cock and bum areas and all the time getting more than worked up. Scott turned the water back on and carried on kissing.

“Who’s going to what then?” Scott asked. Andrew looked at him and thought.

“Well, you cheated when we were in Soho so that makes us even now, so I’m going to bed and you can stay and get cleaned up.” He gave Scott’s cock a tweak and got out of the shower.

“Ok Daddy.”

Scott had finished everything he needed to do and now all clean, prepared and smelling great, he wrapped his towel around his waist and stepped into the bedroom. He looked at the bed and saw the most wonderful sight of his Andrew, laying naked and looking so beautiful. Andrew looked back at his fantastic Scott in all his beauty. “Get rid of it.” Scott smiled at him and dropped the towel and threw it on the bed. Andrew slowly got up and they just stared at one another and each loving the sight before him. Their cocks remained limp at this time and just slept in their own beauty between their owners legs, but that was about to change as Andrew went towards Scott and by the time Andrew was still a few feet from Scott both of those cocks had not only woken up, they would become the centre of all that was about to happen.

For the thousandth time they embraced, kissed and told one another of their love.

Andrew lead Scott to the bed and put him on his back and laid on top of him and for the next half hour they kissed in the only way two lovers can when they have the love for one another as these two had.

Without a word both of them knew the time had come to stop kissing mouths and visited every part of the others body with lips, tongues and hands. They twisted one another all over the bed and moved as though it was set to music as they physically told the other of his love for him in the most beautiful way it was possible to give and show.

“Please Andrew.” Scott was ready and he knew instinctively Andrew was as well. He laid down on his front and adjusted himself to give Andrew easy access and moaned as he felt Andrew at the place where both of them knew that this was the final act to this particular act of love.

Andrew slowly, and as gently as possible, slipped into Scott and when he was fully inside, Scott laid flat and from then on both enjoyed the tightness and sheer pleasure of one being inside his love and the other one’s sheer pleasure of having him there.

Andrew very slowly pushed himself into Scott and as slowly withdrew. This would go on for a very long time and each knowing it would bring them both to a sensational end.

With massive control Andrew continued to slowly make love to Scott knowing that each thrust was bringing them both closer and as they did both knew they were at the point of no return. Their breathing became more laboured as Andrew bought them both to the top of their own Everest. Andrew froze and clung on to Scott even tighter and held his breath at the same time. “Scott! Oh God I love you!” And with that he exploded into him, time and time again and as he continued to erupt so Scott came to his own end and told Andrew he also loved him as he off loaded onto the towel he had worn when he came out of the shower over an hour before.

Scott sat up against the head board and Andrew laying at right angles to him with his head on Scott’s lap sucking a very soft cock while Scott fondled a very soft Andrew. They had been there for a long time after making love and neither of them needed to say anything, just looks and thanking God they had both gone on holiday at the same place at the same time.

He looked down at Andrew’s handsome face and smiled at him. The smile coming back up told both of them there was no need for words, Scott lent to Andrew and kissed him in a way that can only be given by two people so very much in love regardless of gender.

They moved under the duvet and cuddled in tight together and kissed goodnight, or so Scott thought.


“Fuck what?”

“I need a piss.” Andrew got out of bed and went towards the bathroom.

“Do you need a hand with that Yankee Doodle Daddy?”

“Fuck off Limey!” Andrew called back and was still laughing as he tried to aim straight.


The visitors arrived and were invited to tour the gardens before the meeting started. It was one of those beautiful English autumn days with a clear sky, no wind and no detectable nasty carbon deposits invading the nostrils, Scott really enjoyed the fresh air as a couple of hours back he had to survive one of Andrew’s early morning farts.

Scott was under the duvet giving him a good morning suck when Andrew wrapped his legs around his body and let one off and held the duvet tight so Scott could not escape knowing full well he would be “beaten” up when eventually Scott surfaced gasping for air.

“You CUNT!”

Andrew was indeed “beaten” up but only because he could not defend himself as he was laughing so much. It was all so beautiful as they “fought” with both of their bodies reacting to the physical exertions and showing their wonderful nakedness as they twisted and turned and Scott throwing Andrew all over the bed.

“Give in?”

“NO! And don’t stop.” Scott dragged a willing Andrew to the shower and kissed the life out of him.

“Right gentlemen, can we get down to business?” William invited. They were sitting around the table in the dining room. Andrew had suggested he should not be there before the meeting as he was not really part of it all at this time and only there because of his and Scott’s relationship. He and William were sitting in the kitchen while Scott was in William’s study photo copying his certificates of qualifications and a written statement he had prepared just in case he needed them to hand out at the meeting.

“If you’re not there neither will I be Andrew, Scott needs both of us and without you with him he may struggle.”

“Ok William, I will be there, but there is no way he will struggle, I have never met anyone, apart from you, who is so confident and sure of himself.”

“Don’t undersell yourself my boy, your love and support for my son has given him a life he thought had gone forever and for what it’s worth, me too. Jean told me before we left Dalvik you two would end up together and she was never wrong in all our 24 years together.”

“My mom told dad that as well William. She told me she and Jean had spoken about us and both hoped we would stay in contact and we would meet up again. I just hope that Jean is witnessing all this as well.”

“She is, I have no doubt about it.”

The meeting would take all day and most of it directed at Scott. He was asked to make a statement that could possibly give him the support he was hoping for. “But let me tell you now Mr Peterson, it’s very unlikely. You will be seen as a bit of a maverick, a vigilante and without doubt the EU will object and of course the International Maritime Organization, the IMO are very clear about carrying weapons on civilian ships and CS gas is seen as an illegal substance outside military or police use. At this time an international naval force is being discussed by various governments, including ours and will patrol pirate sea areas in the not too distant future.”

“When will they begin patrols?”


“Ok, so you’re not going to tell me, but it will need to be a massive navy to cover all pirate areas and we all know that’s impossible and in any case it will take time to have much effect. I can tell you we will be sailing “soon” and I will be escorting our ships through pirate waters for as long as it takes governments to accept that if armed guards were permitted to sail with ships, pirate attacks would stop. I am convinced that if there was an assault rifle on the Ocean 6 when we were attacked, my mother would still be alive, or at the very least she and my father would have had a better chance if we could have fired back. These pirates can only use small boats and they are very vulnerable if they are fired on, in fact I will say that if they come under fire, they would bugger off and find a ship that was not armed. I’m not asking to carry lethal weapons and I realise that only trained personnel could use them anyway. All I want is to be allowed to have CS gas so I can use it against a possible attack on my ship and the one I am escorting beyond the range of my water cannons. Your next question will be how will I know if I am about to be attacked. Most boats are going about their business fishing, but have to carry weapons to defend themselves from attack from others and not to attack ships, but I also know that some carry RPG’s as well and they certainly don’t need THEM to defend themselves. An RPG fired from a small boat which is being tossed all over the place will never hit another small boat  and therefore they will only carry them with one intention and that is to fire on ships they want to take. Once I have identified a boat carrying an RPG I will keep it under observation and if it comes at us and does not heed our water cannons or the two maroon flares I will fire off and still come at us, their intention is obvious and I want to be able to drop CS on them, simple.”

“And if you had CS gas when would you release it?”

“When the firer aims the RPG. If he aims, it’s because he is in range to fire and that should give me the right to try and stop him, unless of course defending yourself is illegal as well now?

All I want is to be able to defend my ship, and the one we are escorting, with non-lethal means beyond the range of my water cannons and hope to beat any attacker off from a possible highjack and, as we already know, it’s happened and there are now several ships and crews being held to ransom and there has been loss of life, as well as abuse to crew after a ship has been taken. I am not expecting to solve the problem on my own, all I want to do is to try to protect our crews and ships and believe me we will do that with or without your support to carry CS gas, but the most important thing is our crews. They are expecting us to keep them safe and they have every right to expect that we protect them from pirate attack. They are sailors going about their peaceful work and only accepting the risks that all mariners have and that’s the sea itself and no sailor can control the elements but will sail despite those risks. Why should they not have the support of international authorities to protect them from being attacked by pirates? All I’m asking for is a better means to do it.”

Scott felt Andrew’s hand on his thigh and smiled as it went further up and rested on his pack. Scott looked at him and smiled his love for Andrew which was noticed by Brian Watson from the Foreign Office, he too smiled and wished his boyfriend was sitting next to him! Brian Watson knew what that smile meant and just knew Scott and Andrew were very much in love, just like him and Austin. Since they had been together neither of them had cheated on one another, but he could make an exception with either of these two, or even both! But he also knew it would never happen, one because of his love for Austin and two, you would need an army to separate these two, he was sure of that. He continued to look at them and at the same time telling his cock to behave itself.

The meeting eventually came to an end and it was William who had the last word with a rather unexpected statement. “I have every confidence in my son and the ship he will command. We are determined to make our crews as safe as we can and indeed it’s our responsibility to do so. Scott maybe my son and we obviously have the means, but if Scott was the same person and not my son I would want him in command of the ship anyway and therefore as of now he will take the rank of  Captain with the Ocean Shipping Company.” William sat there and smiled at Scott while the visitors mumbled their congratulations and Andrew squeezed his pack again.

There was no outcome of the meeting but William, Scott and Andrew knew it had gone well and the handshakes as they left were sincere. Commodore Fellows spoke to Scott as they were about to leave. “Scott, I can’t promise anything, but one thing I can assure you is that you will get my support my boy. Well done and good luck to you.”

Brian spoke to Andrew as he was about to leave as well. “Andrew, I can’t promise the outcome of this meeting, but the one thing I can assure you is that when I get home and Austin is making love to me, I will be thinking about you two at the same time. Good luck to both of you and you can depend on me supporting both of you.” The Commodore and Brian were singing from the same song sheet, but it seemed in a slightly different key!

Scott and Andrew saw them off and stood there for a while watching the car drive out of the gates. Andrew sighed and looked up at Scott. “WHY did William promote you? My life will be hell now Captain Fucking Perfect.”

“Don’t be silly very junior officer, just go up to our cabin and get your ass ready.” Andrew kissed Scott. “Ok,” and went upstairs much to Scott’s surprise. “Bloody hell, that was easy, must try it again sometime.”

“Try what?” William had wheeled himself into the hall. “Andrew, he did as he was told dad.”

“Watch him, he’s up to something.” Scott had not forgotten his promotion and could thank him now they were alone.

“Thanks dad, that took the wind out of me.”

“You deserve it and I’m going to surprise Andrew as well, he will officially be taken as second engineer with two rings and on the pay roll.”


“Tonight at dinner. He goes back home next week and we have to get him sorted out with a work permit and all the official bits, I have already spoken to Sally in personnel and I need Andrew’s details. We are going to the Plough to eat and that’s in an hour so you had better get upstairs and find out what Andrew is planning before we go.”

Scott arrived in their bedroom and smiled and kissed his boyfriend. “What you up too?” He smiled at Andrew with a suspicious look on his face which delighted Andrew.

“Nothing, trust me. I just want us to have a lovely time and I’m already for you my captain.”

“Fuck off Andrew, what is it?”

“NOTHING! Now go and shower and I will be waiting.” Scott slowly got undressed and once naked he went to the shower not taking his eyes off Andrew the whole time. The door closed and Andrew got off the bed and went down to find William.

“What the hell are you doing here, I thought you and Scott had plans?”

“Scott thinks so, I just wanted to refuse his first order as a Captain, sort of bring him down to size.”

“You know you’re in trouble don’t you.”

“That’s the plan William. Can I get us a drink?” Andrew poured two whiskey’s and gave William his and slugged his back which made William smile. Andrew finished the last drop and got up to go.

“Punishment time Andrew?”

“Think so William, but I will yell out for help if I need it.”

“Yea God’s your father and I have a lot to answer for. Bugger off and don’t forget to close the door.” After Andrew had gone, William sat there and thought of his wife and the tears fell down his face. He opened a drawer in his desk and took out the revolver. He looked at it and smiled and at the same time opened the chamber and ejected all six cartridges.

“I’m fine Jean, just give me more time please love. I won’t do anything stupid, I live for Scott now and I know he is already like you and I could not be more proud of him, even though I know he too is going through a lot of grief, but he will make it.”

“So Captain and just how do you intend to punish me for my disobedience?” Scott looked at the beautiful naked man standing in front of him and stepped the two paces forward and took him in his arms and kissed him.

After a long time Andrew stopped kissing and looked up at Scott. “That it?” Scott nodded and kissed him again. “Oh ok, carry on punishing then.” They clung together kissing and at the same time Scott raised his right arm and bought his hand down hard on Andrew’s left cheek. It sounded like a gun going off. “You SHIT! That hurt!” Scott picked him up and threw him on the bed and landed on top and there followed the worst fight ever as they squirmed all over the bed kissing and licking every part of the others body in the least violent way it was possible to do. Finally Scott got Andrew on his front and lifted his hips and rammed his face between those magnificent cheeks. Andrew was now even more powerless as Scott’s tongue bought him to a state of melt down and within seconds the very junior crewman was reaching back to get hold of his Captain’s cock and bring it to his back door. With one firm but gentle push, Scott fed the whole lot into him. After a while like this, Scott turned them on their sides and with one hand holding Andrew stroking him and the other tightly wrapped round his body they carried on for ages until they had both arrived at the point that there would be a double eruption. Andrew twisted his body so they could kiss and like that they came together and as always, volumes of it.

After some time Andrew turned and smiled at Scott as he kissed him. “Do you know Captain as far as punishments go, that wasn’t too bad I guess. In fact you can carry on punishing me like that as many times as you want ok?”

“Including slapping your bum?”

“That’s what I meant.”

They went to the ship two more times, but Andrew’s time was almost up and he had to get back home.

All three were having their dinner and discussing the latest news about yet another capture of a ship and reports of a huge ransom demand before the crew would be released. Since the 06 attack William had ordered extra defences be installed on the seven ships that would sail south of Somalia, the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean, they were also told to sail at full speed until clear of the danger areas. “I can’t wait for the ship to be ready Scott and when you make the final crew selections, we are almost there.”

“I will be in London next week to interview the short list and when they are appointed, they will go to the hotel in Southampton and the training begins from then on, but before that happens the ship will be ready for sea trials and if it all goes well she will have her final fit out with cabins, crew saloon and the sick bay. There will be a lot of other things to do as well, like go to York and get the helicopter and bring it back, I will take the pilot who will fly her, whoever that is.”

“Just make sure you behave yourself while you’re up there Captain otherwise it will be ME doing the punishment.” Andrew warned him.

“Might be worth it then.”

They stood together at Heathrow hating every minute of it but also knowing both of them would be so busy during the next three months the time would fly by. Still, it didn’t make this any easier.

They hugged one last time and kissed one another. Andrew took one last look and left Scott standing there watching him go through to Departures. As they kissed goodbye Scott felt the vibration from his mobile in his pocket, it was from William.

“Andrew’s mum called while you were seeing him off, his family is inviting you to be at Andrew’s graduation and hope you can make it, but not to say anything to Andrew.”

Scott turned away and headed back towards his mother’s car and text his father back.



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