by Adam Stewart


Chapter 13

During the first few weeks, Luke and Josh worked hard but they also found time to play. As promised, they invited Alex to dinner one evening. Without his suit he looked quite different. He was dressed in a T shirt and light weight trousers. It was a warm evening for a change so they sat out on the terrace for a while before Josh served dinner. It turned out that Josh was the better cook so he prepared most of the meals. He liked cooking so it suited him.

“This is a great place” Alex commented as he lay out on one of the sun beds, “I bet you two are really pleased with the way it has all turned out.”

“You bet” Luke replied taking a good look at Alex’s crotch. He sensed a hard-on forming and he could certainly feel his own beneath his thin shorts. They drank and chatted until Josh announced that the meal was ready. They both got up and Luke placed a hand on Alex’s backside to lead him back into the living room. Alex felt Luke’s warm hand through his thin trousers and it caused his hard-on to get even harder.

They ate their meal and having all helped to clear up the dishes, they relaxed on the sofas. Luke and Josh had removed their T shirts and Alex decided to do the same. He had a beautiful body and both Luke and Josh stopped to admire it. His cock was still hard and it showed clearly through his thin trousers. He was only wearing thin boxer shorts underneath so they gave no support to hold it in either.

“Brandy” Luke asked.

Alex replied that he would love one so Luke poured three large brandies for all of them. As they drank, Luke placed a hand on Alex’s thigh and gradually moved it into his crotch to feel the hard-on that was now straining to get out. Alex laid back and placed his arms along the back of the sofa as if to say ‘help yourself’. Luke did just that and unfastened the trousers. They were soon round Alex’s ankles and his cock was now straining at the thin material of his boxer shorts.

Within a very short while all three of them were stark naked. Alex gasped when he saw Luke and Josh’s naked bodies. “Beautiful” he murmured “just beautiful”. Josh was now kneeling in front of Alex and sucking his cock and licking his balls. Luke and Alex were kissing passionately whilst Alex was feeling Luke’s big hard cock.

“Let’s go next door and be more comfortable” Luke suggested and led the pair of them into the bedroom.

“Ah toys” Alex exclaimed seeing various items on the table beside the bed. They had in fact only arrived the day before and Luke and Josh had not really had time to try any of them. They ended up buying the leather whip, a riding crop which had a small strip of leather on the end, an electro cock ring and sheath, the electro cock rod and prod stick and a restraint that fitted underneath the mattress so didn’t require any other fittings. They decided against the male doll in the end.

“Do you want to try some of them out then” Luke asked Alex.

“You bet” he replied excitedly. He had never used anything like this before and was keen to try.

Luke and Josh lay Alex flat on the bed and used the restraint straps to restrain his wrists with his arms outstretched. They then lifted his legs above his head and fixed them to more restraint straps so that his legs were wide apart. He was now unable to move. Josh then fitted the blindfold over his eyes so he couldn’t see what was about to happen or what was being used on him.

Luke first used the leather whip on Alex’s arse. Each whack made his cock harden until it was rock hard. He also made a loud ‘aaaagh’ as each strike hit his bare flesh. Next Josh used the riding crop on various parts of Alex’s naked body including his erect cock. The more he struck him the more he seemed to enjoy it by the look of his ever increasing cock.

Luke then fixed the cock ring round his cock and balls and connected it to the electro panel.

“Aaaaagh” Alex roared when he felt the electric current shoot through his cock. “Fucking hell that feels awesome” he roared again as Luke increased the current.

Next Josh fitted the electro cock sheath. It just fitted between the cock ring and the head of his cock which had reduced in size slightly with the electric shocks. Luke fingered the arse splayed out in front of him and slowly inserted one finger and then two. Alex felt his cock enlarge but the restrictive cock sheath prevented his shaft from getting bigger. Instead the head of his cock filled with blood and it felt it was at bursting point. It was so sensitive now that the slightest knock against it made him have a rush of erotic feelings shoot through his body. It was like he was on the point of shooting but wasn’t.

“Oh my god” he roared, “this is awesome”.

“You’ve not felt anything yet” Luke teased him as he inserted his hard-on into Alex’s arse. He fucked and fucked and Alex was unable to do anything to stop him even if he had wanted to. “Aaaaagh that feels great” he exclaimed as he felt the bare cock up his arse.

Meanwhile Josh had connected the electro prod stick and when Luke had finished fucking Alex he touched various parts of Alex’s body. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh” he screamed when Josh touched the inside of his legs. The Aaaaghs became more intense as Josh touched right up in his crotch and on his arsehole. “Oh fucking hell that was something” Alex exclaimed when he had finally finished.

“Right” Luke said picking up the cock rod, “you’ll really like this”.

“Yeah” Alex said in a disbelieving tone, “I no longer trust you guys”.

He relaxed and waited for the next torture. He felt the cock ring and the sheath being removed and a hand massaging his cock to get it rock hard. He felt a hand grasping his cock hard and then something being inserted into his piss hole. “What the fuck” he exclaimed as he felt the rod slip down inside his cock and was surprised it did not hurt. Luke then switched on the power and Alex felt his whole cock tingle. “Oh my god that feels great” he gasped expecting more pain. Luke gradually increased the power and his cock began to vibrate with electric current shooting through it. He could feel his balls tingling and a climax coming. Luke slowly withdrew the rod with the current still on and he noticed that pre-cum was on the rod.

Before they released Alex they gave him one more whipping until his arse was red and he could feel a burning sensation. Finally, Josh whipped across his nipples and over his pubic hair. Alex’s cock reacted to each lash getting harder and harder.

“Okay, that’s your punishment for the day” Luke said jokingly as he unfastened Alex’s restraints.

“Oh my god that was really great guys, thanks. I must buy some toys and treat some of my mates”

“Okay” Luke said, “its only fair that you have some fun with us so who do you want to restrain first”.

Alex chose Luke so he was blindfolded and restrained with his legs in the air. Alex looked at the inviting sex hole and felt his cock dribbling with desire. He felt it with his finger and pushed one inside. It felt gorgeous. Josh had already fitted the cock restraint to Luke’s cock before it had got too hard. Josh then gave Alex the whip and he whipped Luke’s naked arse and other parts of his body. Luke’s cock tried to enlarge but the restraint prevented it. Luke found this excruciating but at the same time very erotic. He could feel the head swelling as if it was going to burst. Seeing this, Josh tapped it with the riding crop which made Luke yell various obscenities.

Alex wanted to fuck Luke so he slipped his long hard cock into the inviting arse. It felt fantastic and he pumped back and forth. Luke’s whole body shook with the force of it and each time it did his cock screamed out with pain. The electric current shooting from the sheath through his cock and into his balls made it feel that his cock was on fire. He asked for it to be removed and have the electro cock ring fitted instead. As soon as the sheath was removed his cock shaft almost doubled in size and Josh had difficulty in fitting the cock ring but he managed to. The electric current was now a pleasant replacement and he could concentrate on Alex’s cock thrusting its way in and out of his arse. “That feels fucking beautiful” he told Alex who was almost on the point of shooting his load. He withdrew and took the electric probe from Josh who told him how to use it. Alex teased Luke’s naked body with it by touching various sensitive parts. Luke always found this to be very erotic and didn’t mind the sudden pain it caused each time the rod touched his naked skin.

Finally he wanted to see the cock rod go down inside Luke’s cock. He was amazed to see the full length go inside. When Josh switched on the current Alex watched Luke’s cock twitch with delight, or was it pain but Luke seemed to like the sensation as he had.

It was then Josh’s turn to be restrained and Alex had great fun whipping his naked body all over. He also enjoyed fucking him with his naked cock and once again almost shot his load inside but managed to withdraw just before he did. He wanted to hold back as long as he could.

They ended up with all three of them on the bed in various positions and sucking each other off. Alex could hold out no longer and shot his load into Josh’s mouth who was sucking at the time. “Mmmmm, lovely creamy cum” Josh exclaimed as he tasted the hot seed shoot into his mouth.

They moved back into the living room and Luke walked out onto the terrace stark naked to collect the cushions off the sun beds. Alex followed him. “This is great” he said as he put a hand on Luke’s bare bottom. “Yeah” Luke replied, “not a soul can see us up here”.

“Have you and Josh had sex out here”

“Yep, we did it the first night we moved in” Luke said laughing, “It froze our balls off but it was good fun”.

They moved back inside and sat down. Josh had poured more drinks so they relaxed and drank them as they talked. Alex loved being able to sit down with others naked. He told Luke and Josh about a private club he had been to which was held in the basement of a private house in Notting Hill.

“It’s limited to about thirty people so you have to book early” he explained, “Anything goes, loads of sex and things”.

Luke and Josh asked him more about it and he explained that it was attended by men and women, lesbians, straights and gays and that there was a chill out room where people sat around looking at porn or playing a musical instrument. “There’s another room where it’s just full of naked people having sex rolling about the floor alongside each other moving from one to another”.

“Sounds fun” Josh said excitedly.

“Yeah, it’s quite bizarre because you get gays being fucked by women, straights wanting to be fucked by gays and all sorts”

Alex said the next meeting was on Friday so he would see if he could get tickets for the three of them.

It was gone midnight by the time Alex left. Luke and Josh walked out onto the landing with him and said their goodbyes. Another good feature of the flat was that their landing was private so they could stand stark naked outside their front door and nobody could see them. They found it great fun to do so.


Friday night arrived and Alex, who had managed to get three tickets, arrived at the flat at six. The club opened at 7 p.m. and closed at 3 a.m. so the earlier you got there the more fun you could have. They left about half and hour later and arrived soon after the club had opened. It was already busy. A drag queen showed them in and told them where to leave their clothes. Alex had suggested that they wear just a T shirt and a pair of shorts inside the club since all other clothes would be taken off before entering the club itself. Luke and Josh had decided to wear an old T shirt and a pair of boxer shorts. These were a good choice since they were easily removed and guys, and women for that matter, could have a good feel through the boxer shorts before they were stripped off.

Having stripped off and paid their entrance fee, which was not small to say the least, they were shown into the club by the drag queen who took every opportunity to feel their bodies, including a quick feel inside the back of Luke’s shorts. They were introduced to another guy who was wearing just a G string and had plenty to offer by the look of it. He had a tray of ‘goodies’ as he put it. “I’ve got condoms, lube, poppers and some interesting sweeties if you’re interested”.

The lads picked up various items including some lube and sweeties, which were more like little biscuits. What was inside them they dare not ask but they tasted very interesting and caused them to feel very relaxed after a while.

Alex suggested they go to the chill out room first so they followed him into a large room that had about a dozen people in it relaxing on large cushions on the floor. A straight porn video was playing on a large screen on one wall and another was showing gay porn. The three found a large cushion in the middle and lay down. There was a straight couple on one side and two guys the other. They all said hello as they settled down and the straight couple went back to their fondling of each other. Soon Luke could feel a hand roaming up his leg and then down inside his boxer shorts. The gay guy next to him had moved closer and was on his side looking at him. Luke grinned and let him continue his hand roaming. The guy was rewarded by finding Luke’s erection already forming. He gave it a squeeze before eventually removing his hand. Luke meanwhile was exploring the guy’s body and had a hand up his T shirt feeling his nipples. He then slowly moved his hand down inside the guy’s shorts and felt a cock that was rapidly getting bigger.

After a while, the guy took Luke by the hand and indicated they should go next door into the sex room. Alex had already explained that they would get split up and they agreed this was fine. As he left he noticed that Josh and Alex were in a tight embrace so he estimated they too would be moving to the sex room shortly.

The guy led Luke into another large room that had big cushions scattered all over the floor to make one large mattress. Already there were naked bodies scattered across them. He noticed three women on their knees each with a guy fucking them from behind. Luke found the scene quite erotic despite his general dislike of straight sex. In fact he looked at the guys’ cocks pumping in and out!

His mate found a free cushion and led Luke to it. They lay down and soon they were both stark naked and the guy was sucking Luke’s now full erection. The guy was more than pleased with his selection! After a while, the guy turned Luke over, pulled his buttocks up slightly so that Luke was partially on his knees and squirted lube into his arse. Luke then felt a cock slide into it. He felt behind him and took hold of the cock pumping him. As he suspected it was a naked cock ‘but what the hell, it was so much nicer’ he told himself. The guy did have the decency to withdraw before he shot his load which was copious and went all over Luke’s back. Before Luke could recover, he then felt a hand go over his back and collect up the spilt cum. Luke realised it was not the guy’s hand but instead it belonged to a woman who was beside him and being serviced by a rather gorgeous guy. He in fact had his face in her love hole and was giving her a good licking out, which clearly she was enjoying.

Having got a handful of cum she licked her hand and exclaimed “Oh I do love the taste of cum, don’t you”. Luke agreed that he did. Luke had now turned over and his mate had collapsed the other side of him to recover after his early climax. He turned slightly towards the woman and had a look at her. She in fact was quite good looking. She had firm breasts, clipped pubic hair and from what he could see whenever the guy lifted his head for air, quite a sexy looking pussy.

She was now feeling Luke’s erection and he found her gentle feel quite erotic. “I’d love that inside me” she said to him, “could I have it inside me”. Luke was a bit taken aback but tried not to show it. He had only fucked a woman once and although the physical act was very pleasant that was about all.

“I take it you’re gay” she said. Luke nodded.

“Oh I do love being fucked by a gay” she added, “it always feels so much more erotic”.

Luke said he would just to please her and she then said “Oh you are a sweetie and to reward you I’ll let you fuck my boyfriend here” and patted him on the head as he continued eating her pussy. Luke was again slightly shocked but before he could say anything she added, “He’s never been fucked by a guy and wants to try it, don’t you my pet”. The guy nodded as he continued probing inside her.

She gently pushed his head away and offered her now well lubricated sex hole for Luke to fuck. Out of curiosity he put his finger just inside and played with her clitoris. He again found the soft warm flesh rather erotic and felt his own organ grow bigger. “Oh you gorgeous hunk” she exclaimed as she squirmed with pleasure with what he was doing.

She then turned over on all fours and offered herself for a fuck. Luke moved up behind her and inserted his cock into her. He assumed she did not want her arse fucked! As he pumped, he felt her boyfriend feeling his balls and caressing his backside. Suddenly he whispered into his ear “Could I fuck you?” Now beyond any sense of surprise, Luke said yes he could and felt another naked cock enter his arse. He was gorgeous and Luke had no hang-ups about this guy fucking him. The woman meanwhile had realised what was going on and told her boyfriend to ride Luke hard because he would be doing likewise shortly.

Having given her a good long hard fuck, Luke withdrew and had to admit that he had rather enjoyed it but of course he did have a cock up his own arse at the time!

He and the guy then changed over and whilst he fucked her, Luke fucked him. Luke first fingered him to open him up and having got three fingers in quite easily he did wonder whether this was in fact the first time but he did explain later that she used a dildo on him regularly. Luke returned the treat by fucking the guy bareback and he clearly enjoyed every second of it.

The three finally collapsed onto the cushions and just lay there for a while. Luke watched the naked bodies around him and the naked butts pumping up and down. It really was an amazing sight. Two more porn films were playing on the screens and for a while he watched the straight one as a guy fucked this woman in positions that Luke had never thought of. His own cock was now rock hard again and he wanted more action. He noticed Josh in the far corner busy being fucked by a rather gorgeous looking guy and nearly went over to join in but before he could, another guy had slotted in between him and the one Luke had come in with. He smiled and started playing with Luke’s cock. They repositioned themselves so that each could suck the other and as they did so Luke could feel other hands feeling his nakedness. One was now fingering him and soon had three fingers exploring his arse. The guy then used his fingers to open Luke right up and expose his cherry. He then licked it by sticking his tongue right inside. It felt fantastic and Luke made a mental note to do that to Josh.

Next he felt a cock up his arse and assumed it was the same guy. It was good whoever it was and it gave him more enthusiasm to suck the cock in his mouth. Luke could see out of the corner of his eye that the guy he was sucking was also being fucked so two fucks and two sucks were taking place.

Eventually they disentangled themselves and again Luke took a breather. The couple were still at it next to him and this time she was sitting on his cock riding him up and down. She turned to Luke and the guy who had just fucked him and asked if the pair of them would do a double fuck on her. Luke had seen this on porn sites but had never participated. The other guy seemed up for it so they agreed. She extricated herself from the rod she was riding and moved over to their cushion. She lay back with her legs in the air to expose both her arse and her love hole. The other guy positioned himself over her butt and placed his cock inside her pussy. Luke then got up close behind him, which was nice in itself, and managed to insert his cock into her arse. Once both cocks were nicely positioned in their respective holes they both pumped in unison.

By the groans of pleasure they heard, she clearly enjoyed the experience. As Luke pumped away he wondered what it was like to be pumped in two orifices of the body. He had been fucked whilst he mouth fucked a guy but that didn’t seem the same somehow. He began to wonder whether it was the same as being double fucked up the arse which he had done on several occasions as well as being the recipient. He had just finished his fantasy when the guy in front of him stopped pumping and was withdrawing. Luke quickly withdrew his cock and before the guy could stand up Luke had inserted it into the guy’s arse. “Aaaaagh, you cheeky bastard” he called out, “but I like it”. Luke giggled as he pumped away. The woman had suddenly realised what was going on since she was still trapped by the guy holding her legs in the air. “You two carry on, don’t worry about me” she said laughing.

Luke finally finished fucking him and released the pair of them. The atmosphere was hot as well as being saturated with the odour of poppers. He decided to go back into the chill out room for some fresh air, if there was any in this place. As he made his way across the tangle of naked bodies he looked around to see if he could see Josh but there was no sign of him. As he got to the door, the guy with the tray of goodies was standing there. He had now lost his G string and was sporting a semi hard-on which Luke took hold of as he selected his items. “Mmmmmmm, that’s nice” the guy said smiling at Luke.

Luke took two more of the sweeties and also picked up a bottle of poppers. It was a brand he had not seen before so thought he would try it. He moved into the chill out room and saw Josh sitting there on his own. There were only six others and they were all engaged in lovemaking.

“Hi babe” Luke said as he settled down beside Josh. They kissed and Luke asked him how he had got on.

“This is some mad place but it’s great fun” Josh said excitedly, “I’ve been ridden by a woman and also had a straight guy ask me to fuck him as well so all in all rather good”. Luke told Josh of his exploits and they had a good laugh.

They relaxed on the large cushion and watched the porn on the large screen. Luke suddenly realised that both the gay and the straight were bareback so flitted between the two. He was lying behind Josh so he put his hand round to his cock and started playing with it. As usual they were both soon rock hard and Luke gently inserted his cock into Josh’s arse. Josh grunted and wriggled with approval as he felt Luke’s cock slip into his well greased arse. Luke took a sniff of the new poppers and was surprised to find that it was not like the normal brands. It did not have the usual pungent smell but instead a sweet odour that was very pleasing. Having taken several sniffs he passed the bottle to Josh who did likewise. After a minute or so they were both experiencing a feeling of floating and heightened sexual feelings. They both liked the feeling very much and commented on it.

“I must find out where you can buy this” Luke commented.

A little while later the drag queen who apparently owned the club, came into the room to see all was okay. She saw Luke and Josh laying there so came and knelt beside them.

“Hi guys, how you doing, are you having fun”

“Yeah great fun” Luke replied, “this is some place, we just love it”.

“Oh great, we like to please the punters” she responded laughing.

Luke asked her about the poppers and she told them that she got it from the Far East.

“Before you leave I’ll give you details of the website where I order it from”

As she was talking she was caressing both their naked bodies. She rather liked these two!

“Oh you naughty boys” she suddenly exclaimed as she realised that Luke’s cock was still up Josh’s arse. “Oh, I must have a feel of that” she said excitedly and promptly slid her hand round Josh’s buttocks and felt Luke’s shaft. “Mmmmm very nice” she said, “I do love cock”. She then withdrew her hand and took hold of Josh’s cock before leaning over and taking it into her mouth.


The time seemed to fly by and it was soon 3 p.m. when the lights went on and off to indicate that it was time for everyone to leave. A stream of naked bodies filed into the room where they had left their clothes and there was a scramble to find their particular bundle. Josh and Luke had managed to hang onto their T shirt and boxer shorts and quickly found their other clothes. Alex appeared clearly looking pleased with himself having just fucked a gorgeous guy who he had his eye on all evening.

As they left the drag queen gave Luke a piece of paper with details of where she got the poppers from plus two bottles of it. “They’ve both been opened” she explained “but they’re still almost full”. Luke thanked her for the gift and they set off for home. As they did so they exchanged their experiences as they went.

“I’ve been thinking” Luke suddenly said, “I reckon we could put on a sex party similar to that”. The other two looked at him enquiringly.

“Well, I’m sure we know between us three or four women who would be more than willing to take part in a sex orgy like that and I reckon we could find some straights who might like to have sex with gays, and we certainly know some gays who would love to take part. I reckon we could accommodate up to fifteen in our living room and if we got hold of some large cushions or mattresses we could cover the floor and make it one large bed.”

“Yeah sounds good” Alex replied, “I certainly know two women who would be interested, they’re into anything that goes and one of them has a boyfriend who has come onto me more than once so I’m sure he would be willing.”

“Okay, why don’t we try and organise it for two weeks time”

“Great” Alex replied “and I will arrange some coke for the night, I know where I can get good quality at a good price”.

They got back to the flat and Alex left them to go home. It was agreed that he would contact the two women he knew and that Luke and Josh would do the rest. When they got in they were so fired up with the idea they quickly stripped off and went straight to the computer to start making a list.

Luke & Josh
Robin (Alex’s boyfriend)
Suzanne (straight girl Alex knows)
Ben (Suzanne’s straight boyfriend)
Tracie (straight girl Alex knows)
Stephen (Ryan’s gay cousin)
Sophie (a straight girl they had met in a gay bar in Soho)
Thomas (a straight friend of Luke’s)
Michael (a straight friend of Luke’s)

“That’s fourteen and I reckon that’s the max we can fit in” Luke said when he had finished the list. “All we’ve got to do now is contact our list”.

They decided it was time to go to bed and leave how best to contact people to the next day. Once in bed they kissed and cuddled and were soon at it again. This time it was Josh who had his cock up Luke’s arse!


The following day they decided it would be best to ring everyone rather than email so Luke opened up his contact list and started phoning. Fortunately being a Saturday he was able to get all of them fairly easily. The first he tried was Sophie.

“Hi Sophie how are you” he said breezily. Having got through the niceties he then explained what they were planning.

“We’re having a flat warming get together with a select group of guys and gals and we’re calling it a ‘pants only sex party’.”

“Sounds interesting” Sophie replied, “tell me more”.

“Well, we’re inviting a mix of gays, straight women and straight men so there will be about fourteen of us in all and the idea is that when you arrive you strip off to just your pants”

“So no bras or anything” Sophie interjected.

“Yeah that’s right, and then we all join in a sex orgy with whoever we fancy but the plan is that gays fuck women, and straights fuck gays or vice versa but everyone must be willing to have sex with each other.”

“Sounds fucking fantastic, count me in definitely” Sophie replied excitedly.

“A friend of ours is arranging for some coke but bring whatever else you want, the only ban is no smoking so that rules out pot”

“No problem. We can always burn some resin.”

Luke came off the phone feeling very pleased. He knew Sophie would be up for it.

He then contacted Thomas followed by Michael and had a similar conversation with each of them.

“Yeah fucking great” Thomas replied when he heard all about it, “you bet I’ll come wouldn’t miss an orgy like that for anything”.

“Well I know you’ve always wanted to fuck me” Luke said jokingly. “Yeah might just do that with enough C inside me” he quipped back.

Michael’s response was even more enthusiastic much to Luke’s surprise because out of all of them he half wondered whether Michael would be up for it.

“Oh bloody fantastic” he told Luke, “yeah count me in definitely”.

“And you don’t mind that there will be gays fucking each other like mad” Luke added.

“No course not, it will be great to see what they actually get up to. Besides I’ve always wanted to see what it feels like to fuck a guy’s arse”.

Luke laughed and said he looked forward to it.

Having got all the straights on board, Luke then contacted the gays. Needless to say all four were up for it, even young Ryan who said he had never fucked a woman but was willing to ‘give it a go’ as he put it.


Alex meanwhile had contacted Robin his boyfriend and he thought it a great idea so was definitely willing to participate. Alex then contacted Suzanne who as he predicted was definitely in favour. “Oh how fantastic”, she had exclaimed, “an opportunity to have lots of guys to fuck in one room”.

“What about Ben, do you think he would be up for it”

“Course he bloody would he just loves lots of naked bodies fucking each other but hang on he’s here so I’ll let you explain” at which point she passed the phone to Ben.

“Hi Ben”

“Hi Alex, from what I’ve overheard you’re planning a sex party, absolutely fucking brilliant man, when is it”.

“Friday after next, but you realise it will be a mixture of gays and straights all fucking away”

“Yeah, great, I’ve always wanted to get you naked and fuck you”

Alex laughed knowing fully well that he was not joking.

All he had to do was contact Tracie now. Her number was engaged but he left a brief message to say he wanted to talk to her about a sex party. He knew that would get her straight back to him!

A few minutes later his mobile rang. “Hi Alex, how you doing, so what’s all this about a sex party”

When Alex had given her all the details she jumped at it. “Fucking brilliant” she exclaimed, “I’ve always wanted a gay guy fuck me”.

Alex immediately phoned Luke and gave him the good news.

“All four of mine are on board” he told Luke excitedly.

“Great and I’ve got all of mine so that makes fourteen in all”

“Should be a fantastic party” Alex replied, “So I’ll get on with getting the big C for the night”.

Having got their participants, Luke and Josh set to deciding how best to organise the furniture and where best to get some suitable large cushions or mattresses. They decided it would be best to push the sofas and the large glass table to the edge of the room. This left a large space in the middle of the room that could be the bed for all the action. Luke then looked on the net and found a company that supplied Coir mattresses which would be ideal. They were about eight inches thick, were not expensive and could be rolled up for storage. He ordered two and three days later they were delivered. They laid them out on the floor and it provided an ideal space for the orgy to take place. He had also obtained half a dozen cheap cushions that people could use.

“If spunk gets on them or the mattresses it doesn’t matter” he joked.

Josh meanwhile had ordered the poppers. If you purchased a dozen bottles it brought the price right down so they went mad and ordered the twelve. They too arrived a few days later so they went straight into the fridge.

In the week leading up to the party, they got in plenty of drink and lots of nibbles and also checked with Alex that he had got the big C. “Yeah, got it” he replied “it’s going to be an awesome party”.

The lads had also been busy with the business. Luke had been to several sales visits and Josh had been getting systems up and running in the office. Things were definitely hotting up.

On the Wednesday before the party, Luke was feeling he needed a massage. Both he and Josh had found doing all the decorating had used muscles not previously used and they wanted to be in top form for the party. He looked in Boyz and selected an advert that he liked the look of. “Full body naked massage” it said. He phoned the guy, whose name was Gino and arranged for him to come the next day. “Mmmm he sounds nice” Luke said when he came off the phone. “He says he’s Greek and does a full naked massage plus extras if we want it and he does the massage naked”

“Sounds good” Josh replied. He had never had a massage before so wasn’t too sure what it involved but being naked with a masseur who was also naked sounded good to him.

The next day at the time agreed Gino rang the intercom. Josh invited him up and met him on the landing. Both Luke and Josh decided to wear just a pair of boxer shorts, “Saves time undressing” Luke had joked. When Gino came out of the lift he was surprised to see a half naked man waiting for him but he liked what he saw. “Come on in” Josh said leading the rather gorgeous looking guy into the hallway. Luke then appeared and introduced himself. Gino couldn’t believe his luck. ‘Massaging two gorgeous guys’ he thought to himself, ‘it certainly is my lucky day’.

Luke gave him the money as agreed and said they wanted the full works. Gino almost said he would do anything for free with these two gorgeous hunks but he was doing it for money after all!

Luke had laid out one of the mattresses on the living room floor. It was large enough for both of them to lie down on plus a third to climb over them.

“Is this okay” Luke asked Gino, “do you want us both lying down or one at a time”.

“Both together will be fine” he replied enthusiastically, “I can then move back and forth from one to the other”.

He told them to strip off and lay face down on the mattress. He explained that he generally liked to kneel across their bodies so that he could massage more easily. “Is that okay”

Luke and Josh both nodded as they watched the guy remove his clothes. He had the most wonderful body and both their cocks began to swell.

Gino, as he told them to call him, started first on Luke who happened to be nearest him. He placed his knees either side of Luke’s midriff, poured some oil into the palm of his hands and started massaging Luke’s shoulders. Josh peered sideways to watch him perform.

“Oh that feels wonderful” Luke exclaimed. In fact he wasn’t sure what felt better, the massaging or the feel of Gino’s cock rubbing against his naked buttocks.

Gino then slowly moved down Luke’s body massaging every muscle he could find on the way. Luke could feel his gentle hands move all over and as he moved down his body he felt them slip round his waist and up and down the side of his chest. His cock was already getting hard.

When Gino reached Luke’s bottom he said he would now move to Josh. He gave Josh the same treatment and Luke peered sideways to watch. Luke could see Gino’s cock rubbing against Josh’s backside as he massaged Josh’s shoulders. He noticed that it was beginning to get semi hard.

When he had reached Josh’s buttocks he repositioned himself. He moved them together and then opened their outer legs so that he could place one knee between their legs. He was now straddling them both and having recharged his hands with oil he began slowly massaging each of their buttocks using one hand on each. He should really have done one guy at a time but this was much more fun and he believed the lads would like it too. Luke and Josh could feel a hand massage their buttocks, first the left and then the right. Every so often they could feel his hand slip down between their buttocks and feel their arsehole. He then placed a hand between their legs to feel their balls. Both their cocks were now rock hard and he guessed they would be. His own was also full erect and he teased them with it every so often by leaning forward and rubbing it against both their naked butts.

He moved is body back and massaged their thighs. Each stroke would end up in their crotch whichever leg he was massaging. Finally he worked on each of their legs right down to their feet. Josh thought he would find it ticklish but in fact he found it very sexually stimulating.

Having finished with their feet, Gino then positioned himself across Luke’s body. Josh could feel his leg rubbing up against his body as Gino rubbed his cock up and down Luke’s buttocks. Josh decided to turn on one side and watch him. Gino’s cock was long, very hard and beautiful. Josh watched him tease Luke with it and Luke was clearly enjoying the action. Gino then squirted some liquid lube over Luke’s arsehole and gently rubbed it inside with a finger. “Aaaagh” Luke moaned with joy as he felt the finger slip inside his arse. Then he felt a second finger and then a third. Gino gently pushed his cock up against the love hole he had prepared and pushed it in very slightly. Luke thought he was going to be fucked but no, Gino was just teasing. He looked at Josh and grinned.

“Now your turn” he said to Josh who quickly resumed his prone position to allow Gino to climb on top of him. It was now Luke’s turn to watch as Gino gently massaged Josh’s buttocks and pulled his cheeks apart to expose his love hole before he squirted the liquid lube over it. He gently pushed in two fingers and massaged the inside of Josh’s arse. “Aaaaaaaaaagh that feels good” Josh moaned. Luke then watched Gino tease Josh with his hard-on and again push the tip of it inside. He grinned at Luke as if to say ‘you’ll get more later’.

Gino then climbed off the pair of them and stood up. He told them to both turn over onto their backs so that he could massage their fronts. They both did and looked up at this gorgeous hunk with a cock to die for. To add to the perfect picture he also sported a pair of large balls that hung down low with a generous covering of pubic hair.

First he climbed over Luke and massaged the front of his shoulders. He then slowly moved down Luke’s chest, giving his nipples a good fingering as he went. Gino was pleased to see that both nipples increased in size considerably as he tweaked them so went back to them again. He finally reached the pubic area and he took hold of Luke’s now rock hard organ. He gently ran it through his hand not wanting to bring Luke to a climax just yet. Then he held his balls and massaged them with more oil feeling each one between his fingers.

He had now reached the upper thighs and he massaged each one separately using both hands. With each stroke his hands reached right up into Luke’s crotch and each time Luke’s cock twitched with excitement. When he did the second thigh he fingered Luke’s arsehole between his legs. Gino massaged the rest of Luke’s legs and then leant forward and took his cock into his mouth. He sucked it for about a minute and Luke was aching to get his cock inside of Gino.

Gino then moved over to Josh who had been watching all this and was also aching to fuck Gino. At one point he had almost got up and done so but thought better of it since Gino was in charge and clearly wanted to give them their full money’s worth.

Josh had the same treatment and as Gino did so Luke turned onto his side and watched whilst at the same time felt up and down Gino’s naked thigh. He was dying to take hold of that cock but like Josh held back until Gino was clearly indicating that the massage had finished and the sex had begun.

Eventually the massage was finished and Gino sat astride Josh and played Josh’s cock up against his own arse. He had already lubed his own arse so he now poured some of the liquid lube over Josh’s cock and sat on it. Josh felt his cock slip inside Gino’s arse and he experienced sheer pleasure as Gino rode up and down. Luke leant forward and took Gino’s cock into his mouth. “Aaaaaaaaagh” Gino moaned as he felt Luke’s hot lips move up and down his cock.

Gino then moved across to Luke and sat on his cock. He asked Josh to stand across Luke so that Gino could suck Josh’s cock. Josh duly obeyed and put his hands on Gino’s shoulders as he felt his cock being sucked. ‘This guy can certainly suck cock’ Josh told himself. Luke meanwhile was trying to hold himself back from shooting his load. This guy’s arse felt so good.

Gino could wait no longer. He was desperate to get his cock inside an arse. He told Luke to turn over onto his stomach. He lifted Luke’s arse slightly so that his knees were partially bent and felt Luke’s hard cock beneath. As he did so he slowly inserted his cock into Luke’s arse. Luke wasn’t expecting it quite so soon and a loud “Aaaaaaaaaagh” was heard as Luke felt Gino’s naked cock fill his arse. “Oh my god that feels wonderful” Luke exclaimed ecstatically. Gino pumped and pumped but made sure he didn’t shoot his load. He had another arse to fuck yet!

It was finally time to fuck that arse and he told Josh to lie down beside Luke with his butt in the air. Josh duly obeyed again and waited for Gino’s long hard rod to hit his arse. Gino nimbly moved across to Josh and immediately inserted his still moist cock into Josh’s waiting arsehole. He told Luke to remain as he was. He intended making a return visit.

Josh was used to big long cocks but this one was something else. He felt as if it was going to come out in his mouth it was so long but he just loved the feel of it. Fortunately Luke had put a bottle of their new poppers near the edge of the mattress so he was able to reach it and take a good sniff. Soon he was in his floating cloud and enjoying every second of this fantastic fuck. He passed the bottle to Josh who in turn took a few sniffs and then passed it back to Gino. He didn’t usually use poppers but he was on such a high already that he took the bottle, thrust it under his nose and took a deep long sniff. He wasn’t ready for the reaction it had. He was expecting the usual pungent aroma and the immediate rush of blood to his head but instead he experienced a fruity aroma and a feeling of being on cloud nine after thirty seconds or so. It felt wonderful and as he pumped Josh’s arse he felt each and every part of his cock being excited.

He wanted another few strokes inside Luke’s arse so he quickly withdrew and thrust it into the waiting arsehole. After a few strokes he could hold himself back no longer, he had to shoot his load so he pulled out of Luke and lay down between them pushing them apart as he did so.

“Okay guys you can take over now”

Luke and Josh turned over and Luke took hold of Gino’s cock and started sucking. He wasn’t expecting Gino to shoot quite so soon but suddenly his mouth was full of hot creamy cum. Josh wanted a taste so he took over and sucked Gino dry. Having been satisfied himself, Gino told the lads to lie on their backs side by side so that he could suck them both off together. Both of them were near to shooting and in true style they both shot their loads into his mouth within seconds of each other. Gino felt the double volume of hot cum fill his mouth. He didn’t know that these two lads always shot high volumes!

When they were all spent they collapsed back on the mattress.

“Fucking hell that was the best massage I have ever done” Gino exclaimed.

“It was the best massage I’ve ever had” Luke responded.

“Same here” Josh added, not letting on that it was his first. He made a mental note to have another at some time in the future!

Before Gino left, Luke asked him if he was interested in coming to a pants only sex party.

Gino looked at him clearly wanting to know more. Luke explained what was planned and Gino’s eyes lit up. “You bet I would” he said excitedly, “even though I’m gay I don’t mind fucking the odd woman and I certainly don’t mind fucking or being fucked by a straight bloke”.

“Great, are you free on Friday then?”

Gino said he was and said he would look forward to seeing them then.

“Fuck me” he said to himself as he went down in the lift, “I get the chance to fuck the two of them again”.


It was Friday and the lads prepared themselves for the big party. They put notices on the bedroom doors to say ‘no entry’ as they didn’t want anybody using those rooms except the visitor’s bedroom when they first arrived since this was where their clothes would be left. In any event they wanted everyone to stay in the one room to get the party swinging. They had told people they could stay overnight if they wanted since they didn’t reckon on things ending until the early hours but they warned them it would be sleeping on a mattress on the floor!

Alex arrived early as planned and laid out the coke he had bought on the table so that people could help themselves. He had even brought some snorting tubes to save rolling bank notes!

Luke and Josh had bought some net loin cloths when they ordered their toys. They looked like brief shorts but there was no crotch so it was possible to feel one’s bollocks by slipping a hand underneath.

“Oooh, I like those” Alex said admiring the garments that the lads were wearing. Being a fine mesh it was possible to see through them in certain lights but as they were black the general effect was to hide what was underneath until exploration.

“We’ve got a spare pair if you want to wear one” Luke told him.

Alex jumped at the idea and quickly stripped off to try one on. Like everything it suited him well so he decided to wear it for the start of the party.

Soon after seven the guests started to arrive – well you don’t want to be late for a sex party do you!

Ryan and Stephen were the first to arrive so Josh showed them where to strip down to their pants. Robin was next quickly followed by Suzanne and Ben.

Alex took charge of Robin and Luke showed Suzanne and Ben where they could change. “Don’t forget, pants only” Luke reminded them as he closed the bedroom door.

Soon after, the remainder of the guests arrived with the exception of Gino but he did say he might be a bit late because he had a late appointment. The others all came into the living room stripped down to their pants and the three women wearing just a pair of panties and their boobs bare to all. The straight guys looked the women up and down and began to feel stirrings. The gays looked at the straight guys and had a similar experience. Ben was wearing a tight pair of shorts that clung to his body. The form of his cock was as clear as if he was naked.

Luke had dimmed all the lights and placed chunky aromatic candles round the room so the general atmosphere felt very erotic. He and Josh had prepared nibbles and simple things to eat and these were laid out in the kitchen area along with the coke supply that Alex and brought and which had been added to by a supply that Thomas had brought with him. A good supply of alcoholic drinks was also out on display for people to help themselves. Round the mattress he had also placed several little pots which contained cotton wool soaked in poppers. He didn’t want bottles being knocked over and spoiling their new floor! In any event he often found that having a sealed pot with soaked cotton wool was more effective than sniffing direct from the bottle. He and Josh had also fitted the restraint straps to one of the mattresses and left out a pair of restraint cuffs and the restraint bar they had purchased from Prowler the previous day. The whip and the riding crop had also been left lying around for people to use if they wished. They had also purchased a spanking paddle which was made of a piece of flexible leather about eighteen inches long and four inches wide fixed to a leather handle. It was less harsh than the whip and could be used all over the body.

“Before we get the party going” Luke announced, “just help yourself to drinks, food, C, and anybody you fancy, you won’t be asked so just help yourself”. The crowd laughed at the reference to helping yourself to ‘anybody’ and some of the guys had already decided who they wanted to help themselves to. “You’ll also find small containers of poppers and lube dotted around” he explained, “Oh and condoms if anyone wants to use them” he added.

Everyone made their way to the kitchen area and got drinks and a line of C. Luke noticed several hands exploring other’s bodies as they stood waiting. Tracie had already cornered Michael and had a hand down the top of his boxer shorts. Others were feeling backsides.

Having got their drinks and C they moved back to the relaxation area. Luke was pleased at how it had turned out. The mattress was a great success since it was soft to lie on and the dozen cushions he had bought just added to the relaxed atmosphere.

The gays were soon all over each other and the three women had paired up. Tracie had hung onto Michael and now had a hand down inside the front of his boxer shorts as he played with her nipples. Suzanne had Gary in the prone position and appeared to be massaging his buttocks and feeling between his legs. Sophie had cornered Ben and was already sucking his cock. Luke smiled to himself having seen how quickly they had all thrown themselves into it. Nobody appeared to be left out and already threesomes were forming with whoever was laying next to them. The coke was beginning to kick in and Luke was feeling very randy. He joined Thomas who was casually playing with Ryan’s cock but without any real conviction. Luke bent over and sucked Thomas’s cock. Very quickly it was rock hard and for some reason it made him take more interest in Ryan. He was now kissing him and feeling all over his body. Luke turned Thomas on his side so that he could access his arse. He took some lube and gently oiled the hole before him. Thomas seemed to be enjoying every second and relaxed even more so that Luke could push a finger in. He soon had two fingers probing around inside and the hole was reacting nicely to being opened up. Finally three fingers were inside and Luke decided to try and fuck him.

Thomas was now sniffing some poppers and feeling its effect. He was aware of Luke fingering his arse and it felt wonderful. He didn’t really care what happened next so let Luke have his way. Ryan was now sucking his cock so that was being nicely serviced. Luke moved up behind Thomas and offered his fully erect cock up to the now open hole. He slowly slipped it in and held it until Thomas was used to his large tool inside. Meanwhile he too took a deep inhalation of poppers and enjoyed what he now called the ‘cloud nine’ effect.

Thomas was an amazing fuck and Luke got a thrill out of being able to fuck a straight guy. He wondered if it was the first time Thomas had been fucked or not. Thomas was also enjoying the feeling. It had not really registered that he was being fucked by a gay. He was just enjoying the feel of a cock up his arse and the erotic effect it was having on him.

Ben now had Sophie on her back with legs in the air and was fucking her like mad. Two other guys were watching and feeling Ben’s arse as he pumped in and out.

About an hour later the door entry buzzer rang. It was Gino. Luke let him in and went out onto the landing to meet him from the lift. As he stood their stark naked he began to wonder what would happen if someone else walked out instead of Gino.

“Hi” Gino said as he stepped out of the lift, “what a nice welcome, a nice big juicy cock”. He held Luke’s cock as they kissed and Luke took a feel of Gino’s. “Come on in” Luke said leading Gino to the disrobing room. “Shouldn’t bother with pants now since they are all naked” Luke said as he watched Gino get undressed and then led him into the living room. “Oh my god” he said as they entered, “plenty of action here I see”.

Luke showed Gino where the drinks were and he helped himself to a large Vodka and tonic followed by a line of coke. He then joined the others on the mattress and Luke introduced him to those who did not have their face in someone’s pussy or an arse.

Suzanne was in the process of restraining Gary in the restraint straps. He was lying face down and his arms were outstretched wide. A pile of cushions had been placed beneath his stomach so his butt was sticking up in the air. His legs were now being stretched wide and fixed by the ankle straps. Others were crowding round to watch. His cock and balls hung down between his legs and Suzanne took them in her hand. She then picked up the whip and started whipping his backside and across his back. He clearly liked it so she whipped a bit harder. “You okay Gary” someone said to him, “only we can’t see if your butt is getting red or not”. There was a general titter at the joke but Gary took it in good part and laughed. Suzanne had now taken to using the large paddle and was giving his naked butt a good spanking. Every so often she would move to his back and give that a few whacks as well. Then she took up the riding crop and used the four inch strip of leather to whack various parts of his body including his legs. His naked butt rose in the air after each stroke. Every so often she would smack him between his legs and hit his bollocks. Each time he cried out “Aaaaaaaaaagh, fucking hell”. The gathered crowd giggled but felt the pain themselves each time she did so.

She then told the guys to fuck him. Gary asked for another line of coke before they did, so Luke prepared one on a plate. They released one hand so that he could snort the line and he also took several good sniffs of poppers. He then had a blindfold put on so that he couldn’t see what was happening. He was now ready to be fucked. Someone lubed his arse and Suzanne inserted two fingers. Gary could feel her having a good probe round the warm flesh inside him and felt his cock reacting. Suzanne noticed and grabbed it with her other hand giving it a good wank. She then picked Stephen as the first guy to fuck.

He positioned himself over Gary’s arse and inserted his long hard cock into the love hole. As he fucked she whacked his bare arse with the crop. She was really enjoying herself. After about a minute of good long strokes she told Ryan to take over. Suzanne then whacked his bare arse with the crop as he fucked. One by one she got all eleven guys to fuck Ryan who seemed to be enjoying it all. She particularly enjoyed watching the three straight guys fuck him.

Gary was eventually released and given a stiff Vodka to recover. His arse was still smarting from the whipping because Suzanne gave his arse a few more strokes when the guys had finished fucking him.

“Right” Suzanne announced, “I think we should do that to all the guys, don’t you girls”. The other two women agreed enthusiastically and the guys just grinned.

“Yeah okay” Gino piped up, “but on one condition”. Suzanne looked at him. “That afterwards, the guys can do the same to the women”.

“Yeah, okay by me” Suzanne quickly replied looking at the other two women. They nodded their approval.

“Okay let’s start with Ben” she said pulling him to the restraint area which she called the ‘house of justice’.

“I’ll have another line if I’m going to be fucked by a load of gays” he laughed.

Having snorted his line he allowed himself to be tied down by his hands and feet. As with Gary, he was laid on top of a pile of pillows so that his bare arse was in the air. Ben was well hung. His manhood hung over the pillows for all to see and several guys could not resist having a feel whilst he was being blindfolded by Suzanne. Luke held some poppers beneath Ben’s nose and he inhaled deeply. The coke was kicking in and the poppers had put him on cloud nine. He was ready to just let it all happen. “Fucking hell” he thought to himself, “I’m gonna be fucked by eleven guys”. He had once been fucked by a guy but he was totally pissed at the time. He just hoped the coke would get him through it.

The first stroke of the whip lashed across his naked backside. He wasn’t expecting it and his butt jumped in the air along with a loud “Aaaaaaaaaagh”. What he didn’t know was that this time it was Sophie doing the whipping and she was not holding back. Next came the spanking paddle and he decided that was just as painful, yet at the same time he found it rather erotic and he felt his cock harden. Finally he was subjected to the riding crop and Sophie gave the whole of his body a good whacking with that, including his balls and the end of his cock on several occasions.

Sophie got Robin to fuck Ben first and then Toby. As they did so she lightly used the whip on their pumping backsides. Michael was next and he had to admit to himself that it was strange fucking another straight guy. He had fucked a gay and been fucked by a gay but never a straight so this was a first. The other two had opened Ben’s arsehole wide so he slipped his cock in without any problem and the more he fucked the more he enjoyed it. In some perverse way he also enjoyed having his arse whipped as he fucked.

One by one all eleven fucked Ben and by the time they had done so his arse was sore but he had enjoyed every second of it!

Alex was the next selected and he was looking forward to having all those cocks up his arse. He took another line of C and offered himself for the ‘house of justice’.  Having had the whip used on him by Josh and Luke during his previous visit he was looking forward to it again. This time Tracie was the mistress and she took delight in giving him good hard strokes across his naked butt. Michael was the first to fuck him and although he had never fucked a guy before tonight he was rather enjoying it and gave Alex a good servicing. One by one they had their way until all eleven had stuck their cock up his arse.

Luke was the next captive followed by Josh and then Thomas. Eventually, all twelve guys had been through the treatment and fucked each other. It was time for a rest. At the beginning of the evening Luke had put on a gay porn video and set it to re-run when it came to the end. They now all laid back to watch the screen again.

“I’m sick and tired of seeing that guy fucking the other one” someone said, “Can we have a change please”.

Luke took the next DVD off the pile and put it on. It wasn’t until he had set it going that he realised it was a film that he and Josh had done with Gary some while ago. He said nothing and waited for people to realise.

After a while, Michael screamed “Oh my god, that’s Josh and Luke”. Everyone looked more intently and watched Josh fucking Luke.

“I didn’t know you two had done porn” Sophie said, “how delicious”.

Eventually Gary appeared on screen and everyone yelled, “Look there’s Gary”.

Whilst the others were gazing at the screen, Luke and Josh refreshed everyone’s drinks and took some food round. Eventually everyone was stuffing their face whilst still glued to the porn video.

After about half an hour or so, Ben said “Okay girls now it’s time for the boys to have fun”.

The women grinned and Sophie offered herself up as the first victim of the ‘house of justice’ but first she wanted another line of coke. Ben and Michael took great delight in handcuffing her wrists into the restraint straps making sure that her arms were outstretched wide well above her head. Like the boys she had been placed on a pile of cushions so her naked butt was raised in the air. They then stretched her legs wide open and fixed them to the ankle restraints. Her love hole was now fully exposed and Michael had a play with it. Ben took hold of the whip and gently whipped her back and then her butt. He then flipped it into her crotch and she yelled a loud “Aaaaaaagh”. Michael was now using the spanking paddle giving her a good whacking. Finally he used the riding crop taking great delight in flipping across her love hole.

Ben could wait no longer and immediately thrust his cock into her. He had never fucked a woman who was restrained before and made a mental note that he and Suzanne should do this. As soon as he had finished Michael had his cock in her and gave her a good fuck.

“Okay Alex now you”

Alex let Ben and Michael do the whipping and spanking because it didn’t turn him on watching a woman being spanked the same as it had watching the guys being given the treatment. But he did fuck her even though he was fucking Robin in his mind.

Robin was next, followed by Gary, Toby and Ryan. Then Luke, Josh, Stephen and Gino had their fuck. Finally Thomas took his turn. He wanted to do the whipping and spanking. As he did so it really turned him on and when he finally fucked her it felt so erotic that he almost shot his load inside her.

Suzanne and Tracie were then given the same treatment by each of the guys. When Tracie was finally released she said “That’s a first. Fucked by twelve guys in a row; absolutely fucking brilliant”.

“Who wants to double fuck me” Suzanne suddenly asked.

Thomas and Michael immediately said yes. Suzanne decided she wanted to be restrained again so she lay on her back with her butt on the cushions and allowed them to restrain her wrists. They then lifted her legs above her head and cuffed her ankles which were then fixed to the wrist restraints. Her love hole and her arsehole were now fully exposed and she was powerless. Thomas fingered her arsehole to open her up. She could feel his fingers probing inside and she loved it. Ben often fucked her arse and she loved him doing so. He also loved it and having seen him fuck so many gays tonight she realised why. Having got her well open, Thomas inserted his big organ into her love hole. Michael moved up behind him and inserted his cock into her arse. He put his hands round Thomas’s waist and they fucked in unison.

Suzanne could feel the two big cocks inside her. “Oh fucking brilliant” she yelled. She just loved the feel of two cocks thrusting in and out of her.

When they had finished she asked if another two guys wanted a go. Ben said he would and Gino agreed to be the back end of the horse. The feel of two different cocks inside her was even more erotic.

When they had finished they all relaxed and went back to watching the porn which Luke had changed to another. It was now one in the morning and Suzanne, Tracie, Ben, Thomas, Michael and Gino all said they should be going. Suzanne had ordered a taxi for 1.15 a.m. and they had just got dressed when it arrived. “They’ll be down in a few minutes” Luke told the driver who grunted “Okay”.

They all said their goodbyes and Luke saw them out. They decided they would walk down the three flights so Luke came down the first lot of stairs to show them where to access the next lot. He was still stark naked but he reckoned at that time of the morning nobody was going to be around.


That left nine of them – eight gays and one woman. Tracie laughed saying she was in for a treat.

They refreshed their drinks and someone said they would like some fresh air so could they go onto the terrace. Knowing that nobody could see them out there, Luke agreed and opened up the doors but told them to keep their voices down.

All nine of them trooped outside and stood their naked drinking. Josh giggled at the sight of nine naked bodies on their terrace and decided he would have to take a photograph. He quickly got his camera and stood in the doorway. He took several pictures and nobody seemed to be bothered.

Eventually they all trooped back in.

“Who wants another line of C” Robin asked, “I’ve got another stash here”. Everyone moved to the kitchen and snorted another line. At the same time he gave everyone a small red pill. “This will keep you going” he said as he dished them out. Quite what it was Luke did not know but after about twenty minutes he and everyone else suddenly felt more alert and ready for more action.

“Right” Sophie said, “Let’s have some fun. I’ll be the Mistress and you eight will be my slaves so you do whatever I say.”

Everyone murmured their agreement and she started by telling Josh to get on all fours.

“Keep that butt high in the air and your head down” she barked at him as she gave him a quick lash across his butt with the whip. Josh duly obeyed and put his head down and his butt in the air. She then told Ryan to fuck Josh doggy style so that his butt was also in the air. Ryan was more than happy to oblige so inserted his long cock up Josh’s open arse. Next she told Gary to rim Ryan’s arsehole by kneeling behind him. Gary promptly knelt behind Ryan and started licking his arse. “And I want that arse well licked” she barked at Gary giving him a couple of lashes across his arse with the whip. Next she told Toby to lick out Gary’s black arse and gave him two lashes as he started licking.

The others were waiting for their instructions and intrigued as to what she was going to suggest next.

Alex was told to position himself so that Josh could suck his cock whilst he was being fucked by Ryan. Luke was then told to lift Alex’s legs above his head and fuck him on all fours. Stephen was then told to rim Luke’s arse and Robin was told to rim Stephen’s arse. Having gone round all the guys giving them another lash of the whip, she then moved up behind Robin and inserted a dildo up his black arse. She let them all fuck and lick away for about five minutes before telling them to stop and line up side by side with heads down and butts in the air. She then went along the line and spanked each butt several times with the paddle. Finally she used the riding crop on them taking great delight in rubbing it between their crotches and flipping it onto their balls.

When she had finally finished playing with them she told them they could all relax.

“Fucking hell” Robin exclaimed, his butt still smarting, “you really know how to keep a guy in control don’t you”.

Sophie laughed, “Yeah I like my men to know who’s the boss”.

It was now gone three in the morning and the guys were beginning to flag. Gradually they paired off and lay back on the mattress with arms around each other. Sophie snuggled up behind Toby who seemed to be on his own. Some went to sleep and others just dozed on and off. Luke and Josh decided to kip on the mattress as well since they didn’t feel they could leave everyone else and go to their bed. Besides who knew what action might start up again in the next few hours!


Josh woke to sunshine pouring through the doors to the terrace. He looked around and most guys were still asleep. He got up and checked the time. It was ten in the morning. Surprisingly he felt reasonably okay despite the amount of coke and alcohol he had consumed but he had taken the precaution of drinking lots of water. He decided to go and have a shower and a few minutes later Toby joined him.

“Saw you get up so thought I would too” he said joining Josh inside the shower.

They washed each other’s body and gave each other a suck but soon they their cocks were flying high and feeling rampant. Josh used some soap to lubricate his cock and Toby’s arse and fucked him there and then.

When they had finished they dried off and returned to the living room. Other people were now stirring including Luke who looked at Josh and grinned. He had guessed what had happened since he saw Toby following Josh out into the hall.

Eventually they were all showered and were ready for some breakfast which Josh was now in the process of preparing. None of them had dressed so they just sat down and enjoyed the scrambled eggs that Josh had prepared. By noon they had all left, leaving Luke and Josh to clear up the room. Everyone agreed that it had been a fantastic party “well orgy really” Robin laughed as he kissed Luke and Josh.

“We must do it again” several of them said and Luke agreed they must.

They soon had the room back to normal and had cleared away several used condoms left lying around. “Why is it that cum never looks so good when it’s cold” Josh said holding one up with a good supply inside. “Mmm, it still looks nice though” Luke said taking it from him, “whoever filled this shoots a good load”.

Having done the chores they decided to go to bed. Needless to say they had sex first and then slept!


During the week following the sex party, Luke received a call from Steve.

“Hi Luke, how are you both”

“We’re fine” Luke replied feeling somewhat guilty that he had not contacted Steve to let him know they now had their own flat.

“So what you two up to” Steve asked.

Luke explained they had finished college, got their degrees, started up their own business and were now living in their own flat.

“Fucking hell, you two have certainly been busy”

“You must come over for dinner one night and see it”

“Yeah, love to; in fact I wanted to have a word with both of you so we could chat then”

They arranged that Steve would come the following week.


Steve arrived on the dot and Josh let him in. It was a warm evening so the pair of them decided just to wear a pair of boxer type shorts and nothing else. They knew Steve would be casual and they were correct. He too arrived in some very brief shorts and a T shirt which he immediately took off seeing that the two lads were stripped to the waist.

“Hi guys, fucking hell this is great” he exclaimed as soon as he realised the size and quality of the place. He knew the value of property in the area so guessed they had paid a tidy sum for it.

The lads showed him round and he congratulated them on their choice of furnishings.

Having kicked off his trainers he relaxed on one of the sofas so that he could see Luke and Josh. “You guys still in good shape” he said admiring their bodies, “Still having plenty of sex” he added grinning.

“You bet” Luke replied, “Whenever we get the chance”.

“Jolly good because I wanted to ask if you would be willing to do another porn movie”

Both the lads said they would be interested so Steve explained what he was planning to do.

“I’ve been asked to do another bareback and include some S&M in it. Would you guys be willing to be spanked a little?”

Josh laughed and explained that they had recently purchased restraint straps, whips and a spanking paddle.

“Great and do you enjoy it”

Luke replied saying that they did providing it was not too wild.

“No, no we will only do what is necessary for effect”

Steve then went onto explain that there was a story he wanted to follow so there would be some lines to learn. “Only a few and we can do it scene by scene”.

The lads nodded agreement and he continued.

“The story will be set at an army camp in the country so I plan to film it at Guy’s place in the country where we did the other one. He has a barn we can use and there may be some shots outside depending on the weather.”

The lads said they remembered Guy and his man Charles.

“Well Charles will be in the film as well along with three other guys who you haven’t met but you will like them I’m sure. The story is basically about a young guy, who I’d like you to play Josh, who happens to come across the guys in the army camp. They will be Charles, you Luke and the other three guys. You five decide to have some fun with Josh and take him into the barn where you get him to strip and then tie up for some S&M action. You then all fuck him and an orgy ensues.”

“Sounds interesting” Luke responded.

“And how about you Josh, are you happy about being the abused lad and being spanked”

“Yeah, fine by me, I’ve got a thick skinned arse”

Steve laughed, “Yeah you may need it by the time you’ve finished. Having said that you all will because needless to say others get the S&M treatment as well”.

Luke and Josh agreed to do it and Steve told them that he planned to film the weekend after next. They said that was okay and made arrangements on where and when to meet.

“By the way” Steve said as an afterthought, “do you think your friend Gary would be interested? It would be nice to have some black arse as well”.

“I’m sure he would” Luke replied, “I’ll give him a call”.

Luke managed to get hold of Gary and told him about the film.

“Yeah you bet” Gary replied thinking about the money he made last time.

“You okay about the S&M then” Luke asked him “only it could be a bit rougher than what you had the other night”

“Yeah no problem I really enjoyed it”

Luke told him to come round first thing on the Friday morning and they would set off together. “Based on last time you will only need your toothbrush” Luke joked.

Gary laughed and got excited at the thought of another orgy in the country.

“That’s your cast sorted then” Luke said when he came off the phone and Steve told them more about the other three guys.

“They’re all older than you three, late twenties if I remember correctly, and all well hung. Joe is a mixed race Brazilian and has a light brown skin, Francis and Martin are white, both with big large cocks. They’ll just love you guys.”

Whilst Steve was telling them this, Josh was busy finalising the meal. “Okay guys its ready” he announced and they sat round the table to eat. When Steve got up he pulled at his shorts. “Got a problem” Luke asked laughing.

“These bloody shorts cut me in the crotch”.

“Easily solved” Josh quipped, “take them off”.

“Good idea” Steve said and removed the offending items to leave him stark naked. The other two joined him so they ate their meal in the buff. Needless to say after the meal sex was on the menu so they went into the bedroom and played around. Luke showed Steve their new toys and he used the whip and the paddle on the two lads as they lay prone on the bed. “Just to get you used to it” Steve laughed as he gradually increased the strength of his strokes.


The two weeks leading up to the film shoot in the country were particularly hectic for both Luke and Josh. The business was taking off and another large client had come on board. They were moving offices shortly and wanted a new network system put in plus additional new computers which they wanted LJ Associates to source for them.

Allan was already involved in a large project as well as helping Luke with some of the on-site maintenance work. Luke quickly realised that they needed another IT engineer. He discussed it with Allan who agreed and they then went through possible guys they knew. There was one in particular called Jake who was a mature student on the course they had both done. He was in his early thirties and had already got some experience working in an IT company before he came on the course. They both liked him so Luke decided to contact Jake. He only had his email address so he sent a simple email to say that he would like to discuss a job he had.

Within half an hour of sending the email, Jake was on the phone.

“Hi Luke how things going with you” he asked merrily.

One of the things Luke liked about Jake was that he was always bright and breezy which would go down well with clients.

“Hi Jake nice to hear from you; yeah things are going very well; how about with you”

“Well, not brilliantly” Jake explained, “You know I decided to go freelance after the course but I’m finding it difficult to find the work. You know me Luke, I’m a techo not a bloody salesman.”

Luke laughed, “Yeah I know”

“I’m trying to find a more secure job but so far no luck”

“Well I could just have the opportunity for you” Luke explained. Luke could sense Jake suddenly sitting up and sounding very interested. Luke explained what he and Josh had set up and that Allan had joined them as an IT engineer. “We’re now looking for some additional IT engineering capacity because we have too much work for Allan and I’m spending more and more time on sales and running the company.”

“Great, sounds like you Luke and what about Josh what’s he doing”

Luke explained that he looked after all the administration of the company and manned the office, took calls and made sales appointments.

“Fantastic” Jake exclaimed, “Yeah I’d love to work for you”.

Jake then asked how Allan was employed since although he liked Allan he didn’t want to be working for him. He respected Luke and was happy for him to be the boss. When Luke told him that Allan was an employee and that only he and Josh were directors owning the company, Jake was happy.

“Do you want to remain as a freelance or be employed” Luke asked.

“To be honest I’d rather be employed; I can’t be doing with all this self employed palaver and the tax implications.”

Luke had already discussed the situation with Josh and they agreed that if Jake wanted to be an employee then they would take the risk and do so. They were both confident that they could support the two of them.

“Okay, fine by us, why don’t you come over when you can and we’ll discuss the details”

“You free this afternoon” Jake replied quickly since he didn’t want to lose this opportunity.

“Yeah fine, how about 2 p.m.”

When Luke got off the phone he said to Josh “Fucking hell he’s keen”.

“Clearly needs the work” Josh said.

“Yeah, he does and I can’t see him as being someone who could go out and get his own work so he would be a good guy to have on board.”

Luke phoned Allan to tell him the news and ask if he wanted to join in the meeting that afternoon. “No” he said “I’m happy to leave all that to you Luke, in any event I’ve got to go and see Jo this afternoon to discuss their requirements”.

Luke remembered that Jo was a new client who ran a small clothing factory and he needed to upgrade his IT system. If he accepted the quote, which was more than likely, they would certainly need Jake.


Jake arrived prompt on 2 p.m. which pleased Luke. He so hated people who were late for meetings.

“Hi come in Jake” Luke said welcoming him into the flat, “Come through to the office”.

Jake was impressed with what he saw as he followed Luke into the large third bedroom which was the office. “Bloody hell, you two haven’t wasted any time have you” he exclaimed as he looked round at the fully furnished office.

“You remember Josh” Luke said as he invited Jake to sit down. They had arranged the room so that the desks were facing the walls since Luke did not like sitting behind a desk with people the other side. He preferred the more informal approach where he sat on the same side with his back to the desk.

Josh got up from his desk and shook Jake’s hand. Josh noticed that as he did so Jake put his other hand on Josh’s shoulder. “Hi Josh, it’s great to see you again”. Josh had met Jake once before at a social evening but he had in fact forgotten him. He immediately took a liking to Jake and pulled up his chair to join him and Luke.

Luke discussed the job they needed doing and the one with Jo that was likely to be accepted.

“It’s mainly cabling and then installation of the equipment”, Luke explained, “and they will no doubt want some software installed and configured on the new PCs”.

“Yeah no problem, as you know I’ve done a lot of cabling in the past and like doing it”

Luke explained that he may also have to do his share of general maintenance work where necessary. “That’s fine Luke, I’m prepared to be flexible and do whatever is required”


“As long as I’m working with a group of guys I get on with, I’m happy” Jake added.

Luke and Josh grinned. Jake was a nice looking guy so they would certainly like having him around even though he wasn’t gay.

They discussed the salary package and general conditions that Luke had already put in place for Allan and Jake was more than happy to accept. The salary was more than he had hoped for, so he was very pleased.

“Just one final thing” Luke added. Jake looked at him wondering what it was going to be.

“You know that Josh and I are gay and live together, and we also have a number of gay clients. Do you have any problems with working with gays?” Before Jake could answer, Luke grinned and added “And we promise not to make any advances towards you”.

Jake laughed. “Of course not, I have lots of gay friends and I wouldn’t be sitting here if I did have a problem. As far as advances, I wouldn’t be the first straight who liked the advances of a gay guy.”

Luke and Josh laughed. “That’s fine, just wanted to make it clear so we all know where we stand”, Luke replied and shook Jake’s hand.

“Welcome to LJ Associates”

Josh also shook Jake’s hand and added “Welcome on board”.

They moved into the living room and had a drink to celebrate before Jake finally left them. As he went down in the lift he punched the air with glee. “Fucking brilliant” he said out loud, “just fucking brilliant”. He was so pleased that he almost danced out of the lift when it reached the ground floor and nearly bumped into a woman getting in. “Oops sorry”. He bounced passed the commissionaire on the desk, smiled at him and stepped outside into the sunshine. “This is a great day” he told himself and set off home to his pad in Kings Cross.

Back in the flat, Luke and Josh were pleased with the afternoon’s work. “He’ll be a great addition” Josh said as they moved back into the office. Luke agreed and set to producing the contract and offer letter to email Jake. By the time Jake had got home, Luke’s email was waiting for him. He printed off the documents and read them through. “Bloody hell, this guy is certainly organised as he read through the contract”. He so liked an organisation that had everything formal but at the same time were relaxed. He signed the contract where requested, scanned it and sent it back to Luke with a covering email to say that he was delighted to join LJ Associates and looked forward to a long relationship with them.

He added, “One thing I can assure you Luke is that I am fully committed to whatever I do so neither of you will regret taking me on board”

He clicked the send button and sat back feeling very pleased with himself.

An hour later, Luke had replied saying thanks for the signed contract and looked forward to seeing him on Thursday which was in two days time.

At prompt nine o’clock, Jake arrived at the flat and Luke took him through a few induction items about the company. Josh then went through admin items and issued him with the laptop that he would use for client work and contact with the office. Jake was impressed since he was expecting to have to use his own. Josh then went on to say that he would also have a company mobile phone in due course once it had arrived. “Brilliant” Jake exclaimed, “You guys really are organised aren’t you”.

That afternoon, Luke had arranged for him and Jake to go and see the client who was moving. They were meeting at the new premises so they could see what was required and Jake could do some measuring up for cabling.

The meeting went well and the client liked Jake. They measured up and Jake explained what new sockets would have to be installed for the new IT and communications system. Jake went onto his laptop and calculated the cost of the cabling and sockets etc. Luke had already quoted for the hardware so it was just these extras that needed adding on. Jake knew off the top of his head what price he would have to pay and having added on the mark-up and VAT he soon had a price. The client was very impressed and immediately gave the okay to commence the work since they ideally wanted the cabling done before they moved in. “We have access to the new offices a week prior to the move, is that long enough” Jake confirmed it was as Luke had already confirmed that Allan would be available for two days to give him a hand. It was only three offices so it wasn’t that big a job for Jake.

With everyone satisfied with the outcome, it was agreed that Jake would commence work on the following Monday.

Luke returned home feeling happy. He felt good about Jake joining the team and was now able to look forward to the weekend in the country.


On Friday Gary arrived as planned and the three of them set off for Paddington to meet up with Steve and the other three guys. Steve had booked first class seats – well as he put it Guy was paying and he could afford it! Steve introduced Joe, Francis and Martin to the other three and they set off to find their seats. The train was fairly quiet so they ended up with having the whole of the first class section to themselves. Luke sat next to Martin, Josh next to Joe and Gary next to Francis. Steve being the odd one, sat opposite to Gary and Francis on his own.

As they journey progressed they got to know each other better as well as having a good feel to check the goods. All three were good fun and about half way they swapped around so as to get to know, and feel everyone. By the time they arrived at their first destination where they picked up the local train to where Guy lived, they knew each other fairly well. Steve was pleased at the way they all got on and had good vibes about the weekend’s filming.

When they finally reached the tiny station where Guy lived they found Charles waiting for them. He came up and hugged and kissed all of them as the train moved off. What the other passengers thought of eight guys all kissing and hugging goodness knows. As usual Charles was not wearing much. He had a very tight skimpy pair of shorts on which left little to the imagination and a thin tight T shirt that showed off a large section of midriff and his nipples. The other guys were all wearing T shirts and shorts that went to their knees but nothing else. Steve was dressed in jeans and a T shirt so was the only one looking more respectable.

Charles took them into the station shelter and gave the six lads a mesh G string and Steve a mesh pair of shorts. “Guy would like you to arrive wearing just these” he said grinning, “so you might like to change here”. Since the station was in a cul-de-sac and trains only stopped every hour or so, there was not likely to be anyone entering the station for quite a while. They all stripped off completely and the six lads put on their G strings and Steve his mesh shorts. Charles also stripped and donned one of the G strings. Being mesh of course you could see all their cocks quite clearly but that no doubt was the idea.

Charles then led them to the car waiting outside so the lads walked out just wearing their G strings and got into the car. Charles put the rest of their clothes in the boot. He had brought the Bentley so all seven fitted inside comfortably. Steve went in the front with Charles and the other six in the back.

They got to the house and Charles pulled up to the front door. They all got out and followed him into the house and found Guy in the kitchen busy preparing a large jug of a new cocktail he and Charles had dreamt up. As soon as he saw the lads he came rushing up and gave them all a big kiss and a hug. As he did so he felt their naked butts and said “Mmm, lovely”.

“So how are all my lovely boys today” he asked. They all said they were fine and took a glass of the cocktail now being offered by Charles. Martin had never met Guy before so was not too sure how to take him but went along with whatever the others did. They followed Guy out onto the terrace by the pool and sat down to drink their cocktails. What was in it, goodness knows but it certainly had a kick. Charles was busy filling up their glasses again. “Not too much guys” Steve warned, “we are filming this afternoon and I don’t want floppy cocks”. They all laughed but carried on drinking. “I don’t think you need worry about these stallions” Guy said laughing, “They can get their cocks up whatever they’ve had”. Steve knew that was probably true but even so he wanted them reasonably sober.

Soon Charles was serving lunch which as usual was delicious. It was just a light one since they would be eating the main meal in the evening and Steve made sure they only drank soft drinks.


It was time to start filming so Steve took them all round to the barn where the action was going to be. He showed them the set that Charles had made up for him. There were a couple of wooden bunk beds and a table. Screwed into to one of the large posts of the barn were some fixing hooks to which handcuffs could be fixed and on a rack nearby there were some whips, spanking paddles, chains and leg restraints. Luke also noticed some more fixing points on the legs of the large solid rectangular table in the centre. “This looks serious” Luke whispered to Josh.

On the table were some army fatigues that the five army recruits would wear to start with. Josh would wear a T shirt, some boxer shorts and a pair of jeans. Steve gave out the clothes and told them to change. He then gave them the scripts for the first scene and told them to read through it and try and remember their lines. There weren’t a lot so it was fairly easy. Before he started filming he got them to go through the scene with their lines a couple of times. He was pleased with their performance so decided to film.

The film started with the guys inside laughing and chatting away sitting on the bunk beds side by side. They were groping each other and having a good laugh. One of them jumps off the bed and points outside “There’s a cute guy out there”. They all get off the bed and stand by the entrance to the barn looking outside.

Steve then filmed Josh casually walking up to the barn looking curious. The camera then pans round to the army lads standing at the entrance. Having given them their lines for scene two and practiced it a couple of times he started filming again. As Josh gets nearer, Martin who is playing the leader of the gang says to Josh “Hi cutie, what you staring at”. Josh doesn’t say anything and all the guys walk up and surround him. “I asked what you staring at” Martin said aggressively. Josh again doesn’t answer and looks nervous. “This guy needs to be taught some manners” Joe says and they all grab Josh and drag him into the barn.

Scene three is back inside and the guys are manhandling Josh. His T shirt is ripped off him and he is picked up and taken to the table by Francis who is a big guy. He throws the half naked Josh over his shoulder and stands him on the table. They then look at him and make various derogatory comments about him. Josh just stands there looking somewhat helpless. Joe pulls at his jeans to get them off him. Martin uses a knife to cut them and slowly they rip them off him until he’s left just wearing his boxer shorts. One of the others grabs his bollocks and says “He’s got a big cock and its getting hard”.

The boxer shorts are then ripped off Josh and he is left standing stark naked. Several guys have now stripped naked to the waist and are feeling their groins. “Why don’t we fuck him” Joe then announces to the others. There is a general chorus of “Yeah, fuck him” from the others.

“Before we do” Martin says, “he needs punishing for not answering my question”.

“Yeah” the others say in unison again. Josh is then roughly lifted down from the table and stood facing the post. His arms are stretched above his head and his hands are handcuffed to the fixing hooks. His legs are spread wide apart and a restraint bar is fitted before chaining those to more fixing hooks nearby. Josh is now helpless to do anything.

Francis picks up one of the whips and starts lashing Josh’s naked butt. It sounded worse than it was and Steve had told him not to be too hard but the effect was that it was. He gave Josh’s back several lashes before picking up a spanking paddle and using that on his arse. Steve zoomed the camera onto the arse and could see a redness forming. He told Francis to stop and move onto using the riding crop. Francis picked up the crop and lightly flipped it across Josh’s back, butt and between his legs. During all of this Josh had been told to yell out “Aaagh”s and any other obscenities he wanted. Some were for real and others for effect but he could feel his buttocks beginning to burn. When Francis flipped the crop between his legs and hit his balls he really did cry out. “Fuck you” he yelled and Francis did it again. Josh had been bent slightly so there was a gap between him and the post. Francis flipped Josh’s cock with the crop and again Josh cried out “You fucking bastard”.

Having given Josh one more sharp crack across his bottom with the crop, he was released and taken to the table again. This time he was laid face down on the table and his hands and feet were shackled to it with his legs wide apart. His cock had also been pulled between his legs so that the head peered out.

Steve stopped filming for a moment just to check that Josh was okay. As he spoke to him he gently stroked his buttocks. Josh found it erotic and felt his cock getting hard. Being bent back it was straining to go erect but could not. Josh confirmed that he was fine and the filming continued. This time Luke did some whipping and spanking but not as hard as Francis had. Even so he made it look hard and Steve was pleased with the effect. Luke whipped across Josh’s back and his backside before doing the same with the paddle. He then used the riding crop and took delight in running it down Josh’s crack and giving the enlarged head peering out between his legs a sharp flip with the crop. Josh yelled out another “Aaaargh”.

In the next scene, the guys started licking and fingering Josh’s arse whilst he remained restrained. The camera zoomed in on Josh’s arse as it was being sucked and fingered. Steve could see Josh’s cock twitching with excitement trying to get out. Joe then mounted Josh and fucked him whilst he was still tied to the table. By now all the others had removed their clothes and were ready with hard cocks and ready to fuck. Each of them mounted Josh and fucked him one by one until they had all fucked him real hard.

They then released Josh and turned him over onto his back. His hands were again restrained but his legs were left free so that they could pull them up over his head to expose his arse. Whilst someone sucked his cock another played their own erection over his arse. Charles got on the table and mounted Josh. He thrust his bare cock into Josh’s arse and started pumping. Meanwhile another guy had got himself on the table and positioned his cock so that Josh could suck it. The camera filmed the guy pushing his cock into Josh’s mouth and thrusting it back and forth. The other two were busy sucking each other. Steve filmed different guys and left the other action going on. He then returned to Charles who was now pulling his cock out before another guy thrust his in. One by one he filmed each of them fucking Josh several times. As one was fucking him, another was sitting on his cock and riding it hard. By now all seven of them were stark naked and Steve panned the camera over their bare arses as they fucked.

The final scene shows all of them wanking over Josh and finally spilling their cum all over his naked body. He is then released and sent off packing down the road stark naked with his torn clothes under his arm.

“Great guys that was brilliant” Steve said as he wrapped things up, “Tomorrow we will do an outside scene if the weather is okay”.

They all went round to the house and jumped in the pool to wash their bodies of sweat and cum. Steve went up to Josh as they did so and asked if he was okay. “You had the worst part in that” he said with a hand on one of Josh’s shoulders. “Oh I don’t know” Josh replied, “I never say no to being fucked by a bunch of gorgeous guys”. Steve laughed and left him to jump into the pool with the others.

Charles brought out some drinks and nibbles to keep them going until dinner which was going to be at nine. Guy had been out but returned just as they were having their drinks.

“Hi guys” he called out as he walked round to the pool, “Now I’ve got two other friends joining us for dinner and after dinner we have a Swedish stripper who will give us all a very erotic show.” Guy then explained that the six lads were to dress just in their G strings and that the stripper would involve them in his show and get them to fuck him. “Ben and Terry don’t know about the stripper so it will be a surprise so keep it that way. It’s their 40th anniversary of being together so you guys and the stripper are my present to them. They’re both in their seventies so you guys be nice to them please and let them have their little bit of pleasure.”

All the lads said they would be on their best behaviour and give Ben and Terry a night to remember. They all lazed around until an hour before Ben and Terry were due to arrive. They were then told to go and shower and use the eau de cologne they would find in their bathrooms. Luke, Josh and Gary were sharing one room and the other three another. Eventually they all came down smelling of lavender wearing just their G strings. Guy looked them up and down. “Very nice guys and you smell beautiful.” He and Steve were more formally dressed in a shirt and trousers. Charles, who was still busy preparing the meal had been told to wear just his ‘butler in the buff’ uniform which consisted of a small short apron that just about covered his bollocks leaving his backside bare, and a black bow tie.

When Ben and Terry arrived, the lads were told to go into another room and to come in when called by Guy. The pair of them kissed and hugged Guy and were introduced to Steve.

“Anyone else joining us tonight” Ben said knowing that Guy never did things in halves.

“Well, I do have six rather nice lads joining us for dinner”

Ben and Terry’s eyes lit up as Guy called in the six lads. They walked in wearing just their G strings and the two old boys could not believe their eyes which were fixed on what was showing under the G strings. One by one they were introduced to Ben and Terry and they each had their cock felt by them.

Charles then came in with some champagne and Ben and Terry were even more delighted when they saw his naked butt. Each of them gave it a friendly pat as they took their glass of champagne. As they drank they chatted to the lads as if they were all at a garden party.

Eventually Charles said dinner was served and they all trooped into the dining room. As before it had been beautifully laid out and the ten of them sat down. Charles brought in the first course and Guy served the wine. Ben made sure he was sitting next to Luke and Terry, who was on the other side of the table sat next to Martin. “I do like big boys” he told Martin as he led him to where he wanted him seated. Every so often they would give the guys a grope. Guy and Steve sat at the ends of the table and had one of the lads on either side of them so they were happy.

The meal progressed and they eventually got to the coffee stage. Guy suggested they have this in the lounge where he also served them brandy. Charles had reorganised the furniture so that there was an area facing the sofas for the stripper to perform. Josh noticed that an upright chair had been placed nearby so guessed what that might be used for.

Ben, Terry, Steve and Guy sat on the sofas and the lads squatted on the floor round them. Charles served the coffee and passed round the brandies that Guy had poured out. As with everything, Guy had been extremely generous with the brandy. They chatted for a while and Ben and Terry enjoyed feeling the naked bodies in front of them. Suddenly the gate entry system buzzed and Charles let the stripper in. He met him at the front door still wearing his apron and the stripper grinned. He followed Charles into a small room off the hall and got himself ready. When he had changed into the clothes he would strip from, Charles told Guy that all was ready. “Right Ben and Terry I have another surprise for you”. The pair looked up wondering what would come next. “I have organised a bit of cabaret for you” he explained.

The stripper came in and moved to the area which had been cleared. Charles put on his music and he began a very erotic strip. Having stripped off his top he then unzipped his fly and felt inside. Having felt is own cock and massaged it he then pulled off his trousers. He was now wearing a pair of boxer shorts. After some more erotic feeling inside them, he then pulled Joe up to join him and got him to stand behind him and put his hand round his waist and down inside the shorts. Joe smiled to himself since what he found inside was a G string but he could still feel the guy’s cock which was huge. The stripper then pulled Joe in front of him and put his hand down inside Joe’s G string. He pulled Joe’s cock out and unfastened the G string. It fell to the floor leaving Joe stark naked. Ben and Terry were delighted when they saw Joe’s naked body and applauded.

The stripper then told Joe to sit down by the older guys and pulled Josh to the stage. He got Josh to slowly pull his boxer shorts down to expose his G string. Josh then had to feel inside the G string and take hold of the guy’s cock. The guy told him to peep the head outside which Josh did much to the delight of Ben and Terry. The stripper then put his hands round his back and unfastened Josh’s G string. He then pulled him round to the front and showed off Josh’s full frontal which was beginning to show a hard-on. The stripper knelt down and took the cock into his mouth. Soon it was rock hard. He told Josh to return to his place on the floor which was just in front of Ben who took great delight in looking down at the erection at his feet.

Martin was next pulled to the front and he had the task of removing the stripper’s G string. His cock sprang out and stood to attention. It was big, not only in length but also in circumference. Having taken off Martin’s G string the stripper then got him to suck his big cock. Martin could hardly get it into his mouth but did his best. The stripper then took some oil and oiled his own cock and Martin’s which was soon rock hard. The stripper then led Martin over to Ben and Terry and offered Martin’s cock to them to hold and wank. Ben took the oiled cock and passed it through his hand several times. Whilst this was happening the stripper was offering his cock to Terry who took great delight in handling that.

The stripper then told the two lads to sit down between Ben and Terry’s legs whilst he took Luke to the stage. First he stripped Luke’s G string off him and then he got Luke to kneel down in front of him and suck his cock. Having done that, he told Luke to sit to one side facing Ben and Terry so they could see Luke’s naked body and his hard-on which was slowly forming. He repeated the process with the other three. Ben and Terry were now getting really excited since they had six young lads sitting naked in front of them and a gorgeous stripper with a big large cock that was now fully erect.

The stripper pulled over the upright chair and bent himself over it. He then told the six lads to fuck him one after the other. They needed no encouragement and Joe soon had his cock thrusting in and out of the guy’s arse. After a while the stripper told the next lad to take over and Martin quickly obliged. Josh, Luke and Francis followed giving Ben and Terry the show of their life. They had never seen so much fucking in one night.

To finish things off, the stripper got one of them to fuck him again and then told the others to fuck the next and so on so that they were performing a seven guy fuck all linked together by cock. Somehow they managed to stay linked with their cocks securely inside the arse in front of them before the stripper told them to uncouple. With that the stripper took his bow, thanked the six lads and left.

“Well, what about that then” Guy asked Ben and Terry.

“Absolutely wonderful” Ben replied.

“Now one final thing” Guy continued, “would you like to watch these guys fuck each other at close hand and feel their naked bodies as they do so”.

Terry said they would love that so Guy asked Josh to sit on Terry’s lap with his back to him and then got Luke to sit on Josh’s tool which was still rock hard. Terry took great delight in feeling Josh’s cock enter Luke’s arse and then feeling round his naked bottom. Ben had the delight of having Martin sitting on his lap and Francis sitting on Martin’s cock. He too felt the long hard cock enter Martin’s arsehole and feeling his balls as Francis fucked. Then he held Francis’ cock and wanked that as he rode up and down.

After a while, the remaining two took over and fucked each other whilst sitting on Ben’s lap. One by one they all changed over so as to fuck each other. Ben and Terry just could not believe their luck at having such gorgeous guys performing on their laps.

Finally Ben and Terry wanted to suck off each of the lads. Each one stood in front of them and had their cock sucked and drained of cum. The lads were surprised at how good both of them were at sucking cock and they soon had hot spunky cum shooting down their throats. When they had finished, Ben said “What a beautiful night cap hot cum makes”.

The others all laughed and settled back on the floor. It was now midnight and Ben and Terry said they must go home. Guy got Charles to take them home in the Bentley. Much to their delight he wore just a G string and led them to the car. They took great delight in watching his naked butt as he climbed into the driver’s seat. They too lived in a large house which had its own drive so Charles was able to go right up to the front door. He jumped out of the car and opened the back door for the two elderly guys and led them up the steps to the front door. Ben opened the door and let Terry in. Just before Charles was about to leave them Ben put his arms round Charles, hugged him and gave him a kiss. He then unfastened the G string and took it off Charles. “I think you should go home naked” Ben grinned. Having seen Charles naked, Terry came out onto the steps and gave Charles a hug and a kiss. As he did so he took hold of Charles’ cock and squeezed it. “Mmmm just gorgeous” he said patting Charles’ naked butt.

Charles walked off down the steps carrying his G string which he flung into the car. As instructed he drove home stark naked and walked into the living room where the others were busy fucking each other. Guy and Steve had now joined the fun and were both stripped naked. Charles found the nearest cock and started sucking it.

It was two in the morning when Steve suggested they go to bed as he wanted to do some more filming the next day.


Fortunately the following morning was bright and sunny so Steve took them all down to the lake. This time they were all dressed in army fatigues and the story line was that they would be playing around with each other at the water edge, several guys would be pushed into the water and they would all eventually get pulled in. They would then emerge dripping wet and start taking off their clothes to dry. Martin would then be picked on and tied to a tree slightly bent over with his legs stretched apart and held with a leg restraint.

They got down to the water and started fooling around with each other. Gradually one by one they were pushed into the water or pulled in. They all emerge and their wet clothes clung to their bodies. They remove them down to their boxer shorts but these too are wet and clearly show their manhood beneath. Martin is grabbed by three of the guys and his wrists are handcuffed. These are then fixed round the tree about waist height so that his bottom is bent over. They then strip him of his boxer shorts to expose his bare arse. His legs are thrust apart and fixed into the leg restraint. Joe then takes the whip and starts lashing Martin’s buttocks. He gives him ten hard lashes but Martin doesn’t seem to mind. Then Francis takes the paddle and gives him some whacks with that. Martin’s arse is now red. Joe then flips the whip across Martin’s back and shoulders until they too are showing signs of redness. He does a couple of flips between Martin’s legs and stings his bollocks. Martin did scream when he felt that. Joe finally flips the whip down Martin’s chest and finally across his cock which is now rock hard. Again Martin screams obscenities when he feels the whip flip his cock. Finally the pair of them use the riding crop on his whole body; down his arms, under his armpits, on his nipples, down his back and across his backside and finally down his legs and in his crotch. By the time they finish Martin’s body is showing signs of redness all over, especially his butt.

Luke is then told to fuck him. “And fuck him rough” Joe tells Luke for the camera. Luke duly obliges and thrusts his big hard cock straight up Martin’s arse. Martin can feel Luke’s balls crashing against his sore arse and he winces but at the same time is enjoying every second. Josh is next followed by Gary. Steve just loved filming Gary’s black cock thrusting its way into a white arse. Joe and Francis then gave Martin a really rough fuck and even Steve was beginning to feel the pain as he filmed. Joe then sucked Martin off by putting his head between Martin’s legs and pulling the cock back into his mouth. When Martin finally shot his load it was excruciating since his cock was bent back but the feeling was good.

The final shot was of the other five naked lads walking off down the path laughing carrying their clothes, including Martin’s and leaving him tied to the tree.

“Great guys” Steve said bringing the filming to a close.

They went back to the house and had a shower before assembling again by the pool for lunch. As always, Charles had prepared a fabulous meal which consisted of salad, various meats and a trifle for afters. The lads were also given a glass of wine to go with it.

“Right lads, listen up” Guy suddenly announced, “I’ve told a local gay art class that you guys would do some nude modelling for them, are you up for it”.

The guys chuckled knowing that what Guy was really saying was that he had promised the group six young guys to play with. “Yeah okay” they all chorused in response.

He told them to just wear their G strings and half an hour later they were crowded into the Bentley on their way to a village nearby. Guy and Steve had stayed behind so it was Charles driving. He drove down a long driveway and ended up outside an enormous house. “Fucking hell”, Martin exclaimed as he looked at the size of the mansion, “this guy must be loaded”.

“Okay guys” Charles said, “Just ring the bell and the guy who owns this pile will let you in. He’ll ring me when you’re ready to be collected”. The lads climbed out of the car and stood in the porch. Charles then drove off down the drive leaving them standing on the doorstep in their G strings.

Luke rang the bell and after a few minutes the door opened.

“Hi guys, come on in” a guy in his sixties said eying the lads up as they walked in to a large hallway, “Guy phoned to say you were on your way”.

He led them into another room and introduced them to six other guys who were much the same age. They all shook hands with each other and the guys inspected the goods displayed in front of them.

“I’m Marcus by the way” the leader said as he put a hand round Josh’s naked shoulder and led him ahead of the others, “Come on through to our little studio and I’ll explain what we have in mind”.

The other lads followed and having walked down a long corridor they reached a relatively small room that had large windows giving a wonderful view of the garden. The sunshine flooded in giving the room a nice light feeling. There were six easels set up with a sketch pad on each surrounding a large mattress situated on a slightly raised platform.

“Now you must try some of this” Marcus said as he ladled out of a large glass bowl a rose coloured liquid into six glasses. It had plenty of kick in it but it was pleasant.

“Now what we have in mind is that you guys pose naked on the mattress so that we can draw your gorgeous bodies. Is that okay.”

The lads nodded and unfastened their G strings. The six older guys gasped when they saw the six naked bodies standing in front of them. “Oh what a delight” one of them said in a very posh voice.

Marcus got them to sit or lay down intertwined with each other to show off their nakedness to the full. “Now if you don’t mind” he then explained, “I’d like to take some photos first so that we have something to reference back to after you gorgeous guys have gone.”

The lads grinned, ‘yeah so that you can drool over the pics when we’ve gone you mean” Joe thought to himself as he posed for the photos. Marcus had a very flashy camera and took pictures from all angles with several close ups of cocks. When he had finished they all set to work with their sketch pads. After about twenty minutes they had finished and Marcus got them to suck the nearest cock so they could draw that. Having done the previous nude art class work, Josh guessed where this was leading. The lads duly obliged by getting erections as they sucked or were being sucked so soon there were six hard-ons to sketch as well. The artists took advantage and quickly sketched each one.

“Now” Marcus said diffidently, “would you guys be willing to be sketched whilst fucking each other”.

“Yeah, no problem” Luke answered for all of them. The others just grinned and coupled off with their neighbour. “What position would you like us in” Luke asked. Marcus wasn’t too sure so he told them to decide. “Let’s give these guys a variety then” Luke told the others, and promptly got Joe to fuck Gary doggy style, Martin to fuck Josh on his back with legs in the air and he fucked Francis by sitting on his cock with his back to Francis so that the artists could get a good picture of two cocks – one being used as a fuck rod and the other being wanked.

The six older guys couldn’t believe what they had in front of them. Their hands shook as they sketched like mad in order not to miss anything. Whilst the others sketched, Marcus photographed each couple in great detail. Fortunately his expensive camera could zoom in from quite a distance so he was able to photograph from behind the artists but get good close ups of cocks moving in and out of arses. He quickly changed over to his video camera and captured on disc the full action for viewing later. He could feel his own erection forming beneath his trousers and beginning to weep pre-cum. He knew it would show through his trousers in due course but he didn’t care.

The lads just kept on fucking each other until they were told to stop. They must have been at it for a good twenty minutes before Marcus said take a rest.

“Come and have another drink” he told them and led them out through a French window into the garden. “The sun is still shining so I don’t think you will be cold” he added as he gave them each another drink from the glass bowl and told them to help themselves to the food that was laid out on a table on the lawn. The lads took their drinks and wandered naked onto the lawn. The older guys followed them and chatted as the lads drank and ate.

“You guys clearly love having sex with each other” one of the older guys said to Martin.

“Yeah we’re at it whenever we have the opportunity” he responded.

“You all have nice cocks” the older guy added.

“Thanks” Martin replied, “Want to hold it”.

The guy was flawed for a moment not sure what to do but he put his hand down and felt Martin’s cock which was still erect. “Mmm very nice, it’s a long time since I’ve held young cock, can I suck it”. Martin laughed, “Yeah help yourself”. The guy quickly pulled up a chair to sit on, bent over and sucked Martin’s cock. “God you know how to suck okay, don’t you” Martin told the old guy as he brought him to a climax. Martin shot his load into the guy’s mouth who swallowed the lot. “Mmm thank you that tasted divine” he said licking his lips.

This action prompted the others to pick a guy and start sucking them. The guy nearest to Martin moved to Gary. He loved sucking black cock. Marcus meanwhile was recording all the action onto his cameras. He would enjoy watching all this action later on the big screen with the others when the lads had gone home.

When everyone had been sucked Marcus suggested they had another drink and then go back to do some more sketching. He poured them all generous portions and told them to drink up. All six duly did so and they soon felt its effect. They were now ready to do anything he wanted.

He led them back into the studio where the six artists were seated at their easels ready for action. Marcus then allocated one lad to each artist and told him to bend over a chair so that their naked butts were in the air. They were then told to use their hands to pull their cheeks apart so as to open up their arseholes. “The guys just want to sketch your love holes” Marcus explained as if he really needed to. Luke could feel the artist he was exposing his arse to fingering his hole and he wondered how much sketching he was actually doing. Soon he could feel a finger probing inside and then two. The artist was pulling the orifice wide apart and probing the soft flesh inside. Suddenly he could feel the head of the guy’s cock rubbing up against his arse. “Could I fuck you” the guy whispered into Luke’s ear.

“As long as you use a condom” Luke replied. He decided he didn’t want an old guy’s naked cock up his arse. He had to set some standards! The guy was well prepared and quickly slipped on a rubber, lubed it and within seconds had it inside Luke. He was a big guy and his cock matched his size but Luke took it without any problem. “Oh that feels good” he muttered to himself as he fucked Luke, “I’ve not had my cock up young arse for such a long time”. Luke chuckled to himself and let the guy have his fun. Suddenly he felt the guy shooting his load and his whole body shook as he did so. The force of it was so great that Luke hoped the guy didn’t have a heart attached as he thrust his cock in and out shooting cum. The guy eventually calmed down and withdrew. He kissed Luke on the back of his neck and whispered “Thank you”.

Needless to say the other five were now fucking their young bucks. Some not so successfully as others. One guy couldn’t really get his cock hard enough to fuck Joe but he did manage to bring himself to a climax and shoot over Joe’s back. Joe wasn’t too pleased and told the guy to clean him up with a tissue.

The only one who didn’t stick his cock up anyone or suck anyone off was Marcus but he did capture everything on his cameras.

It was finally time to wrap things up and Marcus called Charles to come and pick the lads up. When he arrived he handed Charles six G strings and then watched the lads walk out to the car stark naked. “Had a good time” Charles laughed. “If you’re not careful Charles we’ll stick you over the bonnet and fuck you one after the other”.

“Now that sounds like an offer I can’t refuse” Charles laughed, “I know just the place we can do that”.

He drove off and a mile or so down the lane he turned off onto another track. He parked the car, got out and stripped off. “Fucking hell he’s serious” Francis exclaimed.

“Okay guys if that’s what he wants then let’s give it to him really hard”

They bent Charles over the bonnet of the Bentley and one by one they fucked him as hard as they could. His whole body banged against the coachwork as they did so. The warmth of the engine really turned him on and he soon had his own hard-on. Having all fucked him they turned him over and sucked him off.

Joe picked up the clothes Charles had thrown to the ground, and put them in the boot. “Right now drive us home please Charles”.

Charles got into the drivers seat stark naked and drove off home. When they arrived they all got out and walked round to the pool to find Guy and Steve stark naked beside each other. It was obvious they had been having sex together. “Oh hi guys” Guy said breezily as if nothing had been going on, “had a good time”. “Yeah you could say that” Martin replied, “So have you by the look of it”. Guy and Steve grinned and they all sat down round the pool.

“Anyhow, thanks guys for giving some old men a bit of pleasure” Guy said to all of them, “much appreciated”.

The lads gave Steve a quick synopsis of what had happened and he chuckled.

“Tonight lads we have all been invited to a dinner party” Guy explained, “This time the hosts are younger so you should enjoy their company in more ways than one. There’s also some women coming but don’t let that hold you back since they love watching guys having fun together.”

Guy then asked Charles to bring what they would be wearing. He gave each of them a pair of black mesh briefs and a coloured mesh sarong. They each put on the briefs and paraded round the pool. Their cocks could be seen clearly through the mesh as could their butts, which of course was the idea. They would arrive wearing these with the mesh sarong wrapped round their waist.

“How many will be there” Steve asked.

“Nine of us, because Charles is coming as well, three women plus Gunter and Frederik, the two hosts.”

“What nationality are Gunter and Frederik?” Martin asked.

“Danish and they are gorgeous blondes with gorgeous bodies. I promise you won’t be disappointed.”

The lads went off to have a shower and get themselves ready for dinner with Gunter and Frederik. Not that it took long since the only item of clothing was the mesh briefs and the sarong but they took their time and had a rest. They guessed there would be plenty of action once dinner was over.

Somehow all nine managed to squeeze into the Bentley since Guy didn’t want to have to take a second car and drive himself. Fortunately Gunter and Frederik only lived a mile or so down the road in yet another large mansion house that had its own drive leading up to the front door. Another car was parked outside when they arrived telling Guy that the three women were already there.

The nine got out and stood at the front door in their mesh briefs and sarong. Even shoes had been left behind. Gunter opened the door and welcomed them all in. He too was wearing a mesh sarong and it looked as if he had a pair of similar briefs underneath.

He kissed and hugged all of them and as he did so placed a hand on their butts. Guy was right; Gunter was gorgeous with blonde hair that hung to his shoulders. He took them through to another room and introduced them to Frederik and the three women. They had met Guy and Charles previously so having given him a hug and a kiss they concentrated on the six lads and Steve. “Oh how lovely” one of them said, “come and give me a twirl”. Gary happened to be the nearest so she took him by the hand and twirled him round. “Oh you are gorgeous” she exclaimed, “let’s see what’s under this” she added pulling Gary’s sarong off him. “Oh how I do like a black butt” she exclaimed again giving it a good feel along with his cock. “And what a big boy you are too, what a pity you are all gay I just love black cock but never mind I shall enjoy seeing that in action”.

She got each of them to parade in front of her and removed their sarong so each was now walking round with just their mesh briefs showing all their cocks and their butts. The women were also wearing a mesh sarong and underneath a mesh G string. Their naked breasts just swung as they moved. The three of them had nice bodies with firm breasts so there was no flesh flopping about.

Having got all the men down to their briefs the women decided it was time for them to remove their sarongs. Francis was not that experienced with women and gazed at the neat matte of pubic hair that each of them was showing. One of them noticed and grinned. She came up close behind him and put her arms round his waist. He could feel her naked breasts pushing against his back. She then moved her hands down into his crotch and felt his organ trapped in its mesh bag. She felt it swell slightly and encouraged it some more until it was definitely forming an erection. She kissed his neck and whispered into his ear “Very nice”.

The drink flowed along with lines of coke before the meal was ready. Suddenly two stark naked lads who can’t have been more than sixteen or seventeen entered the room and announced that dinner was served. Everyone trooped into the dining room and the two lads served the meal still stark naked. As they did so everyone took an opportunity to feel their naked butts and the women even took hold of their cocks, which somehow managed to stay flaccid for the whole meal. The lads took it all in good part and just performed their duties.

Finally the meal ended and everyone trooped back into another room where a large flat screen TV seemed to fill one wall. They slumped down onto large cushions on the floor and the two naked lads served each of them large brandies. They even brought round lines of coke for those who wanted to participate. The more they moved around the crowd, the more they were fondled and manhandled. Gunter took hold of one of them and sucked the lad’s cock which was soon rock hard. As he did so he fingered the lad’s arsehole. He then called the other lad over and did the same to him whilst the other one bent over waiting for a cock to be inserted up his open arse. Gunter then guided the other lad’s cock to the inviting arsehole and inserted it. He then told the lad to fuck the first one. He dutifully did so and when he was ready to cum he withdrew and shot it over the other one’s back. Gunter then told them to change round so the other guy fucked. He too fucked until he was ready to shoot. He then shot his load of spunk onto the other’s back much to the delight of the onlookers. One of the women then pulled one of the lads over to her and bent him over. She then rimmed his arse whilst Joe sucked the lad’s cock which was still dripping with cum. One of the other women did likewise to the other lad whilst the third woman sucked his cock. The lads meanwhile never said a word. They just let it all happen.

Eventually Gunter told the lads they could go home so they grinned, said goodbye and left the room. “Very nice lads” Gunter said once they had gone, “supplied by an escort service I know”.

The drink continued to flow and one by one the lads lost their mesh briefs. Soon erections were flying and the women took great delight in sucking them and then rubbing them up against their love holes having also removed their G strings. They wanted to watch guys fucking each other so Francis and Joe obliged. Francis was bent over the arm of a chair and the women crowded round to watch Joe’s cock thrust its way in and out.

Meanwhile, Frederik had put on a gay porn movie that was now showing on the big screen. A large cock was also thrusting its way in and out of a guy’s arse and the women just loved it. Gary was off his head with alcohol and coke but still seemed to be holding things together and still showing a big erection. One of the women, who said she just loved black cock inside her, took advantage of the situation. She laid him out on the floor and sat astride him. She slipped his long black cock inside her and rode him like a stallion. Luke watched on and decided that Gary didn’t realise he had his cock inside a woman but he seemed to be enjoying the experience. Francis was also watching and decided he would like to try the same so when she had finished with Gary’s cock he offered his own. She wanted him from behind so went on her knees doggy style. As Francis fucked her, Luke decided to fuck Francis so he was the meat in the sandwich.

“Oh fucking hell that feels good” he screamed.

Gary meanwhile was bent over a table and being fucked by everyone else. The woman being fucked wanted to watch this so told the guys to stop. Gary ended up having ten guys fuck him one after the other and then again a second time. Several left their spunk inside him and when they had finished, the women fingered his arse to feel the spunk and then taste it. They then lifted Gary onto the table, turned him onto his back and one by one sat astride him taking his cock inside them. He now seemed completely oblivious to what was happening to him and Luke decided it was time to give him a rest. He lifted him off the table, sat him down in a corner and put his arm round him. Josh sat the other side of him and did likewise. After a while they decided they should get Gary home so asked Charles to take them. He was more than happy to do so and the three of them carried Gary out to the car. As they left, Luke made sure he collected their mesh briefs and their sarongs. He had decided to make sure he took them home for future use! He also picked up the three other guys’ briefs since he doubted they would miss them.

“Those women are terrible” Charles said as they drove home, “Gunter and Frederik are much nicer when it’s just them”. Luke had to agree and decided he had made the right move by rescuing Gary.

Charles let them into the house helped them get Gary upstairs. He had arranged with Guy that he would ring Charles when they were ready to be collected. Charles decided he too had had enough.

Luke and Josh put Gary in the middle of the bed and then laid down either side of him. He was gradually coming round and looked at them. He grinned at them, “That was some party”.

“Sure was” Luke agreed “and you got well and truly fucked up in more ways than one”.

“Yeah I remember lots of cock being up my arse”

“Bet you don’t remember your cock being used to fuck the women though”

“Oh my god, no they didn’t did they”

“Sure did” both Luke and Josh said in unison “and more than once so you’ve been fucked by ten guys and fucked by three women all in one night”.

Gary laughed and the three hugged each other before finally falling asleep. All three woke the following morning still in each other’s arms but with a ding dong of a hangover from the alcohol and the drugs. Fortunately they were going home later that morning so could take things easily. They all showered and dressed and went downstairs to find Charles preparing breakfast.

“Morning guys, how are we this morning?”

He looked at the three of them and said “Right like that is it. I’ve got just the cure for you.”

He gave them something to drink and within a short while they all felt a lot better and enjoyed their breakfast. Steve and Guy were next down and also looked the way they had felt earlier. Some while later the three other lads appeared stark naked and looking even worse. Charles administered his cure and they had their breakfast.

They finally left and Charles drove them all to the station. They were all fairly quiet on the way back and when they got into London they parted ways with a simple hug. “Will be in touch” Steve said as he left them all to get off home. Luke, Josh and Gary decided they too would get off home so said their goodbyes to the other three. They were planning to go clubbing together that night so set off back to Joe’s place. “Don’t think I can cope with any more alcohol or coke for a while” Josh said as they set off. The other two agreed and grinned.

Luke and Josh invited Gary to stay the evening with them rather than him having to go home and be on his own. He readily agreed and happily joined the other two back to the flat. As soon as they got inside clothes were removed and they spent the rest of the afternoon and evening having fun with each other. In the end Gary spent the night with them and the three made passionate love.


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