by Adam Stewart


Chapter 7

Luke, Josh and Toby became really close friends and it was agreed that they would all go away together during the vacation. Gary also joined them so the four set off on the Eurostar to Paris. They would decide after that where they went and what they did. Like most young guys they travelled light so each had a medium sized back pack containing the bare minimum of clothes consisting of a few T shirts and a spare pair of jeans.

They arrived in Paris and found a bed and breakfast place for that night. It was pretty grim and the only room available was a family room which had a double bed and a single bed. The lads told the owner that they could manage for one night. The guy grinned clearly indicating that he recognised four gays together and said something to Luke and Toby who were the only two who could speak and understand French.

“What did he say” Josh asked.

“That we could push the single bed up to the double and make one big bed for us to cuddle in”

They all laughed and the guy left them to sort themselves out. Having done what he suggested they left their back packs in the room and went off to explore Paris. They had taken with them a list of gay bars and clubs that they had found on the internet and set off to find some of them.

By the time they had located two or three it was early evening and the last bar was open so they decided to go in and have a drink. The bar soon got fairly busy as guys came in on their way home from work. Several guys started talking to them and when it was realised they had come from the UK it seemed to spark even more interest. They were clearly the youngest in the bar and caused a lot of attraction from guys in their early thirties. One rather good looking guy started chatting them up and he spoke perfect English.

“I’m Francis”

The others introduced themselves and they all moved to a table at the far end of the bar.

“So what are you guys doing in Paris then?”

Luke explained that they were all close friends and had come to France for a holiday and decided to start off in Paris to find some fun.

Francis grinned knowingly and said he would be willing to show them around and take them to some interesting places.

“That would be great, wouldn’t it guys” Josh replied. The others nodded still drooling over the guy’s gorgeous body with his dark complexion.

“Are you French” Toby asked.

“No, I was born in Brazil but my parents moved to France when I was ten and I have been here ever since” he replied. “I just love it here and the gay scene is fantastic in Europe as are some of the guys I meet” he grinned. “Have you guys eaten yet?”

They told him that they had only had a sandwich on the Eurostar and were now feeling hungry.

“Right guys, I know this fantastic little place that is run by two gays. The food is brilliant and it’s not expensive so why don’t you four come back to my place for a wash up and then we’ll go out to eat and if you want I can then take you to a club”

The four readily agreed and couldn’t believe their luck in finding a gorgeous guy to show them around although they realised that he would no doubt want his reward at some point in the proceedings but they were all up for anything.

They drank up and followed him out of the bar. It turned out that he lived within five minutes walk from the bar so they were soon walking up three flights of stairs to a top floor apartment. It was certainly big with three bedrooms, a large living area that had a kitchen off one end and a large bathroom which was a wet room with a large shower area in one corner into which all four of them could stand easily.

On the walls were several pictures and photos of nude men, some full frontal and others in reclining positions. All very tasteful and all very nice to look at.

Francis explained that he was a photographer and specialised in the nude male. “I’ve done several books as you will see on the shelf over there”

The lads moved over to the shelf and each picked a book to look at. Each contained pictures of the nude male in various poses, some of which were very erotic. One book was entirely of guys with erections and having sex with plenty of shots of cocks up arses.

“That’s my latest and the publisher wants another similar one so I am on the look out for more guys willing to be photographed with erections and being fucked”

“Mmm sounds fun” Toby exclaimed. The other three looked at him.

“Would you guys be interested then” Francis asked, not believing that he had found four gorgeous young guys who may be willing to be his next models. “If you were, the book would be entirely of you guys and you would each receive a substantial fee.”

The four started talking about the idea and said they might be interested.

“Okay, let’s talk about it again tomorrow when you’ve had time to think more. In the meantime let’s enjoy ourselves.”

Francis got them all drinks and then said that he needed a shower and they were welcome to have one too if anyone wanted to join him. Without further ado he stripped off his clothes in front of them and flung them to one side as he walked to the bathroom. He really was gorgeous and the four of them just stared for a moment as they sipped their drinks.

Gary was the first to strip off and follow Francis to the bathroom and the other three soon did likewise. When they got to the bathroom they found Francis soaping Gary and feeling his cock which was already rock hard.

Francis looked round at the other three and gasped, “God you guys all have gorgeous bodies, I do hope you agree to be models for me”.

The three of them joined Francis and Gary under the shower and washed each other with sucking, rimming and fingering in between.

“Mmm beautiful”, Francis moaned as he fingered Luke’s arsehole, “would love to fuck that”.

“Be my guest” Luke replied and offered his arse to Francis.

Francis prepared his cock and offered it to the beautiful gaping hole in front of him. He slowly inserted his cock into Luke and fucked him until he had shot his load. When he withdrew he was still rock hard so asked if he could fuck the others as well. They all agreed and one by one he fucked them.

“Would you guys fuck me” he asked when he had finished fucking the last arsehole, “I’d love to be fucked by each of you one after the other”.

Not wanting to disappoint their host, each of them fucked Francis one after the other until each had shot their load. There were now five loaded condoms on the floor which Francis picked up and held high in the air. “What a beautiful sight” he exclaimed, “lovely creamy cum”.

They then went to have something to eat and afterwards Francis took them to a small club where they were again duly admired and the centre of attention.

When they finally left, they agreed to meet up again the next day to discuss the photo shoot. They had already made up their mind but Francis wanted them to sleep on it.


The next day they met up again with Francis who told them what pictures he wanted to take of them. They all agreed, signed the necessary papers and set to work. Francis led them into his studio and immediately the four of them stripped off naked. Francis was surprised since he generally had to coax his models out of their clothes. He started off by taking general shots of them standing around and in various poses. Whilst doing this he noticed the guys getting erections so he took several close up shots of each one. One by one he got them to pose with their erection high and holding it in various sexy poses. He couldn’t believe how natural these guys were.

“Okay guys, how about doing some shots with you fucking each other”

The four obliged and he took loads of shots of them fucking each other in various positions. Over a table, on their knees, rear entry, legs in the air entry and everything else he could think of. Finally he got them to do a four person fuck one behind the other with the front person over a table. He took them from various angles including close ups from underneath each guy’s crotch. What excited Francis even more was that they were fucking bareback. He had never found models willing to do this before so it would be his first book showing bareback. It would also be his first in which he included so many fuck shots so he was really excited about this project. His own cock was rearing to get out of his pants but he decided to keep it inside rather than risk upsetting the shoot.

When they had finally finished Francis exclaimed “Guys, that was fucking marvellous, you’re the best models I’ve ever had to photograph”.

The session took the whole day with just a short break for lunch so they were all tired by the time they had finished. True to his word Francis paid them for their work and invited them round in two day’s time to see the proposed layout for the book.

“Right guys, I want to treat you to a nice meal at a special club which I think you will like”

The four of them were up for anything so readily agreed. They went back to the flat and had a group shower before setting off for a meal at a gay club which had its own restaurant. When they got there, Francis had to show a membership card and vouch for his four young friends. A very nice young man, who was only wearing a skimpy pair of briefs which showed his assets off to the full, led them into a small room through a set of doors covered in plush red leather padding. Here they were invited to remove all their clothes and wear instead a thin robe which just about covered their modesty. Suitably attired, they were then led through another set of doors into a dining room which already had three other groups dining.

The three waiters were again gorgeous young guys and wearing white gossamer G strings through which you could see everything underneath. The four guys could hardly concentrate on ordering food as they gazed at the gorgeous thick cock that was standing in front of them.

The food was delicious, as was everything else around them, and when all the tables had finished their desert, which was a banana concoction shaped like a cock with a big head covered in chocolate, the waiters cleared the tables and served coffee and liqueurs. Then, to the amazement of the four guests, a guy entered the dining room stark naked and showing off an erection to die for.

He went over to a table across the room and started playing with the diners there and then came over to the lads’ table. “Hi” the hunk smiled as he went round caressing each of them down their back and then down their chest ending up in their crotch. He then got Luke to turn his chair round so that he could sit astride Luke. As he did so he unfastened the front of Luke’s robe to expose his already hard cock. “Mmm that’s nice” the guy drooled as he ran his hand up and down it. “Can I sit on that shaft of yours” he asked. Josh nodded in agreement somewhat taken aback at the offer and the guy slipped on a condom, a container of which had just been delivered by one of the waiters. He raised his butt and slowly sat down on Luke’s rock hard cock. Luke could feel his cock slipping into the guys arse and it felt good. The guy rode Luke for several minutes much to the delight of everyone around.

He then stood up and stood beside Toby. He teased Toby with his fully erect cock by playfully smacking it against his face. He then got Toby to stand up and face the other tables all of whom were all looking on with great interest. He stood behind Toby and proceeded to feel his body down to his crotch having opened his robe. He then slipped the robe off to leave Toby stark naked and bent him over the table. He whispered into Toby’s ear “I take it you like cock” at which Toby nodded. Having slipped on a condom and fingered Toby with lube, he then proceeded to fuck Toby with great gusto. Toby groaned and moaned clearly enjoying it all. Suddenly the guy pulled out and turned Toby round onto his back. He lifted Toby’s legs into the air and thrust his cock in again. Toby just loved it and so did everyone else who by now were gathered round the table.

After several minutes of long stroke fucking, he withdrew and told Toby to keep his legs in the air. Toby happily obliged whilst the guy turned to another guy standing behind him. His robe too was soon on the floor to leave him stark naked and he too was showing off a very nice erection. The first guy then placed a condom on the other guy’s cock and led it to Toby’s gaping hole. “Enjoy” he told the guy, who proceeded to give Toby a good fuck.

Whilst that was going on, the leader asked Gary to join him. He soon had Gary stark naked lying on his back with legs in the air next to Toby. He was the only black guy in the room and he caused a lot of interest. Several guys had already disrobed and were waiting with panting erections aching to get into Gary’s black arse. The leader chose one particular guy and having clothed his rock hard cock with a condom took it by his hand and inserted it into Gary’s arsehole. The guy grinned like a Cheshire cat. He had never fucked a black guy before and intended enjoying every second. He thrust his cock in and out like a piston. Fortunately Gary loved being fucked hard so was enjoying it every bit as much. The leader lined up another two guys for Gary when the first had finished and another one for Toby. He then took Josh and Luke to another table and having disrobed them got them to lie on their backs side by side with legs in the air waiting for suitable guys to fuck them. Soon he had two more guys stripped naked ready and willing to oblige. The guy who was led to Luke’s arsehole had a long thick cock. The leader asked Luke if he could take it and Luke grinned. “You bet” he replied. Knowing that most guys could not take him he gently eased his cock into Luke’s gaping hole and was surprised at how easily it went in. Once he was fully in he set to and gave Luke a good hard fuck.

The leader had told all the guys not to come since he wanted to save that to later so the guy fucking Luke had to go careful since he tended to come very quickly. Meanwhile a guy was lined up for Josh. When Josh saw who it was he nearly died. The guy was absolutely drop dead gorgeous with long blond hair and a body to die for. His cock stood out like a flag and he was cut so the large head looked even more inviting. Having been sheathed the leader took great delight in leading the cock to Josh and helping him insert it into the inviting hole before them. He placed his other hand on the guy’s balls and gently squeezed them as the beautiful cock inserted its way into the warm soft tissue of Josh’s arse. He then slowly inserted a finger up the guy’s arse and had a good feel round. The guy loved it so the leader got someone else to take over having told him to remove his robe. “Only those stark naked can take part in this gang bang” he announced. Those still robed quickly threw them off so as not to be left out. The room now contained fifteen naked men plus the leader who went round supervising each fuck.

The four lads lost count how many cocks they had fuck them but they all agreed afterwards that it was a fantastic experience. In fact the leader had made sure that everyone fucked each lad so each had at least eleven fucks.

Finally the floor show, if you can call it that, ended and the leader thanked the four lads for being such good sports and the others for taking part. To thank them for their willingness to take part the leader brought them a cocktail of some sort. With the agreement of Francis the cocktail had been spiked with a drug to make them even more compliant when they moved into the club upstairs. It also included a drug to keep their cocks erect, which it did to perfection.

The four were eventually led upstairs with the others following. All were still stark naked. They entered the club which was a collection of small rooms leading off one larger one in which there was a bar. The three waiters who had served in the dining room now manned the bar. They too were now stark naked with one behind the bar and the other two taking orders round the club. It seemed to be normal practice to either let the barman suck you or let him insert a finger up your arse. They too were not averse to being sucked or being fingered, or even fucked, which happened more frequently as the drugs being taken by everyone took more effect.

The four guys were led off in different directions. Luke was led off by a guy called Lee, Josh by his Adonis whose name was Hans, Toby by the leader and Gary by Francis. Lee took Luke into a room where there was a large inflatable tub which had two guys splashing about in water which was about three or four inches deep. Luke was led into the tub and told to lie down. As he did so he realised that the liquid was piss so he knew what was going to happen next. All three guys immediately pissed over him to add to the pool already there. Fortunately Luke had experienced this before so he was not fazed and in fact found it rather erotic. His cock was still flying high and his arse was still up for more fucking so he pulled his legs up over his head and invited each of them to fuck him. They dutifully obliged making Luke slosh around in the pool of piss.

Josh’s Adonis led him to a room which had mattresses over the floor covered with soft long haired rugs. Hans invited Josh to lie down with him and the feel of the long soft hair caused an erotic flash to run through his naked body. They made beautiful love for about half an hour in which they took it in turns to fuck each other. Two other guys eventually joined them and they changed partners. Gradually one by one the rest of the group joined in and each fucked each other. Josh lost count how many cocks fucked him and how many arses he fucked but he was still up for more by the time they had finished.

The leader took Toby into a room that had a sling. Toby had read about slings but had never tried one. The leader asked him if he would like to try it and Toby readily agreed. The leader fastened Toby’s legs so that his arsehole was gaping wide and ready for anyone who wanted to fuck him. He generously lubed Toby’s arsehole and started the fuck fest going by giving Toby a good fuck. The word soon got round that Toby was in the sling and the guys flooded in to have their turn. To make it more exciting, the leader had blindfolded Toby so he had no idea who was fucking him. By the time Toby was finally released he reckoned he had taken about twenty cocks. His arse felt sore but he still wanted more.

Gary meanwhile had been taken to a room that had a bed. Having checked with Gary that what he was going to do was okay, Francis put a blindfold on Gary, laid him face down and then handcuffed his hands and feet to the four corners of the bed so that he was spread-eagled. Having greased Gary’s arse up with plenty of lube he then proceeded to fuck him. Others soon joined in and Gary was fucked by one after the other without being able to see them. Two guys even managed to do a double fuck without Gary being fully aware although he thought at the time that the guy must have a big cock.

Back in the piss room more guys had relieved themselves over Luke so the depth was now about six inches deep and when they had finished pissing over him they fucked him.

These antics must have gone on for a couple of hours or more before the leader came round and released the four lads from their respective rooms and led them back into the main room. He got them more drinks and gave them another two pills to take, one pink and one blue. “They’re pretty” Toby remarked as he swallowed them down with a swig of vodka that someone had given him. He was completely in a world of his own as were the other three but they were enjoying every minute.

“Who wants to see these guys fuck each other” the leader asked the crowd. A great roar of approval went up and Josh and Luke were lifted onto the bar and told to fuck for the crowd. They were glad to oblige and much to the delight of the crowd did so bareback. Meanwhile Toby and Gary were lifted onto the other end of the bar and told to fuck each other. They too did so bareback which delighted the onlookers even more. Each pair was then told to change over and when they had fucked each other they switched partners with the other two and fucked them. When they had finally fucked each other one of the barmen was lifted onto the bar and each of the lads fucked him one after the other. He then fucked each of them. Not wanting to be left out, the other two had their turn.

For the finale the leader got four tables brought in and then got each of the four lads to bend over a table. He then handcuffed their hands and feet to the legs so they were unable to move. Suitably spread-eagled over the tables he then got each guy in the club, including himself, to fuck each lad one after the other. Luke managed to count up to twenty five but lost count after that. Being face down, he was not sure if each guy fucked more than once. His arse had gone beyond being sore and was now numb. Having all had their fuck they were then split into groups to surround each table. Each lad was turned over to watch each guy come over their naked body. Josh managed to count seven guys wanking over him and eventually shoot seven loads of hot cum over his upper body. Some aimed at his crotch, others over his chest and some on his face. By the time they had all finished each lad was covered in cum which was then spread over the bodies into every crevice. Cum was then used to lubricate the lad’s cocks to bring each of them to a final climax shooting yet more cum over their naked body.

Somehow Francis got the lads back to his flat and they all had a good shower. After a good nights sleep, which in fact went over to midday, they finally woke feeling reasonably refreshed and very hungry. Francis cooked them all a big breakfast which was very tasty. “So how are you guys today?” he asked the four lads. They all agreed they felt good. “So no sore arses” he asked with amazement. “No” they all replied, “we had a great time”. “You guys are just amazing” he said, and then added jokingly “I presume you are ready for more”. “Yes” they all cheered and promptly took hold of Francis, stripped him and fucked him over the kitchen table one after the other. After the third round, Francis begged to be released but they made him fuck each of them before they finally left.

The following day they met up with Francis again to look at the rough layout for the new book. “It looks fantastic” they all exclaimed. “Well it’s all your work” Francis added and they all had a big hug.

It was time to go back home the following day but they met up once more with Francis and he took them to another bar which was ‘boots only’ but not quite as raunchy as the other one. Even so the lads managed to get some fucks in before they finally left!

About three months later a parcel arrived for Luke. It contained four copies of a book entitled ‘English Lads’ with a sub heading ‘A study of males in their prime’. Luke and Josh opened a copy each and were in awe at the beautiful photographs of their naked bodies, especially those showing a hard-on and the penetration shots. Although it was porn, the pictures had an artistic quality about them. They put them in the cupboard out of sight just in case his mother found them. Even she might find these a bit over the top if she happened upon them and saw her son and his boyfriend posing like this.


When they got back to London after their successful trip to Paris, Luke received news that his Grandmother up North was very ill and it was thought she might not last much longer. Luke had always liked her and she him so he wanted to see her once again. He would be away for several days. Josh was at a loose end so one day decided to go into town. He ended up at the Quebec. Not a bar they usually went to but they had been on a few occasions and Josh had noted that it was very cruisy, especially older guys. He guessed he would soon be picked up by someone and provided they looked reasonable he would have some fun.

He got there about lunchtime and several guys were sitting around. He got himself a beer and just stood and watched for a while. He soon noticed a guy sitting in the corner who was rubbing his crotch clearly wanting Josh to see. The guy was probably in his late forties and had quite a nice body on him from what Josh could see.

Josh casually walked over to the guy. “Looks as if you could do with a helping hand”. The guy smiled and invited Josh to sit next to him. With his back to the bar, Josh felt the bulge in the guy’s crotch. “Mmm nice” he told the guy.

They chatted for a while and the guy invited Josh back to his flat in Kensington. The guy was drooling over Josh and kept slipping his hand into Josh’s crotch. He was not disappointed with what he found as Josh was rock hard. “Yeah okay” responded Josh. The guy couldn’t believe his luck. “Are you into threesomes” the guy asked. Josh told him he didn’t mind. “I have a Chinese houseboy who just loves joining in when I’m with someone”.

”Cool, sounds good”

“Yeah he’s certainly good; he’s 18, smooth all over like most Chinese and just loves gay sex”

Josh was getting more and more excited at the thought and his hard-on was straining to get out.

“I think we had better go before you burst out of your trousers” the guy said as he gave Josh one last squeeze before leading the way to his flat.

“I’m Tony by the way”


“Nice name, follow me Josh”

Tony’s apartment was in Kensington and it was very posh. Goodness knows how many rooms it had but it was far from small.

“Come on in” Tony said leading him into a large sumptuous hall and then into a large living room that contained two large sofas and other chairs, a wonderful crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling which must have been at least twelve feet high and artwork, which Josh guessed was mainly original, lined the walls, each one lit with its own light.

“Very nice” Josh exclaimed more to himself than Tony.

“Thank you, I’m glad you like it, now what can I get you to drink, a beer or would you like one of my special cocktails”

Josh was about to say a beer but then decided he would live the high life. “I’ll try your special cocktail please, sounds intriguing”

Suddenly a Chinese lad was standing in the doorway. “Ah K come and say hello to Josh, he’s interested in a threesome with you”. Tony held three fingers up and clasped his other hand into a fist to make the usual hand sign for gay sex. K grinned and disappeared back to the kitchen to make the cocktail that Tony had asked him for.

“His English is very limited but he’s rapidly learning from my sign language. I can’t pronounce his name but it begins with K so I call him that. He seems happy for me to do so.”

“How did he come to work for you then”

“I met him wandering around Earls Court one day and asked if I could help. It turned out he had come over to the UK to find work and had been wandering round for several days without anywhere to stay or knowing what to do so I invited him back here for a shower and some food. He wandered out of the shower stark naked without any concern at all and things developed from there. When I realised he was gay I offered him a job as a houseboy, bought him a set of clothes and made him welcome. He was genuinely appreciative.”

“I bet he was” Josh laughed.

“Yeah well, it’s not every day you can have your own eighteen year old to fuck whenever you want is it, and he can’t get enough of it so that’s why I introduced him to threesomes”

The two of them laughed and waited for K to bring the cocktail in.

“It’s quite hot in here with the sun shining in so feel free to slip off your shirt if you want, think I will”

Josh took the hint and slipped off his T shirt to expose his naked torso. He also pulled his jeans down a bit more along with his underwear to show some more of his bottom. He and Luke followed the latest trend of wearing trousers well down the bottom to show their pants stretched across the top of the butt. Josh often pulled his briefs down as well to show off bare flesh. As usual it didn’t go unnoticed and Tony took it all in. He could feel his cock already forming a hard-on ready to fuck that beautiful arse.

K soon came back with a jug full of the special cocktail and poured out two glasses. He had also taken off his white shirt and was now just wearing a pair of brief white shorts which stretched across his bum to show that he had nothing on underneath. The front had no fly and nothing to hide his genitals which filled the shorts out to perfection. Josh could clearly see the shape of his cock which looked slightly enlarged already. He padded across the thick piled carpet in his bare feet and offered Josh his drink. As he did so K’s eyes ran up and down Josh’s body and landed for a few seconds on the bulge in Josh’s crotch. He grinned and moved to Tony to give him his drink.

Josh took a sip of drink and liked the taste. He had no idea what was in it but it sure had a kick so he drank some more.

“Like it”

“Yeah, it’s great”

“Good, K will keep you topped up, there’s plenty more” Tony grinned “As K is showing off what he’s got, why don’t you Josh” Tony asked jokingly not sure whether Josh would take the bait”

“Sure” Josh immediately replied and promptly removed his trousers and shoes to leave him in his underwear.

“Mmm, nice” Tony responded as he moved nearer to feel the hard roll inside Josh’s briefs.

Josh took another swig of his drink and K immediately topped it up. He had been well trained! Josh took the opportunity to feel K’s crotch and was pleasantly surprised at the size of the hard-on beneath the thin material.

K grinned and took the move as a prompt to remove his shorts. He loved being naked and particularly in front of strangers. Josh stood back and admired the beautiful smooth naked body standing in front of him.

“He’s beautiful” isn’t he” Tony said. “He’s gorgeous” Josh replied without taking his eyes off K.

Tony said something in Chinese to K who grinned in response. “I’ve learnt a little Chinese and I’ve told him you like him very much.”

“Massaaage” K asked in his broken English.

“K gives a brilliant all over body massage, I thoroughly recommend it”

Josh agreed knowing what the outcome would be but had not reckoned on how wonderful the experience would be.

Tony suggested they move upstairs onto a terrace which was completely private yet fully in the open. K got Josh to lie on a sun bed face down having first of all removed Josh’s briefs very seductively. When he saw Josh’s erection he exclaimed “Nice”.

“He’s got that right” Tony responded and promptly removed the remainder of his clothes before sitting on another sun bed to watch K give Josh the massage.

Josh felt K pour oil onto his back and then gently massage his body. He had sensuous hands which sent sexual excitement through the whole of Josh’s naked body. K’s hands slipped between his buttocks and felt his balls. His cock was getting bigger and bigger and he could feel its hardness pushing into his belly.

He then felt K pull his cheeks apart and lick his arsehole. This went on for several minutes and Josh was in sexual ecstasy. He could not remember being rimmed as well as this before – and that was saying something because Luke’s rimming always sent him into sexual raptures.

When the rimming had stopped he felt fingers gently probing his arse. First one, then two and finally three. They were deep inside and Josh could feel his inside tissue being massaged. It was so erotic that he almost came. K knew he was hitting all the right spots by the way Josh’s body writhed with sexual electricity apart from the audible grunts of delight. Tony just watched on even though he was itching to fuck that gorgeous arse. His own cock was now rock hard and he thought about offering it to Josh to suck but that would distract him from the beautiful experience he was having. ‘There’s plenty of time for me to have fun with him’ he told himself since Josh had already said that he was in no hurry and had nothing on for the rest of the day. ‘Yeah, I’ll make sure he has nothing on for the rest of the day and night’ Tony chuckled to himself.

Josh could now feel a hard cock slowly being inserted into his sex hole. Tony watched with delight as K’s long hard cock slowly slid inside the hot arse. He just loved watching him do it.

After a few strokes K withdrew and indicated for Josh to turn over. K then massaged the front of his body before setting to work on his erection. He slowly licked it from top to base before taking it into his mouth to give it a good suck. After several minutes Josh thought he could hold himself no longer and was about to come when K stopped sucking. He then positioned himself over Josh’s cock and slowly sat down on it. He gave Josh the ride of his life until Josh finally shot his load.

Thoroughly exhausted, he sank back and finished his drink. K immediately filled the glass up again.

“So was that good then” Tony asked with a grin, “I told you his body massage was good didn’t I”.

Josh just grinned and lay back enjoying the warm feeling K had given him and the warmth of the sun on his naked body. Tony moved forward and took hold of Josh’s still hard cock. His own cock was fully erect and was itching to get into Josh’s gorgeous arse. He slowly sucked Josh’s cock and pushed it further and further into his mouth until it was all in and the large head was down his throat. Josh could feel his head pushing against the hot tissue and the more Tony fucked it with his mouth the more the head swelled filling the aperture. He loved deep throat fucking and was fortunate enough to be able to take a cock down his throat without gagging. He preferred it to being fucked although he enjoyed that as well. Josh could feel himself coming again. He had never experienced a deep throat fuck like this before and it felt brilliant. His whole body was writhing with sexual excitement and Tony just loved seeing this young buck under his control.

Josh finally shot his hot load of cum down Tony’s throat. Tony could feel it slowly slipping down and he loved it. Tony continued fucking the hard cock for several more minutes until every drop of cum had shot from Josh’s cum sack down his throat. Josh could hardly control himself due to the pain and excitement that one gets when you have cum but the other person keeps on massaging that spent head. He was in heaven and didn’t want it to stop.

Tony withdrew the cock from his mouth and licked the piss hole to remove any last drops of cum. It tasted beautiful.

“That was beautiful” Tony exclaimed, “I just love taking cum in my mouth. I know one shouldn’t but I assume you are negative”.

“Very much so” Josh responded, “I am checked every month”.

“My, that’s very conscientious, why so often”

Josh explained about his porn video work and the fact that it was bareback. Tony’s eyes lit up.

“That’s real cool; I love fucking and being fucked bareback and so does K. He doesn’t really like condoms. We were both tested recently and I have the certificate to prove it if you want to see it. Can we continue bareback from now on?”

Josh agreed that he preferred to feel bare flesh in his arse and up another’s so it suited him.

“I believe in living life to the full”

Tony laughed and explained to K that condoms were no longer necessary. K’s face lit up at the thought of having his naked cock inside Josh.

“Turn over”, Tony instructed Josh, who duly did as he was told. He guessed what was coming but in any event the cocktail had now well and truly gone to his head so he was powerless to do otherwise. He didn’t know of course that it contained a drug that made him very compliant as well as sexually aroused. Its something Tony had picked up on his travels to Africa. The friends he had stayed with seemed to have a natural drug for every occasion and Tony made good use of them when the time was right.

Tony sat astride Josh’s naked body and first of all rimmed him. Josh could feel Tony’s hot tongue thrusting its way into his arsehole which Tony was stretching to its maximum width. He then thrust three fingers straight into the gaping hole and had a good feel around. Josh’s body was again writhing with sexual excitement as he felt the three digits probing inside his arse. He was in heaven again and could not understand why he felt this way. He always loved his arse being fingered and Luke was particularly good at doing it to him but he had never felt like this before.

“Aggh that’s fucking brilliant” Josh exclaimed.

Tony just loved it when someone exclaimed their delight at what he was doing to them. It was one of the things he loved about K who always voiced his sexual feelings and Tony was teaching him words to use such as fuck, rim, cock, balls, and even piss because K loved being pissed on and taking it into his mouth. Tony was always pleased to oblige, especially when K did the clearing up afterwards by hosing down the decking and the sun beds.

Having got Josh’s hole well enlarged and well lubricated he thrust his hard cock into the beautiful arse in front of him. His cock went in with one thrust. He could feel his balls slapping against Josh’s arse so he knew he was fully in. He took long hard strokes as he thrust his cock in and out. “Oh that feels fucking brilliant, he screamed, “you are fucking gorgeous to fuck”. Josh grinned and just lay there letting Tony do whatever he wanted. “It feels fucking brilliant” he exclaimed in response.

Having shot his load up Josh’s arse, his cock as usual was still rock hard. Shooting a load of cum never caused him to go limp or lose the desire to continue fucking. His sexual appetite was insatiable, which was another reason he loved K although K could beat him on stamina on occasions.

Tony beckoned K without saying anything and indicated that he wanted K to straddle Josh and insert his cock into Josh’s arsehole alongside his. Tony leaned back to give room for K to get his cock into the right position. They had done this before so he knew what to do. Josh’s arsehole was so accommodating that K slipped his cock in with ease. As he thrust in and out he could feel his cock rubbing up against Tony’s and he loved the experienced. “Fucking good” he exclaimed. Tony could feel K’s cock rubbing against the head of his and it was bringing him to another climax. “Fucking good” Tony responded as he put his hand round to feel the two cocks inside Josh and then K’s balls. K loved his balls being felt when he was having sex.

“You okay Josh”

“Yeah fucking wonderful”

“You like two cocks up your arse then”

“Yeah fucking brilliant”

K had continued fucking and was about to cum. He let himself go and a stream of cum shot past the head of Tony’s cock into Josh’s arse. Tony felt the hot cum ooze round his inflamed head and it made him climax as well. Two streams of hot creamy cum shot into Josh at the same time. It was something Josh had never experienced before and neither had the other two.

“That was fucking brilliant” they all exclaimed. “I could feel you both shooting inside me” Josh added.


They all relaxed for a while and got through the second jug of special cocktail which had now made Josh completely compliant and still extremely horny. His only problem was that his bladder was bursting and he needed a pee.

“I need a pee” he exclaimed, more to himself than the others.

“Ah” Tony said, “K loves being pissed on, don’t you K”

K recognised the word piss and grinned. “Yes I like piss”

They removed the soft mattress on the sun bed and K lay down on his back. “Just piss all over him” Tony instructed Josh, “and let him have it in his mouth as well because he loves that”.

Josh stood astride K and let his bladder flow. Hot piss shot out all over K’s naked body and then into his mouth. By the time Josh had finished K was wet all over as was the sun bed and the surrounding area.

“Don’t worry about the mess, K will clear it up later. He loves hosing down.”

Josh lay down on top of K’s body to kiss him and he felt the wet piss squish between their two naked skins. K was rock hard again so Josh took the piss covered cock into his mouth and sucked it. It tasted rather nice. K was soon writhing with sexual pleasure and enjoying every second. Josh felt between his legs and gently massaged the inside of his thighs and then the underneath of his balls. They were all erotic zones for K and he showed it. Josh then gently massaged his nipples and again found another very erotic zone.

“My, my” Tony said, “you really know how to turn a guy on and where all the erotic zones are, so few guys seem to know”.

Josh was only half listening because he sensed that K was about to come. He continued sucking and gently rubbing his nipples until suddenly K erupted into his mouth. Load after load of hot creamy cum shot down his throat and Josh enjoyed every drop of it. “You taste beautiful” Josh told K when he had finally finished and K smiled knowing what he had meant.

“Come on you two, let’s go and eat”

Tony told them both to stay naked as he wanted to enjoy their naked bodies for the rest of the day.

K prepared some lunch and they sat in the lounge munching on smoked salmon sandwiches and various other delights. K had prepared another jug of drink which was different to the last one but still as delicious. Josh was already feeling high on the other one and this made him even more compliant and hornier. As he relaxed back on the sofa his cock was rock hard again and Tony took advantage of it. He came and sat on Josh’s lap and rode him hard. He then changed places with Josh and told him to fuck him hard from behind. Josh was happy to oblige. K meanwhile had cleared the dishes and came back to look on. His own cock was rearing to go again so Josh pulled out and let him take over. Watching his backside thrust up and down as he fucked Tony, made him want to fuck K’s arse. Josh thrust his cock into K and fucked him as he fucked Tony. It felt wonderful. His cock was alive with erotic feelings and the feel of its bare flesh inside K’s arse was fantastic.

After a while K and Josh changed over and Josh fucked Tony, who just lay there taking it all, and K fucked Josh. The feel of his cock inside Tony and K’s inside his arse sent him into another level of ecstasy. The fucking just went on and on and no one seemed to want to stop.

Eventually Tony told them to stop as he wanted to fuck Josh. He took him into another room, bent him over a table that had a hole at one end through which his cock slip through. His arms were stretched out across the table and his wrists were fastened with tapes to the table legs. His feet were also tied to the other legs. As a result he was spread-eagled with his arse in the air and unable to move. Josh just let them do what they did without a murmur.

Tony thrust his cock inside Josh and fucked him real hard. The table rocked with the ferocity of the fuck but Josh enjoyed every minute of it. Then K fucked him, not so hard but with the same vigour. They alternated like this for about thirty minutes until they finally released him.

“You okay” Tony asked hoping he hadn’t gone too far but Josh just grinned and said he loved it.

Tony and Josh then tied K down in the same way and gave him the same treatment. Josh found it somewhat exhilarating fucking a guy who was tied down and his stokes became harder and harder as he fucked.

Suddenly the doorbell rang and Tony went to answer it having slipped on a very short gown that only just covered his genitals.

“Hi come on in and join us” Tony greeted the two guests.

He led them into the room where K was still tied down and introduced them to Josh.

“This is Kevin and Jo”

Josh shook their hands not feeling the slightest bit embarrassed at standing their stark naked in front of them. The two clearly enjoyed the sight and commented accordingly.

“You know K of course”

The two patted K on the bottom and said Hi.

“So do you two want to join us” Tony asked Kevin and Jo. Both readily agreed and Tony got them two glasses so that they could have some of the special drink whilst they removed their clothes. Both were in their late thirties and both had very nice bodies. In no time they were both hard and were soon fucking K’s inviting arse. The four of them took it in turns to fuck K one after the other and kept it going for a good half hour. K’s arsehole was so wide open now that each cock just slipped in without any effort and the several loads of cum that had been deposited up his arse acted as lube for each of them.

Finally they released K and they continued to have fun on the floor in yet another room. The carpet was thick piled and the feel of it on their naked bodies was really erotic. They sucked, fucked and rimmed each other for the rest of the afternoon and into early evening. In all Josh had been having sex for at least six hours and he was still ready for more.

K left them to prepare an evening meal but the four still found plenty to do with each other. To keep the mood right, Tony had put on some porn movies so every now and then they would copy what had been shown.

K finally came and told them that the meal was ready and they all trooped into a dining room that contained a large dining table that looked as if it could seat about twelve people. The table was beautifully laid out for the five of them. K served the meal and as he did so his backside was fondly patted. They were all stark naked including K. As he served he wore a small apron but his backside was bare and inviting for a pat. He removed his apron and sat down at the table for his meal. They ate and joked, most of them being about stories of various conquests they had achieved over the years. Josh got a hard-on listening to them all.

After the meal they drank more wine and then brandy. Josh was well away by the time Kevin and Jo finally went home. Tony took Josh by the hand and led him to the bedroom. He never asked Josh if he would like to stay the night but Josh accepted the expectation that he would. In any event, Josh was in no fit state to go home so he sent a text to Mrs W to say he was staying overnight with a friend.

They had another two hours of sex, although in reality it was Tony doing most of the work since Josh was too far gone to know what he was doing. Tony fucked him, sucked him, rimmed him, stuck dildos up his arse and fucked him again and again. Tony had this ability to come almost every time he fucked so Josh’s arse was filled with so much hot creamy cum that it was oozing out of his arse. Tony licked his own cum from the well opened arse and pushed his tongue inside as far as it would go. “God you are gorgeous Josh” he exclaimed as his tongue darted in and out.

They finally dropped off to sleep in others arms and when Josh woke in the morning the sun was shining through the window onto his naked body. Tony was up and dressed and was looking down at him.

“Morning gorgeous”

“Morning” Josh grinned back. He could smell breakfast being cooked and after a quick shower he joined Tony and K in the kitchen for egg and bacon.

After breakfast he made his excuses to leave. He had the feeling that if he hadn’t the pair of them would be fucking him over the breakfast table! He went home to have another shower and change of clothes and set off to Scott since he had agreed to do an extra three hours that week as Scott wanted some spring cleaning done.


“Morning Josh, god you look fucking awful what were you up to last night?”

Josh grinned. Ever since he had started working for Scott he had told him what he and Luke had been up to and very often telling him the most intimate details of his fucks with guys. Scott wrote horny gay stories so he knew that a lot of what he told him ended up as story lines. Josh told him what had happened the previous day.

“You lucky bastard, wish I had been a fly on the wall to see all that going on”

Josh stripped off as usual and Scott felt his cock and his arse as often as he could whilst Josh did the cleaning he required. Several jobs required Josh to be on his hands and knees and he stuck his arse in the air as he knew Scott liked this. Several time Scott moved his wheelchair up closer so that he could feel the inviting arse and insert a finger. Josh loved it really although today he could have done without it but he knew his visit was a highlight in Scott’s otherwise action less life. Scott actually had a very nice body and if it hadn’t been for the accident when he lost the use of his legs he would be the centre of attention with guys.

“God you look sexy today”

Josh grinned and continued with cleaning the cupboard he was working on.

Josh was conscious of Scott removing his clothes. He often did this when Josh was there so made no comment. He turned to see Scott naked to the waist but struggling with his trousers. “Do you want a hand with those?

Scott grinned, “Sure could”.

Josh helped him remove his trousers which left him stark naked in the wheelchair. Josh once again admired his naked body which despite being confined to a wheelchair most of the time had somehow kept its slim shape.

Seeing Scott’s erection, he felt his own rapidly forming.

“Would you like to use that on me” Scott asked him.


Scott wheeled himself to the bedroom and with surprising ease got himself out of the chair and onto the bed. After all he had to do it every night so the technique was well practised. He turned himself over and let Josh take him from behind. It wasn’t the first time Josh had fucked him but it had been quite a while since he had. Having well greased his arse before Josh arrived, the big strong cock slipped in with ease.

“Fucking hell, that’s beautiful, it feels fucking wonderful to have a cock up my arse.”

He nearly added that Josh’s technique had certainly improved in the time he had known him, but thought better of it and instead enjoyed the masterful strokes of the big cock going in and out of his arse. Josh had often told him that he was able to fuck, even bareback, without coming too soon. He admired this ability since he often came far too soon and just when he was really enjoying the erotic thrill of it all only to have his high thrust down to a low. Even when Josh had cum he seemed to be able to keep on fucking.

Josh just carried on fucking. He must have done so for at least twenty minutes when he finally came and Scott felt the rush of hot cum shoot up his arse. He so loved that sensation. Having shot his load Josh carried on fucking and Scott could hear the sloshing of cum as Josh’s cock moved in and out. Scott hadn’t been fucked for some while and his arse was beginning to feel sore but he pushed the pain from his mind and concentrated on the image of that young cock pumping in and out of his arse.

“Oh Josh that really is fucking good”

Suddenly, Josh stopped fucking and gently rolled Scott over on his back. He took Scott’s erection in his mouth and sucked it. One thing Scott had been able to do was keep his erection whilst being fucked. In fact the more he was fucked the harder he became. Josh was as good at sucking as he was at fucking and he now had the full length of Scott’s cock in his mouth. Scott could feel the big head being massaged at the entrance to Josh’s throat and he was reaching his climax. In no time he was shooting creamy cum down Josh’s throat.

“God that was fantastic, thanks Josh that was fucking fantastic”

Josh just grinned knowing that such services would earn him a special bonus when it came to pay day.


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