by Adam Stewart


Chapter 5

The next day Josh was due to go to Scott to clean. He got there to find Scott stark naked in his wheel chair, which was not unusual, but he was wearing a cock strap and his member was fully erect.

“Ever worn a cock ring or strap” he asked Josh.

Josh explained he had not but was willing to try one. Not that he needed one to get his cock up but it would be fun. As Josh stood in front of him, Scott fitted a strap round his bollocks trapping his balls and his cock within the strap. He fastened the strap as tight as he could and watched the organ grow. It soon did and exhibited a large red head. Josh rather liked the feel of it. He could feel the blood forcing its way into his cock and then being trapped there as he got on with the jobs.

Scott wanted him to clean the oven that morning. He loved watching Josh bend over to clean the shelves. He stood with his legs astride and bent forward so that his bollocks swung back and forth between his legs. Being trapped in the cock strap they hung lower than usual so he got a good view. He moved nearer to Josh and slowly fingered the gaping arse before him. Josh just carried on with the cleaning. He was used to Scott feeling his cock and his arse as he worked and he rather enjoyed it. He could feel a finger being inserted inside his arse and having a good feel around. Knowing that Scott liked to do this he always douched himself out and greased himself up before he came out.

Having had a weekend of fucking his arse was still wide open so Scott could get three fingers in easily.

“Luke’s been fucking you hard over the weekend I can see”

Josh laughed. “Not only Luke” he responded.

“Oh I see and what naughty things have you two been up to then?”

Josh explained where they had been and what had happened as he continued to clean the oven. He was now doing the inside and instead of going on his knees as he usually did he bent right over so that his arse was in Scott’s face. Scott pulled it towards him and licked him out. Josh loved being rimmed by Scott.

When he had finished he pulled him down onto his own rod which slipped in like a knife into butter. Josh moved up and down and fucked himself on Scott’s big hard cock until he could feel his hot cum shoot inside him.

“Fucking hell, that was good” Scott exclaimed. “If I got a couple of friends round one day would you and Luke come and have an orgy in front of me?”

“Sure, we’d love to”

“Great, we’ll call it a ‘no clothes party’ and I have in mind a couple of young bucks who I know would love to come.”


The party was arranged for the following Friday evening. As well as Josh and Luke, Scott had also invited his two gay cousins. They were identical twins and were just eighteen. He had known for some years they were gay even though they had not come out to their parents. The twins knew of course that Scott was gay and always enjoyed visiting him for the weekend. The last time they came he promised them a no clothes sex party as an 18th birthday present so this was it. Needless to say their parents were blissfully unaware. Since they lived in the Cotswolds they were unlikely to find out!

Over the years he had seen them both naked and had enjoyed watching their bodies develop to maturity. They were both identical even down to their well developed cocks. Most could not tell them apart but Scott could. Jason had a certain mannerism which Craig did not. It was the only difference Scott had noticed between them. He was looking forward to watching them have sex with the other two lads who of course were only a year older but had far more experience of gay sex. This was why he had set the whole thing up. It was his first ‘no clothes’ party and he intended making the most of it and enjoying it to the full.

Scott was an electronics buff and had small hidden cameras throughout the flat which he could monitor from a small screen on his wheel chair via wireless connections. He could also record output from each camera so he would have great fun later producing a porn video for his own delight whenever he felt horny – which was often these days!

Josh had suspected he was being captured on camera as he went round naked doing the cleaning but it didn’t bother him so he said nothing to Scott or Luke. What Josh did not know about was Scott’s latest addition which was a mini camera fitted into the arm of his wheelchair. He could control the angle and zoom by means of a small joystick on the control panel and he was looking forward to being able to zoom in when the lads were sucking and fucking each other.

When Josh and Luke arrived on the Friday evening they found the twins sitting on the floor in front of Scott who was wearing a T shirt and a rug over his legs. The twins were both wearing a pair of tight shorts which showed off their manhood to great effect much to the delight of the onlookers. On top they had a tight fitting T shirt with the words ‘I know I’m gorgeous!’ emblazoned across the chest. “I wouldn’t argue with that” Luke thought to himself as Scott introduced the lads to the twins.

“Right lads” Scott announced “this is a no clothes party so get those fucking clothes off”.

The four of them went into the spare room and stripped off the few items of clothing they were wearing. As the evening was still warm the two lads had also only worn shorts and a T shirt and had also dispensed with underwear knowing they would soon be discarding their clothes. Having removed these two items of clothing and their trainers they all stood stark naked looking at each other and grinned. None of them were disappointed with what they saw!

When they rejoined Scott in the living room he had removed his T shirt and the blanket leaving him stark naked. It was the first time Luke and the twins had seen him naked and they admired his muscular body. Despite his disability Scott always made sure he looked after his body.

“Well, what a grand sight”, Scott said as they walked in, “four naked studs”.

He told them to help themselves to the food and drink that was spread out on the table as much as they wanted. “And help yourself to a blue pill if you feel your tool needs a boost at anytime and to a joint when you want a smoke.” Luke also noticed that there were bottles of lube and poppers on the floor near a large thick piled rug where the frolics were clearly planned once the party had got into a swing.

The twins tucked into the food as if they hadn’t eaten for weeks and washed it down with a punch that Scott had persuaded them to drink rather than cans of lager. What Scott had put in the punch was not known but it certainly had a kick and they were all soon laughing a joking around with each other. When they had all had their fill for the time being they sprawled out on the large rug in front of Scott and began getting to know each other more intimately. Josh started playing around with Jason, and Luke with Craig. They both soon had full on erections much to the delight of Scott who was zooming his camera onto each of them in turn. The twins laid back on the rug in unison and opened their legs with their knees in the air. Josh and Luke knelt before their twin between their legs and sucked the erection standing before them. It tasted good and the twins enjoyed having their cocks sucked by someone else. Up to now they had only sucked each others.

Both Luke and Josh were good suckers and could almost take the whole cock in their mouth. The twins were amazed to see their cocks disappearing inside another’s mouth. Luke could feel pre-cum leaking from Craig’s cock so stopped sucking and lifted the twin’s legs into the air and bent them over him so that his arse was laid bare in front of him. Josh did the same. The pair of them had a hairless arsehole which was beautifully formed, spread out and ready for action.

They both took a sniff of poppers and lifted their twin’s head as they held the bottle under one nostril whilst closing the other. “Take a deep sniff” Josh told Jason. Having filled one nostril he changed to the other and told him to do the same. Craig was doing the same from the bottle being held by Luke. The twins could feel the effect of the poppers and felt their blood start racing through their bodies. Luke and Josh then started licking and rimming their offered arsehole and plunged their tongues inside as far as they could as they held the lips apart. The twins could not believe the effect this had on them. It was ecstatic and took them to a new high they had never experienced before. Suddenly they felt a well lubed finger probing inside. Josh always loved probing inside an arse. He loved the feel of soft warm flesh as his fingers explored inside. Having opened his hole up, he slipped in two fingers and explored again. He pushed them in right up to the hilt before introducing a third. Jason could feel his arsehole opening up as he relaxed and wanted to feel a cock inside. So far the twins had never fucked each other so this would be the first time.

“I want you to fuck me” he told Josh “but take it gently because it’s our first time”.

Both Josh and Luke took the cue and lubed their own tools which were up and ready. Having taken another sniff of poppers each they slowly inserted their cocks into the gaping holes. Much to their surprise both their cocks slipped in easily without any complaint from the twins or sign of pain. Having got his right in up to his crotch, Josh held it there for a few seconds whilst he took another sniff of poppers. Jason grinned at him and took the bottle to have a sniff himself. Josh then commenced a slow fuck which gradually increased in speed until he was giving Jason the fuck of his life.

Scott had been so engrossed with this that he had not noticed that Luke was fucking Craig in the same fashion. Both twins were being fucked with long hard strokes by the two studs. He filmed each in turn and zoomed in on the cock going in and out of the beautiful arsehole.

Josh felt himself reaching a climax and wondered whether he would stop so as to make it last but it was too late. Jason could feel the hot cum shoot up his arse. “Fucking beautiful” he exclaimed as Josh finally came to a standstill. Luke had done likewise and was filling Craig with his hot cum.

It was now the turn of the twins and the lads sucked and wanked each of them until they came. Scott told them that he wanted to see each of them come separately so they did it in turns. On cue they shot their load high into the air and without them realising it, Scott had captured the whole lot on camera.

“Brilliant lads” Scott enthused, “have some more food if you want and you must both want another drink so help yourself. And pass me a joint someone.”

The twins helped themselves to another plate of food and filled their glasses with more punch. The others just had the punch and smoked a joint.

Not wanting to be left out, the twins smoked a joint each when they had finished their food and sat down on the rug with the others. Having never smoked hash before they found it made them feel very peculiar but liked the feeling. They also felt very horny again and were soon sucking the nearest cock to them. Jason happened to be sitting in front of Scott who was showing off a good sized erection. Jason took it into his mouth and sucked. Before long Scott was spewing hot cum into his mouth much to the surprise and delight of Jason. “Cool man, I’ve always wanted to take cum in my mouth” he exclaimed.

They all laughed and spent the next hour or so sucking cock and fucking each other.


They had several hours of great sex and Scott captured the lot on camera.

“Okay guys I want you to do one more thing for me before the party is over”

Everyone watched Scott wheel himself into the bedroom and they duly followed. He got himself onto the bed, laid in the middle and turned on his side towards them.

“Jason lay on your side close up towards my back. Craig, you lay in front of me with your back to me”

Luke guessed what he wanted to do.

Scott told Jason to fuck him whilst he fucked Craig. Soon they were both pumping away in unison. Scott was clearly enjoying himself.

“You look if you’re nicely set up for the night” Josh told him. Scott grinned “Yeah I think we’ll stay like this for quite a while longer”.

“By the way, if you ring the number on that bit of paper over there a guy called Phil will come and collect you in his cab and take you home. If you want some more fun let him take you back to his place. He’s gay and would love to have some fun with you guys. You’ll get a free ride in more ways than one!”

Josh phoned the guy and within ten minutes he was ringing the doorbell. They said their good byes and opened the door. Standing there was a gorgeous looking guy. He was in his mid thirties, slim build and wearing a pair of thin shorts with a sports shirt that was open all the way down the front exposing a very sexy chest. The shorts hid a long thick roll in the crotch. “Hi I’m Phil” he announced as he looked Luke and Josh up and down with glee. “You wanna a ride” he asked with a grin”

“Sure we’re ready” Josh grinned.

Phil showed them to his taxi and jumped into the driving seat. “I live just round the corner if you’re interested” he called back to them.

“Yeah, sure, we’re up for anything” Luke replied and grinned at Phil in the mirror.

Within ten minutes they were walking into Phil’s flat. It was in a large Victorian house that had been converted into three flats long ago. Phil’s was on the ground floor and had two large rooms, one being the bedroom and the other a living room. A small kitchen and bathroom had been cleverly formed out of what once had been a large hallway. The high ceilings gave a feeling of space and opulence.

“Come in and make yourselves comfortable” Phil told them as he kicked off his shoes and slipped off his shirt. The two lads gazed at the beautiful torso in front of them as they followed Phil into the living room. They did likewise and removed their shoes and T shirt.

A bottle of Vodka stood on a low table in front of them. “Fancy a drink?” The two lads nodded and Phil poured three large Vodkas and topped it up with Coke but the Vodka well outweighed the Coke so the drink he passed to them had a real kick.

“You guys do Charlie?”

Luke and Josh looked at him for a moment until Luke suddenly realised what he was talking about. He had heard the term used during their weekend orgy. “Yeah if you’ve got some” he replied.

Phil made up three generous lines of the white powder on the glass table and they each snorted one.

“I imagine you guys have already had a heavy night of it so you might want one of these as well” Phil grinned as he put some blue pills on the table.

“Yeah why not” Luke said taking one of the pills and downed it with a swig of Vodka. Not wanting to let the side down Josh took one too.

Phil put some porn on and they sat and watched it in silence for a while. Phil had seated himself between them. He placed his left hand on Luke’s bare leg and his right on Josh’s. The porn centred round a group of army recruits who were having a gang bang. One of the young guys was being fucked bare back by the rest of the group. Luke and Josh found it very erotic and soon had hard-ons straining to get out under their shorts. Phil slipped his hands inside each pair of shorts and took hold of their respective organs.

“Mmmmm, they feel good. Would love them inside me”

The effect of the coke, the Vodka, the Viagra and the porn had made Luke feel very horny again.

“Get them shorts off and we’ll give you the fuck of your life” he instructed Phil. As it happened Phil loved being dominated so he got up immediately and stripped off his shorts. The two lads quickly took in his beautiful naked body. He had a large cock which was partially erect and a pair of large balls which hung low.

“Bend over the end of the sofa” Luke demanded. He looked at Josh and grinned. Phil bent over the arm of the sofa and Luke positioned himself on the sofa so that he could pull Phil’s head down to suck his cock.

“Okay Josh fuck him real hard”

Josh took the cue and thrust his long hard tool straight into Phil’s arsehole which fortunately Phil had pre lubricated earlier. He felt the long hard cock penetrate his arse and winced but in reality he enjoyed being fucked roughly. Meanwhile Luke had pulled his head down onto Luke’s erection and told him to suck it. Once inside his mouth Luke pushed his head down further so that the length of the cock was in his mouth and being forced down his throat. Phil was surprised he could take it and found it really turned him on. Meanwhile Josh was still pounding his arse.

Luke then released his head and withdrew his tool. Luke then swung his legs over his head to expose his arse in front of Phil’s face.

“Lick that arse out and give me a good rimming” Luke ordered Phil.

Hearing Luke give orders to Phil made Josh fuck even harder. Phil loved licking arse so he was more than happy to give Luke a good rimming. Luke had taken a long hard sniff of poppers and Phil took one too. As soon as he had done so and passed the bottle back to Luke, he set about rimming the beautiful arse into which his face was being held. Luke inhaled another load of poppers as he felt Phil’s hot tongue push its way into his arsehole. He just loved the feel of a hot tongue licking round and into his arse. He could feel the poppers rushing to his head which was enhanced with the ‘C’ and the alcohol. His cock was rock hard and he wanted to cum. He lowered his legs and instructed Phil to suck his rampant cock.

“Suck me off” he ordered Phil who took the large head into his mouth without any prompting.

Luke shot his load into Phil’s mouth. Phil loved taking cum and this sweet load tasted wonderful.

Watching all this made Josh fuck harder and harder until he could feel himself shoot his load of cum up Phil’s arse. Phil could feel the hot cum shoot inside him as he took Luke’s into his mouth. “Wow, cum in both ends” he thought to himself as he licked the last remaining drops off Luke’s large organ.

When they had finished, Luke got up and moved behind Josh who still had his big tool up Phil’s arse. Luke bent Josh over Phil’s back and moved his legs apart. He then carefully positioned himself so that he could slip his own cock into Phil’s arse beneath Josh’s. With a little pressure, it slipped in fairly easily.

“You wanted both of us so you’ve got us” Luke laughed as he rocked back and forth feeling Josh’s cock rub against his own. Phil gasped and groaned with pleasure as he felt the two cocks stretching his arse and being thrust inside him. “Beautiful” he groaned, “beautiful”. Seeing that Phil was enjoying the experience Luke and Josh increased the rhythm and began to fuck harder. Some how they came again and shot a double load of cum inside Phil.


When they had finally finished, they all collapsed onto the settee again and finished their vodkas.

“Better get you two home then” Phil said.

Phil dropped them off outside their house and they all kissed each other. They exchanged telephone numbers and promised to meet up again. Once inside the front door they both stripped off and ran to the pool. They jumped in with a large splash and laughed.

“What a fucking night” Luke exclaimed.

“Fucking being the operative word” Josh laughed back.

Luke’s parents were away again so they had the house to themselves until late on Sunday night. It was now gone 2 a.m. so they decided to go to bed.

They emerged the following morning to the sound of the front door intercom. Some months previous Luke had installed a wireless remote system to answer the intercom so he could deal with it from his part of the house without going downstairs.

“Hi” he called into the handset.

“Oh hi” the voice said the other end, “I’ve got a wine delivery for you”.

Luke recognised the voice immediately and released the gate for the guy to drive up to the front door.

“Put on a pair of tight pants” he told Josh and he did likewise, “and follow me”.

He and Josh ran downstairs to open the front door. He knew from previous visits that the delivery guy was in his early twenties and was very delectable. The last time they had met, the guy had looked Luke up and down with a very keen eye and the glances between them had indicated that he was very interested. On that occasion Luke’s mother was around so nothing could be done.

Luke opened the door and the guy nearly dropped the box of wine he was carrying when he saw Luke only wearing a pair of very revealing briefs. His eyes locked onto the bulge in the front as he heard Luke speak to him.

“Could you bring it through to the kitchen please?”

The guy nodded without losing his gaze on Luke’s crotch and waited for him to close the front door. He then followed Luke into the kitchen and nearly dropped the box again when he saw Josh standing there also wearing a pair of scanty briefs and exposing a large bulge in the crotch.

“I think I’d better take this before you drop it” Luke told the guy.

“I’m Luke and this is Josh”

“Hi” the guy said in a sexy voice, “I’m Gary”

Gary looked round the room and through the door to the pool beyond. “Nice pool” he said not sure what else to say.

“Yeah, it’s great” Luke replied, “want a swim or do you have to rush off”

“This is my last delivery” Gary replied quickly “I’d love to”

“Okay then” Luke said as he led Gary out to the pool area, “just strip off and jump in”

He and Josh stripped off their briefs and jumped into the pool. Gary glimpsed at the two naked bodies as he quickly took off his clothes. Although he had been born in the UK his parents were from Ghana so his skin was dark. Luke and Josh watched him strip down to his briefs at which point he paused for a moment but then took them off too. Totally naked he jumped into the water to join the other two. His dark skin glistened as the water ran off it when he emerged from jumping in. He had a nice bum which was smooth and tight.

The three of them fooled around for a while until eventually Luke moved up behind him and put his hand on Gary’s bum and felt it before moving his hand round to the front to hold the already hardening cock. Gary made no attempt to stop him so having confirmed his previous thoughts about him he kissed him.

Gary responded with equal encouragement and started feeling Luke’s nakedness. They moved to the edge of the pool and Luke lifted Gary’s body onto the edge as if helping him get out. When he was bent over the edge Luke took hold of Gary’s bum and thrust his face into it and licked his arsehole. Gary had never had this done to him before and found the experience was like nothing he had ever experienced. In fact this whole scenario was new to him. He had always felt he was gay but had never had the opportunity to explore his sexuality. He knew that his parents would never accept him as being gay so he had always kept away from situations where he might want to explore his feelings. They were now pouring out and he wanted to explore them to the full.

Luke climbed out of the water and Josh took Gary’s hand to help him up from the edge. Without any further words, Luke led them up to his bedroom and they enjoyed sex for the next hour. Gary was tight so did not take either Luke or Josh but he loved fucking each of them. He also loved the feel of a finger up his arse and wanted more and more. He knew that eventually he would let someone fuck him but not yet. He had a beautiful body and the other two explored every inch of the dark skin. Gary in turn loved feeling and exploring each of their bodies and the more he did the more he enjoyed himself.


“I’d better go” Gary said finally, “I’ve got to get the van back”

“Why not come back here afterwards” Luke suggested.

After some thought Gary decided he would. It was agreed that Luke and Josh would follow him to his depot to drop off the van and then bring him back.

The depot was about fifteen minutes drive away so they were soon back by which time they were ready for lunch. As soon as they got inside the front door, Luke and Josh started stripping their clothes off. “When we are alone we always go round naked” Luke said casually. Gary was more than happy to join them so stripped off as well.

Whilst Luke prepared something for the three of them to eat, Josh and Gary sat round the kitchen table and the three of them talked. He told them about his home and his parents and how difficult it was to come out in the black community. “If they ever found out they’d disown me” he explained. Josh told Gary about his own experiences and how his Dad had reacted. Gary was surprised to hear that white parents could react the same way as his. “Anyhow, last week I got my own place near to work and away from my parents so hopefully I can do more what I want to do” he said grinning.

After lunch they went back upstairs and watched some porn. Gary couldn’t believe his eyes. Watching guys fuck each other bareback really turned him on.

“Do you guys do bareback” he asked.

“With each other and guys we know” they acknowledged.

“You ever fucked a woman” Luke asked casually.

Gary thought for a moment. “No, nearly did but I decided I didn’t fancy it. She sucked me off instead.”

“So we were the first then” Josh said.

“Yeah it was great but I’d love to fuck you both bareback”

“Then so you shall but on condition that we fuck you bareback as well” Luke responded.

Gary thought for a moment. “Yeah okay but I’m real tight so you’ll have to go carefully”

Luke laughed, “Don’t worry we’ll open you up real good before sticking our rods in”.

By now all three of them had full hard-ons so were ready to have some fun. Josh lay on his back and lifted his legs in the air ready for Gary to fuck him. He lifted his head so he could see the naked black cock enter his arse. It looked good and felt good. The feel of his bare cock inside Josh made Gary feel he was on cloud nine. He enjoyed every second of it. The poppers he was sniffing also enhanced the feeling. It was the first time he had ever tried poppers and he definitely liked the effect.

Luke meanwhile was poking Gary’s arsehole with a well lubricated finger. Now that Gary was relaxed his hole quickly opened up. Soon Luke had two fingers up inside and before long he had three although Gary didn’t realise it. Gary was reaching a point of no return and was soon shooting cum into Josh. He pulled his cock out and still more cum was shooting out over Josh’s arse and balls. He pushed his cock back in and fucked a bit more as the final drops shot out. He could feel Luke’s fingers up his arse and loved the feel. He was aching for a real cock up there. “Fuck me Luke, fuck me”

Luke needed no second invitation and soon had his greased cock pushed up against the inviting black hole. He was looking forward to fucking this virgin black arse and wanted to savour every moment. He slowly pushed the head of his cock into the hole. There was a slight resistance but it soon slipped in. Gary winced as the large head forced its way in but once there it felt wonderful. “I want it right in” he told Luke. “Don’t worry mate, you’ll get the lot” Luke thought to himself as he pushed his full seven inches inside. Gary could feel Luke’s large balls pushing against his own once the full length was inside him. “That’s fucking great” he exclaimed, “Now fuck me”.

Luke had every intention of doing so and was soon thrusting his cock in and out. He fucked Gary for a good ten minutes until he finally could not hold back his climax any longer. His load shot out like a bullet from a gun. “Aargh, I can feel that hot cum shooting up inside my arse” he exclaimed as Luke pumped even harder to get the last drop out.

When Luke had finished he withdrew his cock and told Josh to take over. “It’s nicely opened up for you now”

Josh thrust his hot cock inside Gary’s arse and it went straight in without any resistance. Gary could feel the big hard cock inside him and he could also feel that it was slightly thicker and longer than Luke’s. He loved the feel and told himself that being fucked was something he was going to do in future without a doubt.

They spent the rest of the afternoon watching more porn and having more sex whenever the urge came over them. They had a great time and forged a close friendship. That evening Luke suggested they take Gary to a gay club and Gary was more than happy to join in. Luke picked the small club that Steve had taken them to. The listing showed that the act on that night were a group of guys who in the past had ended up stripping off whilst singing so it could be a good night with plenty of action. They showered and Luke lent Garry some clothes rather than have to go back to his place. Although the weather had cooled down it was still warm enough to go out late in T shirt and jeans with a designer pair of skimpy briefs underneath just in case they got the chance to show them off.

Luke called Phil to see if he was available to take them to the station. Fortunately he was working that night so was happy to come and collect them and take them all the way to the club in Soho. When Luke tried to pay him he declined saying “you can pay in kind next time we meet up”.

The club was already getting busy so they had to squeeze their way to the bar to get drinks. The lads never minded doing this since plenty of hands explored them as they did so. The barman recognised them and said hello. Luke seemed to remember that he was one he had fucked the last time they visited and it became a no clothes session at the end.

“Hang around guys” he whispered, “it could get hot later on” and winked at them.

The atmosphere got very hot with bodies dancing away to the music and the DJ stripped off his T shirt. This seemed to be the sign for most of the crowd to do likewise so soon the club was full of half naked men.

Just before 1 a.m. when the club was due to close the barman Luke knew gave him the signal to go down to the private room downstairs. The three of them made their way down and Luke gave the password he had been given earlier to get past the guy on the door. By the time the club had closed upstairs there were around twenty guys down there. Each had been given a numbered black bag to put their clothes and valuables in since it was underwear only downstairs.

The lights were turned down except for a small corner where the four singers assembled. They sang several numbers and as they did so gradually removed items of clothing. They were now down to their boxer shorts and from what the punters could see they all had a hard-on forming beneath. The audience shouted “off, off” as the boys sang and put their hands down inside their shorts. The finale came and the boys ripped off each other’s shorts to leave them stark naked. Two of them knelt down in front of the other two and sucked cock. The crowd was now getting very excited and several guys had their cocks out of their pants. The boys then changed over. The one being sucked stood up, bent his partner over and fucked him with his hard cock. The audience couldn’t believe it. They had never seen these singers go this far before and they loved it. When they finished the room erupted with applause and the boys moved into the crowd still stark naked and played with any cocks they could find exposed. Soon the whole room was stark naked. Boxer shorts and briefs were flung to one side to expose twenty or more erections waiting to be sucked by one of the boys.

As before, the two barmen were naked as well and the one that fancied Luke came over for a feel of his stiff cock. “Mmmm my favourite cock” he told Luke as he knelt down to give it a couple of sucks.

“I finish here soon, you fancy coming back to my place” he asked Luke.

“Yeah, but I’m here with two friends”

The barman looked at Gary and Josh and grinned. “Well, why don’t we make it a foursome?”

Gary meanwhile was being sucked by one of the singers and was having a great time. He nodded his agreement when asked about going on elsewhere for some more action.

A while later the barman, whose name was Jay, indicated that he was ready to leave so they reclaimed their black bags, quickly dressed and followed Jay out. Their underwear was amongst a pile of others being kicked round the floor as people moved about. They decided to abandon theirs so went off with the feel of rough denim rubbing against their still hard cocks.

Jay lived in a flat off Charing Cross Road so they didn’t have far to walk. As they did so they talked about the antics of the boy singers. “I’ve never seen them go that far before” Jay said excitedly, “they’ll have a job to beat that”. They all laughed and agreed that all four were very fuckable so perhaps next time they would let a punter fuck them on stage.

When they got to Jay’s flat he put some porn on and offered them a drink. Luke opted for Vodka and the others opted for the same. Jay gave Luke the bottle and suggested he pour them. “Make them as strong as you like” he said grinning. Luke did just that and poured three strong ones and topped up with tonic.

“Make yourselves comfortable” Jay said indicating the couch. Luke kicked off his trainers, stripped off his T shirt and sat down. Josh did likewise followed by Gary who sat on the floor. Jay poured himself a beer and sat down on the floor nearby. He too kicked off his shoes and removed his T shirt.

For a while they sat in silence drinking and watched the porn.

“You guys like an E” Jay suddenly said and then added, “they’re good quality, not rubbish”.

Josh looked at Luke as if to say “shall we?”

“Yeah okay” Luke replied for them all and Jay handed out the small pills. They each placed one under the tongue and let it dissolve. It wasn’t long before they felt the effect. They each felt on cloud nine and their naked bodies were hyper sensitive to touch. Luke stretched an arm out and touched Jay who quickly responded. In no time there were all stark naked and rolling round the floor. Four tools were rearing to go and soon Luke had his fingers up Jay’s arse. The hole was very inviting but he wanted to feel it first. Jay’s hole was well stretched and Luke could get three fingers and then four up it without any problem. He pushed his hand in up to the thumb so that he had the full width of his hand inside. Jay loved it and so did Luke. Luke quickly pulled his hand out and replaced it with his rampant cock. He fucked that hole real hard before finally pulling out.

Josh and Gary meanwhile were having fun together and Jay wanted to join in. “Let’s have him on the table so we can all have a go” Jay said. They bodily picked Gary up and placed him face down on the table with his legs wide apart. They all fingered his black arse which was now getting well opened up. At one point they each had a finger inside him and were feeling him in different directions. Gary was in heaven and the effect of the drug made him totally relaxed. He just lay there and enjoyed everything they did to him.

Jay was itching to fuck him so he thrust his big hard cock into Gary’s arsehole. Gary hardly felt it go in he was so relaxed. The other two fingered him as well so not only did he have a big cock inside him but also two fingers. Jay pulled out and Josh took over. One cock out and one cock in, almost in one stroke. Josh pulled out and Luke thrust his cock in its place. Gary loved every second of it.

When all three had fucked him they spilled their spunk into his mouth. Jay told him to open his mouth and take the lot. Gary obeyed and took three loads of hot white cum into his mouth. He loved the taste and savoured every drop.

Jay then wanted two of them to fuck him together. If it had been possible he would have taken all three but he settled for Josh and Gary and whilst they fucked him he would suck Luke off. Jay then took Gary’s place on the table and lay on his back with his legs wide open and over his head. Gary and Josh slipped in their still hard cocks easily and pumped with all their might. Luke stood beside Jay’s head and pushed his cock into Jay’s mouth. Jay was a good sucker and could take the full shaft in his mouth. As they had just shot their loads it took a while but eventually Gary and Josh shot another load up Jay’s arse and Luke shot his into Jay’s mouth. He was loaded from both ends.

They spent another hour or so playing around with each other before the three lads eventually made their way home. When they all woke later that day it was lunchtime. None of them remembered how they got home but they did remember the fantastic night they all had.

They showered and then went downstairs for some food. They were all ravenous. They spent the afternoon watching more porn and having fun with each other. They got talking about money and Gary was desperate to make some more somehow.

Josh knew that his nude modelling class wanted new guys so he asked Gary if he would be interested.

“Yeah sure, don’t mind what I do. If I can make money from using my body that’s fine by me.”

It also gave Luke an idea as well and he made a mental note to ask Steve if he would be interested in them doing a porn movie with Gary.


The next day Josh phoned Jason to ask him about Gary.

“You bet we would” he replied enthusiastically, “we would love to draw a black guy”

“And he’s okay about doing nude work”

“Yeah, he doesn’t mind what he does”

“Well in that case” Jason paused for a moment, “would the two of you come together”


“Would you guys be willing to have sex with each other whilst we drew you both?”

Josh thought for a moment. He was sure Gary would be up for it. “Yeah sure, sounds fun”

“We would want a full penetration”

“Yeah no problem” Josh told him, “so you want full live sex whilst you guys draw us”

“Yes, if you’re both willing”

They discussed their fee and arranged a date for the following week. When Josh told Gary what they would get he couldn’t believe it so he was more than happy to do what they wanted.


The day came for Josh and Gary to attend the art class. Gary was a bit apprehensive but at the same time looking forward to being naked in front of a group of guys. Josh had confirmed with Jason that it would be an all male group. He didn’t mind being naked in front of women but he didn’t fancy having sex in their presence. Gary couldn’t believe that he was going to be paid for taking his clothes off and having sex with a guy he fancied, although he knew too well that Josh was spoken for. Neither of them knew quite what to expect but knew that at some point they would have to penetrate. Both knew that getting an erection would not be a problem but to be on the safe side Josh had brought two blue pills.

Jason opened the front door as they arrived at the house and welcomed them in. He showed them into the large room they used as the studio and introduced them to the three guys sitting there. Josh recognised all of them and smiled. They were all in their mid to late 20s and wearing a T shirt and track suit bottoms.

Jason asked the two lads to strip off and pose on a mattress that had been laid on the floor in front of the group who then proceeded to sketch each of their naked bodies. After a while Josh was asked to lay flat on his back with his legs apart. Gary was told to kneel between the open legs and start sucking Josh’s cock.

“When you get him hard” Jason told Gary “hold it up straight for us all to see so we can sketch it”.

Within a few minutes of Gary’s sucking, Josh was rock hard and exhibiting an erection well worth sketching. The group had now moved closer and were viewing the exhibit from all angles. They had also noticed that Gary was sporting a full erection and were sketching that as well. They asked him to sit back holding his cock out in front of him whilst pulling his foreskin back to show off his pink head. Suddenly Gary was conscious of three heads peering forward to get a better view of his cock. He was able to see one of their drawings and liked what he saw. He smiled to himself at the thought of a sketch of his larger than life cock being exhibited somewhere.

Gary was then told to bend over Josh’s body so as to expose his arse to the artists. They all crowded round his smooth black arse and drew his pink arsehole and hanging balls. Having completed their sketches the lads were asked to start making love with each other. Gary was first told to lie on top of Josh and kiss. As they did so they were told to freeze at certain points so that the group could sketch them. They wanted to sketch full body views and close ups of the two kissing so it took a while to complete.

It was then time for the penetration pose.

“We’d like to sketch both of you fucking if that’s okay” Jason told them, “so who’s going first”.

As Gary was still on top of Josh they decided that he would fuck first. Josh lifted his legs up over his head and Gary lubricated his cock in readiness. He was told to push his cock up to Josh’s arsehole and hold it there whilst they sketched it before insertion. He then had to hold it halfway in so they could do more sketches. Gary was itching to give Josh a good fuck and found it difficult to hold the position for so long. Josh meanwhile enjoyed the feel of Gary’s cock inside him and was happy for it to last. He also noticed that the guy kneeling beside him had a hard on. It was straining against the flimsy material of his track suit bottoms and forming a small wet patch of pre-cum. He was clearly getting excited. Josh couldn’t stop himself from placing a hand on the erection and feeling it through the guy’s trousers. The guy stopped sketching and grinned but did not stop Josh from feeling him. The erection became harder and bigger as Josh massaged it. The guy meanwhile carried on sketching Gary’s pubic area and the cock partially inserted into Josh.

The guy to Josh’s right hand side noticed what was happening and whispered “Mmm nice”. His own cock was rapidly forming a hard on and it too was straining against his trousers. He had tried to hold his feelings back but having seen Paul being given a massage on the other side he let his thoughts go wild and was soon exhibiting a similar thick rod. He looked down at Josh and grinned as if to say ‘take me too’. Josh obliged and put his free hand on the large roll that had now appeared beneath the thin material. It seemed that neither of these guys had underwear on underneath. Gary could see all that was going on and pushed his cock in and then out to stimulate himself.

“I’m gonna have to give this guy a good fuck cos I can’t hold this position any longer” Gary exclaimed.

The guys gathered around laughed and told him to go for it. He gave Josh a good fuck before finally spilling his load over Josh’s belly.

“Hold it” Jason shouted as Josh was squeezing the last drops of cum from his cock. Josh froze and the group sketched the white creamy cum that was forming a longer and longer drip from his cock. They then sketched the pool of cum that had formed on Josh’s belly.

“That was brilliant guys” Jason told them, “and by the look of it the group enjoyed it too”.

All the three artists were now exhibiting big erections and a wet patch. Josh looked over to Jason and noticed that he was too.

Josh and Gary changed over and they sketched Josh fucking Gary. “What a beautiful sight” one of them said clearly enjoying the sight of the white cock penetrating Gary’s smooth black arse.

Gary took over the massaging of the erections on either side of him whilst Josh took hold of the third guy within reach of him. Jason had now joined the group and knelt the other side of Josh hoping that Josh would take advantage of his too. He wasn’t disappointed. Josh placed his hand on Jason’s erection and gently massaged it. He felt it get bigger and bigger as did the wet patch. Josh fingered the end of the cock and the patch got wetter and wetter.

The guys had nearly finished their sketches so Josh decided to hot things up. He took his hands off each cock he was holding and inserted them inside the loose waistband of the guys’ trousers. As he thought neither of them was wearing anything underneath and his hand was soon grasping naked cocks. Both guys groaned “Mmmm” as they felt Josh’s warm hand on their hard cocks. He fingered the pre-cum oozing out of each of them which made the guys groan even more.

Seeing what Josh had done, Gary did likewise. He was still lying down so as his hands pushed their way inside the guys’ trousers they were pulled down slightly. He took hold of each cock and pulled them out to expose them to the rest of the group. The guys put their sketch books down and pulled their trousers down further to give Josh more freedom to handle them.

Josh did likewise and pushed the waistbands down with his wrist to expose the two fully erect cocks. Jason and the other guy also pushed their trousers down to expose their naked butts. Jason slipped off his T shirt as well and the others did likewise. Gary had now pulled the two cocks to his mouth and was sucking each of them in turn. Not wanting to be left out, Jason stood up stripped off his trousers and offered his cock to Josh’s mouth. Josh started sucking. The fourth guy did the same so Josh had two naked guys standing beside him offering their cocks for sucking. He obliged and licked and sucked each one in turn until the guy on his left shot his load, partially into Josh’s mouth and partly over his face. Meanwhile Josh was still fucking Gary and he was about to cum. He quickly pulled out and shot his load over Gary’s black belly. The sight of thick creamy cum on the black skin made them all stop what they were doing and sketch it.

“Fucking beautiful” one of them said, “just fucking beautiful”.

“Let’s give these guys a rest” Jason announced, “and have a drink”

The two kneeling guys got up, removed their trousers and joined the other two stark naked guys where Jason was pouring out drinks. Josh and Gary joined them and accepted a large Vodka and tonic. Jason then offered everyone a joint and they all sank to the floor onto a long piled shag rug and relaxed. Soon the alcohol and the hash were taking its effect and they all became very friendly towards the guys immediately around them. Jason had made sure that he was sitting near to Gary so had his hand on Gary’s cock which was soon hard again. Josh was busy playing with Paul who was now sucking him like mad. Josh felt another hand feeling behind him trying to finger his arse. He got onto his haunches to let the guy have a better feel whilst Paul carried on sucking him. He felt a finger going inside his arse, then two and then three. Having just been fucked by Gary he was well opened so the fingers slipped inside easily. The guy then added a fourth and really gave Josh a good fingering. The guy then rimmed him and Josh could feel his hot tongue pushing its way inside. Meanwhile the guy was quickly slipping a rubber onto his cock and when he was ready he rammed it into Josh. He fucked hard but Josh liked it.

“God that feels fucking good” the guy exclaimed as he came to a climax. He withdrew and another guy pulled off the condom full of hot cum and proceeded to drink it. “I just love hot cum” he announced as he poured it down his throat in one go. Another guy now had his cock in Josh’s mouth and was about to cum. It was a big cock and Josh had a job to take it all but somehow he managed. The guy suddenly shot his load down Josh’s throat and he felt the hot cum slide down inside him. “Let me take you down my throat” said the guy who’d just drunk the load of cum. The guy busy sucking Josh gave way and allowed Josh to stand up and stick his cock inside the guy’s mouth. The other guy had already got Josh rock hard so it didn’t take much for him to come again. As usual he shot plenty of cum and the guy could hardly take it all in his mouth without it spilling over.

“Fucking hell that was brilliant” he shouted when Josh had finished, “who else wants to fill me up”.

Another guy quickly invited the guy to suck him off as he lay on the floor. The sucker crawled over to him and started sucking with his arse in the air. His arse was very inviting and Jason quickly came up behind him and inserted his cock into the open hole. As Jason fucked, the guy sucked and somehow they came together.

“Oh fuck me” he exclaimed again “loaded with cum from both ends”.

All the guys wanted to be fucked by the two boys so they all bent over the back of a settee and bared their arses as Josh and Gary moved from one to another in turn and gave each one a quick bareback fuck. By the time they came to the last guy, who happened to be Jason, the pair of them were ready to come again so they both shot their load inside him.

“Gee that was great, two loads of hot creamy cum one after the other” he exclaimed with great glee.

The boys stayed for a while longer and enjoyed another drink and another joint during which time more casual sex took place between them all. When it came for them to leave and Jason gave them an envelope with their earnings they found it had been doubled as a result of the ‘extra enjoyment you guys have given us’ Jason explained.

“If you want to come again for another session but without the sketching then let me know”.

Josh told him they would certainly like to do so and if they were interested, three of them could come next time. Jason nearly choked with excitement at the thought of having three young guys to fuck him and be fucked.


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