by Adam Stewart


Chapter 3

Over the next few weeks they had more sessions with Steve, some of which were for modelling clothes and others for nude work. They really enjoyed their time with Steve, especially as all the sessions ended with a threesome.

After one of these sessions Steve invited the two guys to a private ‘boots only’ party. “There’ll be about a dozen guys there and all you’re allowed to wear is trainers” he explained.

“Yeah we guessed ‘boots only’ meant just that” Luke quipped back in reply.

“So, you guys up for it”

Luke and Josh looked at each other and nodded.

“Yeah okay”

“Should warn you guys there’ll be loads of sex, drugs and drink so you might want to tell your folks that you won’t be home that night.”

As it happened, Luke’s parents were away for the weekend again so they would never know in any event.

Steve grinned and went off into the kitchen to prepare a meal for them all. ‘The other guys won’t believe their luck when they see these two studs arrive with me’ he thought to himself. These parties had a habit of being wild and young studs always made them swing.

After the meal, Steve went through the kinds of drugs they would come across at the party, which ones to avoid at all costs and which they could try if they wanted. “I personally stick to joints so if you want one during the evening just find me”

“Oh and I also have blue tablets just to keep the cock hard but don’t overdo them. You can take one of these when we leave and have another two or three hours later. Not that you guys have much problem in getting it up but when you’re drinking it does tend to droop”

They all laughed and went off to get ready.

Having showered and douched, and pinched some of Steve’s eau de cologne from his bathroom they were ready so off they went armed with three six packs of Fosters.

Michael, who was hosting the party, lived in a large house in Islington. Steve had deliberately made sure that he arrived last as he wanted the maximum effect when he walked in with his two studs.

“Hi guys” Michael gushed as he welcomed them inside making sure that his naked body was kept behind the door as they walked in. He took the drink offerings and ushered them into a small room to the right which was clearly being used as the cloakroom. Piles of clothes were scattered over the room so it was a job to find a free area in which to dump their own. Having stripped off Luke and Josh followed Steve down the hall to a large room at the back. Eight naked guys stopped talking as they walked in and saw the two naked Adonis standing in the doorway.

“Hi everyone, say hello to Luke and Josh”

A chorus of ‘hellos’ sang out as they gaped at the gorgeous bodies in front of them. Michael came in from another room which was obviously the kitchen and told them all to ‘shut their gaping gobs before they caught a fly’ and offered the two lads a drink. The other guys settled down but two of them made a b-line for Josh and Luke. Both were smoking pot and offered the lads one each. Luke looked at Steve who nodded as if to say ‘okay’.

“Its pure stuff this” one of the guys told them, “so should give you a kick”. “I’m Dave by the way and this is my partner Oscar”.

Luke looked at Oscar and liked what he saw. Oscar was Brazilian and had a gorgeous light brown skin and an equally gorgeous body. His cock was already showing signs of interest in things to come which made Luke’s twitch as well. The two lads took a drag on their joint and immediately felt the effect. It certainly was strong. Luke felt his head going light and any anxiety that he had when he arrived had now gone. He took another swig of his beer and he was definitely feeling good. Josh was clearly feeling the same as he now had an arm round Dave’s shoulder and looking longingly into his eyes.

“Let’s find somewhere more comfortable shall we” Dave said as he led them into the hall and upstairs. Only one room had ‘out of bounds’ on the door so it left three others to choose from each of which had a double bed ready for use. Dave led them into one, slipped off his shoes and got onto the bed. The other three did likewise and joined him. Luke and Josh soon had full erections and Oscar and Dave soon had one in their mouth. Oscar had made sure that he was sucking Luke’s and Luke was more than happy that Oscar had chosen him.

Luke was feeling totally relaxed. He had finished his joint and most of his beer. The feel of Oscar’s hot lips round his thick hard cock was out of this world. Oscar rocked his head up and down on the long shaft and could taste the pre-cum leaking from its knob. He lifted Luke’s legs into the air and fingered the warm arse as he sucked cock. His long fingers probed inside and felt the hot soft tissue. He loved fingering arse and it made his own cock go really hard.

He wanted his cock inside this twink so he sheathed himself using the free supply on the bedside table and took a long hard sniff of poppers that was also provided for the benefit of guests. He held the bottle under Luke’s nose as he took a long hard inhalation. Luke felt the blood rush to his head and to his cock. He hardly noticed Oscar’s big tool thrust its way inside his arse but when it was inside it sent him into wild ecstasy. He loved the feel of this big cock thrusting in and out of him.

Meanwhile, Dave had Josh on his back and was rimming his arse with his legs in the air. Josh loved Luke licking his arse but this guy was really something. It felt that his tongue probed right inside. Dave used two fingers to open the hole and pushed his tongue in as far as he could. But what he really wanted was the big hard cock that was inches from his nose inside him. He moved himself on top of Josh and inserted the big hard cock into his already lubed arse. “Aaaaaah” he screamed as he felt the hard muscle ride inside him. Josh was conscious that the blue pill he had taken earlier had made his cock even harder than usual. He would certainly use them again.

By this time other guys had come upstairs and were watching the fun and games going on. Steve was among them and enjoyed watching the two guys being well used. When they had finally finished and all of them had shot their loads onto Luke’s chest, Steve joined them on the bed. Another guy called Darren joined them whilst the others found another room to enjoy themselves. The six of them talked, smoked more pot and drank more beer. Luke and Josh were now totally out of it. Their heads were in another zone and they appeared to be looking on from afar but they enjoyed the feeling. Cocks were still hard and Steve and Darren wanted their share of the young lads. The two lads were bent over the end of the bed whilst Steve fucked Luke and Darren fucked Josh. When they had finished they changed over and did it all over again with opposite partners. Oscar and Dave looked on but they too wanted some action so they picked their arse to fuck and did so whilst the recipients fucked the lads.

One of the nice things about blue pills is that once you’ve cum you still keep a hard on to fuck with but don’t get the let down feeling when you cum again, if you do that is. Some guys just fuck and fuck without coming again but the feel of their cock inside an arse is plenty to keep them satisfied.

It was changeover time again and Dave fucked Luke, Oscar fucked Josh whilst the other two fucked each of them. Luke and Josh were so out of things that they just let the cocks fuck them as much as they liked. The feeling was great in any event.

The activity in this room soon attracted the attention of the other six guys and before long they too were joining in. By the time they had finished, Luke and Josh had been fucked by all ten guys, some had turns several times over.

It was now time to give the lad’s cocks some action so each took their turn to sit on them and ride them hard.

“Come on guys, give the lads some rest” Steve urged them.

They all went downstairs and enjoyed the food that Michael had waiting in the kitchen. Whilst they were eating, Steve came over to Luke and Josh and asked if they were okay.

“Sure” said Josh, “Got a sore arse but otherwise great”. They all laughed. Seeing that their cocks were now limp Steve offered them another blue pill. Both accepted enthusiastically and within twenty minutes their cocks were hard again. It was obvious that the pills were prevalent amongst the crowd since most guys sported a hard on. Other pills were also being passed around but Steve warned them off with a shake of his head so they took his advice and declined. They did smoke more of Dave’s pot and enjoyed the reaction it gave them. Several guys were now really out of it and allowed themselves to be fucked and fucked.

“Anyone want to watch our two young guys fuck each other bareback” Steve announced to the room. Immediately faces looked up from whatever they were doing and said they would. “You guys up for it” Steve asked.

Luke and Josh were now prepared to do anything so obliged the crowd by fucking each other bareback. Faces appeared from all angles and hands felt their naked cocks going into each other but they just carried on fucking. They kept the act going for over half an hour much to the delight of the onlookers.

“Fucking hell” exclaimed Oscar, “they would be great for entertainment at a party”.

Dave had the same thought going through his head. “You thinking what I’m thinking” he said to Oscar.

Dave and Oscar provided male stripper-grams for parties as well as butlers in the buff. The latter would be hunky guys who would attend a party wearing only a small apron to cover their manhood but with naked butts. They would act as waiters mingling with the crowd offering them drinks and canap├ęs which had been provided by Dave and Oscar. Oscar was a dab hand in the kitchen.

“You know we are often being asked if the strippers will do more” Oscar whispered to Dave, “well these guys would by the look of it and we could offer live sex for selected gay parties and think of the fee we could get for that”

Dave looked at the two twinks fucking each other like animals and agreed. All he and Oscar had to do was persuade them to participate in their enterprise.

As the evening progressed, several guys left so only a few remained. Luke and Josh, Dave and Oscar and Michael the host. Michael was delighted that Steve had left leaving his two twinks behind but he was well out of it when he went so he probably didn’t know whether he was coming or going.

As they drank coffee, to try and sober themselves up, Oscar broached the subject.

“Loved watching you two guys fucking bareback. Would you be interested in a little venture we run.”

He explained what he and Dave offered and what they had in mind.

“Live sex, oooh that sounds wonderful” Michael exclaimed.

The two lads looked at each other and thought it sounded fun. Josh immediately asked what their fee would be and when he heard what it would be he immediately said he was up for it if Luke was.

“Oh great” exclaimed Michael, “I’ll tell you what, I’m holding a gay party next weekend for about thirty guys so why not try it out” he explained to Oscar and Dave, “I’ll even hire one of your butlers in the buff to make the evening go with a swing”.

“Deal” said Dave.

The following weekend, Luke and Josh arrived at Michaels at the appointed hour and were secreted into the small downstairs room where they had left their clothes for the boots only party. They were to stay there until they were called to do their strip and live sex act. Oscar had gone through the routine for the strip and had provided them with the necessary clothes which consisted of G strings and trousers which had Velcro to make them easily removable.

They could hear guys clearly having a good time and then they heard Michael saying that he had a little surprise in store for them. Suddenly the door to their little room opened and in came the butler in the buff. He sure was gorgeous and both the lads felt a hard-on forming as they followed his naked butt down the hall to the room where the guys were waiting in anticipation.

A small area had been cleared for them in which to perform so off they went as soon as the music started. They slowly and sexily removed their clothes until they were both stark naked with erections sticking out in front. They had been told that the party was to celebrate someone’s birthday and they should give him an opportunity to at least feel each of them. The birthday boy was standing on the left of Michael so they went to him and invited him to suck their cocks. The guy couldn’t believe his luck so sucked the pair together.

“They’re brilliant” exclaimed Oscar who was standing at the back of the room with Dave.

The lads extricated themselves from the over zealous birthday boy and retook their place on the stage. Luke then knelt down and started sucking Josh who was keeping his cock ready for action by slowly wanking it. They had both taken a blue pill just before their performance so were both rock hard.

A chair was nearby so Oscar led Luke to it and bent him over it. He then rubbed his naked cock up against Luke’s pre-lubed arsehole before slowly inserting it.

The onlookers were now getting very excited and several gasps, oohs and ahs could be heard.

Josh fucked Luke until he felt himself reaching a climax. He withdrew and let Luke lick his cock until he spewed cum all over his face. The crowed loved it. Luke then fucked Josh and when he was ready to cum he withdrew but let his cum spew out over Josh’s arsehole before slipping his cock back in with cum all over it.

When they had finished, Michael came forward and kissed the pair of them before applauding their performance.

As the lads made their way through the crowd back to their room several hands felt their naked bodies. Dave and Oscar joined them in their room and watched the two lads get dressed. “Thanks guys, that was brilliant” Oscar told them. “And we have more parties planned so if you’re interested in doing more” Dave added. “Sure, anytime” Josh replied for the pair of them.

In fact the amount Josh and Dave charged was fairly high so the act was only taken up by two more parties within the next few weeks. After that it was very sporadic work. In addition, Steve had taken as many pictures of them for the catalogue as he could and the nude pictures had run their course. He did talk of another porn movie but was waiting for a definite request from his distributor for that to happen. For Luke, the lack of money coming in was no problem but Josh wanted an income since his father had completely cut him off and his mother couldn’t afford to give him anything.

One day Josh was looking through a gay mag and saw an advert for a nude cleaner. Further down the page there was also an advert for guys to do nude modelling for an art class. He showed them to Luke and decided to apply for both.

The guy who wanted a cleaner was disabled and spent most of his time in a wheelchair. He was only 30 but had been injured in a car accident some years previous. His name was Scott and Josh liked him instantly.

“So how much cleaning have you done” Scott asked him.

Josh was honest and said apart from helping his mum with the cleaning and now he lived with Luke he helped clean their rooms he had not done any before.

“No problem, as long as you’re willing to learn” Scott replied with a grin. “You know I’m looking for a nude cleaner” he continued.

“Yeah, sure no problem, do you want me to strip” Josh said eagerly.

Scott was surprised at his eagerness to strip but was more than happy to see this Adonis in the buff.

Josh quickly removed his clothes and stood before Josh to view the goods.

“Very nice, great body”

Josh smiled.

“Fancy a drink”

Josh said he did and Scott asked him to help himself to one from the sideboard at the other end of the room and to make Scott a Bacardi and Coke. Scott had the same and took the two drinks back to Scott. They talked about the cleaning duties and what Josh was prepared to do. Josh told him he didn’t mind what he did at which Scott laughed.

“That’s great. I interviewed one guy and he was very particular about what he would and would not do. One thing I need is the oven to be done each week cos I can’t do it myself you realise.”

“Yeah, no problem, don’t mind what I do”

“One other point. Do you mind if I watch you when you’re cleaning”

“Course not, watch as much as you like” Josh replied somewhat surprised at the question.

“Oh you’d be surprised, one guy didn’t like being watched. I told him what’s the fucking point of having a nude cleaner if you can’t look at him”

Josh laughed and Scott moved his wheelchair within touching distance of where Josh was sitting still stark naked.

“You obviously like being naked”

“Yeah, the friend I live with we do it all the time”

Scott put a hand on Josh’s knee. “He’s a lucky guy to have you naked round him all the time”

Josh smiled and leaned back in his seat as if to say ‘you can feel more if you want’. He rather enjoyed the feel of Scott’s hand on his leg.

Scott moved his hand further up the leg and held it there for a while. Josh never flinched or tried to move it away.

“You’re a nice guy Josh”, he said as he took his hand away, “and I think we’ll get on well together so the job is yours if you want it”.

Josh couldn’t believe that he had got the job without any experience or able to give any references. He’d told Scott that he had been thrown out of the house by his father and that he now lived with a friend and that he was sure they would give him a character reference if needed but Scott said he judged people by what he saw. ‘And what I see I like’ Scott thought to himself.

They discussed money, which was more than acceptable to Josh, and they agreed what hours Josh would do to fit in with his college work when he started again in a month’s time. He and Luke had done well in their exams and had both achieved places at the college they wanted. Luke was going to do Information Technology and Josh Management Studies. Although they would be in different colleges they had both decided to live at home so as to still be with each other. Josh only hoped that Luke wouldn’t find another guy at college that he preferred to be with but that was a risk he would have to take. At least they would still be living together.

Josh left Scott having agreed a start date and feeling very pleased with himself. “See you next week then” Scott said slapping Josh on his bottom as he left.

The next day Josh was due to see a guy about the nude modelling work. It turned out to be a private class run by a guy at his large house in Hampstead for a group of gay men. Josh walked up the driveway and knocked on the door. It was an old Victorian house with a large front door. Eventually the door opened and a guy appeared dressed in a Kimono type shawl. Josh introduced himself and the guy ushered him into a large room at the back.

“Hi, I’m Jason and I run the gay art class”

They sat down and Josh told him about his experience of doing nude modelling work for Steve.

“That’s great, the only difference is that you have to sit stark naked in front of about six other guys and stay still for much longer”

Josh said he thought he could do that okay without any problem.

“Okay, so let’s see what kind of body you’ve got then”

Josh stripped off and stood in front of Jason who couldn’t believe the sight before him.

“Great, great” he managed to say as he admired the beautiful form of Josh’s nakedness.

He took Josh into an adjoining conservatory and told him to stretch out on a couch with one leg arched and the other stretched out. Jason loved what he saw.

“Now we do like to concentrate on certain parts of the body at times so you would sometimes have guys looking closely at you. Would that bother you?”

Josh said he didn’t mind what they did. “And what about if they wanted to draw an erection”

“Doesn’t bother me, they can draw what they want. Given the right stimulus I can keep an erection.”

“Good, that’s great then”

Jason said he could get dressed and they discussed the fee he would get. Josh couldn’t believe what these guys were prepared to pay to have a guy take his clothes off for them. The fee was agreed and the time of the first class was fixed. As Josh walked home he was looking forward to working for these guys. He wasn’t sure which would be the harder. Cleaning in the nude or posing for guys to draw him. He suspected the art class may be a bit more demanding when it came to it!

It was time to go to Scott to do the cleaning. He had given Luke the details of where he would be just in case there were problems but he felt safe and comfortable with Scott and had a good feeling about him. When he rang the bell Scott answered the door immediately and let him in. Josh squeezed by the wheelchair so that Scott could close the door behind him. As he squeezed by he felt Scott’s hand rub against his leg. Josh smiled to himself and realised he would get plenty of attention whilst he was cleaning but he didn’t mind.

They talked about what needed doing and it was decided that Josh would start on the oven since it was badly in need of a clean. He took off his clothes and left them in the bedroom and set to with his work. Whilst the oven spray did its stuff he cleaned the bathroom which consisted of a shower, basin and toilet. He quite enjoyed the therapy of cleaning and soon had the bathroom finished. By the time he had finished, everything gleamed and he was pleased with himself. Scott had watched him from the doorway and clearly enjoyed what he saw since he had a large erection straining to get out of his thin track suit bottoms.

Josh went into the kitchen and started on the oven. He had to bend over it to clean the various parts and Scott loved the sight of his bollocks swinging back and forth as he cleaned. He moved his wheelchair nearer and took hold of the swinging organs. “Mmmmmmmm” Josh moaned with pleasure at the feel of Scott’s warm hand on his balls. “Do you mind if I play with you as you work” he asked. “Course not, do whatever you want”.

Scott couldn’t believe his luck at finding such a good looking and easy going guy to work for him. He watched Josh rub away at the dirty oven and after about half an hour or so it was beginning to shine again. When Josh had finally finished and turned round Scott noticed that his cock was showing signs of an erection. “Mmm, nice cock you have Josh” and took hold of the erection. It quickly grew larger until it was fully erect. Scott was of course just at the right level to give it a suck so moved forward to do so. Josh just stood there and let him do just that and watched Scott take it into his mouth. Scott had always been a good sucker so he made the most of this young piece of meat in his mouth. Josh was soon writhing with ecstasy and pre-cum was beginning to spill out in his mouth. He decided to stop before Josh reached a climax. He was afraid it would spoil the rest of the time he had with him. Little did he know that Josh could cum and still have a good erection and then cum again in a short time.

“How about a cup of tea” he suggested. Josh nodded and promptly put the kettle on to make them both a cup. His erection stayed swinging high in front of him much to the delight of Scott. As they drank their tea, Josh looked at Scott more closely. By the size of the erection showing through Scott’s trousers he was clearly well endowed. The rest of his body was also in good shape.

“It must be difficult keeping in good shape when you’re in a wheelchair”

“It is but I go to the gym and do special exercises. I’m determined not to go to flab”

Josh laughed. “No sign of flab as far as I can see but plenty to show in other respects”

They both laughed and Scott could see that Josh was looking at his erection. “Yeah, that still works okay but I don’t have much chance to use it”


“Yeah, well when guys see me in a wheelchair they seem to think I’m incapable of having sex with them but you’d be surprised what I can do”

Josh grinned, not too sure how to reply. He quite fancied seeing the naked body underneath those clothes.

“Do you like being naked as well as seeing other guys naked”

“Sure I do, I often go about naked when I’m on my own but thought I’d be dressed for your visit”

Scott looked at Josh as if to say ‘I’m ready and waiting to strip off if you want’.

“Well don’t mind me, I don’t mind seeing naked flesh as well you know”

“Okay then that’s settled, we’ll both be in the nude for cleaning then”

Scott immediately pulled off his T shirt to expose a very nice torso and kicked off his shoes. He pulled his track suit trousers down his thighs as far as he could and as Josh expected he was not wearing anything underneath. His stiff cock shot up as soon as it was released.

“Do you want a hand with getting those off” Josh asked.

“Thanks, it would be easier”

Josh eased the trousers off under Scott’s body and pulled them right off to leave him stark naked. As he did so his face was in line with the gorgeous big cock waving a few inches away from his mouth. Without saying anything he took hold of the hard organ and sucked it. Scott groaned with pleasure as he felt his cock slowly going in and out of the hot mouth. He put a hand on Josh’s head and gently pushed it down further until his whole cock was inside. Josh was able to take the whole head down into his throat without gagging on it. He had never done that before and he liked the feel of it.

Scott released him and pulled his cock out of Josh’s mouth. He pulled Josh’s face towards him and kissed him.

“That was beautiful; I haven’t had someone do that to me for a very long time, thank you Josh”

Josh grinned. “All part of the service. Do you want me to wank you off”

Scott looked at him for a few moments. “What I’d really like is for you to sit on my cock and let me fuck you but you’d have to do all the work”

Josh was more than happy to have that cock inside him so having got lubed up he gently sat on the erect cock standing up between Scott’s legs. He had a big cock but it wasn’t too big for Josh. He felt the long hard cock slip inside him and slowly rode up and down gradually getting up speed. Scott was in heaven. He hadn’t had his cock inside a guy since before his accident and it felt wonderful. He still couldn’t believe what was happening and kept telling himself that it really was and not just a dream.

Scott had intended holding on cumming until he was out of Josh but he had no control on what Josh was doing and he didn’t want to tell him to stop. He finally shot his load and Josh felt it shoot inside him. “Aaaaaaaah” Scott groaned as he shot more and more cum. It seemed he was making up for lost time and seemed to be shooting more than usual. ‘This guy certainly knows how to handle cock inside him’ he smiled to himself and he finally came down to earth again.

Josh slowly stood up and let Scott’s cock slide out of him. Scott turned his body round to face him and took hold of Josh’s still erect cock. He then proceeded to suck him until Josh finally shot his load inside Scott’s mouth. He couldn’t believe the volume of cum that Josh shot but it tasted wonderful. He just loved the taste of cum and this was delicious.

When they had finally finished Scott smiled at Josh. “You really are something aren’t you? I hope this doesn’t put you off coming again to clean.”

Josh grinned. “You joking, I’ll certainly be round again and will expect more of that.”

“Good. You have passed your probation with flying colours then.”

They both laughed and kissed again.

“Well, better get on with the rest of the cleaning then” Josh said as he walked out into the living room to do some dusting. Scott laughed, ‘I don’t deserve you’ he quietly told himself.

When Josh got home later, Luke wanted to know all about his time with Scott.

“You mean you sat on his cock” Luke exclaimed.

Josh grinned. “You lucky bastard, perhaps I should come and do some cleaning for him as well”

Josh laid back and thought about how much his life had changed in such a short time. He was truly lucky. He leaned towards Luke and kissed him. “Come on, let’s go to bed, I’m feeling randy again.”


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