Bog Off
by Tom


Chapter 41: Stick it up me

As sure as Monday followed Sunday it also followed that Joel would be well and truly exhausted by the Monday morning. Not abiding by the traditional sabbath which depicted a day of rest, there was a heavy price to pay for having excelled in the excess’ of Bacchanalia. Worse, the physical cost had increased dramatically when so overcome with his fetish for all things anal, he had re-enacted the three finger exercise several times throughout the evening. It culminated in a sphincter stretching four finger insertion which held such an attraction that it just had to be repeated in the middle of the night and then again in the morning before getting up school.

“Cor, fuck wot’s up with yer?” Bogbrush’s morning greeting was less than flattering as he looked at Joel up and down. “Yer looks real fucked!”

“I’s is fucked!”

Limping to a standstill Joel dropped his bag to reveal an unmistakable bulge in his trousers due to an erection that had not had a moments respite since the previous afternoon. Be that as it may, even after numerous ejaculations he was still entirely fixated by thoughts of filling his anal cavity, he turned to Bogbrush as someone he knew who’s interests ran on parallel lines.

“Bog’s, will yer fuck me!” he said in a low voice. “Now, we’s can go in the bogs, they’s be quiet at this time.”

“Wot now?” Bogbrush’s cock lurched in his purple paisley Guptha’s International briefs with sown-up fly, Joel was not to be refused. “Fuck, wot’s happened to yer?”

“Don’t ask, just fuck me, right now, come on let’s bleeding do it!”

With that Joel set off at a speedy limp, Bogbrush followed behind adjusting his rapidly expanding organ as he went and quite unable to believe his luck. The toilet cubicle was neither the most memorable nor romantic place for Joel to offer himself and in fact if he were honest he wasn’t too sure how to position himself for the ritual insertion anyway. Luckily, Bogbrush having had some experience in such matters of the anal kind suggested that Joel lean against the wall whilst he forced an entry.

“It’ll have to be quick.” said Joel unclasping his trousers and allowing them to fall and reveal a tight looking pair of his sister’s panties in a striking pink colour.

“Fuck, yer’s got they pants on again and yer’s got a vest!” exclaimed Bogbrush, who’s purple paisley briefs offered little by way of eroticism in comparison. “Now, d’yer want us to cum up yer bum ‘cause that’ll be messy or shall us whip it out before I’s cums and squirt it over the floor?”

“Cum up us and hurry up.”

“Gor, looks a bit red, wot’s yer been doing to it?” Bogbrush, in between spitting on his cock had partially pulled the pink panties down to peer between Joel’s buttocks, he noted sphincter glowing in the shadow. “Cor, yer’s been at it ain’t yer? Ready?”

“Just fucking do it!” gasped Joel having already started to masturbate, the state of his much abused cock looking worse than that of his bottom.

Aware that the clock was ticking Bogbrush did as he was asked. Energetically forcing his five inches right into Joel who immediately gasped, gritting his teeth in pain he savagely pulled at his own cock whilst Bogbrush slammed himself into him. Under such erotic, risky circumstances it was less than a minute before Bogbrush started to climax, once satisfied and not wishing to be caught he quickly withdrew his cock and wiped it on Joel’s shirt tail.

“Oh fuck it bleeding hurts!” said Joel, who having been struggling to attain an erection sufficient for ejaculation had finally managed a small discharge, so ensuring that the shaft of his cock now really did look very red and sore.

“Shit, yer’ll fuck it right up rubbing it like that!” observed Bogbrush tactfully. “How many times yer’s wanked now then?”

“Dunno, fucking loads!” said Joel not really wishing to think about it. “Couldn’t yer have left yer cock up there for a bit, I loves it feeling when it’s full of something!”

“Not with the fucking lesson bell about to ring, no!” replied Bogbrush with a grin, adding more joke. “ I’ll stick it up there again if yer wants in the morning break!”

“Yer would? Oh yeah!”

Joel was struggling to pull his tight panties over his erection, yet even when he had the thin nylon did absolutely nothing to contain the spunk that was already seeping back out of his bottom.

“Course I’s will,” how could Bogbrush refuse yet another offer, “but if yer really want’s it filled right up we’s ought to get Kelv to fucking give yer one as well!”

“Would he?” much to Bogbrush’s amazement Joel was being serious. “He’s could do it after yer’s done it couldn’t he?”

“I’s bleeding sure he would.. but, but wot’s up with yer, summat’s happened to yer? All yer want’s now is to be shagged!”

“I’s dunno… I’s uumm..” the rest of his reply was drowned out by the lesson bell. In fact he didn’t know what had happened to him other than since meeting Tomlinson he had had no thoughts other than having sex in one form or another, something had certainly changed, but what?


The majority of pupils felt that English, the first lesson of that morning was in essence, like the majority of the other lessons a total waste of time. In that respect Bogbrush and Kelvin were no exception and preferred to discuss Joel’s offer instead.

“We’s doing it again in the morning break, that’s wot he said he wants.”

“And I’s can really shag him then if I’s comes along?” Kelvin already had his hand in his pocketless pocket and freeing his expanding organ from the orange with black trim, Guptha’s International underpants. “He do knows I’s got a big ‘un don’t he?”

“Ah, course he do, he’s asked for yer to do it after I’s done it. ”

“Yeah, right.” Kelvin’s pocketless pocket was fully occupied. “And, yer’s going up him first, that’s right innit?”

“Yeah, that’s wot I’s just said innit.” confirmed Bogbrush, also engaged in pocketless pocket manoeuvres. To be precise he was wiping the residue of his last outing from around his foreskin with his own shirt. “Oh shit, I’s can’t wait!”

“It’s gonna be a gert busy morning then innit ‘cause we got woodwork after the break ain’t us?” Kelvin sat back in his chair, his cock having now escaped from the orange briefs was fully erect and putting the front of trousers under considerable pressure, providing an inspirational sight to all that noticed.

Somebody who had certainly noticed was sat across the aisle and a row or so back, Dave looked on jealously for to be endowed with such a mighty member was only ever to be the subject of a dream and then quite possibly wet.

“Oi,” he nudged Luke in the adjacent desk, “yer look at Kelv, he’s gotta a bleeding gert hard-on!”

“Ooh fuck!” even Luke had to admit that the sight of Kelvin’s overstretched, spunk stained trousers with the animated pockets really was a huge turn on.

“Ooh fuck!” agreed Dave, his hand already pushed down the front of his trousers to confirm that his penile offering was nowhere in comparison. “Shall us go to the bog in break and have a quick ‘un?”

“Yeah! Wot, yer means before us goes to woodwork?” confirmed Luke. Following Dave’s example he had pushed his hand down the front of his trousers, although unlike Dave his cock was not in particularly good shape, the excess self-abuse on the Sunday having taken it’s toll.

Thus with adolescent minds focused on other things and with numerous erections out of sight beneath desks the English lesson slowly passed. The following remedial maths class which should really have been renamed simple arithmetic dragged on equally slowly, even then the most basic of sums were beyond some of the class. Finally, eventually the lesson bell rang signalling that for Joel and his followers it was time to quickly adjourn to the toilets and indulge in pleasures of the flesh all within the fifteen minutes allotted to the morning break.

Having seen that Joel was in a strange mood and not really in control of the situation Bogbrush, who was determined not to miss out on rogering him for the second time that morning, had chaperoned both him and Kelvin to what he thought would be the quietest toilets. Once there, Joel was directed to remove his trousers and lean on a washbasin with his legs apart ready for insertion by Bogbrush during which Kelvin would stand guard at the door against anybody who tried to come in.

“Kelv, if yer guards the door I’s go up first then!” said Bogbrush, his trousers around his ankles and twitching erection poking upwards. “Get yer willy out and get it ready ‘cause we ain’t got much time!”

“Wot’s mean get it ready,” replied Kelvin unzipping his fly and allowing his huge organ to escape, “it’s fucking ready now, just bleeding hurry up before I’s cums!”

Joel groaned as for the second time that morning Bogbrush eagerly rammed his cock in as far as it would go. Enjoying the scene, Kelvin was slowly masturbating whilst looking inquisitively at Joel’s pink panties lying on the floor, allowing his concentration to lapse just when Bogbrush indicated he was about to ejaculate the toilet door burst open. Dave and Luke stood in the doorway staring in disbelief, having been unsuccessful in their quest to find an empty toilet for their mutual masturbation it seemed they had now hit the jackpot along with the bonus of Joel’s pouting bottom.

“Wot the bleeding hell!” exclaimed Dave. “Yer’s gonna fuck Joel!”

“Can us do it as well?” gasped Luke, it being the first thought in his head, but not the first time he had thought of it. His glasses wobbled excitedly, could this be the time to actually turn the previous evenings rather messy bedtime fantasy into fact?

“We was gonna hava wank anyway’s!” added Dave.

“Oooh fucking hell!” Bogbrush had started ejaculating and was quite understandably really past caring about who fucked who!


Frantically masturbating, Joel was beside himself and just wanting more and more cock inside himself. “They’s can fuck me as well then Kelv yer can finish us off!”

“Yeah alright.” agreed Kelvin, only too willing to watch the show. “Well get yer cocks out then, I want’s to see wot yer got, but yer’s gotta cum bleeding quick or there won’t be time I’s to do it!”

“I’s hard so I’s go first.” volunteered Dave undoing his trousers he immediately rushed over to display not too much in the way of cock, but a white vest and briefs.

Watching, paying special attention to Joel’s white buttocks, the pink panties and vest, Luke dropped his own trousers to reveal similar white underwear and his own sorely abused erection valiantly poking skyward, Bogbrush looked on with interest whilst cleaning his cock on his shirt tail. Dave was obviously enjoying himself even though he knew little of the mechanics of anal sex, in fact, other than masturbation he knew little about sex whatever. Be that as it may, he nevertheless soon got the general idea and with Joel having just been so copiously lubricated by Bogbrush proceeded to pump away, his large white buttocks wobbling temptingly with every thrust.

Not that Luke would ever admit it, but in another version of his bedtime fantasies he found the plump Dave with his numerous rolls of excess flesh a really attractive proposition and the sight of the trembling white orbs had him very excited. In fact so much so that despite multiple orgasms over the weekend he was, as already noted by Bogbrush, very much erect and sensing that against all the odds another climax was imminent. Watched by Kelvin and Bogbrush, Luke moved to stand behind Dave the white underwear contrasting with his cock which after repeated orgasms looked to be glowing bright red. Dave was in for quite a shock for moments later he felt his fleshy buttocks being forced apart and then the sensation of Luke’s hot breath as he moved in for his first ever anal inspection.

“Fuck, he’s gonna sniff his bumhole!” Kelvin looked at Bogbrush who had now progressed from examining his cock for excessive wear to actively starting to masturbate again. “Cor, wot a dirty little sod!”

And, wot a dirty sod Luke really was!

With glasses barely staying on his nose he grappled with the excess of Dave’s fleshy buttocks, then after rubbing his fingers up and down the hot, wobbly crack he suddenly lurched forward and rammed them into what he hoped was the vital spot. Almost three fingers later he withdrew them and just as Kelvin had predicted began to sniff them whilst as though on auto-pilot his straining cock took their place within the pulsating Dave. To say Dave found it was something of a shock was an understatement for already being over stimulated he, just like Luke pushed himself so far into Joel that his gonads were squashed in the process.

“Oh fuck I’ve cum!” gasped Dave triumphantly all of some six seconds later as he excitedly continued to push himself into Joel. “I’s cum!”

However, Joel being the recipient of two large infusions of sperm was at last beginning to see that maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to be fucked in turn by four boys for his sphincter was already starting to feel distinctly slack and rather tender. In theory Luke was now due to take on Joel, but since he had not yet climaxed and was carrying on vigorously humping a delighted Dave there was to be an exciting  change of plan.

Kelvin now joined Bogbrush in masturbating for the sight of the three connected, partially dressed bodies writhing in the act of buggery topped anything they had seen before. The downside was that time was rapidly running out as there were barely only five minutes of the break left and Kelvin was so excited he was fast approaching a typically colossal orgasm. The answer was relatively simple, with Bogbrush’s help he simply manoeuvred Dave away from Joel whilst Luke continued to hammer away at Dave’s squishy bottom, the pair of them seemingly oblivious to what was happening around them.

Kelvin with his over large organ and little chance of inserting it in anything other than his revolting Dunlopillo rubber cushion was now faced with Joel’s sphincter. It winked, it oozed a disgusting mixture of anal detritus mixed in with Dave and Bogbrush’s sperm, but nevertheless it was immediately available and since the lesson bell had not yet rung there was theoretically time to give Joel a proper deflowering.

“Oh fuck me!” mouthed Kelvin as the first half of his magnificent organ forged it’s way up the slimy tract.

“Oh fucking hell!” gasped Joel as the girth of the mighty tool began to widen the entrance.

“Ooh fuck!” Luke had finally managed a small discharge inside Dave, who was now frantically masturbating and trying to decide if he really were in love with Luke.

“Ooh fuck me!” echoed Bogbrush having just managed to bring himself to a third climax in so short a time.

“Ooohh fuck… fuck… fuck…” groaned Kelvin for things were moving at quite a pace.

Unaware that Joel was in agony and that his moans were for pain and not pleasure  Kelvin had continued to force the remainder of his gigantic cock inside as far as he could. The self-lubricating precum stage had been passed and was about to become the orgasmic stage when the unwitting Joel would receive his just deserts, actually a a high pressure seminal enema and a precision reaming of his anal tract.

“I’s fucking cumming!” trumpeted Kelvin slamming into Joel so hard that the basin he was so desperately hanging onto shook on it’s fixings and grout fell to the floor.

“I’s fucking dying!” croaked Joel, his bottom felt as though it had been split open.

“Let’s feel yer willy… can yer cum with us!” the over excited, insatiable Kelvin had reached round hoping to find Joel’s firm erection, only to find a mere stump sticky with semen and very tender to the touch.

“Aaarrgghh…” replied Joel, his cock destroyed by excessive self-abuse and his bum destroyed by the sheer size of Kelvin’s cock.

“Gor.. fuck me!” continued Kelvin as he slammed into Joel for the last time, his magnificent organ having discharged all it could, so much so in fact that Joel was convinced his stomach was getting larger.

“Holy fuck!” said Bogbrush. “Glad that weren’t my hole!”

“Fuck!” gasped an exhausted Luke, Dave meanwhile was still desperately trying to abuse himself.

Kelvin grinning inanely to the captive audience then slowly, yet not without a magicians flair when it came to pulling a giant rabbit from a very small hat, extracted his steaming, dripping member from Joel. Finally emerging with a very distinct “plop” and gasps from the viewing assemblage it left Joel’s sphincter wide open and looking very, very much the worse for wear. Plainly unable to contain the vast quantity of seminal sludge that had been forced inside, Joel’s sphincter was already allowing it to ooze back out and down between his legs.

“Oh shit!” Bogbrush suddenly looked up. “That’s the bleeding lesson bell innit?”


Out in the playground, Jason and Farty were relaying their Sunday afternoon’s meeting with Joel and Luke to Billie and Brett. Unfortunately certain popping sounds were emanating from an excitable Farty’s trousers whenever he became over animated in his description of what had happened in the park.

“Oh shit,” Billie sniffed, the atmosphere was becoming toxic, “just stop bleeding farting and tell us how big’s Luke’s willy then?”

“About that innit?” Farty gesticulated, his hands implying it could be anywhere between one and seventeen inches long with a girth of a medium drainpipe.

“Gert big ‘un then is it?” it might only have been the mid-morning break but holding his breath, Billie was already masturbating inside his capacious trousers.

“Nah!” Farty shook his head, some more poppings sounds were heard from his trousers. “It were all red wunnit weren’t it, like he’d been wanking too much!”

“Weren’t it? Well I’s don’t know do I’s, I’s weren’t bleeding there were I’s that’s whys’ I’s fucking asking yer innit!” replied Billie. “And stop bleeding farting!”

“Well it weren’t that big,” said Jason, “and Joel’s were about the same and they’s had just had a wank hadn’t ’em Fart’s?”

“Yeah, they was all sticky and cummy round the end bit like.”

Billie was about to arrive at a sticky and cummy end as well.

“Yeah and then we’s had a gert wank,” continued Jason excitedly, “and we’d said that the one that came last had to have his bum fingered by the others!”

“Who’s were that then?” asked Brett, having joined the others in penile stimulation.

“Joel wunnit,” said Jason. “and he didn’t half hop about when us all put a finger up his bum didn’t he Fart’s?”

“Yeah.” confirmed Farty with more popping noises.

“Hang on, looks like we’s all wanking now don’t it?” said Brett looking around. “So why doesn’t us do like they lot did then?”

“But we’s can’t stick a finger up somebody’s bum in the playground now can us?”

“Nah, but we’s could all try and cum now, then we’s knows who’s we’s gonna finger wouldn’t us?” said Jason. “Last one to cum get’s it in the bogs dinner time then!”

“Ooh fuck yeah!” said Billie, it not having occurred to him what fun to cum last.

“Oh bleeding hell! Farty now yer’s dropped another big ‘un!” exclaimed Jason.

“We’s won’t live till dinner time if he eats more of they fucking beans!” added Brett. “D’yer have ’em for breakfast as well?”



Had Joel been fully compos mentis he would have known that he had over indulged on all fronts, particularly the sexual ones as now confirmed by having an erection that refused to subside. Almost returned to reality on finding himself being dragged down the corridor to the woodwork lesson he was certainly not feeling at his best and finding it very hard to concentrate. In fact had he been more erudite he might well have seen himself as being debauched, buggered and bewildered with the lesson of never again offering his bottom to so many boys having just been painfully rammed home.

Struggling to bring up the rear after two successive orgasms whilst very unwisely attempting a third as they walked along Dave was looking at the seat of Joel’s trousers. “Cor, now looks like he wet his trousers!”

“Nah, I’s thinks it’s just all that cum leaking out his bumhole!” confirmed Bogbrush after a very cursory look. “Is yer wanking again?”

Dave giggled inanely, the fact he had buggered Joel whilst Luke buggered him had really set off him off.

The fact was that Joel looked a total disaster and a sperm splattered disaster at that. Having been hurriedly dressed by the others when the lesson bell rang his uniform was very much askew and he had no underpants since Bogbrush had purloined the spunky pink panties to wear when he got home to re-enact the days events. So, other than the tail of Joel’s shirt and vest there was nothing to absorb the enormous quantity of semen that the three boys had deposited in him, which aided by gravity and a gaping sphincter had begun to dribble back out. With a glazed look on his face he was propelled into the workshop to see that the rest of the class had already donned their aprons and were collecting their projects.

“Where have you lot been, you’re late?” Mr Wilson immediately scanned the five pairs of trousers for signs of activity. “Well get an apron on and let’s get started.”

Signs of trouser activity there were, very blatant signs of activity for they were all still very much erect. Joel’s trousers were daubed with semen and had never been properly fastened so only the zip held them up, Kelvin was flaunting a huge lump in his trousers and neither Dave nor luke were able to stop playing with themselves.

“What’s wrong with Joel he doesn’t look right?” asked Mr Wilson reluctantly tearing his eyes away from Luke’s rapidly moving hand inside his trousers.

“Dunno… really..” Bogbrush grinned, knowing Mr Wilson had again been caught out by temptations of the flesh, “we thinks he’s a bit over, overcome with it all… Sir!”

“Well, well, I’ll sort him out in a minute,” the unmistakable lump of Kelvin’s huge cock filled the background, he managed to look away, “right you lot go and start your work and I’ll just get organised.”

“Yeah alright, Sir.” Bogbrush winked at Kelvin. “Is yer coming over to see our work today then Sir?”

“Yes, yes of course,” it was hard not to keep looking at Joel, the semen glistened on his trousers although the bulge was nowhere as large as what Kelvin had to offer, nevertheless it was an attractive proposition. “And, Kelvin, I need to talk to you.”

“Oh fuck, wonder wot that’s about then?” he said to Bogbrush as they walked away.

“Fuck knows! I ‘spect it’s just an excuse to get us in his car!”

“Well I’s don’t mind that!”

With the boys finally moving off to their benches to hopefully start work, Mr Wilson turned his attention to Joel who was leaning provocatively against the wall of the short passageway by the woodstore where the aprons were usually hung. He had not moved since entering the workshop and was partially out of sight of the class, a situation that was not unnoticed by Mr Wilson and seemed ripe for exploitation.

“You don’t look very lively, but let’s try and get you organised, take your blazer off and we’ll get you an apron.” Mr Wilson’s cock twitched beneath his white coat, it seemed he had a rare opportunity to touch the boy whilst helping with the apron.

Joel was showing little enthusiasm for woodwork, but far more enthusiasm to be the willing subject of one more encounter as a compliant bottom. Slowly, deliberately he took off the blazer and in the process managed to pull both the shirt and vest from the unfastened trousers. Doing his best to look rather helpless he allowed Mr Wilson to busy himself finding an a suitable apron in between casting admiring glances at the spunky trousers. Essentially of course he was importuning whilst Mr Wilson tried hard to convince himself that the sight and smell of semen was not coming from the partly unfastened trousers and he must ignore it.

One of them had to make the first move.

“As.. uumm…” Mr Wilson nervously cleared his throat, “as, as you don’t look too special, why don’t you sit down in here for a bit whilst I sort the class out, I’ll be back in five minutes.”

“Yer will come back though won’t yer Sir?” Joel purposely made eye contact. “‘cause I’s knows what I thinks we’s needs.”

“What? What d’you mean?” flushed Mr Wilson could not stop himself looking yet again at the bulging trousers.

“Look, us knows yer queer and yer knows I’s queer,” Joel squeezed the front of his trousers, “yer knows yer wants it and I wants it as well. We’s both hard so let’s just get on with it!”

“What! What are you on about?” the words sounded suitably apt, but the delivery was one of total acquiescence.

“See I’s knows wot yer’s done with Luke. And, d’yer think us didn’t see yer yesterday hiding in they bushes with that Clive bloke in the park.” Joel grinned. “Yer’s been having it off with him ain’t yer, he as good as told us that by mistake!”

Mr Wilson blanched. “Oh fuck!”

“Look, Kelvin and they others has just fucked I in the bog, why d’yer think we was all late! Now I want’s you to do it!”

“What.. Luke and… and you’ve had Kelvin up you?”

“And it fucking hurt!” Joel reached for the zip. “Just start wanking under yer coat and when yer’s about to cum stick it up me, I’s all full of cum and it won’t take long will it!”

Mr Wilson looked at the open door to the woodstore, it was dark and so inviting. Surely, taking two minutes away from the class would be safe enough.



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