Bog Off
by Tom


Chapter 35: Revenge of the brown banana

Saturday finally dawned. Not that Kelvin would ever be awake to greet the morning light even though he had been keenly anticipating it. It was, he had been promising himself to be the day that would reveal the innermost secrets of the female sex.

Well hopefully. Maybe.

Quite understandably where Kelvin was concerned, the previous evening had been a frantic blur of sexual activity especially since on his way home from school he had picked up the key to the shed from Byron at the cottage. Everything centred on his overactive, if limited imagination of what Cilla possessed by way of girly bits and just what she would or would not do by way of a solo performance. The big question was whether she would allow him to blindly fumble about in her gooey girly crevices, and he in return grant her access to the family jewels, which would inevitably be contained in some possibly, relatively clean Guptha’s International underpants.

Kelvin was in possession a very high threshold onanistic ability before the joys of masturbation would begin to pall. Amazingly even that limit had not been exceeded the previous evening which had been spent happily ejaculating on an hourly basis into his Guptha’s International bright orange with black trim briefs. Even watching television he knew no shame and would play with himself then suddenly pop out into the hallway to bring himself off in the commercial break, so by bedtime the front of his jeans was soaked and he reeked of semen. With father Wayne down at the pub, cocooned in her cloud of cigarette smoke Doreen had a pretty good idea of what was happening, but since she could neither see nor face the confrontation other than giving him damning looks she kept quiet. Jason didn’t seem to notice, mainly because he was equally engaged in a similar operation albeit in a more subtle manner whilst visualising undressing the young Clint in the bus shelter.

So, the evening progressed until bedtime arrived, when with his cock showing little signs of tiring and spurred by the lewd thoughts running around in his mind Kelvin retired to bed. As would be expected from him, still wearing the sodden briefs he had also taken under the bedclothes the truly revolting Dunlopillo cushion which doubled as either self-lubricating boy bum or gooey girly thing, of course he also took with him the full range of anal excitable accoutrements.

It being Friday night in the Twerks household meant that not only were Jason and Kelvin on the ejaculatory circuit, but Wayne was scheduled to do his husband style duty on returning from the pub and give Doreen a major seeing too with his huge cock. And, so the night progressed from one sticky climax to the next with Kelvin eventually falling into an exhausted sleep even if still impaled on the slushy cushion with half a candle pushed well up his bottom.

The following morning feeling fulfilled in more ways than one and with Wayne going off to work some overtime Doreen realised it was gone eleven, definitely time to rouse Kelvin. Outside the bedroom there were no signs of actual life or even the usual rhythmic boy type noises, slowly she opened the bedroom door and allowed the mandatory cloud of cigarette smoke to precede her into the darkened room.

“Wot a mess!”

Kelvin’s room was not a place to enter without good reason. The atmosphere was pungent with stale socks, adolescence, sweat and semen all combining to verge on the toxic. Tripping over what appeared to be most of his wardrobe scattered all over the floor she fought her way to the window to pull the curtains back and open the window.

Rather like Dracula, the daylight was quite unwelcome, the untidy heap on the bed started to move and after some very limited movement a croaky voice called out. “I’s ain’t wanking yer this morning, so sod off and close they bleeding curtains!”

“Don’t yer tell I to sod off,” snapped Doreen, her good humour rapidly going up with the cloud of Embassy smoke along with the generous offer to masturbate, “it’s gone eleven, get out that bleeding bed and start getting up!”

“Oh… shit!” the muffled voice had now realised it wasn’t Jason who had come in to offer his services as had so often had happened of late.

“I’ll count to three so hurry up … one… two…”

“Wait… wait..”

“I ain’t waiting!” the masturbation offer had really annoyed her, there would be retribution of one sort or another.


Other than the bedding starting to move a little quicker in different directions not a lot happened. Beneath in the fetid darkness panic had broken out, Kelvin was desperately trying to find somewhere to hide the revolting cushion which relentlessly continued to deposit it’s foul cargo over whatever it came in contact with.

“Wot the hell’s that?” said Doreen looking down as something fell to the floor and rattled around. The wooden dildo sticky with Vaseline looked up from the semen stained carpet by the bed. “Wot is it, something to do with that brother of yer’s?”

“Ahh.. no…” Kelvin knew very well what it was and he also knew very well that when Doreen said she was counting to three she really meant it.

“Two and half…” she paused, “and d’yer really think’s I don’t know what yer two gets up too?”

All manner of things now appeared to be happening under the bedding, in fact everything with the exception of the occupant appearing.


“Alright.. alright!” the thought of her examining the wooden dildo was enough.

Miraculously the bedding was moving in a vertical direction, it’s aim was to stand on the bed. Kelvin’s cunning plan was to wrap himself in the bedding and somehow when once wrapped he could keep the infamous cushion out of sight and therefore out of mind.

However, the plan had a couple of major flaws which he was yet to discover.

“My god, yer a right mess!”

It was something of an understatement, a total understatement for he really did look awful and very, very, very embarrassed that his alliance with Jason was no longer a secret. Clawing at the bedclothes to hold both them and the cushion in position he moved nervously from one foot to the other as Doreen’s mood changed to one of concealed amusement. Beneath the bedclothes the cushion being clutched so tightly was now positively oozing cold vintage semen which was running down his body to his legs, dozens if not hundreds, thousands of seminal infusions had ensured it really was one wet, smelly, squidgy, cold, clammy revolting mess.

Doreen was determined to extract at least her pound of flesh and if not more, she pointed to the remaining bedding rucked up around his feet which shimmering in the daylight having obviously suffered a major pearlescent instilment during the night.

“Looks like yer’s started without him!”


Having returned the previous afternoon chaperoned by Dave, who had caught the same bus, Luke had looked distinctly wrecked on his arrival at home, which as they told his mother rather implausibly was caused by being ragged on the bus. Whereas, the truth was that Dave found it impossible to keep his hands off the bespectacled Luke, especially since his fly was gaping wide open beneath the school bag. Despite all that had happened during the day Luke found that he couldn’t rebuff Dave’s advances if he wanted too and even offered a firm erection to play with since being groped on the bus had really turned him on. That wasn’t to say that Luke had remained totally passive for he had managed to worm his way inside Dave’s fly and explore the clammy ripples of fat that surrounded his genitalia.

However, on their arrival at the house his mother looked rather sceptical, especially since he appeared to be making an effort to keep his trousers out of view with his school bag and some obvious help from Dave, who for his part in the charade now thought there should be a price to pay. It was an absolute bargain really, for on following closely behind Luke as they went up the stairs to his bedroom Dave pushed his hand right between his legs.

“Can yer cum again?” whispered Dave. “Even if yer can’t will yer wank us off?”

Near the top step Luke stopped, after the episode on the bus the risk of doing something on the stairs was very tempting especially with his mother below in the kitchen serving to only heighten the risk. Yet in theory, after a day of continual arousal and repeated ejaculation he should have been verging on the incapable, however being with Dave and with sex dominating the entire horizon the idea really appealed.

“Wot?” he turned his head, vision still partially fogged by the coating of dried semen on the lenses he looked down. “Only if us does it right now!”

“Wot now on the bloody stairs?” replied a surprised, but excited Dave. “Now?”

“Well us didn’t have no time to do nothing on the bus did us?” he grinned. “And, as me zips broke get yer hand in, then undo yer zip so’s I’s can wank yer off as well.”

“Do it quick then, so’s I’s cums all over me pants and,” Dave paused to look down to the hallway below, “and so if yer cums in yer’s, well can us swop then?”

“Yeah… but, yer might have to rub it a bit more than normal, it’s had a lotta use!”

Nearly two frantic minutes later with Dave giggling nervously whilst keeping watch on the hallway below Luke felt Dave’s cock begin to jerk in his hand. It pumped out as much semen as it could muster which Luke dutifully smearing all around inside of Dave’s briefs knowing he was to be soon wearing them himself. As expected Luke was not quite so quick to climax, but with Dave applying maximum masturbatory effort eventually things were well on the way with even a little precum appearing once Dave’s sticky thumb started to rub across the piss slit.

“Tell us when yer gonna cum and I’s push it back inside quick so yer pants gets it all.” said Dave, who with the extended masturbation had had decided to make the operation easier by pulling Luke’s cock out from both his trousers and the sagging spunky underpants.

As for Luke himself there was little doubt that lately he was mentally tottering near the top of the slippery slope of boyish pleasures and quite unsure whether to get off or continue down. It had though already begun to feel that going down was easier that trying to scrabble back up, for instance having started to lick his fingers after their foray into Dave’s briefs he really savoured the taste knowing that he had been the direct cause of Dave’s pleasure.

“Oh shit, feels like I’s nearly there,” gasped Luke, “get it back in me pants quick!”

“If you two want to come down, I’ve got a bottle of Coke.” called out Mrs Morgan from the hallway.

Shocked, Dave stopped rubbing, his hand still wrapped around Luke’s twitching cock, he looked at Luke. “Oh fuck… I’s didn’t hear her come out the kitchen!”

“Oh fuck!” echoed Luke. “Don’t think she’s looked up here, sounded like her was still in the kitchen.”

“Oh fuck!” Dave was white with fright. “Fuck `spose she do!”

“Oh no… oh no… oh fuck!” Luke looked down, quite where his body had found such reserves of stamina and semen he had no idea, but spunk had already started to dribble over Dave’s fingers and onto the carpet below.

“Or shall I bring it up?” ever the dutiful mother, with thoughts of his appearance forgotten Luke was her only son and it was so nice for him to bring a friend home.

“We’s coming now!”

Of course it was the wrong thing to say and despite Dave’s distress he soon started to giggle. “Cor that’s funny!”

“Shit! Wipe that cum off yer hand and get down quick,” Luke turned to push Dave down in front of him, “stand in front of I’s so’s she can’t see me fucking trousers!”

With Dave duly wiping his spunky hand on his shirt they set off to arrive in the kitchen looking even more dishevelled and far guiltier than they had minutes earlier.

“I’ve made some little cakes today, maybe you’d like one?” she said putting a plate piled with fairy cakes on the kitchen table alongside the bottle of Coke. “I haven’t seen you for a while David?”

“Oh.. oh, I’s been around like,” replied Dave doing his best to smile and stand in front of Luke as he greedily eyed up the cakes, “at school and that like.”

“Well sit down if you want and have a cake.. or two.”

“Ooh.. thanks.”

A spunky hand immediately reached out ready to grab the largest cake as he pulled up the chair nearest the plate. Oblivious that his fly was still unfastened after Luke’s invasion he sat down and immediately displayed the white, translucent cotton inside, it winked, glistened and clearly showed the pink head of his erection through the fly.

With Luke sexually active since he was twelve and having developed a propensity to ejaculate into his underwear, it was all too easy for Mrs Morgan to recognise the signs and so it was all too obvious what Dave must have been doing. A very, very embarrassed, if surprised Mrs Morgan hovered by the table not too sure what to do or say, let alone allow the thought to cross her mind that there was a possibility they might have just finished doing something together.


That same afternoon not too far away on the same estate, Joel had arrived home from school in a very excited state. The events in the dining hall having acted as a catalyst to push his crush on Luke towards a climax, the fact confirmed by his very narrowly avoiding what could have been a sticky situation on the bus going home.

Luckily, as he saw from the note on entering the house his mother was visiting a neighbour which meant he could immediately indulge and attain the long awaited climax. The thing was though, how could he best imagine that Luke was with him? Dare he allow himself to think that Luke could be persuaded to enter into a little anal play and if so, what could he use to replicate luke’s cock?

The answer was right before him on top of the fridge and came in the shape of a fruit bowl containing a three bruised apples, a wrinkly orange and a couple of aging brown bananas. Immediately seeing possibilities he gabbed the bananas and rushed upstairs to his bedroom trying to recall whether Dave said he had peeled it before insertion!

Whatever, thinking there was no time to loose he began to throw his school clothes off and then dived under the bed to retrieve from amongst the jumble of yellowing, starched handkerchiefs and torn pyjamas the remains of the pot of Vaseline now kept for special occasions. Bending over in front the wardrobe mirror and looking back between his legs he pulled his buttocks apart and ran a finger slowly up and down his crack. There was something really arousing about playing with himself in the mirror as the same finger now loaded with Vaseline was swiftly inserted up to the knuckle and slowly manipulated in a circular motion. With one eye watching the actions of the wayward finger and the other looking at the brown bananas he made the decision, since the fruit was going squidgy it was going to make it’s entrance skin and all!

Undoubtedly the use a firm, peeled banana had been tried by many an enterprising adolescent and unlike carrots, bananas came shrink wrapped with their very own variety of lubricant sealed in. Joel was so excited at the prospect it never occurred to him that he was about to go down in the anal’s of anal history with the insertion of the complete, squidgy banana and that the very act itself could prove something of a challenge. A challenge indeed, because it refused to go in and he was afraid of forcing it lest it split and loose it’s customary penile resemblance. Problems, more problems. The answer entailed considerable thought and the glaringly obvious solution was eventually reached with the judicious use of one, two and then three fingers to relax his sphincter sufficiently to start feeding it all in. Stuffing actually.

So there he was, happy as a pig in pig-poo, prancing around in front the mirror with an over-ripe banana stuffed right up his bottom, wearing his sisters very tight pink panties and masturbating wildly whilst gyrating around. Understandably, it didn’t take him that long to reach the much anticipated climax, so moments later he was skipping about while massaging the plentiful discharge of semen into the thin nylon material of the pink panties with the banana still in position and his sphincter tightly closed.

Deciding it was an utterly fantastic way to spend the end of the afternoon after school, he resolved to tell Luke all about it the next morning. In fact, it would be an excellent excuse to call round and encourage him to partake in a joint venture, that was if only they could find somewhere suitable where they wouldn’t be disturbed, maybe even a couple more brown bananas.


“Joel are you in? I’m back now.”

Any such daydreams were immediately shattered by his mothers shrill voice calling up the stairs.

“I.. uummm.. I’s just… uumm… I’s… I’s, I’s just going… to the bog!” he managed to stutter back in shock.

“What? I didn’t catch that!” she called back.

“I’s needs to go to the bog!” he shouted in desperation.

“No need to shout! Was it something you’ve eaten?”


With semen percolating through the thin panties to drip down on the carpet and bereft of any further ideas he grabbed the clothes on the floor and shot off towards the bathroom. Shocked at almost being caught in the act he locked the bathroom door behind him and only then realised there was no means of getting the banana back again. Nothing happened when he prospected with his fingers or even when he vigorously poked about with the green plastic handle of his toothbrush, it refused to budge and annoyed it’s skin had just been punctured. In a state of absolute panic and realising he dare not stay in the bathroom any longer lest his mother think there really was something really wrong, he had to make an appearance downstairs before she came looking for him.

It was with great difficulty that he managed to pull up the school trousers over his erection since they had started to stick to the spunky panties which in turn were leaving semen stains everywhere. And, just to complete the image on the way downstairs he noticed the white shirt was no longer white, as even that had several patches of dried semen all over it courtesy of the communal dinner break and the squirtathon.

“Was it something you’ve eaten? I’ve always thought those school dinners were rubbish!” she observed as he arrived walking as though his legs were almost crossed. “You look a mess and what’s that over your shirt?”

“Wot? Oh.. nah.. uumm.. I’s alright now..” he ignored the shirt question.

“I was doing sausages for tea, so maybe if you’re bottom’s a bit loose you’d better have a boiled egg or something!”

“Nah, nah.. I’s be fine.. it’s alright.”

It wasn’t alright and it wasn’t just his very sore cock nor the tight, sticky underwear that was dictating the agenda. The banana was exacting it’s revenge for having been violently poked about with the toothbrush and the soft, squidgy contents were really determined to escape from the brown skin. Which, having escaped a transformation had been taking place with the fruit content itself morphing into a revolting banana enema, even as he spoke it was bubbling in his bowels on the verge of detonating.

“Well if you think so, but I’m sure it’s they school dinners.”

He suddenly began to shake, she watched in amazement. “You alright?”

“Nah.. nah.. oh.. fffffuuu… nah.. nah.. oooh..”

With one hand on his stomach and the other grabbing at his bottom he started to sprint for the stairs, every second counted. If only they had a downstairs toilet. But, how many seconds were needed? Would he even make it? Was the toilet seat up? And, would there be enough time to peel off the stuck on, super tight, super spunky, pink nylon panties before the forced laxation?

“It’s a boiled egg for you!” she called out after him. “Lucky it’s Saturday tomorrow and there’s no school!”


Indeed it was Saturday and somehow Joel had survived the evening without having to pay homage for the fourth time to the power of the liquidised banana enema, he had though missed out on the sausage and chips and instead had to settle for the boiled egg! However today was new day and on waking around ten he immediately set to work on his erection fantasising about Luke even if his bottom was still feeling a mite sore. His idea was very simple, to call on Luke that morning and hopefully find him still in bed masturbating in his white matching underwear which should still be sticky from the night’s hectic exertions. Thinking that at least the part of the fantasy regarding the underwear could be true he embarked on a search of his chest of drawers being pretty sure that somewhere were a pair of old white briefs, which if visiting Luke would surely be de rigueur.

Indeed there were, but sadly the matching vest had been used as cumrag some time back. Albeit they were a little tight, but not tight enough to stop him concluding his fantasy and ejaculating in them before going down to breakfast where he would be sure to be interrogated by his mother on the state of his bowels! The mandatory interrogation over and hoping his almost erect cock would not be noticed under his jeans, he set off for Luke’s house. Walking about in spunky underpants was as many a boy knew quite a turn on and it was getting on for eleven o’clock when he arrived outside of Luke’s house. The ultra neat garden was something of a landmark, as was Joel’s full-blown erection caused by sliding around in the spunky briefs and of lecherous thoughts of what Luke could be doing in bed.

“Oh, it’s uumm.. now, it’s,” Mrs Morgan, had diverted to answer the front door from her intended trip to wake Luke up, she tried to think who he was, “it’s Joel isn’t it?”

“I’s wonders if Luke’s in?” Joel smiled having picked a lopsided stance by the door frame which didn’t emphasise the hand nor the bulge in the pocketless pocket.

“He’s still in bed asleep,” she replied, “and, I was just thinking of waking him up.”

“Oh, oh I’s see’s… oh, well then.. oh..” Joel sounded so very disappointed, his cock started to soften despite visions of Luke asleep in bed.

“So,” she smiled, it was time to use the situation to her advantage and so avoid having maternal words over him getting up so late and the state of his room which used to be so neat and tidy, “so, well, why don’t you go up and wake him up for me?”

“Ooh.. wot!” Joel’s cock immediately lurched back to a state of hardness, through the pocketless pocket and spunky briefs he pinched the wet end. “Can I’s?”

“You know where his room his, don’t you, tell him to come down for breakfast.”

Trembling with excitement, as was his cock Joel tried not to run up the stairs, he approached the bedroom door and listened out for the all too familiar noises of teenage hand working on teenage cock. Strangely all was silent, for surely all self- respecting adolescents should be wanking themselves into a coma if in still in bed by eleven on a Saturday morning! With a shaking hand he grasped the door handle and very gently turned it, pushing the door open a few inches the room was still in semi-darkness with no sounds of life.

Creeping across the room and almost tripping over a shoe he stopped to take stock, plainly the room was no longer the model of tidiness as when he had first visited for there were now clothes strewn all over the floor.

Most noticeable was the strong, wonderfully intoxicating aroma of Luke and semen, which wasn’t too surprising seeing as Luke’s school clothes had been so heavily infused the previous day. Plus somehow during the previous evening despite his ailing cock he had managed to ejaculate three times on going to bed aided by further lurid fantasies which alternated between Dave and Joel. Yet although tired from the night’s exertions his mind was in overdrive and having something of a truly erotic dream, very vivid, almost verging on a wet dream which revolved around Joel joining him in bed, with both dressed in white underwear.

On watching the bedclothes occasionally move as Luke approached his slow and unscheduled climax, Joel was pretty close to ejaculation himself having pushed a hand through his now open fly to placate his aching cock. Thus, sitting on the sit of bed it was with great trepidation that he slipped his arm under the covers and gently groped around confirming that Luke was lying face down and wearing the white vest and briefs. By now Joel really was excited and though Luke was asleep he somehow managed to move his hand so that a spunky finger could trace it’s way between the tight buttocks only to stop on reaching the mattress, slimy from previous emissions.

From the mess it was obvious Luke had ejaculated more than once and was something which Joel found incredibly erotic, so much so that he really had great difficulty in holding back from climaxing himself. Aided by the surplus of lubrication to between Luke’s sheet and briefs it took very little effort for Joel to slide his hand between them. It seemed that his fantasy coming true, for once he had cupped the head of the cock through the slimy briefs Luke automatically started to hump the palm of the strange hand.

In fact Joel was so aroused that he was the first to ejaculate and for the second time that morning filled his underpants with hot spunk, any excess forced through his briefs and into his jeans. Within the next few seconds Luke followed suit, such was the graphic power of his dream that he generated an unbelievable quantity of sperm welling up in Joel’s hand and oozed onto the slimy bedding below. Amazingly, with Luke breathing very heavily he did not seem to wake even when Joel slowly carefully withdrew his hand from underneath, watching for signs of life and so aroused he started to masturbate yet again as he licked Luke’s sperm from his fingers, it was then that he had a brilliant idea.

“Luke… come on it’s time to wake up.” Joel shook him by the shoulder. “Yer mother said I’s should wake yer up!”

“Who? Fuck.. wot… fuck… wot’s yer doing here!” Luke blinked, the subject of his most wonderful fantasy was actually sat on his bed, a spunky hand grabbed out his glasses.

“Well I’s come round to see yer and then yer mum said I’s should wake yer up.”

“Oh…” twisting himself round so he could sit up, the reality of a bed slimy with an excess of spunk was now very apparent, “uumm.. shit!”

“Looks like yer’s slept in that nice vest of yer’s?” Joel smiled and pointed to the white vest from which a pair of white, none too muscly arms protruded.

“Oh fuck!” even though it was Joel, he was still embarrassed for he guessed Joel would then correctly assume he had had an evening of playing in his underwear.

“Have yer got they matching pants on?” Joel grinned. “I got white on today.”

“Course I fucking have!” Luke managed a weak smile. “Yer fucking knows I’s has.”

“Can I’s put me hand in and have a feel?” Joel continued excitedly. “Has yer had yer morning wank yet?”

Several times over would have been the correct answer, Luke grinned and nodded to Joel’s open fly having noticed the fresh semen. “Might have, I’s can see yer has!”

“Oh fuck!” Joel looked down, his turn to be embarrassed having forgotten about it. “Bollocks!”

“When d’yer do that?”

“Just now,” blurted out Luke, “look truth is… well after yesterday I was so excited at coming round this morning and when I’s told I’s could wake yer up, well.. well, I fucking cum didn’t I? And I’s wore me white pants for yer!”

“Yer a dirty fucker!” Luke laughed. “Well yer ain’t the only one, `cause I’s just had a fucking gert wet dream! Get yer hand in and see if yer can get us off again!”

Much giggling and groping followed, with Joel hoping to achieve another one of his fantasy goals by slowly allowing his hand to squelch though the confines of Luke’s briefs and thence between his legs. Once there it seemed the perfect time to relay his experience with the over-ripe banana, no matter how embarrassing it was in the retelling.

“So d’yer push things up yer bum a lot then?” asked Luke after hearing the sad tale of the banana whilst desperately trying to sound innocent and not too interested in such disgusting acts.

“Not a lot, nah,” replied Joel being decidedly economical with the truth and hoping to steer the conversation towards Luke and his more secretive predilections, “I’s `spect yer do it with yer fingers don’t yer?”

“Well.. bit, I’s `spose… uumm.. wot else d’yer use?”

“Yer’s tried a carrot I’s `spose?” said Joel sidestepping a definitive answer.

“Oh yeah,” Luke nodded, it was time to move things on, “so has yer ever uumm.. well.. yer knows.. like done something with… well like somebody else?”

“Wot d’yer mean?” asked Joel, his hand still inside Luke’s briefs, “d’yer mean like instead of having a wank together, but uumm.. well, sorta feeling bums instead?”

“I’s `spose.” Luke was nervous, he was afraid of loosing the conversation and unsure just how keen Joel might be to partake. “Yer don’t reckon that’ll be a bit dirty like?”

“Nah, be alright wunnit, `cause yer don’t mind me wanking yer do yer?” Joel decided to add an extra element. “So, `spose I’s felt me own bum first, then yer’s after?”

“So,” said Luke excitedly, his cock lurching inside the hot, sticky briefs confirming his interest, “so’s I’d watch yer doing yer bum.. then yer’d do mine?”

“Yeah, use the same finger I’s `spose!” Joel smiled in the gloom, he didn’t think that even Kelvin, Bogbrush or Byron would have thought of this bizarre variation, but if helped seduce Luke then why not. “But we’s can’t do it not now, not with yer mum downstairs `cause we’s might get caught.”

“Oh.. oh, yeah, I’ spose yer right,” Luke was obviously very disappointed, but relieved to hear Joel was certainly very willing, “yeah, yeah yer right with our mum and that. But, d’yer reckon there’s somewhere we’s could try it soon like?”

“Let’s think about it.” Joel really wanted a little taster. “Look while I’s got me hand in yer pants, shall I check that it’s gonna go to the right place for when we do does it?”

“Oh, wot? Oh, yeah, check with yer finger now yer means?” asked Luke quickly deciding to play the innocent and go along with Joel’s game. “So then we’d knows that it’ll go in alright wouldn’t us?”

“Yeah, yer got it, just a quick check like!” confirmed a smiling Joel.


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