The Cockaigne Claus
by David Heulfryn


It was Adams’s first Christmas in Cockaigne. He was now fifteen and had grown in confidence since arriving in the summer. What once was a shy boy was now an assured young man, no longer afraid of his body. Adam was now enjoying his nakedness like all residents of Cockaigne. But in winter, all but the most devout nudists and exhibitionists would wear clothes while outside. But the moment he was at home, he would dump his clothes in his room and lounge around naked. His mum and step-dad were proud of him and never tired of seeing his slight frame, his pasty skin and his bright ginger pubes which seemed to glow in the artificial light of incandescent bulbs.

The kids teased Adam about his bright red hair at his old school, but he grew to like himself and his red hair once he’d moved to Cockaigne. Everyone was welcome in Cockaigne where everyone was encouraged to be an individual, and difference was normal.

Each morning, as Adam looked at himself in the mirror before his shower, he looked at his freckles. They ran across the bridge of his nose, and darker ones ran across his shoulders. He once hated his freckles, but now he had accepted them as part of who he was; he thought they looked cute. Others thought they looked cute, especially his stepbrother, Luke, who was now staying in his bedroom since he’d stopped living with his mother.

After an antagonistic start, he and Luke had grown to love each other as brothers, and more. They weren’t boyfriends but would suck and fuck each other whenever they wanted. Luke would go out on dates, but always come home to Adam, and often his willing arse.

Luke was at his mother’s for a pre-Christmas visit, so Adam was with his mum and step-dad at the Cockaigne Christmas Market.

“There’s Santa’s Grotto.” Adam’s mother pointed at a wooden hut surrounded by decorations, lights and some elves guiding the children in to see Santa Claus one at a time.

“Go get in line, Adam.” Adam’s step-dad teased.

“You get in line, Mark. It’s more your thing sitting on an old man’s knee and telling him what you want for Christmas.” Adam grinned and laughed. “No doubt his cock!”

“Adam!” Ruth admonished her son. “He doesn’t want an old man’s cock.” She winked at Adam, “just yours.”

“What’s that next to the grotto?” Adam noticed a similar wooden hut next to Santa’s Grotto, but the elves were naked and only had a bright green hat and green tinsel around their necks. “It says ‘The Cockaigne Claus’. What’s that?” Adam asked.

Both Mark and Ruth shrugged.

“I don’t know, honey. I’ve never heard of it. I suppose it’s another Cockaigne tradition we need to learn.” Ruth said as he put her arm through Marks, pulling him tight to her for warmth.

“Those elves must be freezing their tiny balls off.” Mark laughed and gave Ruth a reassuring kiss on her forehead.

It was indeed a cold evening. The sky was clear, and the stars twinkled, but this meant it was colder than usual. It wasn’t cold enough for snow, but cold enough for everyone to be wearing thick coats, gloves and scarves, except for those poor elves.

“I’m going to get in line,” Adam told them. “I like the look of one of those elves. But the last time I saw him naked, his cock look much bigger. I suppose he’s feeling the cold. I’ll go and warm him up.”

“You go, sweetie, and tell us all about the ‘Cockaigne Claus’, me and Mark are going to look at the stalls. I’m hoping to persuade him to buy me a nice piece of jewellery.”

Mark coughed, almost swallowing his tongue.

Ruth chuckled, “Don’t worry, dear, it won’t be too expensive.”

“I’ll find you after I’ve seen Santa,” Adam called over to them as he jogged to join the queue for the Cockaigne Claus.

Adam’s face lit up as he waited in line and caught the eye of his favourite naked elf. “Rich!” He called out, and the elf came over.

“I didn’t know you were working here today.” Adam smiled, surprised that his friend hadn’t told him.

“Sorry, I just thought everyone knew. I do it every year. Well, my dad makes to do it every year; he organises it.”

“You must be freezing.” Adam looked up and down Rich’s naked body. “Your dad’s not the Cockaigne Claus, is he?”

“Definitely not.” Rich chuckled. “No one knows who he is. Dad just sets this up, and he seems just to appear. I’ve seen him, but I swear I’ve never seen him around the town. It’s weird.” Rich shivered and started to jiggle up and down, flapping his arms to try and get his blood flowing to keep him warm.

“Come ‘ere. I’ll warm you up.” Adam reached out and hugged Rich.

Rich pulled away. “Your coat is fucking cold!”

“Sorry, mate.” Adam unzipped his coat and wrapped it around Rich. “Is that better?”

“A bit, but my arse is still exposed. Someone might take a liking to it.” Rich laughed.

Adam held Rich tightly to him and jiggled Rich’s arse with his hands to warm them up. “I’m enjoying this,” Adam said.

“Fuck off, mate.” Rich pulled away from Adam. “My arse is out of bounds while I’m an elf, so hands off.”

Adam looked down at Rich’s micro-cock. “Still cold, I see.”

“It’s like a thermometer.” Rich pointed at his crotch. “My dick has shrunk so much; it looks as small as it did when I was ten. And check out my balls.” Rich grabbed his shrunken cock and lifted it.

“What fucking balls.” Adam laughed.

“I know!” Rich also let out a hearty laugh. “They’ve fucking disappeared. It looks like I’ve been castrated. It fucking feels like I’ve been castrated.” Rich held out his hand. “Gimme your hand.”

Adam let him take his hand and watched as he pressed it against his cock and balls.

“Do me a favour, Adam. My hands are so cold I can’t use them to warm up my boys. Just hold them for a minute until I can feel them again. I’ve heard of blue balls but not from the fucking cold.”

Adam cupped Rich’s cock and balls and lightly rubbed them. He could feel them emerge and could eventually hold onto Rich’s balls, his cock pressing hard against the palm of his hand.

Rich sighed in contentment. “I know where to come to give my balls some TLC.” Rich looked over to an elf who came out of the grotto. “Gotta go. My turn to be indoors to warm up.”

“See ya, Rich,” Adam said. “Go keep them balls warm.” He giggled.

Rich laughed as he jogged over to the door and escorted an elderly man inside to see the Cockaigne Claus. At the same time, a middle-aged man appeared through the other door, with a broad smile on his face. It looked like he enjoyed his visit.

The closer he got to the front of the queue, the more excited Adam got. He was now next in line, and Rich appeared again.

“I asked if I could be the one especially to take you to see The Claus.” Rich smiled at Adam. “I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.”

“Tell me what’s going to happen.” Adam pleaded.

“No way. If this is your first visit, I’m not going to spoil it for you.” Rich noticed a young man leave the grotto. “Your turn, mate.” He smiled at Adam and let him inside.

The place looked dark, and they waited a moment until their eyes grew accustomed to the lower light level. Adam could smell a strange scent, smoky and mellow.

“Take your clothes off,” Rich ordered.

Adam grinned and rushed out of his clothes, eager to see what lied ahead. Rich took his clothes and folded them neatly.

“What’s that smell?” Adam asked.

“Just some incense sticks, I think. Get’s in your throat after being in here all day.” Rich wasn’t too impressed. “Follow me,” Rich said and slowly walked deeper into the large room. As they went further inside, they could see a large throne in bright red velvet. A man was sitting, smiling as the elf led Adam to him.

“Ho, ho, ho, young man. I am the Cockaigne Claus, and I am here to grant your most intimate Christmas wish.”

Adam stood in front of the man, slack-jawed. The man was naked except for a cloak of red velvet lined with white fur. His face looked old and his bushy white beard genuine, but his body was that of a young man; slim and taut. His abdominal muscles shone from the oil he had rubbed into his torso. His pecs were thick, and his nipples hard. He was sitting forward on the edge of the throne so that his cock and balls swung freely, and Adam was astounded by what was swinging between his legs; ten inches of thick cock and two heavy balls.

“Get closer.” Rich whispered into Adam’s ear.

“Come sit on my knee, young man.”

Adam wanted to laugh now but stifled it. It was like some dodgy department store Santa, naked under his costume, trying to frighten the kids.

“Come my boy.” Claus held out his arms and manoeuvred Adam to perch him on his knee.

Adam looked down at the man’s genitals and then smiled at the man. Adam could feel his cock getting hard but resisted the temptation to touch himself.

“Now give old Cockaigne Claus a kiss.” He pursed his lips at Adam, waiting to feel Adam kiss them.

Adam couldn’t help but laugh now but did peck the man on the lips.

“Good boy.” He reached around his throne and dragged forward a large red sack which looked full of gifts.” Before I let you delve into my sack, you need to make a wish.”

Adam closed his eyes and screwed his face up, just like he did as a child when he made a wish.

“Not like that,” Claus told him. “The Cockaigne Claus way.” He held his hand out. “Give me your hand, Adam.”

Adam placed his hand in the man’s and wondered how he knew his name, perhaps Rich had told him before he came in.

“To wish for something from my sack, you must wish on my sack.” Claus guided Adam’s hand to his balls and told him to grip them. “Your wish may only come true if you are holding my balls when you make the wish.”

Adam looked down as his hand held on to the man’s balls, they filled his palm, and his long thick, soft cock draped over the back of his hand.

“Now take your other hand, and with your eyes closed delve deep into my sack and choose.”

Adam could feel all sorts of things, all wrapped in paper. Some were soft, some hard, many boxes. He had no idea what he would find, and then he remembered his wish. He concentrated hard on what he wanted this Christmas and just grabbed the first thing his fingers touched.

“Good, boy.” The Claus said, “now open your eyes and unwrap it.”

Adam ripped off the bright paper and stared at the box. It contained a dildo.

“Look closer, Adam.” The Claus said knowingly.

Adam opened the box and took out the dildo.

“Look very closely, Adam.”

Adam gasped. “Fucking hell, when did he do this!” He looked at The Claus and Rich. “It looks so lifelike, down to the vein running along the top and vanishing at his bel-end.” Adam hugged the dildo; it felt warm.

Rich came closer and took a better look. “What is it, Adam?” He asked.

“It’s Luke!” He cried and took the dildo into his mouth. The dildo was a replica of his stepbrothers hard cock. A cock that Adam had felt in his throat and his arse before. As he held onto The Claus’ balls, he thought how much he missed getting fucked by Luke.

“Elf! Fetch the lube!” The Claus declared and stood up, forcing Adam off his knee and onto his feet. “Kneel on my throne, boy!”

Adam did as ordered and felt The Claus spread his arse cheeks and start to lick his hole. It tickled, and Adam tried not to squirm. That damn beard wasn’t false and itched like hell. There was no way in hell he would allow any of his boyfriends to grow any facial hair.

Adam felt his hole being penetrated, first by a finger, then by two. He leant his head on the back of the throne and closed his eyes, enjoying the sensation.

Rich passed The Claus the lube covered dildo and pushed it inside Adam, slowly at first until he got used to the thick invader. Adam let out a deep groan as the dildo rubbed against his prostate.

The Claus started to fuck Adam with the dildo. It felt just like it did when Luke fucked him.

Adam couldn’t help but imagine it was Luke behind him and sighed. He felt bare skin against his back and the brush of breath against his ear.

“I love you, stepbro.” A voice whispered in his ear.

Adam opened his eyes and saw Luke’s face. His eyes lit up at the sight of his older stepbrother.

“Oh, fuck me, Luke. I’ve been missing this.” Adam cried as Luke started to fuck him harder.

Luke reached around and grabbed hold of Adam’s hard cock; he started stroking it as he fucked his tight arse.

“I want to see your face.” Adam pleaded; he hated being fucked from behind.

Luke pulled his cock from Adam’s arse and swung him around, so he was leaning back on the throne, his legs in the air and his arse exposed. Luke grabbed Adam’s legs and pushed his cock right back inside Adam.

“Oh, fuck!” Adam let a tear fall from his eye as he felt his cock throb with Luke’s thrusting his cock deep inside him, stroking his prostate with each push.

Adam’s ginger pubes soon became damp with his precum as it leaked and spurted with each one of Luke’s deep thrusts.

Luke slowed down and leant forward, the two boys kissed, their mouths open wide, their tongues twisting around each other.

Luke started to stab his cock inside Adam, who would grunt into his mouth as they stayed connected, lips to lips, and arse to cock.

Adam could feel his cock throb and his balls began to ache as they flailed about from all the thrusting and slamming. Adam couldn’t touch himself, Luke was in the way, but he wrapped his arms around Luke, pressing him against his skin, so only Luke’s hips moved as he got fucked.

For Adam, the world didn’t exist except for the two of them; he didn’t care where Rich or The Claus was, he had forgotten about them, all he cared about was feeling Luke’s cock inside him.

Adam wallowed in the scent and sweat coming from Luke’s skin; he knew well the odour his stepbrother exuded from sharing a room and body fluids.

It was an aphrodisiac to Adam. Luke’s scent always reminded him of sex; it always got his cock hard. Now, Adam couldn’t imagine his cock getting any harder.

Adam screamed into Luke’s mouth, he was going to come, and he felt the pain deep within his loins. His cock exploded and shot cum between their two bodies, all the while, Luke carried on pounding Adam’s arse, jabbing his prostate and making more cum spew forth. Adam couldn’t take anymore and started gasping.

Luke slammed inside Adam, hard and he felt Adam’s inside massage his cock until it painted his insides with cum. Luke yelled in pleasure as his seed filled Adam.

The two boys were spent and rested against each other, panting. Recovering from their energetic fuck.

After a moments rest, Luke pulled out of Adam.

Adam could feel Luke’s cum oozing from his hole, and he opened his eyes to stand so they could hug.

“Wha…?” Adam was shocked. Luke wasn’t there.

The Claus stood in front of him with the dildo in his hand; his cock was hard and wet. A string of cum dangled from the tip, almost down to his knees. Adam was mesmerised as it dropped to the floor.

“Where’s…” He was about to ask but thought better of it.

The Claus wiped down the dildo and then his cock on his cape. He put the dildo back in the box and handed it back to Adam.

It was different when Adam looked at it; it didn’t look like Luke’s cock at all.

“I hope you enjoyed your first visit to The Cockaigne Claus.” The man smiled at Adam, who just looked stunned.

Rich took Adam by the arm and led him to the side, behind them, another elf led another person to see The Claus.

“What happened?” Adam whispered to Rich.

“He has that effect on people. They just seem to get what they wish for. I know I did.” Rich looked down and watched his cock slowly rise again. “I came so hard watching you.”

Adam blushed, even in the dim light you could see his face turn red.

“If ever you want to get together, Adam. I would really like that.”

Adam was embarrassed. He looked at Rich’s cock and reached out to touch it. His balls were hanging low from being in the warm room.

Rich’s cock felt sticky.

“Perhaps after Christmas.” Adam smiled and quickly scrambled back into his clothes before leaving the warm grotto in search of his mum and step-dad.


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