Mark Gets Mistaken for a Curb Crawler
by David Heulfryn


It took all my mental discipline not to scream down the phone when my ex-wife called and started berating me.

Eventually, she hung up, exhausted from giving me an earhole bashing. Ruth looked on wondering what on earth had got her so angry she felt she had to shout down the phone at me.

“Luke has run away from home. She’s furious and blaming me.” I told Ruth.

“What’s it got to do with you, love. It’s her he’s living with; he just stays with us for a few days at a time. Usually when she’s fed up with him.” Ruth folded her arms, unhappy that I was getting the blame.

I explained what sense I had gathered from the ex.

It seems that staying with us for a few weeks in the summer had changed Luke, and his mother thought for the worst. It started with a new casual attitude to nudity. He would sleep naked, walk to the bathroom naked, and once he even walked into the kitchen naked. That sent his mother’s blood boiling and she sent him straight back up to his room to get some clothes on. It seems he was intent on teasing her as he came back down in a jockstrap. It ended with her walking out the house, slamming the door and breaking a loose pane of glass.

She didn’t like it, but his mother eventually accepted his nudity around the house as it was usually only in the mornings before he would get ready for school. After school, he would be with his mates and stayed clothed.

But his mother started to see more apparent signs of Luke’s night-time activities. He would be less discreet and not clear up after he masturbated. In only a week, his bedsheets were horrendously stained and stiff.

This meant another argument with Luke. She shouted at him about cleaning up after himself, and she didn’t want to have to think of her son masturbating every time she went into his bedroom.

Casual nudity was one thing, wanking and not cleaning up was another. But one Saturday morning when he woke up and came downstairs, naked and hard, his mother nearly fainted. Luke stood in front of his mother, stark bollock naked with a massive hard-on. She saw him in all his morning glory.

Since we had split up, I don’t think my ex-wife ever had another boyfriend, or even a fuck buddy for that matter. She was living a celibate lifestyle. Luke’s burgeoning and unashamed sexuality shocked her. I don’t think it would have if we were still together, or even if she’s had a good fuck since I’d left. She had turned into a frigid prude and Luke had had enough.

But this Saturday evening was one of the few weekends that Luke wasn’t out with his mates, so he and his mum stayed in watching television in the living room. Luke was dressed in his football kit as he’s been playing earlier that afternoon and they were relaxing watching a film.

His mother described how Luke was absent-mindedly playing with his crotch, she ignored it, figuring that boys are always fiddling with themselves. She noticed he had grown hard and had pulled his cock out of the leg of his shorts and was stroking himself as he watched the film.

His mother then flipped her lid and started shouting at him, telling him to stop being obscene, to cover himself up. Luke claimed that it was natural, and there was no need to be ashamed of our bodies or our sexuality.

It sounded like the argument went on for quite some time, with Luke refusing reign in his new-found openness. It was then that she claimed he ran out of the house saying he was never coming home again.

When she told me that, I sensed a strange tone in her voice, and I suspect that she threw him out. It all happened so quick that Luke never packed a bag or anything. He just put on his trainers and left; not saying goodbye or saying where he was going.

Then she phoned me and gave me one hell of a headache.

Luke had left with no coat, and she had discovered that he had left without his mobile phone or any money.

Both of us rang round all his friends asking if he was with them, but none said he was. The only other thing we could think of was that he was going to come to me. That made her accuse me of turning him against her.

I didn’t want to play her blame game; we just needed to find Luke and ensure he was safe.

With no sign of him at any of his friends, I started to tear up. Ruth hugged me, consoling me by saying that he’ll be alright. But I was concerned.

“It’s going to get cold out. He’s only got a thin football kit on, he could freeze to death, get pneumonia.”

Ruth hugged me tighter.

“I need to find him!” I cried.

Adam came in, he was also crying, having heard what had happened.

“Will he be alright, Mum?” Adam sniffed.

Ruth let go of me and hugged Adam, “I’m sure he will be.”

“Is there anything I can do to help find him?” Adam asked.

“I don’t think so, little buddy. Unless you know if he made any friends while he was here.”

Adam thought for a moment and then almost shouted, “Trent and Caleb. I know Trent is more my friend, but they did talk and seemed to get on very well.”

“Good, boy.” Ruth rubbed Adam on the top of his head.

“I’ll just pop over and ask.” Adam dashed out the front door before we could say anything.

I sat down, Ruth sat beside me and wrapped her arm around my shoulder. We didn’t say a word. I could hear my breathing and my heart pounding as we waited for Adam to return. Hoping he would bring news that Luke was safe. I knew it would be a long shot, but I had to have hope.

Adam came back, his eyes red and puffy. “He’s not there.” He sniffed. “But they will let us know if he turns up.”

“I can’t just sit here and wait.” I stood up and went to get my car keys. “I’m going to look for him.”

“But we don’t know where he is.” Ruth reasoned.

“I know. I’m going to drive between here and his mother’s. I hope he’s walking between here and there. If not, I’ll come back and drive round Cockaigne in case he’s got lost in the town.”

“What do you want us to do?” Ruth asked me.

“Just wait here in case he turns up. I’ve got my phone with me, ring me if you hear from him.” I took a deep breath, “and I’ll ring you if I find him.”

Adam rushed over to me and gave me a tight hug. “Bring him home safe, please.”

“I will,” I told him, and I think all three of us were fighting to hold back the tears.

Before I broke down, I left and began the slow drive to his mother’s house. It was dark, so every time I saw anyone on the pavement, I slowed down to a crawl to see if it was Luke. Some were easy to dismiss, women, tall guys or groups of youths. The lone male was more difficult, I would virtually come to a halt to check if it was Luke, some of them gave me some weird looks like I was a curb crawler.

When I got to my ex-wife’s house, I parked a few houses down the street and rang her. I didn’t want to see her, so I took the coward’s way out and called. I was determined to keep the call as short as possible. I just wanted to know if he had gone back.

He hadn’t.

With a deep sigh, I started the journey back to Cockaigne. But first I just took a drive around the local streets, I had no luck. I couldn’t see him.

I took a circuitous route back to Cockaigne. I wasn’t sure if he knew the way, so I checked some of the side roads and country lanes.

Up ahead, I saw the sign telling me I was in Cockaigne. My heart sank, Luke was nowhere to be seen. My last chance was to drive around the town to see if he was here, lost, and unable to find our house.

For the next hour, I drove aimlessly down any street I could see, sometimes I didn’t know where I was.

Then I got the shock of my life.

I didn’t see them coming. Two patrol cars came from behind me, the first sped ahead and cut in front of me, the second came in close behind. I was boxed in.

I stared at the car in front, transfixed on the blue flashing lights.

My car door opened, and before I could protest, they manhandled me out of the car. I opened my mouth again, wanting to speak, explain that my son was missing, but before I could form a single word, they forced a ball-gag between my teeth and fastened it, tight, and bound my hands behind my back.

I didn’t recognise the two guards and struggled as they forced me into the back of their patrol car, two other guards watched on, making sure I wasn’t going to cause any trouble.

My throat made strange noises as I tried to talk, but the only thing to come out of my mouth was drool. I couldn’t help it, I couldn’t swallow, it made me feel like a baby as drool dripped down the sides of my mouth and onto my clothes.

I took deep breaths through my nose and closed my eyes to try and stay calm.

When the patrol car had reached the security building, I was manhandled inside. I didn’t resist, it would have been pointless. I just wished they would have been gentler and said what they wanted me to do. I couldn’t run away; I would have just done what they said.

The lights inside the building were bright, and I squinted to allow my eyes to acclimatise.

“We’ve had reports of a man curb crawling and approaching lone males. We followed you and observed you and have found you provisionally guilty.” One of the guards spoke, tersely.

I couldn’t reply, I couldn’t put my case forward and explain. I stared at the young guard, hoping my eyes conveyed my innocence.

“You will now be processed, and any attempt by you to escape will mean more punishment.”

The second guard reached for his Taser and pointed it at me. “One false move and I will fucking Taser you until you pass out.”

“Don’t be a twat, Andy. He won’t give us any trouble.” The first guard said and then turned to ask me, “Will you?”

I shook my head.

“Your fucking funeral, Kai. I know his type, looks all fucking innocent, but once his hands are free he will lash out.”

Officer Kai sighed and went behind me.

“You wouldn’t do that, would you?” He whispered in my ear, his breath tickling my neck.

I shook my head again, my eyes still looking at Officer Andy’s Taser.

Kai cut the strap, binding my hands. I felt relieved and let the plastic strap fall to the ground. I rubbed my wrists, getting the circulation back. I hoped he would remove the ball gag next.

But he didn’t.

Kai appeared in front of me, he stepped back and told me to take my clothes off.

I hesitated.

Officer Andy shouted, “Get your fucking clothes off, or we rip the fuckers off you!”

I looked at Kai, but he didn’t help, he just re-iterated, “Take your clothes off, Sir. Please don’t give Andy a reason to Taser you.”

There was no way I was going to get to explain that my son was missing, I just had to play along until they removed this damn ball-gag so that I could speak.

Reluctantly, I pulled my jumper over my head.

“Good. Now just pass them to me.” Kai said.

Kai didn’t really search my clothes but just gave them a cursory glance and chucked them on a nearby table.

I unbuttoned my shirt and passed it over.

“I’m liking the fur.” Officer Andy commented when he saw my bare chest.

The two men seemed entranced as I slowly stripped. I was down to my boxer briefs when I saw them both lick their lips in unison.

With my thumbs hooked, I bent forward and pulled my pants down to my feet. Slowly I stood up so they could see my cock and balls.

Andy gasped. “Fuck. He’s got one hell of a cock. Put me down to do the fitting. I want to get my hands on it.”

“Just calm down, Andy. We have other things to do first.” Kai looked at me. “Turn around and put your hands behind your back.” He instructed.

I felt him tighten a plastic strap around them, I swear it was tighter than before as I felt pain as the edges scraped my skin.

Once secure, I turned around without instruction. They didn’t say anything, so I assume it was what they wanted. It gave Andy another excuse to eye me up again. I looked at his trousers, and despite them being black, I noticed them bulging and was sure that Andy was hard. He must have been as he looked very uncomfortable and squirmed as he looked at me, his Taser now back in the holster.

Kai was rummaging in my discarded trousers and found my wallet. He went through it and started to make notes on the form. I don’t know if he was talking to Andy or me, but he mumbled what he was writing.

“Mark Walker, aged 38, address, seems he works at Pharma. Provisional punishment.” He turned to look at Andy. “What do you think? Seven days with the ring and 28 days enforced nudity?”

“We could make him report to us each morning. I would like that.” Andy smiled.

“Fuck off, I can’t be arsed to be hanging around waiting for this pervert to show up just so you can ogle his thick cock.”

Andy sighed his disappointment.

“We’ll let the magistrate decide if he should be monitored like that. They may decide on a short term of incarceration.”

I began to sweat, why wouldn’t they just talk to me. I wanted to explain. Once they knew why I was driving slowly approaching lone young males, they would understand.

“I’ll just mark him down for those two for the moment,” Kai said and looked at Andy. “I suppose you still want to do the fitting.”

“Fuck yeah.” If Andy was a cartoon, he would have been slavering.

“Small, medium or large?” Kai asked him.

“Extra-large. We don’t want to damage such a fine organ.”

Kai threw a silver ring over to Andy who deftly caught it. He smiled as he approached me until we stood face to face.

“Now, Mark. Don’t get hard.” He looked me in the eye and then went down.

I felt him grab my fleshy cock and pass it through the ring. It was loose. He grabbed my balls and pulled down to give him some extra slack to play with. I felt him grip one of my testicles and squeeze it through the ring.

The pain caused me to wince, and a tear escaped from my eye. Without noticing my pain, he squeezed my other testicle and forced it through the now tight metal ring. Another tear escaped.

Andy grabbed a handful of my cock and balls and pulled, his other hand pushed the ring as close to my body as he could get it.

Now with the cock ring fitted, he clipped on a tamper alarm and leant back to admire his handiwork.

The ring made my package more prominent and protrude from my body. The tightness made my cock engorge enough for it to rise away from my balls but not enough for me to get hard.

I felt horny standing naked with my half-hard cock close to Andy’s face. I wanted to tell him to suck me, but with the ball gag still in my mouth I couldn’t.

“Come on, Andy. Leave the poor guy alone now.” Kai him.

Andy stood up and pouted, Kai had spoiled his fun.

“Take the gag off now,” Kai told Andy.

Andy was gentle as he unfastened it and eased it from between my teeth. I tried to swallow the drool that was pooling in my mouth but ironically, my throat was dry.

I coughed, and my spittle flew from my mouth. Eventually, I managed to swallow and moistened my throat.

“I was searching for my son.” I croaked, coughed again and swallowed some more of my spit.

Kai turned to look at me, but Andy was more interested in my body, and I felt him run a finger across my buttocks.

“He’s run away from his mother’s. We think he’s trying to find his way here. I was looking for him. He’s never run away from home before.”

Kai came over to me, touched my elbow and walked me over to a chair.

“Sit down, Mark.” He pulled out a chair from beneath a desk, and I sat down.

Kai sat down on the other side of the table. “Tell me what happened, Sir.”

I explained about Luke, tears forming in my eyes again when I thought about him cold and alone walking the streets.

Kai checked the database and told me he’d been in trouble once before. “Is he a troublemaker?”

“No.” I shook my head, “that was a misunderstanding, he’d only been here a few days, and we weren’t up to date with all the new rules. He’s a good kid, only sixteen. I need to find him.” I tried to hold my desperation in check.

“Wait here.” Kai stood up and left the room. I twisted my neck and noticed Andy still looking at me.

“I think he believes you,” Andy said.

“I’m telling the truth. My son is out there somewhere, no doubt scared and alone.”

“I believe you too.” Andy approached me, “now stand up.”

I did as I was told and was surprised when he cut my wrists straps.

“Thank you,” I spoke softly.

“It’s alright, mate. It just sounds like a misunderstanding.”

I sighed. “Can I have my clothes back now,” I asked him and started to fiddle with the ring constricting my cock and balls.

“Leave that alone. You have to keep it on.” Andy yelled at me, and I immediately put my hands by my side. “You can’t take it off, not until the sentence has passed.”

“But… but you believe me.” I stuttered.

“Doesn’t matter mate, we’ve cited you and given a provisional sentence. That still stands I’m afraid, but at least you won’t have to see the magistrate in the morning.”

“But why am I still being punished when I’m innocent?”

“Them’s the rules, mate. Sorry. They think that the threat of a provisional punishment before trial will deter most people and make people think about how others would perceive their actions.”

I fell back onto the chair and buried my head in my hands. Seven days wearing this fucking cock ring, making me horny all the time, was going to be torture. I didn’t mind being naked, but I’m not sure I was ready to be naked for 28 days and having to go to work naked. No-one I’d been working with so far had been naked at work.

Kai came back into the room, and I raised my head.

“All checks out.” Kai sat back opposite me. “I’ve informed all other units to be on the lookout and instructed them to inform the morning shift. Everyone available is now out patrolling the streets looking for him. When we find him, we’ll let you know.”

“Thank you,” I whispered to Kai.

“The best thing for you is to get home and wait.”

I stood up and looked down my naked body and my half-hard cock. “I can’t go back like this; it’s freezing out there.”

“Officer Andy will take you back to your house in the patrol car, I’ll leave you in his capable hands.” I noticed him wink at Andy.

Kai left the room.

I watched as Andy rubbed the front of his trousers. “Give me a moment, and I’ll be right with you. I just have something to take care of first, and then I’ll take you home.”

I expected Andy to leave me alone, but he didn’t. His eyes scanned my body as his hands fumbled with his trousers. He unclasped them and pulled down his fly. As the zip went down, his white briefs forced their way out, pushed by the hard cock pressing from within.

He let his trousers slide to his ankles as he pushed his hands into his briefs. His hands were busy pulling on his hard cock and fondling his balls.

My half-hard cock rose, and I gave it a quick stroke. Andy pushed his white briefs down his thighs, and he showed me his cock. It pointed to me, and my cock twitched in appreciation.

Suddenly, Kai burst into the room. “We have him!” He called out.

I jumped and tore my eyes away from Andy’s hard cock. “You sure? Where is he?”

“Corbin picked him up on the other side of town. It’s definitely him. I’ve told Corbin to bring him over here.”

I felt so relieved and went to give Kai a hug. “Thanks, Kai.” I released him and turned to Andy, “Thanks, Andy.” I hugged him.

Andy groaned as I felt his cock slip between my legs, under my balls. He pulled me closer, so our bodies were connected.

He groaned again, and I felt his cock throb beneath me.

I felt his whole-body shiver as his cock spewed cum between my legs.

“Fucking hell.” I sighed and pushed Andy away from me. I looked at his hard cock as the last remnants of cum oozed from his exposed knob and dribbled to the cold floor.

Cum dripped down my inner thighs, and I spread my legs to ease its path.

Andy looked sheepish; he hadn’t intended to cum so soon. I suspected he wanted the cum that was running down my thighs to be inside my arse, coating my rectum. The thought made my arse twitch. I hadn’t done that before, and I imagined him plunging his cock into me.

I hadn’t thought of getting fucked by another man before, and in different circumstances, I might have thought about it some more. But Luke was on his way over, and I put the thought of being fucked to the back of my mind.

Kai took me to the front waiting area, and I sat down on a plastic chair. I could see outside, and I kept looking, waiting for Luke. I didn’t care that my undercarriage was leaving a big damp patch where I sat.


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