Leo Gets a Health Check
by David Heulfryn


I had my first wank last night. It felt great. I felt a slight twinge of pain when I came, but it didn’t bother me too much. I scooped up some cum that landed on my chest and looked at it intently. My imagination hoped to see little tadpoles of sperm swimming around, but my head told me it would be impossible.

Andy was recovering well, I never went to any more of his punishment sessions, but when Dad and Archie brought him home, he was tired and in pain, but there was no more blood. It was the last day of his punishment, and Andy could finally get the cock ring off and put some clothes on. My Dad was also pleased because it meant he could go home and stop sleeping on our sofa, which he had been doing for the last three weeks.

I’d grown closer to Freddie in the last four weeks. He’d been spending quite a bit of time at our house. Andy was pleased.

Officer Nathan was going to come around this evening to end his period of punishment formally. Freddie was going to be here; we were going to have our own little ceremony.

Andy had become a part of our family. I know the intention was to treat him like a slave while he was with us, but neither me, my brother nor my Dad could do that to another person; it just felt so wrong to us.

Thankfully Dad’s punishment ended a couple of weeks ago, and so he is now wearing clothes again. It’s a shame as I enjoyed our naked time together. Our naked hugs on the sofa were so comforting. I did still see him going to and from the bathroom nude, which he never used to do, so it seems the experience has made him a little freer with his body.

I generally only wear clothes when I go out of the house now, and I wasn’t going to Cockaigne. The bruising on my balls have all but disappeared now, and they are no longer tender. I let Archie shave my body again as my hair was getting long and he had a good check on my balls. He touched them and played with them a little. I enjoyed it, but I didn’t get hard, and I didn’t cum. I think Archie was a bit disappointed as he seems to like playing with me.

I’d taken to having long warm baths to soothe my balls. They made them loose and would float around in the water. I would play with them and then make myself hard. But until last night I was too afraid to go all the way, so I would just lightly stroke my hard cock.

It was just after five o’clock when Andy returned from his shift to our farmhouse; he was naked except for the yellow fluorescent sash he wore to indicate he was a security officer. The marks across his back had faded so were almost imperceptible, the ones across his arse, however, were still quite red but were healing nicely.

Freddie turned up shortly afterwards and gave both Andy and me a big hug to greet us. Freddie was also naked, and I now let myself get excited at looking at his body. My cock grew heavy and thick, but I managed to refrain from getting completely hard. Freddie didn’t seem to care. After our hug, his cock pointed to the ceiling, and it poked his brother in the belly when they hugged.

Dad took us all into the living room; he was going to make a speech. Archie and I stood each side of him facing the two Noble brothers.

“In a few moments, all punishments between our families will be over. Andy,” he looked at him “we have liked having you stay with us, and we have all got to know each other. I hope we will become…” Dad’s mind searched for a better word, “remain friends. What has gone between us is forgotten. And I hope this will represent a new beginning for us.”

I slipped from Dad’s side, and over to Freddie, I held his hand.

“Hear, hear,” Archie shouted.

Andy cleared his throat. “Doug, you and your family, have handled everything with dignity, and I am proud to know all of you. You have my sincere respect and deepest apologies.”

I saw Dad and Andy hug, and I looked out of the window to see a security car pull up our driveway. It was Nathan.

When Dad and Andy separated, I noticed Andy’s cock was hard. He’d always be half-hard due to the punishment ring he wore around his cock, but it seems that hugging our father aroused him.

“Shit! That’s all I need.” Andy sighed as he looked down at his cock. “Nate won’t be able to get this damn thing off with it this hard.”

“Go let Officer Nathan in,” Dad told me as we heard the knock on the door.

I ran to the door, “Hiya, Officer Nathan. Andy’s here, but I don’t think he’s quite ready for you.” I giggled.

Nathan came in and shut the door; we went into the living room and saw Andy slapping his cock.

“Go down, you fucker.” He slapped it hard. “Shit that hurt.”

But it didn’t go down.

“Leave it alone, Andy,” Nathan told him. “You know what it’s like trying to get these things off.”

“I know. I’m trying to avoid that.” Andy growled, annoyed with his cock.

“Is there anything we can do?” Archie asked, not really expecting to be able to help. “Perhaps the sight of these two naked boys are keeping him hard.” He pointed to Freddie and me.

“Fuck off, Archie.” Andy laughed. “I’ve seen Freddie naked so many times its more of a turn-off. And as for Leo…”

“Charming!” Freddie butted in. “And if the sight of the gorgeous Leo doesn’t get you hard then you are blind.” Freddie held onto my arm and snuggled in as they stood next to each other.

Andy stood, looking at me. It seemed like a long time his head went up and down as he looked at my body. “Not bad, I suppose.” He eventually spoke. “But he’s more your type Freddie than mine.”

“Come on, guys.” Nathan interrupted, “I have to get this thing off and back to work. I can’t spend all day waiting and listening to you guys admiring each other and waiting for his cock to deflate.” He looked at Andy, “Let’s face it, Andy, even without the cock ring, your cock is mostly hard, you horny bastard.”

“Damn right. And it’s been torture this past month not being able cum.”

“Ok, Andy. Let’s do this the hard way if you’ll pardon the pun.” Nathan laughed, but Andy scowled.

“Fuck. You’re determined to subject me to one last punishment.” Andy sighed. “Here goes.”

We watched as Andy grabbed his cock and started to wank furiously. We all gathered round to get a better view. Nathan was closest, ready to remove the punishment ring when he got the chance.

I’d never seen anyone wank so fast. Andy couldn’t have been enjoying it. Soon we heard some squelching as his cock had leaked some precum.

“Nearly there, Andy.” Nathan crouched down, ready to pounce.

“Fuck!” Andy gasped, he was getting close.

“Doug, Archie, get ready to grab his arms to keep him upright. I don’t want him preventing me from removing it. When the pain hits, he might collapse.”

Dad and Archie moved behind him, ready to hold him.

Andy was still frantically wanking.

Freddie and I watched and couldn’t help but get hard as we watched. Freddie reached over and grabbed my cock. He stroked me slowly and sensuously. We turned to look at each other, and I reached for his hard cock.

It felt warm and slightly clammy. His silky smooth skin stretched as I pulled it down Freddie’s stiff shaft; each time I pulled his skin back, his moist knob emerged.

We ignored Andy and the others; we were lost in each other’s eyes, slowly stroking each other’s cock.

A scream brought us back to what was happening around us. Andy felt the sharp stabbing pain in his balls as he got too close to orgasm. Dad and Archie had grabbed him and were struggling to keep the writhing Andy under control. Below him, Nathan was manhandling his cock and balls.

“Done!” Nathan declared as he rose to his feet, holding out the punishment ring.

Dad and Archie let go of Andy; he crumpled to the floor in a heap, clutching his balls, trying to alleviate the pain.

I don’t think anyone had noticed the sideshow Freddie and I had put on, as after hearing Andy’s scream, our cocks had shrunk back down.

“Don’t ever do that to me again.” Andy had sufficiently recovered to yell at Nathan, who chuckled.

“It’s your own fault. Be a good boy, and you won’t have to wear one again.” Nathan smiled down at him.

“I’d love to see you in one of these, Nate.”

“I bet you would, Andy. But not today.” Nathan held his arm out and helped Andy back to his feet. “No hard feelings?”

Andy shook his head, “Nope.” And they gave each other a man-hug.

“I’ll see you in the morning.” Nathan grinned. “In full uniform. I’ve seen enough of your knob to last me a lifetime.”

“Well, you hid your temptation well.” Andy teased.

Officer Nathan made sure I was alright and then left to go back to the station.

“Come on, Squirt.” Andy beckoned Freddie, “I’ll take you home with me.”

Freddie coughed, and I felt his elbow jab my ribs.

“Oh.” I got the hint. “I was going to ask if Freddie could stay here the night. We wanted to go out on the quads tomorrow, and it would save him going back and forth.”

Andy looked over at Dad. “Do you mind?”

“Not at all. This house would be the same without a Noble brother staying here.” Dad smiled.

“Thanks, Doug. Just let me know if he’s a nuisance and I’ll pick him up.”

“Stop treating me like a little kid, Andy,” Freddie whined.

“Come on, Freddie, let’s go to my room,” I suggested so we could get out of the way.

We just sat next to each other on my bed, talking. I told Freddie how much his brother cared for him and to be patient with him. He would get better less protective in time, and as he got older. Freddie realised this.

“Is it true we’re going out again on the quads?” Freddie asked.

“If you want to. I just want us to spend the day together. It’d be nice, just the two of us. I feel we haven’t really had the chance, your brother has always been downstairs, and when he’s not at work, you’ve had school, I’ve had college. I wish we were in the same place.” I said wistfully.

“We could be, you could transfer to our sixth form.” Freddie face lit up at the thought.

“Dad refused to send me there. Instead, he made me go to school miles away. The college is even further away. He won’t do it.”

Freddie looked dejected. “You could ask him.”

“I’ll think about it. Dad’s changed these last few months, but it would be an upheaval to move partway through the year.”

“Better now than when your exams are.”

“We’ll always have the weekend if it doesn’t work out.”

Freddie leant against me and snuggled against my arm. I’d never been hugged as much. Dad and Archie didn’t use to be much of a hugger, but things were changing now, Archie would hug me more often, and I still manage to get the occasional hug from Dad. I love it when Archie hugs me, especially when I’m naked. I never hide my cock, which always goes hard, and Archie doesn’t mind. I think he likes the effect he has on me.

I loved these moments with Freddie. Naked and alone and him leaning and snuggling against me. We didn’t speak; we didn’t need to. Both of us knew that talking would ruin the moment.

I looked over at Freddie; his eyes were closed. He had fallen asleep. I moved slightly, in an attempt to get up and let him lie on the bed but he grumbled when moved and gripped my arm tighter.

It was still early, only just passed eight in the evening. I heard Andy come upstairs and I shushed him when he came into my room.

“I just wanted to say goodbye.” He whispered. “He looks so cute when he’s sleeping.”

I just smiled back at him, afraid to move and disturb Freddie again.

“This past month has been hard on him. He’s been worried sick about you, and me. I think this is the first chance he’s had to get some undisturbed sleep.” Andy explained.

I looked over at the peaceful looking boy next to me; his breathing was hypnotic, his face serene.

“Thank you, Leo. I know you’ll take care of him.”

Andy kissed the palm of his hand and placed it on Freddie’s forehead. I was surprised when he kissed his palm again and placed it on my forehead.

“Thank you, Leo. You are the best thing to happen to him in years.”

“Thanks, Andy,” I whispered.

Andy left, and I rested my head on top of Freddie’s. I concentrated on his breathing and soon drifted off to sleep.


I was confused when I woke up the following morning; I was lying in bed, Freddie beside me, both of us squeezed in my single bed, with the covers pulled over our bodies. I didn’t remember waking up.

Freddie was still asleep, so I left him to wake up naturally.

Downstairs, Archie was in the kitchen wearing his jeans and a tee-shirt; the smell of freshly brewed coffee drifted up the stairs. He stood leaning against the countertop, taking a sip while he waited for the toaster.

“Still naked, then,” Archie said as he swallowed his coffee.

“Yep, still a prude, then.” I shot back at him, and he smiled. “Freddie’s still asleep. I was going to leave him for a bit.”

“You two were spark out of it last night. You both must have been shivering when I went in to see you sitting up, fast asleep. You two were both so dopy when I put you to bed.”

“I don’t remember that. But thank you.”

Archie took his toast out and put in a couple more slices of bread for me. Outside, I could hear the tractor as Dad was still working the early shift on the farm.

“So, what you up to today?”

I didn’t have a clue about what we could do. I promised Freddie we would go out on the quad bikes again, but apart from riding in the woods, I wasn’t sure what else we could do.

Archie said it was going to be a sunny day so suggested we take a ride to Seminal Falls. I’d vaguely heard of it and knew it was in Cockaigne, but we weren’t allowed in Cockaigne alone before so never really took an interest. I was surprised when Archie said he had been there. Took a date there once, he said and told me it was a beautiful place; a great place to be alone with nature.

I got excited as he described it and knew I wanted to take Freddie there. Archie found a map and showed me where it was, it was in the north of Cockaigne, near the place where the river split into different tributaries. Archie also showed me how to get there. We had to ride through the farm and the woodland, we would go on any of the roads.

Freddie plodded into the kitchen as we were looking at the map.

“Let’s go to Seminal Falls.” I jumped up and grinned at him.

“Great,” he rubbed the sleep from his eyes, “I’ve not been there for ages.”

“And we’ll ride the quads there. It’s going to be awesome!” I was becoming over-excited, but no one else was. Archie was due to start work on the farm, and Freddie was still half asleep.

After eating some toasts and drinking a couple of cups of coffee, I insisted we get dressed for the ride out to Seminal Falls. I was not going to go through what happened before and let the quad pulverise my balls as we rode naked. At least wear a jock, I pleaded with him. We finally agreed that we’d wear jockstraps and trainers, and a couple of towels if we were brave enough to take a dip. I wasn’t too sure about it, afraid it would be too cold.

I was lucky that Freddie knew where the place was, I just had to get us off the farm, out of Dartos Woods and into the Cockaigne woodland, as soon as he recognised the path he would overtake me and lead the way.

My cock hardened as he drew up beside me, the wind blowing our hair, the quads rumbling beneath us as we rode the bumpy trail. Freddie pulled ahead, and I eased off a little to let him pull in front of me. I then had the pleasure of looking at his exposed arse every time he lifted himself off the seat as we rode. It looked so cute.

Occasionally I could hear Freddie whoop as he left the ground having launched himself from a large hump in the track. I would whoop back as I flew behind him.

It felt like we were flying. Just the two of us, flying through the forest, free as a bird and almost as naked.

Freddie started to slow down and pulled over. He had a massive grin on his face as he breathed heavily with the exhilaration of the rough ride through the forest.

I pulled in next to him, panting just as hard as he was.

“Last one in’s a rotten egg!” Freddie yelled and jumped off the quad and ran.

I had no idea where he was going; I couldn’t see any waterfall or even the river. I chased after him, trying to catch up, but he knew the twists and turned through the dense trees.

Then he darted out of sight, and I heard a splash as he bombed into the water.

I ran to the water’s edge and watched as he surfaced. He swam over to me and got out again.

“Oops.” He grinned. “I forgot I wasn’t naked.”

Freddie had jumped into the water wearing his jockstrap and trainers.

He pulled them off and lay them on the grass. “I hope they dry out or else I’ll be squelching all the way home.”

“This place is beautiful,” I said as I gazed at the high waterfall splashing into the blue pool below.

Freddie dove back in and yelled at me to come in. “It’s lovely and warm!”

I stripped off my jock, kicked off my trainers and dove in near to Freddie. We played a while. Freddie started a game of tag where we had to grab the other’s cock. Freddie was better at it. He was the better swimmer. I hadn’t been swimming in ages, so it took me some time to get back into the swing of it.

Knackered, I pulled myself onto the bank and flopped onto my back with my legs dangling into the water.

Freddie swam over and grabbed my knees; he pulled them apart so he could get closer. My balls slipped down between my legs; my cock lay restfully to the side.

“You need to get fitter,” Freddie told me.

I just lay back, trying to get my breath back.

Then I felt Freddie touch my cock. It was the first time he had touched it.

“Your cock feels so smooth.” He whispered. “It feels different to Andy’s.”

“What!” I leant up onto my elbows and stared at him. “You and Andy?”

“Nooo!” He said as he slipped to the side and pulled himself out of the pool.

My eyes watched as he walked passed me, his smooth, wet arse jiggling as he walked. It was starting to affect my cock.

Freddie grabbed the towels and lay them on the ground. I got up and helped him.

“I’ve only wanked him off.” He whispered to me conspiratorially. “But that was in his sleep. He doesn’t know.”

“You little pervert.” I teased.

We lay on the towels, next to each other.

We lay quiet, and all I could hear was the sound of the wind in the trees and Freddie’s gentle breathing.

I think he found some courage deep within him as I felt his lips on my cock, sucking my soft member into his mouth. I gasped and lifted my head to look. His sweet face buried where my pubes should be, my entire cock in his mouth. I was still soft, but not for long.

As my cock lengthened and thickened, Freddie pulled back, so it didn’t choke him.

I just lay back, enjoying the sensations as his lips caressed the length of my cock and his tongue teased the ridge of my knob.

“Freddie, you don’t have to.” I gasped, but he carried on.

He brought his hands up; one lightly fondled my almost healed balls, the other rubbed my chest until it found a nipple. He punched it tight, causing me to inhale sharply and thrust my hips upwards, pushing my cock deeper into him.

I heard him choke a little, but he soon managed to cope.

I lay in ecstasy as he sucked me and played with my body.

His hand released my balls and inched underneath me. I could feel his finger trace the path between my balls and my arse. He touched my hole, which caused me to groan. He pushed his finger inside, and my arse squirmed on his finger.

My cock throbbed, and my hole tightly gripped his finger.

No one had touched me back there, and no one had ever penetrated me.

It felt exciting; I felt so good knowing that someone wanted to touch me.

Freddie kept excavating my hole until he found the right spot. As he pressed and rubbed it, I felt my cock throb and spew precum into his mouth.

I didn’t know how long I could last, I kept gasping, swallowing air, my eyes shut tight, my hips thrusting up and down as his finger pushed in and out of my hole.

My balls began to ache, and there was a little pain, I was about to cum but was still gasping and couldn’t manage to form the words to tell Freddie.

My cock felt like it was going to double in size as it throbbed and my sensitive knob exploded, spewing cum into Freddie’s mouth.

Freddie held still, his finger deep inside my and my cockhead clamped between his lips, my arse cheeks gripped tightly against his hand as my hips were off the ground, buttocks clenched firmly.

As my orgasm faded, my arse relaxed, and my hips dropped to the floor. Freddie swallowed and carried on sucking my cock. It became too sensitive, so I held his head and tenderly pulled him off my cock.

Freddie crept up my body, and I felt his lips against mine. We kissed, and I tasted the remnants of my cum that clung to his tongue.

We lay side by side again as he rolled off me.

“That felt fucking awesome.” I breathed and reached over to hold his hand. “You didn’t have to, you know.”

“I know, but I wanted to, and I enjoyed it.”

“So did I.” I sighed. “You know we shouldn’t have done it. You’re too young. I could get into trouble.”

“You won’t. It’s fine. The age of consent in Cockaigne is fourteen.”

That surprised me, but he explained that it is still sixteen for you to have sex with anyone, but they lowered it for youngsters to have sex legally. They knew it was happening and they never prosecuted anyone when it was reported, so they legalised sex with a fourteen-year-old if you are aged between fourteen and eighteen.

It made me feel less guilty.

I told Freddie about my doctor’s appointment on Monday to check everything was fine. He was disappointed when I told him that it was my second orgasm since my balls got hurt.

Freddie was hoping to be the first, but he was happy when I told him that it was by my own hand.

We were both glad that everything was working fine.

After a long pause, Freddie spoke. “Leo? Will you be my boyfriend?”

The question surprised me. Freddie took my silence as reluctance.

“It doesn’t matter, as long as we can still be friends.”

“I do, Freddie. It would be an honour to be your boyfriend. But…”

I choked on my words.

“But what?” Freddie said in a low tone.

“But, no one knows I’m gay.”

Freddie cracked up laughing.

“What?!” I lifted myself up on my elbows and looked across at Freddie, who was in hysterics.

“You’re kidding me?” He composed himself down to a chuckle.

“No. You’re the first person I’ve told.”

Freddie sat up, cross-legged, and I mirrored his position. He reached and grabbed both my hands and looked intensely into my eyes.

“Leo, you may not have said anything to you brother or Dad, or me or Andy. But trust me, we all know.”


Freddie simply nodded.

I felt tears roll down my face. I felt relief. If it was true and they knew about me, then they were ok with it. Thinking about it, it was obvious, but my teenage brain didn’t realise.

When we got back home, Dad and Archie were relaxing watching television. I walked in, hand in hand, with Freddie and announced that we were boyfriends.

I don’t know what I expected, but I didn’t expect Archie just to tut and said, “We know,” and look back at the television.

My coming out was such an anticlimax.


Monday morning, Dad took me to see Doctor Prentice. I know he was the doctor in Cockaigne, but I felt a little uneasy going naked, so I dressed for the appointment.

I didn’t stay dressed for long as the doctor had me strip off in front of him and my Dad so he could examine me. It was a thorough exam; he checked my balls, my cock and even my prostate.

When he put his finger inside me, I thought of Freddie, and my cock hardened. The doctor was glad I had a hard-on as he wanted a semen sample.

That was the worst part, wanking in front of the doctor and my Dad. But I did it, and the doctor put it under a microscope.

I was still fertile.

The doctor told me I could get dressed if I wished and turned to speak to my Dad. He mentioned an inoculation that all residents received and he wondered if he would like him to give it to me.

Dad thought a while, asked a few questions and considering I was spending more time in Cockaigne and how it would protect me from a variety of viruses and other infections, he agreed.

I received the painless injection, and we were about to leave when Dad asked if he and Archie were eligible.

Dad made an appointment for them both to see the doctor tomorrow.


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