Archie Takes Leo to Town
by David Heulfryn


Leo wanted to meet Freddie again. He looked so cute when he walked into my room and asked if I would help him. Leo was afraid Dad wouldn’t allow him to meet Freddie in Cockaigne, but that’s where they wanted to go.

I could understand his nervousness as Dad forbad us to go to Cockaigne when we were younger, he despised the place. But I think that he’s mellowing. I disagreed with the harsh punishment he received but being forced to be naked seems to have made him more comfortable with nudity and more comfortable with Cockaigne.

Leo had virtually become a fully-fledged nudist in the house, so it was so sweet when this naked boy came to ask me. I couldn’t help but look at his groin, he looked so young without any pubes, but I noticed that a few were starting to grow back. I was becoming an expert on Leo’s cock in recent days. I’d seen his more than I’d seen mine. It went from about two inches on a cold day to four inches on a warm evening in front of the fire while we watched telly.

The only time he would get embarrassed was when he would start to get hard in front of Dad or me. I’d spoken to Dad about it, and we decided that we shouldn’t make fun of him or tease him for getting hard.

Last night he caught me looking as he was chubbed up. I just smiled and turned back to the television. He gave me a similar look when he caught me adjusting myself in my jeans as my own cock was fluffing up from seeing Leo aroused. We may not be living in Cockaigne, but it seems we are close enough for it to have an effect on us.

I agreed to help Leo. I’d say we were going to the nearby town of Suddene to look around the shops. In truth, we were going into Cockaigne where Leo would meet up with Freddie, and I had arranged to meet up with Grace. I didn’t like concealing the truth, but Leo insisted. He wasn’t sure if Dad would really be ok with him going into Cockaigne.

Leo told me about his plan. He was nervous about it, but I knew he needed to take the leap if he was going to become a real nudist. Once in Cockaigne, he would strip naked and meet up with Freddie.

It was to be a surprise for Freddie as he had refused to do it when he’d suggested it. Freddie was adamant that he wasn’t going to change who he was, so if Leo didn’t mind walking around with a naked sixteen-year-old, then it was fine by him.

I was lucky when I called Grace, it was her day off, and I was looking forward to seeing her again.


The morning had arrived, and I was getting ready to go out when Leo burst into my room, naked of course.

“Can you help me?” He asked, holding a razor in his outstretched hand.

“Sure, what is it.”

“I’m trying to trim myself again, but I’m afraid I’ll cut myself.”

I took the razor from his and crouched down to examine his handiwork. Leo had done an excellent job shaving off the little stubble that had grown back, I just had to lift up his soft cock and catch the few bits down the side and underneath. I was so grateful I had my jeans on already as the feel of his smooth cock made mine instantly hard.

“There. All done.” I said and passed back up the razor. I stayed crouched down until he turned and left, so he didn’t see the bulge in my jeans he had just caused. “Are you done in the bathroom?” I called out to him.

I heard a faint reply that he had, just before his bedroom door slammed shut.

I crept into the bathroom and pulled down my jeans and boxer briefs. I slammed my cock hard, frantically stroking to make me cum as quickly as possible. I gasped and aimed my cock into the sink and sprayed cum onto the ceramic.

Fuck, I needed that. Just a touch of Leo’s cute cock would now send me into a wanking frenzy. I think the poor boy was oblivious to the effect he is having on me.

I carefully cleaned up my cock making sure I didn’t leave any stains on my underwear; if things went well with Grace, I’m sure she didn’t want to see me in spunk stained pants.

When I came out of the bathroom, Leo was just standing there waiting for me. He’d dressed in some faded jeans and tee-shirt showing his favourite band of the moment, slung over his shoulder was his school rucksack.

“Once we get there. I’ll shove all my clothes in my bag and leave it in the car.” He whispered, making sure Dad didn’t hear him.

“Good thinking,” I said. “I just need to put my shoes on, and then we’re good to go.”

Leo dashed excitedly down the stairs and waited by the door. Dad was in the sitting room, relaxing after doing the early shift on the farm. It’s a good job Dad didn’t see Leo as he would be sure something was up, just by the look on his face. It was like he was going on a dream date and a dream holiday on the day he won the jackpot on the lottery. I’d never seen him so happy.

I couldn’t resist it. I gave him a tight hug. “I love you, you doofus.”

Leo jumped up and down like a toddler who’d been told he was getting ice cream.

I poked my head in the sitting room. “We’re ready now, Dad. Am I still ok to take the Land Rover?” I called to him.

“Sure, I’m not going anywhere. Just look after him.” Dad looked at me. He looked serious.

“Always, Dad.” I smiled at him. “He’s my favourite brother.”

Dad tutted and went back to watch the television.

I thought it odd, what he’d said. He’d never said anything like that before, why now?

“Come on, Doofus.” I grinned at Leo, and he almost skipped to the car.

The moment I drove passed the sign into Cockaigne, Leo started to take his tee-shirt off.

“Hold on there. Wait until I stop, you can’t strip while I’m driving.”

“Pull over.” He ordered. “I want to surprise Freddie. I don’t want him to see me undress, it’ll spoil it.”

I found a convenient lay-by and let Leo strip naked. I watched as he got out of the Land Rover, kicked off his trainers and unbuttoned his jeans. He wasn’t wearing any underpants, and as he revealed his soft cock, mine went rigid again.

“Fucking hell.” I was exasperated. Seeing my brother’s cock sent my mind racing and imagining touching it, caressing it. It was getting too much for me. I just stared at the dashboard, not looking at Leo, willing my cock to deflate.

Beside me, I felt Leo jump back in and the car rock on its suspension.

“Off we go!” Leo looked at me.

I didn’t dare look at him again, so I just put it in gear and started driving.

When I got to the end of the high street, I stopped. We both looked ahead, and in the distance, we could see a naked young man standing by the kerb.

“You’re going to be alright, aren’t you?” I looked concerned at my naked brother.

“I’ll be fine.” Leo sounded frustrated at me smothering him. “It’s not like I haven’t been into town before, just not this one. Cockaigne isn’t that different. I’ll just be naked.”

“I know. But just be careful. You know all the unusual laws they have. Be on your extra special behaviour.” I placed my hand on his bare leg. “Remember what happened to Dad.”

Leo drew in a deep breath. “I’ll be fine, Archie. I’ll be more than fine as Freddie will be with me, and he’ll make sure I don’t break any of their rules.”

I felt his hand rest on top of mine.

“It’s only because I care.” Fuck, I felt a tear in my eye.

“I know, Archie. I love you too.”

I pulled my hand away. “Come on, let’s drop you off.”

Leo reached into his bag and clipped on his money belt as I drove the short distance to the awaiting Freddie.

I pulled over next to Freddie, and Leo jumped out of the Land Rover.

“You did it!” Freddie screamed at Leo.

“I did it!” Leo rushed to Freddie, and they bumped chests and then went in for a hug while they jumped up and down and going around in circles.

“I’m so proud of you!”

“I wanted to surprise you,” Leo said as they broke apart.

Both boys totally ignored that I was sitting in the car, and they walked off along the high street. I reached over and pulled the passenger door shut and just watched a while as their pale arses walked off.

It was nearly time to meet Grace. I pulled away and drove to the nearest car park. I didn’t want to be late, so I rushed to the café where she told me she’d be waiting.

When I arrived, she was already sitting there with a half drunk cappuccino. I checked my watch again, I was two minutes early. She noticed me check the time.

“I got here a little early, so got myself a coffee.” She stood up to greet me, and I gave her a light kiss on the lips.

I sat down opposite her, glad that my thoughts were on her and not on my naked brother.

“Go get yourself a coffee.” She told me.

I was about to ask if she wanted another when she preempted and said she was fine.

I soon returned with an americano.

We laughed when I told her about Leo and Freddie, how like a couple of kids they were and how Leo was becoming a full-time nudist.

“So, are you tempted, Archie?” She asked.

“Me?” I choked down a slurp of coffee. “No, I couldn’t walk around here naked. I’m still too reserved, not like Leo. He’ll take it all off at the drop of a hat.”

“But what about the bistro I took you to?”

“That felt different.” I thought back to us eating together in the naked restaurant, her feet rubbing my cock and making me cum under the table. “Everyone was naked. Perhaps given time I might get to where Leo is now, but I’m not sure.”

“That’s ok. As long are you aren’t afraid to try new things.”


I had a lovely day with Grace, she took me to the local museum and art gallery where we spent about four hours, half an hour was spent watching some experimental film which showed naked people doing strange things for some unknown reason. It was alright and did have a few funny moments. There was a special exhibition from a local sculptor, and we looked at his creations. Mostly phallic. Grace seemed to consider them carefully, looking for some hidden meaning other than it being just a three-foot bronze penis.

We had a pleasant lunch in the gallery café. They had renamed all their filled baguettes in honour of the local sculptor. I had a ‘Penis’ Prawn Mayonnaise, Grace had the ‘Cheesy’ Ploughman’s Knob baguette.

We both giggled as we tried to eat the foot-long monstrosities.

It was a quarter to four when we left the gallery.

“I need to pick up Leo,” I told her. “I’ve had a lovely day.”

“Me too.” She kissed me on the lips. It was not a quick peck.

I felt her tongue probing my lips, waiting for me to open them. I obliged and felt her tongue brush against mine. Her hand grabbed my crotch and began to fondle my bulge, in seconds I was hard, and she managed to run her fingers along the rod it made through my jeans.

People were milling around, just walking past us, ignoring us. Once I realised they weren’t bothered about what we were doing, I relaxed.

I almost choked on my tongue when Grace slipped her hand down my jeans and touched my cock. It spurted some precum in appreciation. I returned the favour and slipped my hand down her slacks. Her pussy was wet.

My fingertip found her clit, and I teased it. She gasped and pulled her tongue from my mouth.

I was now in control and simultaneously thrust my tongue into her mouth and a finger up her cunt. She groaned and melted into my arms. But she wasn’t going to let me take over.

Grace pushed against my tongue with hers, and I felt her cunt squeeze my invading fingers. I didn’t notice that she had unbuttoned my jeans until I felt the cool air on my clammy cock.

She stroked me as he passionately kissed, I probed her pussy with each stroke. Grace knew how to handle a cock and was getting me closer to cumming.

Our lips parted, and we looked into each other’s eyes as we wanked each other, out in the open, in the busy street.

A couple of young boys giggled as they walked by, an old lady took a lingering look, hoping to see me cum.

I was close, but she wasn’t going to see it. Grace kept up caressing and stroking my cock, I kept plundering her pussy with my fingers.

Grace gasped, and I saw her shudder. Her cunt gripped my fingers tightly then relaxed rhythmically, I felt a sudden warmth and moisture on my fingers as she came.

Despite her own orgasm, she never let up on my cock. I kept my fingers inside her as she started to frantically stroke me.

I didn’t last long.

She knew I was coming so stepped to one side to prevent me squirting her clothes, my fingers slipped from her cunt.

I groaned as my cock spewed cum over the pavement.

When my cock had calmed down, she tucked it back inside my underwear and buttoned up my jeans.

“Fucking hell.” I hissed. “That felt awesome.”

Grace pecked me on the cheek.

“I think I could get used to Cockaigne.” I grinned.

“We should go and find your brother.” Grace wrapped her arm around mine.

I stepped over the drops of my spunk on the pavement, and we started walking towards the park.

“I told him we would meet at the park entrance at four. I hope he’s waiting.”

I had missed this, having a girl on my arm, walking close together and enjoying their company. The sex wasn’t bad, either.

In the distance, through the park railings, we could see two naked boys running around. It looked like Leo was chasing Freddie, he jumped on his back, and they fell to the ground.

Out of nowhere, we saw a security officer run over to them, and I heard a loud squeal. It sounded like Leo.

“What’s going off?” I didn’t expect Grace to answer.

“Let’s get over there, quick. He may be hurt.”

We jogged over, all the time, the sound of Leo shouting and squealing as his voice cracked. We were now running by a perimeter hedge, so they were out of sight. I heard an ear-piercing scream and then silence.

I looked over at Grace, we both were concerned, and I started to sprint, determined to get there as soon as I could.

I rounded the hedge and through the iron gate.

Leo was on the grass, curled up in a ball, clutching his crotch. Freddie was kneeling beside him, tears in his eyes as he tried to make sure Leo was alright.

Towering above them was Officer Andy Noble.

“Get on your fucking feet, boy!” He growled.

Leo just writhed on the grass in pain.

Freddie looked up at his brother. “No, Andy.” He pleaded.

I ran over to Leo and crouched down, putting my hand and his forehead. “Are you ok? What happened?” I asked.

Leo just wretched like he was going to vomit.

“Get away from that fucking piece of shit!” Andy spat at me.

I stood up, my face must have looked like thunder. I felt like launching myself at him, but Grace had caught up and grabbed my arm.

“Everyone cool it.” She was firm and then looked over at Andy. “What’s going on?”

“I saw this little shit attack my brother. I gave him a tap with my baton when he looked like he was going to attack me.”

“A tap!” I yelled. “That looks more than a fucking tap!”

“Watch your tone, or you will get punished as well.” Andy grinned belligerently at me.

Grace gave me a look which told me to shut up.

“We were messing about.” Freddie cried, his face and eyes red with tears. “We were having fun.” Freddie went to hold Leo’s head in his hand, rubbing his bare shoulder, trying to console him in a futile attempt to make the pain go away. Under his breath, he was muttering that he was sorry to Leo.

“Andy, can I have a word?” Grace took Andy several metres away from us, I could tell they were talking but couldn’t hear what was being said.

I turned my attention back to Leo.

It must have been a hefty whack to his balls to keep him down for so long. But he was slowly recovering, his eyes were now open, but when he looked at me, he just burst into tears again.

“It’s alright Leo, Grace his handling it.” I hoped I was right.

Leo struggled to get up, Freddie and I helped him. The moment he was on his feet, he threw his arms around me and held me tight.

“I was so scared.” He blubbed onto my shoulder.

Freddie came behind him and joined the hug. “I’m so sorry, Leo.”

“It’s not your fault, Freddie,” I told him. “It’s not yours either, Leo.”

“Dad is going to kill me when he finds out.” Leo burst into tears again.

I was surprised the little scene hadn’t drawn a crowd of onlookers, but we were tucked away behind a hedge and people just carried on walking the street as usual. A few people glanced our way when they walked into the park, but otherwise, we were left alone.

“My balls hurt so bad,” Leo said tearfully.

I had to virtually force Leo off me so I could check him over. I could see that one of his testicles were swollen, but couldn’t see any bruising yet. I suspected the bruising might show in a few hours. I was careful not to touch them, I just gingerly took his cock and lifted it out of the way.

Freddie joined me in looking at them. When he saw how swollen one testicle was, he took a sharp breath.

“Oh, no!” Leo started crying. “What is it. What’s wrong.”

I gave Freddie a disapproving look, he didn’t intend to frighten Leo, but that is what he did. “It’s alright, Leo. Just swollen a little, it doesn’t look too serious. If we had some ice, I would use it to stop the swelling.”

“I’ll get some!” Freddie leapt to his feet and ran onto the high street and to the nearest café. He came back with a plastic glass filled with crushed ice and some napkins.

I wrapped a napkin around some ice and lightly pressed it against his testicles. “Here, Leo. You hold this there. It might help.”

I noticed Grace and Andy come back over to us.

“After due consideration of the facts, you are both free to go,” Andy said without any hint of an apology.

“Is that it?” I glared at him.

“Archie, leave it. Call me tonight. I’ll explain everything.”

I just carried on glaring at Andy. This was two of my family he had abused, and he was acting like he was in the right.

“Freddie! Get yourself home immediately.” Andy turned around and carried on his patrol like nothing had happened.

“I’m so sorry, Leo. I have to go. Can I call you tonight?” Freddie asked, worried that their burgeoning friendship would be over.

Leo nodded.

“Bye, Leo.” He looked over at me. “Bye, Archie. I’m so sorry.” I noticed a tear in his eye as he walked off.

“I’m sorry, Archie.” When Grace touched me, I flinched.

“I wish I’d floored the bastard.”

“It’ll get dealt with, believe me. Just look after your brother, and I’ll call you tonight.”

“Ok, sorry, Grace.”

Grace chuckled. “Will everyone stop apologising. No-one has done anything wrong!”

I smiled back at her. “Thanks, Grace. I’d better get him home.”

Both Leo and I were grateful Dad wasn’t around when we got home. I helped my battered and still naked brother into the house and took him straight to his room so he could lie down.

I was not looking forward to the difficult conversation I would need to have with Dad. He was not going to be pleased.


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